Best Prostate Supplements That Work - Top Prostate Health Pills of 2023

best prostate supplements

Taking care of prostate health is an absolutely necessity for any man, especially if he is over age 50. Millions of men develop prostate cancer, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Understanding the signs and taking care of the nutrients that the male body needs is the easiest way to protect consumers from ever subjecting themselves to this pain. Considering that nearly 80% of men will eventually develop benign prostatic hyperplasia in their lifetime, reducing this risk is of the utmost importance.

When men struggle with BPH, they can have difficulty urinating whenever they feel the urge, which is incredibly often. Plus, since their bladder is constantly being stimulated with inflammation, men tend to wake up repeatedly to use the bathroom with a weak stream. Then, the urge to urinate is just as strong within a few hours.

Prostate supplements can be highly beneficial for consumers who want to keep their body healthy. With the right assortment of vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients, keeping the prostate the right size to avoid the pain and suffering of illness. While there are many products online, they don’t all step up and help. In this guide, consumers can see the top rankings of prostate health supplements that are currently available in 2023.

The Top Rankings for Prostate Health Supplements

After a thorough review of the supplement industry and the many products offered, this guide was able to find 12 remedies that consumers can trust consistently. The industry is filled with reliable products, but these 12 products seem to offer the best support to the broadest range of users.

The products include:

  • Prostadine
  • ProstaClear
  • ProstateP4
  • 1MD ProstateMD
  • Gundry MD Pro-Forta Men
  • Nuzena Prostate Support +
  • PhytAge Labs Prostate 911
  • ProstaStream
  • PX7 PrimalFlow
  • VigRX Prostate Support
  • VitalFlow
  • VitaPost Prostate Plus

Read on below to learn more information about each of these products and why they are so important for men’s health.


Prostadine is the first supplement of this collection, and it is massively popular among men who want to keep their prostate healthy. Along with the support for the prostate, Prostadine helps consumers to improve their immune system while increasing blood circulation. It helps to regulate hormones as well, ensuring that consumers can deal with the root cause of BPH.

The entire remedy is made with natural ingredients, blended into a liquid serum that is easy to use and absorbs for the maximum benefits. Within the proprietary formula, users will find saw palmetto, bladderwrack, kelp powder, and wakame extract, though that is hardly a complete list. Plus, users will get vitamins and minerals that their body already needs, making it like a multivitamin for the prostate.

The total cost of a one-month supply of Prostadine is $69.


ProstaClear is quite similar to Prostadine because it has received a lot of attention online recently. This formula is clearly meant to support the prostate, but it also reduces the user’s production of estrogen and gives overall health benefits. Consumers often report improvements in liver health and urinary function.

The reason this formula is so unique is because it includes three proprietary blends, tackling the different benefits that ProstaClear boasts. The blends include the EstroControl Blend, the TestSupport Blend, and the LivSupport blend. Within these blends, consumers will enjoy the natural benefits of ingredients like resveratrol, milk thistle, and fenugreek.

A one-month supply of ProstaClear is $59.


ProstateP4 has many of the familiar benefits that are seen throughout this list. The formula promotes better urine flow, which is a common issue for men who have an inflamed prostate gland. It can bring down the size of the prostate, taking pressure off the urinary tract to ease nighttime bathroom visits, and reduce leaking.

Within ProstateP4, consumers have a lot of familiar ingredients that are seen throughout this list, like cranberry extract, saw palmetto extract, and pumpkin seed. According to the creators, none of the ingredients have side effects, which means that consumers can just focus on their healing.

Offering a 90-day money-back guarantee, consumers can get a one-month supply for $39.

1MD ProstateMD

ProstateMD by 1MD has the benefit of being created with a medical doctor on the brand’s staff. With their support, this formula can improve the size of the prostate, directly improving BPH symptoms. Users will also notice improved bladder function and support for their urinary tract.

Every ingredient is already backed by scientific evidence, which is to be expected from a formula that came with a doctor. Some of these ingredients are already seen on the list, including pumpkin seed and saw palmetto. Overall, there are 10 different ingredients that can keep the prostate size exactly where it is supposed to be for maximum urination comfort.

Consumers who want to get good value for their formula will definitely find it here – each one-month supply only costs $42.99.

Gundry MD Pro-Forta Men

Pro-Forta Men by Gundry MD is another product on this list that had a doctor on staff to help with its formulation, ensuring that it can properly support prostate health. This formula provides users with strong doses of saw palmetto, lycopene, nettle root extract to ensure that users can get all of the nourishment that their prostate needs to reduce bathroom visits. The majority of these ingredients are part of a proprietary blend, but the creators offer full disclosure of how much of each one is included. Users also get their minimum daily required vitamin B6 and zinc, which both improve testosterone production.

To truly get the most out of this Gundry MD formula, consumers should consider purchasing it as part of their Men’s Health Bundle. Along with Pro-Forta Men, the bundle includes MitoX and Energy Renew so they can deal with all of the big health problems that men face with complete preparedness. To just buy Pro-Forta Men on its own, the total cost is $39.95.

Nuzena Prostate Support +

Nuzena Prostate Support + is primarily used to help consumers reduce their prostate size so their bladder doesn’t remain uncomfortable for longer than it has to be. The whole point of this formula is to help users improve their urine flow so they can eliminate the leaking and false urgency that come with BPH. The process involves three steps, targeting urine flow, prostate function, and reduced bathroom visits.

This formula is filled with helpful vitamins, minerals, and extracts that could make a significant difference. Saw palmetto is a leading ingredient in this formula, though users will also get support from selenium, copper, plant sterols, red raspberry, and mushroom extracts. One bottle with 60 capsules is available for $24.99.

PhytAge Labs Prostate 911

Prostate 911 is the leading prostate health product from PhytAge Labs, which has been around for quite some time as a producer of health supplements. The creators made it to help with urinary incontinence, which is the leading sign that there is something wrong with the prostate. It also promotes better bladder control while supporting sexual health and virility.

The only ingredients that users will find in Prostate 911 are completely natural, ensuring that users won’t have to worry about side effects from artificial substances. Some of the ingredients include Pygeum, Uva Ursi, pumpkin seed, and nettle root, which all come with clinical research available on the official website to show why they are effective.

Consumers can purchase this formula for $69.95 if they only want one bottle at a time. However, the price goes down as low as $39.95 when users order multiple bottles at the same time.


The next formula on the list is ProstaStream, which helps men to improve the flow of their stream while supporting the health of the prostate. The formula primarily advertises to men over age 50, helping anyone who wants to reduce their BPH symptoms. Users who maintain the regimen will find that they get a lot more than prostate support. Consumers will be able to fix their leaky bladder, support their cardiovascular system, and eliminate the buildup of toxins in their body.

Every ingredient in ProstaStream is completely natural. In this blend, consumers will find copper, selenium, saw palmetto, and Pygeum Africanum, providing a few ingredients that are already included by other products on this list. To get a bottle, the total cost is $69 to get a single bottle, but users can drop that price when they stock up on their order.

PX7 PrimalFlow

PX7 PrimalFlow was developed by Maximum Edge Nutrition, emblazoned with red and black packaging. It eases swelling in the prostate and it eradicates the toxins that can create new problems for users. It also improves the balance in hormones, but the biggest claim is that consumers can reduce pressure on their prostate gland, which is the most painful and urination-inducing issue that BPH leads to.

This formula is rich in important antioxidants and other nourishing ingredients. Some of the ingredients in Primal Flow include broccoli, cat’s claw, stinging nettle, and three types of mushrooms. It even includes green tea to fully purge the body of unwanted toxins.

The total cost of a bottle of Primal Flow is $69.

VigRX Prostate Support

VigRX Prostate Support is one of the few products on this list that already is relatively well known by men who want to boost their prostate health. It is highly ranked among other products by many guides, and it is even available in physical store locations, rather than just being sold online. The whole point of this remedy is to reduce prostate enlargement, though this is the first product on the list that prioritizes better sexual intercourse.

Vitamin E and juniper berries are among the top ingredients found in VigRX. Users will also get the support of stinging nettle leaf powder, Pygeum Africanum bark powder, saw palmetto, and plant sterol.

Users will get every bottle for $49.95, providing them with 90 capsules each.


VitalFlow helps users to improve the health of their bladder and prostate. This formula takes just a few seconds of the users’ days to provide this boost. The main reason that consumers get so excited about the use of VitalFlow is because it includes proven vitamins and minerals, along with many extracts. Zinc is one of the leading ingredients, but consumers will also get the support of ingredients like pumpkin seed, saw palmetto, and more. In total, this formula contains 34 ingredients that are all backed by science, but they are used in small doses to avoid overwhelming the user’s body.

To get a bottle of VitalFlow, the total cost is $69.

VitaPost Prostate Plus

The final supplement in these rankings is VitaPost Prostate Plus. This formula has the benefit of already having been lab tested to ensure that it does what it claims to. Users can support the health of their prostate and urinary tract, but it also provides a way to improve urinary health, which often suffers when an individual already has an inflamed prostate.

Even with the top value that Prostate Plus offers, it still maintains impressive value with the assortment of ingredients that it is comprised of. Users get the support of ingredients like vitamin B6, selenium, zinc, and saw palmetto at impressively strong doses.

To get a bottle of Prostate Plus, the total cost is $29.69.

Choosing the Top Prostate Supplements: Criteria for Selection

Every prostate health supplement out there has major claims about how much it can do, but that wasn’t enough to be ranked on this list. The criteria below ensured that every formula listed here is a potential winner for men who want to overcome their prostate health issues.

Scientific Proof of Benefits

Clinical trials are expensive, which is why the majority of supplement companies generally don’t invest in them. However, prostate health supplement creators will often cite the research performed by third-party scientists to show how effective each ingredient is meant to be. It isn’t quite as helpful as a full clinical trial with peer reviews, but it is the easiest and most helpful way to show that these formulas have all of the support needed.

Enough of the Right Ingredients

Prostate supplements often have similar ingredients because research is broadly available to everyone. The supplements that were more likely to earn a spot on this list had to offer a clinical dose of the ingredients to ensure that they were effective.

Brand’s Reputation and Transparency

Companies that are open and honest about what their product offers are crucial to the success of the industry. Some of these brands are so open that they include their manufacturing location and sources of their ingredients. Companies who are more transparent about what they provide were highly preferred.

Approval from Doctors and Urologists

While there are no supplements that require the approval of a doctor, some come with their recommendations instead. This guide didn’t require users to have a doctor on staff or to endorse it, but it certainly helped.

Value in Every Serving

There are some men who are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to give their prostate the support it needs, while others are a little tighter on their budget. No matter which category consumers fall into, the products on this list had to offer good value for what they charged customers for. If a supplement is expensive, it has to have benefits and ingredients that make the purchase worthwhile.

Abiding By the Legal Requirements

Supplements largely do not have to follow any of the criteria listed by the Food and Drug Administration because they are neither drugs nor food. However, since they don’t fall under these categories, they also are prohibited from claiming to offer a treatment, cure, or preventative remedy for any medical condition. The majority of products choose their words wisely, explaining that they can support prostate health instead. Supplements that were listed as a cure were not included in this guide.

Money-Back Guarantees

No one wants to spend money on something that doesn’t work, but every man is different. Some prostate health supplements target inflammation, while others purge toxins or regulate blood flow. While it would be nice if all of these products could work for anyone, some pairings aren’t aligned that way. Every product on this list had to offer some kind of return policy to ensure that customers don’t lose out on their investment if the product doesn’t work for their needs.

The Prostate Gland: What Is It?

Before consumers can truly understand the risks of prostate inflammation, it’s important to understand what exactly the prostate is. The prostate is a gland, and its role is to help with the production of some of the compounds that are found in semen, which is why its health is so important. It is a crucial component of the reproductive system in men, released during ejaculation.

This gland can be found in front of the rectum but under the bladder. A healthy size is roughly the safe as a walnut. However, studies show that aging men over 50 years old tend to see an increase, leading to benign prostatic hyperplasia. The inflammation and size only worsens with age, leading to issues in prostate health.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: What It Is, What Causes It, and What to Do

When the prostate gland gets bigger than it should be, the condition is called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). This enlargement prevents men from urinating properly, creating a blockage in the normal flow. Urination becomes substantially more difficult, leading to leaking or worse.

Benign prostatic hypertrophy is sometimes simply referred to as an enlarged prostate, affecting the glands near a man’s urethra. When there is more pressure on the urethra, the symptoms associated with BPH get even worse.

To treat BPH, some doctors use medicine to help with inflammation, using 5-alpha reductase inhibitors to help with the shrinkage. Shrinking the prostate can typically be achieved through manipulation of the hormones, but there are many side effects that cause consumers to stop taking it. Choosing a supplement is a much easier option, and these products largely have no side effects.

Signs and Symptoms of Prostate Issues: When to Be Concerned

When it comes to taking care of prostate health, no one can be too cautious about the development of BPH. Since about half of all men have it after age 50, taking note of any worrisome symptoms is the easiest way that consumers can improve their bladder health before it gets out of control.

Some of the common symptoms of BPH are:

  • The inability to fully empty the bladder after urinating.
  • Needing to pause and resume urination multiple times in the same trip to the bathroom.
  • Feeling the sudden urge to urinate without warning.
  • Poor flow while urinating.
  • Experiencing difficulty when trying to release during urination.
  • Waking up repeatedly through the night to use the bathroom.
  • Any man who notices these issues should speak with their doctor because it is possible that they have BPH.

How BPH and Prostate Supplements Work

When taking a prostate health supplement, there are many different ways that these products might target changes. Many products start by going after inflammation, while others will support heart/cardiovascular health to promote better blood flow. Both of these methods are helpful in restoring the original size of the prostate, but the use of produce that balance hormones, reduce estrogen production, and keep testosterone where it should be can make progress too.

Some formulas are a bit broader, offering improvements in male health generally, ensuring that anyone can get the boost they need for every part of their body simultaneously. Read on below to learn more details about the way that these supplements might help.

Support Healthy Inflammation Using Antioxidants

Ingredients like vitamin E and C are common sources of support for prostate health supplements because of their natural antioxidants. Antioxidants help users to eliminate the oxidation from free radicals throughout the body, alleviating inflammation. Uncontrolled inflammation is a major issue for consumers because it can increase the individual’s risk of becoming ill. Inflammation is also a major problem for people with prostate issues, but studies show that using a supplement with antioxidants can help users restore the normal size of their prostate health.

Support Healthy Estrogen & Testosterone Balance

Sometimes, problems with inflammation of the prostate struggle with the balance of hormones in their body, especially concerning estrogen and testosterone. A recent study showed that maintaining the balance between these hormones is crucial to keeping the prostate healthy, so some of the formulas in this guide focus on achieving that goal. Ingredients like zinc and various herbs can help with testosterone production, while other ingredients reduce how much estrogen is produced.

Support Cardiovascular Health

Promoting improved heart health and blood flow is one of the many ways that consumers can improve their prostate health. These supplements will make it easier for blood to flow through this tissue, which means that it gets all of the oxygen and nutrients that the user consumes. If the issues in the prostate stem from poor blood flow or oxygen levels, then this change could be highly beneficial to the prostate.

Even for men who don’t struggle with their prostate, getting cardiovascular health is a necessary part of getting older.

Support Urinary Health

The bladder is the organ that experiences the most direct effect when the prostate is enlarged, which is why so many prostate health supplements include cranberry extract or similar ingredients. Their formulas target healthy urination to keep the urinary tract clean. These ingredients won’t necessarily improve the prostate, but they deal with some of the biggest issues that happen as a result of prostate problems.

Scientific Evidence Behind Prostate Health Supplements

Is it possible to use a supplement and make a real and lasting change to prostate swelling? Can these formulas improve how easily men can urinate, in spite of struggling with BPH? What kind of scientific evidence is available to prove these benefits (or dispel them)? Let’s discuss what the scientific community has discovered in the journey to naturally soothe the prostate gland.

One of the most popular ingredients for prostate and sexual health is saw palmetto extract, and it is included in nearly every supplement listed here. Many studies have shown how effective saw palmetto can be for prostate health and keeping the prostate at the right side. In a review of over 30 trials in 2012, researchers examined how over 5,000 men reacted to the use of this extract. Among all of the studies, researchers largely found that saw palmetto extract could help with BPH and prostate size, but this effect was not seen consistently. A separate study found that the extract was repeatedly beneficial for men who want to promote better urine flow and quality life, though the best results were seen in older men.

Among all of these top-ranking supplements, consumers will notice that a lot of them include selenium and/or lycopene. These ingredients work best when together, but they both stand strong in their own benefits. In one study, researchers gathered 225 men to see how selenium affected prostate health, finding that it positively impacted the gland, urinary flow, and other symptoms commonly associated with BPH.

A separate study confirmed that lycopene yielded similar results that selenium does. Though some consumers might be surprised that an antioxidant is so necessary to the health of the prostate, but a study in 2014 showed that it was able to reduce inflammation because of the way that it impacts free radicals. By taking away one of the major causes of issues in the prostate, consumers can quickly start soothing the most uncomfortable part of a swollen prostate.

Plant sterols are another crucial component when it comes to prostate health supplements, though the most helpful is beta sitosterol. This ingredient was tested at the University of Michigan, discovering that it could help with some symptoms of BPH but the researchers couldn’t confirm the change that helped. A separate review study verified that it helped with symptoms of BPH like urination and flow. This ingredient also helps users to reduce LDL cholesterol levels, which can promote better heart health.

When it comes to men’s health, it’s hard to find an ingredient that is as crucial as zinc. Zinc is often praised for the way it promotes better immunity and increases testosterone levels, but don’t forget about the impact it might make on prostate health. The prostate needs a high concentration of zinc to stay healthy. In fact, studies show that having a deficiency puts consumers at a greater risk of prostate issues.

Pumpkin seed extract has tons of zinc, which is why it has been linked to better prostate health as well. It is popularly found in prostate formula, which is primarily due to the zinc content. A few years ago, researchers held a study that found that men who took enough pumpkin seed extract in their diet were able to drastically improve their prostate health.

Ultimately, the scientific community seems to agree that having any of the ingredients above can help consumers to get the desired support for their prostate. While none of these ingredients or supplements can be a substitute for a visit with a doctor for serious medical conditions, their therapeutic benefits are well documented in current research.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prostate Supplements

What is the prostate gland?

The prostate gland is a gland found between the bladder and rectum in men. It is an essential part of their reproductive system.

How does a man know that his prostate is healthy?

A healthy prostate creates no problems for men. They urinate normally, they experience no pain, and they don’t have to strain to urinate. However, if their prostate is enlarged, they might suddenly feel the urge to urinate but struggle to feel like their bladder has completely emptied. They might also have to push harder to urinate.

What is an enlarged prostate?

When the prostate is enlarged, the gland is inflamed and swollen. This swelling can lead to excess pressure on the bladder, and it is most common among men over age 50. It can lead to prostate cancer when left alone.

Is BPH dangerous?

For the most part, experiencing an enlarged prostate is not a dangerous concern. However, the inflammation is concerning enough to speak with a doctor to ensure that it is not a sign of something much worse.

How is an enlarged prostate often treated?

The treatment of an enlarged prostate depends on the circumstances surrounding it. The most common solutions by doctors sometimes include changes to the user’s lifestyle, taking prescription medication, or getting surgery. In some cases, dietary changes are recommended as well.

What are some of the symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia?

Frequently feeling the need to urinate, constantly urinating multiple times a day, and difficulty with urine flow are all signs that too much pressure is being placed on the bladder and urinary tract. The only organ capable of causing this problem is the prostate gland.

Will men have a greater risk of prostate cancer if they have BPH?

Scientific studies have not directly found a connection between experiencing an enlarged prostate gland and the onset of cancer. However, some men find that an enlarged prostate is a sign of existing prostate cancer. These concerns should be quickly brought to the attention of the individual’s doctor for screening, especially after age 50.

What is a prostate supplement?

A prostate supplement is a formula that uses vitamins, minerals, and extracts to improve prostate health in many different ways. For the most part, these formulas tend to help users reduce inflammation in their prostate gland.

How does a prostate supplement work?

Every supplement is different. However, they often target inflammation throughout the body with special attention to the prostate. They also improve urinary health, improve hormone balance, and offer general wellness benefits to men.

Are prostate supplements legitimate?

The right supplement is completely backed by scientific evidence, often using ingredients that have plenty of scientific evidence to back up their benefits. To ensure that the supplement can be consistently reliable, consumers should always do their research on the manufacturer and check this guide to see if it is on the list.

What is the top prostate supplement on the market today?

Any of the products within this guide can be highly beneficial for consumers in their journey to better prostate health. Prostate 911, VitalFlow, Prostate MD, and Nuzena’s Prostate Support supplement are all incredibly beneficial.

What side effects are associated with prostate supplements?

Since these formulas specifically use natural ingredients at clinically safe levels, consumers don’t typically have to worry about any risk of side effects. Consumers who have to take medication should first speak with their doctor to ensure that none of the ingredients interfere with their prescriptions.

What are the best ingredients to look out for with prostate health supplements?

Prostate health can be improved with many natural ingredients, but the most popular ones for these supplements include zinc, saw palmetto, and lycopene.

What is the role of the prostate in the body?

The prostate gland is a crucial part of the male reproductive system. It holds part of the fluid associated with semen during ejaculation, helping to transport sperm during sexual encounters.

Final Thoughts

The supplement industry is filled with high-quality prostate health formulas that use science-backed ingredients to reduce swelling and enlargement of the prostate gland. Many of these products only require two capsules to get the daily support of their natural ingredients to improve the health of the prostate, though they can also reduce inflammation, support the health of the heart, and more. Any of the products in this guide can set men on the right path for reduced swelling and fewer trips to the bathroom with their lab-tested formulations.

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