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New World-Class Treatment Center Announces $34 Million Investment in Pitt County, North Carolina.

Haven at Blue Creek

Haven at Blue Creek celebrated the ground breaking of their new Holistic Recovery Campus on Thursday, May 19 th. Nestled on a 250-acre land parcel, Haven at Blue Creek is the culmination of many years of work including the NC certificate of need application process and successful approval for the behavioral health program to proceed. Haven at Blue Creek received great support for this facility from many community members, local and statewide dignitaries that wrote letters of support to accompany the certificate of need requirements. Haven at Blue Creek is also grateful to the State of North Carolina and Pitt County for a $500,000 Building Reuse grant that will support this important project. Thoughtful planning and dedication are truly a testament to the power of the Balot family’s passion for providing these services to the Pitt County community. Haven at Blue Creek’s 75,000 square-foot facility will be home to 84 beds, a result of the Balot family’s vision and eager planning over the past five years. A local understanding and commitment is evident with a dedicated building team that includes: Erin Sterling-Lewis of Open Studio Design in coordination with Sal Lore and Steve Auger from AKA Architects; Civil Engineering led by Bryan Fagundus of ARK Consulting, and White Construction services provided by Eddie White, Project Manager Ryan Corbett and the rest of their team. Haven at Blue Creek is committed to significant community support offering employment, growth, education and future community partnerships within the community. From the outset of this project, the focus has been to align the best talent and resources to provide the community with a clinically excellent and safe place where recovery from behavioral health problems is possible for individuals and their families. The campus will create at least 80 new jobs and work hand-in-hand with community partners to support education and prevention on issues related to trauma, substance use/abuse and mental health disorders. Set to open in late 2023, Haven at Blue Creek intends to be a beacon for recovery for those in need in the community. “Prevention and education brought to the community and schools will be essential in keeping a keen eye on the growing addiction concerns we face,” says Haven at Blue Creek, President, Colleen Balot. “Taking care of our community, keeping them safe and informed, is important to our family and our children’s futures, and sound rationale for providing treatment services”. “Haven at Blue Creek is a genuine blessing for eastern North Carolina. Our families will be better off because of this facility,” said NC Senator, Don Davis. In a post covid environment, and a country-wide, soaring opioid crisis, Haven at Blue Creek recognizes the importance of active relationships to deliver substance use disorder education and prevention services for the local community. “Society says it’s too hard to have vision and dreams, but the Balots have a dream and vision to make the world a better place,” said Rich Zeck, Mayor of Simpson. He added “community is where each and every one of us work to make lives better for all of us. This work will serve not only this community, but the region and state beyond.” As a family owned and operated Holistic Behavioral Health Campus, the founders are long time Greenville residents. “We are committed to our community and taking care of those in need to create a path for wellbeing for people where they live, when they need it”, says, President and CEO Colleen Balot. Haven at Blue Creek will be both a peaceful and private campus, with ponds and wooded areas along the perimeter. Patients wanting treatment will have access to all levels of care in a secure and tranquil setting. The initial phase of the campus has begun, with a Spiritual Renewal Center and athletic facilities, including an Olympic-sized pool, already completed. The dream unfolds and this ground-breaking marks the additional construction and paves the way for the facility’s completion. Allen Thomas, Former Mayor of Greenville, and current Regional Administrator, Southeast United States for the Small Business Administration has this to say about the new campus: “We are very excited about the world-class behavioral health services coming to the Pitt County area that will augment our existing tertiary healthcare system. We have a substantial need in our community for the compassionate and intentional services that will be provided by Haven at Blue Creek. I applaud the exponential efforts put forth by Colleen and Rich Balot to secure and fund these much-needed services for our community.” Downloads: Renderings and photos of the Balot’s About Haven at Blue Creek Family-owned and operated by Rich and Colleen Balot, Haven at Blue Creek is a substance use disorder campus. Created from experience, dedicated to building a safe, supportive, and transformative space for others to find recovery, Haven at Blue Creek is being thoughtfully developed from the ground up with both best practices, and the needs of all individuals and families in Eastern North Carolina top of mind. Contact Details Douglas Marketing Group Kay Douglas +1 248-940-8004 Amanda Iera +1 313-571-1858

May 19, 2022 05:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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LiveSpo: Spobiotic Research Center opens - A breakthrough solution for an antibiotic-free future


HANOI, VIETNAM - Media OutReach - 19 May 2022 - A Lancet publication in early 2022 reported that an estimated 5 million deaths are associated with antibiotic resistance every year [1]. Despite great efforts to call for a global fight against the alarming antibiotic resistance crisis for many years, the World Health Organization (WHO) has not proposed a particularly effective solution to solve the problem yet. Spore Probiotics - a breakthrough solution for an antibiotic-free future Theoretically, besides antibiotics, probiotics can be used to inhibit and kill pathogenic bacteria. The University of California, Berkeley, in 2013 showed strong evidence from intensive studies that probiotics can be helpful for the treatment of acute diarrhoea within three days [2]. Even though three-day is still long compared to using antibiotics as an alternative, this would fuel more cutting-edge researches into probiotic products for the gradual replacement of antibiotics with superior advantages in terms of safety. In the International Scientific Conference on Probiotics 2019 held in Prague, the Czech Republic, LiveSpo COLON and LiveSpo SOS Spore Probiotics in liquid form, multi-strains, and high concentration from Viet Nam have drawn full attention from scientists worldwide thanks to their super durability and outstanding effects compared with traditional probiotic products. LiveSpo SOS products mainly show their helpfulness in prompt and effective treatment of acute diarrhoea caused by bacterial infections like antibiotics, especially in many cases of children when antibiotic treatment has failed. The results made a big splash at the conference and were broadcast by Vietnam Television (VTV). Spore Probiotics marks the breakthrough in gradually reducing human’s dependence on antibiotics. Launching a pioneering Spobiotic Research Center Given such a milestone, it’s crucial to conduct further in-depth research on spore probiotics, expand their functions, and find new applications in treating not only gastrointestinal diseases but also respiratory infections, ear infections, dermatitis, and gynaecological inflammation. This will then help to enable the gradual replacement of antibiotics. Therefore, with the establishment of the world's first Spobiotic Research Center on May 18, 2022, LiveSpo Global JSC hopes to be the driving force for more scientists to be interested in and develop Spore Probiotics as a solution toward An Antibiotic-Free Future. A brief introduction to the Spobiotic Research Center and LiveSpo Global LiveSpo Global, formerly known as ANABIO R&D, was founded in 2010, by a group of 3 founders, with proprietary technology developed by Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh. After 15 years of studying and working in molecular biology at Tohoku University, Japan, Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh returned to Vietnam in 2010. After months working around the clock, in 2013, the first commercial spore-based probiotics in water form was launched. This technology surpassed all the disadvantages of traditional probiotics: multi-strains, high concentration, resistant to temperature up to 80oC, and resistant to acid, even at pH2, the acid level in the stomach. In 2012, LiveSpo Global began to export its products to more than 20 countries in Europe, America, and Asia. In 2021, LiveSpo Global successfully attracted investment from Mekong Capital to speed up the realisation of its vision for an antibiotic-free future. LiveSpo Global‘s Spobiotic Research Center invests in modern machinery and equipment for in-depth research on microbiology, biophysics, biochemistry, molecular biology, and cells on Spore Probiotics. The establishment of the centre has realised Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh's dream to contribute to his homeland and prove Viet Nam's capability for being recognised as a country with a considerable contribution to the invention of cutting-edge technology. [1] The Lancet (February 12 th, 2022). “Global Burden of bacterial antimicrobial resistance in 2019: a systematic analysis” [2] University of California, Berkeley (2013). “Probiotics” Press conference upon the opening of the Spobiotic Research Center Time: 10:00 on May 18 th, 2022 Venue: No. 22 Lot 7.8 La Khe, Van Khe, Ha Dong, Ha Noi, Viet Nam Contact Details Media Contact Company Website

May 19, 2022 11:07 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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VinFuture Prize 2022 officially announces commencement of the pre-screening round


HANOI, VIETNAM - Media OutReach – 19 May 2022 - On May 18 th, 2022 – The commencement of VinFuture Pre-Screening Round has been officially announced. Honoring the theme of “Reshaping and Reviving”, the VinFuture Prize has received a total of 970 nominations, submited by prestigious scientists and institutions from more than 70 countries in six continents for its second award season. Under this year’s theme, nominations are centered around important research works and inventions that can help revive the post-pandemic world by solving humanity’s most pressing challenges related to health and the food supply, the environment and sustainable energy, as well as the application of technology in all aspects of life. Currently leading in number of nominators is Asia with 34.6% of the total accepted nominators, followed by the Americas with 29.8%, Europe with 16.2%, and Oceania with 7%. Notably this year, Africa has 12.4% of the nominators, six times higher than its share in 2021. In terms of quality, 584 out of 2618 nominators of the VinFuture Prize’s second season are individual nominators from the top 2% of most-cited researchers in the world, and 37.1% are from the world’s top 500 universities and research institutions, such as Harvard University, Stanford University, Yale University (U.S.A), University of Oxford (U.K.), Karolinska Institute (Sweden), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, National University of Singapore, Tsinghua University (China), University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (South Africa), Cairo University (Egypt), and many other leading universities and institutions globally. The VinFuture Pre-Screening round consists of a rigorous evaluation process based on the highest international standards in order to ensure scientific integrity, fairness, and transparency. The VinFuture Pre-Screening Committee will assess the nominations according to a set of core criteria, which includes the degree of scientific or technological advancement, the level of impact on people’s lives, as well as the project’s scale and sustainability. Dr. Lê Thái Hà, Managing Director of the VinFuture Prize, shared, “ Witnessing the consequences of two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, VinFuture recognizes its role in contributing to, and promoting, the global process of post-pandemic revival, aiming ultimately for sustainable development. With the theme of “Reshaping & Reviving”, the VinFuture Prize 2022 has gathered leading scientists from a variety of science and technology fields from across the world to increase the number of multi-dimensional perspectives in the nomination evaluation process. From this, we hope to find scientific solutions to the world’s pressing problems, and to simultaneously inspire and disseminate the great values that science and technology can bring in different sectors to new countries and territories, particularly in vulnerable areas. ” With the official commencement of the Pre-Screening round, the 2022 VinFuture Prize has announced three additional scientists to join its Scientific Councils this season. Professor Dan Kammen from the University of California, Berkeley (U.S.A), the former Science Envoy for the U.S. State Department, one of the world’s leading experts in the field of energy, will be officially joining the VinFuture Prize Council from 2022. The two other new professors joining the VinFuture Pre-Screening Council for the second season include Professor Quarraisha Abdool Karim – The 2016 L’Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science Laureate, one of the Inaugural VinFuture Prize Laureates, and Professor Ermias Kebreab - the Director of the University of California, Davis World Food Center. Sharing his thoughts about his new role, Professor Dan Kammen said, “ I was especially impressed by VinFuture’s realistic message, as well as the mission of science and technology that has been disseminated through VinFuture’s humanitarian angle. I have high expectations for not only the quality, but also the applicability of the scientific nominations to real life. As a scientist who is dedicated to science for humanity, being able to participate in evaluating the nominations and choosing the scientific inventions and innovations to be the next Prize winners is a meaningful and enjoyable mission. ” The 2022 VinFuture Pre-Screening round takes place from May 18 th to late September, 2022 and aims to enable the Council to meticulously evaluate the most impactful and award-worthy works to proceed to the final round. VinFuture Prize Council: - Professor Sir Richard Henry Friend, FRS – University of Cambridge, UK, Millennium Technology Laureate in Physics 2010. - Professor Gérard Albert Mourou – École Polytechnique Palaiseau, France, Nobel Laureate in Physics 2018. - Professor Sir Konstantin (Kostya) S. Novoselov, FRS – University of Manchester, UK and National University of Singapore, Nobel Laureate in Physics 2010. - Professor Michael Eugene Porter – Harvard Business School, USA, creator of the theory "Competitive Advantage of Nations". - Professor Leslie Gabriel Valiant, FRS – Harvard University, USA, A.M. Turing Laureate 2010. - Dr. Padmanabhan Anandan – AI Matters Advisors LLC, USA. - Professor Jennifer Tour Chayes – University of California, Berkeley, USA. - Professor Pascale Cossart – Pasteur Institute of Paris, France. - Professor Van-Chi Dang – Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, USA. - Dr. Xuedong David Huang – Microsoft, USA. - Professor Dan Kammen – University of California, Berkeley, USA. - Professor Ha-Van Vu – Yale University, USA and VinBigdata Institute, Vingroup, Vietnam. VinFuture Pre-Screening Committee: - Professor Thuc-Quyen Nguyen - University of California, Santa Barbara, USA. - Professor Albert P. Pisano - University of California, San Diego, USA. - Professor Mônica Alonso Cotta – Institute of Physics “Gleb Wataghin”, University of Campinas, Brazil. - Professor Ngoc-Minh Do - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA and VinUniversity, Vietnam. - Mr. Akihisa Kakimoto - Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan. - Prof. Quarraisha Abdool Karim - CAPRISA Center for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa - Professor Ermias Kebreab - University of California, Davis, USA. - Professor Duc-Thu Nguyen - Rutgers University, USA. - Professor Alta Schutte - University of New South Wales and The George Institute for Global Health, Australia. - Professor Molly Shoichet - University of Toronto, Canada. - Professor Vivian Yam – The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. About the VinFuture Foundation: The VinFuture Foundation, established on December 20th, 2020 on the occasion of International Human Solidarity Day, is an independent, not-for-profit foundation initiated by Mr. Phạm Nhật Vượng, and his wife, Madam Phạm Thu Hương. The mission and vision of the Foundation is to create meaningful changes in the everyday lives of millions of people in the world. The core activity of the Foundation is awarding the annual VinFuture Prize to technological innovations that have already contributed or have the potential to contribute to the betterment of life for millions of human beings globally. The VinFuture Prize consists of four prize categories, of which the Grand Prize – with a value of US$3 million – is one of the largest annual global prizes, and three additional Special Prizes, worth US$500,000 each, are dedicated to Female Innovator(s), Innovator(s) from Developing Country(ies), and Innovator(s) with Outstanding Achievements in Emerging Fields. In addition, the Foundation also conducts many activities to realize its mission, such as funding research, collaborating in academic development, and promoting STEM education. Contact Details Vingroup Media Contact

May 19, 2022 09:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Green Cubes Technology Expands Executive Team

Green Cubes Technology

Green Cubes Technology, a leader in electrification and clean, connected, cost-effective power solutions, today announced four significant executive appointments to its leadership team - Ken Gregory as Vice President of Supply Chain and Procurement, Alan Forster as Vice President of Sales for Americas, Rita Faunce as Vice President of Sales Operations and Customer Experience, and Rocio Castellanos as International Controller. These executives join Ken Johnson, who was appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) last year. The team will provide leadership to sales, supply chain, operations, manufacturing, and customer support functions for continued growth within Motive (including Ground Support & Materials Handling), Stationary (Telecom & Data Center), and Mobile (Industrial Automation) Power market segments. “We’re very pleased to add so many talented professionals to Green Cubes’ executive team,” said Keith Washington, CEO of Green Cubes Technology. “This reflects the rapid growth of the company, and the leadership that each of these individuals bring to the company will help us continue to lead the charge to electrification.” Mr. Gregory has a history of success with enterprise operations and transformation, customer experience, supply chain and channel/alliance sales across enterprise and consumer Information Technology, Education and Learning organizations. He has driven sustainable cultural and digital transformations in highly matrixed organizations resulting in increased revenue, enhanced customer confidence, organizational capability, and employee engagement. He brings over 25 years of core supply chain experience gained at IBM supporting its enterprise computer hardware segments. Mr. Gregory’s most recent experiences were at Pearson, a global leader in learning and education where he oversaw customer service and digital operations transformation. Mr. Forster is responsible for managing and accelerating Green Cubes’ pipeline and revenue growth while developing its channel and sales enablement programs. In his recent role as Sales Director for the company’s Telecom and Data Center business unit (operating as Unipower), he helped rebuild sales and channel relationships, managed consistent quarterly growth, and increased sales channel coverage during the global pandemic. By working diligently with the Unipower team, he doubled bookings and revenue during a global supply chain and transportation slow down. Ms. Faunce directs Green Cubes’ sales operations teams globally, drives its customer experience strategy, and will facilitate ownership of customer experience excellence. She has vast experience managing global teams in sales operations, customer service, and customer satisfaction with success in delivering customer facing programs that foster a spirit of transparency, continuous improvement, and mutual accountability in customer relationships. Ms. Faunce will implement continuous improvement plans, leverage customer insights and data, and work across multiple departments to ensure team members and leadership are aware of and dedicated to the goals of continuously improving the customer experience. Ms. Castellanos joins Green Cubes as a key member of the global finance and accounting team. She is responsible for the internal and external financial reporting of all Green Cubes affiliated entities outside the U.S. In her role, she will support the entities in financial reporting topics and bridge the information to the U.S. headquarters. She will focus on continuous improvement of processes and deliverables to enhance financial performance visibility across the entities, as well as act as a strategic business advisor for International Operations. Ms. Castellanos brings over 20 years of experience and has worked for various companies including PwC, Swiss Life and Daniel Swarovski Corp. The expansion of Green Cubes’ executive team follows the company’s announcement last year that it added a second 36,000 square foot domestic facility in Kokomo, Indiana, and expanded its product lines for Motive and Stationary Power to support accelerated growth in Material Handling and Telecom markets. The Kokomo facility is currently increasing its manufacturing throughput and is expecting a 150% increase in Motive Power shipments in 2022, relative to 2021. Additionally, Green Cubes previously announced that it established two new facilities in Europe and a Technology Center in Zurich, Switzerland. About Green Cubes Technology Green Cubes Technology develops and manufactures safe and reliable electrification solutions that enable its OEM and enterprise customers to transition from Lead Acid and Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) power to Lithium-ion battery power. Green Cubes utilizes proven hardware and software platforms to build the most reliable Lithium power solutions in its industries. With a global footprint across six countries, Green Cubes has been producing innovative, high-performance and high-quality power solutions since 1986. More information at Contact Details Ray Young +1 512-633-6855 Company Website

May 19, 2022 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Retention Cloud Leader CleverTap Acquires Leanplum


CleverTap, the world’s No.1 retention cloud, today announced it has signed definitive agreements to fully acquire San Francisco based Leanplum, a leading multi-channel customer engagement platform, for an undisclosed amount. This acquisition will make CleverTap a truly global company with development centers and customer-facing and success teams across North America, Europe, Latin America, India, South East Asia and the Middle East. Combining the product stack of the two organizations, this acquisition will enhance CleverTap’s capabilities and take its total customer base to over 1200 customers in more than 100 countries around the world. The deal is expected to close in Q2 of 2022. Together CleverTap and Leanplum will work with digital brands to help increase their users’ engagement, retention and lifetime value by making every user experience hyper-personalized, relevant and contextual at scale in real time. As more businesses become digital-first, brands need to serve their users with delightful moments where they are, when they want and on their preferred channel. CleverTap and Leanplum will now bring real-time hyper-personalization, A/B testing and increased scalability to its omnichannel engagement, analytics and segmentation product lines. As a result, growth and marketing teams globally will now be able to utilize the only end-to-end user engagement and retention cloud platform, enabling them to break down user communication silos and increase the overall lifetime value of each user. “We are seeing a seismic shift in the marketing technology landscape,” says Sunil Thomas, CleverTap Co-founder and Executive Chairman. “Users today demand to be treated as individuals, and this has forced brands to change how they engage with them. CleverTap and Leanplum have both purposely built for a mobile-centric omnichannel world.” The acquisition, he says, combines platforms and teams to deliver the best behavior analytics, segmentation, and engagement tools that will enable digital brands to build valuable, long-term relationships with their users. “Our combined strength will be a game-changing force for user engagement, retention and monetization, creating tremendous value for our customers. I am very excited to welcome Leanplum to the CleverTap family.” “When we started Leanplum, our vision was to meet customers' real-time needs at the cutting edge of technology,” says Momchil Kyurkchiev, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Leanplum. “We have succeeded in that, but as the market has matured, to fully meet the increasing demands put on brands today, we needed to bring in the best analytics, segmentation, and engagement tools, to help our customers build valuable, long-term relationships with their customers. This is why joining forces with CleverTap makes the most sense, and I am excited about the combined capabilities we will now bring to Leanplum customers worldwide.” “I am looking forward to the journey with Leanplum. This coming together with Leanplum marks a monumental moment across the marketing technology landscape,” says Sidharth Malik, CleverTap Chief Executive Officer. “This bridges the gap created by multiple martech tools and customer data platforms and will meet the growing needs of user-obsessed digital brands in a much more efficient way. Our ‘better together’ vision is about integrating our cumulative strengths around people, process and technology to cement our position as the global leader in the user engagement and retention space. Joining forces allows us to bring advanced product and technology capabilities as brands strive to do live segmentation, anticipate user intentions and actions, automate and deploy real-time campaigns for the highest possible conversions, all from one single dashboard.” About CleverTap CleverTap is the modern, integrated retention cloud that empowers digital consumer brands to increase customer retention and lifetime value. For brands that understand and value user retention, CleverTap drives context and individualization with the help of a unified and deep data layer, AI/ML powered insights and automation. Customers around the world representing over 10,000 apps, including Vodafone Idea, SonyLIV, Daimler, Gojek, Carousell, and Premier League, trust CleverTap to achieve their retention and engagement goals, growing their long term revenue. Backed by leading venture capital firms including Sequoia India, Tiger Global Management, and Accel, the company is headquartered in Mountain View, California, with offices in Mumbai, Singapore, and Dubai. For more information, visit or follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Forward-Looking Statements Some of the statements in this press release may represent CleverTap’s belief in connection with future events and may be forward-looking statements, or statements of future expectations based on currently available information. CleverTap cautions that such statements are naturally subject to risks and uncertainties that could amount in the actual result being absolutely different from the results anticipated by the statements mentioned in the press release. Factors such as the development of general economic conditions affecting our business, future market conditions, our ability to maintain cost advantages, uncertainty with respect to earnings, corporate actions, client concentration, reduced demand, liability or damages in our service contracts, unusual catastrophic loss events, war, political instability, changes in government policies or laws, legal restrictions impacting our business, impact of pandemic, epidemic, any natural calamity and other factors that are naturally beyond our control, changes in the capital markets and other circumstances may cause the actual events or results to be materially different, from those anticipated by such statements. CleverTap does not make any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness or updated or revised status of such statements. Therefore, in no case whatsoever will CleverTap and its affiliate companies be liable to anyone for any decision made or action taken in conjunction with the information and/or statements in this press release or any related damages. Contact Details Sony Shetty Company Website

May 19, 2022 08:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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G Medical Innovations (NASDAQ: GMVD) Provides Update Regarding its Forecast for Q1 2022 Revenues

G Medical Innovations Holdings

Irvine, CA – May 18, 2022 – G Medical Innovations Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ: GMVD) (the “Company”), today announced that it will not meet its forecast of $30 million in revenues for the first quarter of 2022. While the Company is still working on finalizing most of the revenue figures for the first quarter, the previously reported purchase orders received by the Company from McDade Products, LLC for 6 million co-branded LiveNow COVID-19 PCR Test Collection Kits (approximately $20 million in orders) have not materialized into revenues due to a slowdown of the pandemic in the US during the first quarter. Approximately $6 million of invoices have been submitted for payment, out of which $0.7 million has been received and another batch of claims of approximately $1 million is to be filed for payment. Further, the proposed budget for COVID-19 tests which has not yet been approved by the U.S. Congress creates further uncertainty as to revenue the Company expected to receive and recognize from sales of such tests in its testing centers. The Company plans to announce the final revenues numbers for the first quarter of 2022 as part of its financial results release for the first six months of 2022. The Biden administration has announced that it expects another outbreak of the pandemic as early as this fall with new variants and expects about 100 million patients, which we believe will increase the need for tests. About G Medical Innovations G Medical Innovations Holdings Ltd. is an early commercial stage healthcare company engaged in the development of next generation mHealth and telemedicine solutions and monitoring service platforms. The Company’s solutions and services can empower consumers, patients, and providers to better monitor, manage and improve clinical and personal health outcomes, especially for those who suffer from cardiovascular disease (or CVD), pulmonary disease and diabetes. The Company’s current product lines consist of its Prizma medical device (or Prizma), a clinical grade device that can transform almost any smartphone into a medical monitoring device enabling both healthcare providers and individuals to monitor, manage and share a wide range of vital signs and biometric indicators; its Extended Holter Patch System, a multi-channel patient-worn biosensor that captures electrocardiography (or ECG) data continuously, including its QT Syndrome Prolongation Detection Capabilities Patch. In addition, the Company is developing its Wireless Vital Signs Monitoring System (or VSMS), which is expected to provide full, continuous, and real time monitoring of a wide range of vital signs and biometrics. Its monitoring services include provision of Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (or IDTF) monitoring services and private monitoring services. Visit Forward-Looking Statements This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the “safe harbor” provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and other Federal securities laws. Words such as “expects,” “anticipates,” “intends,” “plans,” “believes,” “seeks,” “estimates” and similar expressions or variations of such words are intended to identify forward-looking statements. For example, the Company is using forward looking statement in this press release when it is providing an update regarding its forecast for first quarter 2022 revenue in connection with the previously reported purchase orders, uncertainty of additional government funding for COVID-19 tests and the belief in an increased need for COVID-19 testing in the future. Because such actions deal with future events and are based on the Company’s current expectations, they are subject to various risks and uncertainties, and actual results, performance, or achievements of the Company could differ materially from those described in or implied by the statements in this press release. The forward looking statements contained or implied in this press release are subject to other risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond the control of the Company, including those set forth in the Risk Factors section of the Company's Annual Report on Form 20-F for the year ended December 31, 2021 filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) on April 29, 2022, and in any subsequent filings with the SEC. Except as otherwise required by law, the companies undertakes no obligation to publicly release any revisions to these forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date hereof or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events. References and links to websites have been provided as a convenience, and the information contained on such websites is not incorporated by reference into this press release. Contact Details G Medical Innovations Kobi Ben-Efraim, CFO +972 8-958-4777 Company Website

May 18, 2022 04:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Nutritional Products International Files Federal Lawsuit Against Trulife Distribution for Deceptive Trade Practices

Nutritional Products International

Nutritional Products International, Inc. (NPI), a global brand management firm specializing in the distribution of nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, sports nutrition, and skin-care products, recently filed a multi-count lawsuit against defendant Trulife Distribution, Inc., alleging deceptive and unfair trade practices and other violations. The federal lawsuit seeks significant monetary damages and requests an injunction prohibiting the defendant from using NPI’s proprietary marketing information. NPI and its founder Mitch Gould have represented top nutritional brands for decades. The company offers a turnkey, one-stop solution for brands seeking distribution within the U.S. marketplace, and its proprietary methodology is well known as “The Evolution of Distribution” and highly regarded within the industry. NPI has built a strong reputation within the industry since 2007 and has marketed its success over the years with numerous case studies and testimonials that illustrate its success and bolster its marketing efforts. According to the lawsuit, Trulife Distribution, whose principal is a former employee of NPI, has taken those same case studies and testimonials and misrepresented them as being those of Trulife Distribution. The defendant’s solicitation of clients and potential clients throughout the world using NPI case studies has resulted in significant harm to NPI, according to the complaint. The lawsuit also states that the defendants created a fraudulent email address designed to sabotage and convert NPI business to Trulife Distribution. The lawsuit further states that Trulife Distribution caused confusionin the nutrition, health, and wellness industries and that NPI will suffer irreparable injury unless a permanent injunction is issued. The lawsuit cites violations of Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act and seeks to enjoin Trulife Distribution from using NPI's case studies, using the fraudulent email address, and representing to any third parties that Trulife Distribution is in any way affiliated with NPI. The lawsuit also seeks damages for violations of the Lanham Act and the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, including monetary damages for lost business opportunities. NPI has retained high-powered law firm, Hantman& Associates, which has successfully handled countless high-profile cases, including lawsuits involving Magic Johnson, Montel Williams, the New York Yankees, Trump Model Management, Rick Ross, Fabio, Don King, and Danny De Vito, among many others. “NPI has developed a prestigious reputation within its niche industry which must be defended and protected,” said attorney Robert Hantman. “We fully expect to prevail as Trulife Distribution has deliberately deceived the marketplace by claiming NPI’s success as its own.” In 2019 NPI sued Trulife Distribution and its president, BrianGould, for theftof trade secrets,conspiracy, and unjust enrichment. NPI also sued Trulife Distribution in 2020 for civil racketeering, conspiracy, tortious interference, and violation of Florida’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act. Those cases were settled in 2021 and are unrelated to the current lawsuit. ”NPI has been an innovative leader in the sports nutrition, health, and wellness industries, and we will do everything in our power to protect our good name and reputation in the global marketplace,” said Mitch Gould, CEO of NPI. Gould is a third-generation retail distribution and manufacturing professional. Known as a global marketing guru, he has represented icons from the sports and entertainment worlds such as Steven Seagal, Hulk Hogan, Ronnie Coleman, Roberto Clemente Jr., Chuck Liddell, and Wayne Gretzky. A copy of the lawsuit and related filings can be downloaded here and at More information on NPI is available at Contact Details John P. David +1 888-859-6637

May 18, 2022 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Best Kratom Vendors To Buy Kratom Near Me: Top Places For Quality Kratom Strains & Products In Bulk

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Kratom products are the new cool way to work towards bettering your overall health. But if the dizzying abundance of options available online has got your head spinning, we’ve got something for you. Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of choices and read our elaborate guide to know about only the best kratom vendors. Let’s get into the details without further ado. Hop in! List Of 5 Best Kratom Vendors To Buy Kratom Capsules & Powder: Super Speciosa - Overall Best Kratom Extract & Kratom Products Online Golden Monk - Top Kratom Brand To Buy Strains Of Kratom Cheaply; GMP-Program Member Kratom Spot - Quality Maeng Da Kratom Online; Strongest Kratom Pills Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks: #1. Super Speciosa - Overall Best Kratom Extract & Kratom Products Online Super Speciosa understands that success is a direct result of your experience as a customer and they make sure to do everything in their power to ensure that it is a good one. All of their kratom is finely milled and handled with care. It is packaged by in-house equipment that weighs and heat seals individual pouches to maximize cleanliness and minimize human contact with your personal goods. Super Speciosa stands behind the quality of its product. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can directly contact their customer service and it will be handled right away, as they claim. Highlights Professionally Lab-Tested Products Having the mission to provide the best quality kratom to all its users, Super Speciosa uses high quality mature kratom leaves for manufacturing. All the kratom is stringently lab tested before being sent off to packaging. It is full-spectrum, meaning it contains all the lipids and alkaloids found in the whole leaf. Furthermore, the brand states that they follow traditional ways of taking kratom, keeping the fact in mind that several chemical compounds found in this supplement give the best results when consumed together. Ethical Reviews By Users Super Speciosa emphasizes on not only making reputed relationships with its customers but creating a supportive and interactive community. All individuals at every level of kratom experience are welcome to join the forums and educate, interact and support fellow users along the way. Trusted Shipping Service Another notable feature of this best Kratom vendor is its delivery service. Super Speciosa offers discounted expedited shipping via Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express through the United States Postal Service (USPS). Pros Wide variety of products Trusted Vendors Exclusive discounts Supportive community Certified reviews Cons No guaranteed delivery dates No Refunds #2. Golden Monk - Top Kratom Brand To Buy Strains Of Kratom Cheaply; GMP-Program Member The penultimate product on our list is yet another excellent option in ties with the American Kratom Association, called Golden Monk. Although it is still in its growing stage, it is a recognized retailer of kratom, owing to the fast progress it’s making. The best benefit is that despite their elite quality, all the products are available at fairly low prices compared to the present market trends. In addition, the ingredients are naturally-sourced and ethically harvested in Indonesia. Every single one of them is tested in third-party labs and sent for manufacturing after rigorous quality checks. Furthermore, it has a good brand presence on all social media handles, and the vastness of its customer base is evident from its huge follower count. Knowing that such a large number of customers trust Golden Monk’s products may help you speed up your decision of purchasing from them. Highlights A. Variety Of Products This kratom vendor has an array of products to offer in almost all the forms kratom is available in, be it powders, capsules, or tablets. You can buy white vein, green vein, red vein, and even the special Maeng Da Kratom strains from the comfort of your home just by clicking on a few buttons. Allow us to break down these categories for you. Its red vein variant may offer an unparalleled feeling of restfulness and tranquility, whereas the white one might be all about wellness boosting, making it a potential perfect early morning companion. Plus, the green vein type is ideal if you are looking for a full-spectrum experience with the possibility of enhancing your happiness and overall mood throughout the day. Lastly, the specialty blends known as “Maeng Da Kratom” are a mixture of two or three variety of Golden Monk kratom strains mentioned above in different proportions. This type may have the holistic benefits of more than one kratom strain, and therefore, might be a good option if you want multiple perks. B. Positive Feedback The reliability of a brand can be best judged by what its customers say about its performance. Looking closely at the buyers’ response, we could assess that Golden Monk lives up to its promised service quality. But you don’t have to take our word for it; you may visit the site and see for yourself the chain of positive comments left behind by satisfied customers. C. Money-Back Guarantee Worried about not liking the product and ending up wasting your money? Well, put your mind to ease because this retailer offers a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee of 30 days. Meaning, if you don’t find the high-quality kratom up to the mark, you have all the right to send it back and demand a return. The company will listen to you and reimburse your money in full. Another good thing is that this guarantee period is counted from the day the product gets delivered to you and not from the day you placed the order. That’s only the fair thing to do, and the brand has made a note of that. However, the opened product must contain more than 85% of the content to be eligible for a refund. This is something that you must take care of if you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money. D. Informative Website Just like other top picks mentioned on our list, this one also has an easy-to-navigate interface and resourceful website. Whatever the case, you’ll find all the required information here. For instance, there are pages for different product categories, strain-related information, vendor-related information, etc. Just look carefully, and you’ll find the answers to almost all your queries. Pros Free priority shipping on orders worth over $49.99 Loyalty reward system Best place to buy kratom in bulk GMP-program member Free newsletter Easy return and refund policy Cons Products have a steeper price tag #3. Kratom Spot - Quality Maeng Da Kratom Online; Strongest Kratom Pills You can say we were saving a good one for the last because, without Kratom Spot, our list would’ve been incomplete. It claims to be the highest quality, fair trade kratom vendor, and we don’t have any reasons to counter that. To begin with, it tests each of its harvests for concentration and purity in independent third-party labs. This is done to be double-sure that whatever is mentioned on the packaging of your product is what actually goes into its manufacture. Next, the brand offers certified premium quality products with zero added fillers or chemicals, maintaining compositional integrity at all times. Not only are its kratom supplements safe, but they can also be bought using a safe and secure payment medium. You can use anything, including E-check through, credit card, cryptocurrency through Coinbase, or ACH for securely completing the checkout and making the payment. Highlights A. Satisfaction Guarantee Kratom Spot promises a hundred percent customer satisfaction, and in case that doesn’t happen, you’ll get all your money back. As simple as that! To be eligible for this refund, you must file for it within a month of receiving your order. Plus, all the original tags and packaging must be maintained in place. If you fulfill these simple criteria, you’ll be able to exchange or return your package in no time. B. Free Shipping The brand has an all-time low minimum limit of $50 for your order to be eligible for free delivery. This basically implies that most orders will be shipped to you without any additional charges or hefty packaging fees. C. Friendly And Caring Customer Support Although it is called “customer support,” half the time, nothing of support is offered by customer services. However, Kratom Spot differs from other regular brands in this aspect. It has a very active and friendly customer helpline that provides live support 24x7. So, whatever your dilemma is, you can take it up with the support team of this online vendor and get your money’s worth. Pros Finest quality fresh kratom Customized accessories and merchandise Round the clock support Free delivery Weekly cyber Monday sale Cons The products need to be unopened to qualify for a return How We Made This List Of Kratom Vendors To Buy Kratom Strains: It is important for us to ensure complete reliability and transparency with our readers, and that’s why we decided to tell you how we came up with our list of the five best kratom products. Because honestly, a hastily compiled list of selected or marketed products is of no use, and we know better than doing that. Moving on, allow us to tell you all the parameters that we based our judgment on to come up with this list. Some of them were: Source of the kratom Variety and choice of products offered Is there a guarantee period? How long is it? Third-party lab tests Compliance to cGMP and good manufacturing practices in FDA-approved facilities Discount, coupons, and money-saving deals Ease of return and refund Delivery charges and duration Potential health benefits of the products Online free resources Customer reviews Reward system and loyalty perks offered to the customers Reliability and quality of customer support Now that was quite a list, wasn’t it? But yes, we assessed all the online kratom vendors keeping these criteria in mind and narrowed down our list accordingly. Once we had our top ten contenders in place, we ordered kratom from them, and a team of volunteers used it for 15 days under the supervision of our researchers. The final list was curated after observing the positive results experienced by these volunteers and running a few tests on them. We also took into account the overall quality of the service provided by the retailer and only then came to a conclusion. And yes, we did all this because we are passionate about what we do and want to offer only the best to our loyal readers. Buyer’s Guide: Top Places Selling Bulk Kratom Powder & Pills: Since simply knowing about the top vendors on the market is not enough, we’ve added a buyer’s guide to briefly acquaint you with the features worth noting while choosing an online kratom vendor. Some of these qualities are: 1. Types And Strains First and foremost, make a mental list of the exact type of natural kratom you’re looking for. This includes deciding on the variety of kratom products & strains and the form you’d like to consume them in (capsule, liquid extract, and powder). All sites won’t have the type you’d be looking for, so you’ll have to shop accordingly. 2. Cross-Check The Qualifications Once you know which site sells the type of organic kratom for sale you want, the next step is to verify its legitimacy. Look for the following parameters before making a purchase: Does the website mention the company’s lab testing policies? Is it a member of the AKA program? Does it care about safety standards and adhering to health guidelines? Proceed to buy only when you are sure that the answers to these questions are affirmative. 3. Read Customer Feedback Last but not least, skim through the customer reviews and testimonials to get a real picture of the situation. Chances are you’ll get a good idea of whether you should buy from the site or not. FAQs Regarding Kratom Products: Q1. Which Type Of Kratom Is Better - Powder Or Capsules? Since the ingredients used in both types are ultimately the same, the medium of ingestion doesn’t make much of a difference in the results. However, it does affect the ease of consumption and time taken to be effective. The powdered form can be directly consumed in liquids because of which it has a bitter taste. On the upside, it might have a faster effect on your body. Capsules, on the other hand, are super easy to take and do not have bad taste but may take longer to come into effect. Q2. What Is The Recommended Dosage For Kratom? The dosage requirements vary from brand to brand, product to product, and person to person. Since kratom is an all-natural plant-based supplement, there aren’t any hard and fast rules here. However, if you want to know the basics, then we’ll tell you about the powdered form. Generally, four grams is good to produce a mild effect, but four to six grams is recommended if you want it to be stronger. You can take it as many times as you feel like. The only thing is, be sure to keep a gap of at least four hours between doses. Best Coffee Beans can also bring relief in anxiety. Concluding - Most Trusted Places to Buy Kratom Online In 2022: After spending quite a lot of hours reading, researching, and fact-checking, we could conclude that Kats Botanicals is the one of the best online kratom vendors. However, we’ll have to admit that the competition was neck and neck, and this one outshines others only by a small margin. In our opinion, the website matters a great deal when it comes to online businesses, and Kats Botanicals, by and large, wins on that front. You’ll understand it once you visit the website. It is so informative and neatly organized that your shopping experience will be simplified to a great degree. Furthermore, it has a plethora of kratom products to offer and caters to the demands of one and all. Lastly, the brand is backed by a huge number of reviews and an all-time high rating. That’s about it for our extensive guide on the best kratom vendors online. We’ll see you next time. Take care! Contact Details Riya Tyagi

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Kadimastem Expands R&D Program to Include Multiple Sclerosis


Kadimastem Ltd. (TASE: KDST), a clinical stage cell therapy company developing a treatment for ALS and a potential cure for diabetes, is expanding its R&D activity with the exploration of developing a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Kadimastem remains on track to submit IND to the FDA before the end of 2022 to begin a multicenter clinical trial of AstroRx® for ALS in 2023 in the U.S. As part of this initiative, the company has signed a service agreement with Hadasit Medical Research Services and Development Ltd. Hadasit is the technology transfer arm of Hadassah Medical Center. It is well known for its partnerships with international companies and research institutions, and its success with groundbreaking medical developments that fill unmet market needs. Under the terms of the agreement, Kadimastem’s astrocyte cells, which comprise AstroRx®, the company’s flagship product for ALS, will be tested for their therapeutic potential for MS using a unique animal model in Professor Tamir Ben-Hur’s laboratory at Hadassah Medical Center. Professor Ben-Hur is the Director of Brain Medicine at Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center and a pioneer and opinion leader in the field of clinical research in multiple sclerosis. If successful, the goal is to thereafter plan and conduct a clinical trial of AstroRx® for MS. "We are very excited about the expansion of the range of neurological diseases that astrocyte cells (AstroRx®) could be used to treat. The pre-clinical study that will be conducted at Professor Ben-Hur's laboratory is extraordinary. It’s a first-of-its-kind in the world to treat multiple sclerosis, " said Professor Michel Revel, Israel Prize Winner, Kadimastem Founder and Chief Scientist, and famous for his groundbreaking research that led to the development of the blockbuster drug Rabif for multiple sclerosis. Kadimastem CEO Asaf Shiloni said, “Expanding our R&D activity by conducting the ALS and the MS research in parallel enables us to provide maximum value for patients and investors alike. We are working diligently to move the ALS clinical program ahead. We also hope that AstroRx® will be the answer for the millions of MS patients for whom the usual method of treatment is ineffective. The use of AstroRx® cells, with their various mechanisms of action, may lead to an innovative regenerative treatment for the disease." About Kadimastem: Kadimastem is a clinical stage cell therapy company, developing and manufacturing "off-the-shelf", allogeneic, proprietary cell products based on its technology platform for the expansion and differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells (hESCs) into functional cells. AstroRx®, the Company's lead product, is an astrocyte cell therapy in clinical development as a treatment for ALS. IsletRx is the Company's second product in development. IsletRx is comprised of functional pancreatic islet cells intended to treat patients with insulin dependent diabetes. IsletRx demonstrated safety and efficacy in a proof-of-concept preclinical study. Kadimastem was founded by Professor Michel Revel, CSO of the Company and Professor Emeritus of Molecular Genetics at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Professor Revel received the Israel Prize for the invention and development of Rebif®, a multiple sclerosis blockbuster drug sold worldwide. Kadimastem is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE: KDST). Forward Looking Statement: This document may include forward-looking information as defined in the Securities Law, 5728 – 1968. Forward-looking information is uncertain and mostly is not under the Company's control and the realization or non-realization of forward-looking information will be affected, among other things, by the risk factors characterizing the Company's activity, as well as developments in the general environment and external factors affecting the Company's activity. The Company's results and achievements in the future may differ materially from any presented herein and the Company makes no undertaking to update or revise such projection or estimate and does not undertake to update this document. This document does not constitute a proposal to purchase the Company's securities or an invitation to receive such offers. Investment in securities in general and in the Company in particular bears risks. One should consider that past performance does not necessarily indicate performance in the future. Contact Details Kadimastem Sarah Bazak +972 73-797-1613 Company Website

May 18, 2022 07:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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