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TULU Topping Up Series A Funding Round with Strategic Investments from Leonardo DiCaprio-Backed VC


TULU, a smart tech platform that provides building tenants with on-demand access to hundreds of brand name appliances, grocery staples, micro-mobility solutions, and entertainment devices, is rapidly expanding across real estate markets, while more and more global brands feature their products on the platform to get unique access to millennial and Gen-Z consumers. The new funds will fuel rapidly-growing partnerships with leading property owners and consumer brands, to enhance geographic expansion and data capabilities and unleash environmental and circular consumption initiatives across its global areas of operation. Companies such as Bosch, Kärcher, Hoover, and Dremel are partnering with TULU to gain genuine customer insights, expand their physical and digital exposure with new consumers, and collect valuable data about their products and user behaviors, while leading landlords like Greystar Real Estate Partners, Brookfield Asset Management, Invesco, RXR Realty, Silverstein Properties, and CA Ventures integrate the TULU platform in their buildings to elevate the living experiences they offer. Since launching in 2019, TULU has served more than 70,000 people across 19 cities in the United States, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Israel. “In the last year, we’ve seen a tremendous demand for our service and have exponentially expanded our portfolio globally. TULU has becomeS a standard for hundreds of communities world-wide and an industry benchmark, making it the leading global vehicle in powering the Usage Economy.” says Yishai Lehavi, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of TULU. “We are excited to see that, even in these days of change in the markets, there is still a high demand to support ambitious transformative ideas like the ones we execute in TULU. Beyond the impact of reshaping consumption habits on the demand side, we believe that the long-term impact will come from the supply side. Manufacturers and brands need to adjust to the Usage Economy, which incentivizes them to build long-lasting products instead of the shorter product lifetimes of today’s Buying Economy.” TULU provides on-demand rentals of high-quality home products, household items and perishables to reduce the cost of living and waste in big cities. Using nothing more than a wall in a building’s lobby, tenant lounge, laundry room, or bike room, TULU’s IoT-based units provide 24/7 access to a variety of brand-name products including vacuums, VR headsets, e-scooters, bikes, and necessary household supplies. Units are customized to each building’s needs and core tenant base, where users rent or purchase products through the TULU app. TULU was recently listed by Retail Insider as a “Top Digital Retail Global Innovation” alongside products of companies such as Google, Meta, and Nike, and is quickly expanding to keep up with strong demand for its service. Four months after closing its series A round, TULU is now announcing additional funding led by Regeneration.VC, a consumer-powered climate innovation fund backed by actor Leonardo DiCaprio, with the participation of Proptech VC Trifare, UMTB, and existing investors New Era Capital Partners, Bosch VC arm, Round Hill Ventures, Tal Ventures, AGP Partners, and Good Company. This additional funding will allow TULU to pursue new partnerships with landlords and brands, with a goal to reach hundreds of new buildings in existing and additional markets over the next year. Additionally, the company will execute its environmental strategy that considers property and product level emissions data, product life extension, sharing of consumer products, and much more. “Nearly half of Greenhouse Gas Emissions derive from producing and consuming consumer goods and much of our individual consumption occurs from the things we use within our homes - from manufacturing and packaging to shipping and returns,” says Yael Shemer, Chief Customer Officer and co-founder of TULU. “We aim to provide an infrastructure to create an alternative mode of consumption that will replace the owner mindset. We’re transforming our homes from individual buying units to a collective sharing unit.” “Next-generation consumers are driving a transition towards circular consumption and shared usage economies with more than half of consumers indicating a willingness to rent rather than buy,”says Michael Smith, General Partner of Regeneration.VC. “With TULU, we see a massive opportunity to improve resource efficiency within buildings by increasing the utilization of products over their lifecycle and decreasing the quantity of goods needed to service a building. TULU has the potential to significantly reduce embodied emissions as well as materials, energy, and water consumption associated with product manufacturing.” About TULU TULU is the usage economy platform and amenity services provider to over 50,000 people in 19 cities across the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Israel. Founded in 2019, TULU provides building tenants with on-demand access to hundreds of brand name appliances, grocery staples, micro-mobility and entertainment devices, and more. Using IOT, data analysis and smart design, TULU maximizes building space and product usage, encourages a shared economy system and overall sustainable quality of life. To date, TULU has raised $30 million in seed and series A funding. About Regeneration.VC Founded in Los Angeles, Regeneration.VC is an early-stage venture fund supercharging consumer-powered climate innovation driven by circular and regenerative principles. Our investment strategy encompasses design (materials & packaging), use (consumer brands & products), and reuse technologies (reverse logistics & marketplaces) that generate measurable environmental impact alongside outsized return potential. For More information, visit Contact Details TuluPR

September 20, 2022 09:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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2022 Taipei Indigenous Peoples Culture Festival – Indigenous Taipei, Fabulous Taipei

Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City Government

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 20 September 2022 - As part of the 2022 Taipei Indigenous Peoples Culture Festival celebrations, Indigenous Taipei, Fabulous Taipei was held on September 17 th (Saturday) in the square at the Yuanshan Flower Expo. The event featured activities such as tribe culture experiences, booths with tribal cuisine and indigenous handicrafts, as well as eight hours of exciting performances by 20 groups, bringing the citizens of Taipei a festive night of celebration for indigenous culture. Mayor Ko Wen-je participated in the 2022 Taipei Indigenous Peoples Culture Festival on Sep. 17, presenting the winners of the 2nd Linban Song Competition and taking pictures with TIPC’s indigenous choir. Indigenous groups from Taipei, Tribal Colleges, university indigenous clubs, and Art Fly were invited to share music and dance performances unique to indigenous culture. Well-known indigenous celebrities were also invited to share in the festivities of the Night of Indigenous Peoples. TIPC’s indigenous choir kicked off the night, and indigenous celebrities of the likes of Rachel Liang and Dai Ai Ling also gave fantastic performances. The first indigenous Latin-rap band BOXING and hip-hop & rock-n-roll band FOCUS also demonstrated how indigenous culture can be incorporated into multiple music genres, pushing the festivities of the cultural festival to an ultimate climax. The winners of the 2 nd Linban Song Competition were also honored with awards presented by Mayor Ko Wen-je and gave live performances at the event. The event highlighted their struggles of moving to Taipei from their tribes in pursuit of a career in music, as well as the incredible work ethic that city-dwelling indigenous peoples incorporate into their daily lives. Booths were set up around the square featuring hunting culture, indigenous cuisine, traditional weaving crafts, and culture experiences showcasing indigenous traditional knowledge. There was also a special market dedicated to traditional arts and crafts, cultural creative and agricultural products, as well as specialty indigenous cuisine – fully showcasing the irresistible appeal of indigenous culture through the five senses with an experience that transcends ethnicities, regions, language, and art. The event highlights indigenous wisdom and traditional ways of life, all the while forging Taipei into a great city that encompasses many different cultures. This year’s event will continue until the 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival, the theme of which will be “Light Taipei, Taipei is the Future!” in hopes of illuminating the city where dreams take flight. Indigenous people from across Taiwan will be invited to Taipei for the 2023 National Indigenous Peoples Game in March of next year. This event is an important sporting event dedicated to indigenous peoples and will help incorporate indigenous culture with city life in Taipei for greater exposure and brilliant synergy. Contact Details Johnson Wu

September 20, 2022 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Understanding Hearing Loss: Don’t Miss Out on Hearing the Moments that Matter Most


Untreated hearing loss not only disconnects you from family, friends, and work, it exposes you to higher risk of dementia, depression, memory loss, injury, and cognitive decline. Recently, licensed audiologist, Dr. Cliff Olson, conducted a satellite media tour to talk about hearing loss and the importance of addressing it from a trusted healthcare professional. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: Hearing loss is a major health issue, around the world and in the U.S. The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders estimates that 1 in 8 Americans aged 12 or older — about 30 million people — has lost some hearing in both ears. While men are almost twice as likely as women to having hearing loss, it is an issue that is often unaddressed or undertreated by many. In fact, according to the National Institutes of Health, ~ 37.5 million adults report some trouble hearing and an estimated 28.8 million U.S. adults with mild to severe hearing loss could benefit from hearing aids. Too often, people delay seeking care. There are several reasons individuals may delay addressing hearing loss, including: Recognizing and accepting that one may have hearing loss Typical symptoms of hearing loss include having trouble hearing people on the phone, turning up the TV volume, becoming tired from listening and hearing and being able to understand conversations when there’s background noise. Access to HCPs, and misperceptions associated with hearing aids. Hearing aids have evolved so much, so the good news is that: Hearing aids are totally different now with new and improved tech features. Users are getting younger…with average purchase age dropping from 68 to 60. The time people are waiting to purchase hearing aids has dropped to 4 years…not the 6 or 7 years it used to take. Users rarely or never feel embarrassed they wear hearing aids. That’s because they look so cool and do so many great things to connect you to your world. In fact, user satisfaction with hearing aids has increased significantly in the past 20+ years…from 58% to 83%. Hearing speech in noisy environments is still a challenge for people with hearing loss. In fact, 80% of people who wear hearing aids describe hearing in noise as a key challenge. (MarketTrak 2019) The newest hearing aid from GN, ReSound OMNIA, addresses the No.1 hearing aid challenge – hearing speech in noise. ReSound OMNIA allows people to hear and connect with the world naturally, thanks to an outstanding 150% improvement in speech understanding. Go to for a free hearing screening and additional resources for understanding hearing loss and helping family members who are also struggling with hearing loss. About Dr. Cliff Olson Dr. Cliff Olson, from Phoenix, Arizona, USA, is a Doctor of Audiology, advocate for better hearing and creator of popular YouTube channel, Dr Cliff Aud - Doctor Cliff, AuD - YouTube - where he posts educational information about hearing care and hearing aids. The channel has 220k subscribers and has received over 34 million views. Dr. Olson is also the founder of Hearing Up – - a network where people can get connected to local experienced hearing professionals who are committed to best practices. A Board-Certified Audiologist, Dr. Olson holds his doctoral degree from the University of Illinois where he is a lecturer for the Department of Speech & Hearing. He is a member of the Academy of Doctors for Audiology and a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

September 19, 2022 11:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Minuteman Press Franchise in Cherry Hill, NJ Celebrates 30 Years in Business

Minuteman Press International Inc

When Frank Bittner, Jr. first worked alongside his dad Frank, Sr., it was March of 1990. “I was 17, still in high school, and it was the summer before senior year,” reflects Frank, Jr. “I was working on bindery and making deliveries for our Trenton shop, which we owned for two years before opening our Minuteman Press franchise in Cherry Hill. It’s amazing to think that was 32 years ago.” In October 1992, Frank, Sr. opened Minuteman Press in Cherry Hill, and 30 years later, Frank, Jr. and his wife Kelly are still owning and operating the family business. Frank, Jr. says, “The chance to work side by side with my dad for all those years was incredibly special. I started managing the shop in 1997, and Kelly and I bought the shop from my dad 5 or 6 years ago. My Uncle Joe also came on board early on and runs our Hainesport shop today, so this truly is a family business all the way around.” Keys to Success Frank doesn’t hesitate when sharing the biggest key to success for Minuteman Press in Cherry Hill. He says, “We build relationships with our clients, and we simply do not give them a reason to leave us.” He continues, “We’ve had many clients for over 20 years, and some since Day 1. For example, we’ve been working with some of the local car dealerships since we opened. Once customers find you and know they can rely on you, cost is not a factor because there is real trust in that relationship.” “What it really comes down to is being personable, developing that trust, and forming a tight bond that leads to residual / repeat customers. Providing that personal service along with the products they need is how we’ve been successful.” -Frank Bittner, Jr., Owner, Minuteman Press, Cherry Hill, NJ Expanding Products & Services During the pandemic, Minuteman Press in Cherry Hill remained open and operating as an essential business. As a result, Frank saw a trend that continues to help his business today. He shares, “One thing we noticed during the pandemic was that a lot of local municipalities were spending, buying additional products from us we hadn’t done for them previously. We had a rise in sales from those municipal groups, townships, and county offices. As a result, we are now taking more orders from them today, such as plastic ID cards and plaques for their employees. We already had done some of their printing for retractable banners, carbonless forms, and envelopes, and now we are getting to do more.” Just by contacting other local businesses during the pandemic to see how they were doing has helped increase business today. Frank shares, “We wanted to simply show that we care and still available to help our clients. At that time, we put a strong focus on in-house Every Door Direct Mail, and our EDDM business really took off.” He adds, “In addition to mailings, clients are now coming back to us with orders for trade show supplies, wide format printing, promo products, apparel, items for community events and job fairs, raffles and tickets for local events, and more.” “I think people still want something in their hands. They might be used to their phones but having a tangible printed marketing piece that shows bullet-points is special. Print will always be a vital tool of information.” -Frank Bittner, Jr. Marketing the Business Cherry Hill, NJ is the largest suburb in New Jersey outside of Philadelphia. It is home to mostly small to mid-sized businesses, as well as local schools and organizations. To market his business in Cherry Hill, Frank has followed the Minuteman Press system for over 30 years. Frank says, “I am in the same two networking groups that my dad first joined, the Voorhees Business Association (VBA) and the Marlton Business Association (MBA). We are also members of the Burlington County Chamber of Commerce. It is important to get involved and have that personal relationship with members of your community. No matter what you are selling, it’s you that they buy into. I am not a faceless entity, I am Frank the owner, and that makes a huge difference.” In addition, Frank also participates in the Minuteman Press Internet Marketing Program. “It’s great to have that program in place to generate online leads as it’s another we to secure orders and then develop relationships with clients.” Support from Minuteman Press When it comes to being part of Minuteman Press, support comes in many ways. Frank says, “The support from Minuteman Press is always there when I need it, and this has always been the case. They have helped with employee training and staffing, provided great advice, and our Regional VP Rich Hornberger is a tremendous asset to us. Rich truly cares about the owners in his region, and I always appreciate his input.” Frank also appreciates the FLEX software as he has seen its evolution and enhancements over the years. “FLEX is so valuable and robust for pricing, marketing, and management. It’s great to see that some popular suggestions from owners are implemented. I love the integration with our vendors and the idea of getting deposits ahead of time is fantastic. Anything to make quotes easier and receiving payments easier is a huge benefit to our business.” During the first days and weeks of the pandemic, Frank credits the daily emails and communications he received from Minuteman Press World Headquarters and Nick Titus for reassuring him at a crucial time. “The emails we received from Nick were fantastic and I looked forward to them every day. They also helped us quickly pivot by implementing new marketing strategies and sell essential products. When everything first shut down, I couldn’t help but think about my family and my business. That lasted 3 days, and then we came back into the shop, the phones kept ringing, and we did not miss a beat.” He continues, “Without assistance from corporate, and without that morale boost at such a critical time, I don’t know if we would have been able to bounce back so quickly. It was also a huge asset to have the other franchise owners in our system to exchange ideas and share advice. All of that was extremely valuable.” “We were encouraged to keep plugging away, and that’s what we did. We printed masks using heat transfer. We printed new menus for restaurants, and we filled our community with graduation signs for the local schools we had relationships with. By remaining open, we helped one of our energy customers ramp up their mailings with EDDM and personalized mailings, and their sales have doubled since the pandemic. They are now one of our biggest clients.” -Frank Bittner, Jr. Rewards & Advice for Others As he reflects on 32 years, Frank shares, “Flexibility and quality of life are the two biggest rewards to being your own boss. I have been able to set my own schedule and be there for my kids. I’ve allowed my employees to have that same flexibility so we can all share that same mindset of caring about the business but being there for our families” When asked what advice he would give to others, Frank says, “I am a big believer in cross-training my employees. My advice is to have one or two key people who can do everything from front to back. Also, don’t expect to come in and not be present. You need to be present, and you need to be proactive.” Frank concludes, “Minuteman Press International is always moving forward. They fine-tune what is the next step and are on top of industry trends. Take advantage of their knowledge and experience and follow the system. That’s what we’ve done now for over 30 years and counting.” Minuteman Press in Cherry Hill is located at 2060 Springdale Rd., Suite 700, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003. For more information, call 856-817-8400 or visit their website: Learn more about #1 rated Minuteman Press franchise opportunities and see Minuteman Press franchise reviews at Contact Details Chris Biscuiti +1 631-249-1370 Company Website

September 19, 2022 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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3 Best Cricket Betting Sites in India


The best cricket betting site is Betheat, it offers high cricket betting odds, free bets promotions, live betting evets and thousands of casino games. Betheat welcome bonus is 300% of the deposit amount up to 3 000 EUR or 240 000 INR. The competitive odds of Betheat, make it the leader of the Indian online betting industry. It has various convenient deposit methods, and has an easy to navigate mobile betting version. Indian bettors can deposit money easily, and get free cricket betting tips before start betting online. What is the Best Cricket Betting Site For cricket fans in India who are looking to add an extra level of excitement to the game, betting on cricket matches is a great option. There are a number of different online cricket betting sites available to choose from, but not all of them are created equal. This article analyzes three of the best cricket betting sites for Indian fans and what each one has to offer. Betheat Based in India, Betheat is one of the most popular cricket betting sites amongst Indian fans. It offers a wide range of markets for both domestic and international matches, as well as live streaming for all featured matches. Betheat also has a very user-friendly interface, making it easy to place bets even for those who are new to online betting. Betheat is a great resource for cricket betting tips and predictions. The site offers tips for all major cricket matches taking place around the world, including detailed analysis of past matches to help you make more informed bets. Indian players can deposit with various payment methods including google pay, bank transfers, eZeeWallet, and Skrill. There are amazing live betting features like livestream, cash out, and special welcome bonus for the Indian betting market consisting of 300% up to 240 000 INR. Betbeard Betbeard is another great betting site for India players, where they can bet on cricket. Betbeard offers a 100% welcome bonus up to 8000 Indian Rupees, and free spins for every deposit an Indian player makes. The sports betting section of Betbeard is great, and creating a betting account is easy and fast. Deposits can be done with Astropay, Skrill and crypto, and withdrawals are lightning fast. The customer support is great and can give you some free bets if you are nice to them and ask them politely. Top cricket betting sites like Betheat and Betbeard are preferred option for Indian cricket bettors, due to their great look and feel. Betbeard keeps cricket odds high so it stays competitive on the betting markets. Indian players thus have a great options while choosing a sports betting website where to place bets. Betbeard offers betting options for cricket tournaments like Twenty20 Internationals, One Day International Series, One Day International Women, Caribbean Premier League, and many more, giving them advantage compared to many other popular betting sites. Melbet Melbet is another great option for cricket betting, with loads of markets, attractive welcome bonus and free bets. You can bet on various sports like football horse racing and much more. The high betting odds taken from the BetB2B platform are making Melbet able to compete with real giants on the Indian market such as Betheat. Online betting apps like Melbet are a good way to enjoy virtual sports, and live streaming when available. Although that Betheat is by far the most preferred Indian betting site, Melbet is one of the other recommended betting sites. 3 Ways to Beat the Bookie in Cricket The first and most important thing that you need to do if you want to beat the bookies is to know your stuff. This means being up-to-date with all the latest cricket news and information. You need to know which players are in form and which ones are out of form. You also need to know about any injuries or suspensions that might affect a team's performance. The more you know, the better equipped you'll be to make informed bets. Shop around for the best odds - The next thing you need to do is make sure that you're getting the best possible odds on your bets. The bookies will always try to offer you odds that are in their favour, so it's important to shop around and compare the odds from different bookmakers before placing your bet. Remember, even a small difference in odds can make a big difference to your winnings. Manage your bankroll wisely - One of the biggest mistakes that punters make is not managing their bankroll wisely. When you're on a winning streak, it can be tempting to increase your stakes in order to maximize your profits. However, this is a dangerous strategy as it increases your risk of losing everything if your luck turns. It's important to set aside a certain amount of money for cricket betting and stick to it no matter what happens. Can you Bet on Cricket in India Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India, and there are many ways to bet on cricket matches. However, due to the legal status of gambling in India, it can be difficult to find reliable information about cricket betting. This blog post will provide an overview of the legal status of gambling in India and discuss some of the most popular ways to bet on cricket matches. Gambling in India is primarily regulated by the Public Gambling Act of 1867. The act prohibits the public promotion or operation of gambling houses, lotteries, and games of chance. However, the act does not specifically mention online gambling. As a result, there is no clear legal guidance on whether online gambling is permissible under Indian law. Despite the lack of clarity around the legal status of online gambling, there are still many ways to bet on cricket matches in India. One popular way to bet on cricket is through online sportsbooks. There are a number of international sportsbooks that accept bets from Indian residents, including Betheat, and Betbeard. Another popular way to bet on cricket is through fantasy leagues. Fantasy leagues allow players to create a team of real-life players and earn points based on those players' performances in real matches. The player with the most points at the end of the season wins the league. Using the casino welcome bonus, and betting on high cricket odds enhances the chances of Indian players to win money on cricket bets. Punter betting on cricket value the availability of markets and the live options as in-play bets are more popular than pre-game bets. There are many other ways to bet on cricket in India, including through online casinos, horse racing, and rummy. However, it is important to note that all of these activities are considered gambling under Indian law and may be subject to penalties if they are found to be in violation of the Public Gambling Act. How to Play Cricket in India India is a cricket-obsessed nation, and rightfully so. The sport has been a part of the country's culture for centuries, and it is one of the most popular spectator sports in the world. If you're an Indian cricket fan, chances are you've always wanted to know how to play the game. Here's a quick overview of the basics of cricket, specifically tailored for Indian fans. Cricket is played between two teams of 11 players each on a large grass field. The objective of the game is to score runs by hitting the ball with a bat and then running between two wickets (stumps) that are placed 22 yards (20 meters) apart. The team that scores the most runs wins the game. There are three ways to score runs in cricket: by hitting the ball out of bounds, by running between the wickets, or by hitting the ball and then running between the wickets before the fielding team can recover the ball. Boundary runs are worth four runs if hit over the boundary ropes or six runs if hit out of bounds without touching the ground. Runs scored by running between the wickets are called "singles" and are worth one run each. If both batsmen run between the wickets after hitting the ball, it is called a "double" and is worth two runs. A "triple" is worth three runs, and so on. To bowl (pitch) the ball, the bowler stands at one end of the pitch and delivers the ball to the batsman who is standing at the other end. The batsman tries to hit the ball with his bat. If he hits it, he can choose to run between the wickets or try to hit it out of bounds for boundary runs. If he misses it, or if it hits his body without bouncing first, he is out and must be replaced by another batsman from his team. The fielding team tries to catch any balls that are hit in order to get batsmen out as well. A caught batsman is also out and must be replaced by another teammate. Batsmen can also be given "out" if they hit their stumps with their bat while trying to defend their wicket from being hit by the ball, or if they obstruct (get in the way of) a fielder who is trying to catch or field a ball There are 10 ways that a batsman can be given "out." The most common ways are by being caught out (by catches), bowled out (by deliveries that hit their stumps), leg-before-wicket (lbw) out (by deliveries that would have hit their stumps but were instead prevented from doing so by their legs), and run-out out (by being forced outside their crease while no balls are available to be bowled). When all 11 batsmen from one team have been given "out," that team's innings (turn batting) is over, and it's time for the other team to take its turn batting. The team with more runs after both sides have batted twice wins! Most Popular Cricket Betting Markets in India Match Result Betting - One of the most popular cricket betting markets in India is match result betting. This is where you simply bet on which team you think will win the match. The odds will be different depending on which team is perceived to be stronger, and you can usually get good value by backing the underdog. Top Batsman Betting - Another popular market is top batsman betting. This is where you bet on who you think will be the top scorer for either team in the match. Again, the odds will vary depending on the strength of the batsman, but this can be a great market to exploit if you think a particular batsman is being underrated by the bookmakers. First Innings Score Betting - This market allows you to bet on how many runs will be scored in the first innings of the match. The bookmakers will set a line, and you can either bet over or under that line. This can be a difficult market to predict, but if you have a good feeling about how a particular match will go then it can be worth having a punt. How to Find a Good Cricket Betting Site in India Betheat is the perfect betting site for Indian players, as it offers the best cricket betting odds and range of football betting options. Other great cricket betting sites include Betbeard, and Betfair, they offer betting exchange where betting odds are dictated by the players instead of the bookie. Make sure the site is trustworthy. This is the most important thing to consider when choosing a betting site. There are a lot of scams out there, and you don't want to get taken advantage of. Do some research on the site before you make a deposit. See if there are any complaints online from other users. Also, check to see if the site is licensed and regulated by a reputable authority. Consider the odds. Not all betting sites offer the same odds on cricket matches. Some sites may offer better odds than others. It's worth shopping around to see who offers the best deal before placing your bets. Look at the features offered by the site. Some sites offer more features than others. For example, some sites may allow you to live stream cricket matches while others do not. Choose a site that offers the features that are most important to you: Does the site have a valid license? What methods can be used to deposit and withdraw money from the site? What type of customer support does the site offer? What are the terms and conditions associated with using the site? What type of bonuses and promotions does the site offer? It is also important to read reviews of cricket betting sites before making a decision. These reviews can be found on various sports blogs and forums. By taking the time to do your research, you can ensure that you choose a cricket betting site that is safe and reputable. Look for sports betting sites with high cricket odds, cricket promotions, including free bet gifts, and deposit bonuses so you get the best for your money. Indian Betting Sites Betting sites in India offer sports betting, online casino games, and poker. The most popular sports to bet on in India are cricket and football. However, you can also find betting sites that offer a wide range of other sports, including tennis, basketball, horse racing, and more. When choosing a betting site in India, check out its casino games, and live betting markets as some sites don't allow players to bet online on live games. Best betting sites in India offer a great selection of sports and casino games, as well as generous bonuses and promotions. So, if you're looking for a safe site with competitive odds, and a wide range of betting options, then make a good research before delving into the online sports betting world. Cricket betting legal in India Yes, cricket betting is legal in India. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India, and there are many cricket betting sites that cater to Indian players. You can open a betting account and enjoy, live streaming, virtual sports and casino games such as slots, blackjack and roulette. Legal betting site like Betheat offers all the fun of cricket betting with none of the hassle about withdrawals as they are faster then the speed of light. Online Betting Sites in India Sports betting is becoming more and more popular in India, as the country has a long tradition of gambling. Betting on cricket is especially popular, as the sport is so popular in the country. Betting online is second nature to Indian cricket fans, and the growth of mobile usage in the country has skyrocketed the mobile betting industry. Indian players can deposit with google pay and bet online from their phones on thousands of event every minute. Live streaming and in-play betting are two features that are growing in popularity among Indian bettors. These features allow players to watch live sporting events and place bets as the action unfolds. This means that players never have to miss a beat when it comes to online cricket betting. Betbeard is a great bitcoin casino, striving to satisfy its players by offering thousands of slot games, and massive bonuses. Contact Details Betbeard Michael +359 89 784 8760 Company Website

September 19, 2022 09:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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7 Best Personal Statement Writing Services for Colleges and Grad Schools

Writing Solutions

When you are in college, you have to write a lot of papers and essays. And it doesn't get any better when you graduate. You must submit applications for internships, scholarships, and jobs — all of which require writing an essay in some form. And even if there isn't a formal writing requirement, many people prefer to send their resume with a cover letter rather than just sending their resume by itself. Everyone knows that what matters in your college admission process is your GPA and SAT/ACT scores. But it's not the only thing that matters - your personal statement matters so much! It's important for you to stand out from other students and show why you're the top candidate for that university. That's where a good personal statement help will get you the results you want. This is an important tool that students, particularly at the high school level, need in order to be admitted to a university or college of their choice. The entire process of writing one needs help, especially if you haven't had experience before or if English is your first language. But what if you are not a good writer, or don’t have any idea how to write a personal statement? There are TOP 7 professional writing services that can help you craft one that will impress the administration and boost your chance of getting into your chosen school. 99Papers - #1 personal statement service for colleges PaperHelp - The best personal statement service in the USA EssayFactory - UK-based company for law school papers EssayBox - Highest Quality Paper Writing for grad school Ivory Research - Professional UK writers Studdit - Medical school personal statement writing company Expert-Editing - The best statement editing provider Here are reviews of the best personal statement writing/editing services to help you get started on your path to the college or grad school you choose. #1. 99Papers 99Papers is a personal statement writing service that helps students write outstanding college application essays. With their high-quality writers, you will be able to write an essay that will help you get into the school of your dreams or improve your grade average. They offer additional services, such as resume writing, proofreading and editing, personal statement editing, recommendation letter writing, and much more. All of their efforts are geared toward helping you succeed. Since 2008, they have helped many students improve their writing with quality academic assistance. They are a team of professional writers with years of experience helping students like you write their college application papers. Because they've been in the business for so long, they know exactly what colleges are looking for in an essay and how to tailor your writing style to match their expectations. Your essay will stand out from the rest by working with a professional writer and you'll be accepted to your dream college! Their process is very easy and streamlined for efficiency. You can speak with a 99Papers customer service agent by phone or chat to discuss your needs and how they can help you. Your information is never shared with any outside parties, so you can rest assured your personal data is safe. Pricing varies by task and the number of pages ordered. You will be paired with a writer who is knowledgeable about the topic of your paper and knows what needs to be included for you to get passing scores. Advantages: Top-quality writing; 100% error-free; Unlimited revisions; Reputable company - rated 9.9; Great customer service; Professional services; Affordable pricing starts at $9.95 per page; Discounts for repeat orders. Disadvantages: A plagiarism report is available, but for an additional cost. #2. PaperHelp PaperHelp is a professional personal statement and SOP writing service with over 10 years of experience helping students to succeed in their studies. They take pride in the fact that they help more than 20,000 students every year. Some of the students who came to them for assistance were able to get into some of the most prestigious universities in the world, including Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge. Its mission is to work with clients to ensure they get the best writing services at affordable prices. The writers are experts in their fields and their know exactly how to help you succeed academically. No matter what your academic goal is, PaperHelp can help you reach it! The process is easy. Just fill out their order form and then upload your materials or give them an outline for your paper topic. They will provide a free quote for your project so that you know exactly what their writers charge for their work before placing an order. Once you place an order, they will assign one of their professional writers to your project and they will begin working on it immediately after receiving all of your requirements. You are able to communicate with them via email at any time during this process if needed. Prices vary by the level of writer skill & experience (intermediate or industry expert) and the number of pages needed. The type of content will also determine the level of skill necessary to accomplish your task. Advantages: High-quality content; Affordable pricing; Editing/proofreading; 100% error-free; Budget-friendly at $9.95 per page; Discounts are promo codes. Disadvantages: Plagiarism reports are included for an additional fee; Source materials are available, for an additional fee. #3. EssayFactory EssayFactory is your one-stop shop for all of your academic writing needs. Their company provides professional writers from UK to compose your essays, term papers, personal statements, SOP, research papers, and more. With hundreds of writers in their network, you can be sure to find a writer that meets your needs. They have been around since 2002 and have worked with thousands of students from all over the world. Their clients come from all walks of life and from various countries, such as Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and many others. Working in this industry for so many years, they understand how stressful it is when you have an important essay or term paper coming up while still having to juggle other commitments like projects and assignments. EssayFactory is staffed by professional writers who have earned degrees from some of the most prestigious universities in the world. They know exactly how to put together a winning application package that will impress admissions officers. Their website is easy to navigate, so you can find answers to your questions immediately. They also have customer support via chat available 24/7 for questions or last-minute orders. If you need resume writing help or editing for a different project, they can help you with that too. You are always in control of your project. They offer unlimited revisions if you are unhappy with any part of your delivery. They have a good reputation for delivering quality material, which is probably due to the fact that they employ expert writers and offer revisions at no extra cost. Advantages: Unlimited edits/revisions; 24/7 customer support; Professional UK writers; Slightly higher pricing for services (starts at $11 per page); 100% error-free; Discounts available. Disadvantages: Lacks some of the personalized aspects of previous services #4. EssayBox EssayBox is another professional writing company that offers personal statement writing help for students of all academic levels. They offer professional writers and editors to help you with all your academic assignments. Top-notch writers are ready to take on any assignment, whether it's a research paper, an essay, or even a dissertation. Due to their experience working with students, they know how important it is to meet deadlines. Therefore, they offer 24/7 services year-round! Whatever subject you're studying or whatever assignment you need help with, they will do their best to assist you. The company has been operating since 2005 and they have helped thousands of students achieve their goals by providing them with high-quality, custom-written papers and other types of academic content. Their team consists of experienced writers who know how to meet even the most challenging requirements in their field of study. Quality and plagiarism checks are done using anti-plagiarism software before delivery to the client. They are competitively priced to be affordable so that every student can afford them - especially those who are struggling financially because they are not sure whether they will be able to complete their coursework on time or not. The goal of their service is to make sure your application stands out and gets you accepted into the college or university of your choice. EssayBox is staffed by a team of professional writers who will help you craft a perfect personal statement that will grab the attention of admissions officers at the schools of your choice. Advantages: Expert writers & editors; Professional writing; Error-free; Plagiarism-free; Knowledgeable on any topic; Unlimited revisions. Disadvantages: Pricing is higher at $12 per page, but you do get free ad-ons. #5. Ivory Research Ivory Research is a company similar to the ones above that offers professional writing for students applying to colleges, graduate programs, and high schools in the United Kingdom. They work with clients from all over the world on projects ranging from personal statements to supplemental essays to admission tests like the SAT or GRE. They also offer editing services for papers written by students in high grad school or college as well as professionals in various fields such as medicine or law. Ivory Research offers editing services as well as editing proofreading services for those who wish to improve their existing work or just want a second opinion on their paper before submitting it. What’s unique about this service is that they don’t just cater to students, they provide a whole list of services for people outside of the academic world as well. If you’ve been given the task of writing a business plan for an upcoming meeting but are struggling with writer’s block, this will definitely give you the break you need to refocus your thoughts and efforts. Advantages: Many years of experience (in business since 2005); Quality and plagiarism checks prior to delivery; 24/7 live support via chat & email; Many of their writers hold bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Disadvantages: Pricing is not stated clearly on the website, you have to start an order to find out the amount; You are required to put down a deposit; The pricing structure is much higher than other services at $100 for a 1,000-word essay. Shorter text is $60 for 250 words. #6. Studdit Studdit is a newest medical school personal statement editing and writing company for college and grad school students. They provide high-quality editing and proofreading services for students who need help with their essays, personal statements, applications, CVs, and cover letters. As part of the process, they'll ask you questions about yourself, your academic history, and why you want to study at a university in the USA or in the UK. Then they'll help you express yourself in the best possible way by editing and proofreading your statement until it sounds just right. After submitting your requirements, you’ll be assigned a professional writer who will work on your paper until it is ready to be submitted. Once the final payment has been received, you will receive a draft copy of your essay so that you may review it before making any changes if necessary. After receiving confirmation from you that the draft sent to you has been accepted, the final draft will be completed. The application process for college can be very stressful, which is they offer services at an affordable price. This company was founded by college students who wanted to help others through this process, and are passionate about helping you succeed! Advantages: Many options to choose from; Certified writers; 24/7 customer support; Email & text alerts; 3 free revisions included. Disadvantages: Pricing is higher than others at $13 per page, with higher pricing for certain types of high-level writing. #7. Expert-Editing Expert-Editing is a personal statement writing/editing provider that offers affordable, high-quality, and expertly written personal statements. They have helped thousands of students secure their dream university placement. Their professional writers have written over 10,000 personal statements for students from around the world. Many are highly qualified and experienced professionals with degrees in English Literature, Linguistics, or other related subjects. They will ensure that your essay is well written in accordance with Harvard, Yale, and Stanford standards. The company has worked with many schools over the past few years to understand what makes a good personal statement and has even created an entire section on their website to help people write their own personal statements. After the writer has finished the first draft, you will receive a copy of your essay to review. If there are any changes that need to be made, those changes will be made and you will receive another proofread version of the paper. Upon your approval of the final draft, we will send your electronic copy as well as a hard copy to the email provided. Advantages: Professional services; Intuitive website; Quick deadlines; Plagiarism and quality checks. Disadvantages: Pricing is the highest of the services mentioned at $13 per page, although that is for quick delivery. If you have a flexible timeline, two weeks is much less expensive. FAQ What is a personal statement? A personal statement is a short description of your background, interests, and goals. It is usually required as part of the application process for university, college, graduate school or postgraduate. The purpose of this essay is to give admissions officers an insight into who you are as a person and why you would make an excellent student at their school. This essay allows you to show off your personality through your writing style and provide concrete examples of how you will excel in your program. In addition to an academic transcript and test scores, your personal statement can make or break your chances of being accepted into a university or college program. While grades and test scores are important pieces of information that allow admissions officers to make informed decisions about whether or not they want to admit you, it's up to them whether or not they really want to spend time getting to know you better by reading your personal statement. By reading these essays, they get a glimpse into your personality and character as well as your interests outside of academics. These essays also allow them to identify students who have overcome significant challenges or obstacles during high school, which can be very impressive! What is a personal financial statement? A personal financial statement is a document that describes your financial situation. Your personal financial statement can be an important tool if you are applying for credit cards, loans, or insurance policies. You may need to provide a copy of your personal financial statement when applying for certain types of services or loans. Why is it required for colleges? A personal financial statement is used by government agencies and nonprofit organizations to determine eligibility for certain programs, including student loans and grants. By submitting a personal financial statement with your application, you can demonstrate your ability to pay tuition fees or other expenses associated with attending college. Some colleges also require applicants to supply parents' income information as part of their financial aid packages. In addition to being required by banks and other lenders, your personal financial statement can also be used by insurance companies and employers when deciding whether or not they want to hire someone or offer them employment benefits such as health care coverage and retirement plans. Depending on your income for the previous year, you may be eligible for additional grants that you might not otherwise know about. What is a personal mission statement? A personal mission statement is a short statement that describes who you are, what your values are, and what you want to accomplish in life. It’s a great tool for developing a sense of purpose and direction, especially during times of transition such as college applications. Your personal mission statement should be written in the first person and be concise. It’s also important to keep in mind that your personal mission statement should not be limited to academics or college admissions; it can be used throughout your life to guide decisions about jobs, relationships, and other major life events. A well-crafted personal mission statement can help you stand out from other applicants by giving the reader insight into who you are beyond grades, test scores, and activities. It allows them to see your passions, strengths, and weaknesses from your own point of view instead of an outside source like a teacher or counselor. The most effective statements are those that are honest, specific, and concrete so they can be read with ease by anyone who reads them (whether they be admissions officers or future employers). What is a law school personal statement? The personal statement as it applies to law school is your chance to let the admissions committee know who you are. You may write about any aspect of your background, including your professional experience, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, or any other information that you believe will help the committee decide whether or not they should admit you into their program. Many top-tier law schools receive thousands of applications each year, and cannot review every single one individually; instead, they rely on standardized tests like the LSAT and GPA as well as their application essays in order to determine which applicants are best suited for their programs. A strong application essay can be the deciding factor between admission and rejection because it gives an insight into who you are as a person rather than just an academic score or LSAT score alone could ever provide. What is a medical school personal statement? A medical school personal statement is an essay that describes your reasons for applying to medical school, your preparation for and commitment to this career path, your strengths as a future physician, and any other information that may be relevant to the admissions committee. Medical schools ask for this essay because they want to get to know the “real” you before making a decision about whether or not they want you in their program. In addition, because there are so many applicants for each spot at medical school (the average student applies to 8-10 programs), it helps them sort through all the applications quickly and easily. These essays are very helpful in assessing your personality and ability to communicate effectively. Since they only have one chance at getting into medical school (unlike undergraduates who can take multiple tests), it’s very important that students show themselves off in their best light with this essay. What is a personal vision statement? A personal vision statement is a 2-3 sentence statement that describes what you want to do with your life and how you're going to get there. It's a way to tell the admissions office what excites you and what you want to accomplish. Colleges are looking for students who have specific goals, who know what they want out of their education and beyond, and who have the drive and focus needed to achieve those goals. Your personal vision statement can help them identify those qualities in you. Your statement should be honest, but it doesn't need to be long or complicated. Think about what your top priorities are in life right now, and how college fits into those priorities. What do you want to pursue after graduation? What kind of impact do you hope to have on the world? How will attending this particular school help advance your goals? Your goal is not only to demonstrate your strengths as an applicant but also to show that you're someone who's thoughtful enough about his/her own life goals to articulate them clearly in writing). What is a residency personal statement? A residency personal statement is a written piece of writing that describes the reasons for pursuing residency. It is usually written by medical school applicants and can vary from one medical school to another. The residency personal statement is meant to show your enthusiasm for medicine and express why you are interested in becoming a doctor. Your residency personal statement should be honest about your motivations for applying for medical school, but it should also be specific enough to convey the unique aspects of your personality that will make you an excellent physician. Writing a residency personal statement can be difficult because there are so many ways to approach the task. The most effective way is to write down everything that comes to mind and then organize those ideas into a coherent narrative based on your own experience with medicine or healthcare. Is it legit to use a personal statement writing services? It is indeed a very common thing to do these days. A lot of students are opting for the help of professional writers to write their personal statements. The reason is obvious; they want a high-quality personal statement that can get them into their dream college. But there are a lot of people who think that this is plagiarism, which is against the rules. It is not however if you use the paper as research for writing the copy in your own words. Plagiarism is submitting someone else’s work as your own. These services do not intend for you to hand in these papers as your submission. They expect you to take inspiration from their writing and understand how it is to be formatted when writing your own. That is what makes them a legal business. The truth is that most college students have no idea how to write a personal statement, let alone the first thing about what to include in it. This is one of the reasons why many students struggle when it comes to writing their college essays. However, there are many personal statements writing services that you can use if you don't have any idea how to write your own personal statement. How to hire the best personal statement writer? When you are looking for a personal statement writer, you should look for someone who has a good understanding of the college application process. The personal statement is the most important part of your application, so it needs to be written by someone who can understand your situation and help you craft an effective essay. The first step in hiring a personal statement writer is to find out what kind of experience they have. You need to make sure that they have written college admissions essays before. If they haven't, then they probably won't be able to provide you with the help that you need, which means that it would be better to hire someone else instead. You should also look at their previous work when deciding whether or not someone is right for your needs. It's important that you ask for samples of their work before hiring them so that you can see what kind of quality they offer their customers. If their samples don't impress you, then it might be best if you continue looking elsewhere for help with your personal statement. Going with one of the top-rated writing services, like 99Papers, will ensure that you find a writer who meets your needs at the right price. They have done all the work for you. What is the best personal statement writing services in USA and UK? The most important thing in a personal statement is that it should be authentic and not exaggerated. You should be able to show your own personality in it without trying to sound like someone else. You must be able to convince the reader that your desire for higher education is genuine and sincere. The best personal statement writing/editing companies in USA and UK will give you an idea about how to write such kinds of essays effectively so that they impress the readers easily. They will help you write an inspiring statement that will convince them that you are really interested in pursuing higher studies at their institution of choice. When choosing the best personal writing services in the US or UK, you should opt for PaperHelp or EssayFactory. If you are a first-time student, they can help point you in the right direction and give you the help you need to get the placement you want. In the end... While some students may be deterred by the idea of paying for an online service to write their personal statement, it is essential to remember that this is one very important document that could make or break your application. The fact that you don't know how to begin properly shows fear, and fear never managed to get anyone into a great university. If you want nothing but the best for yourself and want a worry-free process, then hire a professional service to help you write your essays and personal statements. You’ll get 100% unique content written for you by industry experts that will inspire you to create a stunning application that is sure to get you into Harvard. Contact Details Writing Solutions Will Collins Company Website

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The future of safe cancer care explored in PATIENT SAFETY

Patient Safety Authority

An estimated 1 in every 182 Americans will be diagnosed with cancer this year. Providing them safe care has become more complex as testing and treatment have become more sophisticated. What should patients know about the challenges inherent in quickly determining the correct diagnosis? How can they differentiate between disease symptoms and side effects from their treatment? These are just a few of the questions addressed in the September issue of PATIENT SAFETY. In recognition of World Cancer Research Day on September 24, PATIENT SAFETY spoke with medical oncologist Dr. Joe Jacobson, the former chief quality officer of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. He explains that when it comes to getting a timely and correct diagnosis, there may be dozens of steps required. Highly sophisticated genetic testing gives medical experts the ability to identify cancer subtypes, which he explains “may have profound consequences on prognosis and treatment options.” He notes that patients need an oncologist who understands how to distill so much information. Once treatment begins, the patient should share symptoms sooner rather than later via patient portals, if possible. “All cancer clinicians spend a substantial part of their day trying to distinguish between the symptoms of the disease and the symptoms due to complications of treatment. It requires a trained ear and a trained eye and vigilance. “Studies have shown that patients who report their symptoms electronically to centers that are equipped to manage them in real time fare better,” he adds. Other topics in this issue of PATIENT SAFETY include: The hidden risk of wheelchair use – One of the most common medical devices found in every healthcare facility, wheelchairs are underappreciated as a potential source of injury to patients. Research by Patient Safety Authority ’s Molly Quesenberry uncovers the risks of improper wheelchair use and offers strategies for healthcare facilities and staff. Medication safety Q&A – Is there a difference between generic and brand names? How often should you review your medication list with your provider? A medication safety fellow and emergency room nurse, Michelle Bell of the Patient Safety Authority, and medication safety officer Sharon Camperchioli of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia answer patient medication questions. PATIENT SAFETY is the peer-reviewed journal of the Patient Safety Authority. A scientific publication, PATIENT SAFETY humanizes patient harm with stories, opinion pieces, and magazine-quality design. It has a readership of more than 45,000 people in 164 countries. About PSA Established under the Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error (MCARE) Act of 2002, the PSA, an independent state agency, collects and analyzes patient safety data to improve safety outcomes and help prevent patient harm. Contact Details Bev Volpe +1 609-230-4696 Company Website

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ZIPAIR to Launch Flights to Mineta San José Airport on December 12


ZIPAIR Tokyo announced its decision to launch flights between Tokyo Narita and Mineta San José International Airport on December 12. Reservations for the service will open today and the carrier will offer an inaugural fare to help celebrate the nonstop service between Japan and the Bay Area. ZIPAIR operates the highly efficient Boeing 787-8 aircraft on its international routes and will initially offer three flights per week to Mineta San José airport. The city of San José is known for its incredible weather, cultural diversity, creative innovators, and opportunities to uncover endless possibilities for adventure and fun. “With tickets now on sale, we`re excited to be a step closer to welcoming ZIPAIR Tokyo to the Bay Area and Mineta San José International Airport,” said SJC Director of Aviation John Aitken. “This new, nonstop service between SJC and Tokyo-Narita restores an important link between San José and Japan and represents the first low-cost transpacific service between the Bay Area and Asia.” “The service to Mineta San José International Airport will be our second route across the Pacific, following Los Angeles, which launched in December 2021. ZIPAIR`s unique business model provides customers a convenient travel option at an affordable price, which has been one of our main objectives since the establishment of the company. With our new nonstop service to the Bay Area, we look forward to welcome travelers back to Japan,” said Shingo Nishida, President of ZIPAIR Tokyo. Flight schedules are subject to relevant government approvals. Flight Schedule (December 12 – December 31, 2022) Flight Schedule (January 2 – March 11, 2023) Flight Schedule (March 13 – March 25, 2023) Inaugural Launch Fare between SJC and NRT To celebrate the launch of the service to Mineta San José airport, ZIPAIR will offer a limited time airfare on their Standard Value Seat. A irfare shown above are inclusive of taxes and applicable airport fees. Taxes for the Tokyo-Mineta San José route are converted at 144.45 yen per dollar. (As of September 14, 2022) Inaugural airfare is subject to availability. Airfare shown above is for a Standard Value Seat. (Per Seat / One-way fare) Each fare includes a maximum of 7kg of carry-on baggage allowance. Additional fees apply for optional services, including inflight meals, checked baggage, seat selection. Fare Rules (「 ZIP Full-Flat Value 」「 Standard Value 」「 U6 Standard Value 」) An administrative ticketing fee will apply per person (per sector) for purchases made through the Contact Center. For additional details, visit Reservations and Sales Reservations will be accepted from September 16 (12:00 Japan Standard Time) For additional information, visit SJC: Transforming How Silicon Valley Travels Mineta San José International Airport (SJC) is Silicon Valley`s airport, a self-supporting enterprise owned and operated by the City of San José. For more airport information, visit Connect with SJC on social media at About ZIPAIR Tokyo Established in 2018 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan Airlines, ZIPAIR features a fully customizable travel experience based on an LCC business model. Offering complimentary Wi-Fi for all classes of travel, the carrier operates the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner configured in a 290-seat layout. One of the few international airlines to provide a contactless inflight experience, ZIPAIR`s self-ordering payment system is accessible to order meals and goods through a personal smartphone or tablet. Based out of Tokyo Narita, ZIPAIR currently operates to 5 international destinations, including Bangkok, Seoul, Honolulu, Singapore, and Los Angeles. Contact Details ZIPAIR Tokyo Inc Mark Morimoto +81 80-1261-7275 Company Website

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Intus Care Partners with Gary and Mary West PACE to Improve Care Outcomes

Intus Care

Intus Care, developer of a predictive analytics platform designed for geriatric health, today announced a partnership with Gary and Mary West PACE in San Marcos, CA. West PACE, a leading nonprofit Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, is utilizing Intus Care’s software analytics platform to optimize the care provided to its older adult participants, to increase organizational efficiency and lower costs associated with high-utilization events such as preventable falls and hospitalizations. West PACE is Intus Care’s first official partner in the state of California. Intus Care empowers geriatric care providers like West PACE to deliver more effective management and treatment to older adults through real-time data access. Its digital healthcare platform integrates with electronic health records, claims, and accounting software to highlight clinical risks in participants and display organizational data. This offers a holistic view of each PACE participant, allowing the West PACE team to plan, manage, and continue providing quality care to their population in the comfort of their homes. Intus Care currently works with over 25 PACE Programs in 11 states who are utilizing its predictive analytics platform and has entered a Letter of Understanding with the National PACE Association to pursue a strategic partnership. “Growing up in PACE, I saw first-hand the unique benefits PACE offers and wanted to follow in the footsteps of my mother to help grow and innovate the model care,” says Robbie Felton, CEO and co-founder, Intus Care. “After spending over a year working in PACE programs while undergraduate students at Brown University, we started building the Intus Care software to specifically serve PACE programs and empower care decisions to improve outcomes.” “We’re proud to support Gary and Mary West PACE in advancing their mission of enabling seniors to live in their communities independently by providing compassionate, comprehensive health and supportive care,” says Laura Ferrara, chief strategy officer, Intus Care. “By pioneering data-driven organizational changes through our predictive analytics platform, we look forward to helping West PACE achieve even better participant care and operational objectives.” “We’re excited to work with Intus Care to continue to innovate the PACE model together, and ensure all our program participants benefit from the cutting-edge tools we use to maximize the quality of health care provided at West PACE,” said Ross Colt, MD, MBA, FAAFP, medical director, Gary and Mary West PACE. “Intus knows the PACE model and has existing relationships with 20 other PACE programs in the U.S. This is a battle-tested solution, and the company’s team has deep experience. My hope is that we can accelerate our performance curve to use data to decrease unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations of seniors. We will empower our staff with this data to make them better, stronger, and faster, in what they’re doing to provide care for vulnerable seniors that we are honored to serve.” Rena Smith, executive director at Gary and Mary West PACE, and Ferrara, are co-presenting on Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2022, at the National PACE Association Conference in Seattle, Washington. Conference attendees are welcome to attend the presentation or tune in virtually to learn about the partnership and how leveraging data to inform participant care is helping innovate PACE programs. Note to editors and reporters: Download images and logos HERE. No password needed. Credit: West PACE + Intus Care. Video is available upon request. How Intus’ System Enhances Health Care in Seniors Intus Care leverages real-time data to monitor and predict clinical risk for all PACE program participants. Aggregating data from disparate sources, the PACE-specific prediction algorithms empower care decisions. The comprehensive participant views, acuity scores, and real-time status changes help providers move from reactive to proactive and mitigate unnecessary hospitalizations. The access to automated data analytics allows providers the ability to fully leverage their clinical expertise and dedicate time where it matters most, with participants. About Intus Care Intus Care synthesizes data to improve care and reduce hospitalizations for some of the most socially vulnerable and clinically complex patients in today’s healthcare system. The company has created a unique data-driven predictive analytics platform designed for organizations such as PACE programs, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and home care agencies. It easily integrates with existing electronic health records, claims, and financial software to automatically extract and analyze data. By highlighting participant risk and care-focused information, the Intus Care software empowers clinicians, nurses, and other care providers by informing decisions that improve outcomes and reduce unnecessary costs. Learn more at About Gary and Mary West PACE Established with a grant from the Gary and Mary West Foundation, West PACE is a program providing all the care and services for older adults and people over age 55 who live in North County San Diego and meet state requirements for nursing home level of care. Those who are Dually Eligible for Medicare and MediCal, or for MediCal only, will not be charged co-payments for services. Others who wish to pay privately may also enroll in the program. To apply or learn more about eligibility, contact Gary and Mary West PACE at (760) 280-2230 or visit their website at Contact Details SVM Public Relations for Intus Care Jordan Bouclin & Erika Harris +1 401-490-9700 Scatena Daniels Communications for West PACE Denise Scatena +1 619-218-4889 Company Website

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