Best Cash Out Betting Sites UK 2024

Best cash out betting sites

 Dean Carr, writer, | Fact Checked By: Sarah Lunness,

When it comes time to choose an online bookmaker to join, the savvy punter takes a good long look at their feature sets. One of the most important features they look for is the Cash Out option. Cash Out gives the punter greater control over their betting experience and provides more possible ways for them to secure a profit and minimize any losses. However, not all bet Cash Out options are created equal, nor do all online bookmakers offer Cash Out. In this guide, we’ll profile the best Cash Out betting sites in the UK.

The following online bookmakers separate themselves from the competition with the quality of their Cash Out feature and the fact that they also offer cash out betting apps. New customers that join today can claim welcome bonuses that feature some of the best free bet offers in the industry.


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Best Cash Out Betting Sites UK


bet365 -1

It's often noted that bet365 was a pioneer in many aspects of Cash Out, including being the first major online UK sportsbook to offer Auto Cash Out. Currently, bet365 offer Cash Out both pre-match and as a Live In-Play option on single and multiple bets associated with select events and fixtures and various markets related to those events and fixtures. bet365 makes Cash Out available every day of the week on major sports like football, horse racing, basketball and tennis and slightly less often on other sports. With a Bet £10 Get £30 in Free Bets Welcome Offer it is in your interest to check out bet365.

William Hill

William hill Homepage betting Mobile

William Hill earns its place among the best betting sites for Cash Out through its emphasis on horse racing. This should be no surprise since the ponies have been WH’s bread and butter for decades. The bookmaker offers Cash Out on many different kinds of wagers including but not limited to acca bets, Lucky 15 and Lucky 31s. You’ll find Cash Out associated with races at most UK and Irish racecourses as well as major events such as Cheltenham and the Grand National. If you need added incentive to join William Hill consider their Bet £10 Get £30 in Free Bets Welcome Offer that’s nearly identical to bet365.


Betfred Homepage Mobile

As we stated earlier different bookmakers offer Cash Out on different sports and different markets. Betfred is a good example. Betfred Cash Out coverage follows the usual suspects (football, horse racing) they also offer plenty of action on less common F1 and golf betting markets. While they do not offer Auto Cash Out like bet365 the fact that they provide action on these off-the-beaten track markets earns them a place on our list of the top Cash Out betting sites. Their Welcome Offer is also one of the best whereby your £10 First Bet earns £40 in Free Bets.


BetVictor Homepage Mobile

Some bookmakers are cagey about which sports they offer Cash Out on, but BetVictor upfront about it. At the time of writing, you will find Cash Out available on football, basketball, horse racing, tennis, snooker, table tennis, volleyball and badminton. This is another case where the availability of Cash Out on these secondary sports earns the bookmaker a place on our list of best online betting sites with cash out because we love variety. The BetVictor Welcome Bonus is also right up there with the best by providing £40 in Free Bets for an initial qualifying wager of just £10.


Betway Homepage Mobile

No particular aspect of Betway’s Cash Out feature stands out amongst their contemporaries. The reason they earn a place on our list of best betting sites with Cash Out is the overall variety of the Cash Out options available here. As of now, you will find Cash Out options on football, tennis, horse racing, basketball, American football, Major League Baseball and more. This means their mobile app is also one of the all-around best Cash Out betting apps. It’s a good thing we don’t rank bookmakers based solely on their Welcome Offer, however, because Betway’s Bet £10 Get £10 offer is totally underwhelming.


BetUK Homepage Mobile

BetUK is one of the best new betting sites in the UK and enables customers to use the Cash Out function on a variety of markets. All major sports such as football, tennis, cricket, golf and more come with the ability to Cash Out your selection early if you deem it necessary. BetUK has an impressive range of markets for their customers to choose from and new customers can enjoy their bet £10 get £30 welcome offer when they create an account with the bookmaker today.

Virgin Bet

Virgin Bet Mobile Homepage

Virgin Bet deserves to be mentioned as one of the best online betting sites with cash out because they do a great job providing Cash Out on a wide variety of sports. That includes all the big ticket sports like football, tennis and basketball, as well as sports where Cash Out is less common like ice hockey, snooker and rugby. But the Cash Out options change pretty regularly. To find out if Cash Out is available on a particular market go to the “My Bets” section where your betting history is kept and if the Cash Out button is active next to a current bet then you are in business. Their multiple Cash Out options are enough to draw in plenty of punters and that’s good because their Bet £10 Get £20 isn’t going to impress many. 

LiveScore Bet

LiveScoreBet Mobile Homepage

The one thing all the bookmakers at the bottom of our list of best Cash Out betting sites have in common is their so-so Welcome Offers. LiveScore Bet is no exception. Their Bet £10 Get £20 in Free Bets offer won’t blow anyone away. Fortunately for them, they do a much better job with the Cash Out feature which is available on football, golf, horse racing, tennis and cricket. To find out which markets offer Cash Out go to your betting slip. If the Cash Out button next to a bet is active that means Cash Out is available for that wager.


mr play

For such a new online bookmaker Mr.Play gets a lot of things right. Things you might only expect to see with long-established bookmakers. One of those things is their Cash Out feature. With Mr.Play Cash Out is available on both single and combo bets related to football, basketball, cricket, tennis and volleyball. Cash Out will also sometimes show up on other sports and in relation to major sporting events such as the Super Bowl or The Grand National. The one thing that betrays Mr.Play’s newbie status is their Welcome Offer wherein you receive a pretty pedestrian £15 for an initial qualifying bet of £10.

How to join a Cash Out Betting Site

The process of joining a site that allows customers to Cash Out is the same as joining any other online bookmaker. Simply navigate to the bookmaker’s homepage - or download, install and open their mobile app - then follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Click 'claim offer' on the button of the bookmaker that you are interested in joining above.

  • Step 2: An application form will open. Fill in all required fields.

  • Step 3: Choose a username and password (or choose fingerprint login and follow the instructions).

  • Step 4: Accept the bookmaker’s Terms & Conditions

  • Step 5: Tap “Join”, “Join Now”, “Register Now” or a similarly worded button.

  • Step 6: Once your account is confirmed, deposit funds into it using one of the accepted payment methods. 

Remember, if you want to take advantage of the bookmaker’s Welcome Offer you will need to adhere to their deposit and first bet requirements. Typically this means making your first deposit using a debit card or bank transfer and making your first bet at least £5 or £10 at specific odds. See the bookmaker’s fine print for relevant details before funding your account.

That’s it! You now have an account with one of the best cash out betting sites.

What is Cash Out?

Cash Out is a feature that allows punters to settle their bet before the event they wagered on has ended. The bookmaker will typically offer a lower settlement than you would expect to get if your bet as originally placed paid off. For instance, if you are using football betting sites to bet on Manchester City to beat Liverpool and Man City is up 2-1 with 5 minutes remaining the punter may decide to Cash Out. In that case, if they placed a £10 wager at 3/1 they would expect to get £40 returned if Manchester City went on to win. 

The bookmaker, however, may offer them a lower amount, say, £25, if they Cash Out early. While this is not as much, it is guaranteed. By contrast, there is no guarantee that Man City is going to hold on to win. If they do not then you have lost everything. Whereas if you take the Cash Our offer you at least walk away with something. Many punters appreciate this ability to hedge their bets as it were. Most use this option sparingly and only invoke their ability to Cash Out if they feel an event they bet on has started to trend in the wrong direction.

Partial Cash Out

Most betting sites with Cash Out offer Partial Cash Out. This provides you with the opportunity to cash in twice on the same bet. Once by taking the bookmaker’s Partial Cash Out offer. And a second time if the portion of your bet you did not Cash Out winds up winning.

For example: Let’s say you place a £10, 4-fold acca at odds of 10.00. If all your selections came through you would enjoy a return of £100. Now let’s say 3 of your selections have already won and you are just waiting on the final entry which currently stands at 1-0 in your favour. Let's also say that the bet has a full Cash Out value of £50.

If the bookmaker offers you the chance to cash out £5 of your stake at 50% of the full Cash Out value at this point you would enjoy a £25 return. Even if the final leg of your acca fails you still walk away with the £15 profit (after deducting the full £10 stake amount). If, on the other hand, the final leg also pays off at the original odds that would be £5 at odds of 10.00 or £45 more (minus the remaining £5 stake). 

Auto Cash Out

Auto Cash Out is an option first pioneered by bet365 and since adopted by several other bookmakers. With Auto Cash Out you simply set the conditions that will trigger your bet to be automatically Cashed Out at the time you place the bet. If those conditions occur your wager is automatically cashed out without requiring any further input from you. It is not unlike automated stock trading algorithms whereby sell orders are generated if certain market conditions occur.

The Cash Out amount is the same as it would be if you triggered it manually. The main advantage of Auto Cash Out is that you don't miss an opportunity to Cash Out because you are distracted by other things going on in your life.

How to Cash Out

Cashing Out is a lot easier than most beginning punters think. If Cash Out is available a button will appear on your betting slip next to the relevant wager. It will also display the Cash Out amount that is being offered. To Cash Out and claim that guaranteed amount simply tap the button. 

Keep in mind though that Cash Out does not always mean you are going to walk away with a profit. Sometimes, if things are looking particularly bleak for your wager, the bookmaker may offer a Cash Out amount that merely enables you to minimize your losses. Even that, however, can be a very valuable option to have.

Make note of the Cash Out amount the bookmaker is offering. The closer it is to the original potential payout the more the bookmaker believes your bet is about to cash in. In such cases, you need to decide whether to ride the bet out to the end where you have a reasonable chance of cashing in on the full amount or take the slightly lower, but guaranteed, Cash Out amount.

Some Bet Cash Out Strategies

Experienced punters all have their own favourite betting Cash Out strategy, but here are a few that are fairly common.

Let’s say you place a £10 wager on Liverpool to win. With 5 minutes remaining, they are playing well but are down 2-1. At this point, the bookmaker may make a Cash Out offer of £8 because they are pretty sure your bet is going to lose. Many would consider it wise to take that offer, cut your losses and move on.

Some punters will only invoke Cash Out if they are able to Live Stream the event they have wagered on. That is because statistics often do not provide an accurate indication if a team is playing well but has simply had a couple of unlucky bounces. Watching live you get a better feel for the actual flow of the game. This can help you make a more informed decision about whether to Cash Out or not.

Also, punters who do their research will know certain teams tend to throw in the towel in the final 10 minutes and others tend to explode and bury their opponents late. Armed with this knowledge they can make informed decisions about whether to Cash Out or hold the line waiting for that late goal.

Cash Out Betting Apps

We live in the age of the app. Whereas 10-15 years ago bookmakers spent enormous amounts of money to create effective, secure websites today the emphasis is on creating and distributing mobile apps. 

This change was necessitated by the rise of the smartphone. Smartphone saturation is now close to 100% of the population and most use apps. Apps for directions, apps for chatting, apps for downloading music and yes, apps for betting

Because of this all the best Cash Out betting sites now have their own dedicated betting app that can be downloaded for free from Google Play, the App Store or the bookmaker’s website.

Football betting apps and horse racing betting apps will always offer Cash Out as these sports are two of the most coveted and well-covered in the UK by bookmakers.

The bottom line is that if a bookmaker offers Cash Out on their website they will also offer Cash Out on their mobile betting app.

What sports can you use Cash Out on?

Even on the best betting sites for cash out it is not available on every sport. In many cases, bookmakers that offer Cash Out will only offer it on major sports or in relation to major sporting events. Even so, after you get past the sure things like football and horse racing you are likely to find some variation regarding the sports different bookmakers offer Cash Out on. And even within the same sports Cash Out options will differ somewhat among the best Cash Out betting sites.

In general, you can expect to find Cash Out available on sports such as:

  • Football

  • Horse Racing

  • Tennis

  • Basketball (NBA)

  • American Football

  • Boxing

  • Cricket

  • Golf

Additionally, Cash Out is available for major sporting events like the Super Bowl and Cheltenham, as well as several minor sports like volleyball and snooker.

What to do if you have a gambling problem

We understand that gambling can be fun, but it is important to gamble responsibly. If you are struggling with a gambling problem, please do not hesitate to ask for help. There are people who can help you get on the road to recovery.

Here are some resources that can help you:

Cash Out FAQs

Can you Cash Out free bets?

Free bets cannot be converted into actual cash. Free bets are nothing more than a carefully considered temporary loss that the bookmaker is willing to accept because there is a considerable possibility that clients who take advantage of them will wind up spending several times the amount that the bookmaker offered them.

Can you Cash Out on mobile?

That is accurate, in fact. The ability to wager Cash Out will be available on both a bookmaker's main website and mobile app.

When can not you Cash Out a bet?

In general, you can only use a cash out option that was present on the betting slip when you placed your wager on cash out betting sites. Therefore, be sure the wager you think offers Cash Out actually does before placing your bet. Furthermore, cash out can not be available if a particular race or match is too tight or uneven. Furthermore, remember that all bookmakers maintain the right, as mentioned in the fine print of the T&Cs, to halt Cash Out on any wager at their own discretion.