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Distribute multimedia content as independent assets
Distribute infographics, video and images direct to media as independent assets – without the requirement of embedding into a news release.
Break through newsfeed clutter with the most compelling content in the most sought-after formats.
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86% of journalists find standalone
multimedia appealing*
Infographics and video are the most desired multimedia by journalists and bloggers*
*News Direct Market Assessment study, June 2019
Simply upload your content, create a headline and a caption or description.
Pulse hyper-relevant content the instant it becomes available.
Save time, money & effort sending just the content you want.

The world’s most advanced news release capability

Friction-free Experience

The cumbersome experience of news distribution is now efficient, intuitive and flexible.

Next-gen Workflow

A modern, automated workflow, for any type of news release, built for maximum ease and productivity.

Support 24/7

Skilled Customer Success support available when you need it.

Collaborative Content Studio

Friction-free collaboration and streamlined, self-directed workflow
Completely reimagined workflow with total internal control, flexibility, security and efficiency.
No more waiting on human editors - AI-assisted, automated editing for AP-style compliance, spelling and grammar accuracy.
No more version confusion - automatic version and document control tracks every change and comment.
Secure, active-permissioning for trusted-team collaboration or ‘read-only’ sharing.

Top-tier market reach and hyper-relevant targeting

Broad Reach

A nationwide distribution network reaching 1000s of the most relevant media outlets and websites.

Premium Postings

Engage top-tier sites including Yahoo! Finance, Factiva, and MarketWatch with your news and multimedia content.

More Options. Same Price.

More customizable and flexible geographic options than any other distribution service. And all geographic options are included – no additional fees. Ever.

Purposeful measurement

Deep-reach metrics for actionable performance data
Industry-first metrics across the most relevant categories in easily shared formats.
Traditional, digital and social media audience intelligence that demonstrates real impact and ROI.
Beyond news release posting – exclusive earned media posting data, screenshots and detailed traffic reporting.
Applied intelligence guidance - our qualified team can help you evaluate metrics to match your goals and leverage our intelligence in your future news distribution planning.
Transparent, goal-oriented analytics - with a user-friendly, sharable report powered by AI.

Leading-edge data and content security

Highest Protection Protocols

Two factor authentication and permission-only access ensure your content and data stay protected.

Cloud Isolation Technology

Unique, individual customer environments protected by the latest cloud-based isolation technology.

Secure sharing

Secure, invite-only sharing for collaboration with trusted stakeholders

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