Nova Kratom Review - Are they REALLY good?

Nova Kratom Review

I usually don't write reviews but recently I've taken a liking to Nova and decided to share my thoughts about them. I've tried kratom from multiple suppliers, yet the one from Nova Kratom stood out. It was particularly special in comparison to the rest.

Well, I was a bit anxious about Nova after going through varied reviews before I received my package, leaving me a bit skeptical about their products. As I write this, it gives me immense pleasure to share my experience with this vendor.


First things first. I am a big fan of Kratom and work in a fast food restaurant on a hectic street. We often have to stay long hours attending to different customers, which can be quite tiring.

A friend first introduced me to kratom three years ago, which has since become my go-to for stress relief and quality sleep. I find it very enjoyable and always look forward to the experiences it provides.

During my newbie days, I didn’t know of the various strains of Kratom available. I was just aware of Maeng Da Kratom and a few other popular strains.

However, once I realized different strains of kratom had distinct effects, I began sampling several of them. After experimenting with various types, I eventually identified three varieties that aided with energy, sleep, and creativity.

But finding quality kratom was a real challenge. I had to check multiple smoke shops and online vendors, but most of them had either low-quality Kratom or their products just didn’t hit the right spots. Thankfully, these days there are better options available.

Fortunately, while scrolling through Reddit one evening, I came across a post where someone shared a great experience they had with Nova Kratom. Even though I'm not an active user of the platform, I became interested.

So, after assessing their website and finding them to be a dependable vendor, I decided to give it a shot and ordered my first dose. And here’s my experience.

Website and Ordering

For one, I was impressed by Nova Kratom’s website that’s so easy to navigate. I didn't experience any difficulties while searching for the products I wanted because they are well laid out in categories.

What's more, the customer experience section was filled with positive reviews and feedback from several users, which provided me with extra confidence to order my kratom in bulk. It took less than a minute to place an order. Interestingly, I noticed Nova Kratom products come with a discount.

For my purchase, I received a 20 percent discount by using the coupon code NOVAKRATOM20 that you can find on their website. Naturally, I couldn’t pass up this offer. It was very enticing, to say the least.

In addition, I was also pleased to find that every strain was comprehensively described, including its source. This wasn't necessarily important for me but it showed that the business was very experienced with regard to its products and had the intention to educate customers before they made a purchase.


Most online kratom vendors I have dealt with in the past delivered my order after about 3 to 4 days. With Nova, I placed my order on a Thursday and was thrilled to receive a tracking email the same day.

However, by Friday the tracking hadn't updated so I quickly reached out to customer service. Surprisingly, "Monica" responded almost immediately which is quite uncommon with most vendors.

She went the extra mile and sent me the tracking number, although it turned out to be unnecessary as the package had already arrived at my doorstep. If this wasn’t magic, I don’t know what is.

To my surprise, I wasn’t charged a cent for the orders and the packaging maintained the quality and quantity of the product. They also really did stick to their word as promised on their website that all orders above $39.99 qualified for Same-Day Shipping and 3-Day Priority Delivery.

In addition, every order came with some jelly bellies, 2 free kratom samples of 50 grams each, and a $10 gift card that I can use during my next purchase. It surely doesn’t get better than this.


From my research, it’s not uncommon to find kratom vendors only stocking the most popular strains. Nova Kratom, on the other hand, impressed me with its wide range of kratom varieties including vein colors that I did not think existed such as yellow, Trainwreck, and gold vein kratom.

At first, I was very confused about which strain to pick, but after going through Reddit for some insight, I identified 3 strains that would work for my situation – as they had worked for other users too.

So, my first order was Green Elephant followed by Red Riau kratom both rear strains to find on most vendors' shelves. What I appreciate about this vendor is the consistency in the quality of their Kratom. Both orders exceeded my expectations.

Also, the fact that they add a generous 50-gram free samples gives you an opportunity to test their different strains risk-free

So how do I take my Kratom?

After taking breakfast, I dose the Green Elephant Kratom for an energy boost. The strain helps me work for long hours without taking unnecessary breaks and helps me improve my performance.

After a busy day, I dose on Red Riau an hour or two after dinner to help me relax, alleviate muscle pains, and sleep soundly through the night.

The finely ground kratom powder from this vendor allows me to take the product in various ways. I mix the fine particles with yogurt in the morning, brew it into a hot kratom tea in the evening, and sometimes mix it with food.

Nova Kratom Review – Final Word

So far, Nova Kratom is the best kratom vendor I have come across. They have unmatched quality products and reasonable prices. The vendor also stocks a wide range of kratom varieties in form of capsules that are unbelievably competitively priced compared to other vendors.

Their customer service is also friendly and responds within a brief period. They are attentive and answer questions satisfactorily.

All in all, this review may not be of much help when it comes to selecting a brand. But, I'm very pleased with the results and would suggest Nova's products to anyone looking for quality. They are remarkably excellent. Plus no drawbacks so far.