Elephant Kratom: Discover the Best Strains and Shops in our Review

Elephant Kratom

Elephant kratom is one of the most sought after kratom lineages in the kratom market. Unlike most kratom lineages that are named after where it originated from, elephant kratom obtained its name from the shape of its huge kratom leaves which resemble large floppy elephant ears. Loved for its effects and experience, elephant kratom is regarded as a gem by the kratom community.

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Elephant Kratom Origins

Elephant kratom is a lineage thought to originate from Indonesia. Generally, elephant kratom is only cultivated in northwest Sumatra where it grows deep in the rainforest. This makes the area difficult to access. Combined with the fact that it cannot be cultivated on a large scale, there is no reliable supply chain for the variety making it a relatively rare strain.

Elephant kratom is usually cultivated by Ayurvedic farmers who do not use any chemicals making it a completely organic product. Thriving in a hot humid environment with rich fertile soil, elephant kratom has a higher-than-normal concentration of alkaloids compared to other strains. Its large kratom leaves are thought to reflect its higher alkaloid concentration as well. These strains contain high concentrations of mitraphylline, mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and more.

Elephant Kratom Effects and Benefits

Elephant kratom has many benefits making it a popular strain among many kratom users. It is loved for its effects that provide a mild and pleasant experience suitable for both kratom beginners and veterans. Its fragrance and taste are like its effects as well, mild without the excessive bitterness experienced from other kratom varieties. Some of the benefits of elephant kratom include the following:

Relaxation and Sleep Aid

Elephant kratom can offer users a relaxing and calming sensation. Many users have reported being able to take the edge off during or after a stressful and hectic day. Since elephant kratom is a much milder variety compared to other strains, users are able to feel relaxed without too much of a sedative impact. Due to its relaxation properties, elephant kratom is also suitable as a sleep aid for users who suffer from insomnia. It not only lulls the user to sleep but also increases the quantity and quality of rest.

Mood Elevation

Elephant kratom can help elevate or improve the user’s mood. While some may misunderstand that this causes the user to feel high, this is not the case. Users of elephant kratom has reported that instead of the traditional high, they feel uplifted, motivated, and optimistic. This in turn helps them to get more done, making it a perfect strain for those with depression and anxiety.


Like most kratom strains, elephant kratom has pain relieving properties that can benefit users who experience chronic mild to severe pain. This allows users to not have to rely solely on prescription pain medication. The best strain of elephant kratom for pain would be red elephant kratom. Combined with the other effects of elephant kratom such as relaxation and mood elevation, elephant kratom could be a game changer for many individuals as it greatly improves their quality of life.

Energy Booster

Users of elephant kratom have experienced an energy boost especially with green and white elephant kratom. Both these strains can help their users go on for hours, an effect that is extremely useful for those with long workdays or working long hours to meet a dateline. Therefore, elephant kratom is often used as a caffeine substitute as it offers similar benefits without the jitteriness often seen with coffee.

Mental Clarity

Elephant kratom users have described experiencing improved mental clarity especially with the use of white and green elephant kratom. They described it as being able to focus and concentrate better due to decreased distractions. This in turn betters their memory, increases their productivity levels, and keeps users in “the zone” for many hours.

Opiate Withdrawal

Although it is best to seek professional help when it comes to opiate withdrawal, there are some users who have reported relief by using elephant kratom. The high concentrations of alkaloids interact with the opioid receptors in the brain. Users going through opiate withdrawal can obtain significant relief from as little as one dose a day.

Elephant Kratom Strains

Elephant kratom can be divided into the following strains. All these strains have their own unique properties and effects.

Red Vein Elephant Kratom

Red elephant kratom is the most mellow out of the entire lineage. Red elephant has been described to be smooth and robust, bringing effects of relaxation, analgesia, and mood elevation. Red vein elephant is the best kratom strain for users who are looking to chill out at the end of the day as it has a more sedative impact compared to its counterparts.

Green Vein Elephant Kratom

Green vein elephant is the most balanced out of all the elephant varieties. It offers the best of both red and white elephant kratom, making it the best choice for kratom beginners who are unsure of what effects they are looking for. Their balanced effects include some degree of pain relief, relaxation, mood elevation, energy boost, and improved focus. It can be used at any time of the day and is also suitable as a caffeine replacement.

White Vein Elephant Kratom

White vein elephant is an uplifting and refreshing strain that offers a substantial energy boost, mental clarity, and improved focus. It is the best choice as a caffeine substitute as it helps user to kickstart their day. The combined effects of white elephant have been reported to boost productivity levels and improve memory as it helps to decrease distractions. This variety is best used at the beginning of the day.

Yellow Vein Elephant Kratom

A relatively new strain compared to its counterparts, yellow vein elephant provides an unforgettable and unique experience. This mellow and relaxing strain offers a wide variety of benefits including pain relief, relaxation, mood elevation, and anxiolytic effects. This strain is particularly great for users with anxiety and depression as it helps them to feel motivated and optimistic to start their day.

Elephant Kratom Dosage

There is no set dosage for elephant kratom as dosage depends on a wide variety of factors including the user’s age, weight, health status, metabolic rate, and many more. This is the reason why users are encouraged to experiment with new strains as it helps to determine their optimal dose. This can be defined as the lowest dose that provides the user their desired effects.

Beginners to elephant kratom are advised to start with 1 to 2 grams. Users who have a smaller stature or are more sensitive can start with 1 gram. After taking the first dose, wait for the effects to peak around 60 to 90 minutes. If the dose does not achieve the desired effects, take another dose of 1 to 2 grams. Gradually scale up the dose taken with more experience.

There are also online kratom dosage tools that have been made available by kratom experts. This tool helps users to determine their average kratom dose based on the user’s weight, age, and type of kratom strain used. There are also charts that shows the recommended dose based on the user’s weight and desired effects

Elephant Kratom Side Effects

As a natural herbal supplement, elephant kratom has a low risk of unwanted side effects if it is used accordingly. Side effects are mostly seen among users who are either new to kratom or when they use larger than recommended doses. Some of the possible side effects of elephant kratom include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Irritability
  • Dry mouth
  • Abdominal pain

Best Ways to Take Elephant Kratom

Ask any kratom veteran and they will say that the best way to take elephant kratom is the toss and wash method where the user “tosses” some elephant kratom powder on their tongue and “washes” it down with any beverage of their choice. This method is the most popular as it is convenient and cost effective. Elephant kratom powder is also the preferred form as it is very versatile.

Users who dislike the taste and smell of elephant kratom can hide or mask it by adding elephant kratom powder to food dishes or drinks such as smoothies or juices. It can also be used to make kratom shots or kratom tea. To make elephant kratom tea, add hot water to kratom powder and let it steep for 5 to 10 minutes before straining it. This tea can be consumed plain or with additional flavors to improve its palatability.

Flavors that can be added include ginger, honey, agave, lemon, and many more. Citrus based additions can enhance the effects of elephant kratom. Therefore, users are advised to proceed with a lower dose than usual if pairing with citrus juice.

Elephant kratom capsules are another great option for kratom beginners or users who are always on the move as the doses are already premeasured. This means that the user no longer has to measure out their dose and can take the elephant kratom capsules as required. Due to its convenience and portability, some kratom veterans opt to make their own elephant kratom capsules by purchasing elephant kratom powder and empty capsules as this is a more affordable option.

Where To Buy Elephant Kratom

Since elephant kratom is a relatively rare variety, it can be difficult to source due to its unreliable supply chain. For this reason, users are recommended to buy from reputable kratom vendors to guarantee the best user experience and safety. While elephant kratom may appear to be “widely available”, this is only so as there are some vendors who take this opportunity to make money by selling low quality kratom and passing it off as elephant kratom

One of the most reliable and trusted vendors on the kratom market is Nova Kratom, a company that launched in early 2021. Despite being a newcomer to the industry, users are blown away by their premium quality kratom products that are offered at such as low price. They test their products regularly for purity and contaminants. Nova also takes it a step further by offering a 20% discount on all orders and free shipping on orders above $40. Backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and hundreds of excellent customer reviews, users can purchase with peace of mind.

Elephant Kratom FAQs

Is Elephant Kratom Legal?

Yes, elephant kratom is legal wherever kratom is legal, in most US states. There are some states such as California and San Diego where kratom is legal but contain local counties where kratom is illegal. This is due to the local ordinances established by the local counties. Examples include San Diego, California and Sarasota County, Florida. If in doubt regarding the legality of kratom in the area, users can easily reach out to their kratom vendor to determine if shipment to them is possible.

Which Elephant Kratom Is The Best?

There is no best elephant kratom strain. The choice of strain depends on the user’s preferences. For example, red elephant kratom is best for individuals who are looking for relaxation, pain relief, and mood elevation while white vein elephant is a stimulating strain that offers an energy boost and improved focus. Meanwhile, green elephant kratom offers balanced effects that is suitable for most users. Yellow elephant is suitable for users who are looking to feel motivated and uplifted.

Does Elephant Kratom Contain Caffeine?

No, elephant kratom does not contain caffeine. Instead, it contains substances that mimic the effects of caffeine. The best caffeine alternative would be white elephant kratom as it offers an energy boost without the jitteriness often experienced with caffeine.

Is Elephant Kratom Suitable for Vegans?

Yes, all kratom products are vegan friendly. However, some vendors sell capsules that are made from gelatin which is of a bovine source. Kratom capsules that are made from a bovine source are no longer suitable for vegans.

Can Elephant Kratom Be Mixed With Other Strains?

The mixing of kratom strains is generally not recommended as this practice can cause tolerance issues. This can have a negative impact on user experience as users may use increasing amounts of kratom to achieve the desired effects. Instead, users are encouraged to switch between using different kratom strains.

Conclusion: Is Elephant Kratom Worth Trying?

Yes, elephant kratom is worth trying as it is an elusive lineage that offers one of the best kratom experiences available. Offering the best of kratom, elephant kratom has a mild and fragrant. This lineage provides a natural gradual experience that is prized by many kratom lovers.