Kratom Weight Gain - How Does It Happen?

Kratom Weight Gain

The rising popularity of kratom has attracted more users looking for natural solutions. However, some users especially those new to the product have reported kratom weight gain after gradually using the product. This has raised a worry among those who are looking to start using the product raising questions such as does Kratom cause Kratom weight gain?

Kratom weight gain is not a kratom side effect. According to most kratom experts, most users who experience weight gain after taking kratom, do not use the product correctly. Some users take their dose of kratom on an empty stomach, which leads them to overeat while others mix their preferred variety with sugary foods. These are some common scenarios that significantly contribute to kratom weight gain.

In this article, we have detailed more about kratom weight gain, how it comes about and the best kratom varieties to help you solve the problem.

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What Causes Weight Gain?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to the problem of obesity or overweight. The following are some common causes of weight gain:

  • Poor dietary practices
  • A lack of physical activity
  • Certain medications have side effects.
  • Certain medical conditions and illnesses

Naturally, overeating will lead to weight gain. Our metabolism also plays a significant role in this. The rate of metabolism varies from person to person, so the same number of calories can lead to weight gain in some and weight loss in others. As we get older, our metabolism slows down, making it more difficult to lose weight.

Does Kratom cause weight gain?

According to most experienced Kratom users on Reddit, the red vein Kratom is the main cause of weight gain. In light of the recent discovery that Kratom may cause weight gain, many users are left wondering how a herb meant to aid in weight loss could have the opposite effect.

As you already know kratom hosts more than 40 different alkaloids. Some of these alkaloids can block the brain’s reward pathways, making it less responsive to the pleasurable effects of junk food and alcohol. This reduces a person’s cravings for these weight-increasing foods and beverages, thereby keeping weight gain at bay.

Even though Kratom has helped people who are overweight, some strains of the herb may cause weight gain. Fat and calorie gains have occurred in many users who had previously maintained a healthy weight before taking red vein Kratom.

How does Kratom cause kratom weight gain?

It’s not clear how kratom affects one’s weight due to a lack of research. Nevertheless, anecdotal evidence can provide some insight. There are several possible reasons for kratom weight gain:

Constipation and bloating are two of kratom’s most well-known side effects. Users who experience constipation after taking kratom have a higher chance of gaining weight.

According to kratom experts, women who are taking birth control pills may gain weight in the long run after using this natural product. However, some women claim that when they took different varieties of kratom apart from the red vein, they noticed a weight change.

Unhealthy habits: Some kratom users often mix powdered leaves with sweet foods to mask the taste of their strain of choice. A person’s calorie intake may be increased as a result of this behavior, which could lead to kratom weight gain.

If you notice kratom weight gain after taking the product for some time, it is recommended that you stop using the herb for a few weeks, then reassess your situation. You can switch your kratom variety or seek guidance from a kratom expert on which strain will help you achieve your desired effects without experiencing weight gain.

How constipation can lead to kratom weight gain

Without insulin, a hormone responsible for our blood sugar levels, we can’t achieve a healthy lifestyle. One of the primary functions of this hormone is to convert the sugar we consume into the energy our bodies need to operate.

Insulin’s ability to do its job can be hampered if there is severe bowel inflammation. Thus, the hormone has a hard time using calories as energy. Kratom weight gain is a result of this excess calorie accumulation in the body.

How to Keep Kratom from Making You Gain Weight

Using Kratom without fear of weight gain is possible if you follow the guidelines below. 

If you experience constipation as a result of taking Kratom, what should you do? This is a common question on kratom Reddit that users hardly get a clear answer to. However, if you experience kratom constipation, ensure to eat more fiber, drink more water, or up your coffee intake. You can also take sienna, a herbal laxative made from the dried pods of the cassia tree, eat probiotic foods like tempeh or pickles, or engage in physical activity. Constipation relief can be found in simple exercises like swing dancing, running, jogging, and swimming.

Prevent and treat nausea and vomiting

Drink peppermint tea and chamomile tea, or take apple cider vinegar or baking soda, if you notice that your stomach isn’t properly digesting food. Some other natural digestive aids include ginger, peppermint, fennel seeds, lemon water, and licorice root.

Do not exceed your prescribed Kratom dosage

As mentioned earlier, constipation and indigestion are common side effects of Kratom, and overdosing on the stimulant can lead to weight gain. No matter how strong your desire to take more Kratom may be because the herb can be addictive; make sure to stick to the recommended dosages by your supplier.

Pay attention to what you eat

Your digestive system can be improved or harmed by eating certain foods. Legumes, nuts, and seeds are notoriously difficult to digest, and as a result, many people have digestive problems after eating them. If you want to avoid weight gain and obesity while taking Kratom, avoid these foods. As a substitute, eat more whole grains, fruits, and sweet potatoes instead. Also, keep an eye out for foods that cause constipation, such as dairy products, gluten-rich foods, processed grains, and red meat.

Kratom-based medicines

A good Kratom supplement can help you lose weight instead of gaining it. Among the best Kratoms for weight loss are green vein Kratom such as green Maeng Da Kratom, and Bali Kratom. Most users report that kratom varieties such as the red vein kratom can cause weight gain.

The Most Effective Kratom for Rapid Weight Loss

In general, the powder or capsule form of kratom is considered both safe and effective. With the product, your appetite and food cravings may be lessened or suppressed. Weight loss can be aided by reducing caloric intake.

Green vein Maeng Da kratom is said to be the most effective weight-loss supplement. Green Maeng Da is a calming kratom strain that can alleviate stress and help you sleep better at night. Feel free to try this if you live a stressful life and feel that anxiety prevents you from losing weight or from getting a good night’s sleep.

There is a wide range of effects that Thai Kratom can have on you at the same time. These include appetite suppressants and stimulants. Thai Kratom, as opposed to Maeng Da, has more potent stimulant effects that last longer.

It is vital to remember that, only quality kratom can help you fight kratom weight gain. Source your product from a reputable vendor like Nova Kratom which is GMP-certified and provides only the best product in the market.

Kratom Dosing for Weight Loss

Even though these effects have been widely reported, they may not be the same for everyone. Both the strain and the dosage have an impact on kratom weight gains. It’s common for kratom users to experiment with different strains and dosages before finding the right combination. Start with a low dose, say 1 to 2 grams, and work your way up until you get the desired results, say many users.

Smaller doses, according to many users, are sufficient to achieve the desired effects of reducing anxiety and boosting drive. Taking anywhere between 4 and 5 grams is the next recommended dosage if 1 to 2 grams, 2 to 3 times daily, isn’t enough for your kratom weight loss needs. Taking anything above the recommended could lead to a sedative effect, which would be the opposite of what you want.

How to Avoid Kratom Weight Gain

Using kratom can help you lose weight. It appears that kratom weight gain may be a possible side effect for some users. This weight fluctuation may not be due to kratom, but the method of ingestion is the problem.

The advice to consume kratom on an empty stomach is often misunderstood by beginners. Some people have gone as far as to no longer eat a full meal. When you skip meals, your brain is tricked into thinking you are hungry, which leads to overeating.

Try as much as possible, to avoid skipping meals. Before consuming kratom, it is recommended that you consume some sort of food. To be safe, you can eat a very light meal.

Some people find that using Kratom helps them lose weight because it’s an appetite suppressant in nature. The desire to eat high-calorie foods decreased in some users, as well.

The alkaloids in kratom may have rewired their brain pathways, resulting in a change in taste. Because of kratom, they may no longer be able to enjoy junk food as much.

Kratom weight gain can be gradual or sudden, depending on the user’s diet and exercise habits. Tracking one’s diet and taking less kratom are the best options for Kratom users. As a result, he or she should take appropriate action.

Because of its bitter flavor and odor, many people choose to mix kratom into other foods. A healthier option should be sought out rather than using it as a flavoring for cakes or pastries. Adding kratom to your favorite beverages like coffee, yogurt, or protein shakes will also help you lose weight.

Final Thoughts

Kratom weight gain is not a common side effect. However, if you experience kratom weight gain, chances are you are not taking the product the right way. As much as experts recommend you take the product after eating, avoid taking a snack that contains lots of sugar or mixing your kratom with sugary foods. Foods with high sugar levels have high calories, which lead to weight gain.

Most experienced users take the product on an empty stomach. However, new users often confuse this method and decide to skip meals to explore the full potential of kratom. Unfortunately, your brain is tricked into thinking you are hungry leading to overeating. Take your dose of kratom after a light meal to avoid the overeating that results in weight gain.

When you experience kratom weight gain, avoid taking the product for between 2 and 3 weeks. Find a solution to the weight gain such as exercising regularly, eating healthy food, and learning the best way to consume kratom. Fortunately, some kratom varieties can help fight the kratom weight gain. Green vein Maeng Da Kratom and Thai Kratom are among the best kratom for weight loss. Ensure you order your kratom from a reliable vendor like Nova Kratom to enjoy the product’s full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kratom cause kratom weight gain?

Some people who use kratom may gain weight as a side effect. Kratom may not be the cause of this weight fluctuation, but rather the way you consume the product could lead to weight gain.

Is it safe to use Kratom to lose weight?

All-natural Kratom is a risk-free weight-loss alternative to the many harmful weight-loss pills currently on the market. If you eat healthily, get enough sleep, and consume Kratom in moderation, you should be fine. According to research, Kratom is just as safe as coffee, but it’s also just as addicting.

Which is the right dosage to combat kratom weight gain?

Always begin with a low dose of Kratom, such as 1 to 2 grams, and gradually increase it based on your individual needs. Weight loss diets can be figured out using this information. In addition, it will help you avoid developing a tolerance to the substance. Another consideration is the frequency of administration.