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Crowdfunding 2.0 May Attract Larger, More Profitable Companies

ACFN Franchised Inc.

In April 2012, President Barack Obama signed the JOBS Act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups), also known as “the crowdfunding bill,” into law. The JOBS Act aimed to lessen regulatory burdens on small businesses and legalized equity crowdfunding, including removing the ban on a general solicitation that prevented entrepreneurs from publicizing that they were raising money. In practical terms, the JOBS act allowed businesses and investors to connect earlier in the development cycle enabling private investors to gain benefits previously reserved only for wealthy investors and Venture Capitalists (“VCs”). The initial bill imposed a maximum of $1,070,000 on the amount raised. Indiegogo and Kickstarter developed as two of the most popular crowdfunding platforms where entrepreneurs, startups and people with creative projects could raise capital to fund development. This appealed to a particular sector of business development but left out a lot of larger, more profitable quality businesses with larger capital needs. Crowdfunding 2.0 – building on the initial success of Crowdfunding and to expand the addressable market that can benefit from this relatively new method of raising capital, on November 2, 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commissions (“SEC”) announced new rules for equity Crowdfunding. Those new rules went into effect on March 15th, 2021. Key Takeaways: Regulation Crowdfunding annual limits increased from ~$1 million to $5 million Some other improvements made it easier to raise via equity crowdfunding Crowdfunding Market to Grow by USD 196.36 Billion during 2021-2025 With these new rules in place, will equity crowdfunding finally live up to its promise of disrupting early-stage financing? With the higher limit of $5,000,000, some companies like ACFN Franchised Inc. (“ACFN”) took note and are taking action. Crowdfunding platform Republic is one of the largest and most successful SEC-approved platforms facilitating Crowdfunding offerings with more than $1 Billion raised. ACFN decided to conduct its Crowdfunding campaign on Republic “They seemed very organized and had a corporate approach to the process that was a good fit for ACFN,” said Jeffrey D. Kerr, Founder and CEO of ACFN. “They have a due diligence process that both limits and qualifies the offerings on their platform resulting in higher quality offerings for their community of investors,” said Mr. Kerr. With audited financials reflecting revenue of $12,225,000 and a net profit of $613,000 in 2021, ACFN is a larger, more profitable company compared to the typical company raising capital with Crowdfunding. “We had no interest in Crowdfunding when the limit was only $1,070,000. There are simpler and quicker ways to raise capital at that rate as we did when we raised $2.25 million to help fund acquisitions in 2018 and then again in 2020,” said Jeffrey D. Kerr, Founder and CEO of ACFN. “When the limit was increased to $5 million, that was a game changer for ACFN and other companies like us,” said Mr. Kerr, that expects other larger, more profitable companies to enter the space as platforms and other support systems and services continue to develop. Of the 102 live opportunities listed on Republic, as of November 21 st, 2022 ACFN is the largest company by annual revenue and the only company with annual revenue above $10 million with ACFN revenue in the most recent 12 months reaching $14.5 million. “We are Crowdfunding to raise capital for current and specific acquisitions opportunities that will grow revenue substantially and profits exponentially,” said Jeffrey D. Kerr Founder and CEO of ACFN. “Crowdfunding is a great way for good companies with real growth opportunities to connect with investors directly, creating the opportunity for greater returns,” said Mr. Kerr. Both Founders and Investors are embracing Crowdfunding and billions of dollars have already been raised through SEC approval and regulated portals. Crowdfunding is connecting investors and companies directly and earlier in the growth cycle, creating mutually beneficial opportunities. Learn more about ACFN and other Crowdfunding opportunities on Republic Founded in 1996 and franchised in 2003, ACFN Franchised Inc. (“ACFN”) provides services to 2,700+ businesses in 46 states in collaboration with our network of 220+ franchise owners.Since inception, ACFN has provided a cumulative $5,000,000,000 of spending power to support and increase sales for our partner businesses. In just the last 12 months a total of $367,566,000 was dispensed through our network, generating more than $14,500,000 in fee revenue for ACFN. This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Jeffrey Kerr Company Website

November 30, 2022 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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CORRECTION: Expansion of Pipeline to Mental Health

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Nearly half of U.S. psychologists in a new survey say they cannot meet the growing demand for services and three-quarters say they have longer waiting lists than before the pandemic. “This new survey confirms what we have already heard from patients: people are having a hard time accessing the mental health services they need,” said Dr. Michele Nealon, Psy.D., President of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. “It is critical now more than ever to expand the pipeline for mental health professionals and promote integrated behavioral health into primary care.” The 2022 COVID-19 Practitioner Impact Survey of almost 2,300 psychologists by the American Psychological Association found that demand for treatment of anxiety and depression remained high for the third consecutive year, along with increased demand for treatment of stressor-related disorders, and substance use disorders. Six in 10 practitioners said they had no more openings for new patients, nearly half (46%) said they had been unable to meet treatment demand and nearly three quarters (72%) have longer waiting lists than before the pandemic. On average, psychologists reported being contacted by more than 15 potential new patients seeking care per month. Nearly eight in 10 psychologists (79%) said they had seen an increase in the number of patients with anxiety disorders since the start of the pandemic, and 66% had seen an increase in the demand for treatment for depression. Almost half (47%) said they had seen an increase in demand for substance use treatment (compared to 43% last year) and 64% had seen an increase in demand for trauma treatment (compared to 62% last year). 2021). Additionally, two-thirds of psychologists reported seeing an increase in symptom severity among patients in 2022. “The social, emotional, and economic effects of a pandemic are still with us and will be for quite some time. In addition, the stressors associated with inflation, social and racial inequities, political upheaval, and international tensions are creating an unsettled nation. At a time when mental health services are needed the most, we are struggling the most to meet those needs,” said Dr. Nealon. “Policy makers have to make a bigger investment in financial and programmatic support to ensure that everyone who seeks psychological services can find a professional who can understand and help them.” The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is a non-profit majority minority institution, educating 6,000 students at seven campuses in major metro areas around the national. Two of three identify as students of color, including a significant number of first-generation college students. About The Chicago School of Professional Psychology: Integrating theory with hands-on experience, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology provides education rooted in a commitment to innovation, service, and community for thousands of diverse students across the United States and globally. Founded in 1979, the nonprofit, regionally accredited university now features campuses in iconic locations across the country (Chicago, Southern California, Washington, D.C., New Orleans, Dallas) and online. To spark positive change in the world where it matters most, The Chicago School has continued to expand its educational offerings beyond the field of psychology to offer more than 30 degrees and certificates in the professional fields of health services, education, counseling, business, and more. Through its engaged professional model of education, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and an extensive network of domestic and international professional partnerships, The Chicago School’s students receive real-world training opportunities that reflect their future careers. The Chicago School is proud to be a part of TCS Education System, a nonprofit, integrated system of colleges and universities that works collaboratively to advance student success and community impact. To learn more, visit Contact Details Vivien Hao +1 323-893-4743

November 29, 2022 06:18 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Minebase Web3 Reaches 800,000 Users Within Two Months of Official Launch


Minebase, the energy-efficient algorithmically managed blockchain, has announced that it reached 800,000 users in just two months after its official launch. Minebase started in 2017 with the aim of creating a coin backed by gold. But with 2018's new stablecoin regulations, the project could not continue. As an entrepreneur, Dr. Seiz set out to create a token like Bitcoin with an algorithm that won't massively pollute the environment. With its unique Creative Token Production (CTP) algorithm, the tokens are released into circulation through transaction fees that existing blockchains already generate. The protocol has received extraordinary growth throughout its first month of operations and is set to celebrate it with a blockchain-wide competition where participants can win up to 10,000USDT by completing simple tasks. About $MBASE and CTP The Minebase Token ($MBASE) is an ERC20 token released into circulation through Creative Token Production (CTP), an energy-efficient algorithm that controls the token supply and floor price. The smart contract controls the algorithm to adjust the token price based on the crypto market's behaviour. Minebase releases new MBASE tokens from the transaction fees its users generate. Blockchains like Bitcoin use the proof-of-work algorithm that consumes much energy to mine cryptocurrencies. Minebase aims to change this with the in-house developed CTP algorithm. The algorithm makes it possible to generate $MBASE tokens through the transaction fees on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top 20 decentralized exchanges. MBASE mining does not require expensive hardware equipment and has zero power consumption compared to Bitcoin. Minebase has demystified the concept of crypto mining, and users can earn $MBASE tokens with a smartphone or computer. Users need to create a Minebase account and wallet address. Then, all the fees used to trade on supported blockchains will be deposited in the wallet address and can be used to create $MBASE. In addition to generating $MBASE through transaction fees, CTP will also allow users to generate $MBASE through walking. Users need to walk 6 kilometres with their smartphones to generate one $MBASE token. Also, the speed of Minebase token generation depends on how fast they are walking. The mobile application is set to launch in the third quarter of 2023. Users can also earn $MBASE tokens by staking a principal. However, the total supply of Minebase tokens is fully controlled by CTP, and the Minebase team can not alter it. So, users need not worry about oversupply and a lack of demand in the market. About Minebase This is the beginning of a new crypto era that requires a new revolutionary cryptocurrency. Minebase was founded as an ecosystem of tools, applications, games, and utilities that add to the world of crypto and make it more vibrant. Minebase combines the expertise of tool development, application development, crypto, and NFT games. This is an area where a few possess the skill combination that Minebase has. In addition, Minebase's energy-efficient cryptocurrency is immune to external factors like market demand and supply. Useful Links Website: CTP: Register: Twitter: LinkedIn: Contact Details Minebase Nelli Toboc Company Website

November 29, 2022 01:02 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Dolia Cats NFT Metaverse is Set for the Leaderboard

Dolia Cats

The hotly anticipated Dolia Cats NFT metaverse is in the final phase of deployment ahead of its multichain launch in a couple of days. The metaverse will be followed by the second iteration of the Dolia Cats Original NFT collection, first release Dolia Cats Genesis collection of which, sold out in less than 24 hours and granted its owners access to DAO. Each Dolia Cats NFT will give its holder the ability to enter the Meowverse where the community can enjoy play2earn games, DeFi tokenomics, showcase art, upgrade their NFTs in order to boost their value, and donate their spare MEELK tokens to real-world cat charities. Exactly 9,999 Dolia Cats NFTs will be available to mint shortly after the metaverse launch, each one programmatically generated from a pool of more than 150 assets spread out of 7 traits during the minting process. Not content with simply launching a one-of-a-kind metaverse, the Dolia Cats ecosystem will incorporate games, a decentralised finance platform, a charity, and Instagram AR effects that will allow you to bring your Dolia Cats NFT to life. The Dolia Cats NFT Backstory Renowned artist Daniil Dolia has a penchant for cats, and has 11 cats himself, all of which were rescued from the streets. His clowder gave him the idea to help millions of cats all around the world by creating and selling the Dolia Cats NFT collection. A portion of all revenue from the mint will be donated to cat shelters all around the world. The rest was dedicated to the final stages of the Meowverse metaverse development. In the Meowverse, the Dolia Cats NFT affectionate name for its metaverse, the community will be able to live a fully-fledged cat life and play games that are merged from an already successful Meowrush series, supported by the NEAR Foundation. It is important to note that Meorush is already a AAA multiplayer PVP game, powered by NEAR Protocol, and will play an integral part of the Meowverse metaverse. Talking about the community, it sits at the heart of the project. In fact, it is set to become the most inclusive community out there, where NFT owners and metaverse players are like one. When the metaverse goes live, early birds will be able to mint a grand total of 9,999 Dolia Cats Original NFTs, each one being totally unique and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. This highly anticipated NFT drop is expected to sell out in record time, and with an OpenSea listing secured, it’s expected that there will be significant aftermarket trade volume as well. MEELK Tokenomilks Explained Tokenomics are a core part of all metaverse projects, and the Meowverse is no exception to the rule. The Meowverse employs advanced tokenomilks to reward Dolia Cats NFT holders for their time in the virtual world, acting as a unique decentralised financial system with different reward programs for Dolia Cats holders. Players will be able to earn MEELK by taking part in a variety of play2earn games, from drops, selling or renting land, and special competitions inside the Meowverse. MEELK can then be used to purchase or rent land, upgrade NFTs with new attributes, and donate to real-world charities. MEELK is the lifeblood of the Meowverse, and without it the Meowverse wouldn’t be able to operate. Dolia Cats Goes Multichain! The Dolia Cats NFT Meowverse will be going live multichain in the coming days. The collection that is tied to its launch, will sell out incredibly fast, so making sure you’re all prepared nice and early, will give you the biggest chance of success when it comes to minting a Dolia Cats NFT. Of course, if you miss out on the mint, you’ll be able to buy from secondary NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea once the mint is complete. The Meowverse, play-to-earn games, 3D-printed cats, and Instagram AR effects will deploy at various intervals once the minting process has been completed. Out of the whole package, the metaverse is set to be the first to go live, with the other additions coming shortly after. About Dolia Cats Original Dolia Cats Original NFT collection is 9,999 programmatically generated cat-themed NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection was formed at random from a pool of more than 150 assets spread out over 7 trait categories. Profits from the mint and Meowverse are set to be donated to cat-focused charities from around the globe. The Meowverse serves as the pinnacle of the Dolia Cats roadmap and will provide utility to the Dolia Cat NFTs, injecting meaning that is often lacking in other NFT projects. Overall, Dolia Cats is on track to take over the NFT world and give it a depth, previously unachievable by already-established industry members. Useful Links Dolia Cats Ecosystem: Original Collection: Meowrush: Genesis Collections: Twitter: Discord: Daniil Dolia’s Twitter: Contact Details Dolia Cats Antony Bekker Company Website

November 29, 2022 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Kombucha Town Is Creating Beverages For A Better World — Here’s How To Invest

Real McCoy Tea Company (DBA KombuchaTown)

Interested in investing in Kombucha Town’s campaign? Click here to get started! In 2011, Chris McCoy was met with the devastating news of his mother being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. McCoy had learned how to brew kombucha while studying environmental science at university, and in his small homemade tap room, he initially started brewing to spend more time with his mom. The two started brewing together and selling in local farmers markets. Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage that, when done right, has amazing health benefits. It’s made by adding a symbiotic colony of good bacteria and yeast to sweetened tea. The culture feeds on the sugars during fermentation, which produces alcohol and amino acids. This process is what produces so many health benefits. Kombucha is beneficial to digestion, and the amino acids can help to detoxify the liver. Kombucha also boasts antioxidants to protect the body and support the immune system. Overall, kombucha is a perfect drink to help lead a happier and more balanced life. While McCoy was brewing kombucha for the people in his life, he learned that the health industry may not be as healthy as we are led to believe. The beverage industry is wrought with sugary drinks and artificial ingredients. This is even true for the “functional beverage” industry, which is intended to focus on healthy options for consumers. Despite the demand for healthy drinks and the growing interest in the wellness industry, functional beverages often fall under two umbrellas: unhealthy and toxic or healthy and poor taste. With that knowledge, McCoy embarked on a mission to create a functional beverage company that offers truly healthy drinks that taste good and are environmentally friendly. Out of this mission came Kombucha Town. Kombucha Town debuted its first kombucha product in 2011 and since then has expanded its product line to include kombucha, balanced energy drinks, seltzer and a sports drink line. Each product is designed to maximize health benefits and intended to provide customers with functional beverages that actually work. Kombucha Town is also dedicated to helping the environment. It was the first kombucha brewery to package products in a 16-ounce aluminum can. This packaging is recyclable, lightweight and space efficient – helping cut down on distribution waste. The cans are also U.S.-made. The facility is 100% offset by renewable energy through Puget Sound Energy. Kombucha Town also has a partnership with One Tree Planted — when the company has held investment raises, One Tree Planted has planted trees corresponding with different raise amounts. Ready To Take Off? Like many companies, Kombucha Town struggled during the pandemic. Prior to COVID, Kombucha Town had grown from distribution in three states to 30 and brought in $1.2 million in revenue in 2019. But the company lost 75% of its revenue within the first month of the pandemic. Today, Kombucha Town reports flourishing and becoming a pioneering company in the kombucha space with its canned kombucha. Kombucha Town is sold in over 1,200 stores nationally. It is available in Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Safeway/Albertsons, Sprouts and other chains. In 2021, the company had over $555,000 in sales. In 2022 Kombucha Town has sold over $850,000 and is on track to surpass pre covid numbers in 2023 and do it profitably. The company is currently holding a crowdfunding raise on Republic to help with its expanded growth. McCoy is hopeful that Kombucha Town will continue to grow into even more of a leader in the functional beverage space. The company is forecasting a return to pre-COVID sales in 2022 and expects to keep growing from there. Click here to read more about Kombucha Town’s raise and how to invest. Founder & CEO Chris McCoy brewed his first kombucha in 2007 while studying Environmental Science and Economics in college. He founded Kombucha Town in 2011 to support his mother with early onset Alzheimer’s. Now he is on a mission to disrupt the toxic food system and repair environmental damage done by large manufacturers. Kombucha Town’s mission is to enable healthy and active lifestyles. We believe in being good for and good for the planet by being fair trade and organic certified. Kombucha Town is based out of Bellingham Washington where we do all our manufacturing with the natural ingredients to bring you healthy and delicious beverages. Kombucha Town is focused on doing business a better way by better good for consumers and good for the planet. We embody environmentalism in our partnership and certification such as 1% for the planet and 1 tree planted. This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Chris McCoy

November 29, 2022 09:20 AM Eastern Standard Time

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My Stake Casino Login Review and Promo Code

Online Casinos

The gambling industry has garnered a strong following over the years, especially with the recent pandemic and people looking to engage in entertainment while in quarantine. The world of online casinos has provided solace for these people and one such online casino is My Stake Casino and Betting Site. Already have an account? Sign into your My Stake Casino account right here My Stake Casino Welcome Bonus Every online casino has its own welcome bonuses which are implemented to entice new players to sign up with their respective online casinos. These bonuses are basically funds that get deposited into your account upon you funding your account. Usually, there are specific match-up bonuses that the online casino will add to your account. For example, a match-up bonus of 100% means that the casino will deposit the same amount that you had deposited into your account. Therefore, what this means is that you will have twice the betting power than you originally had. Now, we know what you are currently thinking. You are probably thinking of just withdrawing the additional amount of funds that was deposited into your account and making you twice as rich. Fat Hope! This would be a poor business proposition and the operator would probably go bust within a day. There are certain guidelines and rules that you have to adhere to before you are able to withdraw these funds from your account. More often than not, operators require you to play a certain number of specific games, with a minimum threshold of bets that you are require to place per game. Only once have you fulfilled these requirements, you can withdraw the money from your account. Currently, My Stake Casino offers a welcome casino bonus of up to 150% capped at 200 USD/euros and 100% up to 1000 USD/euros, cashback, free spins, and many more. Compared to existing casinos in the market, the bonuses offered are pretty average and therefore we do not think that the bonuses should be part of your evaluation criteria, before deciding to commit with My Stake Casino. Therefore, if you are someone who is looking for online casinos with a generous welcome bonus, then you will probably want to give My Stake Casino a skip. Collect 150% up to 200 Bonus What are the best My Stake Casino alternatives and sister sites? Founded in 2022 and designed with both desktop and mobile players in mind, Spicy Jackpots Casino is powered by some of the leading game designers and developers. Look forward to exciting gameplay wherever you are! There are countless online casinos in the market, and to read through every review would be extremely time-consuming and almost impossible. However, if you want to be assured of having a great time with a great gaming experience, then Hustles Casino is the one for you. If you are a fresh online casino goer who is looking to gain some experience through online casino gameplay and are not too concerned with flash and graphics, then BetSwagger online casino could be an ideal one for you. Slot goers who are looking for exciting themes and variations, do check out Iwinfortune Online Casino. It offers a wide selection of slots that you can choose from. Each of these slots has a theme to them, which makes the entire gameplay exciting. If you are someone who is a fan of live games and are looking to immerse yourself in a surreal gaming experience, then you will want to consider Winstler Online Casino. Founded in 2022, the casino has quickly branded itself as one of the top choices for casino goers. Best My Stake Casino Sister Sites 100 Free Spins - Spicy Jackpots Best Live Games - Hustles Casino New Casino - Winstler 200 Free Spins - I win Fortune Great for Mobile - Lucky Wins 18+ Games - PlayHub Top new Site - GoldenBet Top Rated - Mr. Sloty Top Overall - 4Crowns Casino My Stake Welcome Sports Bonus With the explanation in the earlier segment, you now have a brief understanding of what welcome bonuses are. Now, let me just convolute things a little and introduce a new term to you – Welcome Sports Bonus. Welcome Sports Bonus are basically bonuses that are offered to bettors who place bets using the Sportsbook offered by a particular online casino. The way it works is the same and these bonuses are typically offered only for the very first deposit that you have made into your account. For My Stake Casino, there is currently a 100% bonus of up to 500 USD/euros, and you can only get these bonuses when you place a bet using the Sportsbook. Similarly to welcome bonuses, there are certain rules and requirements that you have to fulfil before you are able to withdraw the amount within your account. For My Stake, there is a wagering requirement of 10 times the deposit and bonus amount on a minimum of 2 events each. This means that you will have to place bets on two separate sporting events to even qualify for this bonus. For example, placing bets on two separate football matches will fulfil the 2 minimum events requirements. However, still, note that there is the 10 times wagering requirement which would be the tougher criteria to fulfill. Collect 100% up to 500 Bonus Welcome Crypto Bonus Now, for those who are users of cryptocurrencies, you are not forgotten. Also, you will be pleased to know that My Stake Casino offers a welcome bonus for those who fund their accounts using Cryptocurrency. My Stake Casino currently accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Some of these include BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, USDT, XMR, and DASH. Deposits between a range of 20 and 600 USD/euros will be awarded a 170% match-up bonus, and the maximum bonus per deposit is capped at 1000 euros. However, note that these bonuses are only applicable on your first crypto deposit, and the wagering requirement is 30 times the deposit and bonus amount. A word of caution, make sure that the wallet that your cryptocurrency is based in, is able to support transactions between the casinos that you have chosen. The last thing you want is to fund a cryptocurrency wallet, only to realise that it does not support transactions to online casinos or to the particular one that you have selected. Collect 170% up to 1000 Bonus How to set up an account at My Stake Casino Hopefully, the above bonuses are sufficient in keeping you glued to your screens and wanting to find out more about My Stake online casino. There are still more fun stuff to read in subsequent segments. However, we need you to be patient with us as we dwell on more administrative and important matters. In this segment, we will be highlighting the steps and crucial things to take note of when setting up an account at My Stake Casino. So if you have already decided to open an account with My Stake Casino, then this segment is for you. Generally, setting up an account with My Stake Casino is an extremely easy process that is guided and laid out clearly for you. All you have to do is to click on the “Sign Up” button located at the top right hand corner of the webpage. Once you have clicked on it, you will be directed to the registration page. Key in your details according to the different categories at each row, and once you are done, click on “Finish”. Now, your account is all set up! But wait, there is still a crucial step that you have to complete before you can commence playing all the wonderful games that are offered. Once you are done with the above, it is time for you to fund your account. Depending on the method of funding, you will have to link that account to your My Stake Casino account. Also, the method that you have selected will determine how fast funds can be transferred to your casino account. Another thing to note is that, once you have funded your account, you will automatically be enrolled in the various welcome bonuses that were mentioned above, so there is no need to worry that you will be missed out. Set up an account at My Stake Casino My Stake Casino Features Now that you have completed the registration process and have successfully funded your account, let me take you through some of the key features that My Stake has to offer and what you can expect from it. To do so, it is necessary to bore you with some of the histories of the casino itself. My Stake was first initiated in 2020 during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic period, making it one of the recent online casinos in the market today. My Stake is regulated and licensed by the Curacao Gambling Commission and is owned by OnyxioN Development Limited. The software development is established and governed under the laws of Curacao and all their gambling operations are licensed as well. Therefore, you can be assured of the validity and reliability of My Stake. With that, it also means that the online casino has graphics that are pretty modern and will definitely be to the liking of youths today. The casino offers a wide range of games from slots, to table games, sports betting, and many others. Therefore, you can be assured to find something to your liking. The platform is easy to use and the interface is extremely intuitive for beginners to navigate around. Therefore, you will never find yourself in a situation where you are just lost and unsure of where you should be clicking. Mind you, this phenomenon is actually pretty common for newbies on many other sites. For those who are looking to experience a sudden windfall, you might want to consider joining the casino’s live casino jackpot games, where you get the chance to win a massive prize. Of course, the odds of winning are low, but then again, you never know if you could be the lucky one that day. My Stake Casino Games Aforementioned in the previous section, there are multiple games that are being offered on My Stake Casino, and this is the segment where I will be going through the various domains and some of the more interesting games that the casino has to offer. So read on to find out more about the games that you can expect. For a start, there are over 6000 games at My Stake for you to choose from so be prepared to be bedazzled by the wide range of scintillating games available. For those who are looking for sports-related games, you will be pleased to know that My Stake has a sports section which offers a wide range of live games where you can place bets on. These live games include football matches like the Champions League, FIFA World Cup, and some other interesting live games that you might probably not have encountered before. In addition, the odds offered at My Stake is serious some of the better ones that I have seen so far. Other than sports, you can also place bets on eSports and the casino covers a huge variety of them including Counter-Strike, Valorant, Call of Duty, and many others. So if you are interested in placing bets then My Stake is something that you should seriously consider. In terms of casino games, the casino possesses an arsenal of games fuelled and powered by some of the leading providers such as Push Gaming, Realtime Gaming, iSoft Bet, Pragmatic Play, Red Tiger, Tom Horn, and many others. My Stake has an extremely popular rating for its casino games and the reasons are obvious. The games are thrilling and stable, and payouts are generous as well. For those who are interested only in slots, the casino hosts some of the most popular slots that one can find such as Book of My Stake, Sweet Bonanza, Razor Shark, and Gates of Olympus just to name a few. For those who are more interested in table games, you can try your hands at the multiple variations of Bingo Games, Poker Games, Black Jacks, and many others. We would also strongly encourage you to try their video games, specifically their video poker, where you get to experience the atmosphere of a physical casino, from the comfort of your home. It is an extremely surreal experience that is bound to provide you with a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Is My Stake Casino on Gamstop? Now, if you are a seasoned online casino goer, then this segment will be something important to you. For those who are beginners, you will probably not get the importance of this segment, but nonetheless, I would encourage you to pay some attention to it. The short answer to this segment is no. My Stake casino is not on Gamstop. For the benefit of the newbies, we deem it necessary to go through what Gamstop is all about. In essence, Gamstop is the United Kingdom’s self-exclusion program, which seeks to tackle the problem of pathological gambling. Without a doubt, problematic gambling can result in multiple social and economic issues and are definitely not the intention of online casinos. However, from time to time, we get people who are addicted to gambling, and in the midst of playing, they could potentially lose more than what they can afford, which could push them toward crime. Therefore, Gamstop was implemented together with some of the online casino operators to help sieve out these problematic gamblers, and help them kick the habit of gambling, by preventing them from even assessing the online casino. The way it works is that players who perceive themselves or are perceived by others as problem gamblers are required to register their personal particular on Gamstop. Thereafter, online casinos that are on Gamstop will automatically block and prevent these problematic gamblers from accessing their sites. The problem with this is that there are no ways of removing your details from Gamstop once you have registered with them. This means that once you deem yourself free of gambling addiction and wish to indulge in a couple of games on these online casinos, you will continue to be banned from accessing these sites. Fortunately, you will still be able to continue to access online casinos not registered with Gamstop, and My Stake is one of them. Deposit and withdrawal methods at My Stake Casino My Stake Casino offers a wide range of convenient payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals allowing you to find something that is to your comfort. These methods include debit and credit cards, bank transfers, eWallets, and of course, Cryptocurrencies. Do note that there is a minimum amount for both withdrawals and deposits which is common across all payment methods, and is fixed at 20 euros. The commonly used methods in funding one’s account would definitely be both Visa and MasterCard, either debit or credit cards. Therefore, if you are unsure of the various payment methods, there is always Visa and MasterCard to fall back on. Depending on where you live and the bank that you currently have funds in, it might be possible to fund your online casino account via wire transfers. However, we would advise against bank transfers given that there tend to be hidden transaction fees and costs involved. In addition, there is a huge chance that you will lose out on currency exchanges, especially if your bank rates are not that favourable. Finally, you can of course rely on cryptocurrencies to fund your account. However, it is important to make sure that your existing wallet allows you to transfer these cryptocurrencies into the online casino account, and be sure to check the type of coins that the online casino accepts. For withdrawals, the online casino offers a wide range of methods for you to choose from as well which is good and something that is important to consider as well. The minimum withdrawal amount is 20 euros and capped at 15000 euros per week. Do note that direct bank transfers to any bank account is processed and highlighted in your bank statement within 3 working days, so do not be alarmed if you do not see the transaction immediately. Visit My Stake Casino Is My Stake Casino safe? One of the most common questions when it comes to online casinos would be whether that particular online casino is safe. This is a valid question and we are not surprised that such a question is being asked, given the high frequency of frauds involving online casinos. One way to assess whether a particular online casino is safe or not would be to make sure that the online casino is licensed. To do so, it means first checking the online casino site to make sure that it is licensed by a valid regulatory body. Next, you will want to verify this information on the regulatory website itself and check whether the particular online casino is indeed listed on its site. Very often, scam sites would indicate that they carry the license of specific regulatory bodies, only to realise that such information displayed on their site is fake. However, if you follow what I did, then you can be assured that the particular online casino is indeed licensed and regulated. Next, you will want to make sure that your personal card details are protected and chances of them leaking out is low. To be certain of this, you will want to make sure that the online casino implements the latest encryption technology which helps protect your personal data and information from being stolen. You will also be pleased to know that there is an anti-fraud policy that was implemented that only you can withdraw money from your account to the designated personal account that you had linked it to from the beginning, making all transactions extremely safe. Of course, if your bank account gets hacked, then that would pretty much derail the entire anti-fraud policy. The key to keeping your account safe would be to keep all personal information to yourself and not share it freely with other people. With that, My Stake Online Casino is safe. Advantages of My Stake Casino If you are lost with whatever I have written about My Stakes above, then you will want to pay a closer attention to this segment, for I will be going through the advantages of My Stake Online Casino. For a start, the online casino offers a plethora of games for people to choose from, and you are bound to find something to your liking. Second, the online casino accepts players from multiple nations and therefore minimising the risk of being blocked out of the casino based on your nationality. Third, the online casino is one of the rare online casinos out there accepting cryptocurrencies as payment, and also offers a welcome bonus for cryptocurrency deposits. In addition, it accepts a wide range of coins as compared to some of the other online casinos that would probably only accept BitCoins as a form of payment. Finally, My Stake Casino has a 24/7 live chat feature which is extremely important especially when you encounter any glitches during your course of gameplay. When such a situation arises, it is extremely comforting to know that there is someone readily available to assist you. Disadvantages of My Stake Casino In the above segment, I have listed down the advantages of My Stake Casino. However, there are no perfect online casinos out there in the market, and there is always room for improvement. Similarly, there are downsides to My Stake Casino as well. First, certain game providers are unavailable in some nations. This means that you might not be able to access the entire plethora of games available, depending on the country that you reside in. However, if you live in some of the developed countries, you are less likely to be affected by this. Second, not all payment methods are accepted globally. This is something not limited to My Stake but is something quite common amongst various online casinos out there. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you pick a payment method that is accepted depending on where you live in. Third, the online casino does not offer any loyalty program or VIP service. Usually, such programs allow you to earn points through every gameplay and you can then exchange these points for other benefits. Does My Stake Casino have a No Deposit Bonus? No deposit bonus as the name suggests refers to bonuses that are issued out to players who have yet to fund their account and the casino does it for you. Basically, you will be playing with the money from the online casino. The purpose of that is to allow you to experience some of the games in a fail-safe environment, without the fear of losing your deposited capital. Unfortunately, My Stake Casino does not offer a No Deposit Bonus. Can I play at My Stake Casino if I am signed up for Gamstop? As I have mentioned previously, only casinos that are registered with Gamstop are obliged and automatically programmed to block people who have signed up to Gamstop. Given that My Stake is not registered on Gamstop, it is likely that you will be able to continue playing on My Stake, even if you are signed up for Gamstop. My Stake Casino conclusion The Casino has operated for almost 2 years and has been garnering good reviews from players. Moreover, it has remained one of the more popular online casinos for both seasoned players and newbies. There are good reasons for it, all of which are listed above throughout the entire article. Nevertheless, it is always important to do your own research before committing to a specific online casino. After all, you will be using your hard-earned money, and you definitely do not want to lose them. Nevertheless, given the number of positives that My Stake has, we would strongly encourage you to give it a try. Visit My Stake Casino Here is a platform created by casino players for everyone. We strive to offer fellow players a platform that addresses every aspect of online gambling. The information on this site is for entertainment purposes only. Gambling comes with its fair share of risks and it's important to recognize that when using online gambling sites. The Casino sites listed hold a Curacao gambling license and players from around the world can legally play. Wins are taxed. While we review different gambling sites, you should check with local laws in your area before gambling online. Also, all gambling sites and our guides are rated 18+ only. If you have a gambling addiction problem or anyone you know does, call the National Gambling Helpline at 1-800-522-4700. In addition, the following free gambling addiction resources can be of help: Contact Details Online Casinos Dean Kune Company Website

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‘Hybrid’ Sports Tourism and Community Recreation Facility Development Increases 33% -- Signaling Major Transformation for Future of Parks & Recreation

Sports Facilities Companies

The Sports Facilities Companies (SFC), a national consultancy, developer, and operator of sports, recreation, and events properties, predict that the $39.7 billion youth and amateur travel sports and the $218 billion parks and recreation industries are colliding, signaling a major transformation in the operations of local government. This prediction is based on SFC's analysis of 2,000 communities over the last 20 years, including analyzing parks and recreation budgets, sport and recreation funding mechanisms, political pressures, the rise of sports mega-complexes to drive tourism, and the budget constraints of municipal government. SFC predicts that assets traditionally operated by local government through their parks department will require new types of operating and management models to keep pace with private sector demands and to ensure local citizen activation. Numerous factors are impacting the way parks and recreation departments are structured, operated and how they deliver services to communities. What has gone unchanged is the popularity and significance of parks in the political landscape at the local level and as a proven amenity that impacts the quality of life, health and social outcomes, community engagement, and revenues for the cities where parks and recreation are prioritized. According to the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) 82% of U.S. adults agree that parks and recreation is essential and 72% of U.S. adults are more likely to vote for local political leaders who make park and recreation funding a priority. “What many community leaders don’t realize is that this shift is already underway. Now is the time to get strategic with your sports, parks, and tourism assets – or get left behind,” said Mike Kelly, former CEO of the Chicago Park District and NRPA chair, now Executive-Vice President of Community Development for SFC. “In my thirty-year tenure serving the City of Chicago, we chose to privatize twenty-plus properties – particularly those with an emphasis on sports, tourism, or those where driving revenue was an important factor.” According to SFC Partner Evan Eleff, who oversees the firms’ planning and advisory services, evidence of this shift is clear during the pre-development phase. Eleff’s team, which performs 150+ studies each year, reports a 33% increase in studies for facilities from municipal clients that combine multiple tourism, recreation, and events components since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. “Community leaders are challenged with meeting the needs of their cities and growing consumer expectations around sports and events, balancing the multitude of municipal infrastructure needs, and driving economic growth,” says Eleff. “With the rising cost of construction and materials, it means the average project cost is upwards of $30 million. For parks and recreation, which have been traditionally heavily subsidized, this means more pressure on revenue generation and cost recovery. This is a paradigm shift for most parks departments.” The rise of sports tourism since the early 2010’s has been a major contributing factor to this impending shift. According to a 2015 Industry Report by the Sports Events and Travel association (now called SportsETA), the youth and amateur sports tourism industry was valued at $9.45b. In their latest report from 2021, that figure is now $39.7 billion, a 320% increase in six years. That growth has predicted to continue to rise and reach $77.5 billion in 2026, according to Wintergreen Research, Inc. New hybrid facilities are being developed and opened in cities large and small. The City of Albertville, AL (population ~22,000) opened their $58 million Sand Mountain Park and Amphitheater in 2021 with a mission to serve both local residents with camps, clinics, and leagues and to drive economic development through sports tourism by hosting large sports tournaments and live entertainment. With two new hotels opened or under development, big-name quick service restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings and Beef O’Brady’s, and $23.2 in direct economic impact, the venue, operated by SFC, is outperforming original forecasts and driving economic development. “It’s tough for the traditional government approach to work in this dynamic environment. Developing and operating such diverse assets with such high expectations is not something with which most municipalities have experience,” said Jason Clement, CEO and co-founder of Sports Facilities Companies. “It’s why we purpose-built our team over the last twenty years to serve public entities. Our mission, to improve the health and economic vitality of the communities we serve, lives most vibrantly when we balance the competing needs of social equity and access, revenue generation, tourism development, emotional, physical, and mental health, and combatting the obesity epidemic. These are key elements of a flourishing community and operating partnerships with professional management firms are the way to maximize those results.” There may be no better example of this transformation than in Hoover, AL with the Hoover Met Complex. Forward-thinking leaders in Hoover re-imagined their existing AA (double-A) baseball stadium, former home to the Birmingham Barons and current host of the SEC baseball tournament, into a sports and recreation mecca. In 2017, the City opened the 155,000 square-foot indoor sport and event facility, the Finley Center and expanded RV Park. In 2019, the second phase of the project opened including an accessible playground, splash pad, outdoor baseball fields, rectangle fields, and tennis center. The operation has provided more than 10,000 hours of free community access annually, hosted premier tournaments like Perfect Game Baseball and community events including Market Noel and Vintage Market Days while providing financially for additional programming and capital investment projects. Additionally, the complex generated $68 million in economic impact in 2021 alone supporting the residential and commercial real estate development surrounding the Hoover Met Complex property. The City of Hoover oversees the SFC team, who manages daily operations and partners closely with City parks leadership to collaborate, not compete, with well-established programs and team members. “It’s examples like Hoover and Albertville demonstrating that not only can communities balance the multitude of outcomes demanded by residents, but they don’t have to do it alone,” said Kelly. “Communities of all sizes – as large as the City of Chicago and as small as twenty-thousand – have the opportunity to adapt now. The proverbial train has left the station. Change is coming. Now is the time to re-think old models and embrace what is next.” ### The Sports Facilities Companies (SFC) are the Nation’s leading resources for the management and development of sports, recreation, wellness, and events facilities. As a turn-key solution for community leaders and developers alike, SFC services span the gamut of sports and recreation needs from sports tourism & recreation master planning, program planning, and feasibility through professional facility management services. Our 30+ managed venues and 1500+ team members, represented by the SF Network, welcome more than 25 million guest visits and produce over $250 million in economic impact each year. To learn more, please visit and Contact Details Eric Nemeth Company Website

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Family Gift Guide for the 2022 Holiday Season


A video accompanying this announcement is available at: A new survey finds holiday shoppers are planning to spend more than $800 on average this season. That’s a lot of gifting for those who were either naughty or nice on your shopping list. Lifestyle Expert, Bethany Braun-Silva has compiled a few family-focused gift ideas to help consumers navigate the holiday hustle and bustle. MAKE IT A STYLISH AND AFFORDABLE SEASON Online sales continue to reign supreme this holiday season and Bethany Braun-Silva, lifestyle expert and mom of two boys, says style is important, as is how the clothing is manufactured. She highlights one company, Gerber ® Childrenswear, saying, “Their new line, Our Softest Edit, is so buttery soft and comfy for little ones to sleep or play in.” Shoppers can feel confident in its quality, as the line is developed in partnership with Livaeco by Birla Cellulose for a more sustainably produced and environmentally-friendly product. The clothing is made from natural eucalyptus blended with Spandex, adding to its durability and stretch for the most active toddlers. Braun-Silva adds, “I also love that everything is under 25-dollars. That makes it affordable to add multiple pajamas, rompers or dresses in great solids or fun prints to your shopping list.” Gerber ® has been trusted by parents for generations. For more, go to Social media handles: Facebook: Instagram: TikTok: Twitter: Brand Hashtag: #GCWbaby Style and comfort are important no matter your age. The lifestyle expert says she’s a big fan of a pop of plaid, lux fabrics and thoughtful details for women’s clothing. She points to J.Jill, a brand that “Has the perfect gifts for all the women in your life, including yourself!” J.Jill has styles for every moment with high-quality fabrics and details that make the difference. In addition to the versatile selection of items, they have a variety of sizing, inlcuding XS – 4X online and XS – 2X in-store. “Something else that makes this brand special—they make it easy to give back for the holidays with their snowflake printed scarf.” It’s part of the J.Jill Compassion Fund, where 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to organizations that support and empower women. Shoppers can visit their local J.Jill store or to find their favorite pieces from the holiday collection for themselves or anyone on their gifting list. For more information, go to Social media handles: Instagram: @jjillstyle Facebook: @jjillstyle KEEP IT COZY Braun-Silva says it’s a perfect season to spend time with your loved ones, adding, “The holidays are all about those warm and cozy moments.” That’s why she says it’s so easy to find your cozy and charming moments inside and outdoors this holiday season with Bedsure’s Wearable Blanket Hoodies. “My kids and husband love them, especially since there are family sets so we can match,” admits Braun-Silva, “It’s the perfect gift for the whole family.” The hooded blankets come in a range of sizes and variety of colors and patterns, featuring super-soft sherpa fleece and pockets to keep families snuggly and warm. Braun-Silva adds they are perfect for any occasion, “These blanket hoodies are perfect to use while working from home or outside on a walk.” Shoppers can find out more by visiting Bedsure’s store on Amazon. For those looking for a deal, they can get up to 51% off for shopping and gifting for a limited time. For more information, visit the Bedsure store on Amazon: Social media handles: Facebook: @BedsureHome Instagram: @BedsureHome TikTok: @BedsureHome PAY OVER TIME After selecting the best gifts for your family and friends, Braun-Silva says there is a convenient way to manage holiday spending while not breaking the bank. “If you’re looking for flexibility, PayPal Pay Later lets you spread out payments over time to better suit your budget,” the lifestyle expert adds, “I really like this approach, because it helps me balance out my spending and doesn’t stress me out.” PayPal Pay Later provides options to break purchases into four payments every two weeks or monthly payments for larger purchases. Braun-Silva thinks this is a great option, saying, “Now we can surprise loved ones with the best gifts this holiday season and stay on budget. Shoppers can learn more by checking out with PayPal Pay Later and selecting the option that suits them best to pay for all the special gifts for the people in their lives. For more information, visit Facebook Address: @PayPal Instagram Handle: @PayPal Twitter Handle: @PayPal Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

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New Online Casinos for Real Money Updated Monthly

Online Casinos

If you’re looking for safe and reliable new Online Casinos for Real Money you have come to the right place. In this article, we break down everything you will need to know about Online Gambling at New casino sites starting from types of casinos, payment methods, games, pros and cons, support, setting up an account, and more. Best New Online Casino Sites for Real Money Best New USA Overall Casino - Wild Casino Best New UK Casino - Betswagger Easy Cashout in the USA - BetOnline Huge Bonus for UK Players - Hustles Casino Best Games - Las Atlantis Ideal for Mobile - GodOdds Trending Now - El Royale 18+ Live Games - Playhub Best for VIP Players - SuperSlots Ideal for UK - My Stake Ideal for Mobile - Red Dog Casino Best Games - Instant Cashout - Cherry Gold Best for Slots - BigSpin Casino What are New Online Casinos? New US gambling sites are known for their reliability, transparency, and diversity. They offer a broad range of online gambling options, including casino games, sports betting, virtual games, table games, etc. Apart from that, they adopt the latest encryption and firewall technology to prevent intruders from accessing players’ financial and personal data. How do our experts rate the best New Casino sites? Identifying and sorting the best new gambling sites is easy once you understand the essential features that determine these platforms' safety, reliability, and convenience. Below are the factors used in rating the best brand-new casinos: Regulation Players’ safety can only be guaranteed at regulated gambling sites; these platforms are answerable to top gambling regulators who issue licenses and ensure that they meet all the required standards. Banking Options Another parameter that we considered when sorting out the best new casino sites is the payment methods. Besides the speed, the banking options must be safe and easy to use. Popular banking options at US casino sites include e-wallets, bank transfers, cryptocurrency, etc. Bonuses and Promotional Offers Our shortlisted sites offer massive rewards to all players; they provide new players with juicy bonuses, including welcome casino bonuses, bingo packages, and sports bonuses. Existing players can also claim rewards like periodic bonuses, cashback bonuses, reload bonuses, etc. Best Real Money New Casinos We have shortlisted the best New casino sites that offer a safe and thrilling gambling experience through their high-quality gaming products and top-quality security measures. Check out our best casino reviews below: BetOnline Casino Betonline casino is a top brand with over 1000 exciting slots from high-ranking software providers like Net Entertainment, Merkur Gaming, Betsoft, Yggdrasil, etc. The online casino features colorful graphics and themes and offers an exciting welcome package to new players. Furthermore, the payment methods available on the platform include bank transfer, cryptocurrency, etc. Below are the advantages of playing at Betonline casino: Bountiful rewards Impressive game selection 24/7 customer service Visit the Casino and collect the bonus here Wild Casino Wild casino is a reliable new Casino site with top-quality gaming products; the platform hosts engaging and fair slot games, including Book of Tut, Four Horsemen, Red Cap, Dragon’s Throne, Hallow Reel, etc. Furthermore, the gambling site features top leagues and tournaments, including the English Premier League, FIFA World Cup, etc. Also, Wild casino accepts Bitcoin and other safe payment methods like Paysafecard, Neosurf, PayPal, etc. Check the merits of this platform below: High-quality customer support Easy-to-navigate design Mobile support Visit the Casino and collect the bonus here SportBetting.AG Casino If you are looking for an entertaining casino site accessible on devices like PCs, Macs, Tablets, and Smartphones, consider SportBetting.Ag casino. Top software companies working with this operator include Merkur Gaming, Novomatic, Playtech, and Net Entertainment. Furthermore, the casino site features a massive collection of thrilling slot titles, including Book of Dead, Book of Tribes, Majestic King, Aztec Spell, etc. Below are the benefits of casino: Convenient payment methods Excellent customer support Massive game selection Visit the Casino and collect the bonus here SuperSlots Casino SuperSlots casino supports several digital coins, including Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc. The online casino uses 128-bit SSL encryption technology to protect players from fraudsters. Also, the gambling site supports mobile devices, allowing gamers to play their favorite real money games on the go. You can claim rewards at SuperSlots casino including crypto bonuses, reload bonuses, welcome offers, etc. Here are the advantages of joining this casino site: Fast registration Tight security Eye-catching bonuses Visit the Casino and collect the bonus here El Royale casino El Royale casino hosts a huge selection of engaging casino games from highly rated software developers. Besides slots, it hosts exciting video poker, including Aces & Eights, Joker Poker, Jacks or Better, and hosts of others. In addition, the platform is compatible with mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and iPhones. Its interface is smooth, allowing players to navigate through the website quickly. Visit El Royale casino and collect the bonus here Hustles Casino Are you on the lookout for a rewarding gambling site that offers bountiful packages to new and regular players? If that is your desire, you can set up an account at Hustles casino. Also, the platform offers top-quality support as its agents are available round-the-clock to respond to players’ calls and messages. Hustles Casino hosts an impressive range of thrilling games like table games, progressive jackpots, slots, video poker, and specialty games. Visit the casino and collect the bonus here Red Dog Casino Red Dog casino supports almost all currencies including crypto, allowing players to transact in virtual coins like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. Apart from that, the gambling site supports other payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, Neosurf, etc. Curacao Gaming Authority regulates the gambling site and features entertaining specialty games like Keno, Scratch Card, and Bingo. Visit the casino and collect the bonus here Games at Brand New Online Casino sites Newly established casino sites work with several leading software vendors to meet players’ growing demands for safe, simple, and entertaining games. Here are the details of these games below: Slots Slots are games of chance with hundreds of exciting variants. The game is straightforward as it offers multiple ways to win. The game outcomes are always fair and random as it uses Random Number Generator (RNG) software. Bingo Players looking to play a simple yet entertaining game at new gambling sites can consider bingo. Our shortlisted platforms feature exciting bingo variants to meet players’ desires. In addition, they offer attractive packages to bingo players. Poker Poker is an interesting card game that is easy to learn. Popular poker titles you can play at new online casinos include Three Card Draw, Omaha Poker, Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker, etc. You can play the game on your smartphones, iPads, and tablets. Features of the Best New Online Casino Sites The best new online casinos come with a plethora of outstanding features. These qualities include safe payment options, exciting welcome bonuses, top-rated software, payment providers, and many others. This section will discuss some of the notable features of the top fresh to the market online gambling sites that you should know. Bonuses One quality that differentiates the top new online casino is the mouth-watering bonuses and promotional offers. These gambling sites offer fantastic rewards to all their gamers, whether new or existing. Most times, the online casino offers generous welcome bonuses that cover the first three deposits. You can also take part in a lottery and tournament to win great prizes. Apart from the welcome package, the website offers other rewards, including free spins, comp points, VIP bonuses, referral bonuses, and matched bonuses, among others. Fast Deposit and Withdrawal Options Top new casino sites offer a good range of convenient and reliable deposit and withdrawal options. Apart from that, they are easy to use and fast. Some of the payment options you will come across on these websites include prepaid cards, PayPal, Visa, PaysafeCard, Entropay, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, Neteller, and hosts of others. A Vast Range of Exciting Games These newly released casino sites offer a massive list of the best casino games from respected software developers in the gaming industry. Some of these games include live dealer games, blackjack, roulette, slots, video poker, craps, and baccarat. The gambling sites also make these games available for mobile users; so, they can play exciting real money casino games via mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, iPhones, and iPad. Robust Security Top new online casinos adhere to strict standards when it comes to security and ethics. They employ the latest advanced security feature to protect their website from intruders. The best New online casinos for Real Money feature cutting-edge security to protect gamers’ personal and financial data. Fair Gameplay These gambling sites offer exciting and random games. The games use RNG software to generate unbiased results. Apart from that, the games undergo periodic randomness tests. Excellent Customer Support The best new online casinos offer timely and practical solutions to any issue you might encounter while playing on the site. The gambling site employs experienced and dedicated support personnel who are available 24/7 to respond to gamers’ requests through different communication channels, including live chat and telephone. Advantages of New Casino Sites These online gaming destinations appeal to players worldwide because they have several advantages. First, they adopt the latest encryption and firewall technology to curb the activities of cybercriminals. Apart from that, they hold valid licenses from respected regulators in the gambling industry. Also, they provide gamers with bountiful bonuses and roll out exciting promotional offers regularly. Furthermore, they support multiple currencies and languages to accommodate players from different countries. These platforms offer email, live chat, and telephone support to players needing assistance. Disadvantages of Real Money New online casinos United States casinos are not regulated by UKGC, which is one of the best regulators in the world; this means US players won't get the kind of top-level protection at UK-based sites on these platforms. Furthermore, they don’t provide enough support for problem gamblers. Payment methods at New gambling sites for Real Money New Online casinos in the United States provide players with multiple payment methods to enable them to select the best option for them. These gambling sites support crypto payments, allowing gamers to fund their accounts with digital coins like Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. You must check the terms and conditions to know the banking options for deposits and withdrawals, and the ones that support both. Here are some notable payment methods at New online casinos: Neteller Skrill PayPal MasterCard Visa Paysafecard Trustly What Sets Aside The Top New Casinos From The Rest? The US’s lively online betting marketplace has a number of serious players to concern itself with, as an intriguing new array of online casinos enter the market. The casinos, aimed at both desktop and mobile players, are ready to take on all comers in order to challenge the established market leaders with their vast library of games for all new players to take advantage of. Existing customers are already registering positive comments about some of the newer brands, with many being especially effusive in their praise of the new US casino brands’ wide range of slot games. Respected reviewers are also drawing attention to the new casino bonuses, which offer new customers a significant bankroll boost simply for signing up and depositing. Game Providers Anyone looking to understand and embroil themselves in the effusive praise for some of the new online casinos on the market in the US could do a lot worse than look at the software developers who have hitched their wagons. Any new casino US-wide will be keen to get the best developers on board, and it’s therefore very enlightening to look at the slots on offer with some of the newer brands and see some of the names that have joined forces with these sites: Yggdrasil, NetEnt, Merkur and Microgaming are just a few of the Who’s Who of casino royalty that provides the games here. It’s sometimes the case when new online casinos burst onto the scene, they are promoting lesser-known brands and providers, but times appear to have changed and a number are certainly creating a statement by hitting the market with some of the biggest operators online. New Player Bonuses & Offers Most new casinos now feel bold enough to go with some undeniably daring offers. 400% of initial deposits, up to £/€ 2000, is highly competitive and will certainly attract attention from casino players who enjoy some extra bang for their buck - this is just one of the many variations on offer across the US casino market. It’s far in excess of what was being offered at most casinos previously. With a building consensus that a new online casino US needs to be competitive on bonuses, some of the newer US casino brands aren't taking any risks on being outperformed on this front. This is highlighted in their promotions where they are offering an array of different bonuses for the first (up to) six deposits in some cases – a unique and impressive feature for players looking for a new online casino. Deposits & Withdrawals There is also an impressive commitment to speedy transactions at the heart of all of the new US casinos’ offerings. Withdrawals from most newer casinos will be pending for a maximum of 48 hours and will usually be much faster in practice, and this is another reason why traffic has been on a positive trajectory with new players signing up. With maximum withdrawal limits set at a handsome £/€ 5000 for punters in a good chunk of them, customers will be more than impressed by the banking process. Furthermore, there are multiple different payment methods for new online casinos including bank transfers, Mastercard, Webopayz and multiple different forms of crypto transactions to take advantage of. Why Do New Online Casinos Seem To Be Ticking All The Right Boxes? At the vast majority of the new casinos that US customers can play at right now, a whole host of them are sure to garner plenty of attention, hoping to build on some clear early promise. Time will tell as to whether these new brands can align themselves with some of the big fish in the operator market, but if you are looking for a new online casino with lucrative bonuses, an impressive library of games and not only a fast and stress-free withdrawal process, but 24/7 access to a live agent, then these new online casinos for US players might just be the new casinos for you. Starting your journey with a fresh new casino bonus New casino sites offer massive rewards to newly registered players. Also, they motivate regular players by awarding periodic bonuses, reload bonuses, cashback offers, etc. Here are some bonuses you can claim on these platforms: Welcome offers Newly established casinos welcome players with attractive bonuses, including free spins and match bonuses. Some conditions to check before unlocking this reward are validity period, playthrough requirement, eligible games, etc. Crypto bonuses Our shortlisted gambling sites accept crypto deposits and withdrawals. Also, they offer attractive bonuses to crypto users. Check the promotion page to know if you need to claim the reward with a bonus code. Cashback bonuses New online casinos also offer cashback to compensate and encourage players who lost their bets. This bonus comprises 5 to 10 percent of their lost bets. The requirements are clearly stated on the promotion page. New Casino Online FAQ What are New online casinos? New casinos are top-rated gambling sites operating in the United States. They offer safe and reliable products and services as leading gambling bodies regulate them. Is RTP different on all New Casinos Online? RTP percentage is not the same at all USA casino sites; players can select a platform with a higher RTP value to boost their profits. How to avoid bad streaks at New casino sites? Ways to guide against losing streaks at new casino sites in the US include understanding the game dynamics and rules, avoiding excessive gambling, proper bet distribution, etc. is a platform created by casino players for everyone. We strive to offer fellow players a platform that addresses every aspect of online gambling. The information on this site is for entertainment purposes only. Gambling comes with its fair share of risks and it's important to recognize that when using online gambling sites. The Casino sites listed hold a Curacao gambling license and players from around the world can legally play. Wins are taxed. While we review different gambling sites, you should check with local laws in your area before gambling online. Also, all gambling sites and our guides are rated 18+ only. If you have a gambling addiction problem or anyone you know does, call the National Gambling Helpline at 1-800-522-4700. In addition, the following free gambling addiction resources can be of help: Contact Details Online Casinos Dean Kune Company Website

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