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New Plant Nutrient Analysis at MCR Labs Can Help Growers Save Money and Improve Yield

MCR Labs

MCR Labs is now offering a Plant Nutrient Analysis to home growers and commercial cannabis cultivators. The test provides cannabis growers with a detailed breakdown of the presence and concentration of 11 micro and macronutrients found within the tissue of submitted plant samples. MCR Labs is a licensed independent testing lab providing compliance testing to marijuana establishments, but Plant Nutrient Analysis is an optional screen not required for compliance testing of legal cannabis products. This test is designed to help growers improve plant health and productivity, optimize cultivation practices, and cut costs related to supplemental nutrient feeding. “Nutrient analysis offers a lot of beneficial data that could fundamentally change how growers assess and maintain healthy plants,” said Michael Kahn, MCR Labs founder and CEO. “Seeing trends and correcting imbalances early could mean bigger yields and better quality output.” By launching testing services beyond their state’s compliance scope, MCR Labs hopes to strengthen their role as a partner to growers and cannabis businesses looking to get the most out of their plants. “The goal in developing this test was to give our clients access to insights about nutritional deficiencies or excesses that can save them time, effort, and money spent on keeping their plants happy,” said Julie Martellini, MCR Labs scientific operations manager. MCR Labs has begun accepting samples for Plant Nutrient Analysis at their Massachusetts facility. They plan to offer this service at all of their facilities by the end of the year. About MCR Labs: MCR Labs is one of the longest operational cannabis testing laboratories on the East coast with facilities operating in several legal cannabis markets. We are ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited providers of analytical cannabis product testing and R&D services committed to assisting licensed marijuana establishments, patients, researchers, entrepreneurs, and advocates. Our team of chemists and pharmaceutical scientists are dedicated to advancing public health and safety through leading-edge chemical analysis of cannabis products and offering unparalleled guidance and support for partners, regulators, and the communities we serve. For more information visit Contact Details MCR Labs Joe Crinkley +1 857-230-0839 Company Website

October 20, 2021 12:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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First “Sports Equinox” of 2021 Presents Rare Opportunity for Jock MKT Users to Buy and Sell Shares of Athletes in Five Sports Simultaneously

Jock MKT

With the Los Angeles Dodgers victory over the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday night, the sports world is guaranteed a “sports equinox” on Thursday, Oct. 21. For the first time in 2021, all four major sports leagues, plus the PGA Tour, will be in action. The occurrence marks a milestone for the stock market of sports. For the first time since they launched in 2020, Jock MKT (Jock Market) will offer fans the ability to buy and sell shares of their favorite athletes in five major sports at the same time. The only other date when all major U.S. leagues could play on the same day this year is Oct. 31, pending the World Series reaching five games. On this Thursday alone, Jock MKT will offer the opportunity for users to invest real money in shares of athletes participating in three NBA games, 10 NHL games, Game 5 of the NLCS between the Dodgers and Braves, a Thursday Night Football game between the Denver Broncos and Cleveland Browns, and the PGA Tour’s ZOZO Championship. “Every week, we continue to welcome thousands of new users to Jock MKT,” said Tyler Carlin, Co-Founder and CEO of Jock MKT. “We are anticipating this weekend to be our biggest weekend ever with all five sports happening simultaneously. ” Founded in 2017 and launched in 2020, Jock MKT’s main differentiator is its cash market format – this unique offering gives users more flexibility and optionality versus typical daily fantasy contests. Users can join at any time and for any dollar amount. They can buy and sell shares of athletes in real-time, cash out early by selling to another user in-game or hold to the end and receive fixed Jock MKT payouts tied to final player rankings based on overall fantasy scoring. Each cash market starts with an “Initial Player Offering,” or an IPO, where users have their first opportunity to bid on shares before any contest. A recent example of Jock MKT’s cash market is the NFL’s Thursday Night Football game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Philadelphia Eagles on Oct. 14. In the IPO stage, shares of running back Leonard Fournette sold for $8.54. Fournette finished first in fantasy points and his shares paid out a maximum of $25 per share for a 193% return. On the contrary, shares of Tom Brady sold for $17.25 in the IPO, but paid out $12.00 per share after finishing fourth in fantasy points, for a loss of 30%. The biggest return on Jock MKT in recent weeks came via Atlanta Braves right fielder Joc Pederson, whose shares increased 1,047% on Oct. 11 when he hit a 3-run home run to defeat the Milwaukee Brewers. About Jock MKT Headquartered in Boston and launched in 2020, Jock MKT ( ) is a skill-based fantasy gaming platform where users can make real money – every minute, every second, of every game. Inspired by a traditional stock exchange, Jock MKT allows users to buy and sell shares of athletes in real-time. Jock MKT was co-founded by Tyler Carlin and investors include Left Lane Capital, Will Ventures, Ryan Moore, Brandon Adams, Benjie Cherniak, Tim McSweeney, and Alumni Ventures Group. Available in the U.S. in 35 states, Jock MKT offers gaming options for events tied to the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and PGA Tour. Contact Details Eric Nemeth +1 602-502-2793 Company Website

October 20, 2021 09:49 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Premium UK CBD brand Infused Amphora expands and launches in Hong Kong

Infused Amphora

Premium British CBD wellness company, Amphora Health, is pleased to announce they have secured the company’s first sales in Hong Kong of its 100% owned brand, Infused Amphora. With this first step into the Asian marketplace Amphora Health is initially offering two product categories under the Infused Amphora brand: ultra-high strength CBD infused oil tinctures and premium organic CBD vape cartridges. CBD consumers in Hong Kong are now able to purchase any of the company’s four high-quality, effects-based formulations through our partnership with Smart CBD, the only CBD multi-retail store in Hong Kong. These formulations are intended to support consumers with individual wellness goals and consist of the following four effects: INSPIRE: delivers an earthy and herbal vibe with lilac undertones, and a lemon-pepper nose. Allowing you to brainstorm, be unique, think differently or create a masterpiece. PEACE: combines a sweet woody flavour with a tickle of green peppercorn and a clean grapefruit finish. You will feel the embrace of a warm hug that removes the edge off stress. MEND: allows you to slip into a relaxing bath of sweet stone fruits, savory herbs and a pine finish. Find relief from tension and release muscular aches and pains. ZZZ: offers the sensation of walking through a forest after the rain. Like the perfect cup of tea to be taken at bedtime - hints of juniper and lemon. Removing the day’s worries and helping you to drift into a peaceful sleep. Throughout 2020 Amphora Health launched a broad range of CBD products across the United Kingdom and the European Union. The company is now leveraging its global network of fulfillment and supplier partners to enable its international growth. Their strategic entry into Hong Kong enables Amphora Health to take advantage of the expected global CBD & Hemp wellness market which is forecasted to reach USD $13.4 billion by 2028 – with the Asia Pacific region representing a sizeable portion of this opportunity. Their Infused Amphora product line is available through retail locations and online marketplaces. Angus Taylor, CEO of Amphora Health, commented “Over the past year we have focused on establishing Infused Amphora as a leading CBD brand in the United Kingdom and European Union. From this strong foundation we are now positioning Infused Amphora as a leading global CBD brand with plans to extend our business strategy to other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Hong Kong presents Amphora Health with a tremendous opportunity to expand our presence with a range of additional products, including a therapeutic sports cream and CBD-infused mints.” David Wong, Co-Founder of SmartCBD, commented “We are thrilled to partner with Amphora Health and establish their presence in Hong Kong. Our team has more than 10 years of retail experience in health and supplements, while our E-Commerce websites have over 1.5 million cumulative users, and we also have three physical stores at the heart of Hong Kong's bustling areas Mong Kok, Kwun Tong and Causeway Bay. SmartCBD has a deep understanding of the health needs of the Hong Kong people. In our experience, the local CBD market is growing steadily as consumers seek out natural wellness solutions. It is exciting to be at the spearhead of this emerging industry while working with a brand partner we trust.” Amphora Health is actively looking to collaborate and partner with potential Brand Ambassadors on the many potential wellness benefits and financial opportunities of hemp-derived CBD oil. If interested, please send inquiries to ENDS 1 Each product comes with a Eurofins Certificate of Analysis and carries the ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) Mutual Recognition Arrangement and UKAS (UK's National Accreditation Body) marks. About Amphora Health and the Infused Amphora Brand Infused Amphora is a premium CBD wellness brand formulated in the UK, owned by Amphora Health LTD, a global health-and-wellness product entity business. Infused Amphora is dedicated to providing all-natural, symptom-targeting and high-quality CBD products. Elevating users on their wellness journeys, each product is designed with a specific purpose, whether it’s sparking creativity, relieving stress, calming their thoughts before bed, or soothing muscle aches & pains. With only two simple ingredients (CBD distillate sourced from 100% organically grown hemp and plant-based terpenes to supply that beneficial entourage effect) we keep our customer’s health as our top priority. All of our products have zero harmful additives & solvents, are nicotine-free, pesticide-free, and THC-free to ensure no intoxicating effects, just pure bliss in every breath. About Smart Supplement Smart Supplement was established in 2015, and over the past six years has quickly risen to become one of the most popular platforms in Hong Kong for sports and health supplements. Smart Supplement actively seeks innovative, high-quality health products to present to its customers, and embarked on their journey into CBD products in 2020 with an all-new CBD-focused sub-brand - SmartCBD. Contact Details Amphora Health LTD Bilal Mahmood +44 7714 007257 Company Website

October 20, 2021 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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DFA Awards 2021 Winners Announcement

Hong Kong Design Centre

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 19 October 2021 - The DFA Awards is a flagship programme of the Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC). It is comprised of five major awards to acknowledge leaders for their outstanding contributions to the design industry and celebrate projects at the forefront of design excellence with Asian perspectives. Three trailblazers in the world of design have been awarded in 2021: Patrick Whitney, Professor in Residence of Harvard T.H.Chan School of Public Health - DFA Lifetime Achievement Award (DFA LAA), Min-Liang Tan, CEO & Co-founder of Razer Inc. - DFA Design Leadership Award (DFA DLA), and Freeman Lau, Founder of KL&K Creative Strategics - DFA World's Outstanding Chinese Designer (DFA WOCD). In addition, 180 awards were conferred under the DFA Design for Asia Awards (DFA DFAA). Organised by the Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) with Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government as the lead sponsor, the DFA Awards was launched in 2003 to underpin the role of designers within society, celebrate design excellence with positive influence and impacts in Asia. Upon reflection of this year's awards, Professor Eric Yim, Chairman of HKDC states: "Design is a vital part of Hong Kong, a city that brings people, culture and ideas together. This is especially critical at a time when the world has witnessed so much uncertainty brought on by the pandemic. This year, I am delighted to honour three exceptional leaders: Patrick Whitney, Min-Liang Tan, and Freeman Lau, all have shown through their work, dedication and leadership how design can be used to inspire communities, unite people from all walks of life through one singularity, and contribute to the betterment of society in Asia and beyond." DFA Lifetime Achievement Award 2021 (DFA LAA) Patrick Whitney - Professor in Residence, Harvard T.H.Chan School of Public Health Patrick Whitney is the Professor in Residence of D-lab in the Harvard T.H.Chan School of Public Health, a leading laboratory that explores and demonstrates how design methods and frameworks can improve human well-being. He is widely regarded as a thought leader for pioneering the notions of human-centred design and strategic design. He is a highly esteemed speaker at multiple international design events, on topics such as innovation, sustainability and human well-being. Global Entrepreneur Magazine named him as one of 25 people worldwide contributing the most in bringing new ideas to businesses in China. DFA Lifetime Achievement Award 2021 honours Whitney's vast contribution to the design industry through design strategy development, education programmes, and his advisory work to governing design bodies, actively strengthening the relationship between design theory and practice. DFA Design Leadership Award 2021 (DFA DLA) Min-Liang Tan - CEO & Co-founder, Razer Inc. As the pioneer of e-sports hardware, former lawyer Min-Liang Tan is seen as a trailblazer for the younger generation, of someone following their dream and at the same time adding valuable contributions to society. As CEO, Co-founder and Creative Director of the world's leading lifestyle brand for gamers – Razer Inc., Tan has demonstrated how forward-thinking and innovative design can disrupt the gaming industry. DFA Design Leadership Award 2021 honours his leadership throughout the years in pushing the boundaries of the gaming industry and driving industry innovation through design. Under Tan's strategic and creative direction, Razer has gone from a two-man startup to a multinational market leader and Unicorn in the technology world. DFA World's Outstanding Chinese Designer 2021 (DFA WOCD) Freeman Lau - Founder, KL&L Creative Strategics Freeman Lau is a Hong Kong designer, renowned for his art and design innovations. He is the brains behind some of Hong Kong's most iconic designs such as the Watson Water bottle, which earned him multiple awards. The design aesthetics and its functionality has lauded a critical breakthrough in the history of bottled water. In addition, Lau has been tirelessly promoting the development of design in Hong Kong, Greater China and Asia. Lau's creative prowess spans across the entire design spectrum, from graphic design, packaging design, to fine arts. His contributions are widely recognised in society His creative contributions have a significant, cultural impact in Asia, which is best demonstrated by his 'Chairplay' series. The series includes a range of furniture and sculptures, which has been shown worldwide at different exhibitions. The notion of Chairplay is a metaphor for the exploration of different human centric issues and is one of Lau's signature works. DFA World's Outstanding Chinese Designer 2021 honours his devotion and contribution to promoting the design, creative industry and culture of Hong Kong and Asia. DFA Design for Asia Awards 2021 (DFA DFAA) Since its launch in 2003, the DFA Design for Asia Awards has served to celebrate design excellence and acknowledge outstanding designs with Asian perspectives. It has been a stage upon which design talents and corporations can showcase their design projects internationally. It consists of the Grand Award and Category Award. Category Award entries are recruited by open submission to one of 24 categories under four key design disciplines, namely Apparel & Accessory Design, Communication Design, Environmental Design, and Product & Industrial Design; Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit awards are presented to the outstanding projects. Gold award winners from the Category Award and other nominated design projects will be considered for the Grand Award. Dr Joseph Wong, Executive Director of Hong Kong Design Centre mentions that: "Amidst the pandemic, creativity and innovation proves to be the remedy for improving our quality of life. We are pleased to award projects that meaningfully address critical issues such as humanitarian needs, environmental, cultural and sustainable development, revitalisation through technological advancements, and marriage of functionality and aesthetics." The Awards' international judging panel comprises experienced design professionals and experts. Entries were judged and 180 winners through rounds of judging and deliberation were conferred. These awards include 12 Grand Awards, six Grand Award with Special Mention and 162 Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit under the Category Award. This year, companies from Mainland China and Japan are at the top of leaderboard with 52 awards, followed by Hong Kong awardees claiming 41 awards. For more information and the DFA Awards 2021 full list of awardees, please visit About DFA Awards ( ) In 2003, the Hong Kong Design Centre launched the DFA Awards to underpin the role of designers in society, to celebrate design leadership and exemplary designs and projects with impact in Asia, as well as to recognise the rising force of emerging Hong Kong designers since 2005. The DFA Award, through its five major award programmes, has grown in its international influence in Asia. The five award programmes include DFA Lifetime Achievement Award, DFA Design Leadership Award, DFA World's Outstanding Chinese Designer, DFA Design for Asia Awards and DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award. #DFA About Hong Kong Design Centre ( ) Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) is a non-governmental organisation, and was founded in 2001 as a strategic partner of the HKSAR Government in establishing Hong Kong as an international centre of design excellence in Asia. Our public mission is to promote wider and strategic use of design and design thinking to create business value and improve societal well-being. HKDC's flagship programmes include Business of Design Week (BODW; since 2002) – Asia's leading annual event on design, innovation and brands; DFA Awards (since 2003) – a well-recognised annual awards that celebrate outstanding designs with Asian perspectives; and Knowledge of Design Week (KODW; since 2006) – an annual thematic programme that gathers the global design community to explore how design can solve complex challenges of our society. We also manage a Design Incubation Programme and Fashion Incubation Programme (since 2012 and 2016) – 2-year programmes to nurture future design and fashion entrepreneurs; and launched FASHION ASIA HONG KONG (since 2016) – an initiative combining conversations, interactions and cultural exchanges to position the city as an Asian hub for fashion trade and business development. #HongKongDesignCentre #HKDC About Create Hong Kong ( ) Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) is a dedicated agency set up by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in June 2009. It is under the Communications and Creative Industries Branch of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau and dedicated to spearheading the development of creative industries in Hong Kong. Its strategic focuses are nurturing talent and facilitating start-ups, exploring markets, and promoting Hong Kong as Asia's creative capital and fostering a creative atmosphere in the community. CreateHK sponsors the Hong Kong Design Centre to organise the DFA Awards for years and other projects to promote Hong Kong design. Disclaimer: The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region provides funding support to the project only, and does not otherwise take part in the project. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in these materials/events (or by members of the project team) are those of the project organizers only and do not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Communications and Creative Industries Branch of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, Create Hong Kong, the CreateSmart Initiative Secretariat or the CreateSmart Initiative Vetting Committee. Contact Details Keith Yip

October 19, 2021 11:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Innersense Organic Beauty Launches Serenity Smoothing Cream

Innersense Organic Beauty

Award-winning clean beauty brand Innersense Organic Beauty is expanding their hair care range with the new Serenity Smoothing Cream. Officially launching today, this nutrient-rich lotion can be used on all hair types and textures to achieve a smooth, flawless blowout. Key ingredients include baobab and frangipani which help lock in moisture, provide care for thermal exposure from styling tools, and strengthen strands without weighing hair down. A combination of vitamin-rich mango seed butter, avocado and coconut oils help nourish and boost hair hydration while smoothing out the cuticle to reduce frizz. The cream contains light fragrance notes of citrus floral, to help promote relaxation and create a soothing, uplifting mood. The Serenity Smoothing Cream is vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and cruelty free. The tube is made from 65% PCR and the flip top is 100% PCR The brand recently achieved its Climate Neutral Certification, to measure and offset its carbon footprint, while also reducing its emissions over time. “Our goal is to create products that are not only essential for styling but are formulated using natural ingredients that won’t damage hair or the planet,” says Greg Starkman, Founder of Innersense Organic Beauty. “We combined baobab with frangipani and nutrient rich oils to help give hair a beautiful, healthy shine.” The Serenity Smoothing Cream is available in a 6 oz size ($28) at About Innersense Organic Beauty Beauty professionals Greg and Joanne Starkman founded Innersense Organic Beauty to bring clean, pure and toxin free hair care to salons, stylists and consumers. The clean hair care brand’s products include shampoo, conditioner, scalp scrubs, styling and treatment products for all hair types. For more information, visit Contact Details BPCM Archita Patel +1 281-725-2121 Company Website

October 19, 2021 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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SIGMA Announces 18-50mm F2.8 DC DN | Contemporary, the Smallest and Lightest F2.8 Zoom Lens for APS-C Format Mirrorless Cameras


SIGMA Corporation of America, the US subsidiary of SIGMA Corporation (CEO: Kazuto Yamaki. Headquarters: Asao-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan) is excited to announce the upcoming release of the SIGMA 18-50mm F2.8 DC DN | Contemporary lens. Ideal for travel and day-to-day shooting, this remarkable new lens offers a high-quality, versatile, extremely compact option for crop-sensor mirrorless camera users. Less than 3 inches (74.5mm) long and weighing just over 10 ounces (290g), it is the smallest and lightest F2.8 standard zoom for crop-sensor mirrorless cameras (as of October 2021). The SIGMA 18-50mm F2.8 DC DN | Contemporary lens will be available in the U.S. at SIGMA Authorized Dealers for a retail price of $549 near the end of October 2021. Learn more about the SIGMA 18-50mm F2.8 DC DN | C at: Exclusively for mirrorless cameras|Compatible with APS-C cameras C | Contemporary SIGMA 18-50mm F2.8 DC DN Stunning versatility Large F2.8 aperture and superb image quality Exceptionally compact and lightweight body ideal for mirrorless cameras Supports various shooting situations Supplied accessories: Petal Type Hood (LH582-02), Front Cap (LCF-55 III), Rear Cap (LCR II) Available mounts: L-Mount, Sony E-mount The appearance and specifications of the product are subject to change. This product is developed, manufactured and sold based on the specifications of E-mount which was disclosed by Sony Corporation under the license agreement with Sony Corporation. L-Mount is a registered trademark of Leica Camera AG. #SIGMA #SIGMA1850mmContemporary #SIGMAContemporary #SIGMADCDN A large F2.8 aperture zoom lens that need never leave your camera This exceptionally small, light and bright standard zoom for crop-sensor mirrorless cameras is the ultimate workhorse lens. SIGMA's first APS-C size mirrorless zoom lens has a versatile full-frame equivalent zoom range of 27-75mm, which makes it ideal for a wide range of photo and video applications including landscapes, portraits, street photography, architecture and events. It can also be used for macro-style close-up photography owing to its maximum magnification of 1:2.8 *1 and minimum focusing distance of just 12.1cm. The bright F2.8 aperture makes for easier hand-held low-light shooting and provides a shallow depth-of-field for high-impact results. Autofocus is exceptionally fast and quiet thanks to the stepping motor, which can be particularly useful when shooting video, or fast-moving subjects such as children and animals. The lens' exceptionally small and light form factor that weighs less than 300g makes it perfect as a first interchangeable lens, as well as a sub-lens for full-frame bodies *2, as well as for various shooting situations. *1 The minimum focusing distance and maximum magnification ratio are both values at the wide end. *2 Please switch to APS-C crop mode when used on full-frame cameras. [Key features] 1. Large F2.8 aperture and superb image quality The SIGMA 18-50mm F2.8 DC DN | Contemporary covers 27mm to 75mm in the 35mm format, and has a wide aperture of F2.8 throughout the entire zoom range. This makes it easy to achieve blurry backgrounds, which is ideal for shooting attractive portraits and close-ups. The bokeh is smooth and attractive so doesn't distract from the in-focus subject. The lens's three high-precision glass-molded aspherical elements coupled with the minimization of the total number of elements yields superb optical quality without excessive weight, and the use of in-camera aberration correction further eliminates optical imperfections such as distortion and vignetting. This has all been made possible by the latest optical design technology at SIGMA's only production base in Aizu, where all SIGMA lenses are built. 2. Exceptionally compact and lightweight body ideal for mirrorless cameras The SIGMA 18-50mm F2.8 DC DN | Contemporary is remarkably compact, matching the portability of APS-C mirrorless camera bodies. This makes it a perfect workhorse lens that is ideal for general day-to-day use. The lens is currently the smallest and lightest in its class *1, boasting a maximum diameter of φ65.4mm, a length of 74.5mm and weight of 290g *2, yet still maintains a constant aperture of F2.8. To keep the lens as light as possible, SIGMA constructed the body from carefully selected materials. A polycarbonate called Thermally Stable Composite (TSC) was used for the construction of the barrel, which is sleek, robust, and importantly has a thermal conductivity close to that of aluminum. This ensures stable performance and good operability when used in changing temperatures. By deliberately using metal for some of the internal structure, the parts could be much thinner and have a higher rigidity, ensuring the lens can stand up to frequent, heavy use. * 1 As an AF compatible, F2.8 constant aperture zoom lens for APS-C (as of October 2021, by SIGMA) *2 The values are for L-Mount 3. Supports various shooting situations The SIGMA 18-50mm F2.8 DC DN | Contemporary has fast and near-silent AF that makes it perfectly suited to a range of photographic applications, including shooting in quiet environments, recording videos and capturing fast-moving subjects. This has been achieved by using a stepping motor as the AF actuator. Since it is small and lightweight, it can be used flexibly in situations such as handheld shooting, which requires high mobility, gimbal shooting, one-man operation video shooting and vlogging. With an emphasis on making the lens as versatile as possible in a wide variety of shooting conditions, SIGMA designed the lens with a minimum focusing distance of 12.1 cm and maximum magnification of 1:2.8*, making it also ideal for close-ups. * The minimum focusing distance and maximum magnification are both values at the wide end. Combined with the "Pocketable Full-Frame" SIGMA fp, the total weight is only 712g, and it can also be useful as a sub lens for full-frame cameras (used in crop mode) to keep weight down. The 18-50mm F2.8 DC DN | Contemporary, which combines compactness, light weight, high performance, and large aperture, supports a variety of shooting situations, from introductory single-lens mirrorless cameras to video shooting and combination with full-frame cameras. Example of the lens used in combination with full-frame cameras in APS-C format [Additional Features] Compatible with lens aberration correction Lens construction: 13 elements in 10 groups, with 1 SLD and 3 aspherical elements Inner focus system Compatible with high-speed autofocus Stepping motor * Function available on supported cameras only. Available corrections may vary depending on the camera model. Support DMF and AF+MF Super Multi-Layer Coating Petal type lens hood (LH582-02) Mount with dust and splash resistant structure Compatible with SIGMA USB DOCK UD-11 (sold separately / for L-Mount only) Designed to minimize flare and ghosting Every single lens undergoes SIGMA's proprietary MTF measuring system 7-blade rounded diaphragm High-precision, durable brass bayonet mount "Made in Japan" craftsmanship To learn more about SIGMA's craftsmanship, please visit SIGMA website at [Key Specifications] The figures below are for L-Mount: Lens construction: 10 groups, 13 elements (1 SLD and 3 aspherical lenses) Angle of view (APS-C): 76.5° (W) -31.7° (T) Number of diaphragm blades: 7 (rounded diaphragm) Minimum aperture: F22 Minimum focusing distance: 12.1 (W) - 30 (T) cm / 4.8 (W) - 11.9 (T) in. Maximum magnification ratio: 1:2.8 (W) - 1:5 (T) Filter size: φ55mm Dimensions (Maximum Diameter x Length): φ65.4mm x 74.5mm / φ2.6 in. x 2.9 in. Weight: 290g / 10.2 oz. [Barcode] L-Mount: 0085126 585693 Sony E-mount: 0085126 585655 [Accessories: Supplied] Name of product / barcode FRONT CAP LCF-55III: 0085126 930066 PETAL TYPE LENS HOOD LH582-02: 0085126 939694 REAR CAP LCR II (L-Mount) 0085126 937256 REAR CAP LCR II (Sony E-mount) 0085126 929879 [Accessories: Optional] SIGMA USB DOCK UD-11 for L-Mount: 0085126 878696 SIGMA WR PROTECTOR 55mm: 0085126 930912 SIGMA PROTECTOR 55mm: 0085126 931049 SIGMA WR UV FILTER 55mm: 0085126 930653 SIGMA WR CIRCULAR PL FILTER 55mm: 0085126 930783 [Contact] For further information, please contact your local authorized SIGMA Service Station listed at the link below: [Information] SIGMA Corporation | Product information | About SIGMA Corporation Craftsmanship. Precision. Dedication. Since 1961, SIGMA has been devoted to the pursuit of advancing photographic technology. Unique to the industry, the family-owned business produces its high-quality, award-winning still photo and cinema camera lenses, DSLR and mirrorless cameras, flashes, filters and accessories from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Aizu, Japan. In 2012, the company introduced SIGMA Global Vision with three distinct lens lines: Art, Contemporary and Sports. Designed for industry camera mount systems including Canon, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony and SIGMA, each lens is handcrafted and tested in Japan to ensure a high-performance, premium product that is purpose-built to last. In 2016, the SIGMA Cine lens lineup was launched, further cementing SIGMA as an innovator in imaging engineering. Embodying the core optical DNA that has defined the SIGMA benchmark of excellence, SIGMA Cine lenses meet the needs of advanced 6k and 8k cinema production. Forming the landmark L-Mount alliance alongside Leica and Panasonic in 2018, SIGMA continues its storied tradition of imaging excellence through groundbreaking innovations such as the native L-mount SIGMA fp and fp L full-frame mirrorless digital cameras, announced in July 2019 and March 2021 respectively. These products, along with nearly 30 award-winning SIGMA Global Vision lenses available in native L-Mount format, demonstrate SIGMA's continued commitment to the creative community through expanded product offerings. With the fp, fp L and these lenses, even more users can now leverage SIGMA's renowned optical formula to achieve their creative vision with ease. As SIGMA reaches its 60th anniversary, the company continues to work diligently to innovate and grow in an ever-changing industry, while adhering to the principles set by its founder, Michihiro Yamaki, and carried on by current CEO Kazuto Yamaki, now and into the future. ### For information about SIGMA America, please visit and SIGMA Blog for helpful information about our products. Follow SIGMA America on social media: SIGMA Photo: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram SIGMA Cine: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Contact Details Jack Howard +1 631-585-1144 SIGMA.PR@SIGMAPHOTO.COM

October 19, 2021 08:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Are Older Americans Traveling Again? Road Scholar Shares Recent Trends

Road Scholar

How are older Americans approaching travel in this almost-post-pandemic world? Well, almost 13,000 Americans over the age of 50 have attended Road Scholar ’s educational programs since July, when the not-for-profit educational travel organization deemed it safe enough to resume operating with the requirement that all participants be fully vaccinated. Grandparents on learning adventures with their grandchildren accounted for more than 750 of those enrollments. Additionally, 18% of Road Scholars traveled internationally, while 78% chose the U.S. as their learning destination. “This was a summer for grandparents to reunite with their grandkids and embark on learning adventures across the U.S.,” said Road Scholar President James Moses. “These folks decided the time was right, they were fully vaccinated and they were ready to get back out in the world to learn and discover together.” Road Scholar’s most popular learning adventures this year have been in Costa Rica, U.S. National Parks and U.S.-based outdoor learning experiences. The most popular Grandparent programs focused on physical and educational activities with their grandkids, including canoeing in the Ozarks and learning about sea turtles in Georgia. “We all are settling into the reality of learning to live in a world with COVID. And, for Road Scholars, living means learning and traveling,” said Moses. “Especially in light of the new Delta variant, participants’ feedback has been consistent: they are grateful that we will only enroll people who have been fully vaccinated and that our on-site leaders must also be vaccinated. This is a policy Road Scholar established as soon as vaccines became available and to which we are fully committed.” “Requiring vaccinations allayed my fears,” said Georgina Schuster, a first-time Road Scholar participant. “Knowing that everyone I sat on a bus with, sat across a table from and sat in a classroom with was vaccinated was reassuring.” Road Scholar offers guidance to help participants follow COVID protocols in each of the 46 states, territories and provinces and the 34 countries where programs have resumed. The organization arranges for COVID testing in countries that require it and has only seen a handful of mild or asymptomatic breakthrough cases out of more than 10,000 participants. Nancy Coolidge, a long-time Road Scholar instructor, shared that “as we resume our programs, I am struck by how patient and appreciative everyone is. There is a collective sense of gratitude to be back on the road again. Things that we used to take for granted seem very precious now after what we have all been through.” More than 6,500 older adults are currently scheduled to travel with Road Scholar between October 15 and December 31, 2021. So far, more than 52,000 participants have enrolled in programs for 2022: 26,700 in North America programs, 16,900 in international and 4,500 in Road Scholar’s Adventures Afloat shipboard programs, which resumed in August 2021. To explore Road Scholar’s 1,000+ program offerings, please visit To request a mailed catalog, please call (800) 454-5768. About Road Scholar Road Scholar is the nation’s largest not-for-profit educational travel organization for adults – a true university of the world. It offers thousands of programs in more than 100 countries and 50 states. Road Scholar educational adventures are created by Elderhostel, the world leader in educational travel since 1975. Learn more at Contact Details Road Scholar Kelsey Knoedler Perri +1 617-521-5301 Company Website

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Ultrahuman hires former KKR exec ahead of expansion drive


Ultrahuman, the rapidly growing metabolic fitness platform, has today appointed its first chief business officer, installing Bhuvan Srinivasan in the leadership team. This appointment comes hot on the heels of the recent $17.5m funding round as Ultrahuman aims to help over a billion people in the world improve their metabolic fitness. Bhuvan has spent over 14 years in consultancy and private equity before joining Ultrahuman. He was most recently a Director in KKR's India team where he led multiple investments in pharma, hospitals, waste management, tech and education. His key focus was to drive transformation, turbocharge growth, hire senior management, lead M&A transactions and achieve successful funding rounds and exits for their portfolio. Prior to joining KKR, Bhuvan was with Bain Capital. Prior to that he was with Bain & Company in Singapore working with businesses in Southeast Asia and across the Middle East. He holds an MBA with honors from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Having read his undergrad and masters in Biomedical Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University, Bhuvan began his career as a research scientist working on continuous glucose monitoring at Medtronic Diabetes in Los Angeles. On his appointment to chief business officer at Ultrahuman, Bhuvan Srinivasan commented: “Life has come full circle for me in joining Ultrahuman. I began my career as a research scientist for glucose sensors for diabetes. Since then, I have benefitted from working closely with a range of businesses and people, skills that I will be able to utilise in driving the future trajectory of Ultrahuman as it scales globally. Research over the last 15 years has shown that good glucose control is important for preventing other diseases as well, including cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and even cancer. I have been an avid supporter of the business over the years and am thrilled to be joining this amazing group of people who are focussed on making a huge impact.” Ultrahuman was started by Mohit Kumar and Vatsal Singhal who were also co-founders at Runnr that later merged with Zomato. Mohit is an avid cyclist, biohacker and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast. Vatsal is a cross fit enthusiast and biohacker. Mohit was training at one of the largest MMA Camps in the world (Tiger Muay Thai). There he observed athletes train smartly via usage of data, recovery tools and protocols. He got together with Vatsal and they came up with a vision for Ultrahuman where they can make the journey of fitness for people more personalised and impactful. “We are navigating our scale up journey and having people like Bhuvan will certainly bolster our efforts. His appointment is part of the next phase of growth and his experience in building businesses will provide the perspective and guidance Ultrahuman requires as we charter the course” said Ultrahuman Founder and CEO Mohit Kumar. The metabolic health crisis is unarguably one of the largest healthcare crises that exists today. Over a billion people in the world suffer from a metabolic health disorder which contributes to almost 85% of all chronic diseases in the world. By helping people understand how food and exercise affects their metabolic health, people would be able to make informed choices about what they eat and their activity levels. The approach is a geography / diet agnostic way to help people eat and exercise better. The Ultrahuman Cyborg wearable helps people optimize their exercise and nutrition based on glucose biomarkers. Launched in June 2021, Ultrahuman has already amassed tens of thousands of people on a waitlist whilst users rave about their experience on Twitter after using the wearable. An important biomarker like glucose can be very revealing about how a particular food item affects the user’s metabolic health by measuring the glucose response. This response is unique to an individual and it depends on various factors like their microbiome diversity, stress levels, time of the day, food ingredient quality etc. About Ultrahuman Ultrahuman is headquartered in the US and India. It is the world's most advanced metabolic fitness platform. It helps people create long-term habits and changes via instant nudges and deep health insights instead of diets and strict exercise routines. For more information and updates on Ultrahuman, please visit Contact Details Ultrahuman Bilal Mahmood +44 7714 007257 Company Website

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Terra Wellington’s Fall Wellness Journey


A video accompanying this announcement is available at: One of the busiest seasons is upon us. Between school activities, homework, and many people going back to the office—it’s sometimes hard to fit in personal care and extra family time. Terra Wellington is Editor in Chief of and has three wellness tips to help make the transition into fall a little smoother. SIMPLE PERSONAL CARE MATTERS: The fall ushers in cooler temperatures and a drop in humidity—leading to dry air and dry skin. That’s why Wellington suggests approaching skincare seasonally, including moisturizing your skin more often. She says, “It’s about giving yourself some simple personal care.” One product the lifestyle media personality recommends is Gold Bond Pure Moisture Daily Body and Face Lotion. It’s clinically shown to provide immediate hydration that lasts for 24 hours, while being ultra-lightweight and fast-absorbing, with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins, plus hyaluronic acid and grapeseed oil. This means it will help attract and retain moisture. The lotion is also free from parabens, dyes, and fragrances. Wellington says to use it daily to keep your skin looking healthy. For more information, go to Instagram: Facebook: Hashtags: #SkinChampions #PureMoisture TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE FALL HARVEST: Wellington’s fall wellness tips include taking advantage of fall-season produce, like butternut squash, pears, and grapes. She says it can be a money-saving move because it’s often on sale at local farmer’s markets. Whether eating your healthy harvest indoors or outdoors, Wellington recommends checking out Chinet. Her go-to’s include the brand’s disposable cutlery, cups, and plates made for every occasion. She says, “They can make your cleanup easier, especially if you’re outdoors. This gives you more time to enjoy your family.” “Chinet’s Crystal products provide a fancy touch to your meals,” says Wellington, adding, “Their comfort cups have lids to help avoid spills, especially if you’re on the go, which can make the journey more manageable.” The Classic line is made from 80% recycled material. For more information, go to Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: MAKE YOUR HEALTH TOP PRIORITY: Wellington says we may not be drinking as much water as we did in the summer, but it’s still very important to stay properly hydrated. In fact, studies have shown that drinking enough water can help reduce stress. “It can be as easy as having a glass of water nearby, you can take sips throughout the day,” says the media personality. Another fall wellness tip is to spend time outdoors—science shows that it is beneficial to a positive mindset and healthy body. “Being outdoors also provides opportunities to get in your exercise. You can hike, bike, or take a walk in your neighborhood,” says Wellington, “20 to 30 minutes is a good goal,” she adds. Her final tip is to get enough sleep. “Make sure you try to get at least seven to nine hours each night. Not only does sleep give you the proper amount of energy, but it also helps boost your immune system.” For more information, go to About YourUpdateTV: YourUpdateTV is a social media video portal for organizations to share their content. It includes separate channels for Health and Wellness, Lifestyle, Media and Entertainment, Money and Finance, Social Responsibility, Sports and Technology. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

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