News reporter or TV journalist at press conference, holding microphone and writing notes

How to Pitch a Press Release

Communications professionals provide tips on pitching press releases to journalists and media outlets, such as targeting the right reporter, developing relationships, collaborating, using catchy subject lines, and much more.

Jun 30, 2021

time to say goodbye text on typewriter

When It's Time to Say Goodbye to Your Newswire Service

It may be time to shift to a newswire service purpose-built to meet the demands of modern media outreach in order to achieve increased flexibility, speed, efficiency, security, predictable pricing, and measurable insights.

Jun 17, 2021

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Tips to Maximize the PR & Journalist Relationship

Maximizing the relationship between journalists and public relations professionals is integral to ensuring both parties are able to effectively communicate to their respective audiences.

May 20, 2021

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Creating a Disruptor

Gregg Castano is the founder of News Direct, the first content and news distribution platform purpose-built for modern media outreach.

May 06, 2021