5 best websites where I can pay someone to write my paper

Writing successful essays, research papers, bibliography annotations, and dissertations requires students' commitment and deep knowledge of academic standards. Completing papers in some subjects may be difficult for those lacking writing experience. For that reason, many college students seek ways to ease their burden by asking friends and classmates: “Can you help to write a paper for me?” The lucky ones can sometimes find someone to help. But for those who don’t have that friend or classmate and who would like to employ a skilled writer to get their work done for them, hiring someone to write a paper for them from an online essay writing company can be a good solution. It’s an effective alternative to independently completing challenging written assignments.

Online teams run legal and professional websites that work with writing specialists. At these sites, students can hire someone to write a paper for them. Becoming a customer of one of these professional services means not only answering the question, “Who can write my papers?” but also being certain that your essay will be completed by a verified paper writer with a degree. As experienced students attest, “Before I took the step to pay someone to write my research paper, I couldn’t find a minute to relax and felt overloaded with papers. Now I know I can find a reliable person to write my paper in a heartbeat, and my life has improved.”

In our article, you can read short reviews of the five most popular writing services students choose to "write my essay cheap". If you’re saying to yourself, “I want to pay someone to write my research paper (essay, review, etc.)” these five are worth considering. We collected information about their guarantees and benefits, their rates, the process of ordering from them, and other elements of their service. Here are the five services we’re reviewings:

  • EssayShark – reliable writing service with 10+ years of experience.

  • WriteMyEssayOnline – fast essay service for students with urgent requests.

  • PayForWriting – an affordable service for demanding students.

  • BuyEssay – fast and qualified writers are waiting for you here.

  • MyPaperForMe – low risk and high-quality college papers.

We hope you will find helpful information to make the right decision about paying someone to write your essay.

1. EssayShark

Students choose EssayShark to get qualified assistance from skilled professional writers. If you were to ask your friends the question: “Where can I pay someone to write my paper?” this site might be one they’d recommend. The reviews on the website proclaim that the bidding system and flexible rates are among its main advantages.

EssayShark’s approach to writing lets its team guarantee customers practical paper help with dozens of subjects, including marketing, banking, nursing, health care, philosophy, history, psychology, and more. Among the types of papers one can order are various kinds of essays, case studies, research papers, speeches, theses, dissertations, and more.

One of the main advantages of the service is the ability for customers to choose an author and communicate with him or her directly. For that reason, there will be no stress over questions like: “Who exactly will write my paper?” Any EssayShark client can ask questions of his or her paper writer and can request unlimited free revisions.

The service also lets you get behind the wheel in terms of figuring out how much you want to spend when you pay someone to write an essay. The prices start from USD 13.40 per page and depend on the deadline and number of pages. Students can choose the level of their writers, and as a bonus, students can request samples of papers written by the author that they are considering.


  • Very high quality papers

  • Responsive customer support 24/7

  • Direct contact with writers


  • Some students wish to delegate choosing a writer to managers

  • Large papers like dissertations can only be ordered in parts

2. WriteMyEssayOnline

This is one of the best essay writing services for students who want to get in charge of the whole process and communicate with their authors individually. If you’re saying to yourself, “I hope that I will find the best authors to write my essay here”– the WriteMyEssayOnline team may be just what you need. The service responsibly approaches how it selects authors to work for its clients. When a student is seeking bidders for an essay, they can be sure that they’ll only be getting relevant responses. Each writer of this company undergoes a strict selection process and must pass various tests run by the company. During the “pay someone to write essay” ordering stage, a student can choose a level of their author for their term paper, case study, or other paper, on any topic. Among the levels of papers to choose from on WriteMyEssayOnline are High School, Undergraduate, and Master’s level papers, along with writing that isn’t meant for a specific academic level.

The process of ordering is plain and clear, thanks to the company’s detailed order form. You can promptly get a fast reply to your “Please, write my college paper” request from a skilled author. To get help, tell the service about your topic or topic suggestions, any deadlines, the subject, the formatting type, and any relevant details you’d like to add.

If you are looking for a service that will promptly respond to your “Please, write my papers ASAP!” request, you can get speedy help here. The service works quickly and guarantees that you’ll meet your deadline. Moreover, students who frequently pay for research paper creation here say that WriteMyEssayOnline authors usually deliver papers before their deadlines.


  • Unlimited free revisions

  • Valuable and flexible bidding system

  • Ability to choose the level of a writer


  • Shorter deadlines increase the price

  • Authors can be offline or busy with other orders

3. PayForWriting

If you say, “I am looking for a team to write my paper perfectly,” – your request will be heard when you choose this website. PayForWriting is one of the most popular companies because they allow you to pay for college papers and receive college papers promptly, while their services do not cost a fortune. This site offers high-quality papers custom written by authors with degrees. Here, a student selects their writer from a list of several available specialists that’s provided to them. The “writing papers for students” company offers several benefits, but one of the best is their customer service. This team is available to clients around the clock. The service guarantees that when you pay someone to do your essays on their site, customer managers will be present to respond to any question you might have 24/7.

The service works with a bidding system, which means that a student who wants to pay for research papers, essays, case studies, reviews, and other papers who writes, “Please, write paper for me,” can choose an author from a list of several specialists. Each order placed produces a prompt reaction from available authors with relevant skills and degrees. A customer paying someone to write an essay on this service can read the detailed profile of a potential helper and decide whether to collaborate with them. It is easy to contact these professionals via a secure chat feature on the PayForWriting site.

Free revisions are one of the bonuses provided to every customer who wishes to pay for papers on this service. To ask a question of the author that you engage to write your paper, or to make any updates, you simply drop him or her a message via the built-in chat. Any writer you choose after requesting: “Please, write my essay online” will gladly update your paper.


  • Direct contact with a chosen writer

  • Money-back option

  • Unlimited free updates


  • It can take time to get a response from an assigned writer

  • Revisions are paid if you change the initial order conditions


4. BuyEssay

BuyEssay is a perfect service for students who feel stuck on their written assignments and are looking for ways to reduce their stress. According to customer reviews, at this service, you can get a fast response to the request: “Please, write my college paper,” and you won’t have to pay a big sum for services. If you’re thinking, “when I pay someone to write my paper, I do not want to choose the author by myself.” –  BuyEssay could be a good fit. With this writing service, you do not have to choose the specialist. When you pay someone to write your essays here, the customer service managers find the authors for you. So there’s no need to stress about finding a qualified paper writer. To order help and ask for an author to write your paper, register on the site, fill in a form, and pay the money. After your paper is ready, a customer service manager will send you a link to download your paper.

For many students considering paying for someone to write an essay for them, the question: “Who will write my paper?” is a vital one. At BuyEssay, you can be sure that term papers, research papers, or any other types of written assignments are completed by excellent authors with degrees in dozens of academic disciplines, from history to banking. The team checks the diplomas of the authors and tests their writing skills.


  • Many skilled authors with deep expertise

  • You only need to pay for service and wait


  • Inability to control the process of writing

  • Revisions can take several days


5. MyPaperForMe

MyPaperForMe is a writing service that, from the main page, welcomes customers by promising to do the most challenging job for them - writing their papers. Any student can easily navigate through the service’s attractive website and can quickly navigate through the registration to pay people to write essays for them professionally. At MyPaperForMe, customers complete an order and deposit the required sum to get several offers from authors who are ready to respond to a new “Please, write my paper” inquiry.

If you need a professionally written review or any type of college essay written fast, this service would be a perfect choice for you to pay for someone to write a paper for you. One of the benefits, in addition to the high quality of work offered by MyPaperForMe, is its speedy delivery. Here, you will find an author who will not shy away from the request: “Please, do my paper for me ASAP.”

Also, students who worry that a teacher will find out they decided to pay for someone to write essay for them can relax as the service guarantees anonymity. Furthermore there are no cash operations or unsafe money wires when you pay someone to write papers here. MyPaperForMe offers only reliable and secure ways to conduct transactions. Additionally, if you are wondering: “Can I request my money back after I pay someone to write my essay?” – Then you’ll be comforted to know that this service offers that possibility.


  • Easy navigation, attractive website design

  • Speedy delivery

  • Ability to control the process of writing

  • Money-back possibility


  • Rates are not the lowest within the market

  • Some payment systems are not applicable


FAQs About Companies to Write a Paper For Me

Is it safe to pay someone to write my paper?

Absolutely! Reaching out to one of the reliable websites mentioned in our article is not only completely safe but always is guaranteed to be fast and effective. Good companies do not risk their reputation and do not give empty promises to their customers. When you choose a responsible writer from a reputable service, you can be sure that the process of getting help will be safe and secure. Among the guarantees to count on when you pay for someone to do your essay are confidentiality and safe payments. A confidentiality guarantee means that your personal data will be safely stored within a website of a chosen service. You can freely share information about yourself, however, a solid service will not need to know a lot. Go with a company that guarantees that all payments are conducted via safe and reliable systems like PayPal, American Express, Visa, Master Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. We recommend you read the details about the privacy and security policies of the service on their website to get a full picture.

What details do I need for an order when I pay for papers?

Once you have decided to pay someone to write a paper and found a trusted website you like, register and provide information about your order. Providing all the necessary information about your order is crucial to ensuring that the writers understand what you need and deliver accordingly. Usually, to order help from a reliable service, you need to fill in an online order form. For paying someone to write your paper, you usually provide the following information: type of paper (essay, research paper, speech, literary review, etc.), subject, topic, deadline, style of formatting, tone of voice, number of pages, etc. Some services allow students to choose the academic level of the author who will work on their paper.

How do I ensure that my paper is original?

Reliable services that can help you to pay someone to write your essay, verify their authors. A writer at a trustworthy company knows that any detection of plagiarism on their part also means that they’ll no longer be collaborating with that company. Thus, the first thing you should do to ensure that you deal with a responsible paper writer is to select a trustworthy site. Second, remember that detecting plagiarism entitles you to a refund or to request a free revision. Third, many good services offer a built-in tool to help students who make the request: “Please, write a paper for me without plagiarism” to check their paper’s originality. If a website does not provide that option themselves, then you can independently check by using any instrument on the web that you trust to perform the check.

Do writing services offer a money-back possibility when I ask someone to write my paper for me?

Any good service that helps to write papers for students has strong guarantees for their customers. One of the benefits offered by a trustworthy company is the client’s ability to request a refund. When asking a service: “Can you please, write my paper?” you aren’t also asking “Can I pay for a terrible or plagiarized paper?” Most services that facilitate paying someone for college writing have terms and conditions for refunds. Thus, if you pay for research paper with a service that has money-back guarantee policies, start by reading their policies and get an idea of how you would request a refund if you were unhappy with their service. Usually, a student can ask for money back when a paper is not delivered or when he or she cancels an order because of some critical reason. The sum returned to a student depends on different factors. For example, if you have already deposited money into your account for a research paper and then released a paper payment and then want to cancel the order, the sum could be from 20% to 50% of the amount you paid. However, if you did not receive any paper from the author you hired to write an essay for you, the service usually sends back 100% of the paid amount.

How can I be sure that a trusted professional will write my paper?

If you are saying to yourself “Who will write my college paper?” then the most attractive option for you may be to pay for someone to write your essay at a site with a bidding system. Such services allow students to pay for a research paper or an essay and choose a writer by themselves. After registration, you will get bids or offers from available authors, letting you know they are ready to take your order. Each paper writer will answer your direct questions and provide details about his or her skills and education. Choosing a trusted service to pay someone to write your paper means dealing with verified specialists with diplomas and experience.

How much should I pay to someone to write paper for me?

Any reliable and professional service states a reasonable price to pay for paper. Usually, the final amount depends on several factors. One of the main criteria defining the price one should pay to write paper is the deadline. Most services that get requests like: “Please, write paper for me ASAP” charge more for urgent or last-minute work. However, the due date is not the only factor that influences the price you pay people to write essay. The number of pages in the paper is also significant to a writer and impacts  the deadline and price. If you want to reduce the final amount, minimize the word count. The average price for one page of writing with a trusted writing service is USD 13.40.

How fast will an author write a paper for me?

A writer will do his or her best to deliver your order speedily. When you are filling in the form on the site, indicating the deadline is obligatory. Any type of writing service, whether it lets you choose a helper or selects an author for you, will guarantee you that your projects are completed by the deadline that you set. Therefore, if you ask for speedy delivery when ordering a large paper, a solid service will not be able to produce a paper with many pages in only a few hours. You should be cognizant and realistic that it takes time to write a large paper. When a student asks: “I want to pay for someone to write my dissertation. Please, write my paper for me ASAP,” their service may break the project up into smaller parts to make the work more manageable. Commonly, a professional writer can complete a standard-sized paper in a day or faster. A lot will depend on the student’s requirements.

Can a professor find out if I pay someone to do my essay?

Students who are going to pay research paper or another task for the first time often worry to themselves: “What should I do if a teacher finds out I asked someone to write my paper for me?” – This fear is irrational, as a trusted service provides you with unique and customized writing. Each paper written by a professional author is plagiarism-free and original. However, if you wish to economize and turn to an unchecked or cheap service to ask: “Please, help with writing my papers,” there is a risk that your essay will not be original. Some services borrow content without citations and use unchecked sources. Try to avoid these companies.


Now you know a lot about reliable writing services and hopefully have an answer to the question: “Where can I find a helper to write my paper?” Choosing one of the companies mentioned in our article means getting guarantees of quality and professionalism. You can freely start cooperation with any of the services we’ve reviewed, being sure of the undeniable advantages they offer. We wish you good luck!