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Best Delta 8 Carts: Top 5 Vape Cartridges To Buy Online

Written by Anand Mishra | Apr 15, 2023 7:17:43 PM

It's time to experience all the mind-blowing effects and benefits of hemp by vaping pure, organic Delta 8 THC with our best Delta 8 carts. These cartridges are filled with vape juice made with natural and organic ingredients, completely free from harmful chemicals, to give you the vaping experience of a lifetime.

There is a lot of hype about Delta 8 out there and almost everyone wants to try it out. The hype is justifiable considering the euphoric, smooth experience given by the hemp-derived cannabinoid. With its amazing health benefits, pain-relieving qualities, and the light, refreshing high it gives, Delta 8 is definitely worth trying out.

There are various methods to take Delta 8. You can add it to your favorite foods or drinks, have its delicious gummies, or apply it to your skin, but the best way to quickly get those euphoric, calming effects from Delta 8 is through vaping.

Delta 8 vape cartridges contain organic vape oil induced with pure Delta 8 THC extracted from hemp plants. These carts will give you a high to remember. But with so many products available, choosing the right one can be quite tricky, especially for new users. This is why, after considerable research, we have compiled a list of the best Delta 8 carts available in the market.

Top 5 Delta 8 Carts On The Market

1. Elevate Right - Overall Best Delta 8 Carts, Editor's Pick

2. Diamond CBD - Most Reputed Cannabis Brand For Delta 8 THC Carts

3. Binoid CBD - Widest Range Of D8 THC Cartridges

4. Budpop - Most Potent Delta 8 Carts

5. Exhale Wellness - Affordable Delta 8 Vape Pen

#1. Elevate Right: Overall Best Delta 8 Carts, Editor's Pick

One of the fastest-growing brands in the cannabis industry, to start off our list, we have Elevate Right! Despite being relatively new, Elevate Right has built for itself a solid reputation due to its consistent quality standards and high rate of customer satisfaction.

The brand manufactures a wide range of hemp-derived products including Delta 8 gummies, vape cartridges, and creams, as well as Delta 9, CBD, and HHC products. The brand also sells premium quality weed pens. But their most popular creation is, without doubt, their line of Delta 8 vape cartridges.

Elevate Right is a customer-centered brand that gives the highest importance to product quality. The brand has strict quality standards which enable them to manufacture the finest hemp products. Starting from the hemp source up till end product packaging, these standards are ensured so that the brand's loyal customers get the best products and the best experience.

Elevate Right manufactures its Delta 8 vape cartridges from high-quality hemp. The hemp plants are sourced from legal farms, majorly in Colorado and Pennsylvania. Due to their fertile soil, these farms are known to produce the best hemp in the US. These farms grow and supply hemp with state authorization and their operation is entirely legal.

After the Federal Farm Bill was passed in 2018, it was made compulsory for hemp farms to obtain state authorization. This was done to stop illegal hemp and cannabis farming. All Elevate Right hemp sources are Federal Farm Bill compliant.

After hemp sourcing, comes the extraction process. Elevate Right uses the CO2 method of extraction to extract pure Delta 8 THC from hemp plants. The CO2 method is one of the best extraction methods available and the end extract is free from any kind of harmful chemicals or heavy metals.

Elevate Right vape cartridges are made of food-grade silicone and are leakproof. These carts are filled with vape oil made from all-natural and organic ingredients. Where most brands out there use harmful synthetic additives in their carts, Elevate Right vape cartridges are free from any such chemicals.

Elevate Right vape carts come in 900 mg packaging. Each cart contains 900 mg of pure Delta 8 vape oil. The oil contains less than 0.3 percent Delta 9 THC which makes it federally legal.

These vape cartridges are available in a variety of delicious flavors, which are derived from natural terpenes. The tastes available right now are Sour Diesel, Blue Dream Berry, Pineapple Express, and Northern Lights. More flavors are expected to be added very soon.

The product is 100 percent organic, plant-based, and cruelty-free. There is not a single animal product in it. Being entirely vegan, Elevate Right carts can be used by all communities of the world.

Customer safety is of prime importance to Elevate Right which is why the company has all its products tested by independent third-party labs. Third-party lab testing ensures that the product contains no harmful chemicals and is safe for use by the general public. Moreover, it also ensures product quality.

To ensure transparency and to build trust with its customers, the brand has published test reports on its website for everyone to view. So in case you have any doubts about the product, you can check these reports out.

Elevate Right vape cartridges are reasonably priced at $39.39 each. In addition to that, you can also benefit from the various discounts available on the brand's official store. You can also save an additional 25 percent by subscribing to the monthly subscription.


Overall best Delta 8 cartridges in the market

Made from all-natural and organic ingredients

Free of synthetic chemical

Independent lab testing

No artificial flavors or additives

Available in 900 mg packaging

Multiple delicious flavors


Can only be bought online

Customer Experience

Users have had an amazing experience with Elevate Right Delta 8 carts which is evident from the dozens of positive customer reviews on the brand's site. You can check out these reviews yourself as well. Customers especially love the carts' all-organic nature and the variety of delicious flavors offered by the brand.

Click here to visit the official website of Elevate

#2. Diamond CBD: Most Reputed Cannabis Brand For Delta 8 THC Carts

Next up on our list, we have one of the most seasoned and reputable brands on the market, Diamond CBD! Diamond CBD has years of experience under its belt and it uses this experience to produce some of the best cannabis and hemp products available out there. The brand has a wide range of products but its Delta 8 cartridges are the most loved by customers.

Diamond CBD carts are made with all-natural ingredients without even the slightest trace of unnatural, synthetic chemicals. Starting from hemp source to flavoring and casing, the brand only chooses the best for its large community of loyal customers.

Diamond CBD sources its hemp from authorized hemp farms in Colorado. These farms produce the best hemp in the country through legal methods.

Pure Delta 8 THC is extracted from hemp using the CO2 method of extraction. This method is highly praised in the hemp industry because it produces the cleanest hemp extract without any kind of impurities.

The vape oil for Diamond Delta 8 cartridges is made by mixing this extract with base oil. A lot of companies use animal-based or synthetic base oils in their carts. These kinds of vape oil are non-vegan and can show multiple side effects.

Diamond CBD uses plant-based oil in its cartridges which shows zero side effects due to its organic nature. Being 100 percent organic, the product can be used by everyone! Diamond Delta 8 carts come in 900 mg packaging. A single cart can easily last up to a week even if you're a regular user. For a casual user, it can last over a month.

The list of delicious flavors available includes Blue Dream, Duran Poison, Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue, Green Ape, and Mango Kush. The company is expected to add more exciting flavors soon. All these flavors are 100 percent organic as well.

Diamond CBD vape carts are available at $31.99 on the brand's official store. You can also save money by using the many discounts offered on the page. Moreover, the brand offers free shipping all over the US, so you won't have to spend extra on delivery charges.


Experienced hemp brand

High-quality Delta 8 THC vape cartridges

900 mg of pure Delta 8 THC

Priced at 31.99 Dollars

Free delivery all over the US

Amazing discounts


Can be a bit harsh on the throat

Customer Experience

Diamond CBD Delta 8 vape cartridges have received amazing customer reviews. Over a hundred positive reviews are available on Diamond CBD's official website. You can check out these reviews yourself. Customers especially love the mellow high these carts give. According to a customer, "Diamond Delta 8 carts give a smooth high which does not weigh you down".

Click here to visit the official website of Diamond CBD

#3. Binoid CBD: Widest Range Of D8 THC Cartridges

At number 3 on our list, we have another rising brand in the hemp industry, Binoid CBD. Binoid has gotten extremely popular in recent days due to its trendy design. The brand has the widest range of cannabis products as compared to any other brand on this list, and all of them are of the finest quality.

Binoid specializes in manufacturing the most premium Delta 8 products. The highest quality standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing process. Its Delta 8 carts are of top-notch quality and are made of 100 percent natural ingredients.

The process starts with the most premium hemp plant in the country which is sourced from legalized hemp farms in Pennsylvania. These farms are Federal Farm Bill compliant and their operation and distribution are completely legal

Delta 8 THC is extracted using the most efficient extraction process which leaves no harmful additives in the final extract. A lot of shady brands out there use poor extraction methods which results in heavy metals being present in the final extract. These harmful additives can cause a lot of serious medical complications when used long-term.

The vape oil filled in Binoid Delta 8 carts contains all plant-based ingredients mixed with organic vape oil. You will get an amazing vaping experience with Binoid Delta 8 carts as these vape cartridges produce thick smoke clouds.

Binoid carts come in 1-gram packaging where a single cartridge contains 1 gram of purified Delta 8-infused hemp oil. As of now, Binoid carts are available in 6 exciting flavors, and more tastes are expected to be added to the list very soon.

Binoid CBD Delta 8 carts are amazing for relieving stress, especially after a long busy day. Just take a few good puffs of pure Delta 8 THC with Binoid carts and say good buy to all your worries.

Binoid carts are best to ease symptoms of anxiety, frequent restlessness, rushed thoughts, and sleeplessness. Due to Delta 8's pain-relieving qualities, Binoid carts can be used to relieve mild as well as chronic pains.

You can also use Binoid Delta 8 carts to get a refreshing good night's sleep. Just take a few puffs before sleeping to ease your rushing mind and have the best sleep of your life.

To ensure product quality and the safety of its customers, Binoid CBD has its carts tested by an independent third-party lab before releasing them in the market. The lab conducts multiple tests on the product before declaring it safe for use.

In addition to that, to promote its brand reputation and to build trust with the community, Binoid has all the test reports published on its official site. So in case anyone has any doubts about the product, they can view these reports to clear them.

Keep in mind that Delta 8 THC can show up on drug tests, so in case you have an important drug test coming up, avoid using these carts. You can buy Binoid Delta 8 vape carts from the company's official online store for $31.99 each. Also, don't forget to benefit from the amazing discounts and bundle offers available there.


All natural, all organic product

No heavy metals or harmful additives

Widest range of natural, plant-based flavors

Best for relieving stress and anxiety

Can be used to get a refreshing night's sleep

Independent lab-tested product

Priced at 31.99 Dollars


Not ideal for new users

Customer Experience

Binoid Delta 8 carts have a high rate of customer satisfaction. You can read about some amazing customer experiences on the brand's official website. Users especially love how the vape carts are gentle on the throat and their quick and potent effects.

Click here to visit the official website of Binoid CBD

#4. Budpop: Most Potent Delta 8 Carts

Probably the most trending brand on the market right now, at number 4, we have Budpop. Budpop is another seasoned brand in the cannabis industry and it has been making news in recent days due to its high-quality products.

Budpop was created by a group of visionaries with a mission to introduce the public to the amazing benefits and effects of Delta 8 THC. The brand has a long line of premium-quality hemp and cannabis products. Budpop products are especially popular among young adults due to their trendy packaging. Moreover, the brand has been featured in multiple reputable publications.

One of Budpop's most successful line of products is their Delta 8 vape cartridges. These carts are made with premium-quality ingredients. Budpop gives special importance to maintaining the all-natural nature of its products and its Delta 8 cartridges are made with only plant-based ingredients.

Only premium Colorado hemp is used to make Budpop Delta 8 carts. Hemp farms in Colorado are not only authorized but produce some of the best hemp plants in the country. Budpop sources its hemp only from these farms.

Using premium standard extraction processes, pure Delta 8 extract is derived from hemp. The extract is then mixed with a plant-based base oil to make the vape oil for the carts. A lot of brands out there use MCT oil as the base oil for their carts but it has a lot of side effects.

Since only natural ingredients are used in Budpop Delta 8 carts, the product shows no negative side effects. Moreover, the product is third-party lab tested. Third-party laboratory testing makes sure that only the most premium quality products get delivered to the customers. You can check out these third-party lab reports on the company website.

One of the best things about Budpop Delta 8 carts is that you get a 30-day money-back guarantee with them. This means that in case you are unsatisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days and get a full refund! What more could you want?

Budpop has a highly elaborate website that has a lot of useful information about its products. You can also visit the FAQ section to learn about the effects of Delta 8 THC and how these vape carts work.


Most trendy hemp brand in the cannabis market

High-quality cannabis goods

Featured in multiple reputable magazines

Made with the most premium hemp plants

30-day money-back guarantee

Highly elaborate and informational website

Free shipping on all products all over the US


The product can occasionally be out of stock

Customer Experience

Users have had a great experience with Budpop Delta 8 THC vape cartridges. Customers especially love the product's trendy packaging and the slow, refreshing high it gives. Moreover, customers highly appreciate the 30-day money-back guarantee offered by the company which gives them the freedom to return the product for a full return.

Try out Budpop Delta 8 carts for an amazing Delta 8 experience.

#5. Exhale Wellness: Affordable Delta 8 Vape Pen

Last but not least, we have the brand with the highest rate of customer satisfaction! Say hello to Exhale Wellness! Exhale Wellness is a rising brand in the cannabis market that is getting hype due to its high-quality products.

Exhale Wellness, despite being relatively younger than its competitors, has made its place in the cannabis market. The brand offers a variety of hemp and cannabis-derived products but their Delta 8 vape carts are by far the most successful and loved by customers.

Exhale Wellness is a brand focused on quality. Starting with superior Colorado hemp, Exhale Delta 8 cartridges are made with strict quality control. You can learn about their manufacturing process as well from the brand's official site.

Exhale Wellness takes pride in the all-organic nature of its products. Its Delta 8 carts are made using the finest, all-natural, high-quality ingredients. Most brands use synthetic, unhealthy chemicals to elevate the effects of their products but these chemicals cause adverse effects.

There is not a single synthetic chemical present in the Exhale Delta 8 carts. The brand even uses natural flavors in its carts which are made with plant-based terpenes.

Exhale Wellness Delta 8 carts are best for people dealing with chronic anxiety. By acting on the body's endocannabinoid system, Delta 8 THC calms nerves and relaxes the mind while giving you a soothing high. You can use these carts to relax after a tiring, stressful day. After only a few good puffs, you will feel a relaxing sensation and a euphoric high that will relieve all your stress.

Exhale Wellness Delta 8 carts are available in 900 mg packaging. Each cart contains 900 milligrams of pure Delta 8-infused vape oil. You can get these carts in multiple delicious, natural flavors.

The brand has also released a line of limited edition vape cartridges. The flavors included in this line are wedding cake, strawberry gelato, and Grape Ape.

Exhale Well Delta 8 carts are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. There is not a single animal-based ingredient used in the carts.

By incorporating the highest standard manufacturing methods, and premium, all-natural ingredients in its carts, Exhale Wellness guarantees a Delta 8 experience to remember. Select the flavor of your choice and try out these carts yourself!

In case you have any questions about the product or how it works, you can reach out to Exhale Well's excellent customer service. The brand's customer support agents are available 24/7 to assist you in any way possible.


Well reputed, rising hemp brand

Premium hemp-based products

High-standard methods of production

Only plant-based ingredients used

Product tested by independent laboratories

Affordable price

Wide range of flavors to choose from


Not the best for seasoned users

Customer Experience

Exhale Wellness has the highest rate of customer satisfaction as compared to all other brands on our list. This is because the brand takes special care in maintaining its product's quality. Customers especially love the wide range of flavors offered by the brand. Such a wide variety of tastes means that you will never get bored with a single one.

How We Made The List Of The Best Delta 8 Carts

Despite the rising popularity of Delta 8 carts and their increasing trend in high society, there is a lack of quality brands in the market. Moreover, we're seeing a lot of newly launched, shady hemp brands out there that are selling low quality products. These products are manufactured with poor quality standards and often contain harmful chemicals which can cause serious side effects. Their prolonged use can even cause you to develop serious medical complications.

Delta 8 is a highly psychoactive compound and you have to be extremely careful while choosing your Delta 8 products. Poor quality Delta 8 carts can cause you to develop respiratory issues as well as many other adverse side effects.

But not all of us have the time to individually research products and compare their pros and cons. This is why we have compiled a list of the best Delta 8 carts while comparing multiple factors.

Here is a summary of all the factors we considered while compiling this list.

Brand Reputation

The first parameter we considered while selecting products for our list was brand reputation. Trust us, you do not want to buy hemp and cannabis products from shady, unknown brands as the majority of them sell substandard products.

All products included in our list are from reputable brands that have years of experience in the hemp business. Most of them have also been featured in numerous reputable publications. So feel confident when choosing any of them.

Product Quality

A major parameter we considered while compiling our list was product quality. We made sure to only include high-quality products made with natural, premium-quality ingredients. All our selected products have been manufactured under strict quality control which is why they are the best in the market.

Hemp Sources

Another factor we considered while choosing products for this list was hemp sources. While selecting products and brands we made sure that their hemp source was legal. All our selected products are manufactured using premium-quality hemp and cannabis plants sourced from authorized farms.


Prices can vary a lot when it comes to hemp-based products depending on quality. Premium products are usually very expensive while low-quality products are mostly available at a cheap price. While making this list, we made sure to include affordable products that were neither too cheap nor too expensive. All our selected products lie in the affordable range and are very reasonably priced.

Product Reviews

This goes without saying; customer reviews can reveal a lot about a product and its effects. While compiling this list, we carefully went through reviews of over a dozen products and only chose those with the best ones.

Our products have the best customer reviews and you can check these out on the brands' official sites. Users loved these products due to more than one reason, and we guarantee, you'll have a wonderful experience with them as well.

What To Look For When Buying THC Vape Carts?

As discussed earlier, Delta 8 THC is a highly psychoactive compound. It acts on the body's endocannabinoid and nervous systems to relieve stress and induce a soothing high. Due to its active effects, its products must be chosen carefully.

Here is a list of parameters to consider while buying Delta 8 carts.

Nature Of Product

While choosing a Delta 8 cartridge, make sure that it is made from all-natural, plant-based ingredients. The majority of hemp brands out there manufacture their products using unnatural, lab synthesized chemicals. These chemicals have the tendency to show major negative side effects and can cause you to develop serious medical conditions.

Choose any product from our list confidently as all of them are made entirely with natural, plant-based ingredients.

Laboratory Testing

Another important factor to consider while buying Delta 8 carts or any Delta 8 product is laboratory testing. Independent third-party lab tests ensure product quality and safety.

You can choose any product from our list as all of them are rigorously tested by independent labs before being released in the market. In addition to that, you can also view the test reports on the brands' official sites to clear any doubts.

Product Research

Proper research is important before buying any Delta 8 product. Always make sure to compare the pros and cons of the products you're considering before selecting the best one. We have enlisted the pros and cons of all products included in our list to make the selection process easy for you. Compare them and choose the best one according to your preference.

Product Safety

Safety should be your number one priority when choosing a Delta 8 product. There are a lot of substandard products in the market right now that are unsafe and can cause serious harm to your health. This is why you have to be extremely careful while choosing Delta 8 products. Only choose products that are tested to be safe for consumption.

Side Effects

Consider product side effects before buying it. We recommend consulting a doctor before using Delta 8 products in case you have any underlying medical conditions, or allergies or are on medication. Delta 8 can trigger allergies and even interfere with various medications which is why proper medical consultation is important.

FAQs About D8 Vape Cartridges

#1. Are Delta 8 carts safe?

Yes, Delta 8 carts are completely safe if they're free from harmful chemicals and artificial additives. All our selected products are made from 100 percent natural ingredients and are entirely safe to consume.

#2. How to store Delta 8 carts?

Delta 8 carts should be stored in a dark, cold environment away from sunlight. You can also keep These carts in your refrigerator.

#3. Does Delta 8 THC vaping show up on a drug test?

Yes, Delta 8 THC definitely shows up during drug testing. So in case you have an important drug test coming us, avoid vaping Delta 8.

#4. Can Delta 8 carts get you high?

Yes, Delta 8 carts can get you high but you won't experience as strong effects as that of weed. Delta 8 gives a smooth, slow high that does not weigh you down.

#5. Are Delta 8 cartridges legal?

Yes, Delta 8 cartridges are federally legal but they must contain less than 0.3 percent Delta 9 THC.


Delta 8 vapes are getting a lot of hype right now due to the amazing high they give. But with a surplus of hemp brands and products in the market, it often gets hard to choose the right one.

After considerable research, and comparing multiple factors, we have compiled a list of the best Delta 8 carts available in the market so you don't have to look anywhere else. Choose any of our selected products according to your preference and have an amazing Delta 8 experience.