Green Dragon Kratom Expert Review: Effects, Dosage, Vendors

Green Dragon Kratom

The Green Dragon Kratom is one of the strains of the Dragon family of Kratom and its efficacy has drawn so much attention. Users perceive it as a new variant of Green Malay or Green Maeng Da Kratom due to its high level of mitragynine and mitraphylline alkaloids. This strain is powerfully effective which makes it more costly than other strains.

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If you’re looking to buy some Dragon kratom, this article is specially made for you as it helps you understand the effects of the product so you can get the ideal strain that suits your needs.

Origin of Green Dragon Kratom

Green Vein Dragon Kratom is a strain from the Dragon kratom family. It originates from Southeast Asia, and locals have found it useful for medicinal purposes. Dragons in Asia symbolize power and potency, the Green Dragon Vein Kratom got its name due to these features; its efficacy and potency.  It is gotten from well-developed Mitragyna speciosa plants. Its level of 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloid are the highest of any of the kratom strains.

Benefits of Green Dragon Kratom

Mitragynaspeciosa is one of the components of The Green Vein Dragon and it is the most beneficial ingredient in all the variants of kratom, but its potency is higher in the Green Dragon Kratom. Its advantages are astonishing and below are some of the benefits.

Serves as an Energy Stimulant

The Green Vein Dragon Kratom has the highest energy-boosting powers, and to ensure its quality and potency, it's crucial to purchase it from the best kratom brands. The rate at which it produces energy to the body is the fastest in the Kratom family. It improves the brain and mind abilities to function as expected for longer hours. For jobs or tasks that drain your mental and cognitive self, the Green Dragon Kratom is the best energizer to opt for.

Relieves Anxiety

Green Dragon Kratom is the best organic cure for anxiety and stress. People looking for a natural remedy that helps reduce stress levels, anxiety levels, or depression should consider the Green Dragon Vein Kratom. It has little or no side effects unlike antidepressant drugs, which have severe side effects such as insomnia, weight gain, blurred vision, erectile dysfunction, and many others. The procedure to use this strain is very simple. It is also cheaper and more effective.

Relieves Insomnia

Sleep deprivation causes lots of risk to the body like high blood pressure, diabetes, weakened immunity, stroke, weight gain, low sex drive, kidney failure, and heart diseases. Adults are supposed to sleep for up to 10 hours but some people have sleeping disorder problem due to physical or psychological stress, such individuals are recommended to take the Green Dragon Kratom because it has sedative components that induce decent quality sleep which has the ability to relieve stress, calm your nerves, and make you relax.

Mood Enhancing Abilities

If your emotional state is solemn, it affects your mood and ability to function appropriately, which is why the Green Dragon Kratom is recommended because it uplifts the mood of its users, makes them energized, and boost their level of confidence. If your mood is always solemn and gloomy or you have a stressful job, the Green Dragon Kratom is your answer because it puts one in a state of glee and euphoria.

Green Dragon Kratom Dosage

The Green Dragon Kratom is available in powder and capsule form and just like any drugs it has dosage recommended by the vendor. Here are the dosage breakdowns:

Low Dosage

The dosage for users who takes it to feel energized and uplift their mood is 1-3. The effects will typically last for about 3-6 hours. New users are recommended to take 1 gram of the drug because their body is yet to be accustomed to its full effect.

Medium Dosage

The medium dosage users should take between 4-6 grams. This is ideal for pain-relieving and muscle cramps especially for people who go through stress regularly. The effects will probably last the whole day and make the body relaxed.

High Dosage

This dosage is strictly for experienced users who have been using the Green Dragon Kratom and are familiar with its effect. It is taken by people who have strong anxiety and stress levels, it helps them get relaxed and calm. The recommended dosage is between 7-10 grams and not more than that. Newbie users of Green Dragon Kratom are advised to start with low doses before moving to the high doses because it might have an adverse effect on their body.