Best Semen Enhancers Reviewed - Top Sperm Volume Vitamin Pills for Men (2024 Top Picks)

Best Semen Enhancers

Our team has researched the best semen enhancers that can increase sperm volume and sperm count to boost your sexual performance. These dietary supplements can improve your testosterone levels as well. Let’s find out more about them!

Which Are The Best Semen Enhancers Available Today?

We have listed the best supplements with natural ingredients that can help increase semen volume and testosterone levels. Let’s take a look at the best semen enhancers:



  • Ingredients: L-Arginine HCL, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Aspartate, Horny Goat Weed, Pumpkin Seed, Maca Root, Catuaba Bark, L-Lysine, Vitamin E, etc.
  • Servings: Starts at 30 servings
  • Price: Starts at $59.95
  • Guarantee: 67-day money-back guarantee

Semenax is a male enhancement supplement that can increase semen volume and promote the intensity of your orgasms. Semenax can boost testosterone levels with the help of high-quality ingredients derived from trusted sources.

This supplement can support orgasm intensity by improving your sperm count. You can experience a better sex drive with Semenax. The proven combination of all-natural ingredients used in Semenax can increase blood flow to your reproductive organs and increase sperm volume.

This supplement nourishes sperm cells so you can witness more in your body. It can also stimulate testosterone production in your body so that you can enjoy high energy levels and tackle fatigue.



  • Ingredients: Muira Puama Extract, Maca Root Extract, Tribulus Terrestris Extract, Pumpkin Seed Extract, Zinc Oxide, L-Lysine, etc.
  • Servings: Starts at 30 servings
  • Price: Starts at $59.99
  • Guarantee: 60-day money-back guarantee

Semenoll is produced by one of the most prevalent brands in the health industry. Semenoll can enhance semen production and help increase sperm volume with its 100% natural ingredients.

This supplement is designed for men of all ages to provide complete reproductive support. You can get multiple health benefits from this supplement, as it boosts testosterone levels and supports overall sexual health.

Semenoll can increase sperm count and quality so you can enjoy it with your partner. Since this supplement improves your semen volume, you can experience intense orgasms and better reproductive function.

Fertility Factor 5

Fertility Factor 5

  • Ingredients: Panax Ginseng, Zinc Oxide, Bioperine, LJ100, Selenium, etc.
  • Servings: Starts at 30 servings
  • Price: Starts at $59.95
  • Guarantee: 67-day money-back guarantee

Fertility Factor 5 provides fertility support to men who have sexual problems. Today’s poor lifestyle has given way to several male factor issues that have led to poor sexual performance in bed.

This supplement uses all-natural ingredients to show significant improvement in different sperm parameters. Fertility Factor 5 has been extensively researched by medical professionals. It has been proven to show no unwanted side effects in users.

This supplement can boost testosterone levels in your body, giving way to better nitric oxide levels. It can promote blood circulation in your reproductive system, supporting high orgasm intensity and better sexual performance. Fertility Factor 5 can increase sperm count and health.

Fertility Factor 5 can nourish sperm cells to increase volume. It can boost semen quality and even support testosterone production to better your sex life.

Volume Pills

Volume Pills

  • Ingredients: Solidilin, Dong Chong Xia Cao, Embilica Officinalis, Xian Mao, Tian Men Dong, etc.
  • Servings: Starts at 30 servings
  • Price: Starts at $59.95
  • Guarantee: 67-day money-back guarantee

Volume Pills have been formulated using 100% natural ingredients that have been a part of the Chinese medicine industry for decades. With Volume Pills, you can improve sperm production.

Volume Pills can increase ejaculate volume even in older men by boosting blood circulation to the reproductive organs. This dietary supplement can enhance your semen volume and improve reproductive function.

Volume Pills can support healthy testosterone levels that can enhance your sexual desire and support overall sexual health. When you take Volume Pills daily, you can experience more volume of sperm. Volume Pills can help you experience better and firmer erections.

Every pack of Volume Pills contains 60 capsules. Taking two tablets daily can increase sperm volume in older men as well.

Leading Edge Health produces Volume Pills. This brand makes Volume Pills in state-of-the-art cGMP-compliant facilities.



  • Ingredients: L-Citrulline, Black Maca Root, Shilajit, B Vitamins, Bioperine, Zinc Citrate, Pine Bark Extract, etc.
  • Servings: Starts at 30 servings
  • Price: Starts at $69
  • Guarantee: 100-day money-back guarantee

UltraLoad guarantees powerful ejaculation and increased semen volume within a few weeks of consumption. You can experience enhanced sexual performance after you take UltraLoad capsules. This supplement can boost your sexual desire and sex drive to enjoy yourself better in bed.

UltraLoad contains a potent combination of all-natural ingredients to increase sperm volume and support bigger and harder erections in men. These ingredients nourish sperm cells, improve sperm count, and boost sperm health.

This supplement can increase blood flow to your reproductive organs and help stimulate testosterone production so that you enjoy intense orgasms.

Max Performer

Max Performer

  • Ingredients: Horny Goat Weed, Maca Root, Zinc Oxide, Ginseng, Selenium, Cordyceps, Bioperine, etc.
  • Servings: Starts at 30 servings
  • Price: Starts at $69
  • Guarantee: 100-day money-back guarantee

Max Performer is the ideal support system for those individuals who want to improve their overall sexual health naturally. Max Performer can act as a powerful semen enhancer and increase semen volume in men.

Max Performer uses high-quality ingredients clinically proven to improve sperm count, volume, and quality. It uses an empirical formula of natural ingredients to stimulate testosterone production in your body, which can enhance your sexual performance extensively.

Many users have claimed in their Max Performer reviews online that this supplement helps increase sperm volume and sperm motility.

VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus

  • Ingredients: Muira Pauma Bark Extract, Saw Palmetto, Ginseng, Hawthorn Berry, Catuaba Bark Extract, Ginkgo Biloba, etc.
  • Servings: Starts at 30 servings
  • Price: Starts at $69.95
  • Guarantee: 67-day money-back guarantee

VigRX Plus capsules can boost your stamina and energy levels using all-natural ingredients from trusted sources. VigRX Plus can improve testosterone levels and enhance sperm production and semen volume.

This supplement can keep your sperm health intact by providing proper nourishment and supporting healthy sperm cell count. It can help you increase libido and experience more volume of sperm cells with the help of scientifically-engineered formulation.

VigRX Plus can increase sperm volume by promoting seminal fluid so that you experience larger and firmer erections and live a pleasurable sex life.

Taking these daily capsules can significantly improve semen quality and boost sexual performance.



  • Ingredients: Kiwi, Strawberry, Celery, Banana, Vitamin C, Pineapple, etc.
  • Servings: Starts at 30 servings
  • Price: Starts at $39.95
  • Guarantee: 67-day money-back guarantee

Many users have called SemEnhance the best semen enhancer in their reviews online. SemEnhance can support healthy testosterone levels, so you witness an improvement in overall sexual health.

This supplement is made using quality ingredients that are derived from trusted sources to enhance your well-being. The natural ingredients in SemEnhance work together to increase sperm volume.

With increased semen volume and motility, you can enjoy more in bed. This supplement stimulates testosterone production in your body to enhance your sexual performance.



  • Ingredients: Panax Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Damiana, Menthol, etc.
  • Servings: Starts at 30 patches
  • Price: Starts at €50.00
  • Guarantee: NA

ProEnhance does not come in supplement form but is available in a patch-based delivery system to increase blood flow to your reproductive organs to enjoy multiple benefits.

This patch features five layers of different formulations (herbal, menthol blend, etc.) to supply nutrients through your skin into the body. Only premium ingredients are used in ProEnhance patches to nourish sperm cells, increasing volume.

If you don’t want to take supplements to increase semen volume, use these patches to improve your sperm health and support healthy testosterone levels. It can boost your sexual performance by enhancing your sexual desire and letting you experience larger and harder erections.

Does Science Support The Ingredients In The Best Semen Enhancers?

In this section, we will investigate deeper into an often neglected topic of male fertility – assessing if science thoroughly backs up the claims about ingredients in some of the best semen enhancers available today:

L-Arginine HCL

L-arginine hydrochloride (or L-arginine HCL) is an essential amino acid that helps to make proteins in our body. It’s naturally produced by our bodies but can also be found in foods like meat, dairy products, fish, and nuts.

Several studies have demonstrated that L-arginine HCL can increase semen quality and volume. One study examined 150 infertile men given 5 grams of L-arginine HCl daily for three months and other fertility treatments.

After the 12-week trial period, researchers found a significant increase in sperm count and semen volume compared to subjects taking no supplements or just a placebo.

Zinc Aspartate

Zinc is essential for maintaining health, promoting growth and development, and supporting normal immunity levels. The National Institutes of Health recommends dietary doses between 11–13 mg/day for adult men. Research suggests that when inadequate or insufficient amounts are taken in by diet or supplements, it can lead to deficiencies or other health issues.

Recent studies have been conducted to analyze how Zinc Aspartate affects semen quality & volume, and fertility. One such study explored the effects on male fertility status determination using different diets supplemented with either ZnAs or CoQ10 plus astaxanthin.

The results showed significant differences in both semen parameters, which suggested positive effects on improving overall semen quality & quantity due to supplementation with these two agents combined. Another investigation studied men suffering from oligozoospermia (low sperm count).

Results showed that those who received treatment with 7 mg/day of elemental Zn from ZnAs experienced an increase in semen volume compared to baseline values suggesting improvement due to supplementation.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed is an herbal supplement derived from the leaf of the Epimedium plant. It belongs to the genus Epimedium and consists mainly of icariin compounds. Historically, it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac and for male fertility issues such as impotence.

Studies have shown that horny goat weed may improve semen quality by increasing sperm count, motility, and morphology. A recent study published in Virility Journal revealed that horny goat weed extract significantly improved semen quality in infertile men who took it for two months.

The study showed that those taking the extract had a 47 percent increase in their total sperm count per milliliter compared to those who did not take the supplement. Additionally, researchers found an improvement in sperm morphology – which may enhance conception possibilities – and improved motility rates.

Maca Root

Maca root (Lepidium meyenii) is a tuberous plant native to the high Andes Mountains in Peru, growing at elevations between 8,000 and 14,500 feet above sea level. The edible maca root resembles a radish but tastes like a sweet potato. It grows in different colors, including yellowish-gray, purple and light brown.

Maca root contains high levels of nitrogen-containing compounds known as glucosinolates. These glucosinolates are believed to be responsible for maca’s effects on sperm production by stimulating cells within the testes involved in sperm production.

Additionally, maca may increase levels of hormones such as testosterone which further support increases in sperm quality, motility, and count.

Catuaba Bark

The specific mechanisms by which Catuaba Bark works are not fully understood; however, it may be linked to alterations of neurotransmitter levels in the brain. In particular, research suggests it can increase dopamine release while reducing serotonin levels, potentially leading to improved sexual arousal and performance.

In addition, there is evidence that it could increase blood flow to the penis, further enhancing erectile function.

One study involving 20 men between 19-30 years old found that 40 days of supplementation with Catuaba at dosages ranging from 1-2g per day significantly improved markers of semen quality, such as total sperm count and progressive motility.

Another study involving infertile subjects found that treatment with a combination of Catuaba bark extract and Surahal (Rauwolfia vomitoria) improved sperm count and volume.

Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin seed (Cucurbita pepo) is an edible seed harvested from pumpkins and other squash varieties. The seeds are oval and have a hard outer shell that encloses a soft inner kernel containing essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. In alternative medicine practices, they are often ground into a powder or added as a whole food ingredient to soups, salads, curries, or other dishes.

Recent research on pumpkin seeds suggests that the compounds found in this food can help improve male reproductive health in numerous ways.

Studies indicate that pumpkin seeds can enhance sex hormone levels – Animal studies suggest that compounds in pumpkin seeds may increase testosterone levels by blocking certain enzymes responsible for breaking down testosterone molecules.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is vital in helping produce healthy sperm cells by increasing their swimming ability and motility rate – making them more likely to reach an egg during conception – and decreasing the number of abnormal cells present.

In addition to boosting semen quality, Vitamin C has improved overall male fertility by increasing testosterone levels in men with lower-than-normal sperm counts.

According to a study published in Fertility & Sterility (2006), higher levels of vitamin C were found to significantly increase total motile count (TMC) by 20% when compared with those who had lower levels of vitamin C intake.

Another study published in the International Journal of Andrology showed that high doses of vitamin c supplementation over six months increased TMC by 146%.

How Did We Determine The Top Semen Enhancers?

Our research and editorial team determined the efficacy of the top semen enhancers by calculating their ability to increase semen volume and boost testosterone levels simultaneously.

Here are the ranking factors in detail:

Science-Backed Ingredients

Our team only included those supplements in this list that contained science-backed ingredients proven to stimulate testosterone production and improve sperm volume and sperm count.

These natural ingredients included vitamins C, D, and E, horny goat weed, maca root, folic acid, L-arginine, zinc oxide, Tribulus Terrestris, and others. They have been proven to affect your sperm cells and testosterone levels positively.

We rejected any supplement containing low-quality ingredients for this list.

Doctor Recommended Supplements

Most of the supplements on our list use doctor-approved formulations or are endorsed by at least one medical professional. If a person from the medical community backs a supplement, we prefer it over others.

These supplements can be trusted to increase semen volume and testosterone levels. They can boost your sexual health without causing any side effects.

Advertised Benefits

Our team only included those supplements that made realistic claims about their usage. This industry is infamous for its ridiculous and over-the-top claims. All the supplements on our list work gradually to tackle low sperm count and volume. They stimulate testosterone production in your body to boost your sex drive naturally.

Brand Reputation

All the brands on our list enjoy a solid reputation for making good supplements in the industry. Their manufacturing process complies with cGMP guidelines and only uses premium ingredients in their supplements.

Price & Value

We have affordable supplements on our list that won’t burn a hole in your pockets. They use quality ingredients to increase semen volume. Buying multiple bottles can help you save a lot of money too.

Money-Back Guarantee

These supplements might not increase semen volume and testosterone levels in all men. If you don’t experience any difference in your sperm volume or sperm quality, you can use the money-back guarantee these supplements offer.

FAQs About Semen Enhancers

People have questions about how supplements can increase semen volume. We have answered the most common questions here:

Q: Are Semen Enhancers Safe?

A: Natural ingredients that stimulate testosterone production and enhance sperm volume are safe.

Q: How Do Semen Enhancers Increase Semen Volume?

A: Supplements increase semen volume by improving blood circulation and boosting testosterone levels.

Q: What Are The Side Effects Of Semen Enhancers?

A: Apart from increasing your testosterone levels and sperm volume, these supplements can cause headaches, indigestion, nausea, and dry mouth in daily users.

Q: How Can You Increase Your Sperm Count Naturally?

A: You can increase sperm count and volume naturally by doing the following things:

  • Taking vitamin D and vitamin C in your diet
  • Quitting smoking and alcohol
  • Reducing stress
  • Maintaining healthy weight

Q: Can Increased Blood Flow Boost Semen Volume?

A: Yes, it can help in increasing semen volume, boosting testosterone levels, and enhancing sexual performance.

Q: What Happens To Sperm Count When Men Grow Older?

A: When you grow old, testosterone production reduces, and your sperm count and sperm volume decrease.

Q: Can Vitamin D Supplementation Increase Testosterone Levels?

A: Vitamin D supplementation can help in increasing testosterone levels. Vitamin D can also boost nitric oxide levels and increase sperm volume. Vitamin D has been proven to enhance your semen load and sperm count.

Final Word On The Top Semen Enhancers – Are They Worth It?

The top semen enhancers above use natural ingredients to increase ejaculation and sperm volume. They can help you to shoot more semen load and stimulate testosterone production in the body.

However, it is crucial to remember that these semen enhancer supplements, like any supplement, should be used cautiously and only as advised.

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