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Cheap Psychics
Despite the importance of psychic readings, many people simply can’t afford to spend exorbitant amounts of money to get in touch with a psychic. Thankfully, with the advent of online psychic reading platforms, there is a cohesive way to approach a psychic without breaking the bank. Cheap psychic reading sites provide a massive database of psychics, which includes plenty of cheap psychic options. If anyone is on the lookout for cheap psychic readings, visit these 4 sites, which definitely care for the financial well-being of their customers. These sites are free to sign up for, and once you find the psychic of your choice, the prices will be affordable and further discounted with some amazing deals. Here are the 4 sites to find cheap psychics online:

Cheap Psychics Readings - First Look

Cheap Psychic Readings Platform



 Best for cheap love readings

 Extensive network of cheap psychics specializing in love readings

 First 3 minutes are free + 70% off on the rest

California Psychics

 Best for secure and cheap psychic readings

 Thoroughly vetted database of cheap psychics

 Introductory offer provides an astonishing rate of $1/minute

 Psychic Source

 Best for cheap tarot card readings

 Protection of personal information guaranteed

 First 3 minutes are free


 Best for cheap and specific psychic readings.

 Money-back policy for peace of mind

 New customers get the first 5 minutes free

These sites are a go-to for many psychic reading aficionados for one simple reason, they can get their fill of spirituality and guidance without having to shell out ridiculous amounts of money. This is possible due to the several cheap psychic options on the sites, which enable customers to make informed choices considering their financial situation and not compromise on quality either.

1. Kasamba - Best for Cheap Love Readings

Quick Rundown on Kasamba

Kasamba has been a juggernaut in the psychic reading industry for more than 20 years and continues to grow with age. The site’s success has to do with its massive network of psychics and an easy-to-use interface for both its site and mobile app. Kasamba also focuses on delivering some of the best love readings through the psychics on its platform. Logging on to Kasamba and finding the right psychic for yourself is a seamless and enjoyable experience due to the masterful design and care for customer experience.

Kasamba’s focus on recruiting reliable psychics also massively boosts its reputation. The fact that psychics have to pay a certain fee to register for the site keeps scammers away. If you are ever in need of authentic psychics who can help you navigate your love life, Kasamba is your best bet.

Another major advantage that Kasamba users have is that it does not restrict its psychic readings to one language. Kasamba’s diverse roster of psychics means you can have a reading done in languages other than English, such as French and Spanish. Most people are far more comfortable conversing in their native languages; therefore, this feature of Kasamba is highly appreciable.

Just How Cheap Is Kasamba?

Kasamba falls on the premium end of psychic reading sites, and because its database consists mostly of highly experienced psychics with thousands of readings, one might find their prices steep. However, Kasamba provides its customers access to premium psychics without breaking the bank through the many discounts and promotions it continues to roll out. Another great feature that Kasamba has to help out its clients financially is the option to negotiate with a reader about their rates before setting up an appointment for a reading. This helps clients get a sense of the reader and also saves a few dollars while they are at it.

For first-time customers, Kasamba’s introductory offer is mindblowing and definitely worth availing if you are looking for a legitimate cheap psychic reading. New clients get the first 5 minutes of their reading completely free and get a whopping 70% discount on the minutes afterward. This amazing deal means you have to barely spend any money on your very first reading.

Cheap Psychics on Kasamba

As mentioned before, Kasamba has some of the best psychics who specialize in love readings. Its focus on love reading massively helps its popularity as a good portion of psychic reading regulars turn to the practice for help with their relationship woes. Here are cheap psychics on Kasamba that we recommend giving a try if you are in need of a love reading:

1) Love Specialist Isabelle- Isabelle is known for her clear guidance and straightforward approach to love readings which is greatly appreciated by her clients. With a 5-star rating and a whopping 17,000 reviews, there remains no doubt that Isabelle is truly at the top of her psychic game. She is on the premium end of psychics, so she usually takes around 24 dollars per minute; however, thanks to Kasamba’s care for customers, the rate has been reduced to $2.35. You will not get a cheaper lover reading with a psychic this experienced anywhere else.

2) Love Yasmeen- Yasmeen uses an amalgamation of religious spirituality and clairvoyance to help her clients process and get past their emotional trauma. With a 4.8 star rating, Yasmeen is one of the more popular psychics on Kasamba. Her love readings are available for a discounted rate of $1.8 per minute, which is easily the lowest price for a psychic of her caliber.

Wrapping Up

Kasamba is one of the first names that pop up whenever major online psychic reading sites are discussed. Its keen awareness of trends in the online psychic reading scene and excellent psychic recruiting system make it one of the best destinations for a much-needed psychic reading. Kasamba also cares for its customers by providing them access to incredible psychics for a fraction of their actual going rate. If you want to indulge in premium psychic readings at low price points, Kasamba has you covered with its cheap psychic readings.

 Visit Kasamba for a premium and affordable psychic reading experience

2. California Psychics - Best for Secure and Cheap Psychic Readings

Quick Rundown of California Psychics

California Psychics has been around for over 25 years. Its longevity in the online psychic reading scene can be attributed to its care for customer welfare by being very selective about which psychics to feature on its site.

The site is a mainstay on the lists of psychic reading regulars, and with good reason. Years of experience and a robust psychic screening system have made California Psychics one of the best online psychic reading experiences that money can buy.

A database of highly skilled psychics is a great attribute of California Psychics that is made even better when one sees the sheer variety of methods and tools available to choose from. Readings about love and relationships, career, past life, dream interpretation, and tarot card readings are all available on California Psychics. The variety of reading, along with the rigid screening system for psychics, which includes a 4-step process, makes California Psychic a legitimate option for your search for cheap psychic readings.

Just How Cheap is California Psychics?

California Psychics definitely falls on the affordable end of the spectrum of online psychic reading sites. The rates for psychics fall around $4 to15 per minute, and most times, you do not have to pay the entire price due to the numerous rewards and deals on offer. The site’s karma rewards program is excellent if you are looking to save some money, as it gives $20 as a credit to your account just for signing up for the site. On every purchase, the site gives credit back to your account, which makes returning customers spend far less than they would if they were to pay standard rates.

California Psychic’s introductory offers are also excellent for first-time customers. Just like its variety of psychics, the site also has three introductory offers: affordable, popular, and premium. All three offers provide a rate of $1/per minute for 10,20 and 30 minutes. This introductory offer is brilliant as it allows customers to get an actual sense of a psychic reading for their first experience due to the amount of time provided. This offer helps you delve into spirituality without having to spend much money.

Cheap Psychics on California Psychics

Due to its strict screening system, California Psychics has some of the most highly skilled, highly experienced, and reliable psychics on its roster. Here are our recommendations for psychics you can connect with and get a cheap psychic reading:

1) Alphonse- Alphonse specializes in career, work, and financial readings. If you are at a crossroads in your work life or want to change your path, Alphonse can provide you with the needed spiritual guidance. She has a discounted rate of $1/minute right now so you should definitely grab this opportunity.

2) Aurelia- Aurelia specializes in life path and destiny readings; therefore, her readings are known for the contentment they bring to the clients. She can provide you with the guidance you need to figure out your life for a discounted rate of $1 per minute.

Summing It Up

California Psychics is an institution in the online psychic reading scene at this point. It has fine-tuned the formula for satisfied psychic reading customers and is, therefore, highly regarded by its loyal customer base. Aside from the focus on customer security, the affordability, alongside multiple rewards, makes California Psychics the premier destination for cheap psychic readings.

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3. Psychic Source - Best for Cheap Tarot Card Readings

Quick Rundown on Psychic Source

Psychic Source is a veteran of the online psychic reading industry, and it remains a juggernaut due to its loyal customer base. With over 30 years of experience, Psychic Source has a clear understanding of the needs of its audience, and it continues to cater to them. Psychic Source ticks all the boxes in the primary criteria that every psychic reading site needs to fall into with its trustworthiness, network of highly reliable psychics, and responsive customer service.

Psychic Source has all the major types of psychic readings, but it has plenty of psychics who are renowned for their tarot card reading skills. Tarot cards have been used for centuries as a way to get a glimpse into the future, and the psychics at Psychic Source have used them as a tool to help thousands of people find guidance and vision. If you are interested in a tarot card reading but cannot figure out which psychic to choose, Psychic Source has an excellent tool called find-a-psychic, which helps people figure out the psychic best suited for them once they put in information about their feelings and issues. This intuitiveness about customers makes Psychic Source a great site for you to find your next cheap psychic reading.

Just How Cheap Is Psychic Source?

Apart from its excellent psychic database, Psychic Source is also a go-to for people because of the value it provides. The average rate for a psychic on the site falls between $4.99 to $15 per minute. Apart from the psychic’s experience, the price also differs according to the medium of the reading. Video readings cost more than phone readings. Psychic Source also offers price protection to ensure there is no financial exploitation of its customers. If you get readings from a psychic every 45 days or so, you are offered the original rate you signed up for.

Psychic Source also has amazing introductory offers, which are the reason many customers first approached the site and then became loyal customers. For new customers, Psychic Source gives the first three minutes free, and you also get a rate of $0.66 per minute for calls as long as 30 minutes. This amazing double-tiered offer shows it is actually quite easy to obtain a cheap psychic reading through the introductory offers provided by major online psychic reading sites.

Cheap Psychics on Psychic Source

Psychic Source has some excellent psychics on its roster who use tarot cards to provide you with advice about your future and guidance about your specific queries. Here are our recommendations for the best cheap psychics to get a tarot card reading from on Psychic Source:

1) Keanu- Keanu specializes in Tarot and Angel card readings to help people figure out their issues with love and relationships. His reviews are filled with glowing praise for his wise advice and soothing style of reading that helps people relax and gain perspective. His rate is $3 per minute, but on most days, you can get a discount and get an excellent cheap psychic reading.

2) Mackenzie- Mackenzie has a five-star rating on the website, so new customers can rest assured about her psychic ability. With over 30 years of experience, Mackenzie has used her skills with tarot cards to provide general life advice to many people. Mackenzie is one of the most in-demand psychics on the site. However, her rates are usually discounted and fall between $3 to $4 for a video reading. The other modes of communication are less expensive if you want to save even more money.

Summing It Up

Psychic Source is one of the original sites that introduced the concept of psychic readings via the web. As one of the original innovators, the site continues to adapt to the modern demands of psychic reading regulars, which also includes affordability. The site is already a great source of accessing cheap psychics, but due to its focus on customer security, you also do not have any anxiety about being scammed. This makes Psychic Source reading truly great value for your money.

 Join Psychic Source for the best cheap tarot card readings online

4. MysticSense - Best for Cheap and Specific Psychic Readings

Quick Rundown of MysticSense

MysticSense is, in many ways, the new kid on the block when it comes to online psychic readings. It might not have been around as long as its competitors, but it has a strong grasp of its audience and ensures that all their psychic reading needs are met. The site has the basics locked, but its attention to detail is what sets it apart.

One of the most appreciable features of MysticSense is its specific labels of types of readings. Instead of using generic reading types such as love and relationships, MysticSense compartmentalizes its reading types according to the specific issues people are looking to resolve, such as affairs, toxic relationships, etc. This feature is completely in line with the general discourse around relationships these days, and people appreciate a psychic reading site incorporating those elements in an industry that was turning stale in its focus.

A giant selection of cheap psychics is also a major attraction for people who frequent MysticSense. This affordability comes along with the sense of security in knowing that the site vets and thoroughly checks all the psychics who feature on the site. MysticSense is a trustworthy destination for your cheap psychic readings.

Just How Cheap Is MysticSense?

MysticSense is big on transparency and honesty, as is illustrated through its money-back policy. If you are unsatisfied with a reading, you can contact the site’s customer service and put your case forward for a refund. The site will review your case and then refund the money accordingly. This policy being in place shows that MysticSense has full faith in its psychics while also looking out for its customers. Therefore, any new customer knows that the quality on offer at MysticSense will be excellent. Keeping this in mind, MysticSense’s straightforward pricing structure looks even more affordable than before.

MysticSense is pretty cheap in the sense that it has a variety of psychics to choose from, and even the premium ones have pretty affordable per-minute rates. On average, the price of a reading from MysticSense falls between $1-$3 per minute. New customers can use the introductory offer to save even more money, as the first 5 minutes of their first reading are completely free.

A no-nonsense pricing structure, comparatively cheaper premium psychics, and a solid money-back policy help MysticSense fall comfortably into the very affordable territory. If you are looking for a cheap psychic reading by phone, video, or chat, MysticSense should be on top of your list.

Best Cheap Psychics on MysticSense

MysticSense has some excellent psychics who specialize in specific issues and are also light on the pocket. Here are our recommendations for the best cheap psychics on MysticSense:

1) Zed- Zed is a psychic who specializes in guiding people who are looking for new love. She charges $1.98 per minute for a video reading, while chat and phone readings have lower prices. Her reviews are filled with satisfied clients who rave about her empathetic nature and how she managed to provide the answers they were searching for.

2) Psychic Cin- Psychic Cin’s main specialty is toxic relationships. She uses her compassionate reading style to understand her client’s issues and uses her clairvoyance to provide them with guidance and healing. She charges $1.98 per minute for a cheap psychic reading by phone.

Summing It Up

MysticSense’s focus on providing psychic readings tailor-made for contemporary issues is a major point of attraction for its customers. It is an added bonus that the psychics that feature on the site all have very reasonable rates. You can have a transparent and cheap psychic reading experience easily on MysticSense.

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Tips for Getting a Cheap Psychic Reading

Even if you are in no need of penny-pinching, no one can pass over a ridiculously good offer. One of the best parts of signing up for a psychic reading site is all the amazing discounts and deals they keep rolling out to keep their customers happy and satisfied. If you want a psychic reading but not make a huge financial commitment, there are plenty of ways to spend a minimal amount for the best spiritual wisdom and guidance available. Here are some tips for ensuring you get a cheap psychic reading from one of the best online psychic reading sites on the market:

1) Avail of All The Introductory Offers

The major benefit of online psychic reading sites is that they all have amazing introductory offers for their new customers. These introductory offers usually include free minutes with the psychics or highly subsidized minutes rates that usually add up to an almost negligible amount. These introductory offers are your best friend if you want to ensure your psychic readings don’t make a dent in your bank balance. A great idea is to switch between sites, sign up for the ones with the best introductory offers, and get advice from a range of psychics.  This method isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it works out for the ones who are open-minded and willing to receive spiritual guidance from different people.

2) Sign Up for The Rewards Programs

These online psychic reading sites do not only look out for their new customers, but they also ensure that returning customers are rewarded accordingly. Once you get your first reading, most of these sites have the option of a rewards program. Once you sign up for these programs, you get credit in your account for free minutes that you can use whenever you are in need of some affordable spiritual guidance from a cheap online psychic.

3) Sharpen Those Negotiation Skills

A wonderful feature that many sites have now introduced is allowing customers to negotiate rates with psychics. If you have enjoyed bargaining on occasion, this is your chance to shine. You can reason with your psychic to come down to the price of your liking.

You can use these handy tips to keep your psychic readings cheap and affordable. Your intelligent eye for a deal combined with the psychic reading site’s strategy to keep prices low will never have you spending more than you intended on online psychic readings. If you have been convinced of the power of affordable online psychic readings, here are 4 sites you can browse to your heart’s contents and access the best cheap psychics on the market:


In our current economic conditions, it is understandable that psychic readings are looked at as an extravagance as people struggle with their finances. However, a lot of people fail to realize that you cannot live on material possessions alone, and there is a huge gaping void where spirituality should be. Most people turn to psychic readings to get answers and fulfill their spiritual needs, and the expense of psychic readings seems manageable due to the satisfaction it provides. However, major psychic reading sites are aware of their customer’s financial restraints, and have tons of introductory offers, promotions and discounts to make sure their clients have a cheap psychic reading well within reach. Psychic readings are important but should definitely not cost a lot. These sites ensure their clients are well looked after, and most importantly, are not financially exploited.