AdultFriendFinder Reviews 2024 [Warning] Don't Join Adult Friend Finder Before Reading!


Whoever thinks online dating is boring has definitely not explored Adult Friend Finder yet. AdultFriendFinder, also known as AFF, is an online dating hub ranked among the top dating platforms in the world. The platform also made it once to the 'Top 100 Most Visited Websites in the USA' in 2007, and rightfully so. The dating industry is booming, and we see a new dating website popping up every other day. Despite this, so many people are still struggling in their dating lives. AdultFriendFinder caters to all the modern world dating problems and brings a one-stop solution for everyone. No more swiping left or right without any luck, just come to AdultFriendFinder and find your perfect match.

AdultFriendFinder is not your run-of-the-mill dating site. It offers a social-network experience, giving your more opportunities to get to know your potential match before you can take things forward.

Read this detailed Adult Friend Finder Review to find out how you can make the best of AFF’s dating platform and services.

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The Back Story of Adult Friend Finder

Andrew Conru laid the foundation of Adult Friend Finder in 1996. As a young man, Andrew had explored different avenues of dating, but he realized that there were certain limitations to dating in the real world. That's how he came up with the idea of taking dating virtual and started working on developing the AdultFriendFinder website. AFF changed the dating game for the young folks, giving them opportunities to connect with people without worrying about any physical constraints.

AFF com was one of the few online dating websites of its time, but Andre had the vision of making it big in the online dating world. Hence, even after several years, AFF com is standing strong as one of the top-rated dating platforms in the world.

Currently, there are over 50 million active users on AdultFriendFinder. People from around the world are using AFF com and enjoying the exceptional dating experience. Now that we know the back story behind AdultFriendFinder, we can continue this Adult Friend Finder Review and learn more about the platform. 

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Why Join Adult Friend Finder?

We have all used dating apps and sites. Haven't we? No man is an island at one point or another; you need to find love. The problem with several dating sites is that they make the whole dating process cumbersome and do not guarantee any results. You could spend hundreds of dollars on an app and still end up being lonely because the right person for you is probably not there.

At AdultFriendFinder, you have high chances of landing on your soulmate or someone to have fun with. With millions of active monthly users, finding a potential match on AdultFriendFinder is a smooth and hassle-free process. Whether you are looking for a kind soul, a funny one, or someone extremely good-looking, there is something for everyone on AFF com.

When people first hear about AFF com, several questions pop up inside their heads. For instance, people are often skeptical about the legitimacy of AdultFriendFinder. Do a quick web search, and you will see questions like: Is Adult Friend Finder real? Is Adult Friend Finder legit? Does Adult Friend Finder work? We’ll answer them for you.

For those wondering, 'Is Adult Friend Finder real?' the answer is 'Yes, one hundred percent!' Go on and read the millions of honest customer reviews online, and you will know that AFF com is a real dating platform you trust.

For those wondering, 'Is Adult Friend Finder legit? The answer is 'Yes' again. AFF com is a legitimate and licensed online dating platform that has helped millions of people find their potential dates and partners. 

For those wondering ‘? Does Adult Friend Finder work? It goes without saying, ‘Of course, it does.' There is a reason why the platform has managed top ranking in the online dating category even after decades. 

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AdultFriendFinder.Com – What’s In It For Members?

Free Membership Plan on AdultFriendFinder

While people are already struggling with finding potential matches online, paying a hefty premium fee for dating platforms is another issue on their plate. But, fret not! With AdultFriendFinder, you can be relieved and just enjoy having potential matches on your plate. AFF offers an exclusive FREE Membership for everyone so they can enjoy the world of online dating without drilling a hole in their wallets.

Now some people may not seem too pleased about the Free Membership. We don't blame them. Various online dating platforms are offering so-called 'Free Membership' where the only thing actually free is visiting or downloading the app. For everything else, you have to bear hidden charges and subscription fees.

The Free Membership at AdultFriendFinder offers a wide range of services and access to various AFF com features. Free AFF com members can still navigate the complete website and make the most of their online dating experience.

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AdultFriendFinder is a one-of-a-kind social media portal for dating. You can view all the public content on your feed and check out the photos and videos to decide whether they match your vibe. This is a handy feature included in the Free Membership deal that the majority of dating platforms would never offer for free. Now all you need to do is click on a person's picture or videos and get to know them better. You can also leave a ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on their photos to bring yourself to notice.

In addition, Free AFF Membership includes access to the exclusive 'Groups' feature on the AFF com website. Like other social media platforms, AFF also has special groups and discussion forums for people with specific likes and interests. This incredible feature helps free AFF com members instantly connect with like-minded people and increase their chances of dating. How it works is that you can search through the list of Groups and see which topic interests you. For instance, if there is a group for 'Marvel Fanatics', you can join it and get connected with a Marvel fan and fulfill your wishes. You can also create your own group in the hopes of attracting a potential match. For instance, you open a group for 'Fitness Freaks' and find your ideal partner through the group.

What’s more? Free AFF com Members also enjoy another unique feature called 'Hotlists .'As the name suggests, Hotlist is a kind of wishlist or favorite list. If you come across a profile or a picture/video of someone attractive, you can simply add them to your Hotlist to connect with them later. Now all you need to do is just one click, and you can feast on your virtual crush for free.

There are more perks of AFF com free membership. Continue reading our Adult Friend Finder Review to find out what they are. 

All AdultFriendFinder members can also take advantage of another free feature on the website. You can enjoy Public Livestreams on ADD com. Like social media platforms, AFF com also features free Livestream from members on the main feed page. This is an excellent way of evaluating the other person's personality and seeing how they talk and express themselves online. Just like the Hotlist feature, you can also use the Livestreams feature to break the ice with anyone you are interested in.

Read our Adult Friend Finder review to learn more about AFF com and how you can take advantage of the dating portal and enjoy its services. 

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Gold Membership Plan on AdultFriendFinder Com

While you are already impressed by the incredible features and services offered in the Adult Friend Finder Free Membership plan, it's time to strike the jackpot with the Gold Membership Plan. The plan takes things up a notch, giving you the ultimate access to finding your perfect dating partner without any limitations or barriers.

Read on our Adult Friend Finder review to see what the Gold Membership plan has in store for you.

Gold Members get access to view complete profiles of other members. This way, you can easily scrutinize their personality and save your time and efforts if they are not worth it.

Gold Members can get close and personal with the people they are interested in using the Direct Chat feature.

Gold Members on AFF Com get the option of adding people to their Friend list. This way, they can stay connected and increase their chances of scoring a date or real connection with them.

Gold Members on AFF can enjoy additional features, and seasonal discount offers to enhance their online dating experience.

Gold Members can get rid of annoying ads and make their AFF com experience more pleasurable for their eyes and ears. 

When it comes to pricing, AFF Gold Membership Plan comes with three payment options to facilitate you. You can pick any of these options to see which best suits your schedule and budget. Be it monthly, quarterly, or yearly payment options, the pricing of the Gold Plan is still affordable considering the premium service and features you get in return. And hey, for some people, finding a date is next to impossible, so you cannot put a price tag on the dating experience offered by AFF com - that's completely priceless. 

Let's now evaluate what each of the three Adult Friend Finder Gold Membership Plan offers.

Here is what you’ll sign up for if you take the Gold Plan:

Plan 1 - Monthly Subscription 

Members who are intrigued to explore the Gold Membership plan but do not wish to invest in it long term should start with this package. Priced at $39.95 and billed monthly, this plan will give you a taste of what being a Gold Member feels like. 

Plan 2 – Quarterly Subscription 

If you wish to experience all of the Adult Friend Finder Gold Membership features and services, one month may not be enough for you. You can consider going ahead with the quarterly (3 months plan) and enjoy additional discounts on the bulk deal. So with the quarterly plan, members can save up to $13 each month, which is a decent amount. 

Plan 3 – Yearly Subscription

If you are already hooked to the premium Fold experience, there is no going back. This AFF plan is perfect for regular users who are invested in dating and trust AFF com to enhance your experience further. The best part? You get to enjoy the 12-Month Gold experience and also save money while doing so. Yes, that's right. You can enjoy savings of up to $20 every month, which is a great bargain deal itself.

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Adult Friend Finder Review – Benefits and Drawbacks

The best part about Adult Friend Finder is that the platform is a no-judgment zone. Whether you join the platform for a serious relationship or something casual, whether you are single or in an open relationship, there is something for everyone on AFF com. The platform is entirely safe for use. You can search for any type of relationship and get connected with your potential dating match.

AFF com is not just a platform for single people. You will be surprised to find couples on the platform who are looking to make their love life more fun and exciting. This is one of the primary reasons why millions of people choose AFF com as their dating platform, given the comfort level and ease of use. People from all parts of the world, irrespective of their sexual orientation and preferences, are welcome on the platform.

Now do not scratch your head overthinking the authenticity of the platform. If you are thinking, 'Is Adult Friend Finder Legit?’, just continue reading this extensive Adult Friend Finder review, and you will find the answers to all your burning questions.

Let's discuss the pros and cons of using AFF com for dating. While we have already laid light on several of the perks of using AFF com, we cannot overlook the negative points linked to the platform. But first, let's start with the positive ones. 

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Benefits of Becoming an Adult Friend Finder Member

Benefit # 1 - Easy To Use

Adult Friend Finder offers a user-friendly web portal and mobile app for Android and iOS users. You do not have to be tech-savvy to use the platform. It is simple and easy to understand and makes the process of finding your perfect match a smooth and hassle-free experience. The sign-up process is simple, and within just a few clicks, you can become an AFF com member and explore all their excellent features.

Benefit # 2 - 24/7 Customer Care

While we already know that using AFF com is easy breezy. Still, if you get stuck at any point or want to find out more about the dating platform, you can reach out to their customer care department online and enjoy round-the-clock assistance. No matter what your issue is, AdultFriendFinder has a family and helpful staff to resolve all your complaints and cater to your specific needs.

Benefit # 3 – Find Dates Near You

If you plan to get lucky tonight, go and explore potential matches near you on AFF com. Yes, the platform lets you search for people by geo-location, connecting you with potential matches near you. So, if you are lucky enough to hit it off with someone the first time, you can meet that AFF com member in person and take your relationship to the next stage.

Benefit # 4 – Safe Payment Solution

Sharing your details like credit card info online can be risky, with so many scams and fraudulent websites. You do not have to worry about this when you become an AFF com member. The platform offers a certified and safe payment method, ensuring that your sensitive information will remain confidential.

Benefit # 5 – Free & Gold Membership Plans

AFF Com offers two incredible plans to its members. Both the Free Membership and Gold Membership plan has their perks. If you're a Free AFF com member, you can enjoy live videos, like/comment on pictures, join groups and blogs, etc. On the other hand, the Gold Membership Plan takes things up a notch, giving you access to additional premium features like sending direct messages to a member and viewing their complete profile. 

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Drawbacks of Becoming an AFF com Member

Drawback # 1 – Free Plan Comes With Ads

While you can get used to this drawback after a while, some people simply cannot wrap their heads around it. AFF com indeed offers a terrific Free plan and lets you enjoy various of the website's tools and features, but that comes with loads of annoying ads. However, you can always upgrade the plan ad get rid of the ads to enjoy a seamless dating experience.

Drawback # 2 – Platform Slows Down at Times

Since AFF has millions of monthly active users, don't be surprised to see the app slowing down at times. The team consistently works on bug fixes and reduces load times, but you may sometimes experience lags and delays on AFF com.

Drawback # 3 – Too Many Male Members

The phrase ‘plenty of fish in the sea’ falls true for Adult Friend Finder app but only for the male members. Sadly, the males outnumber females and people of another gender on the website, so it may become a tad bit difficult to find a suitable match if you are not interested in a guy. Besides this, you also need to be extra careful about the male profiles pretending to be females, which further reduces the size of your dating pool.

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FAQs About Adult Friend Finder Com 

If you have questions like ‘Does adult friend finder work?’ or ‘Is adult friend finder real?’ spiraling in your head, you should see what others have been thinking about. This part of the Adult Friend Finder review lists down all the frequently asked questions about Adult Friend Finder. 

How Can You Connect with Members on AFF?

The multitude of ways AFF provides its members to interact with each other can be set apart as one of the top strengths of this website. The long list of communication channels available for AFF members includes but is not limited to chatrooms, group chats, magazines, live streams, and the message/emails – the absolute old-school way of communication that all dating sites offer as well. 

Along with helping you meet new people, or who knows, find the ‘one,’ AFF offers a unique feature to keep a log of all your sexual adventures and later vlog them for the public to see. Some AFF members also like to give a sneak peek into their naughty minds by posting short erotic pieces of the story on their ‘Sex Stories’ Journal. This is where AFF lets its members’ creative juices run wild by posting both fiction and non-fiction stories.

However, the features, including more intimate interaction between the members, such as commenting on videos, liking blogs, joining groups, etcetera, are not covered in the website's free version. In order to directly interact with someone specific on the website and reach out to them, you will have to upgrade your AFF account. The upgrade will let you communicate via messages, send instant chat messages, add other members as friends, and use multiple other features that are exclusive to the premium members of AFF. 

How to save yourself from getting scammed on the Adult Friend Finder app?

Even though Adult Friend Finder app has a strict email verification process, scammers on the web figure out a way to surpass that. Here are a few tips you can follow to save yourself from getting scammed on AdultFriendFinder com:

Tip # 1 – Do a Quick Image Search

This is the easiest way to detect a fake profile. If a girl or guy appears too good to be too true, they probably aren't. So go with your gut feeling and do a quick image search to verify their profile. Save their profile picture and use the 'Search by Image' feature on Google to double-check if they are who they claim to be. Within seconds you will find out if Carla_Princess or Skater_Boy is an authentic profile or not.

Tip # 2 – Do Not Share Any Personal Information with Anyone

If someone on AFF is asking for your personal information or trying to get too clingy with you during the first conversation, take it as a red flag and immediately block their profile. It will take hackers or scammers just a few seconds to do a fraudulent deal. So never share any personal information with anyone on the platform. This includes your address, phone number, full name, credit card details, etc.

Tip # 3 – Ask the User to Do Video Chat

Another sure-shot way of identifying a scammer is by requesting a video call. There is no way they can fake that. If your potential match starts acting sketchy on the mention of a video call, you should already figure out that they are pretending to be someone else.  

How to identify a legit profile on AdultFriendFinder com?

While you already know what scam profiles look like, let's explore the secrets of identifying a legit and impressive user profile on AdultFriendFinder. If the AFF com member has an impressive engagement on their profile, with high likes and comments, the chances are that it is a legit profile as people tend to interact more with them. If the profile shows a variety of pictures showcasing the user's lifestyle, that is another plus point. Stay away from profiles with just selfies and picture-perfect snaps. You need to see how the person is in their everyday life to verify if they are legit or not. In addition, look for profiles with complete information and details like bio, interests, etc. It's a dating platform, and if someone does not reveal anything about them, it may be because they are pretending to be someone else. Lastly, talk to the person and ask questions. Nothing works better than human intuition if you are clever with your questions. Ask specific questions that only a legit person can answer and scrutinize the responses to confirm if they look human to you or not. 

Is It Safe to Use My Credit Card on Adult Friend Finder App?

Yes, Adult Friend Finder app offers a secure payment gateway certified by law. So, you can enjoy a seamless dating experience without putting your money at risk. If there are any complaints regarding additional charges or payment deductions, you can contact the live support representative and resolve your issue instantly.

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The Final Call – Is AFF Com Your Best Shot at Online Dating?

Adult Friend Finder app is a one-of-its-kind platform to help anyone looking for an adult connection without any accountability. Sounds too good to be true? But it will be a great pleasure knowing that it's much more than what it promises. This platform has helped many people fulfill their long-term desires without worrying about sounding like an outcast. This platform is a safe place for everyone or anyone to come and find what they've always been looking for.

We cannot defy the flow of nature. Our bodies may function similarly, but we are all enviably unique. We all wish to acquire an acquaintance at one point in our lives. Someone to help us learn and explore the world within us. We may not even notice it until another person comes and express their fascination for us. AFF is just the place to help you get closer to yourself. It can be the missing puzzle you have yearned for all these years. Don't believe us? Try it out yourself.

AFF has a fantastic interface that is on par with any popular social or dating app. This may raise some suspicions regarding the freedom we offer at AFF. But as we said, there is nothing you need to worry about. We explicitly offer people to find mature connections without any strings. You have already spent the better part of your adulthood tip-toeing around people who may not want the same thing as you. Here at AFF, people know what they are signing up for. It's all supposed to be just fun and adventure and nothing to hold them back—no judgment or prejudice.

You can be absolutely clear about what you want and stay anonymous. But truth be told, this website makes you confident enough to be yourself. It doesn't make you want to hide behind an alias. You can be yourself unapologetically. Hence, it is worth reiterating that you should give it a try at least once. Let your mind be at absolute peace and finally seek your perfect match or matches. The world may have made you question yourself for not wanting the generic romantic interactions. You may have felt alienated at one point in life, but AFF is the only place that allows you to appreciate your unique desires. They make you feel wanted and not become aloof.

I hope we have managed to convince you to try it at least once so you can know what you've been missing out on. Hopefully, all your queries have been answered in this blog, and you're ready to open up new avenues for incredible adventures in your life.AFF makes everyone feel inclusive by exclusively offering what they all need. It is accessible to anyone who has access to the web. AFF has undoubtedly created a platform to cater to everyone looking to form adult connections with absolutely no baggage. It couldn't get better than this. It sounds like a work of fiction, but it's all authentic and just a few clicks away from you.