Free Psychic Readings Online in 2024 (Best Deals + Offers)

Free Psychic Readings

Free psychic readings can provide clarity and insight during times of confusion or doubt. They are a great way to gain insight into yourself, your relationships, and the path you should take in life. A good reader will be able to advise you on how to make positive changes in your life and move forward.

Whether you’re seeking advice about a relationship issue or looking for guidance on future plans, free psychic readings can help direct you toward solutions that otherwise may have been overlooked or not considered.

The internet is full of free psychic reading websites, all claiming to be the best offerings out there, but how do you know which one to trust? We understand that it can be confusing and difficult to select the right site for your needs. That is why our goal is to provide you with an in-depth guide to free psychic readings so that you can make an educated decision. 

Here, we have compiled a list of five top-rated sites for free psychic readings in 2024 - all of which promise 100% accuracy with their divination services. Our research has given us insight into which sites offer the best quality readings based on factors, such as accuracy, experience, customer reviews, pricing and more. 

With our recommendations, you can now find reliable psychics to get accurate free readings while avoiding any potential scams or false promises. So go ahead and start exploring what these sites have to offer - good luck!

Top 5 Free Psychic Reading Websites of 2024

Kasamba - Get 3 FREE Minutes & Unlock 70% Savings on your First Reading

Psychic Source - Get as Low as $0.50 Per Minute with their Special Offers

California Psychics - Receive 5 FREE Mins with Promo Code ADD5

Purple Garden - Enjoy $10 Psychic Reading Credits with No Obligation to Spend

Mysticsense - Receive 5 FREE Mins On Your First Reading 

Whether you are looking to gain insight into your past, present or future selves or just want to get a glimpse into what could be lying ahead of you, these sites offer a great way to get accurate free psychic readings.

Keep in mind that no matter what sites you choose, free psychic readings are usually short and focused on one specific area of your life. Depending on the reader, you may be able to ask multiple questions, but it is not recommended to expect more than a basic overview from these readings. 

Why Take Our Advice?

We understand the importance of getting an accurate reading that is to your satisfaction. All of these websites have been thoroughly researched and tested for quality, accuracy, value, customer satisfaction, and more. In our extensive research process, we have taken into account user reviews, ratings from top-rated psychics, prices and other factors to determine which sites offer the best free psychic readings. 

With our suggestions at hand, you now have reliable platforms where you can gain insight into yourself and find answers to pressing questions regarding your future prospects or well-being. Furthermore, we have done our best to ensure all the companies featured here provide safe and secure services. 

Affordable psychic readings can be a valuable tool for self-understanding and personal growth - so take advantage of these reliable options and see what they can offer you! 

1. Kasamba - Best Free Psychics for Love Readings

Kasamba is one of the oldest and most reputable free psychic reading websites, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. They boast a wide selection of experienced advisors who come from various spiritual backgrounds, such as tarot readers, astrologers, clairvoyants and more. Many users have praised their services for being accurate, helpful and worth every cent.

All of their readers have been carefully selected and screened by a team of experts to ensure only the highest quality readings are offered. Additionally, each reader has been certified through in-depth interviews and testing before being accepted onto the platform.

Moreover, Kasamba also has free exclusive articles written by expert psychics about topics such as astrology, tarot cards and numerology that customers can use for further insight into their situation free of charge. These free articles can be used as an additional source of insight and knowledge for customers interested in understanding their spiritual journey.

The site offers free readings up to three minutes long - after which you can unlock 70% savings on your first payment if you continue the service. Prices start at about $1 a minute and vary amongst different readers. Furthermore, there are daily bonus deals that could give you up to 50% off any purchase.

The only complaint about Kasamba is that you only get a partial refund for unused minutes. However, they make up for this in other ways, such as free articles, free readings and excellent customer service.

Kasamba is committed to providing users with accurate insights into matters of the heart, no matter their budget. With free psychic readings available as well as affordable options for longer-term readings, Kasamba makes it easy for anyone seeking spiritual guidance or advice on love and other related issues.

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Main Features of Kasamba

  • A vast array of experienced psychic readers
  • Expert-written articles
  • Mobile app available


  • Real psychics
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Extensive free articles
  • Live chat & phone support
  • Free psychic reading for new users


  • Partial refund for unused minutes

Kasamba Free Psychic Reading Services

Tarot Readings

Tarot readings are a popular form of divination used to gain insight into matters of the heart and help answer questions about relationships, career paths, and other life decisions. They consist of 78 cards, each with its own specific meaning depending on the position it is drawn in.

The tarot readers at Kasamba are experienced in using multiple different types of decks. Whether it be the classic Rider-Waite Deck, Marseille Deck, or another type, they understand how each type works and can accurately interpret them for you. Their expertise allows them to provide you with meaningful answers that draw from the deep wisdom of the tarot.

Fortune Telling

Kasamba's fortune tellers are experienced in using various methods to give you insight into your future. These include the use of astrology, crystal balls and palm readings. By combining these techniques with their psychic abilities, they can provide you with an accurate view of what is to come and help guide you on your journey toward personal growth and success.

The fortune tellers at Kasamba are passionate about helping others take charge of their lives and empowering them to make the best decisions for themselves. They are knowledgeable and experienced in using these techniques and can provide accurate readings that help clarify whatever situation you may be facing.

Career Forecasts

Kasamba is one of the best sites for career advice and accurate predictions. With over 180 career advisors on board, you are guaranteed to find one who can best serve your needs. These experienced advisors use their divination skills to provide clarity and reassurance regarding work-related matters.

Not only do they specialize in predicting potential job opportunities, but also provide guidance on how to maximize these chances by taking proactive steps in the present. From advice on applying for a job opening to tips on making a good impression during an interview, their free psychic readings will give you the confidence boost you need when navigating unfamiliar waters.

Love Psychic Readings

Kasamba is the perfect place to go for love advice. Whether it's finding a soul mate or reconciling with a lost one - their experienced psychic readers will be able to provide you with insightful advice and clarity on matters of the heart. With over 400 psychics specializing in love, Kasamba might just be the best place to turn when looking for relationship guidance.

Their readings are tailored specifically to your needs and can cover topics, such as romance compatibility, cheating partners, marriage problems, etc. Their expertise allows them to provide you with honest insight so that you can make informed decisions regarding your relationships.

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2. Psychic Source - Free Psychic Readings Pertaining To All Aspects of Your Life 

At Psychic Source, you can connect with a carefully selected pool of gifted psychics who are there to help you find direction and understanding. Their team includes tarot card readers, astrologers, numerologists, clairvoyants, and many more spiritual advisors that can provide insightful advice on various topics, such as love and relationships, finances and career, health and wellness, family matters, and so much more.

They have been providing intuitive readings since 1989 and are known as one of the most dependable psychic networks in the world. Their network consists of hundreds of talented psychics who have undergone intense screening to ensure they are legitimate and accurate readers.

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What's more, Psychic Source ensures all customers are 100% satisfied with the results of their readings. If a customer is dissatisfied with their experience, Psychic Source promises to either extend the corresponding time or provide a full refund. Additionally, users will be able to view ratings and reviews by other customers using Psychic Source to determine which psychic suits them best based on their interests and needs.

Psychic Source offers great value for money, with their competitive rates starting from just $0.50 per minute for a phone or chat session that may range from 10 minutes to as long as 90 minutes. In addition to their low rates and money-back guarantee, users can also view ratings and reviews by other customers who have used Psychic Source in order to determine which psychics best suit their interests and needs.

The membership rewards program also offers added value for customers, allowing them to save money on every single reading they take. As a member of Psychic Source, you will receive exclusive discounts, access to pre-recorded horoscopes and online classes, as well as other amazing benefits.

The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and with one click, you can connect with a psychic at any time of the day or night. All conversations are 100% confidential, and your payment information is always secure.

Moreover, the mobile app allows customers to stay connected with their psychic and have readings on the go. This can be especially helpful for those who are trying to keep up with their busy schedules but still want to benefit from accurate readings.

So, if you're looking for accurate and free psychic readings, Psychic Source is the perfect place to start. Whether you need advice on love and relationships, finances and career, health and wellness, or any other aspect of life – Psychic Source offers highly accurate readings that can guide you on the right path.

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Main Features of Psychic Source

  • Hundreds of experienced advisors
  • Readings available in various formats
  • Mobile app available


  • Highly accurate readings
  • Strict screening process for psychics
  • Live chat support & phone support
  • Special introductory offer


  • Varying rates, depending on the psychic's experience level

Psychic Source Free Psychic Reading Services


Cartomancy is a form of divination using cards to gain insights into matters concerning love, relationships, career and more. It is often considered one of the oldest forms of divination, dating back to ancient Egypt. Psychic Source boasts a wide selection of experienced cartomancers who can provide accurate readings tailored to your individual needs.

During a cartomancy reading, your chosen psychic will use the cards' power to give you a deeper understanding of your current situation and offer valuable insight into potential paths forward. A key benefit of a cartomancy reading is that it allows users to get specific answers they may not be able to receive through other forms of divination.

Spiritual Readings

Spiritual readings are another popular form of divination offered at Psychic Source. Through these readings, customers are able to tap into energies from past events or circumstances that can provide invaluable guidance toward developing better strategies for finding inner peace and true happiness.

Psychic Source has a team of experienced spiritualists who have been carefully selected for their expertise in providing highly accurate readings pertaining to all spiritual matters. During a spiritual reading, your chosen psychic will use the power of intuition and personal insight to guide you through any struggles or issues you might be facing while also revealing potential paths for achieving fulfilment in your life.

Dream Analysis

In addition to traditional clairvoyance methods such as tarot cards, astrology charts and numerology, Psychic Source also offers dream analysis, which can be used to gain deeper insights into your subconscious mind.

Dream analysis is a form of interpretation that focuses on understanding the symbolism within your dreams and can be used to clarify any unresolved issues in your day-to-day life. Psychic Source offers a variety of experienced advisors that specialize in dream analysis, and they can provide invaluable guidance in helping you uncover the secrets of your mind.

Past Life Readings

Past life readings are a form of divination offered by Psychic Source that provides insights into the events and circumstances of your past lives. Through this form of divination, customers can gain clarity and understanding about their current situation and where it may be leading in the future.

During a past life reading, your chosen psychic will use their intuitive gifts to uncover any unfinished business or karmic debts from previous lifetimes that could be holding you back from reaching your full potential. This could include identifying key lessons learned or relationships to explore further in order to gain a greater understanding of how they are impacting your life today.

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3. California Psychics - Find Guidance and Direction on Your Spiritual Path

California Psychics has been providing spiritual direction to many individuals seeking answers and insight for over 25 years. Through their website, you can connect with one of their gifted psychics who have an array of metaphysical skills, from tarot readings to dream interpretation and more.

The process of getting free psychic readings via California Psychics is simple: firstly, you create an account with your name and email address; then you choose the type of reading you'd like (e.g., tarot, astrology, etc.); finally, you select the psychic reader you'd like to consult with based on ratings and reviews given by other users.

Once connected with your chosen reader, they will use their intuition and insight to guide you in the right direction. They can help you gain clarity on important life decisions, discover your hidden potential, uncover the answers to those burning questions, or free yourself from negative influences – whatever it is that you’re seeking, they'll be able to assist you.

The best thing about California Psychics is their stringent vetting process: before hiring a psychic reader, they put each applicant through an extensive background check to ensure they only hire reliable, experienced readers. Furthermore, their team of customer care specialists are on hand 24/7 in case you have any issues with the service or need assistance in finding the right reader.

California Psychics provides a great introductory offer to new customers. For just $1 per minute, they can get up to 20 minutes of insightful spiritual guidance from one of their experienced psychics. This is a great way for individuals to test out the service and get an idea of what California Psychics offers without committing too much.

Moreover, this introductory reading can be incredibly beneficial for those starting out on their spiritual path and looking for professional guidance in finding direction. During the reading, psychic readers will use their intuition and knowledge to identify underlying issues and help you uncover the answers.

The free daily horoscopes on California Psychics offer more than just advice; they are packed with fascinating facts about each zodiac sign that provide deeper insight into your personality. By reading your free horoscope, you can gain clarity on whether or not this is a good time for you to make an important change or take a risk.

California Psychics also has an extensive blog full of informative articles on all kinds of topics, such as healing crystals and their energies, astral travel, numerology, and more.

The lack of video calling may be a downside for some, as it can make it harder to connect with the reader. However, the free psychic readings are still just as accurate and insightful without the video function.

Overall, California Psychics is an excellent choice for those seeking guidance on their spiritual journey. From affordable psychic readings and free horoscopes to the extensive blog section and 24/7 customer support, it's easy to see why so many people find solace in consulting with one of their psychics.

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Main Features Of California Psychics

  • Experienced and trustworthy psychic readers
  • Safe, secure online payment processing
  • Flexible payment plans available
  • 24/7 customer support team
  • Mobile app available


  • Variety of readings available
  • Free daily horoscopes
  • Extensive blog section full of informative articles
  • Affordable introductory offer


  • Limited chat options (no video calling)

California Psychics Free Psychic Reading Services

Clairvoyant Psychics

Clairvoyants can help you understand the root cause of any issue or struggle in your life so that you may make more informed decisions. They can also provide valuable advice on how to free yourself from external influences and start walking your spiritual path free from doubt and fear.

California Psychics offers a variety of clairvoyant readings, including past life readings, dream interpretations, love advice, angel card readings, and more. All of these services are provided by skilled professionals, who have been carefully vetted by their team of experts. Not only will they be able to deliver insightful messages tailored just for you, but they'll also be able to pick up on subtle changes in your energy and use them to further guide you along your journey.

Medium Psychics

Medium psychics offer a unique blend of clairvoyant readings and psychic advice. They use their intuitive skills to not only provide insight into the present but also connect with spirits from the past and future in order to uncover deeper truths.

By connecting with different planes of existence, medium psychics can help bring closure to unresolved issues that may be holding you back from achieving your full potential. They can help free you from the pain of grief and guilt by providing an open channel for communication between you and the deceased.

Numerology Psychics

Numerology is an ancient form of divination that uses numbers to unlock the mysteries of the universe. By using your birth date, numerology psychics can interpret how certain numerical vibrations influence your life and determine any patterns or cycles you may be experiencing in your current lifetime.

This type of reading is incredibly powerful and can offer insight into all aspects of your life, including relationships, career paths, spiritual growth, financial success, and more. A numerology psychic can help discover your true potential and find purpose in the world around you.

Pet Psychics

Pet psychics are psychics who specialize in providing readings for animals. Whether it's for a lost pet, an ill animal or one that simply needs some extra guidance and reassurance, a pet psychic can help. They use their intuitive abilities to tap into the animal's energy field and connect with the pet's spirit, allowing them to provide important insights into the pet's feelings, experiences, behavior and needs.

At California Psychics, they have experienced pet psychics who are adept at connecting with animals of all shapes and sizes. Not only can they provide insight into behavioral issues or health concerns, but they can also provide comfort during times of grief or illness. Their compassionate approach to pet readings has helped many people understand their beloved fur babies better so that they may form stronger bonds with them.

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4. Purple Garden - Top Accuracy Advisors With Affordable Rates

Purple Garden is a unique destination for those seeking reliable and accurate psychic readings. This website offers various services, including tarot readings, astrology readings, numerology readings and more. Their team of advisors is composed of highly experienced psychics who have studied the subtle art of divination and are able to provide insight into your life, career, relationships, and anything else that may be holding you back from finding success in life.

At Purple Garden, clients can select from an array of packages designed to meet their individual needs – these range from basic introductions to highly detailed sessions. Prices are reasonable, considering the quality of service that is provided. Advisors provide one-on-one guidance and will use their expertise to help you make sense of whatever situation you may be facing.

The accuracy of Purple Garden's readings is second-to-none; their team consistently delivers insightful guidance with high levels of accuracy. Their readings also come with a satisfaction guarantee; if you're unsatisfied, you can contact their customer service team for assistance.

At Purple Garden, they understand that life is unpredictable and ever-changing – which is why their advisors are always willing to provide clients with follow-up readings as needed. They also offer free resources on their website, which can help readers better understand any topics that may be discussed during a reading.

The website itself is easy to navigate and user-friendly, making it simple for anyone to find what they're looking for. All psychics are carefully vetted to ensure accuracy and reliability, so you can be sure that the advice you receive is sound and dependable. Additionally, customers have access to a secure payment system that ensures complete confidentiality.

At Purple Garden, new users are welcomed with a generous offer. Everyone who signs up on the website receives $10 in FREE psychic reading credits. This offer provides customers with an excellent opportunity to experience and benefit from the services offered by this site.

Moreover, Purple Garden also offers special discounts for returning customers. Those who have already enjoyed the benefits of their services may qualify for discounted rates when they book future sessions with Purple Garden's psychics. This incentive helps make psychic readings more accessible and affordable to everyone.

What sets Purple Garden apart from other websites offering psychic readings is their Journey Feature. This unique feature provides clients to share their personal stories and experiences with other readers on the website. It also allows readers to connect with those who have experienced a similar journey and can offer valuable advice.

The only downside of Purple Garden is its underwhelming blog section. This section features only a limited number of articles about the benefits of psychic readings and does not provide any details about the services offered by Purple Garden. Nonetheless, this is easily forgiven when taking into account the quality of psychic readings this site provides.

All in all, Purple Garden is an ideal source for those seeking reliable guidance at affordable rates – regardless of whether your interest lies in tarot readings, astrology, or numerology. Their professional advisors provide a safe and welcoming environment where clients can feel comfortable disclosing personal details without fear of judgment. For those who are curious about the possibilities that await them in life, Purple Garden should be their first choice!

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Main Features Of Purple Garden

  • Journey feature
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Secure payment system
  • Generous welcome offer


  • Highly accurate readings
  • Personalized guidance
  • Follow-up readings available
  • Free resources on the website


  • Underwhelming blog section

Purple Garden Psychic Reading Services

Palm Readings

At Purple Garden, clients can access the services of professional palm readers who use their well-trained skills and astrology knowledge to generate accurate predictions about their future.

The process involves various techniques, such as reading the shape and lines on the palm, interpreting any unusual markings, and looking at other physical characteristics. Palm readers are also able to identify past experiences and any potential issues that may arise in the near future.

Angel Insights

Angel insights are a form of psychic reading that allows readers to access the spiritual guidance and support of angelic beings. The readings provided by angel insights can be incredibly helpful for those seeking advice on difficult decisions or looking for clarity on challenging issues. By tapping into higher forces, readers can gain valuable insight into their current situation and have access to the wisdom and understanding required to make positive changes in their lives.

Love Readings

Love readings at Purple Garden are a popular request among clients. These readings can identify obstacles preventing couples from progressing in their relationship or even identify solutions for them if they find themselves in a difficult situation.

Clients who book love readings with Purple Garden will have access to experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge in matters related to relationships and love. Through their insights, clients can make better-informed decisions regarding their partner or potential partner without fear of making wrong choices.

Tarot Readings

These readings involve the use of tarot cards – an ancient form of divination that has been used for centuries. Tarot readers are able to gain insights into a person's current situation and provide guidance on how best to approach any upcoming challenges or opportunities. This type of reading is especially helpful for those seeking clarity in their lives or wanting to identify any potential issues before they manifest in the physical world.

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5. Mysticsense - Access Free Psychic Readings From Professional Readers

Mysticsense is a safe and secure platform connecting clients with a network of qualified psychics who offer guidance and insight into any situation, however complex or delicate. From uncovering your past lives to forecasting your future, Mysticsense provides unlimited access to free psychic readings anytime, anywhere.

At its core, Mysticsense is focused on helping individuals unearth deeper truths about their lives through meaningful conversations with knowledgeable psychics, be it via text message (chat) or direct telephone calls. Each conversation is tailored specifically to client needs and may include tarot card readings, mediumship (communication with spirits), astrology analysis, as well as other forms of advice-giving based on ancient wisdom. Clients may also pick from a wide range of topics, including love & relationships, career & finance, life path & purpose and many more.

All sessions are conducted with professional readers who have been pre-screened and carefully vetted by the Mysticsense team. The platform also boasts a user-friendly mobile application that makes it easy for customers to access readings on their devices. The app is fully encrypted so users can be certain their information is secure, while the intuitive design helps make navigating the different topics simple.

The best part about using Mysticsense is that they offer great introductory offers and discounts, so users can enjoy free psychic readings or discounted rates for their first paid session. And with a customer support team available 24/7, there's never any worry about finding the right psychic or getting your questions answered.

The Articles & Media section is also a great feature for those who would like to brush up on their understanding of astrology, tarot and other forms of psychic readings. This section contains articles written by experienced psychics as well as podcasts, which provide in-depth insight into the world of psychics.

So, if you're in need of a spiritual awakening or just want to get some answers about your life, Mysticsense is there to lend a helping hand. With a safe and secure environment, skilled psychics and affordability – it's easy to see why so many people turn to Mysticsense for their psychic guidance.

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Main Features Of Mysticsense

  • Live psychic readings
  • Strong security measures in place to protect user data
  • Introductory offers and discounts for first-time users
  • 24/7 customer support team available for help and queries


  • 5 FREE Minutes with your first reading
  • Easy-to-use mobile app available
  • Verified psychics who have been carefully vetted
  • Flexible free psychic readings sessions


  • Refund policy requires customers to use the service within certain limits
  • Small network of psychics

Mysticsense Free Psychic Reading Services

Spirituality Readings

The psychics at Mysticsense are knowledgeable and well-versed in different spiritual practices. They are able to offer guidance on various topics, such as meditation, mindfulness and healing through energy work. Customers can ask questions related to awakening their intuition or achieving greater clarity in their life so they may manifest the life they have always desired. The spiritual sessions also help customers make sense of any emotional blocks that may be holding them back from achieving success and happiness.

Love & Relationship Readings

Committed or single, the psychics at Mysticsense are here to help. With their experienced insight and understanding of relationships, customers can gain clarity on their relationship status and how best to confront any present challenges. The psychics at Mysticsense provide both short-term and long-term advice for finding love as well as maintaining it.

Life Path & Purpose Readings

The life path sessions are designed to help customers identify their true purpose and make sense of any personal challenges they may face. Through these readings, clients gain greater awareness around the decisions that shape their destiny and guidance on how to live more authentically in alignment with their dreams and goals.

Career & Finance Readings

Are you trying to advance your career or make a major investment move? Mysticsense is the place to go for knowledge and insight. The career and finance readings provide clarity on how financial decisions may affect future plans while gaining a greater understanding of the impact of one's current job situation.

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General Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Free Psychic Reading Accurate? 

Yes! Professional psychic readers practice various methods to ensure accuracy during their readings. The best psychics rely on their intuition and draw from years of experience and training in providing authentic readings. The accuracy of a free psychic reading depends heavily on the reader's skill and expertise in intuiting messages from the spirit world.

What Questions Can I Ask During a Free Psychic Reading? 

Some people ask questions about their future, such as when they will meet the love of their life or what career path is best for them. Others pose queries about current events in their lives, like whether to make an important decision or how to better handle their relationship with someone close. There are some good examples of what questions to ask during a free psychic readings session on via this source. Regardless of what you ask, it's best to keep your questions focused so you can get the most out of your reading session. 

Are Free Psychic Readings Safe? 

Yes! Seeking guidance from a psychic can help you work through many personal issues. However, it is important to ensure that your chosen reader is reputable and has your best interest in mind. Also, keep in mind that free psychic readings are not meant to be a substitute for professional medical or psychological care

Where Can I Find Free Psychic Readings? 

There are numerous websites that offer free psychic readings online. These sites often have extensive directories of psychics who specialize in different areas, such as tarot card readings, past life regressions, astrology, and more. Some sites may even provide free trial offers so you can test drive their services before committing to a paid reading.