How Much Kratom is in a Capsule: Types, Sizes, Dosage

How Much Kratom is in a Capsule

Kratom is available in various forms including powder, liquid extract, and capsules. Although Kratom powder is the most common form, some users cannot stand the bitter earthy taste of the product.

As a result, users are turning to Kratom capsules, which not only mask the unpleasant flavor of the product, but it is also a convenient consumption method. However, it is essential to learn how much Kratom is in a capsule to avoid taking more than the required amount.

Capsules are available in a wide range of sizes, which can lead to confusion when dosing to achieve your desires. No matter the size of your capsules, the most important thing to note is how much Kratom is in one capsule. This will help you calculate the number of Kratom capsules you need for an accurate dose.

In this article, we have featured the various types and sizes of Kratom capsules, to help you understand how many you need to achieve your desired benefits. First, let us dig into the various types and sizes of capsules.

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Different Types and Sizes of Capsules

Kratom capsules come in several different varieties, but you probably won’t find the majority of them. Pre-filled Kratom capsules are primarily available in two types, and if you want to fill your capsules, these are your best choices.


Gelatin is one of the more affordable types and is easier to work with owing to its malleability. If you intend to make Kratom capsules yourself, these are a good choice. On the other hand, they are more likely to contain pork, beef, or chicken by-products, as well as antibiotics, chemicals, and hormones associated with animal breeding.


Manufacturers use purified water, cellulose, and hypomellose to make veggie capsules. Some of them are vegetarian-friendly, and there are even vegan-friendly options available. The products contain no preservatives or chemicals and are non-GMO. Kratom enthusiasts claim they are worth the extra cost, but they are more expensive compared to the other type.

How Many Grams in a Kratom Capsule?

Identifying the capsule size may help you to measure your dose correctly since the sizes are the same for any type of capsule. Here is a rundown of the various sizes and the amount of Kratom each can hold.

Sizes 3, 4, and 5  

These are the smallest capsule sizes. Due to their sizes, vendors do not use them for pre-filled Kratom capsules. They only hold little Kratom, which will force users to consume so many capsules to achieve a moderate dose.

Size 2

Kratom capsules of this size are rarely used. However, users who find it difficult to swallow tablets can use this capsule size to make their Kratom capsules. How much Kratom is in one capsule? The cap holds 0.3 grams of Kratom. You will need a couple of these capsules to meet your dosage needs.

Size 1

The size 1 Kratom capsule isn’t as common as other sizes, but you can probably get your hands on some if you look hard enough. Their capacity is nearly as big as the next larger capsule size, but they are easier to swallow. If you are wondering how much Kratom in a capsule, then it is vital to note that it holds 0.4 grams of Kratom only.

Size 0 

Kratom capsules in this size are the most common. Despite its size, the Kratom pouch still holds a substantial amount of the product. How many grams in a Kratom capsule of this size? The cap holds 0.5 grams of Kratom powder.

Size 00

The size 00 capsule is also quite popular. But how much Kratom fits in a 00 capsule? Size 00 capsules hold 0.735 grams of Kratom powder. In an ideal situation, this will let you take fewer capsules than you would size 1 or 0. If you do not experience any difficulty swallowing pills, this is the right capsule size for you.

Size 000

It can be very difficult to swallow the largest capsule size. However, the capsules can hold a considerable amount of Kratom, so you don’t need to take as many pills. If you are curious to know how much Kratom is in a 000 capsule before swallowing it, the cap can hold 1 gram of this organic powder. Some people prefer taking these pills, but a substantial number of users prefer taking a few extra pills to avoid swallowing such a monster.

Oblate Discs 

Capsules aren’t for everyone, therefore, oblate discs are a great alternative. They are inexpensive and efficient, and they carry a lot more compared to any capsule size. They are fashioned out of a potato starch-based edible film, which folds up. Then you simply take it as a capsule or pill and swallow it.


This is yet another option produced from compressed Kratom. Ingesting Kratom pills is easier than powder, but they also start working quickly.

It is essential to note that the density of Kratom powder influences how much product can fit into each pouch. Capsules hold more finely ground Kratom powder compared to broken leaves or coarse powder.

The vein color of Kratom can also have an impact. White vein Kratom has the least density. If you encapsulate the product, you will not be able to squeeze much into the pouch. The presence of Kratom veins is most likely to blame.

Green Kratom powder is by far the densest since its drying process is unique unlike other vein colors, which are dried or fermented. The density of red and yellow Kratom strains is halfway between green and white.

Make Your Capsules at the Comfort of Your Home

It is possible to make Kratom capsules at home if you source finely ground Kratom from a reliable source like New Dawn Kratom. If you are new to Kratom and you are not certain the right size to start with, begin small at first and increase gradually until you’re comfortable. However, it is important to note how much Kratom is in a capsule to avoid taking huge amounts of the product.

Unused capsules are fairly priced especially if you source them from certified and reputable vendors. If you purchase a huge volume of capsules whether veggie or gelatin, keep them in a cold, dry area. High temperature and moisture can damage these capsules, rendering them ineffective in some cases. You will also require a digital scale for accurate dosage measurement.

Factors to Consider When Buying Kratom Capsules

When it comes to consumables, everyone deserves to know what they’re purchasing. If you’re looking for Kratom capsules, you’ll want to learn where the Kratom powder originates from, if it is lab tested for purity, and whether it comes with a guarantee.

Another factor to take into account is the type of Kratom capsule whether it is gelatin or veggie. For discriminating Kratom users, most quality sellers offer vegetarian-based capsules, although others provide customers with gelatin capsules.

When buying Kratom powder, make sure the vendor offers vegetarian Kratom capsules. If you can’t find any information on their website or capsules, contact their support team and ask what type of capsules they use. Take into account that pre-made Kratom pills just contain finely ground Kratom leaves only.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Taking Kratom Capsules

Kratom pills are a convenient method to get your daily dose of the product. However, this method comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s begin with its positive side.

Advantages of Kratom capsules

Accurate dosage – Whenever you buy pre-made Kratom capsules, you get an accurate amount of the product. For users who want to avoid the inconveniences of handling Kratom powder, capsules are the perfect alternative.

Confidential Dosing – Kratom capsules allow users to consume their preferred strain while on their daily routine. Unlike Kratom powder, which requires one to measure their dose and take the product using the “toss and wash” method or mixing with other drinks or food.

Without anyone noticing, you can effortlessly place your Kratom capsules in your mouth and wash them down your gut using water. It eliminates the need for scoops, scales, or any other preparations.

Zero Change in Potency – When you consume your dose of Kratom in capsule form, you’re getting the exact measure of Kratom in powder form, and so there won’t be any changes in potency levels. Your capsules are filled with high-quality Kratom powder that hasn’t been diluted or changed in any way. This Kratom form only requires you to figure out the number of capsules you’ll need to get the amount of support you desire.

Disadvantages of Kratom capsules

Capsules are more expensive compared to Kratom powder. The price difference is primarily due to the hassle that comes when preparing Kratom capsules. Making Kratom capsules necessitates meticulous measuring, and time spent filling and perfecting each one. As a result, manufacturing costs will rise.

The additional costs associated with producing Kratom capsules will be passed on to consumers. When it comes to getting the value for your money, Kratom powder is the way to go. Most individuals are ready to pay for the flexibility of capsules.

However, with the right equipment, you can make your Kratom capsules at the comfort of your home. All you need to know is how much Kratom is in one capsule.

For instance, when you learn how much Kratom is in a 00 capsule, you will only need to calculate the number of pills to consume. With that, you can save money and still provide you with the convenience you desire.

Final Thoughts

Kratom pills are a wonderful option for individuals searching for a quick and painless way to obtain their Kratom fix. Source your Kratom capsules from a reliable vendor like New Dawn Kratom, if you are too busy to encapsulate your Kratom. We have stocked a wide range of quality Kratom strains in capsules form.

However, if you prefer encapsulating your Kratom, go for veggie capsules. Now that you are aware of how much Kratom is in a capsule, ensure you are keen enough not to overload or under fill the capsules.

We also want you to enjoy the full potential of Kratom. If that involves using Kratom capsules rather than powder, we would like to make the procedure as simple as possible. Place your order today and enjoy your Kratom at competitive discounts

Kratom Capsules Frequent Asked Questions

What are the many kinds of capsules?

Veggie Capsules – The capsules contain no animal-derived ingredients. Manufacturers use hypomellose, purified water, and cellulose.

Gelatin Capsules – Manufacturers use animal products like pork, beef, and chicken to make these capsules. The capsules may contain antibiotics, hormones, and other substances administered to livestock. These capsules may not be suitable for someone who suffers from a variety of sensitivities. Kratom experts always recommend veggie caps.

How much Kratom is in a capsule?

Capsules come in a variety of sizes and the amount of Kratom contained in each capsule varies.

How much Kratom is in a 00 capsule?

When you fill both sides with Kratom powder, the 00 capsules can hold around 1 gram of the natural product. The bigger end should accommodate 0.67 grams, whereas the smaller side can hold 0.33 grams of Kratom powder. If you opt to add less powder, make sure to keep track of how much Kratom goes into each capsule.

How much Kratom is in a 000 capsule?

The capsule size 000 is bigger than capsule size 00. Some people claim that this capsule size can carry more than a gram of Kratom. However, it is vital to stick to 1 gram for a uniform amount of Kratom.

How do I keep empty capsules Safe?

When storing your empty capsules, ensure they are in a cool and dry area. Capsules can disintegrate when they come into contact with moisture or exposed to intense heat. You might not be able to use them in this instance.