Cortexi Reviews - Ingredients That Work or Side Effects Risk? Complaints Revealed in 2024


Do you worry about losing your hearing? Feel as though your memory and overall cognitive sharpness have been slowly fading? If so, a team has presented a dietary supplement they claim can reduce these symptoms. Given that this solution is 100% natural, our editorial team was understandably skeptical about such a claim. How much of an impact could a natural remedy make in a time when modern medicines don’t seem to work ultimately? This inquiry served as our motivation for writing this review. Without further delay, here’s what we managed to muster on Cortexi.

What is Cortexi?

Cortexi is a hearing support supplement that can improve cognition, memory, and hearing. One might infer from the statement above that this formula seeks to enhance the connection between the brain and hearing. Sound waves enter our inner ear and vibrate microscopic hair cells, which deliver electrical signals to the auditory nerve. From there, the vibrations travel to the brain’s acoustic center, where they are converted into audible sounds. Typically, hearing loss or impairments are attributed to hampered translation processes that force the brain to fail to detect familiar sounds. When left unattended, people are also susceptible to cognitive decline. Let’s examine the ingredients in question to understand the Cortexi formula.

Cortexi Ingredients

What’s Inside Cortexi?

Cortexi boasts not one but 20 ingredients, most of which make the proprietary blend (200mg). These include:

Maca Root Extract

Maca root, commonly known as Peruvian ginseng, is generally used to increase energy and libido. Moreover, it might improve sperm concentration and lessen sexual dysfunction brought on by anti-depressant use. There are currently only a few relatively limited findings regarding cognition. In particular, maca root has been linked to motor coordination and lessened cognitive decline associated with aging.

Grapeseed Extract

GSE, or grapeseed extract, is a dietary supplement created by grinding dried grape seeds. According to one source, it is typically consumed by its abundant antioxidants, including phenolic acids, anthocyanins, flavonoids, and oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes. In other words, people may count on receiving the best defense against tissue damage, inflammation, and oxidative stress.

Based on existing research, this ingredient is especially useful in reducing blood pressure, cancer risk, and the effects of oxidative damage, boosting blood flow, kidney function, liver function, and collagen levels, preventing bacterial growth, and supporting wound healing and brain function with age. Specifically, its concentration of gallic acid is believed to deter memory loss and reduce brain lesions.

Guarana Seed Extract

Guarana is a Brazilian shrub whose mature fruit seeds are powdered. This ingredient contains many catechins, tannins, and saponins, all alleged to defend against free radicals. Its caffeine content may help preserve mental acuity and vigor. We were surprised to learn that it could perhaps enhance cognition as well. One article, in particular, mentioned guarana’s capacity for bettered mood, learning, and memory. Additional possible outcomes include weight loss, reduced constipation symptoms, improved heart, skin, and eye health, and pain alleviation.

Eleuthero Root Extract

Eleuthero root extract is another ginseng (often referred to as Siberian ginseng) that has met the requirements for Cortexi. This ingredient is believed to be an adaptogen, a term used to describe herbs that boost how well the body handles stress while possibly addressing other health issues. Regarding cognition, eleuthero root has been demonstrated to increase mental performance in patients suffering from mild stress exhaustion.

Astragalus Root Extract

Astragalus root is an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine for its immune-boosting, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory qualities. It has long been used to treat exhaustion, allergies, and the common cold. Although there is tentative evidence that it can improve functional recovery in stroke patients and alleviate nerve injury, these findings are allegedly the result of low-quality animal studies or cell-based research. Therefore, we cannot make any conclusions until more research is done.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Green tea leaf extract is derived from the Camellia sinensis plant. This ingredient has long been used in tea to aid digestion, but it may also promote a positive mood and sharp thinking. A thorough analysis of green tea’s effects on cognition, emotion, and brain function found that it significantly reduced anxiety, improved memory and attention, and activated working memory. Caffeine and an amino acid called L-theanine work together to produce these advantages.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema sylvestre is known as “the sugar destroyer” due to its potential to combat diabetes and aid in weight management. This ingredient’s ability to reduce oxidative stress may be beneficial for maintaining brain and hearing health. Nevertheless, not much evidence is currently available to support such an association.

Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract

Coleus forskohlii is a species of a tropical plant in the mint family. Its key ingredient, forskolin, made headlines almost ten years ago. Notably, the latter is thought to have various health advantages, including easing a cough, asthma symptoms, sleeplessness, and skin conditions. In addition, this ingredient has been used specifically for weight loss since it may break down fat, increase calorie expenditure, and lessen hunger sensations. However, more research is still needed on this front.

Capsicum Extract

Capsicum extract is made from the compound capsaicin found in chili peppers. Our editorial team was again shocked to discover that it might lessen inflammation. One source explained how capsicum extract contains a rich source of antioxidants reckoned to rid the body of free radicals known to give rise to conditions like cancer, autoimmune disorders, and heart disease. Other benefits include pain reduction for joint problems such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and diabetic neuropathy.

This blend also boasts the likes of Grapefruit Seed Extract, Panax Ginseng, Raspberry Ketones, L-Glutamine, L-Tyrosine, L-Arginine, Beta-Alanine, Monoammonium Glycyrrhizinate, GABA, L-Ornithine, Hydrochloric Acid, L-Tryptophan, and L-Carnitine, all of which happen to enhance brain and cognitive function, positive mood, or ease inflammation in the body.

Cortexi Supplement Facts

Cortexi Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What features does Cortexi have?

A: Cortexi is made with all-natural, organic, and GMO-free ingredients. The formula is also devoid of any fillers or potentially harmful additives. How can anyone overlook that this solution (thanks to its vegetarian nature) is fairly inclusive? Finally, because the tincture is flavorless, it can be included in any meal.

Q: Who is Cortexi suitable for?

A: Regardless of gender or age, Cortexi is acceptable for adults (except nursing or pregnant women) with mild memory or hearing difficulties. But, before committing to a purchase, individuals with a pre-existing medical condition might wish to speak with a healthcare provider.

Q: What kinds of outcomes will Cortexi contribute to?

A: Based on the claims made by the creators, Cortexi should be able to support healthy hearing, strengthen memory and sharpen mental acuity. But of course, it comes down to how severe one’s memory and hearing loss is. This supplement may substantially affect mild cases more than severe ones.

Q: How long will it take to see or feel results using Cortexi?

A: Individuals should, on average, experience an improvement in their hearing and cognition after routinely taking this supplement for just one week. The best outcomes can be expected when taken for three months or longer.

Q: How should Cortexi be taken?

A: The creators recommend taking one full dropper of Cortexi underneath the tongue before breakfast first thing in the morning. If this is not desired, a dropper in a glass of water can be dissolved for the same outcome.

Q: How long will one Cortexi bottle last?

A: Each serving is approximately 1ml. Thus, consumers should take 60 servings throughout one to two months.

Q: What is the estimated arrival time for Cortexi purchases?

A: The projected arrival time for Cortexi orders within the USA is five to seven business days; if not, it could take up to 14 business days.

Q: Does a money-back guarantee protect Cortexi?

A: There is a 60-day money-back guarantee in place for Cortexi. It is strongly encouraged to request a refund from customer service if users do not notice any progress in their capabilities within the first 60 days of the purchase date. Per the team, the refund will be processed within 48 hours of Cortexi’s return. Before shipping the products, individuals must get the customer support team’s approval, as there are specific eligibility requirements to meet. For more information, consider one of the following means of contact:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1 (201) 977 6294

Q: How much does Cortexi cost?

A: The following pricing has been established by the team because each Cortexi bottle might last up to two months, and how important it is to use the solution over the long term (before shipping and handling and other applicable fees):

  • 1 Cortexi bottle: $69 each
  • 3 Cortexi bottles: $59 each
  • 6 Cortexi bottles: $49 each

Cortexi Bonuses

Cortexi Final Thoughts

As noted in the analysis above, Cortexi appears to be more of a supplement for brain health than a supplement for assisting hearing, and here’s why. The reported ingredients might favorably impact working memory, understanding, and mood. The brain is the organ that converts vibrations into audible sounds. Hence, any problems with brain function may affect hearing. Similarly, a deterioration in cognitive function has been linked to hearing loss. So, in the big picture, this strategy might be helpful.

However, given that each dosage contains 200mg of more than 20 ingredients, the benefits are debatable. Using proprietary blends makes it even more difficult because we cannot determine how the ingredients are divided. It’s also worth noting that many elements may be irrelevant for Cortexi. Ultimately, each person may have to consult the customer support team and possibly a healthcare professional before placing an order. For more clarity on the Cortexi formula, click here>>>.

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