Best THC Cleansing Methods to Pass A Drug Test: THC Detox Product Kits 2024

Best THC Detox

THC has become a popular ingredient for consumers nowadays as the legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana sneaks across the country. This compound – also known as tetrahydrocannabinol – is the reason that marijuana gives the user the psychoactive effect that they look for. THC can bind with receptors, which impacts the cells in the brain and the rest of the body.

For the most part, researchers do not have a solid answer regarding how long THC stays within the user after they’ve consumed an edible cannabis product or smoked cannabis. However, experts agree it will remain in the body for at least a few days. Anyone who regularly uses marijuana might be concerned about operating heavy equipment (including vehicles) because their levels might be higher than what is allowable by law.

Someone under the influence of cannabis might be a risk to coworkers because their decision-making abilities are not at their prime. It can harm others, so employers often create rules about what is acceptable in the workplace. Consumers who want to ensure they are safe at work must be clean of any THC in their system, which is why detox products are helpful.

Anyone who has used THC can find it challenging to get a job anywhere requiring drug testing. This THC remains in the body within hair, blood, and urine. When a sample is taken, it is easy for potential or current employers to detect trace amounts of THC. With THC detox products and kits, consumers can eliminate the risk of finding THC to pass drug tests.

Finding the best THC detox product isn’t an easy task, which is why so many people invest in the wrong solutions. With this guide, consumers can learn about the different remedies that have a proven effect on their THC levels.

Rankings of The Top THC Detox Product Kits & Cleansing Methods

After looking at every THC product offered today, this guide narrowed the options to those seen in the rankings. These brands are the best THC detox solutions available, giving the most significant results possible so consumers can feel confident as they work.

The guides include:

  • Pass Your Test Same Day Cleansers
  • Pass Your Test Extreme Detoxification Program
  • TestClear 5-Day Detox
  • TestClear Mega Clean Detox Drink
  • Test Clear Old-Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo
  • TestClear XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink
  • TestClear Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash
  • TestClear Urine Simulation Powdered Urine Kit
  • TestClear Toxin Rd 7-Day Pills
  • Macujo
  • Rescue Cleanse 32oz Detox Drink
  • Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Read on below to learn more about these big brands and products that will help anyone to clear out THC:

Pass Your Test

Pass Your Test

Pass Your Test is one of the biggest brands available for THC detoxification because they offer two simple options, getting clean today or in the next ten days. While one can make it possible to take THC out of urine exclusively, the other takes several days to purge the entire body thoroughly.

Pass Your Test Same Day Cleansers

Pass Your Test Same Day Cleansers

  • Type of test: Urine
  • Used for: Heavy or daily users.
  • Benefits:
    • Eliminates THC within 90 minutes.
    • Results last for up to 6 hours.
    • Connection with a cleansing coach.
  • Refund policy: 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Price: $89.95

Pass Your Test Same Day Cleansers works best for consumers taking their THC test that day. Each kit provides users with a Fail-Safe Kit, including Clean Shot and Clean Caps, paired with a detox guide that will show consumers everything they need to do. This process works within an hour, helping users pass any drug test within the next six hours. Consumers should use Clean Shot and Clean Caps for the best effects.

Pass Your Test Extreme Detoxification Program

Pass Your Test Extreme Detoxification Program

  • Type of test: Whole body.
  • They are used for: Extreme cleansing of THC.
  • Benefits:
    • Eliminates the trace amounts of THC permanently.
    • Connection with a cleansing coach.
  • Refund policy: 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Price: 109.95

Pass Your Test Extreme Detoxification Program takes the THC out of every body part in 5-10 days to ensure they’ll pass any test. This program includes everything users might need to detox, including capsules, individual THC products, and instruction guides. This program is primarily meant for people who have already endured extreme exposure to THC, and it comes with two home test kits for both nicotine and THC, allowing users to check their results at the end of the program. They can also check before they have to take their drug test to ensure that they’ll pass.


TestClear has the most products ranked in this guide because they have different options for everyone to meet their particular needs. While some tests take just a few days, others offer a deeper clean when the user has the time to space out the treatments.

TestClear 5-Day Detox

TestClear 5-Day Detox

  • Type of test: Blood, urine, and saliva.
  • They are used for: Moderate to heavy users.
  • Benefits:
    • A three-part process to deeply cleanse the body of THC.
    • Uses natural ingredients.
    • Triggers the natural detox process within an hour.
  • Refund policy: 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Price: $110.00

With the TestClear 5-Day Detox, consumers receive a set of tablets, dietary fiber, and liquid detox. The combined efforts of these three products help eliminate THC in the user’s blood, urine, and saliva. Along with the use of this product to help with THC levels in the body, it can be used to eliminate toxins and heavy metals that might be stored in the body as well.

In every kit, users access 75 pre-rid tablets, a dietary fiber container, and a detox liquid container. Users should never exceed more than 15 detox pills daily, and the drink is meant for use about 2 hours after the fifth day of detox pills. Dietary fiber is optional, but it helps users to get a better effect. Users who have consistently taken THC will benefit significantly from this kit, improving detoxification efficiently.

TestClear Mega Clean Detox Drink

TestClear Mega Clean Detox Drink

  • Type of test: Urine
  • Used for: Heavy THC users.
  • Benefits:
    • Works for up to 5 hours.
    • Available in Tropical Fruit or Wild Berry flavors.
    • Meant for people with a higher BMI and heavy use.
  • Refund policy: 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Price: $69.95

The Mega Clean Detox Drink is an herbal beverage that helps consumers to clear out the THC and other toxins in the urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract, and circulatory system. The formula includes various vitamins and minerals to support users through the process. These vitamins and minerals are crucial to the body, but it is common to lose them while the user goes through detoxification.

This drink is quite helpful to anyone who wants to purge THC from their body, working within an hour to reduce toxins. The effect lasts up to 5 hours, but the best protection is within the first three hours. No more than 20 oz of fluids can be consumed before using this drink, and consumers should wait until two hours after ingesting it. When users prepare for their test, they should not expose themselves to any toxins in the days before the need to test.

TestClear Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo

TestClear Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo

  • Type of test: Hair
  • Used for: Moderate THC users.
  • Benefits:
    • Eliminates traces of THC from hair follicles.
    • It only uses natural ingredients.
  • Refund policy: 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Price: $236.00

Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo makes it possible to strip the hair follicles of toxins and chemicals, including THC. It uses a healthy balance of aloe and herbal extracts to get the job done, ensuring anyone can pass a drug test using a strand of hair. While some people might try to scrub down their hair with other shampoos obsessively, they have not been formulated to strip the hair of the toxins it accumulates with THC use.

The effectiveness of the Old-Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo increases with time, so it is essential to continue using it to promote better THC levels. For consumers concerned about residual THC when they near their follicle drug test, an all-natural shampoo should be enough to remove any trace.

TestClear XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink

TestClear XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink

  • Type of test: Whole body.
  • Used for: Moderate THC users.
  • Benefits:
    • Provides an assortment of vitamins and minerals.
    • Improves natural detoxification of the body.
    • Last up to 5 hours.
  • Refund policy: 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Price: $39.95

The TestClear XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink dramatically differs from this brand’s Mega Clean Detox Drink. It focuses on powerful detoxification from THC, working within the liver, intestines, bladder, and other organs to eliminate any trace of THC throughout the body. This cleansing drink is also used to clear heavy metals from the body.

The formula comprises natural ingredients: calcium, riboflavin, manganese, potassium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, chromium, thiamine, vitamins B12, C, A, B6, and D, and other essential components. Within an hour of taking the formula, toxin levels should be minimal, and the effect should continue for up to five hours. To ensure a clean result, users should finish their test within three hours of the treatment.

TestClear Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash

TestClear Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash

  • Type of test: Saliva
  • Used for: Moderate THC users.
  • Benefits:
    • Erases THC from the saliva.
    • Easy to take.
    • Uses natural ingredients.
  • Refund policy: 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Price: $29.95

With a small one-ounce bottle, consumers can access the TestClear Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash right before they take a saliva test for THC. This formula doesn’t purge all the THC from the body, but it is a discreet way to eliminate any traces of THC still on the tongue. For the most part, consumers find that this remedy isn’t that tasty, but it serves an essential purpose for anyone who needs a fast solution.

Users only need a third of the entire container to get the desired results. It should be held for about three minutes in the mouth before being spat out. The remedy will only work if the customer uses the mouthwash a few minutes before the saliva test.

TestClear Urine Simulation Powdered Urine Kit

TestClear Urine Simulation Powdered Urine Kit

  • Type of test: Urine
  • Used for: High to extreme THC users.
  • Benefits:
    • Provides uric acid for a natural result.
    • Includes digital thermometer.
    • Easy to carry.
  • Refund policy: 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Price: $49.95

Some consumers don’t have the time to go through a detoxification process with any chance of passing their drug test, which is where the TestClear Urine Simulation Powdered Urine Kit comes in. This kit allows users to create a replica of urine with their powder, providing the uric acid that will fool a test into thinking it is authentic.

The mixture can be made at home using water that doesn’t fall above or below room temperature. The heater that comes with the kit will need to be used about an hour before the test takes place, allowing the user to measure the temperature of the liquid. This kit is marketed toward people who want more certainty about their drug test results.

TestClear Toxin Rid 7-Day Pills

TestClear Toxin Rid 7-Day Pills

  • Type of test: Urine, blood, and saliva
  • Used for: Heavy THC users.
  • Benefits:
    • It uses a three-part system to get rid of THC metabolites.
    • Uses no synthetic ingredients.
    • Works within 60 minutes.
  • Refund policy: 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Price: $153.95

TestClear Toxin Rid 7-Day Pills are the final product from TestClear to get a place in this guide because they help to purge THC buildup from the entire body. This program makes it possible to purge THC and other toxins from the body. This formula might take longer for products with a higher THC concentration, including vape pens, wax, and edibles.

With a balance of vitamins, minerals, and herbs, these pills only take about an hour to start experiencing a change. The kit includes pre-rid tablets, dietary fiber, and a detox liquid.



  • Type of test: Hair, urine, and saliva.
  • Used for: Moderate THC users.
  • Benefits:
    • It is one of the most trusted brands on the market.
    • The brand has been around for two decades.
    • Free shipping is available.
    • Video support is offered.
  • Refund policy: None listed.
  • Price: $30.00 to $205.00

Macujo is the home to many THC detox products that will help consumers pass their drug test easily. The products offer a broad range of support for anyone who has to take hair tests, urine screenings, and saliva collection tests. All of the remedies have been made with the help of doctors and experts in drug testing.

With these remedies, consumers naturally increase their odds of passing the drug test they have ahead of them. This brand offers various products, from topical treatments (like shampoo) to a complete THC detox kit with multiple remedies at once. Users can choose the product that best suits their particular needs for their work or upcoming drug test.

Though this brand is effective, the biggest reason that avid THC users don’t buy the remedies is that they aren’t meant for heavy use. The kits primarily work for people who rarely or moderately use THC. However, all products are clinically proven, according to the creators. No refund policy is currently listed on the official website.

Rescue Cleanse

Rescue Cleanse

  • Type of test: Urine and whole body.
  • They are used for: Moderate to heavy THC users.
  • Benefits:
    • Works for 5 hours.
    • Offers a delicious balance of cranberry and apple.
    • Eliminates all traces of THC and other toxins.
  • Refund policy: None listed.
  • Price: $55.00

Rescue Cleanse offers a 32-ounce THC detox drink that provides users with cranberry and apple as the prominent flavor. This drink allows users to experience the clean results they need within an hour of taking it. The brand has been in the detox sector of the industry for over 25 years, allowing users to purge THC from their bodies.

This formula is scalable to meet the user’s current weight. If the user is under 200 lbs., they will need 17 ounces. However, this amount goes up for anyone over 200 lbs. Users cannot consume other drugs or toxins for 48 hours after using Rescue Cleanse. It should also be used for 4 hours after eating or drinking.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

  • Type of test: Urine.
  • They are used for: Low, medium, or high THC users.
  • Benefits:
    • Matches the pH and gravity of real urine.
    • Offers a 2-year shelf life.
    • It is gender-neutral.
  • Refund policy: None listed.
  • Price: $35.00 to $200

Consumers can use Quick Fix Synthetic Urine to pass their urine drug screening without actually using their urine, which is an advantage for anyone unable to purge enough THC to pass. This formula comes with the urine kit required to test the urine. Users can create synthetic urine by warming it from the bottle for a few seconds, which can be done with their hands or a heating pad. Warming the urine takes about half an hour and should maintain the same temperature until submitted.

The Ranking Criteria for the Top THC Detox Products And Methods

The only way to find the best THC detox remedies is to consider specific criteria to narrow down the product. This formula has to be effective and easy for consumers to follow the directions. Creating this guide also needed to be available for all ages, and the natural ingredients matter.

Read on below to learn about the different considerations in this guide:

Truthful Advertising

While so many products are on the market, they aren’t authentic. The creators might say that it can work within a few seconds to cleanse THC from the body, but it isn’t possible. All of the products on this list offer gradual changes, which was one of the biggest priorities in curating these products in the guide.

Scientifically Proven Ingredients

The ingredients of the THC kits need to be backed up by scientific evidence. Most THC detox products don’t offer safe ingredients or aren’t proven effective during studies. For instance, caffeine is a frequently recurring ingredient in less effective products, causing the user to experience anxiety, stress, and other adverse side effects. The formulas in this guide are all efficacious and safe for any drug test.

Likelihood of Passing a Drug Test

The customer reviews and testimonials can tell a story of how effective these THC kits are at eliminating THC from the body. Some methods may say they can guarantee a 100% cleanse of THC, which is why this guide had to consider multiple products in learning about their odds of success.

Duration of Effectiveness

Most of the products on this list are meant to have 1-5 hours of effectiveness, depending on the type of test that the user takes. To get the maximum time possible, consumers must follow directions to get the desired effect fully, and they couldn’t be taken too soon.

Ease Of Use

None of these kits on our list should be difficult for consumers to use. The formula and kits in this list are easy to set up and use, and no refrigeration is required. Many of these ingredients come with helpful instructions to ensure they are easy to use.

Shipping And Discounts

Most THC detox kits are free to ship, and the process doesn’t take much time. Some companies offer discounts when users order multiple kits simultaneously, while others don’t. The methods chosen on this list often include a discount on the regular cost.

Refund Policy

Even though these products claim to be effective for anyone, the creators must understand that no remedy is perfect. By finding a product with a money-back guarantee, consumers can ensure that they won’t lose out on their investment if they make a purchase.

The Science Behind THC Detox Products

Researchers have sought ways to detox from THC over the last few years, using different methods and products properly. Some people even enter drug screening tests with fake urine. In one clinical trial in 2019, researchers found that artificial urine could be recognized in 5 out of 8 tests. However, some samples tested negative for drugs, serving exactly the purpose that they’re made for.

Sometimes, consumers drink excessive water to flush the toxins out of their systems, including THC. The supplements and other methods available are sometimes only a good match when paired with excessive water consumption. A study in 1998 found that drinking plenty of water before a drug screening for cocaine or marijuana can create a negative result.

Exercising is a consistent way to improve how the body utilizes THC. Since this compound accumulates in fat cells, exercising can help eliminate toxins as the fat is burned off. Users who exercise the day before their test might not get precisely the effect that they hoped for. As the fat cells burn, the THC is released within the body and can cause a positive result on the test. A 2013 study found that exercising before a test with THC in the body can result in a 15% increase in THC levels, which means that the test could have a positive result.

The only surefire way consumers can pass a THC drug screening is to quit using cannabis, but the question becomes one of timing. Even without consuming cannabis, exposure to THC can lead someone to a positive result if they are around enough. A study from 2015 showed that inhaling smoke when someone else is partaking can be enough to fail a test, demonstrated by putting non-smokers in a room with smokers without extra ventilation.

How Long Does THC Stay in the Body?

Even when someone only has a night or two of using cannabis, it can remain in their body for a while. Some people purge it from their system within a few weeks, while others take months. Multiple factors can affect how long it stays in the body, including weight, age, and health. Plus, THC remains in different tissues for varying lengths of time. When the body holds onto THC, some people complain of a lack of balance, slower reaction time, and dizziness.

  • Sweat: 1-2 weeks
  • Hair: up to 3 months
  • Saliva: up to 2 days
  • Blood: 1-2 days
  • Urine: 1 week – 1 month

Most THC leaves the body relatively quickly, but the trace amounts will stay in the body for longer, especially for consumers who carry more fat.

What Are the Optimal Natural Ingredients for a THC Detox?

Some of the top natural ingredients for detoxing from THC buildup include:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Turmeric
  • Cranberry juice
  • Garlic
  • Lemon juice


Ashwagandha is a known adaptogen that helps users to improve calmness and reduce stress. It can enhance the body’s overall health, providing a soothing effect.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits, but it is often included in supplements to reduce the effect of THC. The detoxifying benefits come from the high concentration of polyphenols that apples offer, helping consumers to reduce inflammation as well. With ACV, it is possible to break down THC molecules, ensuring consumers can flush them out of their bodies. It also reduces the amount of THC found in the nervous system.


Turmeric is one of the most well-known ingredients in the supplement industry, though it is primarily used to fight the inflammation that comes with arthritis and other joint issues. With antioxidant support, turmeric is also a helpful detoxifying agent, reducing swelling throughout the body.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is another beneficial ingredient for detoxification, especially for THC. It is high in antioxidants, helping to flush out cannabinoids. This ingredient can also act as a diuretic, pushing the body to increase urine output.


Garlic has been known for its health benefits for years; some claim it can cure a common cold. Its antibacterial support helps consumers remove the THC and other toxins that can build up in the body.

Lemon Juice

The antibacterial support of lemon juice and other citrus fruits is beneficial to cleansing and detoxifying the body. Consumers who add lemon juice to their regimen can help to eliminate residual THC from the body. Some studies show that consumers can remove trace amounts of marijuana smoke from their lungs.

Types Of Drug Tests

To properly prepare for a drug screening, consumers must first understand what kind of test they might endure. These screenings are used most frequently to help employers narrow down potential employees. Let’s look at the different tests consumers might go through:

Urine Test

A urine test is the most common way employers check for THC in the user’s system. It detects any drugs that might collect in the bladder.

Hair Follicle Drug Test

Using a hair follicle to test for drug use will cover a broad period for use. However, this type of test is primarily meant for employers who need to hire people to work with hazardous materials.

Blood Drug Test

Drug screenings that use blood are looking for long-term use habits. It is primarily used by companies that hire individuals to work with dangerous substances.

Saliva Test

A saliva test only detects THC use from the last few days, checking for traces of THC. This test is often used by companies that hire employees that interact with food or children.

Frequently Asked Questions About THC Detoxification Kits

Q: How can consumers improve how quickly they detox from THC?

A: The best way to speed up detox is to hydrate excessively, eat healthily, and not exercise. Exercising can release THC from blood stores, allowing it to enter the bloodstream, which could lead to a positive test.

Q: How does THC absorb into the body?

A: The strain of cannabis will largely determine how fast THC is absorbed. Potent strains absorb relatively quickly, though weaker strains can take longer. Capillary action is why THC can reach the bloodstream, distributing to multiple areas of the body.

With THC’s fat solubility, the compound can build up in the fatty tissues in the body, including the brain and heart. This absorption allows THC to form a bond with receptors.

Q: Is it possible for THC detox products to help users pass their drug test?

A: These products are a helpful way to pass a drug test as a short-term solution. However, they aren’t plausible long-term. When a product aims to reduce THC from the body, it purges the buildup of other toxins, including those from prescription medications and alcohol.

Q: Can someone legally cheat on a drug test?

A: Technically, yes. However, many drug screenings find it challenging to detect when someone isn’t 100% honest on their test. There are many ways to get a negative test with THC in the system, including using fake drugs or powdered urine. Since most employers don’t directly screen for drug use, they may not even know that the user cheated.

Q: What side effects can occur while detoxing from THC?

A: Anyone who uses cannabis puts themselves in a position to produce THC metabolites, which can take months to release from the body entirely. That’s why it is hard to detox from THC, and it can lead to nausea, anxiety, and other side effects.

The Top THC Detox Product Kits & Cleansing Methods Final Thoughts

When someone needs to detox from THC, they need a solution that will eliminate any psychoactive substance from the body. Many different options are on the market, but they aren’t trustworthy. Consumers who choose a top detox product above can be sure they’ll get the support they need.

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