Game Changing: Automation

two professionals working on computer in office setting

Innovation. Technology. Automation.

These three words encompass News Direct’s mindset toward the future of news distribution. We know that today’s media environment and the demands on PR pros specifically, have you stretched thin  and time-pressed. In the 21st century, your news distribution partner should leverage relevant technology and automation features to create a more streamlined and efficient workflow to meet your need for greater efficiency while allowing you to maintain control and flexibility. 

With legacy wire services, there’s an inevitable back and forth process with editors, which can be a time suck—especially if you’re on deadline. For instance, have you ever been directed to release an article at exactly 9 a.m, and it’s 8:55 a.m., a change has been made, and the editor needs to read through five pages? When you’re down to the wire, it can get scary. You start to worry if it will make it out on time. Sometimes it does, and other times, it doesn’t. 

This process is outdated. News Direct’s founder Gregg Castano, longtime president of Business Wire, realized this and was inspired to revolutionize the news distribution industry. So, he created News Direct. 

The News Direct platform provides game-changing automation. One example is the ability to pre-set all your pertinent, recurring company details such as industry, boilerplate, contact details, and social media sharing links just one time and they will auto-populate all your releases in the future. Further, automatic version and document control tracks every change and comment, so there’s no more version confusion.

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