ChillWell AC Reviews: Scam or Should You Buy ChillWell Portable AC? (2024 Update)

ChillWell AC

ChillWell is a portable air cooler designed to keep you cool and reduce AC bills all summer.

Available exclusively online, ChillWell uses proven technology to cool your home without the hassle of window AC systems or full-home AC systems.

Does ChillWell really keep you cool? How does the ChillWell Air Cooler work? Keep reading our review to learn everything you need to know about the ChillWell Air Cooler today.

What is the ChillWell Air Cooler?

ChillWell is a portable air cooler designed for use around the home.

Featuring a USB charging cable, ChillWell is as easy to use as any smartphone or tablet: charge the portable cooler, then bring it anywhere around your home you need to stay cool.

Each ChillWell has 3.5 hours of battery life on a single charge. Because it’s cordless, ChillWell is usable anywhere in your home – indoors and outdoors.

ChillWell is exclusively available online through, where it’s priced at around $89.99 per cooler.

ChillWell Portable AC Price

ChillWell Benefits

The ChillWell Air Cooler comes with benefits like:

  • Cordless, portable air cooler you can take anywhere
  • Rapid cooling that cools faster than central AC systems
  • Save money vs. traditional air conditioners
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Evaporative cooling technology to rapidly cool you down
  • Low, medium, high, and turbo fan speeds with high and low cooling modes

Whether trying to save money this summer or want to stay cool without installing anything, you can enjoy affordable and effective cooling with ChillWell.

How Does ChillWell Work?

ChillWell works using the power of evaporative cooling. It uses a fan and water tank to absorb heat from the air, allowing the device to constantly cool down the air.

Each ChillWell has four fan speeds, including low, medium, high, and turbo cooling modes. You may want to use the low setting at night and the turbo setting for hot afternoons.

The secret to ChillWell’s cooling is the use of a water tank. You pour water into the water tank. Then, the fan blows hot air over this water tank, creating evaporation. The hot air causes the water in the tank to evaporate. Evaporation is a reaction requiring heat. That heat then gets transferred to water in the tank, allowing the air to cool.

ChillWell also has additional cooling cartridges to add even more coolness to the air. After removing heat from the air with the power of evaporation, ChillWell passes that air over cooling cartridges to help you stay comfortable.

There are LED night light colors on ChillWell Air Cooler. You can let the device cycle through LED colors. Or, you can choose a specific color (or turn off the colors entirely). ChillWell will cycle through blue, red, white, teal, purple, yellow, and green color cycles on its own.

To increase the cooling power of ChillWell, add ice cubes to the water container. The ice cubes don’t interfere with the operation of the device. Instead, they make the water extra chilled, allowing colder air to exit the far side of the device.

When air exits the other side of ChillWell, it’s cool, clean, and refreshing.

How to Use ChillWell

ChillWell is as easy to use as a smartphone or tablet. Just plug the device in via micro-USB to charge it. Then, carry ChillWell around for use wherever you need to go.

ChillWell is small enough for anyone to carry between rooms. The portable air cooler also has a carrying handle, making it even more portable.

Some buy multiple ChillWell coolers for multiple rooms, while others use the same ChillWell around their entire home, carrying the ChillWell for additional cooling for the room they’re currently in.

Here’s how to use ChillWell:

  • Charge ChillWell using the included micro-USB cable
  • Add water to ChillWell’s built-in water tank
  • Turn on ChillWell and select your desired speed setting
  • Enjoy cool, clean, and refreshing air anywhere in your home

ChillWell runs for around 3.5 hours when fully charged, depending on your speed setting, room temperature levels, and room humidity.

Alternatively, you can plug in ChillWell and let the device run constantly. ChillWell should last 8 to 12 hours on a single water tank fill, depending on the environment.

The makers of ChillWell recommend replacing the cooling cartridge every 1 to 3 months, depending on usage.

ChillWell AC Reviews

ChillWell Features

ChillWell is designed to be the ultimate home cooling solution. With no complicated setup required, ChillWell is easy for anyone to keep their home cool all summer.

Here are some of the features you can use with ChillWell:

Cordless & Portable: You can charge ChillWell, then take it anywhere you need to stay cool – even away from electricity. Some people take ChillWell camping, for example, while others run it on a patio or backyard. Wherever you need to stay cool, ChillWell is a portable and cordless device to help you cool any room of your home.

Charge It Up or Plug It In: ChillWell works when charged or plugged in. For example, you can plug in ChillWell and let the device run constantly. It lasts 10 to 12 hours before you need to replace the water inside the device.

Long Battery Life: ChillWell lasts around 3.5 hours on a single charge. When plugged in, the device easily lasts overnight. Even if the water tank depletes, the device continues to blow cool air across the room.

Rapidly Cool Any Room: The ChillWell Air Cooler can cool a room faster than central AC systems. With the personal portable ChillWell, you get chillier temperatures immediately. Central AC systems take a long time to work and will run until they cool unoccupied rooms. You might need to wait over an hour for your room to be at a comfortable temperature.

60-Day Moneyback Guarantee: ChillWell comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, and you can request a complete refund on your purchase within 60 days with no questions asked.

Ideal for Apartments, Condos, Offices, Dorms, Bedrooms, and More: If you have a large home that needs cooling, then a full-home AC system may be your best option. However, ChillWell is ideal for apartments, condos, offices, dorms, bedrooms, and other spaces. Maybe you can’t permanently install something into your rental property. Or, perhaps you just need to keep a single area cool. Whatever the case may be, ChillWell is ideal for many spaces.

Save Money: ChillWell is cheaper to operate than traditional home AC systems. Instead of spending hundreds to keep your home cool all summer, you can spend a fraction of that amount while enjoying the same cooling power.

Backed by 4,300+ Happy Customers: ChillWell is one of the best-selling and top-rated portable AC systems available today, with over 4,300 customers giving the portable cooler top marks.

4 Fan Speeds: ChillWell has four fan speeds, including low, medium, high, and turbo. Some use low and medium overnight for quiet cooling as they sleep. Others use high and turbo fan speeds for ultimate cooling – say, during hot summer days or to rapidly cool a room before you fall asleep.

Add Ice Cubes to the Water Tank for Extra Cooling: ChillWell uses an evaporative cooling system to keep water chilled. The cooler the water is, the more powerful the cooling will be. You can increase the cooling capacity of ChillWell even further by adding ice cubes to the water tank.

High & Low Cooling Modes: In addition to offering four fan speeds, ChillWell offers two cooling modes, including high and low. If you want the highest possible cooling power, you can run ChillWell in high cooling mode at turbo speed. Or, if you want less cooling power, you can use the low cooling mode.

More Energy Efficient than a Typical Air Conditioner: According to the makers of ChillWell, the device is more energy efficient than a typical air conditioner. Instead of wasting energy all day long, ChillWell uses simple processes to maximize energy efficiency.

Night Light with 7 Colors: Add ambiance to your home with ChillWell’s night light. The device cycles through 7 colors as it operates. Or, you can choose a single color or turn off the light entirely.

Mood Lighting: Some use ChillWell’s included LED lights as a night light, illuminating their bedroom or apartment at night. Others use it for mood lighting, giving their space a unique ambiance.

Quiet Operation: The device is surprisingly quiet, whether running ChillWell in low or high modes. Some even like the white noise of ChillWell. You can easily use it at night in your bedroom without interrupting your sleep, for example.

USB Cable Charging: You charge ChillWell just like you would charge your smartphone or tablet. All ChillWell purchases come with a USB cable to charge the device as needed. Once charged, ChillWell lasts for around 3.5 hours and works anywhere without electricity.

Cooling Cartridges for Added Cooling: ChillWell has four foam cartridges for added cooling capability. Instead of just letting the power of water and evaporation cool your home, ChillWell uses cooling cartridges to drop temperatures even faster.

ChillWell Tech Specs & FAQs

ChillWell comes with the following technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 6.69” (L) x 5.71” (W) x 6.30” (H)
  • Weight: 1lb, 13.5oz
  • Water Tank Capacity: 550mL
  • LED Night Light Colors: Blue, red, white, teal, purple, yellow, and green.
  • LED Night Light Customizability: On/off, cycle, or solid color.
  • Cooling Cartridge: Sponge material, replace every 1 to 3 months.
  • Run Time: 3.5 hours on a full charge, 8 to 12 hours when plugged in (based on tank capacity).
  • Charging Indicator: Blinks when charging, solid when fully charged.
  • Charging Method: Rechargeable via included USB cable.
  • Cooling Mechanism: Hydro-Chill technology/evaporation.

The Science Behind ChillWell

ChillWell works using the science of evaporation. Hot air passes over the water tank, creating evaporation. As hot air enters one side of ChillWell, it becomes cool, moist air as it exits the other side, helping you keep your home cool.

Here’s how ChillWell works and the science behind the device:

You add water to the included water tank. The cooler the water, the better ChillWell will work. You can add water from your fridge to ChillWell or ice cubes to the tank. The ice cubes do not impede the operation of ChillWell. They only enhance its cooling power.

When you turn on ChillWell, it absorbs hot air through one side of the device. The fan draws hot air into ChillWell, causing it to pass over the water tank and out the other side.

As that hot air passes through ChillWell, it encounters the water tank. The hot air, via evaporation, absorbs water from the tank, lowering the temperature of the air while adding moisture to the atmosphere.

Before air leaves ChillWell AC, it passes through the cooling cartridges, which are foam cartridges designed to reduce the air temperature even further.

Have you ever wondered why you sweat to stay cool? It’s because of evaporation. Evaporation is a chemical reaction requiring heat. As water droplets gather on your skin, the hot air dries your skin and absorbs the moisture and heat, leaving cool skin behind. ChillWell uses a similar concept: hot air passes through the device, transferring heat to the water. The cool water enters the air, leaving ChillWell providing cooler air.

The degree of cooling with ChillWell depends on three factors: ambient air temperature, ambient air humidity, and your device setting. It may work slightly better or worse in certain climates but expels cool air everywhere. However, ChillWell has positive reviews even from customers in the hottest parts of the world.

ChillWell Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

ChillWell has 4,300+ customers to date, making it one of the internet’s best-rated home cooling systems of the summer. The device has collected positive reviews from people worldwide who need different types of cooling.

Here are some of the ChillWell reviews found on the official website and other sources online:

One customer described ChillWell as “a summer must-have,” claiming she saved a lot of money on utility bills after buying ChillWell.

Many customers use ChillWell while sleeping to keep their bedroom cool. Instead of paying to keep your entire house cool at night, you can use ChillWell in a certain room you’re using, saving money.

One customer from Arizona found ChillWell kept her cool all summer long “even with daily use and maximum power on.” After being disappointed with other portable air coolers, she’s happy with ChillWell and how it works.

Multiple customers also like the portability of the ChillWell portable AC. They can bring it to work, use it on the porch, or even take it camping.

Customers tend to be impressed with the battery life and overall usability of ChillWell, claiming it lasts a long time and is easy for anyone to use. As long as you can charge your smartphone, you can use ChillWell.

Overall, the makers of ChillWell claim to have collected 4,300+ 5-star reviews to date, making it one of the internet’s best-rated portable air cooling systems.

ChillWell Pricing

ChillWell is priced at $89.99 per portable cooler. You can save even more money by ordering multiple coolers.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering online today:

  • One ChillWell Portable AC: $89.99
  • Two ChillWell Portable ACs: $179.99 ($89.99 per cooler)
  • Three ChillWell Portable ACs: $201.99 ($63.33 per cooler)
  • Four ChillWell Portable ACs: $269.99 ($67.50 per cooler)

Each ChillWell comes with everything you need inside the box, including the cooler, cooling cartridges, and a micro-USB cable to charge the cooler.

The ordinary retail price of ChillWell is $138.45 per unit.

ChillWell Refund Policy

ChillWell has a 60-day money-back refund policy. Contact the manufacturer within 60 days to request a complete purchase price refund.

About ChillWell

ChillWell is made by Ontel Products Corporation, a New Jersey-based consumer products company. The company offers a range of household products solving various problems around the home.

You can contact Ontel Products and the ChillWell customer service team via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 888-998-6324
  • Mailing Address: Ontel Products Corporation, 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004

Final Word

ChillWell is a portable cooler available exclusively through

Priced at $89.99 per unit through a special 2024 discount offer, ChillWell uses the power of evaporation to keep your home cool all winter long.

To learn more about ChillWell or to buy the portable AC cooler online today, visit the official website.

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