5 Best Essay Writing Services: 2023 Review of Cheap U.S. College Paper Sites

best essay writing services

In today's fast-paced academic environment, essay writing services have become increasingly popular among students and professionals alike. These services can be a lifesaver when college students are faced with tight deadlines or an overwhelming workload.

As someone who has tried various essay writing services, I have firsthand experience with the quality and professionalism of these platforms.

In this article, I will evaluate and compare the top five college paper writing services, discussing their benefits and drawbacks based on my original research and personal experience.

Choose the Best Essay Writing Service:

All these sites vary in terms of price, and each has its strengths and weaknesses. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. EssayPro: Best For Affordability

From a user's perspective, EssayPro offers a seamless experience with its intuitive platform and exceptional customer support. EssayPro is a top-rated college essay writing service that boasts a team of professional writers who are experts in their respective fields.

I personally used EssayPro for a marketing paper, and the writer delivered an insightful and well-researched essay that exceeded my expectations.

Because of the fact that EssayPro works as a bidding platform (writers submit their bids on your order and you get to decide who to work with), one notable drawback is the fact that the level of quality you will get depends on the chosen writer. For this reason, you should be extra careful of who you choose for your paper.

  • 💵 Starting price: $10.80 per page

  • ⌛ Minimum turnaround time: 6 hours

EssayPro Customer Reviews

Boasting over 16,000 reviews on SiteJabber and an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, coupled with a significant social media following and numerous positive reviews on both ResellerRatings and Reviews.io, EssayPro has become one of the top go-to essay writing sites for students seeking assistance with academic papers.

Even though EssayPro is among cheap essay writing services, customers of EssayPro typically express satisfaction with the service, highlighting its affordability as a key advantage. However, some negative reviews can be found online, where a few customers mention that certain cheap essay writers may lack proper training and could produce subpar papers.

How Does EssayPro Work?

The process of ordering from EssayPro is straightforward, although it differs from that of other paper writing companies on this list. Begin by visiting their website and entering your order details, including the type of project, the desired completion date, the length, and the level of education required.

Once you've submitted all the necessary information into the price calculator and clicked the "Write My Paper" button, you'll be directed to a short signup form. Simply enter your email address and create a password or sign up with Google or Facebook.

If you're concerned about using Facebook to sign up, rest assured that this is an anonymous process, and none of your Facebook friends will know that you've registered with EssayPro. Additionally, your Google profile is not visible to other users.

After signing up, you'll gain access to the order form, where you can input all of the required order details. The order form is straightforward and similar to those used by other legitimate essay writing services, such as PaperHelp or GradeMiners.

However, the process diverges significantly from other sites once you've completed the order form. EssayPro uses a bidding system, allowing you the freedom to choose the writer who best meets your needs instead of assigning one for you.

Once you've submitted your order details, your task becomes visible to all online essay writers on EssayPro. They will begin placing bids on your order, and you'll have the ability to review their profiles, read reviews from previous clients, and engage in chat sessions with them.

After selecting the ideal writer for your assignment, you may proceed with hiring them. To do so, you'll need to top up your balance with a debit or credit card (as EssayPro does not accept PayPal). From this point forward, the process runs similarly to that of other academic essay writing services. You'll be able to communicate with your writer and request revisions as needed.

2. GradeMiners: Best Essay Writers

GradeMiners is another legit essay writing service that offers quick turnaround times, which is particularly useful for urgent assignments. The professional essay writers demonstrate a strong understanding of the subjects they cover, and the service offers a wide range of topics. I ordered a history essay from GradeMiners, and the writer provided a comprehensive analysis that was well-structured and professionally written.

The downside to GradeMiners is the occasional inconsistency in quality between different essay writers, but their customer support is helpful in resolving any issues.

  • 💵 Starting price: $14 per page

  • ⌛ Minimum turnaround time: 1 hour

GradeMiners Customer Reviews

Although GradeMiners has been around for a while, it doesn't have thousands of positive reviews online like PaperHelp or EssayPro. Nevertheless, the company has a significant following on Instagram and a decent number of fans on Reddit.

TrustPilot has awarded GradeMiners a score of 4.8, providing reassurance for any potential skeptics. With the reputation that GradeMiners has built, it's hard to go wrong.

Reviews of GradeMiners' essay writing service often mention customer satisfaction with the company's attention to detail, writer expertise, and quick delivery. However, some clients express disappointment with the pricing and the absence of regular discounts.

How Does GradeMiners Work?

The order process for this custom essay writing service is straightforward and similar to that of other providers. Begin by visiting their website and accessing their price calculator.

Like with any other site, you'll need to specify the type of project, desired completion date, length, and level of education required. The calculator will determine the cost, and you may then submit your order.

The only difference is that you can enter your email address into the price calculator to receive a discount on your first order. Be sure to provide a valid email address, as it will serve as your registration email in the system.

Within minutes of payment via Credit/Debit Card or Google Pay, a professional essay writer will be assigned to your order. The customer support team is as responsive as you would expect from an experienced team, with 24/7 staff available to assist you in any situation.

3. PaperHelp: Professional and Affordable

PaperHelp is the best paper writing service known for its affordable pricing and flexible discount system, making it an attractive option for students on a tight budget. The platform is user-friendly, and the writers are competent and experienced. I ordered a sociology paper from PaperHelp and was pleased with the overall quality and thoroughness of the research.

However, the service could benefit from a more stringent quality control process to ensure consistent results across all writers.

  • 💵 Starting price: $10 per page

  • ⌛ Minimum turnaround time: 3 hours

PaperHelp Customer Reviews

At the time this was written, PaperHelp had received over 3,300 reviews on SiteJabber, boasting an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Additionally, the essay service has received high ratings on other review platforms, such as Trustpilot (4.3 out of 5 stars) and Reviews.io (5 out of 5 stars).

PaperHelp is a relatively cheap essay writing service, and it's one of the main reasons why it's so popular. Customers often highlight PaperHelp's reliability in their reviews, commending the company for meeting deadlines and delivering excellent service.

However, some clients have expressed dissatisfaction with the refund policy, claiming that obtaining a full refund can be challenging and that the company may only provide partial refunds.

How Does PaperHelp Work?

Ordering from PaperHelp is a breeze. Begin by visiting the main page and utilizing the price calculator to initiate the process. Simply specify the type of paper you require, select the academic level, choose the delivery time, and indicate the number of pages needed.

The calculator will generate an estimated price for your order. If you find the cost reasonable, click the "Proceed to Order" button to proceed to the order form. On the order form, you will be prompted to provide specific details regarding your order, such as the essay prompt and any accompanying requirements.

Once you have submitted the order form, proceed to the final step, which involves payment. At this stage, you will be asked to provide your email and select your preferred payment method, which may include Credit Card, PayPal, or Apple Pay.

It's worth noting that PaperHelp is one of the best paper writing services that doesn't require any of your personal information aside from your email to place an order.

After placing an order, PaperHelp will immediately assign an essay writer to you and provide them with the necessary order details, allowing them to begin work right away. Following your first order, you will receive access to a personal account, enabling you to communicate with both the writer and customer support.

4. 99Papers: Great Choice of Writers

99Papers offers a wide range of services, from writing essays to dissertations, and caters to students of all academic levels. The platform's user interface is simple to navigate, and the customer support team is always ready to assist. I used 99Papers for an English literature assignment and was impressed with the writer's analytical skills and depth of knowledge.

The main drawback of 99Papers is the pricing, which can be on the higher side, especially for more complex assignments.

  • 💵 Starting price: $10 per page

  • ⌛ Minimum turnaround time: 3 hours

99Papers Customer Reviews

99Papers is a well-known website that often features as one of the top essay writing services in the U.S. The company enjoys a high rating on SiteJabber (4.5 out of 5 stars), has a considerable following on Reddit, and regularly attracts media attention.

Customers of 99Papers commend the service for providing well-researched papers punctually, but also point out some dissatisfaction due to grammar errors and misspellings in certain papers.

How Does 99Papers Work?

The process of ordering your essay is straightforward and designed to alleviate any added stress in an already stressful situation. Simply navigate to the main page and utilize the price calculator to estimate the cost. Input the type of project, desired completion date, length, and level of education, such as high school or grad school.

After clicking the "Order Now" button on the price calculator, you'll be directed to the order form, which will retain all of your previously inputted data. The form is similar to the one used by PaperHelp and will prompt you to enter your order details, select a writer from three categories (Standard, TOP, or ENL professional paper writers), and pay for the order. That's all there is to it!

Once you've completed these steps, a 99Papers customer service agent will assign an essay writer to your task, and they'll begin the research and writing process. An added bonus is that you'll have direct access to your writer once they've been assigned.

This will enable you to communicate with them throughout the process, clarify minor details, brainstorm ideas, and provide direction as needed. Additionally, you'll be entitled to as many free revisions as necessary, ensuring your satisfaction with the final product.

It's worth noting that the customer support staff is available 24/7 and their online chat feature is particularly convenient, with prompt responses to any queries you may have.

5. EssayBox: Timely Delivery Guaranteed

EssayBox is a cheap paper writing service that offers high-quality work and timely delivery. The professional college essay writers have demonstrated expertise in their respective fields, providing well-researched and thoughtfully structured essays. I ordered a philosophy paper from EssayBox and was satisfied with the writer's ability to present complex ideas in a coherent and engaging manner.

One downside to EssayBox is the limited range of subjects offered compared to its competitors. Additionally, their pricing can be somewhat steep for longer or more complex assignments.

  • 💵 Starting price: $12 per page

  • ⌛ Minimum turnaround time: 3 hours

EssayBox Customer Reviews

Students place their trust in EssayBox because the academic writing company has a team of academically credible professionals working for them. This is also why SiteJabber awarded EssayBox a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

One primary concern raised by customers is that EssayBox occasionally misses deadlines.

While we didn't experience this issue, some clients have suggested that EssayBox could enhance their punctuality and deliver papers more quickly.

How Does EssayBox Work?

The ordering process for EssayBox is similar to other essay writing companies. Begin by visiting their website and accessing the price calculator. Input the type of project, desired completion date, length, and level of education required. The calculator will determine the cost, and you may then submit your order.

EssayBox stands out by including the bibliography and title pages for free, which is a nice bonus. They also conduct a plagiarism check on all essays before delivering them to you, ensuring that you won't face any unpleasant surprises upon submission.

Moreover, EssayBox has a rewards club that offers discounts and other benefits for loyal customers, adding a professional touch.

However, EssayBox wouldn't be a star player on our list without a reliable customer support team. The team is available 24/7 to ensure that you receive the best quality essay possible.

Summing Up

All five essay writing websites discussed above have their unique benefits and drawbacks. From my personal experience, EssayPro and GradeMiners stand out for their exceptional quality and expertise, while PaperHelp offers affordability without sacrificing quality.

99Papers and EssayBox both deliver excellent work but may not be the best choice for those on a tight budget. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs and preferences, but rest assured that these legit paper writing websites are worth considering for your next assignment.

Things to Consider When Using a College Paper Writing Service

To ensure you receive dependable assistance from an online essay writing service, it is crucial to consider several factors. Here is a checklist of things to be aware of before hiring a professional writer:

  1. 1. Familiarize yourself with your school's academic integrity policy and ensure you comprehend the terms and conditions set by the essay writing service you select.

  2. 2. Choose a company that guarantees total confidentiality, original work free from plagiarism, and a promise not to resell your essay.

  3. 3. Confirm that the cost is within your budget without sacrificing writing quality. It is OK to use affordable essay writing services, but it's important to understand that using a service that is too cheap can negatively affect your grade.

  4. 4. Investigate the writer's background, qualifications, and essay writing experience; assess their knowledge of the assigned topic and their ability to deliver promptly.

  5. 5. Make sure the online essay writer acknowledges the importance of crafting a unique paper, incorporating reputable sources, and catering to your specific needs and requirements.

By adhering to these guidelines, you increase your likelihood of finding a reputable essay writing service that provides more than just a hastily-produced academic paper. Additionally, allocate time for thorough research on various assignment services to determine if they suit your requirements.

Is Using Cheap Essay Writing Services a Good Idea?

The era when cost-effectiveness was the sole criterion to evaluate a product or service has passed. The saying "buy cheap, buy twice" certainly applies to seeking the cheapest essay writing services in the market that deliver high-quality papers.

It takes thorough research to find budget-friendly paper writing services that don't jeopardize your academic performance. One bad decision may lead to receiving a late paper, poor grades, and wasted money. The only foolproof way to prevent this is to consult an expert who can help you identify the most affordable essay writing service.

Fortunately, you have found the ideal starting point. We have compiled a list of trustworthy essay services offering affordable paper writers and have conducted in-depth reviews, ensuring you know who to trust without squandering time or money.

Again, cheap is not always better. When searching for affordable services, consider what the cost covers.

Typically, there are three pricing categories to assess a writing service's affordability:

  • Low (under $80 - $100 per assignment)

  • Medium/Average ($100 - $140 per assignment)

  • High/Premium (>$150 per assignment)

We have examined these market segments to provide you with a clearer understanding of the appropriate (and fair) cost for a dependable writing website. This covers all types of academic papers and the entire order, not just the price per page. Complexity increases when considering factors such as deadline, type of work, and writer's level, all of which directly influence the paper's total cost.

The Common Risks Associated with Using a Cheap Essay Writing Service

So, what should you be cautious about when searching for cheap essay websites online? Here are some suggestions for potential customers:

Purchasing a Paper from the Least Expensive Service

Those who search for the "cheapest academic writing services" are, unfortunately, the ones who suffer the most. When seeking a budget-friendly choice, here's a useful guideline:

For simple essays, an affordable service might suffice. For complex projects, however, you will likely benefit more from services in the medium or premium price ranges. Otherwise, expect lower-quality papers that may require rewriting or, worse, employing another service.

Finding the Perfect Online Paper Writer Takes Time

Be prepared to invest more time in finding the ideal writer from an affordable essay service. Keep in mind that top industry professionals don't always work for low rates, making it challenging to find them in the low-cost market segment.

Purchasing from Top-Ranked Websites on Google

While not always a bad choice, relying on the first writing company that appears in your Google search for cheap essay writer sites may prove to be your initial mistake.

Example: You might discover a site offering a rate as low as $7 per page with a deadline of, say, 20 days or more. Such offers are laughable, except for a thesis. However, ordering the same type of paper with a 2-day deadline nearly triples the price. That's equal to premium services!

In summary: Don't blindly trust Google search results. Avoid websites that merely claim to be the "least expensive." There is a significant difference between making that claim and actually offering low prices.

In fact, if you come across a site promising to deliver affordable writing services within 24 hours or less, you might as well look elsewhere since even the best low-cost essay writers lack the ability to produce high-quality work in such a limited timeframe. This increases the likelihood of plagiarism!

Creating a well-written essay is challenging (hence why you're ordering a paper in the first place). Again, an affordable paper writer service is typically only suitable for simple papers. Otherwise, be prepared to spend a reasonable sum.

Why Use Professional Essay Writing Services?

While purchasing an essay online is simple, it is important to recognize that not all services are of equal quality. Selecting an essay writing service is similar to grocery shopping:

  1. 1. Compare essay services,

  2. 2. Identify their strengths,

  3. 3. Then choose the best option.

Understanding this, you may wonder if using an essay writing service is the right choice for you.

Factors to Consider

Despite the numerous reasons students seek help from online essay writing services, some individuals still disapprove of them.

Some universities enforce strict policies against buying essays.

CBC reported that a University of Windsor instructor removed flyers advertising an essay writing company. This demonstrates that regardless of a paper's originality, schools may view purchasing college essays from academic writing services as a violation of academic integrity.

The cost of buying an essay may be another potential drawback.

Well-researched, well-written papers require time and expertise, neither of which come inexpensively. However, some custom writing services charge exorbitant fees for poorly written college papers. Therefore, ensure you receive value for your money.

The most significant disadvantage is that students might not learn anything if they submit a purchased paper as their own without rewriting it.

Submitting someone else's work offers no real benefits as a student or future employee. Additionally, this practice constitutes serious misconduct, and if discovered, could tarnish your academic record.

What to Expect?

Indeed, there are risks associated with buying essay papers online. However, the advantages often outweigh the disadvantages, leading many students to seek academic support through these services.

Enhanced academic writing skills.

Some students who have previously ordered essays online discovered that, aside from having more time for other activities, these services helped them improve their own writing skills.

Deeper understanding of the subject.

A well-crafted, appropriately referenced essay allows students to better comprehend a particular topic. Learning from a good example can be more effective than relying solely on a teacher's instruction.

Benefit from professional expertise.

Buying an essay or a research paper also provides an opportunity to learn from an expert who can devote their time to you, unlike a teacher who might not be available for one-on-one instruction.

Navigating the World of Essay Writing Services: A Student's Guide to Common Concerns

Question: Is it illegal to buy an essay?

Answer: Although the ethical aspect is debatable, it is currently legal to buy an essay online. Students should carefully consider their options and decide whether purchasing an essay is the best course of action or if dedicating time and effort to writing it themselves is more suitable.

Question: Are essay writing services safe?

Answer: The safety of buying an essay online depends on the source. While there is no law against purchasing essays, research papers, or any other academic papers. It's crucial to do thorough research and ensure that you're using a trusted essay writing service and ordering from a trustworthy provider.

Question: Can I submit the purchased essay as my own?

Answer: Yes, a professional essay writing service will maintain strict confidentiality. Once you receive your paper, you have full ownership and can do with it as you please. However, be aware of potential complications, particularly if your university has policies regarding purchasing essays.

Question: Are there any copyright issues?

Answer: No. A reliable company will not only allow you to be involved in every stage of the writing process but will also transfer full copyright ownership of the ordered paper to you.

Question: Will I be expelled for purchasing an essay online?

Answer: While the essay writing service industry has faced scrutiny from academic institutions, the consequences for students who purchase essays online typically involve receiving poor grades or disciplinary actions, rather than expulsion. However, it is crucial for students to understand the risks and weigh their options carefully.

Question: Is purchasing an essay online considered plagiarism?

Answer: Purchasing an essay is considered plagiarism if you submit someone else's work as your own. However, you can avoid this by either rewriting the purchased essay entirely or using it as a reference.

Question: Will my teacher find out?

Answer: There is always a risk of being caught by your teacher, but you can minimize this risk by following these tips:

  • ✔️ Read the essay thoroughly and familiarize yourself with the key points your teacher might find interesting.

  • ✔️ Proofread for grammatical errors, especially when using a writing service for the first time.

  • ✔️ Check the paper for plagiarism using reputable plagiarism checkers like Turnitin, aiming for at least 90% uniqueness.

  • ✔️ Opt for a website that allows you to choose a writer and maintain consistency with that writer to ensure uniform quality in your submissions.

  • ✔️ Intentionally add a few typical errors to make the essay appear as if you wrote it yourself.

  • ✔️ Provide detailed instructions to your assigned writer, regardless of their skill level or experience, to avoid misunderstandings that could lead to being caught.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Essay Writing Services

Custom essay writing has emerged as a popular solution for students facing academic challenges. However, besides academic pressure, students often deal with financial concerns, such as balancing part-time jobs and studies.

If you're considering using a paper writing service, it's crucial to understand how to select the right one and avoid common mistakes in the process. Here are the most frequent errors made by students using essay services and how to prevent them:

Deadlines – a frequent pitfall

When setting a deadline, don't simply choose the exact date the paper is due. Always add an extra day as a precautionary measure, since various factors could delay your writer from completing the task on time.

Neglecting revisions

Don't settle for a subpar paper. Most trustworthy essay writing services offer revision policies that allow you to request changes to your paper. Make sure to read and understand these policies to get the best possible result.

Lack of knowledge about essay writing website types

Different essay writing companies employ different pricing mechanisms and systems. While some are easier to use, consider trying out the highest-rated bidding-based services, which enable you to select the most suitable writer and bid for your assignment.

Sticking to a single service

Although it's tempting to stay with a familiar provider, trying out different legit essay writing services can help you find the one that best meets your needs in terms of policies, discounts, and other benefits.

Requesting an ENL writer as a non-native English speaker

Submitting a paper written by an ENL writer when you lack the necessary language skills is a red flag for professors. Make sure to choose a writer whose language proficiency matches yours.

Failing to communicate with your writer

Maintaining contact with your writer ensures that your instructions are followed and revisions are completed efficiently. Leaving the decision-making to others may not yield the best results.

Not sharing your experiences

Leaving reviews after receiving your paper benefits everyone. Share your positive experiences to help the company grow or warn others of potential scammers.

Being unaware of the risks

Reputable reliable essay writing services protect customer anonymity and provide plagiarism-free papers. However, hiring a questionable service may result in plagiarism accusations and other academic consequences. Be aware of these risks and choose a trustworthy company.

Seeking geographically specific services

While some students believe that experienced writers from their home country will deliver better results, this is not always the case. Top custom writing companies employ professionals from various countries, so focus on finding a reliable agency rather than one that is geographically specific.

Purchasing pre written papers

Buying pre-written essays or research papers from essay banks is risky and may lead to plagiarism accusations. To avoid these consequences, steer clear of this option and opt for custom-written papers instead.