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Investis Digital has been at the forefront of digital communications for two decades. Through a proprietary approach we call Connected Content™, they unite compelling communications, intelligent digital experiences, and performance marketing to help 1600+ global companies build deeper connections with audiences and drive business performance.

News Direct and Investis Digital have partnered to provide News Direct customers easy access to the full range of Investis Digital solutions and services at preferred pricing.

Investis Digital uniquely offers the strategic approach of a corporate communications company, the ideas and energy of a creative studio, and the results of a leading performance marketing business.

They underpin this with the capabilities of a market-leading technology platform and a 24/7 global service model, to deliver end-to-end communication solutions for the world’s most ambitious clients.

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What makes Investis Digital different?

Dedicated client teams and Managed Services offering (maintenance & support hours) stand apart. Other IR website providers lack or charge for this level of service. This is especially helpful if an IRO is a one-person team, or if they have a broad IR program to manage – or – if they are looking to scale their practice.

We have a globally-staffed support team available 24/7/365 that responds to requests within 1 hour – helpful for last minute issues, unexpected / urgent changes to website content, etc. Other providers don’t offer support off-hours, on weekends, holidays – and certainly not with that response time.

Security & Data Privacy. 
We go above and beyond to protect our clients from cybersecurity attacks and privacy lawsuits not just on earnings release days (where we boost bandwidth and throttle security), but every day. Our 7-layer enterprise-grade tech stack provides premium DDOS protection against cybersecurity attacks, and coverage to meet global-standard GDPR compliance (as well as PECR and CCPA requirements), operated by a team that is ISO 9001 and 27001 certified.

While some clients might start small, often they scale up to a bigger, broader digital website – our Connect.ID framework and tech stack support that. We can also provide the strategy, content, webcasting, virtual event and performance marketing services others can’t offer.