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Father Boyle to Speak at The Chicago School’s SoCal Commencement

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Father Gregory Boyle, who has championed rehabilitation of former Los Angeles gang members for more than three decades, will be keynote speaker at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s Southern California commencement ceremony June 9, 2023 at the Long Beach Convention Center’s Terrace Theater. In recognition of his groundbreaking work educating, employing, and inspiring thousands of troubled youth and young adults, President Dr. Michele Nealon, Psy.D., will award Rev. Boyle a Doctor of Humane Letters, Honoris Causa. “We are honored to have Father Boyle speak to our 275 graduates about his life’s work rehabilitating individuals whom society have shunned,” said Dr. Nealon. “Father Boyle is the rare visionary who is passionate and practical—someone who is able to find solutions to what appear to be intractable problems.” Rev. Boyle was originally scheduled to speak at the 2020 commencement, which was cancelled due to the pandemic lockdown. Named a “Champion of Change” by former President Barack Obama in 2014, Rev. Boyle has been widely honored for his work, including receiving the Laetare Medal, the oldest honor given to American Catholics. A Los Angeles native, Rev. Boyle entered the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) immediately after graduating from Loyola High School in 1972. Over the next dozen years, he earned a bachelor's degree in English from Gonzaga University; a master’s in English from Loyola Marymount University; a Master of Divinity from the Weston School of Theology; and a Master of Sacred Theology from the Jesuit School of Theology, now part of Santa Clara University. From 1986 to 1992 Rev. Boyle served as pastor of Dolores Mission Church in Boyle Heights, Where he witnessed the devastating impact of gang violence during the “decade of death” that began in the late 1980s and peaked at 1,000 gang-related killings in 1992. In the face of law enforcement tactics and criminal justice policies of suppression and mass incarceration as the means to end gang violence, he and parish and community members adopted what was a radical approach at the time: treat gang members as human beings. In 1988 Rev. Boyle started what would eventually become Homeboy Industries, which employs and trains former gang members in a range of social enterprises. Homeboy now supports around 10,000 men and women a year, offering therapy, classes, services, job training, and employment at Homeboy Bakery, Homegirl Café, or Homeboy Silkscreen & Embroidery. At the center of it all is founder Rev. Boyle, who describes his work as “radical kinship,” accompanying those who come through Homeboy at virtually every step of their journeys at Homeboy and beyond. Rev. Boyle is the author of the 2010 New York Times -bestseller Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion. Other books he has written include Barking to the Choir: The Power of Radical Kinship, and The Whole Language: The Power of Extravagant Tenderness. “We are all invited into this exquisite mutuality where there is no us and them,” Rev. Boyle said. “Once we know that we are unshakably good and that we belong to each other, we can roll up our sleeves … and create anew this place of love and belonging that God would recognize.” About The Chicago School of Professional Psychology: Integrating theory with hands-on experience, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology provides education rooted in a commitment to innovation, service, and community for thousands of diverse students across the United States and globally. Founded in 1979, the nonprofit, regionally accredited university now features campuses in iconic locations across the country (Chicago, Southern California, Washington, D.C., New Orleans, Dallas) and online. To spark positive change in the world where it matters most, The Chicago School has continued to expand its educational offerings beyond the field of psychology to offer more than 30 degrees and certificates in the professional fields of health services, education, counseling, business, and more. Through its engaged professional model of education, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and an extensive network of domestic and international professional partnerships, The Chicago School’s students receive real-world training opportunities that reflect their future careers. The Chicago School is proud to be a part of TCS Education System, a nonprofit, integrated system of colleges and universities that works collaboratively to advance student success and community impact. To learn more, visit Contact Details Vivien Hao +1 323-893-4743

June 08, 2023 12:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time

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Prepping Your Lawn & Garden to Withstand Drought


With the sun shining and the days getting longer, it’s the time of year when homeowners across the country start to plan, prep, and plant in the yard. But while many parts of the country experienced increased precipitation this year, concerns over water consumption and drought remain, and drought conditions are predicted to return and intensify in many areas. Recently, Experts from ScottsMiracle-Gro participated in a nationwide satellite media tour to discuss tips to help your lawn and garden withstand drought conditions this summer. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: Water conservation and drought are top of mind for homeowners, but many don’t know how to keep their lawns thick and green while reducing water usage. Here are some quick tips to help: First, focus on having a well-fed lawn because feeding not only improves a lawn's appearance, it also helps the lawn protect itself against drought. A well-fed lawn grows deeper roots to better absorb water and nutrients. Regular feedings of Scotts® Turf Builder® Lawn Food can provide the nutrients your lawn needs to look its best and withstand the stresses of heat as well as periods of drought and dormancy. Second, be sure to get the lawn height just right. Grass mowed at the proper height develops a deeper root system to better find water and nutrients in the soil. As the season gets warmer, let your grass grow taller than you might typically would. Finally, rely on rainfall as much as you possibly can. If you choose to water, wait until it’s absolutely necessary to do so, typically when the lawn is turning brown. If you’re a person who doesn’t need to water your lawn, it’s okay to let your lawn go brown and dormant for a short period of time this summer. If you fertilize regularly, your lawn should bounce right back. When it comes to gardening, it’s all about making every drop count. To maintain a healthier, more drought-resistant garden, start with good soil. Mixing nutrient-rich organic matter, like compost or Miracle-Gro® All Purpose Garden Soil, into your existing soil not only makes it easier for your plants to grow, but it also improves the soil structure. Good soil structure means better nutrient and water holding – water is able to penetrate into the soil, instead of running off, and is held where the plants can use it. Then add mulch. Mulch not only makes your garden beds look nice and finished, but it also keeps weed seeds from sprouting which would otherwise compete with your plants for water, nutrients, and sunlight. Mulch helps keep moisture in the soil by reducing evaporation and also moderates soil temperature by shading the soil. Lastly, water smart. When you do water, water deeply, directing the water at the base of the plant. Deep watering promotes deeper roots which better withstand drought. Water in the morning or early evening, avoiding mid-day, which helps reduce water loss from evaporation. And, if possible, use drip irrigation or soaker hoses in your garden beds instead of overhead sprinklers or a hose and breaker. Also remember to properly feed plants leading up to hot, dry weather conditions because healthy, nourished plants can better withstand prolonged periods of heat and drought. When you connect Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics Garden Feeder to your garden hose, you can feed and water at the same time. For more information, visit About Amy Enfield Amy has over 25 years of experience in the Lawn & Garden industry and has been with ScottsMiracle-Gro for 11 years. She has a BS and MS in Horticulture from Michigan State University and a PhD in Plant & Environmental Sciences from Clemson University. She specializes in house plant and succulent research with focus areas in consumer performance, lighting, and ecommerce shippability. About Matthew Koch Born and raised in New Jersey, Dr. Matthew Koch joined ScottsMiracle-Gro in 2012 after finishing his PhD work in plant genetics and breeding at Rutgers University. He began as a Scientist in the Biotechnology program and has held a number of leadership roles since. He is currently the Director of Biotechnology, Genetics, Lawn Nutrition and Seed where he oversees the R&D activities of these teams. When not helping develop the next generation of plant genetics and consumer lawn products, Matt loves the outdoors (especially his home lawn), traveling, and considers himself a BBQ foodie at heart. Jordan Houser Jordan Houser is a Brand Manager for the Scotts-Miracle Gro Company. After receiving his MBA from the Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, Jordan joined SMG in 2018 and has spent his time with the company focused on its operations in the Lawns category under the industry-leading Scotts brand. In addition to his role in managing the brand’s operations in the grass seed, fertilizer, and lawn weed control product categories, Jordan also currently leads the organization’s initiatives in alternative landscapes and next-generation lawns. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

June 08, 2023 11:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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From Integrating AI To Strictly Protecting Client Data, How Online Education Company Amesite Inc Is Doing Things Differently To Disrupt Learning

Amesite Inc.

Click here to download the latest research report on Amesite Amesite Inc. (NASDAQ: AMST) CEO Dr. Ann Marie Sastry recently delivered a presentation at a leading Micro-Cap conference hosted by Sidoti & Company LLC. As an online platform and product developer powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Amesite is positioning itself to disrupt the current educational model. It plans to accomplish this with its robust, technology-first approach. In her presentation, Sastry set out how Detroit-based Amesite has the goal of becoming a leading education specialist for delivering improved e-learning experiences and outcomes. In 2022 Amesite started a collaboration with Microsoft for the use of its Azure cloud, and it was featured in a story on Microsoft’s website. In February of 2023, it officially adopted GPT-3, the technology behind ChatGPT, onto its learning management system (LMS). In April, it launched the anticipated Version 6.0 (V6) of its platform. V6 is integrated with GPT-4, the AI system powering Bing and ChatGPT Plus. Amesite’s platform now includes AI capabilities such as learning and creative assistants, as well as a free course on GPT fundamentals. Its generative AI capabilities mean that the platform now allows customers to create features like educational games, interactive learning experiences, leaderboards and other learning incentives. A Strong Position In A Growing Market Amesite’s vision for education and upskilling is for learners not to be educated in silos but instead, be brought into a larger learning community. The company provides a top-tier learning management system (LMS) that sits at the intersection of several industries, including AI, online education and software-as-a-service (SaaS). Amesite believes it can harness the growth of each of these markets to scale its customer base and grow revenue. Each market is poised for significant growth in the next decade. The AI market was worth $136 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37.3% between 2023 and 2030. Meanwhile, the SaaS market is expected to grow from $167 billion in 2022 to $462 billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 18.5% during the forecast period, and online education is projected to reach a value of $602 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 17.2% over 2023-2030. Amesite already works with numerous universities, museums, government agencies and businesses to deliver its suite of online products. Its LMS delivers a 99% retention rate across its paid products, compared with a 60% industry average retention rate. How Amesite Is Doing Education Differently Something that differentiates Amesite’s position in the market is its approach to client data. While it uses analytics to improve customer experience, the company has a strict approach of never selling data to third parties or using data for exploitative purposes. Amesite also delivers what Sastry described as the best-in-class code and architecture in its LMS. Its V6 platform tools enable the integration of thousands of application programming interfaces (APIs). These APIs, along with Amesite’s collaboration with Microsoft, mean that Amesite’s offerings are easily scalable, and are capable of fast and efficient product delivery. Its robust architecture allows the company to continuously integrate improvements into the system. In a case study released earlier this year, Amesite revealed it was able to onboard 50 courses in four days for its client, the leading commodity management company EWIE Group of Companies (EGC). On average, Amesite is able to provide a custom-branded, enterprise-scale system for clients within just 24 hours, and its easy-to-use platform means custom-developed content is fully accessible within only one month. Other companies in the space include Coursera Inc. (NYSE: COUR), 2U (NASDAQ: TWOU) and Powerschool Holdings Inc. (NYSE: PWSC). According to Amesite – citing data from a third-party source – Amesite has a higher positive consumer sentiment score and a lower negative sentiment score than any of its competitors. Learn more about how Amesite is disrupting education with AI. Amesite Inc., an artificial intelligence driven platform and course designer, provides online products in the United States. The company uses machine learning to offer a mass customized experience to learners. Its customers include businesses, universities and colleges, K-12 schools, and non-profit organizations. The company was incorporated in 2017 and is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Amesite, Inc. +1 734-876-8141 Company Website

June 08, 2023 09:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Enhancing School Safety with Siyata Mobile's (NASDAQ: SYTA) SD7 Handheld Device and CrisisGo Integration

Siyata Mobile

Over recent years, the sanctity and safety of American schools have increasingly been threatened by a growing wave of violence. Despite the assumption that these institutions should be havens of learning and personal growth, stark realities of active shooter incidents, student violence against teachers, and escalating student-on-student altercations have disrupted this perception. A trend that goes beyond mere numbers and statistics, it represents a significant shift in the climate of schools across the country, leading to profound and pressing concerns over safety and security. In the wake of increasing safety concerns in K-12 schools across the United States, Siyata Mobile (NASDAQ: SYTA) and CrisisGo have partnered to provide a cutting-edge solution that enhances communication and safety preparedness. The integration of Siyata Mobile's SD7 handheld device with CrisisGo's safety platform offers a comprehensive solution to help schools stay connected and prepared for incidents, including active shooter situations. Siyata Mobile and CrisisGo Siyata Mobile is a developer and provider of communication solutions for enterprise customers, first responders, security guards, delivery/logistics companies, construction workers, and government agencies. Its products include a portfolio of push-to-talk/PTT over cellular (PoC) devices, such as rugged handsets and in-vehicle communication devices. Siyata Mobile also sells a family of cellular boosters for use in vehicles, homes, and large venues with weak signals. The company’s SD7 handset is designed for instant communication with an SOS panic button, providing a simple, easy-to-use solution for immediate communication. The SD7 is a versatile Push-to-Talk (PTT) device that can handle everyday incidents like fights or medical emergencies, to contacting first responders. The SD7 can also initiate a lockdown of the building, meeting Alyssa's Law requirements. On the other hand, CrisisGo is the leading safety platform & emergency solution trusted by over 16,000 schools. With CrisisGo, schools can cover the entire process and workflow required for safety and emergency response, integrate the technology needed to streamline safety and connect the people who make safety happen. Integration Capabilities of the SD7 and CrisisGo’s Platform The integration of the SD7 with CrisisGo's platform allows users to instantly trigger a CrisisGo panic alarm and receive mass notifications without requiring an app or login. With simple clicks of the SD7 SOS button, users can trigger a Staff Assist alert or a Lockdown alert. After triggering an alert, users can record voice information (up to 20 seconds upon configuration) to send with the alert. Alert announcements and voice information will be automatically played in SD7 when an alert is sent to the device. The SD7 handset also supports two-way communication, allowing for more effective communication between dispatch and users. It provides an immediate, two-way connection with first responders, ensuring they have all the information needed to aid in the current crisis. This feature is particularly crucial in active shooter situations where immediate communication with first responders can save lives. Furthermore, the SD7 handset can be used in a vehicle kit on school buses, providing precise location data and PTT abilities. This feature can be particularly useful during emergencies, allowing school dispatch to monitor the bus’s location and ensure that it stays on its designated route. The integration allows for the following specific functionalities: Send Alert: Upon CrisisGo integration, users can use the Siyata SD7 SOS button to trigger alerts. Three clicks of the SOS button trigger a Staff Assist alert, while seven clicks trigger a Lockdown alert. After triggering an alert, users will hear a notification sound from the SD7 device, and they may record voice information (up to 20 seconds upon configuration) to send with the alert. Receive Alert: Alert announcements and voice information will be automatically played in SD7 when an alert is sent to the device. This feature ensures that all users are immediately aware of any emergencies and can respond accordingly. Check In: When a Check In is sent to a device, the SD7 plays a notification tone and vibrates for 10 seconds, displaying the Check In question and one of the options on OLED. Users can turn the SD7 knob to switch to show other options for check-in questions and press down on the knob to select the option shown on OLED for submission. Receive Messages: When a text or audio message is sent to a device, the SD7 plays a notification tone, vibrates for 10 seconds, and displays the message content or notification on OLED. Users can press down on the knob to play audio, stop playing, or remove the audio message from the SD7. Safety iControl Access: Users can access Safety iControl, the smart command center for school administrators to initiate, manage, and monitor safety activities. This feature allows users to send alerts, check-ins, and text messages, escalate and share with external first responders or communities, manage school maps and resources, and view real-time situations on GIS. Advantages of the SD7 + CrisisGo Compared to the Old LMR System The advantages of the SD7 integrated with CrisisGo are numerous, and it represents a significant improvement over the traditional Land Mobile Radio (LMR) system. Firstly, the SD7 provides an intuitive, straightforward interface that simplifies the process of communication during emergencies. Unlike the LMR system, which can be susceptible to signal interference, the SD7's digital interface is seamless and offers a clear, uninterrupted connection. Additionally, the SD7's integration with CrisisGo enhances its functionality by allowing for the instant triggering of panic alarms and mass notifications, a capability that the LMR system lacks. Furthermore, the SD7's Push-to-Talk (PTT) capability allows for instant communication, a feature that is critical during emergencies. This instant communication capability far surpasses the LMR system, which often requires several steps to establish a communication channel. The SD7's two-way communication feature also enhances the flow of information between the users and first responders, ensuring they have all the necessary details in real time. Unlike the LMR system, the SD7 uses cellular networks that allow the user access to nation-wide coverage compared to limited-ranged radio networks. This means the SD7 can be used in a multitude of environments and situations, such as on school premises, on field trips, at sporting events and other locations effectively without worry of radio connectivity. Lastly, the SD7 offers the potential for integration with vehicle systems, providing precise location data and enhancing the safety of school buses, a feature that the LMR system cannot match. Through these advancements, the SD7 and CrisisGo integration offers a modern, comprehensive solution that greatly surpasses the capabilities of the traditional LMR system in ensuring the safety of K-12 schools. Siyata Has Secured Large Purchase Orders Recently, While Continuing to Expand its Distribution Footprint Siyata Mobile has recently received multiple significant orders for its products and has continued to expand its distribution network. In total, Siyata has recently received orders with a combined value of $3.85 million: In terms of recent orders, the company has announced a $1.2 million order for its UV350 In-Vehicle Devices and “Siyata Real-Time View,” from a repeat customer adding more devices to their fleet of ambulances. The 'Siyata Real-Time View' product provides in-fleet video monitoring, offering high-resolution video that can be accessed in real-time or retrieved later via cloud storage. The video software creates a recurring revenue stream for Siyata from a license fee​. Siyata also received a $750,000 order for its next-generation MCPTT (mission-critical push-to-talk) solution from an independent emergency management service (EMS) provider. This order includes the company's SD7 devices and related accessories, which will be used in a variety of mission-critical situations, including in ambulances and other emergency vehicles. The SD7 device operates over the high bandwidth 4G LTE network and is IP68 rated, making it resistant to water, dust, and drops, perfect for use in harsh environments​. The company also secured a $900,000 order to supply a U.S. public school district with its SD7 handsets and accessories. This order represents the company's largest in the education market to date. The SD7 handset will provide teachers and school staff with a reliable means of communication and the ability to notify first responders in case of an emergency​. Furthermore, a school district in the Southwest U.S. placed a $600,000 purchase order with Siyata to equip teachers with SD7 handsets and associated accessories, which will enable direct communication capabilities with first responders and other school officials. On June 5 th, Siyata received an additional purchase order of $400,000 for its SD7 handsets and their associated VK7 vehicle kits. The order effectively expands the company’s SD7 footprint into the education, healthcare and construction sectors. On the distribution front, Siyata announced a distribution reseller agreement with Two Way Direct, Inc. in April 2023 to offer the SD7 device nationally. In addition, Siyata has announced a global expansion into the Netherlands through a distribution deal with KPN Royal Dutch Telecom, a leading telecommunications and IT service provider in the region. As a part of the deal, KPN will now offer the SD7 device and associated accessories through its KPN PTT service. This offering is primarily targeted at medium and large-scale government and corporate entities. In addition to KPN, Siyata’s distribution features wireless carrier partners include AT&T, FirstNet, Verizon, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Bell Mobility (Canada), and Telstra (Australia). Fundamental Research Corp. Issues Updated Research Report Giving Siyata a Fair Value of $0.46; Zacks Investment Research Issues Price Target of $0.75 Equity research company, Fundamental Research Corp., issued an updated report on Siyata dated May 30, 2023. In the report, the firm highlighted the strong growth that is being driven by the SD7 handheld devices. As a result, the firm reiterated its “buy” rating for Siyata and issued a fair value price of $0.46. On an estimated basis for full-year 2023, Fundamental Research Corp. believes Siyata could generate total revenue of $10.38 million while maintaining a strong financial footing with cash estimates of $489,521, total assets of $15.01 million and working capital of $1.35 million. For the full-year 2024, the equity research firm estimates revenues growing to $14.81 million and the company's financial position further improving: estimated cash holdings of $1.03 million, total assets of $15.69 million, and working capital of $1.86 million. “We believe SYTA should be able to maintain its growth momentum in the coming quarters, driven by new distribution partners,” noted the equity research report. On June 5, 2023, Zacks Investment Research also issued an updated equity research report, after the company’s strong Q1 2023 and recent updated on new sales and distribution opportunities. As a result of the equity research firm’s discounted cash flow (DCF) model, the company has issued a new price target of $0.75 for Siyata Mobile. “We believe Siyata Mobile is on track to generate strong double-digit revenue growth rates going forward. We expect overall gross margins to increase steadily from current levels as volume levels increase,” according to the Zacks report. “Based on our 2023 revenue estimates of $12.2 million, SYTA is selling at a Price/Sales ratio of approximately 0.65x. The peer group average Price/Sales ratio is 2.35x and the sector median is 2.73x. These relative valuations support a significantly higher stock price for SYTA,” Zacks analysts concluded. Conclusion In the face of burgeoning school safety concerns, the partnership between Siyata Mobile and CrisisGo, fusing the SD7 handheld device and CrisisGo's safety platform, presents a groundbreaking solution designed to reinforce preparedness and communication during emergencies. The integration capitalizes on the strengths of each technology, creating an intuitive and effective tool that streamlines the process of initiating a response, managing safety workflows, and enabling immediate, two-way communication with first responders. Far superior to traditional Land Mobile Radio systems, the SD7-CrisisGo integration allows for a real-time panic alarm activation, mass notifications, and immediate communication, both in daily scenarios and critical incidents. An invaluable feature is the device's adaptability for use in school buses, augmenting safety through precise location data and push-to-talk capabilities. Siyata Mobile's recent success in securing significant purchase orders and expanding its distribution network underscores the market's recognition of the potential these innovations carry. Notably, the $900,000 order from a U.S. public school district represents a landmark in the education sector, signifying the industry's trust in Siyata Mobile's ability to deliver reliable and efficient solutions. Furthermore, Siyata's global expansion strategy, as demonstrated by its partnership with Two Way Direct, Inc. and KPN Royal Dutch Telecom, widens the reach of these transformative solutions. Finally, Fundamental Research Corp's "buy" rating for Siyata, along with an encouraging revenue growth projection, reflects the industry's optimism about the company's growth trajectory, largely driven by the SD7 handheld devices. Therefore, Siyata Mobile's concerted efforts towards innovative solutions for school safety represent a game-changing approach to meet the urgent needs of today's educational institutions. Disclaimer: Spotlight Growth is compensated, either directly or via a third party, to provide investor relations services for its clients. Spotlight Growth creates exposure for companies through a customized marketing strategy, including design of promotional material, the drafting and editing of press releases and media placement. All information on featured companies is provided by the companies profiled, or is available from public sources. Spotlight Growth and its employees are not a Registered Investment Advisor, Broker Dealer or a member of any association for other research providers in any jurisdiction whatsoever and we are not qualified to give financial advice. The information contained herein is based on external sources that Spotlight Growth believes to be reliable, but its accuracy is not guaranteed. Spotlight Growth may create reports and content that has been compensated by a company or third-parties, or for purposes of self-marketing. Spotlight Growth was compensated one thousand dollars for the creation and dissemination of this content by the company. This material does not represent a solicitation to buy or sell any securities. Certain statements contained herein constitute “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such statements may include, without limitation, statements with respect to the Company’s plans and objectives, projections, expectations and intentions. These forward-looking statements are based on current expectations, estimates and projections about the Company’s industry, management’s beliefs and certain assumptions made by management. The above communication, the attachments and external Internet links provided are intended for informational purposes only and are not to be interpreted by the recipient as a solicitation to participate in securities offerings. Investments referenced may not be suitable for all investors and may not be permissible in certain jurisdictions. Spotlight Growth and its affiliates, officers, directors, and employees may have bought or sold or may buy or sell shares in the companies discussed herein, which may be acquired prior, during or after the publication of these marketing materials. Spotlight Growth, its affiliates, officers, directors, and employees may sell the stock of said companies at any time and may profit in the event those shares rise in value. For more information on our disclosures, please visit: The Post " Enhancing School Safety with Siyata Mobile's (NASDAQ: SYTA) SD7 Handheld Device and CrisisGo Integration " First Appeared On Spotlight Growth. Contact Details Siyata Mobile Spotlight Growth

June 08, 2023 05:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time

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Eleazar Kauderer to Co-host “Proudly She Served” Event Celebrating Female Military Heroes

Proudly She Served

The Greater New York Chamber of Commerce (the “Chamber”), a New York State nonprofit entity representing 30,000 business and civic leaders with a mission of improving the business climate and quality of life in the New York Metropolitan Area, is proud to announce that Eleazar “Ele” Kauderer will co-host the “Proudly She Served” book signing and portrait unveiling event celebrating the heroic service of women in the military. The event will take place on June 13, 2023, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET at the General Society Library, located at 20 West 44th Street, New York City. Women Veterans Day is observed on June 12 in the United States, a date chosen to celebrate the anniversary of the Women's Armed Services Integration Act. Women Veterans Day honors the work of women in the military and recognizes their unique challenges. The Proudly She Served book signing will include the unveiling of the 12 portraits with local dignitaries and women veteran portrait participants. The portrait series and book participants include a diverse group of active-duty U.S. military and veteran women from the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy and Women Airforce Service Pilots listed below: • Kim Brooks, born in Portland, Ore., U.S. Marine Corps, Separated - Sergeant • Nicole Cimino, born in San Diego, Calif., U.S. Coast Guard, Retired - Chief Petty Officer. • U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth, representing Illinois, U.S. Army, Retired – Lieutenant Colonel • Kirstie Ennis, raised in Milton, FL., U.S. Marine Corp, Retired – Sergeant • Dawn Halfaker, raised in San Diego, CA, U.S. Army, Retired – Captain • Bernice “Bee” Falk Haydu, of Montclair, NJ, U.S. Women Airforce Service Pilot (deceased) • Miyoko Hikiji, of Cedar Rapids, IA, U.S. Army, Separated - Specialist • Angel Hughes, raised in East Orange, NJ, U.S. Coast Guard, Separated - Lieutenant Commander • Nicole Malachowski, of Las Vegas, NV, U.S. Air Force, Retired – Colonel • Chaplain Karen Meeker, raised in Huntington Mills, PA., U.S. Army, Active Duty - Colonel • Louise Rand, of Martins Ferry, OH, U.S. Air Force – 1st Lieutenant (deceased) • Arabia Shanklin, of Steubenville, OH, U.S. Navy, Active Duty - Lieutenant Ele Kauderer, who serves on the Military & Veterans Affairs Committee for the Greater New York Chamber, remarked, “I couldn’t be more honored and grateful for the opportunity to help celebrate the brave women who have so proudly served our democracy for 75 years. It’s fitting that the event will take place one day after Women’s Veterans Day and one day before Flag Day. In so many ways, they have been the backbone of the nation, and I look forward to the opportunity to show my pride and respect for their sacrifices and their courage.” About The Greater New York Chamber of Commerce The Greater New York Chamber of Commerce represents 30,000 business and civic leaders comprising of entrepreneurs, small, medium size, major and international corporations, public officials, local, city, state and federal agencies, foreign dignitaries, and consulates. It provides in-person and online weekly networking receptions, breakfasts, luncheons, seminars, and business expos. The mission of the Chamber is to improve the business climate and quality of life in the New York Metropolitan Area for businesses, workers, residents, and visitors. It provides valuable services to individuals, start-ups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and civic leaders who represent the backbone of the Greater New York business community. The Greater New York Chamber of Commerce is an approved New York State Not for Profit entity. It operates under Rule 501 C 6, as an exempt organization under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. It also maintains a charitable fund to help assist local chambers, trade organizations and civic groups under IRS Rule 501 C 3 and a political action committee. For more information, please visit About Ele Kauderer Ele Kauderer, a New York businessman, CEO of Tiger Marketing & Branding Agency & founder of Youth Empowerment & Success, has been involved in philanthropy, has created youth programs in New Jersey and New York City, international business, investment banking, marketing, branding, and public relations for nearly 25 years. He implemented television and radio marketing campaigns, production of commercials, national product launches, public relations for both private and public companies as well as political campaigns. Ele Kauderer sits on the Military & Veterans Affairs Committee as well as the Economic Development Committee for the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce. For more information on Eleazar Kauderer, visit PROUDLY SHE SERVED Tiger Marketing & Branding Agency Greater New York Chamber of Commerce 20 W 44th Street New York, NY 10036 For more information on the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, please visit Contact Details Mark McKelvie +1 585-301-7700

June 07, 2023 03:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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UA Multimedia Invests in Pascal Studio, Strengthening AI Enabled Supply Chain Management and Financial Software Services in Southeast Asia

UA Multimedia, Inc.

UA Multimedia, Inc. (OTC: UAMM), a technology holding company and solution provider specializing in the areas of information technology, blockchain and artificial intelligence, today announced its acquisition of a 12% equity stake in Pascal Studio, a leading provider of AI enabled supply chain and financial data platform. This investment aligns with the signed Letter of Intent between the two companies and enables UA Multimedia to enhance its software solutions portfolio by leveraging Pascal Studio's deep domain knowledge and technical expertise. This strategic partnership signifies a significant milestone in UAMM's commitment to the Information Technology industry. The acquisition of Pascal Studio showcases the perfect synergy between UAMM's technology investments and Pascal Studio's innovative software development capabilities. By joining forces, both companies are poised to deliver cutting-edge solutions and drive digital transformation across various sectors. Southeast Asia's software service industry has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, characterized by exceptional talent and a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. UAMM recognizes the immense potential of this market and believes that Pascal Studio, with its established presence and impressive track record, is an ideal partner for this strategic investment. "We are delighted to announce our investment in Pascal Studio, a major solution provider in Southeast Asia's software service industry," stated Huan Nguyen, CEO of UA Multimedia. "This strategic partnership perfectly aligns with our growth strategy and strengthens our ability to deliver innovative and transformative software solutions in the future. We are confident that our combined strengths will create significant value and drive market growth." The partnership is expected to facilitate knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the development of new technologies to address the evolving needs of customers across industries. “We at Pascal are excited to have UA Multimedia as our strategic investors to accelerate our growth in digital transformation for the Southeast Asia market,” stated Minh Chau, CEO of Pascal Studio. Pascal Studio's management team will continue to lead the company and drive its growth strategy while benefiting from UAMM's strategic guidance. Together, they will explore opportunities for mutual growth, capitalize on emerging market trends, and foster innovation in the software as a service landscape. The global supply chain management market was valued at $27.2 Billion in 2022 and is projected to reach $75.6 Billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 10.9% from 2023 to 2032 according to Valuates Reports. Pascal Studio currently serves a multi-billion dollar company as a major client and is in discussions to secure other large international companies as clients in the near future. This transaction represents the first tranche of investment and an initial effort to grow via acquisitions. Under the terms of the agreement, UA Multimedia has the option to acquire up to 30% of Pascal Common stock. About UA Multimedia, Inc. UA Multimedia, Inc. is a technology company and solution provider specializing in the areas of information technology, blockchain and artificial intelligence. It is also a holding company seeking to acquire domestic and foreign entities who are in the same space. Corporate Website: Facebook: Twitter: About Pascal Studio: Pascal Studio leverages the power of AI and advanced graph technologies with a unique user interface to provide fast time to value and unparalleled predictive insights. Its platform, with a current focus on supply chain management, integrates clients' data from within and across the supply chain and financial operations. At the core of the platform lies an advanced Machine Learning multi-models with a decision assistant, offering early warning and optimizing execution through exception-based management. Corporate Website: LinkedIn: Forward-Looking Statements: This release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27a of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and section 21e of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. These statements reflect the intent, belief, or current expectations of the Company and its management team. However, prospective investors should be aware that not all anticipated events or results may occur. The actual results may differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements due to various factors. Accomplishing the described strategy is significantly dependent upon numerous factors, many of which are beyond management's control. UA Multimedia, Inc. does not undertake any duty nor does it intend to update the results of these forward-looking statements. Contact UA Multimedia, Inc. Investor Relations 949.229.1208 Contact Details Investor Relations +1 949-229-1208

June 06, 2023 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Broward Education Foundation Partners with Campus Multimedia to Benefit Broward County’s Schools and Students

Campus Multimedia

Broward Education Foundation (BEF), a 501(c)3 that supports educational enhancements for the 6 th largest school district in the country, today announced an exclusive partnership with Campus Multimedia. As the fastest-growing high school sports media company in the nation, Campus Multimedia will provide marketing programs that will benefit the schools, students, and brands. The partnership will focus on sponsorship representation of the High School National Football Showcase in Broward County, The Kreul, the Brian Piccolo Award, Broward Sports Hall of Fame, and future events and platforms. In addition, Campus Multimedia will work with Broward Education Foundation to create district wide opportunities and create value added marketing programs across the entire community. “Our goal is to shine a national spotlight on the amazing work and programming produced by the Broward Education Foundation,” said Karl Mawhinney, CEO of Campus Multimedia. “We’ll connect brands and offer new partnership opportunities that will ultimately support the important mission of the foundation: to develop, promote and fund emerging educational initiatives that benefit the Broward County community.” “Our partnership with Campus Multimedia is based on shared values that drive our collective vision to promote the Broward Education Foundation and our growth to enhance impact in the community,” said James A. Knapp, Director of Advancement, Broward Education Foundation. “They understand the power of relationships and the importance of what truly matters to our current and future partners.” About Broward County Education Foundation Broward Education Foundation is the only 501(c)3 charitable organization solely dedicated to supporting Broward County Public Schools and serves as a catalyst for educational excellence by providing teacher grants to fund development of innovative curriculum that advances Pre K-12 achievement; vitally needed school supplies for Title I school students, and scholarships for qualified high school seniors. Established in 1983, the non-profit Broward Education Foundation contributes more than $3 million to Broward County Public Schools annually. About Campus Multimedia Campus Multimedia (CM) is on a mission to improve school life for students, teachers, and school districts through brand partnership programs that meet school needs. Its extensive network of 77,000+ school relationships creates an unparalleled impact for brands to step inside schools at scale with mutually beneficial goals. As the leader in school marketing execution, CM creates platforms for brands to achieve their goals and schools to receive resources. Learn more at Contact Details Eric PR & Marketing, LLC Eric Nemeth Company Website

June 06, 2023 09:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Nextech3D.AI’s Toggle 3D showcases AI for fixed point diffusion of 2D to 3D model conversion


Nextech3D.AI chief product officer Dasha Vdovina joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news the company has made a major step forward showcasing its fixed point diffusion for 2D to 3D technology to be used for e-commerce. Vdovina sharing with Proactive diffusion models provide a solution for creating 3D models from 2D reference photos, either as a whole or part-by-part by evolving differentiable, deformable templates to convert into 3D parts. The publication of their findings marks a significant step forward in scaling 3D model production and integrating the technology into their pipeline. Their unique approach is protected by a provisional patent, giving them a competitive advantage in the industry. Contact Details Proactive Investors Canada +1 604-688-8158

June 02, 2023 12:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Futuris Company Announces Cancellation of Acquisition of LotusUSA Inc.


Futuris Company (OTC: FTRS), a Human Capital Management (HCM) company focused on areas such as Staffing, Consulting, and Tech Services, today announces the cancellation of the acquisition of LotusUSA, Inc. Madhuri Yalamanchi owns LotusUSA, Inc and that there was no change of ownership. “We continue to forge ahead with building our brand and will continue to update our shareholders with all progress that we make,” stated Kalyan Pathuri, President of Futuris Company. We encourage shareholders to continually visit our website and social media platforms for updates. Website: Twitter: About Futuris Company Futuris is a Human Capital Management (HCM) company focused on Executive Search, Staffing, Consulting services and Tech Services specializing in verticals such as Medical, Accounting/Finance, Information Technology, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), and Legal. The Company is committed to building a global HCM company through highly targeted and accretive acquisitions and operational efficiencies. For more information, please visit Contact Details: Futuris Company Preya Narain Email: Contact Details Futuris Company Company Website

June 02, 2023 11:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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