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Pizzeria Uno Celebrates its 80th Anniversary as the Birthplace of Chicago’s beloved Deep Dish Pizza

UNO Pizzeria & Grill

This December, Pizzeria Uno (known informally as Uno’s) will celebrate its 80 th anniversary which also commemorates the 80 th birthday of the introduction of Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. Pizzeria Uno and its iconic location at the corner of Ohio and Wabash in downtown Chicago are universally regarded as the birthplace of Deep Dish pizza which has become a staple of the Chicago and American food landscape. To mark the occasion, Pizzeria Uno will host an 80 th Anniversary party at its downtown Chicago location on December 4 th at 6PM. The invite-only party will include entertainment, giveaways, pizza-making demonstrations and, of course, plenty of deep dish pizza for sampling. Included on the guest list is former Chicago Bear player and current sports radio host Tom Waddle. “I have been a long-time fan of Pizzeria Uno. It started back in my days at Boston College in Boston where I used to frequent the locations there with my then girlfriend who is now my wife. It’s such an iconic brand and the deep dish pizza has always been amazing. To think that it all started in this small brownstone building here in Chicago 80 years ago is amazing”. The deep dish story is an integral part of the rich Chicago food scene. In 1943, former University of Texas football star Ike Sewell and his friend WWII G.I. Ric Ricardo opened the flagship Pizzeria Uno Restaurant at its current location in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. As legend has it, the deep-dish pizza was born when the two experimented in the kitchen creating a “pizza pie” or the thick upside-down pizza that became known as the Chicago deep dish pizza. It wasn’t long before people were lining up at the door, so Sewell opened a second restaurant in response to Pizzeria Uno’s popularity, Pizzeria Due, which is one block away. In 1963, Ike then opened the historically relevant Su Casa, a Mexican restaurant, as a passion project. The legend of Pizzeria Uno was introduced to the rest of the US and the world starting in 1978 when entrepreneur Aaron Spencer, a Massachusetts resident and prominent businessman, purchased the franchise rights to the restaurant and brand. Spencer opened the first franchise location in Boston with an expanded menu to attract an even broader crowd. The restaurant added locations to as many as 20 states and multiple countries. Pizzeria Uno deep dish pizza is currently enjoyed in over 80 locations worldwide. Pizzeria Uno General Manager, Robert Komar, is proud of the mark that Pizzeria Uno has left on the food scene in Chicago. “To come to work each day knowing that this building here on the corner of Ohio and Wabash is the birthplace of deep dish pizza is an incredible feeling. Deep dish pizza, which is woven into the fabric of the Chicago and American food culture, is such an iconic part of this city. People come from all over the world to experience it here in this beautiful building. We are so proud to be part of the legacy here and will continue to serve up deep dish for another 80 years.” About UNO Pizzeria & Grill Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Uno Restaurant Holdings Corporation includes approximately 80 company-owned and franchised UNO Pizzeria & Grill restaurants located in 18 states, and the District of Columbia, India, and Saudi Arabia. UNO is all about connecting people over pizza – from its famous Chicago Deep Dish, which UNO invented in 1943, to its Chicago Thin Crust, to its gluten-free and vegan pizzas. Contact Details Chris Dellamarggio +1 339-613-7641 Company Website

November 30, 2023 02:05 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Shiba Inu and Dogecoin Two Meme-Coins Positioned for Growth, Everlodge to Dominate $4.548B Real Estate Market

Total Media

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is primed for a bullish run based on data from its TD Sequential setup, as highlighted by a top crypto market analyst. Dogecoin (DOGE) is also showcasing bullish momentum after Coin98 announced that it would integrate the crypto through the Super Wallet user-friendly interface, which can result in a spike in its activity. Everlodge (ELDG) will soon enter the global hospitality industry worth over $4.548 billion and, as a result, will be a favorite among whales. Summary Shiba Inu prepared to grow to $0.000012 in Q1, 2024 Dogecoin to reach $0.1290 in the next year Everlodge can spike 27x following its listing on major CEXs Shiba Inu (SHIB) Projected to Surge by Ali Martinez Shiba Inu (SHIB) recently saw an upswing in activity, and according to top crypto analyst Ali Martinez, it will soon see another mega run based on its key technical setup. Martinez said that this is based on the TD Sequential indicator; Shiba Inu showcased a buy signal on the weekly chart. During the past week, the SHIB crypto moved in value from a low point of $0.00000780 to a maximum point of value of $0.00000851. With a market cap of $4,816,353,432, it's the 20th largest, and according to the Shiba Inu price prediction, it can spike to $0.000012 by Q1, 2024. Dogecoin (DOGE) to See an Upswing to $0.1290 Dogecoin (DOGE) recently crossed the five million addresses count that have a balance and are holding the crypto based on data from IntoTheBlock. The Dogecoin crypto was also boosted by the announcement of the DeFi platform Coin98 on the integration of the crypto onto their latest version of the Coin98 Supper Wallet and Coin98 Extension, delivering numerous advantages to the holders of the crypto. DOGE moved up in value from a low point of $0.072259 to a high point of $0.081126. Based on the Dogecoin price prediction, it can spike as high as $0.1290 by Q1 2024. Everlodge (ELDG) to Dominate the $4.548 Billion Market While Shiba Inu and Dogecoin are bullish, Everlodge can soon dominate the industry. This is an upcoming project that will enter the global hospitality industry worth over $4.548 billion and, as a result, is appealing to thousands of traders globally. The platform will also solve key issues plaguing the industry for years. Traditionally, getting access to a property can cost millions of dollars. Yet many people want to acquire these properties, and Everlodge will make this possible for as little as $100. The platform will mint each property as an NFT. Then, it will fractionalize these properties into thousands of smaller parts. This way, anyone can diversify with ease, starting at $100. There is even a Rewards Club, where users can access free nightly stays at specific locations and even resell them for additional capital gains. The ELDG crypto is used for staking and for governance. At stage seven, it is trading at a value of $0.025 but can spike by 27x based on the latest projections. Visit Everlodge Contact Details Everlodge Media

November 30, 2023 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Tech the Halls

News Media Group, Inc.

Contact Details News Media Group, Inc. Karl Wayne +1 334-440-6397 Company Website

November 30, 2023 10:51 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Colorescience®, a leading dermatologist-recommended specialty skincare company, is launching an innovative new collection of skin barrier-focused solutions, starting with two daily staples: Barrier Pro™ 1-Step Cleanser and Barrier Pro™ Essential Moisturizer. Developed in collaboration with skin health professionals, this powerful but gentle cleanser and innovative moisturizer help to enhance skin’s natural resilience and radiance by strengthening and maintaining the skin’s protective barrier. Colorescience Barrier Pro™ provides ultra-protective, skin barrier health achieved through intense multi-level hydration & moisture retention, a balanced microbiome, and free radical-fighting antioxidants. Skin starts and ends each day strengthened, supported and more resilient with the Colorescience Barrier Pro™ collection of products. Founder and medical director of Lucere Dermatology and Laser Clinic, and Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Zaki Taher is impressed by the complete approach to improving the skin barrier. “ The integrity of the skin’s barrier is pivotal to its overall health, functioning as the foremost shield against environmental factors. Our current understanding underscores that maintaining the skin’s barrier necessitates more than mere hydration. It is gratifying to note that the Barrier Pro line takes a comprehensive approach to skin health by focusing not only on augmenting hydration levels but also on supporting the skin microbiome and bolstering its resilience. This multifaceted care is crucial for the skin’s capacity to adapt and respond to external aggressors, such as blue light exposure. Utilizing such advanced skincare solutions can significantly contribute to healthier, more robust skin.” Barrier Pro™ 1-Step Cleanser ($46) removes makeup and stubborn mineral sunscreen in a single step – no need to double cleanse. This was a must for Colorescience®, the experts in all-mineral sun protection. A multi-benefit skin barrier-boosting solution, this more-than-a-cleanser helps support skin’s microbiome with a first-of-its-kind, patented Lactobacillus Ferment, a probiotic-like ferment that creates balance by favoring the beneficial bacteria that make up the skin's microbiome and discouraging harmful bacteria. Pink Pomelo Grapefruit promotes gentle exfoliation for a softer, smoother texture without skin feeling stripped. Patricia Boland, Vice President of Research & Development at Colorescience® shares, “As a company that is known for our innovative all-mineral, water-resistant sunscreens, we have often been asked by consumers and our aesthetic professional partners how to best remove the layers of protection at the end of the day without harsh ingredients and multiple cleanses. Barrier Pro 1-Step Cleanser not only removes it all in a single step- it supports skin’s microbiome, improves resilience to damage, and leaves skin feeling hydrated, soothed and smooth. Used alongside Barrier Pro Essential Moisturizer, these upgraded staples transform skin in a matter of days, revealing greater integrity and strength.” Barrier Pro™ Essential Moisturizer ($78 ) helps strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, support and balance the microbiome, and refine texture with a patent pending ingredient blend, resulting in a more plump, vibrant, healthy, and youthful appearance. It features an innovative tri-molecular hyaluronic acid that provides multi-layer hydration – different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid ensure lasting hydration and retention. The formula features a first-of-its-kind, patented Lactobacillus Ferment, a probiotic-like ferment that creates balance by favoring the beneficial bacteria that make up the skin's microbiome and discouraging harmful bacteria. Inclusion of a bioavailable vitamin E and hydrolyzed pea protein helps support skin’s adaptive response to UV exposure. The Essential Moisturizer also improves the skin’s adaptive response to increase protection from indoor and outdoor light, including UV and HEV (blue) light, and continues to improve the skin’s resilience and adaptive response over time. The emollient cream melts into the skin and prepares it for optimal sunscreen application. Jessie Pasquarello, advanced practice aesthetician at Robertson Cosmetic Center in Madison, WI states, “What I appreciate most about the Barrier Pro Essential Moisturizer is that it optimizes the skin barrier and easily fits into a skin regimen for so many people. My patients have a range of skin concerns, from dry to oily, aging to acne and everything in between. The texture makes you want to wear it and the ingredients are proven to deliver results. When it comes to impacting skin quality and improving skin resiliency, the Barrier Pro Essential Moisturizer and the 1-Step Cleanser are unlike any others.” ABOUT COLORESCIENCE Colorescience®, the leading innovator in all-mineral sun protection, delivers transformational skincare solutions through wearable multifunctional products that provide immediate confidence and long-term visible results. Crafted for users who know that great results require daily skincare and protection, Colorescience ® uses cutting-edge technology and clinically tested formulas to ensure efficacy and provide reassurance to people of all ages, skin types, and concerns. Colorescience® products speak for themselves through their wearability, published clinical studies, and skin-healthy ingredients. Contact Details Meredith Winfrey Company Website

November 30, 2023 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Founder of Crypto Capital Venture Predicts Price Break Out for Cardano and Bitcoin, Meme Moguls To Dominate the Bull Market

Total Media

A top crypto analyst has predicted that Bitcoin and Cardano are close to experiencing a price breakout. The founder of Crypto Capital Venture explained that the move is already happening early this cycle. Meme Mogul is another crypto that has been predicted to benefit from this bull market. Let’s see how high these cryptos can go in the bull market. Dan Gambardello Has Predicted a Price Outbreak for Cardano ADA Dan Gambardello, market analyst and founder of Crypto Capital Venture has given his bullish predictions for Cardano. He explained that the Cardano coin is already in the early stages of its bull market. He highlighted the bullish momentum as a positive factor for ADA. He added that the price action displayed on the Cardano chart is “even more exciting”. He explained that the Cardano price has moved above the 20-week and 50-week moving averages. This would allow the price of ADA to increase significantly without entering the overbought level. His first price target for the ADA coin is around the $0.450 level. Based on his prediction, if the price of Cardano breaks above this resistance, then a rally to $0.750 could begin. However, he added that bulls must defend the ADA price from breaking below the 20-day support level. Bitcoin Still Has Massive Upside Potential In the same analysis, Gambardello shared his insight on the price of Bitcoin. He explained that there is currently too much bullishness going on in the crypto market. For a bullish scenario, he explained that the Bitcoin price chart must remain above its upper trendline. This excitement can be linked to the anticipation of a spot Bitcoin ETF approval. According to Gambardello, a sustained bullish period in the short term would hint at an actual bull market entering into 2024. For this to happen, the Bitcoin value must surge above $38,000. He added that only a break above $38,000 would guarantee a continuation of the bullish market. BTC made an attempt to reclaim this resistance in mid-November but has dropped below $37,000. Because of this, he warned that the market could become more choppy with sideways price action. Meme Moguls (MGLS) Set To Dominate the Bull Market A fast-growing crypto that has caught the attention of the crypto community ahead of the bull market is Meme Moguls (MGLS). The project has been highly rated by crypto experts because of its plethora of unique features and opportunities. Most notably is the first stock exchange platform built for the meme coin sector. This stock exchange platform was built specifically to cater to the needs of meme enthusiasts. Users will find the widest array of meme coins and meme-based assets. The platform has also infused a tiered leaderboard where traders who rank higher earn rewards. The platform will provide the latest meme trends and updates to help. The Meme Moguls ecosystem has also retained the community-driven nature of meme coins. Within the ecosystem, users will connect with other meme coin enthusiasts. They will connect, share information, and trade ideas, among other things. With the aim of revolutionizing the meme coin space, Meme Moguls has been highly rated by crypto experts. This can be seen in the growing interest in the project. Because of this, analysts have predicted up to a 3,500% price rise in the bull market. A great window of opportunity is still open as you can buy the MGLS token for only $0.0021 before this predicted rally. Visit Meme Moguls Contact Details Meme Moguls

November 30, 2023 04:53 AM Eastern Standard Time

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HKBU launches inaugural Asia-wide Art Futures Awards with world renowned artist Yoshitomo Nara as judge

Hong Kong Baptist University

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 30 November 2023 - The Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) under the School of Creative Arts (SCA) at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) proudly announces the launch of the inaugural “ Art Futures Awards ”, an international art award which is the first of its kind in Asia. The project is dedicated to promoting and championing the achievements of outstanding emerging artists, and celebrating the exceptional works of recent graduates in the field of visual arts and associated contemporary art practices. The Awards is honoured to have enlisted internationally reputable members to serve in its judging panel including Mr Yoshitomo Nara (奈良美智), a highly acclaimed Japanese artist, and Mr Hou Hanru (侯瀚如), former Artistic Director of MAXXI, National Museum of the 21st Century Arts in Rome. They will gather in HKBU in December to present awards to the talented young artists and share their inspirational insights in art creation. The Awards, co-organised and co-presented by HKBU’s AVA and the art organisations art-at-all and IAE (HK), has garnered wide support in its inaugural year. Over 70 colleges and institutions from countries and regions across Asia, including Mainland China, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam, have submitted their nominations. Each college or institution is allowed to nominate up to two 2022/23 graduates. The judging panel has already shortlisted six finalists from a pool of 30 artists selected at the first round of assessment. Their works demonstrate extraordinary standards, and span across a diverse array of mediums such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, interactive installations, media art, and performing arts. A much-anticipated award presentation ceremony will be held on 20 December, during which winners of eight awards, including one first prize, two second prizes, three third prizes, and two prizes designated for Hong Kong artists, will be announced. In addition to a cash prize of USD10,000, the first prize winner will also be granted a one-month residency in Hong Kong for art exchange. Professor Johnny M Poon, Founding Dean of SCA, said, “HKBU has been a well-known cradle of creativity, dedicated to nurturing talents for the art sector. The Art Futures Awards is poised to become a major catalyst for nurturing emerging artistic talents. It also serves as a dynamic platform that connects artists from around the world, which allows students from various academic institutions to exchange ideas for the creation of more inspirational works. By facilitating this creative exchange, the Awards will contribute to the development of an international community of art talents, paving the way for future collaborations and artistic innovations.” To allow the public to appreciate the exemplary works of these young art talents, a selection of their exceptional art pieces will be presented in Hong Kong from 21 December 2023 to 14 January 2024 at an exhibition to be held at the University’s Kai Tak Campus. For more event details, please refer to the Art Futures Awards website, Facebook and Instagram page. Contact Details Wong Suk-ling +852 3411 2119

November 30, 2023 04:43 AM Eastern Standard Time

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How to Play Omaha Poker at Canadian Casinos: A Comprehensive Guide

Acroud Media

Omaha poker, sometimes called Omaha Hold’em, is a popular derivative of Texas Hold’em known for its volatile and calculated gameplay. It plays identically to Texas Hold’em with a couple of key differences, which makes it easy to learn. However, that similarity can trip newer players up. This guide will teach you how to play Omaha poker and equip you with the necessary knowledge to get out there and try it yourself. Once you have read this guide, check out our review of the Best Poker Sites in Canada; learn more here. How to Play Omaha Poker Omaha poker is a community card game. Players are dealt four hole cards and must use two of them and three of the community cards to form the best poker hand. Of course, this is poker, so there are a lot of subtleties to the play beyond the core goal of the game. Here’s a basic overview of how you play Omaha poker: Dealing: Each player is dealt four hole cards face down. A player may only see their own hole cards. Preflop: The first round of betting takes place. The blinds start the pot, and players opt in or out. In each betting round, players can choose to bet, call (meet the bet), raise or fold (withdraw). The Flop: The first three community cards are drawn and placed face up on the table. With this new information, there is a second round of betting. The Turn: A fourth community card is drawn, and there’s another round of betting. The River: A fifth community card is drawn, and the final round of betting is held. The Showdown: If necessary, the remaining players choose their final hand and reveal it to determine a winner. Players must use two of their hole cards in the hand and can choose to muck (forfeit) instead of showing. Whoever has the best hand (or is the last player standing) wins the pot. Omaha Poker Hand Rankings Hand rankings in Omaha poker are the same as in Texas Hold’em. Here’s a quick rundown in case you need a reference: Royal Flush — A-K-Q-J-10 of the same suit Straight Flush — five consecutive cards of the same suit Four-of-a-kind — four cards of the same value Full House — a three-of-a-kind and a pair Flush — five cards of the same suit Straight — five consecutive cards, regardless of suit Three-of-a-kind — three cards of the same value Two Pair — two pairs of cards, each a different value One Pair — two cards of the same value High Card — the worst possible hand, with none of the above combinations. In Omaha poker, you build your hand using two of your four hole cards, plus three of the community cards. How is Omaha Poker different from Texas Hold’em? Since Omaha Poker is a derivative of Texas Hold’em, you’re probably wondering what the differences between the two are. There are two major changes to the rules of Hold’em that make Omaha poker a unique game: The players are dealt 4 hole cards instead of 2 The final hand must use 2 of the hole cards and 3 of the community cards While these changes are small, they do drastically change your approach towards the game. Here are some of the key strategic differences: Stronger Hands With more cards to pick from, players are more likely to get better hands. As such, a strong hand in Texas Hold’em could be significantly weaker in Omaha, leading to much more volatile gameplay. Hand Building Having to use two of your hole cards means hand building is a lot less flexible than in Texas Hold’em, where you can choose to use only one. Varieties Omaha poker is quite popularly played as Omaha Hi/Low. Because you have more hole cards and more potential hands, playing for both the highest and lowest hands is easier. Betting Limits While both games are played with a variety of betting structures, Texas Hold’em is traditionally played no-limit, and Omaha with a pot limit. This means Texas Hold’em games are often higher stakes. Availability Omaha isn’t quite as popular as the game it’s derived from, so it’s harder to find games online, let alone with the betting structure or variation you’re after. And it can be even harder to find a game at a land-based location. However, you can find Texas Hold’em just about everywhere. Lower Barrier to Entry Omaha poker may be a little more complex than Texas Hold’em. However, the less competitive scene means that, on average, Omaha poker games are a little easier. Tips for Playing Omaha Poker Online So now that you know how to play Omaha poker, it’s time to get out there and put that knowledge to the test. However, before we leave you to run wild, let us leave you with a few tips, especially if you plan to play online. Keep the stakes as low as possible when you’re starting out. This could mean playing casual games with friends, playing at social casinos or with bonus funds. While you’re learning to play, you’ll lose a lot more, and it’s a good idea to limit your losses during that rocky period. Find a dedicated poker site/house rather than a general casino. While you’ll almost always find a game of Texas Hold’em at a casino, Omaha Hold’em is a lot less common. However, it’s one of the most popular poker games at dedicated sites, and you can even find variations on it, like hi/low and different betting structures. Pay attention to your position of play. Your position to the blinds can determine the amount of information you’re working with at any point. As your positioning changes, you might consider changing up your strategies. Don’t worry if you aren’t great at first, even if you’re a whiz at Texas Hold’em. Omaha poker is a very different game, and having a lot of experience with Texas Hold’em can actually be a disadvantage. Let yourself make mistakes as you get used to the different types of play. Conclusion Omaha poker is an interesting game; it’s surprising how such a small change to the rules can dramatically change the flow of play. If you’re a newbie to poker or an experienced player looking to shake up your experience, Omaha poker isn’t a game to sleep on. Expect it to be different but just as much fun! Contact Details Acroud Media

November 30, 2023 04:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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HKTB Wins Inaugural IBTM Asia Pacific 2025

Hong Kong Tourism Board

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 30 November 2023 - The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) announced that Hong Kong has won IBTM, the world's leading Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) event brand, to organise its inaugural MICE trade show IBTM Asia Pacific 2025, in Spring 2025 in Hong Kong. IBTM World 2023, one of the world’s largest and leading MICE trade shows, is held in Barcelona, Spain. General Manager, MICE & Cruise, Regional Director, Europe of Hong Kong Tourism Board, Mr Kenneth Wong (right), and Vasyl Zhygalo, IBTM Portfolio Director (left), announce Hong Kong as the host of IBTM Asia Pacific 2025 at a press conference during the event. The event is expected to attract more than 1,500 travel trade and MICE professionals from the Mainland, Southeast Asia, India, Japan, South Korea and other markets in the region, and long-haul markets. The event not only provides an ideal platform for Hong Kong, Mainland and overseas travel agents, hotels, MICE venues, attractions, airlines and other industry players to explore business opportunities, but also helps consolidate Hong Kong's position as the World's Meeting Place. Dr Pang Yiu-kai, HKTB Chairman, said, "IBTM's decision to host its inaugural flagship trade show for the Asia Pacific region in Hong Kong is a strong testament to Hong Kong's international standing and its unique role as a super-connector of the Greater Bay Area (GBA) by the global MICE industry. The event will not only bring more than 1,500 high-yield visitors from the global travel trade and MICE industry to Hong Kong but will also generate positive word-of-mouth with their personal experience. This, in turn, will help bring more MICE events to Hong Kong, creating multiplier effect contributing to the city's economy." Vasyl Zhygalo, IBTM Portfolio Director, agreed that Hong Kong is an international MICE hub, "Hong Kong comes with various competitive edges, such as its diverse choice of venues, convenient transport facilities and the provision of comprehensive professional support. Geographically, it is well positioned as a gateway between the world and the Mainland, especially cities in the GBA, which makes the city the ideal host of IBTM Asia Pacific. I am confident that this exhibition will help MICE trade members in different markets establish contacts with each other and explore opportunities in the region." Team Hong Kong celebrates the announcement of IBTM Asia Pacific 2025 at Hong Kong Stand with a lion dance performance. Showcasing Hong Kong's unique advantages with the trade and new growth opportunities In order to bring this APAC flagship event to Hong Kong, the HKTB teamed up with the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Hotels Association, Hong Kong Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, and AsiaWorld-Expo to pitch to the organiser with Hong Kong's latest tourism updates and growth momentum, showcasing the city's unique edges with the strong support of the Mainland while being closely connected to the world, as well as the city's potential in developing multi-destination tourism in GBA. Hong Kong's new infrastructural developments are also set to take business events to new heights. Excellent accessibility is enabled through state-of-the-art cross-boundary transport infrastructure including the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the High-Speed Rail (HSR) (Hong Kong Section) that connects to 73 Mainland stations. Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is transforming from a city airport into an Airport City, including the development of SKYCITY and the Three-runway System (3RS). HKIA is capable in handling an annual passenger volume of 120 million when the 3RS operates in full. The developments will further strengthen Hong Kong as an international aviation hub and create a new landmark for Hong Kong. With strong fundamentals, new growth opportunities coupled with novel tourism offerings and experiences, the HKTB will continue to bid for major MICE events for Hong Kong, adding impetus to the city's MICE sector and taking the industry to a new height! For more information, visit Contact Details Hong Kong Tourism Board Mr Cameron Tong +852 2807 6367 Hong Kong Tourism Board During non-office hours +852 8200 7860

November 30, 2023 01:01 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Is BetRivers Sportsbook Legal In Maryland?

Acroud Media

BetRivers is a significant player in the US when it comes to sports betting; it is considered one of the top five sportsbooks. In this article, we will discuss what jurisdictions BetRivers can do business in, explain the lowdown on the site’s features and what makes it such an attractive sports betting platform. Furthermore, we are going to outline its betting markets and why it attracts so many customers. What Is BetRivers? BetRivers is a considerably young brand compared to its competitors; established in 2018, it has catapulted itself to global excellence, ranked 36th out of 1464 other competitors, and has legitimate business jurisdictions in fourteen states. BetRivers is an online sportsbook that will accept bets on every major sport and league and offers more markets than almost any other book. Furthermore, the site has recently introduced the same game parlays that allow you to combine sides, totals, and props in a parlay form from the same game. BetRivers also offers a very competitive sign-up bonus and some of the best odds for significant sports; moreover, if that’s not enough to get stuck into, BetRivers regularly offers daily odds boosts, parlay insurance, & other ways to win more. BetRivers Maryland Sports fans in the state of Maryland who are 21 or older can now experience the thrill of online sports betting with BetRivers Maryland. After a fulfilling and successful introduction period and approval from the relevant authorities, BetRivers Maryland went live on the 23rd of November, 2022. Another feather in the cap for BetRivers is that it has a comprehensive app designed to provide the ultimate experience. With the variety assortment of sports leagues, live streaming, and numerous deposit and withdrawal methods, you can now do this on the go. Maryland is one of many jurisdictions allowing BetRivers to conduct business in their state. In fact, BetRivers has jurisdictions in 13 other states and is still continuing to further its business acumen in many other states once legislation has been approved. The states in which BetRivers can carry out their business are Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. You May Also Be Interested In Click here to learn more about the BetRivers Sportsbook and the bonuses waiting for you. Summary BetRivers is obviously a big player in the sports betting industry; since 2018, it has stormed into the big league of online gambling. With the legality of having jurisdictions in 14 different states, BetRivers is establishing itself as a very able and competent operator. Customers and players will be flocking to the site to get involved with its betting selections and the wide variety of sporting events. Contact Details Acroud Media

November 30, 2023 01:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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