Mini Income Streams Reviews: Should You Buy Rachel Rofe Low Hanging System? (2024 Update)

Mini Income Streams

Rachel Rofe has launched a new online training program called Mini Income Streams.

Available online through, Mini Income Streams teaches you how to generate income by selling custom mugs on Amazon and Etsy.

Is Mini Income Streams legit? Should you sign up for Mini Income Streams? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Mini Income Streams and Rachel Rofe’s new webinar today in our review.

What is Mini Income Streams?

Mini Income Streams is an ecommerce education platform teaching you how to make money online through small streams of income.

Rachel Rofe, creator of Mini Income Streams, makes a six figure income with just a few hours of work each month.

By buying Mini Income Streams today, you can discover how Rachel Rofe makes money online – and how you could make money with no experience or technical skills required.

As part of a 2024 promotion, the Mini Income Streams team has launched a webinar highlighting a specific opportunity involving mugs.

Anyone can list custom, branded mugs on Amazon and Etsy, then sell them for a profit. By attending the Mini Income Streams webinar, you can discover everything you need to know about the unique moneymaking opportunity.

Mini Income Streams is priced at a one-time fee of $2,497. Or, you can make three payments of $997. You receive immediate access to the program and all included training materials to help you achieve success online.

How Does Mini Income Streams Work?

With Mini Income Streams, Rachel Rofe aims to teach people how to earn a steady income online through various small business ventures.

Rachel earns a six figure income while working just a few hours per month. By buying Mini Income Streams today, you can discover the secrets to Rachel’s success.

Your Mini Income Streams purchase includes a bundle of guides, bonuses, videos, coaching calls, and more. You get everything you need to walk in Rachel’s footsteps and succeed by implementing mini income streams.

As part of a 2024 promotion, all Mini Income Streams purchases come with six bonuses, including expansion packs, weekly live masterclasses, lifetime access to the community, and exclusive access to software.

Overall, Mini Income Streams is a comprehensive business package featuring everything you need to succeed with your online business venture.

Grab Mini Income Streams at the current price – buy now before it’s too late!

How to Make Money Online Selling Branded Mugs

Rachel Rofe generates income online in multiple ways. Her latest business venture involves selling custom mugs.

Rachel earns income by selling custom mugs on Amazon and Etsy. She thinks of a phrase, slogan, word, or image, adds it to a custom mug, and sells it online for a large profit.

It’s a simple business anyone can implement. By buying Mini Income Streams today, you can discover how Rachel runs her mug business – and how you can create your own mugs online for profit with zero design experience required.

Rachel isn’t designing mugs at home. Instead, she never sees the mugs she designs. She works with online mug companies, then ships custom mugs directly to clients. It’s a hands-off business that has helped Rachel earn a six figure salary.

By downloading Mini Income Streams today, you can discover exactly how Rachel designs mugs and sells mugs online while working just a few hours per day. It’s a dead simple business anyone can do – and Rachel is confident the market won’t get oversaturated with her students because of the premium price tag of Mini Income Streams.

Mini Income Streams Free eBook: 5 Steps to $100k with “Mini Income Streams”

Don’t want to spend $2,497 for full access to Mini Income Streams? You can download a free eBook to get an idea for how Rachel Rofe’s Mini Income Streams system works.

That eBook is titled 5 Steps to $100k with “Mini Income Streams.” Anyone can download the eBook for free just by entering their name and email address into the online form.

Many students download the eBook for free before buying the full Mini Income Streams package. You can get the free eBook, then decide if Mini Income Streams is worth the investment.

Topics covered in the eBook include:

  • How Rachel makes a “super healthy six figure income” while working “just a few hours” each month
  • The innovative tools and software Rachel uses to automate 80% of the work, helping her achieve amazing results with minimal effort
  • How anyone can implement Rachel’s system with zero previous experience, very little time commitment, and no technical knowledge
  • The 3 huge sources of buyer traffic you can tap into using this system, helping you drive profitable traffic to your offers

And more

Overall, the eBook explains the basic details about Rachel Rofe’s journey to becoming a successful online entrepreneur. She explains how she achieved success through online business ventures – and how others could enjoy similar success.

Price: Free (just enter name and email address into online form to receive instant access)

What’s Included with Mini Income Streams?

As part of a 2024 promotion, Rachel Rofe and her team are bundling dozens of bonuses, guides, videos, and more with all purchases of Mini Income Streams.

As soon as your purchase is confirmed, you receive immediate access to all of the software, tools, guides, and more included with Mini Income Streams. You can access these tools on any device.

By buying Mini Income Streams online today, you get immediate access to the following:

Step by Step Video Training ($2,997 Value): The core of the Mini Income Streams program is the step-by-step video training series. This video training series walks you through the exact steps Rachel uses to sell mugs online. You can discover the way she designs mugs and creates slogans for mugs, for example. You can see the software she uses. You can see how she drives traffic to her mug pages on Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. The step-by-step video training walks you through the entire process, helping you go from a newbie to an expert in this specific online business niche.

Automation Software VIP License ($5,052 Value): You get a VIP license to the Mini Income Streams automation software. That software allows Rachel to run a successful business with just a few hours of work per week. By automating certain important processes, you can run your business easily regardless of how much extra time you have.

12 Months of Weekly Group Coaching Calls ($2,970 Value): Each week, students can sit down for group coaching calls. Your Mini Income Streams purchase includes 12 months’ worth of weekly group coaching calls. You can hear tips from other users, work together to surmount challenges, and get the tips you need to push your business forward. If you can’t make the live coaching calls, then you can also view future recordings of the calls.

Expert VIP Concierge Team ($1,188 Value): Your Mini Income Streams purchase includes complete access to Rachel’s VIP concierge team. The customer service team can answer questions, guide you on your path to launching a successful business, and provide basic coaching.

Mini Streams PRO – AI Enhanced VIP Tools ($997 Value): Artificial intelligence makes it easier than ever to run an online business. As part of a 2024 promotion, Rachel is bundling Mini Streams PRO with all purchases of the base Mini Income Streams package. Mini Streams PRO is a set of AI-enhanced VIP tools to help you run a successful business with as little work as possible. Rachel has setup this software specifically for her business ventures, and anyone can use this software to achieve powerful results online.

Free Bonus #1: 3 1-On-1 Touch Point Check-ins ($600 Value): Your purchase includes 3 check-in sessions. During these 1-on-1 sessions, you can get feedback on your business, discover what’s working and what isn’t, and hear from an expert who can guide you along the way. If you want professional coaching in a 1-on-1 setting, then this free bonus can help you achieve results. You get a call at the start of the program, another call in 30 days, and a third call in 60 days to ensure you’re on track.

Free Bonus #2: 6 Weekly Live Masterclasses ($600 Value): During live masterclasses, Rachel provides further insight into how she runs her businesses online, including the steps she takes to earn a six figure salary with just a few hours of work per week. Each masterclass can give you the tools needed to launch your own successful business. These live masterclasses start after enrollment in Mini Income Streams closes, and they can help leading students hit the ground running.

Free Bonus #3: Software Bundle: Picsplosion + Spot Niches 1 Year Access ($1,164 Value): Your purchase includes access to a software bundle featuring Picsplosion + Spot Niches. Rachel uses this software to limit the time she spends designing mugs and selling them online. Thanks to the software, Rachel can earn profit with just a few hours of work per week.

Free Bonus #4: Lifetime Access to Community ($997 Value): You get lifetime access to the Mini Income Streams community as part of your purchase. You can ask the community for advice, share your success, and learn from the leading students. You receive lifetime access to the Facebook Group.

Free Bonus #5: $50k USD in 90 Days Masterclass ($500 Value): Your purchase includes a bonus masterclass designed to teach you how to make $50,000 in 90 days. Rachel has multiple online business ventures dedicated to making money in unique ways. In this masterclass, you can discover how you could make a large amount of money in a short period of time through proven online business ventures. You look over Rachel’s shoulder to see how she made $50,000 in 90 days via Etsy. Rachel isn’t promising you can make similar returns, but she explains how she made $50,000 in 90 days in a step-by-step way.

Free Bonus #6: Easiest Payrise Ever – Expansion Pack ($997 Value): This expansion pack, bundled with all Mini Income Streams purchases, teaches you how to give yourself a raise no matter what happens at work. Rachel is dedicated to helping students increase their income through proven strategies, and this expansion pack can help. Why stop at mugs? The expansion pack teaches you additional strategies, profitable products to sell, and other tips and tricks of the trade to grow your online business exponentially.

3 Boxes of FBA Mugs ($1,512 Value): As part of a 2024 promotion, all Mini Income Streams purchases come with 3 boxes of white mugs with your design already imprinted. You can send these mugs to Amazon to be sold as Amazon Prime items, giving you 70% profit and lots of extra sales. According to Rachel, this benefit alone “can potentially pay for your entire investment” into the program.

90 Day Moneyback Guarantee: If you tried the program and didn’t like it, then you can request a complete refund within 90 days (assuming you meet certain qualifications, as mentioned below). All purchases come with an automatic 90 day moneyback guarantee.

If you add up the value you receive, it comes to a total of $18,062. As part of a 2024 promotion, you can access all of these materials for under $2,500.

Mini Income Streams Reviews

Mini Income Streams Reviews: How Much Money Can You Make?

Mini Income Streams and Low Hanging System have strong reviews online from previous students, and many students appear to have genuinely launched thriving online businesses because of the systems.

Here are some of the reviews and earnings testimonials shared via the official website:

One student posted an image of his Amazon Seller account showing he had sold 4,696 units in the last 7 days, earning him around $2,487 per day.

Another student earned “$20k in 30 days” with the program, claiming units “are flying out the door.” It took him a bit of time to implement the system, but it rapidly grew once he figured everything out. That student posted an Amazon Seller screenshot showing daily sales of $1,145 and over $20,000 of sales in the last 30 days.

Multiple students report earning over $1,000 per day through Amazon and Etsy sales combined after following Rachel’s program.

One student has earned a total of $248,259 by following Rachel’s program, and she aims to reach $250,000 in total revenue.

One student claims she earned $8,500 in January through Rachel’s program.

Another student claims to have received 1,088 Amazon orders in December alone, describing her online business venture as “a dream.”

One student earned his first sale three days after launching his Etsy shop. Today, 119 days later, he just reached 100 sales.

One student posted an image showing over $165,630 worth of sales (10,222 units in the last 30 days alone.

Overall, many Mini Income Streams and Low Hanging System students appear to have earned enormous returns on their investment through the program, with many students earning $100 to $1,000 per day through the program.

Rachel is careful to explain the results and experiences above are not typical. However, many students have had enormous success with the program, launching profitable businesses and earning tens of thousands of dollars via Rachel’s training.

Don’t take our word for it – read authentic reviews of Mini Income Streams by clicking here!

Other Mini Income Streams Features

Other features and benefits of Mini Income Streams include:

Implement from Any Country: As long as you have an internet connection, you can easily implement Rachel’s system. Many of Rachel’s students come from the United States and Australia, but she has students from all over the world.

No Technical Skills Required: You don’t need any technical skills to design mugs and sell them. Instead, Rachel uses easy software to earn income online.

Immediate Access to Everything: After you pay for Mini Income Streams online, you receive immediate access to all of the tools above.

Easy to Use Software: As long as you can click your left mouse button, you can use Mini Income Streams’ software to successfully sell mugs online.

Invest 30 to 60 Minutes Per Day: Rachel recommends spending 30 to 60 minutes per day on the business to achieve success. Once your business is up and running, however, you can spend just a few hours per week on it.

No Additional Expenses Required: Once you pay for Mini Income Streams, you don’t need to spend any other money. Some students choose to become an Amazon Pro seller, which costs $40 per month. However, it’s not required to sell things on Amazon.

Demand Growing Faster Than Supply: Rachel isn’t worried about saturating the online mug market with students who have completed her program. Instead, she claims ecommerce is surging and demand is growing faster than supply, and she’s confident students will have no trouble selling products online.

No Design Skills Required: Some of Rachel’s students create mugs with unique designs. Others, however, just create mugs with text – like silly slogans, memes, or phrases. You don’t need any design or art skills to successfully sell mugs online. The software does the work for you.

Live Coaching, Check-Ins, and Meetings: Rachel doesn’t just throw a bunch of training materials at you and ignore you; instead, your purchase comes with live coaching, 1-on-1 check-ins, lifetime access to a community, weekly masterclasses, and other perks. Rachel and her team want to do everything in their power to help you run a profitable business.

Overall, Mini Income Streams is a done-for-you business opportunity explaining exactly what you need to get started. By following the system and the included training materials, you could make money online.

Mini Income Streams Pricing

Mini Income Streams is available for a one-time fee of $2,497. Or, you can make 3 separate payments of $997.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering online today:

  • Easy 3-Pay Plan: 3 payments of $997 (pay $997 per month for 3 months)
  • Best Value Discount (Save $494): $2,497 (one time payment)

Don’t wait! Buy Mini Income Streams now and lock in the current price before it rises!

No matter which program you select, you receive instant access to Mini Income Streams and all included materials as soon as your purchase is confirmed.

Mini Income Streams Refund Policy

Mini Income Streams has a 90 day moneyback guarantee. However, you must meet certain qualifications to receive a refund.

To receive a 100% moneyback refund from Mini Income Streams, you must:

  • Have stayed in the program for the entire guarantee period (90 days)
  • Have studied the course materials, completed the program, and took necessary action
  • Have listed at least 90 different mugs on both Amazon and Etsy

If you meet these qualifications and were dissatisfied with Mini Income Streams for any reason, then you can request a 100% refund within 90 days. Contact to initiate the refund process.

Who is Rachel Rofe?

Rachel Rofe is an online entrepreneur from Australia who has been selling products online since 1997. She has worked full-time in digital marketing since 2016.

Rachel Rofe

Before launching Mini Income Streams, Rachel was best-known for her “Low Hanging System,” an online training program designed with similar promises to Mini Income Streams. Low Hanging System taught students how to sell print on-demand products on Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. Mini Income Streams follows a similar approach.

Rachel has been featured in Entrepreneur, Woman’s World, and Fox News. She is also the host of “A Better Life, with Rachel Rofe.” And, she’s a bestselling author.

You can learn more about Rachel at her official website here.

Contact Mini Income Streams

Mini Income Streams is a registered business in Australia. Mini Income Streams and Rachel’s Low Hanging System are managed by Knowledge Events Pty Ltd, which also does business under the name Knowledge Source.

You can contact the Mini Income Streams team via the following:

  • Phone: (03) 9490 8888
  • Email:
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 1383 Collingwood, VIC 3066, Australia

Final Word

Rachel Rofe and her team at Mini Income Streams have launched a new training program. You can discover how to make money online by selling custom mugs.

Rachel earns a six-figure income through various online business ventures – including custom mug sales. By buying Mini Income Streams today, you get immediate access to the tools Rachel uses to run her business with just a few hours of work per week.

To learn more about Mini Income Streams and what you’ll learn, or to buy access to the program today, visit the official website.

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