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News Direct Rate Schedule

Tier Assets Rate Total
Individual 1 $800 $800
1 4 $600 $2,400
2 5 $560 $2,800
3 6 $555 $3,300
4 7 $550 $3,850
5 8 $545 $4,360
6 9 $540 $4,860
7 10 $530 $5,300
8 15 $525 $7,875
9 20 $510 $10,200
10 25 $490 $12,250
11 30 $475 $14,250
12 40 $465 $18,600
13 50 $455 $22,750
14 60 $445 $26,700
15 75 $440 $33,000
16 100 $430 $43,000
17 125 $425 $53,125
18 150 $375 $56,250
19 175 $340 $59,500
20 200 $315 $63,000
21 250 $300 $75,000
22 275 $275 $76,625
23 300 $270 $81,000
24 325 $260 $84,500
25 350 $250 $87,500
26 400 $230 $92,000
27 500 $220 $110,000
How it works

What is an Asset?

1 Asset = any of:
  • Text-only News Release (no length limit)
  • Image
  • Video
  • Infographic
  • Audio file

The first asset within a distribution order is the Primary Asset, billed as 1 full asset.

Each additional asset within the same distribution order is a Secondary Asset, and is billed as a 1/2 asset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does News Direct charge for word count?

No, News Direct offers flat-rate pricing in which the user pays for the asset being distributed, regardless of the length of a text document.

Does News Direct base their rates on geographic target regions?

In the U.S., users can select any geographic region for the price of one asset. Internationally, while pricing is still on a flat-rate basis, more than one asset may be charged depending upon the geographic distribution chosen.

What is an Asset?

An asset is any individual format type that is distributed, such as a press release (text), video, image, infographic or audio file.

Does News Direct have equal distribution to the traditional newswires?

Yes, there is virtually no difference between the distribution offered by News Direct, nor the means of distribution, and traditional newswire services.

How much does a multimedia file cost?

Each piece of multimedia content added to a text press release will be charged as ½ an asset. The actual price is dependent on the asset pricing tier that was purchased.

How do you determine the price of an Asset?

News Direct offers a sliding scale pricing structure in which the per asset rate is determined by the number of assets purchased in a bundle. The more assets purchased, the lower the per asset rate goes. Asset rates range from $600/asset (4 asset bundle) to $220/asset (500 assets or more). The individual one-off asset rate is$800. The standard per asset rate for PR and IR agencies is $550, but volume discounts are available.

Does News Direct have an editorial team?

No. News Direct’s system is self-directed, meaning the issuer quickly and easily loads their content into the “Content Studio” via cut and paste, chooses distribution through a simple point & click menu, reviews the content and schedules or transmits that content.

Each screen in the News Direct user interface contains a Live Chat box that enables users to request assistance at any time

Does News Direct offer global distribution?

Yes, News Direct offers comprehensive global distribution through a variety of international partners, including the Associated Press.

Can I send a video without embedding it as a link within a press release?

Yes, using our Digital Asset Direct feature, videos, as well as images and infographics can be distributed as “standalone” assets to the identical downstream endpoints as news releases are sent.

How long does it take to distribute a news release over News Direct?

In general, for most releases the process takes 5-10 minutes.

Does News Direct offer other services aside from news release distribution?

Yes, News Direct offers Guest Blog posts, Guest podcast posts, podcast interview capabilities, affiliate marketing opportunities and video and news release enhancement services.

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