Where to Buy Feet Pics? Best Websites Revealed

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The foot fetish community is growing by the minute, with over 1.7 million people Googling the term “foot fetish” in 2021 alone. Out of 20 fetish-related search terms, “foot fetish” ranks near the middle at number 11. 

As more people discover and admit to their foot fetishes, more foot content websites and platforms are emerging all across the Internet.

From websites like FeetFinder and FunwithFeet, which connect buyers and sellers in a safe and secure environment, to Dollar Feet and Whisper, which are a little more selective about the foot pics they offer, there’s truly something for everyone.

Keep reading to learn where to buy feet pics, find the best quality images and videos, and the most variety. 

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How Does Buying and Selling Feet Pics Work?

Before we jump into the best places to buy foot pics, let’s briefly cover exactly how the foot pic business works. Novice and experienced sellers, creative artists, and even foot models take high-quality foot pics and videos and post them for sale.

These photos can range in size, quality, and niche. Some of the most popular foot pic categories include foot worship, high heels, dirty feet, and more! 

Buyers can browse foot content by keyword, seller, category, and niche. Most foot pic websites organize their foot content accordingly, making it easy to find.

Once a buyer sees something they like they can either contact the seller directly via private messenger (most websites offer this service) or pay upfront and download the image. Some foot pic websites work similarly to OnlyFans where sellers charge their fans a monthly subscription fee for access to their exclusive foot content.

Many foot pic sellers also take custom requests and fulfill individual orders. This allows buyers to place custom orders for foot content that fits their individual needs and personal preferences. Just be prepared, these custom orders will cost you slightly more than the general content listed on most sellers’ pages. 

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Where to Buy Feet Pics Online

When it comes to deciding where to buy foot pics online, the best option is always a foot pic website or platform dedicated specifically to this practice.

Not only do foot pic marketplaces have safeguards already in place, but they specialize in finding the highest-quality sellers and trusted buyers to ensure a positive experience for all users. Buyers know they’re dealing with verified sellers and sellers can rest easy that all buyers are legitimate and the payment process is secure. 



FunwithFeet is our top pick for the best place to buy foot pics for several reasons. For starters, the platform has been around long enough to work out any kinks or technical issues but is young enough to be relevant and up-to-date on foot content trends. Sellers range from experienced, well-known users to beginners looking to break into the business and earn your stamp of approval. 

Sellers can easily register within minutes before creating a unique and captivating profile, uploading high-quality photos into different collections, and interacting with buyers. Most sellers have dozens of photos and videos uploaded in a variety of collections and categories including foot worship, high heels, dirty feet, and more. 

Funwithfeet reviews

Buyers can search using keywords, categories, or usernames. You can also see new sellers who have recently joined on the homepage, as well as the most popular categories. If you’re unsure of what type of foot content you want, FunwithFeet can help simplify the process and point you in the right direction based on your likes, dislikes, and preferences.

Buying feet pics on this platform is just as easy as browsing and finding them. Once you find a collection you want, simply contact the seller using the platform’s chat feature to negotiate a final price and close the deal. Once payment is made, you’ll receive the final version of the images or video you requested. FunwithFeet accepts all major credit cards. Buyers can also search the site for free, which means you have nothing to lose. 

The platform has been extensively reviewed and always comes up as an amazing platform for feet pics

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If you believe that bigger is better, you may want to consider FeetFinder for your next foot pic purchase. A well-established and well-known foot pic platform, FeetFinder has millions of registered creators all posting quality foot content for the taking (purchasing). For those who get overwhelmed by too many options or complicated websites, you may want to opt for a simpler website design with fewer pages, categories, and menus to choose from.

At first glance, it’s not hard to see that FeetFinder can be slightly difficult to navigate and understand. With hundreds of foot pic categories (some of which are extremely odd or simply don’t make sense), it’s easy to get lost in the sheer volume of information found on this platform. Sellers also provide services like live cam shows and messaging, if you want these in addition to visual stimulation. Just know that everything on the site comes with a price tag attached. Prices vary based on the seller’s popularity, following, and experience. 

If you have the wherewithal to weed your way through the chaos, you’ll discover that FeetFinder has a ton of foot content with new sellers signing up every day. The platform also prides itself on user safety, with all sellers undergoing a rigorous ID verification process. FeetFinder uses secure payment methods and works to rectify any discrepancies or issues that may arise. 



Feetfiy is another viable foot pic platform for searching and purchasing foot content. The only caveat is that buyers have to upgrade to a premium subscription if they want to access any of the website’s tools including advanced searches and messaging services. Without a premium account, you can’t contact sellers, ask questions, negotiate the price, or place custom orders. 

The general member page does, however, show you all the sellers that have recently joined and uploaded a profile picture. Only sellers who add a photo to their profile are visible for you to browse and buy from. Until the seller adds a picture, their profile will remain hidden from general searches and results. Buyers can also view the featured seller’s page which is updated regularly and showcases the most active sellers who post the highest-quality content. This is a great place to start if you're new to buying feet pics online and need a little guidance. 

If you decide to take the plunge and upgrade to the premium subscription, you can send messages to your favorite sellers, chat, and create a favorites friends list which notifies you each time your favorite members post new content. The premium membership also unlocks unique search features that increase your chances of finding the exact type of content you’re looking for. Feetify lets premium members search by age, gender, location, foot type and size, and more. 

Other premium benefits include

  • The ability to send cash gifts and tips to your favorite sellers
  • Place custom foot pic orders
  • Place custom orders for foot videos
  • Have your profile upgraded to the “Featured Sellers” page
  • Faster response times from the Feetify support team
  • Increased safety and privacy when dealing with sellers 

One downside to Feetify’s premium memberships is that you can only pay using digital currency like crypto or Bitcoin through Cash App.

Buyers that purchase a 12-month membership for $49 USD may have it extended to 24 months for free, as long as they follow the website’s rules and guidelines, behave appropriately, and pay on time using an approved payment method. Feetify claims they use crypto as a safety precaution to protect buyers’ identity and privacy, but it does isolate some potential members. 


Feet Lovers Only 

As the name suggests, if you’re a foot lover, this is a great place to search, find, and buy high-quality foot pics and videos. Buyers can browse for free and buy instant feet pics and videos or purchase directly from sellers. “Instant Feet Pics” lets you purchase content based on the seller’s nationality, occupation, age, body size, foot size, and other physical features. For example, buy naughty nurse pics, flight attendant foot videos, or foot pics posted by college students. 

Feet Lovers Only also deals in a lot more than just foot pics and videos. Buyers can also search and purchase socks, shoes, hosiery, and other naughty extras like experiences, live videos, and messaging services. Sellers dictate the prices for their content so buyers need to negotiate directly with them. Feet Lovers Only also deals in KinkCoins which buyers can purchase and use to download items, send tips to their favorite sellers, and purchase real items. KinkCoins help expedite the purchase process and also keeps both buyers’ and sellers’ private information and details safe. 

In addition to the detailed search features on Feet Lovers Only, the website also showcases top sellers and new sellers on the homepage. This is a great place to start if you’re a new buyer and unsure of what types of foot content you like. You’ll find a good balance of kinky foot content, traditional barefoot pics, and everything in between. 

One downside to this platform is that it doesn’t have its own payment system. Instead, buyers and sellers have to negotiate and mutually decide on a form of payment that may include PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, or Apple Pay. This also leaves members more susceptible to scams or transaction complications without much support from the platform’s support team. 

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You’ve probably searched Etsy for things like handmade jewelry, home decor, and craft supplies, but what about foot pics? Not everyone thinks of Etsy as a foot pic marketplace and although it’s not a dedicated market, it does offer some beautiful and artistic foot photo options.

A quick search on Etsy using the phrase “feet pics for sale” generates over 1,000 results. If you search “foot pictures”, you’ll see 2,000 + results. Not all the content on Etsy is foot pics, per se. Some sellers post and sell foot art, sculptures, foot-related jewelry or other decorations and creations. You may also find foot care products and other related items. For this reason, buying foot pics on Etsy can take some time as you search through the results that don’t meet your needs.

Sellers on Etsy are encouraged to add keywords and tags to their foot content, so when you search for specific types of foot pics, the site will generate relevant content and sellers. From there, you can easily add items to your cart and complete the payment process. Etsy accepts a variety of payment methods including most major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal (where available), bank transfers, and other country-specific payment methods.


Stock Photo Websites

For buyers in search of more professional photos, stock photo websites are a great place to start. That’s not to say that some of these platforms don’t also have racy images, but most are used by professionals, advertising agencies, product companies, and those looking for beautiful, clean, and traditional foot pics.

Some of the most popular stock photo websites include Shutterstock, Depositphotos, iStock, Getty Images, and Dreamstime. Prices vary drastically from one site to the other with most offering packages. For example, a certain amount of downloaded photos per month for a set fee. This gives you access to thousands of foot pics plus millions of other images uploaded from sellers all around the world.



OnlyFans is one of the largest and most popular subscription-based websites for content creators. And while it’s developed a reputation for NSFW content, people sell subscriptions to everything from fitness videos and recipes to beauty care advice and yes, foot pics. With enough digging and a little guidance, you should be able to find reputable foot pic sellers on OnlyFans.

This option is best for foot fetishists that want fresh, new content daily and don’t mind paying a monthly subscription fee. These fees range from $4.99 per month up to $49.99 per month for the most famous OnlyFans creators. The only problem is, you may end up paying for multiple subscriptions at a time and the creator can switch their content on a whim. That means a creator that once posted strictly foot content could switch gears without notice. The good news is, you can cancel your subscription and find creators that better align with your preferences. 

If you prefer buying foot pics individually or from a variety of different sellers, you may want to browse some of the other platforms on this list.


Buy Foot Pics and Videos from Reputable Platforms and Sellers

Now that you know where to buy foot pics safely from legitimate sellers, you can start building your foot pic collection. From videos and monthly subscriptions, the Internet is full of high-quality foot content in various categories if you just know where to look.

Start by searching your favorite types of foot pics and videos on these different platforms until you find a process and pool of sellers you like best. Then budget and invest your money wisely to acquire the foot content that fulfills all your naughtiest dreams.