Best Kratom for Sleep and Pain – Verified Powder and Capsules Vendors in 2024

Have you ever found yourself looking at the ceiling fan or the wall in front of you for hours at a stretch at night? Do you find it difficult to sleep at night for whatever reason maybe? Do you suffer from insomnia? If your answer is yes to any one question or all of them, you have landed on the right page.

In the below article, we are going to discuss a very natural herbal way of helping you find that beauty sleep and allow your mind and body to be at ease and feel comfortable at night to achieve the state of sleepiness it requires with the best kratom for sleep on the market.

Best Strains of Kratom for Sleep in May 2024:

1. RMD Kratom (link here to the exact strain we tested, by far the BEST for sleep, 1.75% mit, under $20 for 250g)

2. Red Bali Kratom (link here to the exact strain we tested, great for sleep AND pain, 1.68% mit, under $20 for 250g)

3. Yellow Vietnam (link here to the exact strain we tested, great for sleep and relaxation, 1.62% mit, under $20 for 250g)

4. Our BEST Recommendation for sleep would be to get this Split Kilo Powder (or get 1000 Split Capsules if you don't like the powder), it ends up at $70 (both powder and capsules) with same-day shipping (3 day priority delivery), and you can get 4 strains of 250g each, we recommend you trying the exact following: Red Maeng Da, Red Bali, Yellow Vietnam and Red Borneo.

best kratom strains for sleep

What Exactly is Kratom?

One of the most powerful strains of Kratom is Maeng Da. Further, it is one of the most effective and efficient Kratom Strains to provide benefits as soon as it is taken or consumed. Kratom Powder is a psychoactive ingredient derived from the leaves of the Kratom Tree. It has been used as an additive for centuries for reasons discussed, in detail, below.

Red Maeng Da Kratom is one of the most potent strains of Kratom with high value and advantage. Highest amount of alkaloids namely hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine are found in Kratom as well as various flavonoids which make it one of the powerful strains that the human body requires for the production of efficacy effects. People consume it for achieving high energy levels, motivation, and euphoria and for the stimulus of the body as a whole.

The plant is derived from various regions of South-East Asia because of the hot and humid climate of the region which allows for a healthy growth of the plant which is then processed into a powder form for direct consumption. The strains have a very powerful and compelling smell almost being addictive.

Below, we are going to discuss the three best different strains of Kratom from which you can choose the one which best suits your needs and sleep cycle. The choice will also depend on your body composition, i.e., your height and weight, your physical and mental health, the type of metabolism that you carry, your way of living that is your lifestyle, your ability to handle emotions, your eating habits, and most importantly, the quality of Kratom which best suits your budget. You can then go ahead and help yourself go to bed with the aid of one of the following.

Top Strains for Sleep

1. Red Maeng Da Kratom (link here to the exact strain we used for testing, mit 1.75%, fresh and potent)

Red Maeng Da is processed finely keeping the maintenance of quality as a top priority to ensure that it is not lost in any step of production. It is a premium quality Kratom with a lot of benefits and advantages.

It is known to cause stimulation, boost energy levels, act as an agent to reduce anxiety and pain, cause efficacy and treat insomnia. Red Maeng Da strains are known for giving quick yet long lasting effects because of its strong strain as compared to the other strains of Kratom.

The leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa have a central vein of the color Red, hence, the name and the color. Red Maeng Da is taken from a particular horn shaped leaf from the Mitragyna Speciosa leaf from Kratom plantation. It also has a white vein variety which has seen a surge in popularity in recent times because of the huge demand of the red maeng da.

White strains of this particular kratom are basically raw strains which haven’t been ‘cooked’ or exposed in the sun for as long as it’s needed for them to turn red from their veins. They are processed when the veins are still white and have not fully ripened. Since this is a new variety, we recommend the Red Maeng Da over white since it has been trusted for so many years. Various effects are:

Relieves Insomnia

Insomnia is a condition where the person suffering has difficulty in sleeping at night or has irregular sleep cycles or wakes up from sleep without any reason in a state of unrest. At high but still regulated doses, Red Maeng Da Kratom is known to work as a sedative that regulates the sleep cycle and can be taken to doze off to a good night’s sleep. Sleep is aided because of the calming effect it has on the mind and body which helps in sleeping peacefully and avoiding breaking of sleep in the middle of the night because of restlessness.

Relieves Stress

This point can be considered as the most important one as it is for patients with depression and anxiety. It gives a state of relaxed mind and body helping ease the anxiousness. This state is produced when the Kratom reacts with opiate receptors resulting in the increased production of happy hormones. Then, these neurotransmitters produce calmness and an effect of relaxation which helps you to sleep.

Induces a State of Euphoria

This is a state of happiness and is felt with the intake of Red Maeng Da Kratom with the upliftment of the mood without any worries. Some people may call it a state of ‘high’, but it is not the high as produced by other cannabis or THC. This strain does not cause intoxication and is smooth in nature. Further, it increases the ability to feel emotions, pleasantness and to get aroused easily. The state of happiness allows a person to sleep leaving aside their worries.

Reduces Pain

Red Maeng Da is also known for working as a painkiller. It is induced by the interaction of the strain with serotonin, dopamine, and opiate receptors. The result is that huge amounts of endorphins, serotonin and enkephalin are released into the body which cause numbness of pain by acting on various pain areas. This effect of Red Maeng Da Kratom is utilized by patients with rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, osteoarthritis, broken bones and after operative procedures. The analgesia that comes with Red Maeng Da Kratom is very powerful and has a long-lasting effect which results in ease of sleep because of the lack of pain which might keep you up the entire night.

2. Red Bali Kratom (link here to the exact strain we used for testing, mit 1.68%)

The Red Vein Bali Kratom comes at number two on our list to fight night monsters and have a sleep which can give a tough competition to hibernation. The scent of this Kratom is calming and soothing and it contains about 25 alkaloids in it, this is the highest than any other Kratom, when compared. The red veins give the color red but the leaves are dark green in color and this plant too is harvested in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Red Vein Bali Kratom has effects like that of the Red Maeng Da Kratom but since Red Maeng Da is the most potent form, this finds the number two spot only after losing out to the best in business. But, it has its own benefits and advantages, and if you are a newbie and don’t know anything about Kratoms, you should definitely explore all the options to choose the best for yourself.

Acts as an Antidepressant

Red Vein Bali Kratom works as an antidepressant because of its pleasant smell and characteristics. It works well on the energy levels and helps lift your mood which helps you through the day by reducing your stress and depression levels and aiding your sleep. It works as a blessing in disguise by keeping you awake in the day, and thus, allowing you to maintain a regular sleep cycle by inducing sleep.

Helps Opiate Withdrawal Recovery

Severe craving for opiate resulting in body pain, fever, fits, and cramps is known as opiate withdrawal. This strain helps in recovering from opiate addiction by mimicking the effects of Kratom which is not exactly an opiate but provides relaxation and soothing sensation with much lesser side effects. Withdrawal symptoms can be one of the reasons for the loss of sleep and it can be difficult to find peaceful sleep in the phase.

Is Extremely Budget Friendly

Red Vein Bali Kratom is more reasonable and affordable as compared to the other strains of Kratom as it is grown in large quantities and is readily available in the market for consumption. This is also the reason that this strain finds the number two spot on our list because it is more budget friendly and perfect for people with a tight pocket who want almost similar results as other high potent strains to help aid sleep.

Reduces Pain

Most of the drugs used for reducing pain have severe side effects but this is not the case with Red Vein Bali Kratom. It has minimum side effects and works on the pain receptors by binding them with the help of its high alkaloid content. It also helps in avoiding dependency on painkillers if taken in regulated amounts of dosage. The analgesic characteristic helps in the sleep cycle by working on the pain in the body allowing a more relaxed state of mind and body.

3. Red Borneo Kratom (link here to the exact strain we used for testing, mit 1.57%)

Dark Green Leaves from older trees and ground processed in an indigenous way results in thick sugar like particles and consistency. Then, this becomes the classic Red Borneo strain of Kratom having rich alkaloid content, even more than Red Vein Bali sometimes.

Apart from aiding sleep and working as a sedative when taken in regulated quantities, it has other benefits too which eventually help in having a regulated and better sleep cycle.

Stimulates the Mind and Body

It activates the mind and body in such a way that it becomes more focused at the task at hand with increased energy levels. People with a lack of motivation and energy are known to take the product so that they can work with the long-lasting effect of Red Borneo Kratom. Higher energy levels and focus is produced with the acting of 7-hydroxymitragynine on opiate receptors. It helps to improve abilities and improve cognition abilities. When taken in daytime, it keeps you awake helping in going through the day aiding your sleep at night.

Uplifts Your Mood

Anyone having a tough time sleeping can easily tell you that it is because of a bad or disturbed mood. It could also be so because of over thinking a situation from the day while lying on your bed for hours. This Kratom strain uplifts and rejuvenates your mood to an extent where you feel content and happy which allows you to sleep on your regular time without worrying about other things.

Reduces Anxiety

Another reason for lack of sleep can be anxiety which Red Borneo Kratom cuts down on by releasing happy hormones in your body and giving you a sense of calm and tranquility allowing you to enter a state of slumber. The reason that this strain has the last name on our list is because its effects are a little slow as compared to the other two strains mentioned above.

Reduces Pain

One common factor in all the three Kratom strains is that they help alleviate pain. As we have discussed above, the reduction in pain and the effect of calmness and relaxation along with it provides a very comfortable position to sleep by tucking yourself in your bed. Though this strain is cheaper than the rest discussed, it has slower effects and is not used by people for long term use. It is helpful for mild pains when used in regulated quantities, does not create dependency like other sedatives and painkillers and has much lesser side effects.

Who Should Use Kratom for Sleep?

As we have discussed in lengths above the various benefits of the product, it can be used by the people suffering from any insomnia or lack of sleep, irregular sleep cycle or by people who really want to take advantage of the various benefits it provides.

You can use it to boost your energy levels in your day-to-day activities as it does not induce a state of intoxication and can be used as per your convenience which will then help in sleeping at night. It can also be used to maintain a relaxed state of mind and body and be in a happy mood or to feel like to be on a beach on a bright sunny day allowing you to doze off to deep sleep.

It has also been known to calm down anxiety and stress. If you are suffering from any of it, after consulting your physician, you can try your hand at the three Kratom Strains to calm down your nerves, be at a happy place in your mind, and use it as an aid to help your sleep.

You can also try this if you have acute or chronic pain to reduce pain levels in your body by taking the correct dosages. Also, consume Kratom if you are suffering from withdrawal symptoms of alcohol or opium as it does not produce a high but gives a calming sensation.

If you are new to Kratoms and want to shift to this herbal supplement, we would personally recommend the Red Maeng Da Kratom as it is the most beneficial among the three. It is the most potent and of supreme quality. We would also recommend proper regulated doses to avoid dependence and not to have even minimal side effects. Also, since every individual is different, you can choose the supplement which best fits your criteria of needs and the reasons discussed above on which the consumption depends.

You can also take into consideration all the factors discussed above and use it for your benefit to get better sleep. Your choice can be different from the rank we have given to the strains and you can make your own list after trying out the Kratom Strains yourself.


You can always refer to other brands and strains in the market, but our research is based on the data from the current users of different brands and the reviews we have received regarding different Kratom users. This online store offers the best deals on all its Kratom Products and very competitive pricing in their products for their customers. You can choose from any one depending on your intake needs and price range or for the simplistic need of buying it for one of its advantages which is helping you to take a good nap.

We are here to help you make your best purchase. If you are worried that Kratom can have side effects, we would like to share with you that it can cause some health issues to some individuals with prior illness. Further, it is also mentioned on most of the seller websites as a caution and we abide by the same.

We care for your health and before using Kratom you should consult your health expert if you have a history of an illness or use any prescribed medicines. The Kraken Kratom website also mentions that this product should only be used by adults and should not be consumed if you are pregnant or nursing.

Whichever single option you chose from the list, you won’t be disappointed when you take the first gram from the packaging or the first capsule. Further, as soon as that high-quality Kratom from Kraken hits your bloodstream, you will be thanking us for this article and doing the research for you or you might not because you will be sleeping!