Game Changing: Efficiency

upclose of user working on news direct content studio platform on laptop

The news distribution process can be overwhelming and time-consuming, for everyone involved.

We know how it works.  

The issuer develops the press release, stakeholders provide input, and it’s finalized and sent off to a newswire editor—but it doesn’t end there. The issuer calls the newswire to confirm receipt, the editor formats the release for distribution and makes edits, and then it’s sent back to the issuer for approval. Of course, the stakeholders must review the release once more. At this stage, there may be additional changes, leading to a back-and-forth with the newswire editor, who is likely responsible for other work—meaning your release could wait some time before the editor gets to finalize and release it. 

It’s unnecessarily complicated. We get it. That’s why News Direct has transformed the news distribution workflow, ensuring simplicity and efficiency for all users.

Issuers just sign on to the News Direct platform and choose their order type: news release or Digital Asset Direct™. Users are directed to the Content Studio, where they can create their story directly in the provided template or simply copy and paste their content from a Word or Google doc. They can then securely share and collaborate with shareholders, tracking all versions throughout the process. Once the core content is complete, your recurring company details such as company boilerplate, contact information, and social share icons pre-populate the story, so you don't have to add them every time you create a new release. 

Now you’re ready to select your distribution. Customize your reach by selecting your most relevant industries and geographies, whether US national, regional, or any global circuit. 

It’s that easy—you’re able to streamline your distribution workflow to just a few steps and mere minutes.