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Crypto Needs A New push - Radix's Intuitive New Smart Contract Language Might Just Be It


The virtual world is getting ready for what could be the next big thing. And if you have been keeping pace with the latest developments on the internet, you have probably heard of Web 3.0. Curious about what’s going to happen next for crypto? Join RadFi2022 on December 8 where Radix will unveil how the future of finance should look. Find out more. ‘Web 3.0’ is the term used to refer to the vision for the third iteration of the web – a decentralized, open-source alternative to the current infrastructure, with one key component being “smart contracts”, which were first brought into the crypto space by the Ethereum network. Smart contracts are self-executing pieces of code that execute when certain conditions are met. This allows trusted transactions and agreements to be carried out among anonymous parties without the need for a central authority or external enforcement mechanism. The code and the agreements contained therein exist across a distributed, decentralized network. For this reason, smart contracts can form the basis of the logic behind decentralized applications (dApps). And dApps can form the basis of decentralized finance (DeFi). The terms and conditions of DeFi smart contracts are coded using programming languages such as Solidity, Vyper, Python, or Rust. Solidity, first developed in 2014, is one of the earliest smart contract programming languages. It is used extensively in creating smart contracts on Ethereum and other blockchain networks that use the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It was instrumental in driving the initial adoption of Web 3.0 among developers. But despite having been around for several years, Solidity and other smart contract languages have not been able to ramp up the adoption of Web 3.0 at a pace that may be necessary to deliver its vision as a more equitable, secure, and decentralized ecosystem of applications, tools, and information. The number of developers creating dApps for Web 3.0 is still abysmally low at only around 18,000 developers globally, as compared to Web 2.0 developers numbering around 30 million, of which only about 2500 developers are known to be working on DeFi projects specifically. One of the reasons for this is the complexity involved in working with Solidity. Solidity is hard to learn and also involves long-winded coding, taking up months of developer time to create dApps on the blockchain. Another reason is that it is highly vulnerable to hacks. Although Solidity has been the base for a number of successful dApps, over the years there have been several vulnerabilities and security issues identified in its application, which have even been exploited by bad actors in committing large-value financial crimes amounting to millions of dollars. Not just Solidity, other commonly used blockchain programming languages including VYper, Yul, and Rust also have been found wanting in the areas of security and ease of programming. Scrypto Could Be A Game Changer In Web 3.0 And DeFi Adoption One project that looks to be gaining rapid recognition as a next-generation full stack for DeFi — and is actively engaged in building a global decentralized future — is Radix. Radix has ambitious goals and says it aims to become the go-to network on which the new decentralized financial (DeFi) system of the future will be built. To help improve the adoption of Web 3.0, whilst also addressing the issues faced by crypto languages like Solidity, the team behind Radix has created a network-native programming language called Scrypto. Scrypto is an asset-oriented smart contract language that will allow its developers to create “blueprints” (templates to create components out of) and “components” (Radix’s equivalent of smart contracts) which the company says are safer and faster to develop than Solidity smart contracts. A good example of what Scrypto aims to achieve could be found in how the two giants of the gaming industry – Unity and Unreal Engine – revolutionized the development of games by making the creation of games really simple, without requiring very high levels of technical expertise. They took slow, archaic, and hard-to-learn programming languages and replaced them through the use of a drag-and-drop interface and a library of plugins and assets –- which drastically cut programming time for game developers. The impact of this game-changing move was huge, with the gaming industry’s revenues now having overtaken those of the film and music industries combined. Radix aims to achieve a similar impact on the Web 3.0 developer community through a number of its core builds, including Scrypto. Unlike other programming languages in the space, Radix says Scrypto has been built to support the journey of its developers. For example, one element of the frameworks enables blueprints to be reused by other developers in the space. Developers would then only need to parameterize those blueprints to create their own instance of the smart contract component, as opposed to the existing model where they copy-paste-modify existing code which can introduce unforeseen errors. This approach also enables the creation of an ever-growing library of secure financial building blocks and helps dramatically cut-short development time. Additionally, similar to the entertainment industry, the foundations built by Radix will eventually enable ‘royalties’ for its developer community. Every time a developer uses someone else’s blueprint, if opted in, the Radix royalties system would allow a royalty to flow to the developer who originally created that blueprint, potentially incentivizing a supercharged community of builders. Aside from the increased opportunity for the space to scale through developer improvements, one of Scrypto’s core strengths is that it is an asset-oriented programming language. Compared to the likes of Solidity which only allows messages to be sent, Scrypto is built to natively recognize and support assets (tokens) that live on the Radix network. With Solidity and other programming languages being “messages only ”, recognizing tokens comes secondary and lays responsibility for the success of transactions heavily onto developers and the code – leaving exposures and vulnerabilities open to hacks as well as generally just making the entire process complex. Radix Engine, Radix’s virtual machine, relies on what are known as “finite state machines” to guarantee that assets are properly accounted for, and can’t be lost or drained during a transaction. Radix says the reusability of Radix blueprints and components also contributes to making them more secure than traditional smart contracts which are written from scratch for every new dApp. Overall, developers could benefit massively by using Scrypto, according to Radix, as it would dramatically decrease the barriers to learning, reduce the time and effort involved in developing dApps, and reduce the potential risk of developer error. In times of uncertainty across the crypto space, DeFi r emains resilient. Radix recognizes the fundamental issues within the space and the core needs required to educate and onboard the billions of people currently engaged with the traditional financial system and radically drive a better financial infrastructure through the opportunity of Web 3.0, changing the face of finance for good. Interested in learning more? On Dec. 8, Radix will unveil how it’s going to take DeFi mainstream at RadFi 2022, a free virtual event. Head here to learn more and sign up for the event. To learn more about Radix, visit the company website. DeFi needs to be better - and it’s about to get radically better with Radix. Get your free ticket to join RadFi2022 on December 8 and learn what the future holds for decentralized finance. Find out how. This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Amy Wilkinson

November 28, 2022 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Retention Cloud Leader CleverTap Launches CleverTap for Startups


CleverTap, the modern, integrated retention cloud today announced the launch of CleverTap for Startups (C4S). Through this initiative, CleverTap will offer a full stack retention platform to all budding digital-native brands, in order to help them personalize and optimize all customer touchpoints, improving user engagement and conversion. Till date, thousands of large digital-native brands have benefited from CleverTap’s platform which has solved their needs at scale, speed, and security. The aim now is to make solutions even more affordable for pre-launch, early-stage startups, or companies with limited monthly active users. New and early-stage businesses have very different needs from larger, well-established brands. They require more flexibility, affordability, and a partner that provides seamless support fuelling their growth plans. CleverTap has currently partnered with more than 50 venture capital firms, incubators, and business accelerators including Sequoia Surge, Techstars, Y-combinator, AWS Activate, Accel and others to provide exclusive discounts and resources to early-stage startups through this initiative. The C4S initiative was undertaken a year back and the offerings have now been fine tuned following feedback from 1000+ startups and is now ready to launch. Through this initiative, CleverTap aspires to be a growth partner for more than 100,000 new businesses by the end of 2025. Through this initiative, early stage startups can opt for a flexible plan with no minimum scale requirement, and can make use of the platform with as low as 5000 monthly active users. The platform is designed realizing the requirement of SMBs/startups. Additionally, customers will have the option to customize the platform with add-ons and will have the ability to only pay for the services they use. Speaking about the initiative Anand Jain, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, CleverTap said, “Every small business needs an ecosystem of stakeholders that are supportive and will help them get on their growth journeys. Be it small or big, startups can use all the help they can get. In our effort to bolster new businesses globally we are excited to launch CleverTap for Startups. Customer retention for consumer brands is one of the key components to building a successful business. By offering our solutions to startups at a lower cost with flexible options, we want to create an atmosphere where we can support new businesses from their 0 to 1 and then 1 to 100 journeys.” About CleverTap CleverTap is the World's #1 Retention Cloud that helps app-first brands personalize and optimize all consumer touch points to improve user engagement, retention, and lifetime value. It's the only solution built to address the needs of retention and growth teams, with audience analytics, deep-segmentation, multi-channel engagement, product recommendations, and automation in one unified product. The platform is powered by TesseractDB™ - the world’s first purpose-built database for customer engagement, offering both speed and economies of scale.CleverTap is trusted by 1500 customers, including Gojek, ShopX, Electronic Arts, TED, English Premier League, TD Bank, Carousell, AirAsia, Papa John’s, and Tesco. Backed by leading investors such as Sequoia India, Tiger Global, Accel, and CDPQ the company is headquartered in Mountain View, California, with presence in San Francisco, New York, São Paulo, Bogota, London, Amsterdam, Sofia, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, and Jakarta. For more information, visit or follow on LinkedIn and Twitter Forward-Looking Statements Some of the statements in this press release may represent CleverTap's belief in connection with future events and may be forward-looking statements, or statements of future expectations based on currently available information. CleverTap cautions that such statements are naturally subject to risks and uncertainties that could result in the actual outcome being absolutely different from the results anticipated by the statements mentioned in the press release. Factors such as the development of general economic conditions affecting our business, future market conditions, our ability to maintain cost advantages, uncertainty with respect to earnings, corporate actions, client concentration, reduced demand, liability or damages in our service contracts, unusual catastrophic loss events, war, political instability, changes in government policies or laws, legal restrictions impacting our business, impact of pandemic, epidemic, any natural calamity and other factors that are naturally beyond our control, changes in the capital markets and other circumstances may cause the actual events or results to be materially different, from those anticipated by such statements. CleverTap does not make any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness or updated or revised status of such statements. Therefore, in no case whatsoever will CleverTap and its affiliate companies be liable to anyone for any decision made or action taken in conjunction. Contact Details CleverTap Sony Shetty Company Website

November 25, 2022 08:22 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Face Yoga Queen Launches New Website to Share Life-Changing Posture and Health Awareness


LOS ANGELES, CA / 500NewsWire / Face Yoga Queen is the name of the new health and wellness business being launched by Olya Zhilinskaya. By launching her new business, - Olya is working to further her mission to empower people of all genders and age ranges to improve their health, look younger and feel more motivated than ever before. To learn more about the new Face Yoga Queen website, and how you can put the magic of health back in your hands, please Face Yoga Queen is not just a website. In June of 2022, The Face Yoga Queen YouTube channel launched to share life-changing posture, health, and wellness tips and tricks. Each post on Face Yoga Queen features valuable information covering topics like face workouts, posture-improving stretches, natural remedies that can alleviate anxiety, and methods of building self-confidence and self-acceptance that follow a “pro-age” approach, as the anti-aging era is over. In addition to this new YouTube channel, Face Yoga Queen continues to expand on social media, with presences on TikTok and Instagram. “When I began Face Yoga Queen, my goal was to help women fall in love with themselves and the world around them. By sharing my knowledge and passions with others, I am hoping to inspire people to take time to care for their bodies and appreciate what their bodies have to offer,” said Olya Zhilinskaya, founder of Face Yoga Queen. “With my platform, I work hard to encourage people to accept their body as it is while also taking time to care for their body through simple tips and tricks that can make a significant difference. I am hoping to carry this same message into my YouTube channel and reach even larger audiences than I have on other content platforms.” By using her platform to encourage healthy habits and a positive mindset, Face Yoga Queen is already gathering loyal followers who swear by the effectiveness of her techniques. Hundreds of women are already looking and feeling better thanks to Face Yoga Queen’s groundbreaking facial stretches and health hacks. Initially, her goal was to help women only, but later she came to realize that everyone will benefit from face yoga despite age or gender. After the launch of this new website, Face Yoga Queen has plans to continue expanding to other platforms. To see some of Face Yoga Queen’s life-changing health and wellness content, go to To view the Face Yoga Queen verified YouTube channel, go to Source: Face Yoga Queen Video: Contact: Olya Zhilinskaya Contact Details 500NewsWire - A Digital Press Release Distribution Platform Dominic Jonas +1 618-328-3245 Company Website

November 24, 2022 01:28 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Better Brain Health and Parkinson’s Disease: Recognizing Symptoms, Taking Control of Your Health


A video accompanying this announcement is available at: Recent advancements in science show that there is so much you can do as you age to boost brain health. From diet and exercise to social connection, research is piecing together the puzzle of how to best care for your brain to help prevent neurological disease, and how to treat it if it develops. A newly expanded research study from the Michael J. Fox Foundation, The Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI), is helping scientists better understand what it means to be at risk for brain diseases such as Parkinson’s. Through important contributions from study volunteers – via online questionnaires and at clinical sites around the country -- PPMI is revolutionizing what we know about Parkinson’s today. Would it surprise you to learn that new research points to long-term smell loss as a potential indicator of Parkinson’s? Or, that people who are recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s are the most valuable contributors to this groundbreaking research? There is so much being done to better understand, identify and treat Parkinson’s – the world’s second most common brain disease. And PPMI is helping the field get closer than ever to answering those questions. The Study That Could Change Everything PPMI is on a mission to understand who is at risk for Parkinson’s, who gets it and why. The study’s recent expansion means that anyone over age 18 can help, regardless of whether you have Parkinson’s disease or not. The more people who join PPMI and share valuable health data online, the faster we can change everything about how brain diseases like Parkinson’s are diagnosed, treated and ultimately, prevented. For more information, and to join PPMI, visit Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

November 23, 2022 07:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Top Toys (and Trends) for the Holiday Season


Although reports indicate consumers have lower confidence to spend this holiday due to inflation, toys have historically proven to be recession resistant because families want to make sure kids experience the magic and wonder of play. Recently, Toy Trends Specialist at The Toy Association, Jennifer Lynch, participated in a nationwide satellite media tour to discuss the hottest toys for the holiday season. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: 67 percent of parents said they spend more time playing with their kids now than they did before the pandemic, and 54 percent said they specifically seek out toys that will enable them to make new memories with their children, according to a recent Toy Association survey of 2,000 parents across the U.S. Here are a few of the hot toys you’ll want to get your hands on this holiday season: Holiday Main Street, LEGO It’s time for a favorite festive tradition as you build the latest addition to the LEGO® Winter Village Collection. Assemble the snow-capped toy store and music store, then build the streetcar to take the shoppers home. With multiple features and four building booklets included, this set makes a great family project. TONKA Mighty Monster RC, Basic Fun! First-ever RC Tonka truck made with cold-rolled steel and 4-in-1 monster action: haul, dump, plow, and stunts! From up to 100 feet, kids can remotely control the high-torque steering in 4-wheel drive, motorized hauling and dumping, and brag-worthy 360° degree stunts! Load objects into the truck bed, secure them with the foldable tailgate, and clear obstacles big and small with the kid-powered plow. American Girl’s 2022 Holiday Collector Doll Sapphire Splendor, Mattel This year’s limited-edition American Girl collector doll commands attention with its jewel-toned hair, vivid violet eyes and more than 100 Swarovski crystals. The peacock-inspired gown features a taffeta bodice and sweetheart neckline embellished with Swarovski crystals; gathered ombre mesh shoulder straps; a fourtier, full-length ombre mesh skirt with taffeta lining; and an embroidered mesh applique at the waistband. The outfit also includes a metal tiara with blue-and-purple Swarovski crystals; a teardrop Swarovski crystal necklace; a pair of purple Swarovski crystal pierced earrings; iridescent elbow-length gloves, a gold purse and gold sandals. Print Perfect Purse Pets, Spin Master Get ready for Print Power! Meet Bamboo Boo and Hoot Couture featuring trendy pattern designs and stylish details. Print Perfect Purse Pets are interactive purses that really blink and respond to your touch with 30 new sounds and reactions. Also available in the line is a Hello Kitty and Friends Loves Purse Pets collection in a larger size for Sanrio fans of all ages Klutz LEGO: Race Cars, Klutz LEGO Race Cars combines science and racing to create the ultimate STEM LEGO kit! Kids can build a 3-ft long, high-quality chipboard track! See how your race car fares against papercraft obstacles like banana peels, orange cones, boxes, and barrels! Or–place on your opponent’s side of the track to slow them down! Fun, non-fiction content highlighting the coolest, fastest, and weirdest cars ever to exist, plus other cool race car facts! Put physics into action using aerodynamic tips and tricks from the instruction book For more information, visit About Jennifer Lynch As an official spokesperson and toy trends specialist for The Toy Association, Jennifer Lynch chats with toymakers throughout the year to track trends and developments impacting the toy aisles and kids’ entertainment. She has been interviewed by publications including New York Magazine, Inc. Magazine, The Spruce and Insider, and made appearances on KTLA-TV, Good Day Philadelphia, WGN Chicago, WNBC New York, KATU Portland, Bloomberg Radio, and CNET, among others. She also serves as the narrator for The Genius of Play’s "Once Upon a Playtime" podcast, which invites listeners to rediscover the value of play through real-life, personal stories of actors, artists, entrepreneurs, and more. Jennifer has more than a decade of experience covering the toy and kids’ entertainment industries. Prior, she served as the editorial manager for aNb Media and its b2c review site, where she oversaw all digital and print communications, reviewed product, and co-hosted a web series conducting in-depth interviews with toy industry executives. She began her career in her home state of Pennsylvania, handling marketing communications for Penn State’s art galleries (her alma mater). She resides in New Jersey with her husband and baby girl. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

November 22, 2022 04:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

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5 Best Bitcoin Betting Sites With Top Odds in 2023 – Their Features, Reputation, and Bonuses

Halvorson Media Group

Over the years, football betting has grown in popularity. Football betting offers a variety of chances, whether you want to gamble on the result of a game or guess who will win the World Cup in the upcoming year. There are several options for placing wagers on football games. The most popular method is through bookies, who provide odds on each game's outcome. If you go this way, you'll have to select between wagering on the winning team (over/under) and the overall number of goals scored during the game (total score). Additionally, you may wager on certain individuals, teams, leagues, competitions, and even whole countries. For instance, you may wager on the outcome of the 2018 FIFA World Cup or the play of prominent athletes like Neymar Jr., Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi. Betting on football is a fantastic method to make money. Numerous sportsbooks all around the world provide these services supported by cryptos. The top offers a secure setting where you can make crypto bets without being duped. ORDB has extensively researched and compiled a list of the top 100 crypto betting sites. Cloudbet — Best for regular promotions Stake — Best for the solid RTP N1 Bet — Best for free crypto bets BetOnline — Best for high odds — Best for live betting options Apart from research activities to choose reliable crypto betting sites, ORDB came into prominence due to its recently launched Private Club and regional rankings, which provide access to exclusive bonuses being updated weekly. While the former offers an opportunity to discover and review the best crypto betting sites in particular regions, the latter implies finding the best site in specific countries. Some of the above-mentioned platforms rank as the best in the following regions: 5 Best Bitcoin Betting Sites 1. Cloudbet – Best For Regular Promotions One of the best sports Crypto Betting websites that also has casino games available is Cloudbet. The website provides a huge variety of games and sports to wager on. Since 2013, Cloudbet has been a legally functioning Crypto Casino. One of the first blockchain services, it provides users various gambling alternatives, from different slot machines and games to an extensive sportsbook. There are 1200+ casino games from 50+ other sources available to users. Users are to create an account and make their initial deposit before they begin gaming. However, the service accepts only cryptocurrencies, and there is a long list of them: BTC, ETH, USDT, DOGE, etc. Additionally, it has a great function that lets users instantly purchase and trade cryptocurrencies on the website. Although users must confirm their identity, payments are processed immediately. The amount of suggested bonuses at this casino is another plus. It provides many ongoing incentives in addition to a 100% welcome bonus. Therefore, consumers can receive free spins, a deposit bonus, or a 50% buy-in discount. Anonymity Play is anonymous at Cloudbet. Thanks to two-factor authentication and SSL, the website is incredibly safe. Reputation A few complaints concerning late payments and subpar service have been made to Cloudbet. The majority of the concerns they have received have been addressed swiftly. Why Worth Trying Anonymity. Only an email address is required to sign up. Provably fair games. RNG testing is done on a secure website. Your account is secure, thanks to two-factor authentication and SSL. Many slots. Over 50 active tables. Stunning sportsbook. Variety of in-play marketplaces and low margins. Exotic gambling. Opportunity to bet on politics and entertainment. Quick withdrawals up to 10 minutes or less. Bonuses 100% Welcome Bonus up to 5 BTC 2. Stake — Best For The Solid RTP The Stake crypto gambling USA is a well-liked choice for placing crypto bets on sporting events and casino games for several reasons, including its slick user interface and the selection of sports and games they provide. Although Stake does not provide a welcome bonus, it is among the best crypto sports betting sites in terms of VIP benefits, cashback, and rewards. The Curacao gaming authority licenses the service and oversees it. The Stake is a well-known online casino that offers its patrons a variety of promotions, exclusive games, and numerous odds on popular sports. Over 2000 slot machines and an extensive sportsbook can be found at this best crypto casino. Users may take advantage of live casino games, jackpot slots, table games, game shows, and sports betting with cryptocurrency opportunities. A further 15 team-original games are available on the platform. This platform's key selling point is that it solely takes cryptocurrency. There are a tonne of options, which is fantastic news. Fast and safe transactions are made. However, there are a few small drawbacks that players need to be aware of. First, there are a few modest withdrawal costs. To play at Stake, individuals must first register an account and reveal their identity. Some players keep their personal information private from online casinos, even though the service is secure. Anonymity When enrolling with Stake, not much information is needed. You must complete KYC level 1 to make your first deposit, providing basic information, including your name, date of birth, and residence address. Later on in the journey, this information might be modified. Like most of its rivals, Stake retains the right to request further KYC evidence to verify your identity and location for regulatory purposes. But since Stake is recognised for respecting privacy, most players won't require them to do this. Reputation 2FA (2-factor Authentication) continues to solidify itself as the new norm for a secure log-in technique, and Reputation Stake offers and advises enabling it. Why Worth Trying Everlasting Rakeback: you will always get a 15% Rakeback on your crypto bets if you sign up with our special code "MANIAKS". Great performance. Reviews by experienced players on forums. Dual-factor verification: uncommon feature to safeguard your account. Provably fair games: you can verify some of their gaming results. Excellent customer service: The support team will quickly resolve your difficulties. Large selection of crypto: over 130 cryptocurrencies available to make deposits. Many odds for betting. On important events, you can wager on more than 100 possible outcomes. Everyone may play at the casino. There are 1,021 games accessible, 16 of which are exclusive to Players use eight different languages to communicate. You won't feel isolated! High return on investment. Bonuses Welcome Bonus: 10% Rakeback Using Code' GET10BACKBONUS' 3. N1 Bet — Best For Free Crypto Bets N1Bet has been operating since 2021. It is a sibling site of N1 Casino, whose regulation is overseen by Dama N.V. It is one of the best sites, offering cryptocurrency betting, that has an extensive sportsbook of over 40 sports, from badminton to football. The total payoff is 94%, while the highest leagues pay out 95%. The programme offers a wide variety of e-sports possibilities and suggests more than 500 live events each day. Cybersports like Dota-2, King of Glory, Counter-Strike, etc., are available for players. This bookmaker's wide range of acceptable payment options is one of its attractions. Credit cards are one type of deposit and withdrawal method available to players (E-wallets\cryptocurrencies). For each sort of transaction, there are some restrictions and specifications. For instance, withdrawals from credit cards might take up to 3 working days, and the minimum deposit amount is 20 EUR. Players should review the criteria before selecting a payment option. Why Worth Trying A variety of approved payment methods 40 sports and more than 250 football markets Bonuses 100 euro welcome package: The player must wager a minimum of 10 EUR (10 USD, 850 RUB, 15 AUD, 15 CAD, 125 JPY, 60 BRL, 100 NOK, 15 NZD, 45 PLN) on each outcome with odds of 1.3 or higher to get free crypto bets. There are two kinds of free crypto bets: one for making a first deposit and the other for verification. It's optional to make consecutive crypto bets. Unlike in other casinos, the most crucial aspect is that this bonus may be withdrawn immediately following a winning wager. Throughout the first four deposits, a welcome incentive will be delivered. 4. BetOnline — Best For High Odds The limits of betting with cryptocurrency set by BetOnline are larger than average. The platform offers esports, poker, casino, sport events, and several promotions all year round. Since 1991, BetOnline has provided its customers with two sportsbooks. It has large limits of up to $50000 and the first U.S. sports lines. Users may choose from more than 300 live betting with cryptocurrency sections and 25+ sports. Additionally, there are large payouts: 98% on MLB and 96% on NFL and NBA. Further, the site includes several futures and if crypto bets in addition to 20 bets on each game. Increased availability of teasers, prop crypto bets, and NFL pleasers are one of BetOnline's benefits. Users can combine matches if the initial wager loses and receive a $25 free play. Even novice gamers may effortlessly place their wagers on our Best Gambling Site since it is cutting-edge and user-friendly. The site offers a range of payment options, including e-wallets, credit cards, and cryptocurrencies like BTC and LTC. Each charge has a minimum deposit requirement, and withdrawals can take up to 5 working days. Anonymity Anonymity is not a feature of BetOnline. To establish an account, you must supply your nationality, postal code, and phone number. Reputation BetOnline has a decent reputation. They provide a wide range of betting with cryptocurrency alternatives but have also received several criticisms. Why Worth Trying Various events are offered: there are several sporting events and live gaming with cryptocurrency options. Fine set of cryptocurrencies: you may deposit money with several different cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin sports, including BCH, XRP, ETH, LTC, and others. Almost no country restrictions: BetOnline accepts players from almost anywhere in the world, despite its primary concentration on U.S. players. Strong bonuses and extra special benefits for bitcoin gambling sites. Customer service: they are available 24 hours a day by call and chat. Poker, casinos, and sports are at one place. Bonuses 100% 1st Time Crypto Bonus 50% Sports Welcome Bonus 5. — Best For Live Betting Options Since its launch in 2018, has offered its customers more than 25 different sports betting with cryptocurrency alternatives. It provides more than 300 live events daily and a range of teasers. For every form of charge, there are various restrictions and costs. Additionally, depending on the payment method customers choose, the minimum withdrawal amount is $20, which might take as many as three days to process. Why Worth Trying Daily high winning limits on more than 1000 pre-match markets a sizable sportsbook with a long range of wagering choices a variety of wagers to choose from Bonuses 100% Crypto Bonus: 100CRYPTO 35% Reload Bonuses: 35 CRYPTO FAQ 1. What are the primary benefits of cryptocurrency casinos? Generally speaking, the key distinction between these best crypto casinos and other gaming websites is that they accept bitcoins. However, such sites can benefit greatly from this feature. First, Bitcoin is one of the most well-liked and secure payment options available today. More and more people are purchasing coins intending to keep them permanently. These sites provide simple coin withdrawals and Bitcoin betting. And certain cryptocurrency websites are prepared to provide anonymous gaming. For individuals who don't want to divulge their personal information, it's a fantastic choice. 2. What factors should you consider while choosing a crypto sportsbook? See whether it has a legitimate license. Consider the selection of games and opportunities of betting with cryptocurrency. Having all your alternatives available to you in one spot is always a plus. Keep an eye out for possible incentives and promotions. Services now compete with each other by recommending profitable arrangements. Therefore, it's excellent if you discover the best deal on the market. 3. What bonus types can customers anticipate? The best crypto sportsbooks typically provide a wide variety of incentives. Users can receive no-deposit bonuses to test the functionality of the service. Additionally, players may anticipate a welcome gift that frequently contains a 100% bonus and a few free spins. Additionally, crypto sports betting sites often run promotions that allow users to win even more. 4. What principal suppliers do these casinos work with? Reputable cryptocurrency casinos and sites constantly work with leading providers to give their customers top-notch service. As a result, customers may encounter companies like NetEnt, BetSoft, Microgaming, Play'n Go, etc. 5. What are the primary benefits and drawbacks of betting with Bitcoin? Indeed, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies nowadays is bitcoin. There are several justifications for that. Firstly, it ensures anonymous data storage and quick, safe transactions. Second, managing all the payments and storing them is simple. Additionally, the majority of casinos don't charge extra for Bitcoin transactions. However, there are also certain disadvantages to using bitcoin. First off, only some casinos offer Bitcoin betting. Users might experience some exchange rate loss in this situation. Additionally, most services often don't allow chargebacks or refunds to customers who pay with Bitcoin. Conclusion Finding the ideal sports website for you might be challenging because there are so many platforms available on the internet. Due to the abundance of payment options coupled with safe and secure user experience, more and more people start using legal online crypto betting sites. Since there are so many sites where you can bet with crypto, sports bettors are spoiled for choice. You only have to choose a reliable live sports website, which is where we come in. We rate and give evaluations of the top platforms globally using our in-depth expertise and massive network of industry insiders, saving you the danger of losing your money on dubious websites. By assessing and classifying the trendiest new betting websites accessible in your nation, we perform the legwork for you. Sports betting companies are always seeking to improve their offers and customer service due to the fierce competition in the industry. We assess the best betting sites using our experience to determine which ones are time-worthy. It's simple to get started with the services, and they take a variety of cryptocurrencies. You only need to create an account to begin exploring the world of betting and gaming. Additionally, all platforms work with mobile devices. Thanks to this, users may still enjoy playing even if they are far from home. Contact Details Edward +1 929-491-3157 Company Website

November 22, 2022 02:55 PM Eastern Standard Time

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This Purposeful Online Learning Company Is Forging Ahead

Amesite Inc.

Learn More about Amesite Inc. by gaining access to the latest research report For Amesite Inc. (NASDAQ: AMST), the beginning of the fourth quarter is an opportunity to look back on some of its exciting news as well as the momentum it has built from the third quarter. This includes some key partnerships with universities, multi-institution buyers and businesses. In August, Amesite announced it was expanding its partnership with Wayne State University’s College of Engineering to move their Amesite-powered platform — Warrior TechSource — to Amesite’s V5 eCommerce platform. This gives Warrior TechSource the added capabilities of Amesite’s scalable e-commerce ecosystem, to expand its streamlined and integrated course learning services to a 30,000-strong student and alumni network. That same month Amesite announced the launch of the Conner Prairie Learning Portal. An Amesite Learning Community Environment ® LCE SM, the Conner Prairie portal is geared toward providing teachers, parents and K-12 students with easy-to-use, collaborative courses. The package also includes Amesite’s integrated eCommerce solution which can provide subscription-based course bundles that give users access to all of Conner Prairie’s courses. Forging Ahead with Multi-Institutional Deals: NAFEO and Amesite Other companies offer opportunities for online education, including Coursera Inc. (NYSE: COUR), Powerschool Holdings Inc. (NYSE: PWSC) and 2U Inc. (NASDAQ: TWOU). Among the leaders in the industry, Amesite proudly announced several other key partnerships this quarter that allow its platform to facilitate a variety of digital education experiences. One major announcement was Amesite’s collaboration with the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education (NAFEO). The company will work alongside the membership organization to provide its LCE SM solution to 188 historically black colleges and universities and predominantly black institutions. The ambition is impressive – NAFEO’s colleges and universities collectively enroll over 70,000 students and have the potential to offer professional learning to more than 7 million alumni. Part of the collaboration will involve raising $30 million to go toward providing access to the LCE SM. Since the announcement, five new colleges have joined NAFEO and Amesite’s collaborative alliance, becoming members of NAFEO’s Center for Opportunity and Equity (COE). COE would gain access to eLearning courses through the Amesite-powered LCE SM platform if the bid for funding is successful. In a recent interview, Amesite CEO Ann Marie Sastry spoke of the importance of integrated, trustworthy eLearning in the future of higher education and professional skill development. As the job market cools, professionals need just-in-time education and upskilling to stay competitive in the current, tech-driven market. Amesite believes its collaborations this quarter have helped advance this development in eLearning to meet the growing market needs. To learn more about Amesite, visit its website. Amesite Inc., an artificial intelligence driven platform and course designer, provides online products in the United States. The company uses machine learning to offer a mass customized experience to learners. Its customers include businesses, universities and colleges, K-12 schools, and non-profit organizations. The company was incorporated in 2017 and is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Amesite, Inc. +1 734-876-8141 Company Website

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Xpoint Technology

Xpoint, the leading geolocation and compliance technology company specializing in North American sports betting and iGaming markets, has been appointed to provide geolocation technology services by Rivalry, the Toronto-based sports betting and media company offering fully regulated online wagering on esports, traditional sports, and casino for the next generation of bettors. Xpoint’s geolocation technology ensures all transactions made by Rivalry customers adhere strictly to all provincial regulations in Ontario, Canada which legalized online wagering in April, 2022. “We’re delighted to be working with Rivalry as they make such rapid progress growing their business and their brand in Canada,” commented Marvin Sanderson, CEO of Xpoint. “Rivalry’s strong focus on esports, and its young demographic, makes the company a serious force in one of the most important markets in North America, so to be part of their team is a real honor for Xpoint.” “Xpoint was the natural choice for us as our geolocation providers,” added Ryan White, Chief Technology Officer at Rivalry. “Their technology plays a key role in our ability to trade safely and securely, and we see the relationship with Xpoint as a true partnership. They’re highly efficient, provide value to our customers, and are a great team to work with.” Xpoint has just recently celebrated one year since its formal unveiling in Las Vegas in October 2021. Since then, the company has launched live geolocation technology services with multiple partners in Canada and throughout the USA, is one of only two geolocation technology vendors licensed in New Jersey, and has grown its world-class workforce from just five people at launch to now over 65. For more details on Xpoint, please go to and follow Xpoint on social media via LinkedIn and Twitter. ABOUT XPOINT Xpoint provides essential geolocation security solutions and intelligent location-based marketing insights to the global sports betting and iGaming industries. Xpoint’s innovative Verify and Lite platforms ensures partners meet their regulatory geo-compliance obligations, and deliver enhanced value through the generation of location-based data that can drive marketing programs. Xpoint was founded in 2019 and officially unveiled in Las Vegas in 2021, and is led by the company's CEO Marvin Sanderson, a global sports betting and iGaming industry leader. With North American offices in Toronto, Canada and Miami, Florida, Xpoint is changing the global geolocation market, bringing innovation to an industry that has, to date, viewed geo-compliance as a utility, not a new business opportunity. For more information, visit and follow Xpoint on LinkedIn and Twitter for regular updates. ABOUT RIVALRY Rivalry Corp. wholly owns and operates Rivalry Limited, a leading sport betting and media property offering fully regulated online wagering on esports, traditional sports, and casino for the next generation of bettors. Based in Toronto, Rivalry operates a global team in more than 20 countries and growing. Rivalry Limited has held an Isle of Man license since 2018, considered one of the premier online gambling jurisdictions. Rivalry holds a sports bookmaker license in Australia and an internet gaming registration in Ontario and is currently in the process of obtaining additional country licenses. The Company also has a variety of originally developed products, including Quest, an on-site engagement experience, and an original casino game called Rushlane, a proprietary casino game that marks the creation of a new category for online gaming: Massively Multiplayer Online Gambling Games (MMOGG). Contact Details Xpoint Arisha Nomani +1 305-455-8776 Rivalry Cody Luongo +1 203-947-1936 Company Website

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Breaking the Stigma Around Obesity and Weight Loss Medication


There is a long history of stigma surrounding obesity and weight loss medications. When diet and exercise don’t lead to effective weight loss, sometimes it’s our biology that’s holding us back. Recently, Dr. Rekha Kumar, Head of Medical Affairs at Found, conducted a satellite media tour to talk about personalized weight loss and its benefits. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: Science shows that our biology can dictate up to 70% of weight gain, loss, and maintenance — yet the weight loss industry still reduces a person’s success to diet, exercise, and willpower. A variety of biological factors like genetics, hormones, metabolic rate and others contribute to our body’s “setpoint weight,” which is a certain weight that your body favors that is usually at the higher end of the scale. Your body wants to stay at this weight and fights hard to keep you there, and will even lower your metabolism or amp up your hunger signals to get back to your set point weight. Blaming obesity on a lack of willpower can take a psychological toll, causing people to feel shame, guilt, frustration or judgment, and fail to address biology as the core issue. Why Prescription Medication for Weight Loss? Obesity is a complicated disease that affects 40% of the US population, and it takes a personalized approach to each individual’s biology to treat it. Prescription medication can help people lose weight by fighting against their biology. Some medications work by suppressing appetite, and others work by curbing cravings. Weight loss medications have different mechanisms, and a doctor will have to evaluate if you're a good candidate for any of them. Not every medication is right for every person, and it’s common that if one doesn't work, a clinician might recommend trying a different medication. Historically, clinical care pathways for obesity management have only been available for patients at premiere academic medical centers, and typically have long wait lists. The Found’s program addresses a clear gap in access to weight care: Today, more than 40% of Americans have obesity, and yet only 1% of physicians specialize in obesity medicine. The medications Found offers are supported by clinical evidence to be highly effective and safe for helping aid with weight loss. Found has seen that members receiving medication plus behavior change support on the Found program have lost at least 13% more weight, and in some cases up to 229% more weight, than people receiving the same medication in clinical studies. Found is the largest online weight care clinic in the country, helping more than 160,000 Americans with their weight loss journey to-date. Found offers 13 different medications that can be combined to create more than 60 different possible treatment paths, available through their Prescription Program, each uniquely paired to address a person's biological and medical history. Found’s wide toolkit of medications fundamentally helps to serve a broader audience than others in the space. The Practice of Responsible Prescribing Found-affiliated providers are trained in the Found treatment protocol, which looks at various factors to determine the medication that will be safest and most effective for a member’s individual needs.Found-affiliated practitioners prescribe both FDA-approved branded anti-obesity medications as well as off-label generic combinations when determined safe by the treating clinician. The medications prescribed are the same medications that are offered in premiere academic medical centers.Treatment through the Found platform expands access to obesity treatment by bypassing long waitlists for appointments and copays for visits at in-person clinics. Found-affiliated medical providers are expected to always provide treatment and care that is in the best interest of their patients. For more information on Found’s weight care program, please visit Bio for Dr. Rekha Kumar, M.D., M.S. Dr. Rekha Kumar is recognized as an international leader in the field of Obesity Medicine. She is Head of Medical Affairs at weight care platform Found, as well as a practicing endocrinologist at an academic medical center in New York City. She also served as the former medical director of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. Dr. Kumar has lectured internationally on the topic of the medical assessment and treatment of obesity. She has published several papers and textbook chapters in her field and serves as an Associate Editor of the journal Obesity. She is frequently quoted in the media on topics ranging from the diabetes epidemic in the United States to discussing fad diets, exercise trends, and the complications of Covid-19 in patients with obesity. Dr. Kumar’s areas of expertise include the clinical assessment of patients with obesity and metabolic syndrome, the effect of obesity on reproductive health and fertility, and thyroid disease. Dr. Kumar completed her undergraduate studies at Duke University then received her master’s degree in Physiology from Georgetown University. She continued on to receive her M.D. from New York Medical College and completed her residency training in Internal Medicine at the New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill-Cornell Medical College. Dr. Kumar obtained her clinical fellowship in the combined Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism program at the Weill-Cornell Medical College/New York Presbyterian Hospital and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Dr. Kumar has traveled abroad to India, China, and Tanzania to understand the scope of metabolic disease globally. She serves on the board of advisors of the Duke Global Health Institute. Dr. Kumar is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes, & Metabolism, and Obesity Medicine. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

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