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American Kidney Fund Launches Kidney Kitchen Pro™ to Expand Patient Nutrition Resources for Renal Professionals

American Kidney Fund

The American Kidney Fund (AKF) today launched Kidney Kitchen Pro™, a comprehensive online resource that will provide renal dietitians, other allied health professionals and clinicians support in helping patients successfully navigate the challenges of kidney-friendly eating and nutrition. Kidney Kitchen Pro provides customizable resources, such as meal plans and toolkits, to help people living with kidney disease better manage their health through what they eat and drink. The Kidney Kitchen Pro meal planning tool makes it easy to collect and share a week-long meal plan featuring recipes from AKF’s popular Kidney Kitchen® website, along with other kidney-friendly foods. Additionally, AKF today unveiled new education resources on secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT), which occurs when a pre-existing disease like chronic kidney disease (CKD) causes low blood calcium. The new SHPT downloadable guide helps professionals have supportive conversations with patients about what SHPT does to the body and ways to prevent the condition through diet and medication. Both Kidney Kitchen Pro and the SHPT resources have been developed by AKF with generous financial support from Amgen Inc. Damage to the kidneys’ filters caused by kidney disease prevents the kidneys from adequately removing waste, excess minerals and extra fluid from the blood. A kidney-friendly diet is critical to help patients manage their disease, although, there is no standard kidney dietary recommendation to follow as everyone’s nutritional needs are different and based on individual lab results. For example, when a CKD patient is also managing SHPT, they and their care team need to manage levels of calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus that are not in balance. “Following a renal-friendly diet is a perpetual challenge for people with kidney disease and kidney failure,” said LaVarne A. Burton, AKF President and CEO. “Our goal in developing Kidney Kitchen Pro and the SHPT resources was to provide much-needed comprehensive, standardized and user-friendly content for renal dietitians and other professionals to use with their patients. We are grateful to Amgen for their support of our effort to develop nutritional resources that will help patients and providers work together to develop and customize meal plans based on eating habits, preferences and the personal dietary restrictions they have.” AKF built Kidney Kitchen Pro with strategic guidance from the American Kidney Fund Dietitian Advisory Group, a diverse collaborative of 10 expert renal dietitians that guided the development and execution of the content, tools and resources: Melanie Betz, MS, RD, CSR, CSG Antonio D. Cain, MBA, RDN, LDN Maura Chesney, RD, LDN Carolyn Feibig, MS, RD, LD, CCTD Janelle Gonyea, RDN, LD, FNKF Beth Guthrie, MS, RDN, LD Amanda Oakley-Lane, MS, RD, LDN María Eugenia Rodríguez-León, MS, RD, CSR, LND Aisling Whelan, MS, RDN, CDN Kathy Wong, BS, RD, RDN “Kidney disease and related conditions like secondary hyperparathyroidism can lead to significant clinical consequences, making it vital for patients to have the proper intake of foods and nutrients,” said Ned Endler, Executive Director at Amgen Inc. “Amgen is honored to support the American Kidney Fund on this initiative to improve kidney patients’ health outcomes and ultimately enhance their lives.” ### About the American Kidney Fund The American Kidney Fund (AKF) fights kidney disease on all fronts as the nation’s leading kidney nonprofit. AKF works on behalf of the 37 million Americans living with kidney disease, and the millions more at risk, with an unmatched scope of programs that support people wherever they are in their fight against kidney disease—from prevention through transplant. With programs that address early detection, disease management, financial assistance, clinical research, innovation and advocacy, no kidney organization impacts more lives than AKF. AKF is one of the nation’s top-rated nonprofits, investing 97 cents of every donated dollar in programs, and holds the highest 4-Star rating from Charity Navigator and the Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar. For more information, please visit, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Contact Details Stefanie Tuck +1 202-470-1797 +1 978-390-1394 Company Website

August 03, 2021 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Cyvatar Launches First-Ever Cybersecurity Side Hustle


Cyvatar today announced the release of the CydeHustle, a customer referral program that helps everyday people earn extra money on the side by referring organizations in their network to Cyvatar. The CydeHustle is easy work you can do in your spare time. In just a few minutes, you can not only bring in more money for yourself, but you can also enable people from all walks of life to help tip the cyber scales in favor of the good guys by stopping threat actors from breaching the brands and businesses we love. Organizations face more than 100,000 malicious websites and 10,000 malicious files every single day. Last year, malware increased by 358% and ransomware by 435% -- in fact, ransomware alone is now a multibillion-dollar industry staffed with expert researchers, strategists, technologists, and front-line hackers. Cyvatar’s ground-breaking cybersecurity as a service (CSaaS) levels the playing field so that any organization regardless of size or budget can combat threat actors. Joining the CydeHustle means you can enjoy the rewarding experience of keeping the businesses in your network safe... and get paid for it. "The Cyvatar CydeHustle program is a no-brainer, and the corresponding partner portal makes it easy to earn money on the side,” said CydeHustler Chris W. “Just as much as Cyvatar simplifies cybersecurity management for customers, it’s absolute simplicity to earn easy commissions with Cyvatar, even while juggling a full-time position and family responsibilities. Now anyone can be a deal-making machine!" Every CydeHustle referral that becomes a sale earns money for the person who introduces them: 20% of the sale price when the contract is signed, 10% of any upgrades purchased in the first year, and an additional 5% each year the referral renews. It’s easy money. Everybody needs better security, and Cyvatar’s CSaaS enables organizations to get better security outcomes fast. “The CydeHustle is so easy and so lucrative that we’ve already paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to CydeHustlers,” said Edward Preston, vice president of sales at Cyvatar. "Partners get paid for referring companies in their networks, those businesses get a game-changing cybersecurity program, and our world becomes safer from the onslaught of cyber threats.” Importantly, Cyvatar CSaaS is both accessible and affordable: For as little as $20 a month, customers receive out-of-the-box cybersecurity that includes products and services, a platform to manage them, and an expert team to support them -- all for one fixed monthly price. What’s more, Cyvatar sells itself -- it’s one of the 50 Most Trustworthy Companies recognized by the Silicon Review and has won 20 awards for cybersecurity innovation and excellence. CydeHustlers can keep their day jobs or Hustle between classes, after work, or from the far reaches of the world, because the Hustle is real -- and risk-free. Cyvatar keeps individual participation completely private unless participants explicitly choose to share their activity publicly. So what are you waiting for? Make a difference. Make an introduction. Make the world a safer place by keeping threat actors away from the businesses you know and love. All you have to do is sign up. Share the Cyvatar story. And get paid. Sign up and start earning today! About Cyvatar Cyvatar is committed to effortless cybersecurity for everyone. As the industry’s first subscription-based, cybersecurity-as-a-service (CSaaS) company, it’s our mission to transform the way the security industry builds, sells, and supports cyber solutions. We empower our members to achieve successful outcomes by providing expert advisors, proven technologies, and a strategic process roadmap to guarantee results that map to their business drivers. Our approach is rooted in proprietary ICARM (installation, configuration, assessment, remediation, maintenance) methodology that delivers smarter, measurable security solutions for superior compliance and cyber-attack protection faster and more efficiently, all at a fixed monthly price. And because we’re a subscription, members can cancel anytime. Cyvatar is headquartered in Irvine, California with locations around the world. Begin your journey to security confidence at and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. Contact Details Cyvatar KC Higgins +1 303-434-8163 Company Website

August 03, 2021 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Going on Vacation? Have Your Home Pay for It


Your weekend outdoors, last minute getaway, or long-awaited reunion with family or friends can be made possible by sharing your space. Recently, Communications Leads for North America at Airbnb, Liz DeBold Fusco, teamed with YourUpdateTV on a satellite media tour to share tips on how to become a host. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: Yes, you don’t have to decide between being a Host or a guest, because you can be both at the same time. Inspired by this major travel shift, Airbnb upgraded their service to make it easier for people to integrate travel into their lives, and for more people to become Hosts. This is something that Airbnb Hosts are already doing. More than 13 percent of them said they shared their space with visitors while traveling for vacation or work. Also, according to a recent Airbnb report, half of the new listings that were both activated and booked in early 2021 got a reservation request within four days, and as of April 30, 2021, the average annual earnings per Host who had welcomed at least one guest during the preceding year was $9,600. Now, Airbnb made it even easier for anyone who wants to take advantage of the coming travel surge by hosting, with a brand new onboarding process that has been simplified from dozens of steps to just 10. Prospective Hosts can also use the What’s My Place Worth tool to estimate how much they’ll earn by sharing their home. The interactive tool computes the estimated income through inputs for geography, type of listing and space and factors in prior Airbnb booking data in the area. And for travelers, Airbnb launched a new tool called Flexible Destinations, to make it easier than ever to discover these special stays. Clicking on the ‘I’m Flexible’ button will reveal unique listing categories with those nearest to your location right at the top of the list. If you are looking to share your space this summer to pay for your vacation, you can get started as a host by going to About Liz DeBold Fusco: Liz DeBold Fusco is a Communications Leads for North America for Airbnb. Prior to that, she was a Vice President at SKDKnickerbocker, a national public affairs firm, where she provided strategic communications guidance to organizations ranging from the NAACP and Demos to The Rockefeller Foundation and AT&T. Liz has also worked for Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City and New York City First Lady Chirlane McCray as well as the New York State Attorney General. About YourUpdateTV: YourUpdateTV is a social media video portal for organizations to share their content. It includes separate channels for Health and Wellness, Lifestyle, Media and Entertainment, Money and Finance, Social Responsibility, Sports and Technology. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

August 02, 2021 03:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Summer Wellness Must-Haves


With summer underway, it’s a great time to take stock of your health and wellness and set yourself up for success for the rest of the year. While it’s always a good idea to get your exercise, eat healthy, and live an active lifestyle, there are also some products and supplements that can help people live the healthiest versions of themselves. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: Overall Health and Wellness: Summer is a great time to kick start new healthy habits like taking daily walks, enjoying fresh fruit and veggies while they’re in season and exploring what vitamins and supplements are right for you. The new Nature’s Bounty ® Curated Combinations makes starting easy. This suite of four unique personalized nutrition packs (Daily Essentials, Set the Foundation, Master the Day, and A Good Night) brings personalized nutrition to the masses and takes the guessing game out of vitamin purchases – all without lengthy health quizzes, blood tests or costly subscriptions. For those looking for a gummy vitamin option, the Sundown ® Adult Multivitamin Gummies and Sundown ® Kids Multivitamins are a fun and delicious way to take your vitamins. These gluten free, dairy free and Non-GMO gummies have essential vitamins to provide support for bone, immune and heart health. Coping with Occasional Stress: Life can sometimes feel overwhelming and we’re right there with you. To help with occasional stress*, check out the new Nature’s Bounty ® Stress Comfort Fast-Acting Calm, which features a new chewable watermelon COOLMELTS™ tablet that works quickly to soothe your mind in response to occasional stress.* Made with a non-GMO formula, this 100% drug-free tablet activates the refreshing watermelon chill flavor and delivers a cooling sensation as the tablet quickly dissolves. Cognitive Health: Cognitive health is a concern for people of all ages. With that, we officially launched our first-ever Nature’s Bounty ® Brain Health Platform which consists of three products – Brain HP, Brain Superfood and Brain Focus – which can support cognitive health.* Nature’s Bounty ® Brain HP is a watermelon jelly bean supplement designed with gamers in mind who want to support their brain health, focus, reaction time, visual perception, and attention* – without the caffeine or jitters. Nature’s Bounty ® Brain Superfood is a vegan capsule containing a blend of plant-based antioxidants to support brain health, short-term memory and concentration.* Nature’s Bounty ® Brain Focus is an invigorating flavored COOLMELTS™ tablet to calm the mind and recharge the brain to help consumers focus in as little as one hour.* Looking and Feeling Our Best: Let’s face it – we want to look and feel our best all year-round. One way to pamper yourself is with the new Nature’s Bounty ® Advanced Hair, Skin & Nails Jelly Beans – a first for the beauty supplement space 1. These innovative delicious mixed berry, strawberry and watermelon fruit flavored jelly beans include keratin and twice the amount of biotin as the brand’s original gummy formula to support beautiful hair, glowing skin and healthy nails.* But that’s not all! Women can also turn to the new Solgar ® Menopause Relief. For many women, menopause can effect and even get in the way of daily life – physically and emotionally. By taking just one tablet daily, Solgar ® Menopause Relief relieves a full range of these symptoms and promotes a positive mood.* In fact, over 90% of women showed improvements in menopausal symptoms.*^ For more information, visit *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. ^In clinical studies on Siberian rhubarb after 12 weeks of continued use. Individual results may vary. 1 Total US – Multi Outlet + Conv (HSN Category – Food, Drug & Mass Market) – Latest Completed 52 Weeks Ending 5/23/21 About YourUpdateTV: YourUpdateTV is a social media video portal for organizations to share their content. It includes separate channels for Health and Wellness, Lifestyle, Media and Entertainment, Money and Finance, Social Responsibility, Sports and Technology. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

August 02, 2021 01:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Global Gaming Star and Influencer SypherPK Launches Signature Apparel Line, Metal Umbrella

Metal Umbrella

Born from Sypher PK’s creative vision to fill a void in the apparel market for gamers, Metal Umbrella’s anime and gaming inspired clothing was constructed for the digital generation. Developed as a lifestyle brand, the line is positioned to empower individuals, inspiring them to tap into their confidence. Dropping August 5 th, 2021, exclusively on, the “Too Young to Worry” Collection features gender bending wardrobe staples in sizes ranging from XS – 3XL including tees, hoodies, joggers, hats, and bandanas, plus a limited edition electric blue “Defy Destiny” hoodie. Capturing a vibe driven by the outspoken generation of today’s emerging leaders in Gen Z, the collection sets out to flip the script on failure. “Failure isn't about how many missteps you make; it's when you let your fear and worry stop you from doing the things you want to do.” Animes like Naruto played a major role in content creator SypherPK's personal development. Sitting in front of the television with his brothers, a young Sypher learned about dedication, passion, and the pivotal importance of following your vision despite other's opinions. Shop the “Too Young to Worry” Collection by Metal Umbrella HERE. "A lot of my passion and drive got sparked in my early years when I was around 13. I was making my first YouTube videos at that time and my motivation was having fun and connecting with people. This drop embodies that passion that I had starting out for creating content that people could connect with." – SypherPK, Creator, Metal Umbrella About SypherPK: SypherPK, aka Ali Hassan, is a professional gamer, streamer, YouTuber and online personality based in Austin, Texas. Recognized for his cross-market and wide-reaching audience appeal, he is one of the most popular faces in the gaming industry. Sypher is most notably known for his educational gameplay on Fortnite, focused on teaching tips and tricks. He is revered for his insightful take on game-winning strategies. The SypherPK YouTube Channel was launched in 2011, and features pro-level Fortnite gameplay videos. Additionally, SypherPK launched Oni Studios this year, as a visionary resource designed to empower creators in the gaming space, transforming their brands into empires. Contact Details Sterling Public Relations Paula Steurer +1 949-200-6566

August 02, 2021 10:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

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A Box for Every Lifestyle: Tips on How to Be Prepared on the Go


What if you could discover new products that cater to your interests, but also support small businesses? Bespoke Post partners with under-the-radar brands so you can discover the coolest selection of goods and gear while supporting emerging brands and small manufacturers. Recently, the Host of Dailyburn 365 and BYUTV’s Battle of the Ages, JD Roberto, teamed with Bespoke Post and YourUpdateTV on a satellite media tour to talk about the Bespoke Post concept and tips on how to be prepared on the go. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: Bespoke Post was founded with a mission to work with small brands and help them establish themselves in the industry, and approximately 90% of the products they sell come from small businesses. By being a member, you can discover the coolest selection of goods and gear while supporting emerging brands and small manufacturers. And Bespoke Post negotiates on behalf of their community to deliver quality goods at an affordable price—each box is priced at $45 but filled with usually $70+ in value. From outdoor gear, apparel, or to trying new food and drink recipes, there is a box that caters to all these categories and more. Some of their most popular boxes include: Weekender, Flip, Aged and Over Easy. The concept of Bespoke Post is to create subscription boxes around a central theme that will introduce people to something new. All they need to do is take a quick preference quiz and they’ll be assigned a ‘Box of Awesome’ each month with curated products that fit their lifestyle. Members also have the option to skip or swap their shipment anytime, at no cost. Bespoke Post subscription boxes and e-commerce services are available at About JD Roberto: JD Roberto is a two-time Emmy nominated TV personality, writer, director, and producer. JD is currently the host of BATTLE OF THE AGES, a new family-oriented game show on BYUtv. He is also Executive Producer and Host of the ground breaking DAILY BURN 365 (Emmy® nomination) – where he's helping lead a revolution in fitness and digital streaming. Music lovers can catch JD hosting SONG POP LIVE a daily, app-based music game show based on the wildly popular music trivia app. You can also find him streaming the latest in tech, outdoor, and kitchen gear on AMAZON LIVE. About YourUpdateTV: YourUpdateTV is a social media video portal for organizations to share their content. It includes separate channels for Health and Wellness, Lifestyle, Media and Entertainment, Money and Finance, Social Responsibility, Sports and Technology. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

July 30, 2021 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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CIPIO Appoints AI and Big Data Pioneer Dr. Jin Yu as CTO and Launch 2.0 of Next-Gen Subscriber Experience Platform

CIPIO, an AI company that is Humanizing Subscriptions TM, today announced the appointment of Dr. Jin Yu as its CTO as it gets ready for its next phase of growth with Next-Gen Subscriber Experience Platform TM 2.0. With 25 years of experience in big data, AI, and distributed computing, Dr. Yu is a seasoned technologist and a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded multiple startups including Kyndoo, an influencer marketing software platform with 2,000+ influencers and 90 million social user profiles, eBrain, an AI platform, and Portaura, a social data platform with 100 million location-based social user profiles. He started his career with HP (DEC) Systems Research Center, where he worked with several Turing Award recipients on distributed file systems and other cutting-edge technologies. Dr. Yu, who holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of New South Wales, Masters from Stanford University, and a BS in Computer Sciences and a BA in Mathematics from the University of Texas, Austin, has authored several papers in AI, Big Data and Cloud Computing domain. Dr. Yu is also a serial entrepreneur, co-founded two startups, Portaura in social mobile big data and Martsoft in e-commerce search engine. Early in his career, he spent a number of years in HP(DEC) Systems Research Center, one of the top research labs in the world, where he worked closely with numerous Turing Award recipients in browser technology, search engine, multimedia, and distributed file systems. “We are currently living in a subscription economy, with little insight into the relationship between subscribers and their subscriptions,” said Dr. Yu. “That’s why I’m beyond thrilled to be joining a pathbreaker like CIPIO that obsesses over the subscriber journey. Our next-gen Subscriber Experience Platform TM helps digital subscription businesses and organizations create lifelong customers by strengthening and deepening the connection between a subscriber and their subscriptions. The platform incorporates patent-pending AI technology to supercharge any organization with the equivalent power of hundreds of data scientists.” As digital businesses look beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, they can no longer afford to leave acquisition, retention, and growth to chance. Digital businesses are faced with increasing competitive pressures as consumers have a plethora of choices and switching costs are nominal. CIPIO’s Subscriber Experience Platform TM enables these organizations to shift from a reactive approach to these challenges to a proactive one, allowing them to manage dynamic market pressures as well as aggressive competition. “CIPIO is proud to welcome onboard someone as highly decorated and revered as Jin; it’s an immense honor to have someone of his caliber join us as we reframe the digital subscription economy. Given our mission for Humanizing Subscriptions TM, we couldn’t have asked for anyone better to lead our product and technology roadmap and execute on our vision,” said Sundeep Sanghavi, CEO, CIPIO. “In the new norm, Hyper-Personalization is a must for every digital subscription organization and Jin’s deep knowledge, AI skills, and experience in processing social media data of structure, unstructured and deep learning is the key for our customers to augment their subscriber data and leapfrog in an ever-changing digital world.” On the heels of its explosive growth following its inception, CIPIO is now rapidly gaining momentum and leveling the playing field in media and entertainment, digital fitness, eLearning, eSports, and financial services by providing enhanced AI capabilities to players of all sizes. About CIPIO CIPIO Inc. provides the leading patent-pending AI platform that Humanizes Subscriptions TM for digital organizations. By bringing together human, machine, and domain data, CIPIO arms organizations to sense, learn, predict behaviors and patterns of their individual subscribers leading to a dramatic increase in engagement, retention, and new acquisitions by strengthening the subscriber and subscription relationship. CIPIO impacts both the top and bottom-line financials for some of the world’s leading brands such as happiTV, Zype, InteliVideo, and Jonas Fitness. Learn more about CIPIO here. Contact Details CIPIO Inc. Media Relations +1 315-398-9541 Company Website

July 29, 2021 09:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

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Logitix Names CEO, Announces New Executive Chairperson, CFO, and Head of Engineering


Logitix, the leader in live event ticketing technology and analytics, continues to strengthen its positioning in the marketplace by announcing enhancements to its leadership team. With a deep background in ticketing analytics and product, Stuart Halberg has been promoted to CEO. Sports and entertainment executive Kurt Schneider has been named Executive Chairperson. Additionally, Logitix furthered its leadership team with the hirings of Eric Ingram as CFO and Trent Stewart as Head of Engineering. Logitix optimizes ticket sales through proprietary dynamic pricing and distribution. Its unique platform analyzes millions of real-time data points, providing up-to-the-minute insights within the live event marketplace. Since 2013, Logitix has partnered with 18 concerts and live event promoters, 16 NFL teams, 14 NBA teams, 19 NHL teams, 16 MLB teams, 22 NCAA entities, five primary ticket providers, and more. Halberg has spent the last seven years as Logitix’s SVP of Strategy & Analytics, overseeing data and product strategy, as well as playing an integral role in developing its Pricing Intelligence Platform. He started his career with five seasons at the NHL’s Florida Panthers serving both hockey operations and business analytics. “We have an incredible team here at Logitix and I’m thrilled to take on the role of CEO,” said Halberg. “This is an exciting time as our partners welcome fans back into venues around the world. Our industry is ready for evolution and innovation, and we look forward to bringing our platform and services to our partners.” Schneider is the former CEO of the Harlem Globetrotters, where he rejuvenated the iconic brand and introduced the organization to a new generation of fans around the world producing record revenue and ticket sales year after year. Previously, he was EVP for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) where he oversaw the live events, marketing, international, and pay-per-view businesses. Schneider joins Logitix’s current board advisors, and industry veterans, Danielle Maged and Kraig Fox. “With the thousands and thousands of live events we produced at WWE and the Harlem Globetrotters, I’ve seen the evolution of the ticketing industry from waiting on the box office to open to up-to-the-minute dynamic pricing across all outlets,” said Schneider. “Logitix brings an offering of unique services to benefit every ticket seller in 2021 and beyond.” Logitix focuses on four unique services aimed to provide a single solution to all stakeholders in the live event ticketing industry. Logitix Lift focuses on optimizing pricing and yield management strategy. Logitix List is a distribution and fulfillment automation platform connecting ticket holders with all available sales channels. Logitix Live is a B2b ticket exchange bringing secondary ticket buyers and sellers together and Logitix Insights is a central hub for engagement of ticketing data. “I’m confident we have the team in place at Logitix to continue driving incremental revenue for our partners while protecting their brands and strengthening the core of their business.,” said Jordan Turkewitz, Co-Chief Investment Officer & Managing Partner at ZMC, the New York-based firm founded by Strauss Zelnick. Ingram comes to Logitix after serving seven years as CFO at TractManager, a SaaS provider for insights and compliance in the healthcare sector. During Eric’s time at TractManager, he led several initiatives resulting in 4x revenue growth. Eric previously spent nine years at PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Stewart joins Logitix after spending more than two years with Salesforce as a Director of Software Engineering, where he was responsible for infrastructure build services and leading the development efforts for Salesforce Government Cloud to support the US Government's adoption of Salesforce. Prior to that, he was with Microsoft for close to two decades holding various development and technology roles across the company. About Logitix Logitix is the preeminent monetization engine and ticketing platform for the live event industry, combining optimized pricing, distribution, and inventory management with real-time insights to help sellers and buyers respond to a rapidly changing market environment. The Logitix vision is to automate the entire ticket life cycle and provide data-driven insights to serve the diverse needs of its clients. The company is backed by ZMC and is privately held. For more information about Logitix, visit or find them on LinkedIn. About ZMC ZMC is a leading private equity firm comprised of experienced investors and executives that invests in and manages a diverse group of media and communications enterprises. Founded in 2001, ZMC’s investment philosophy centers on operational value creation driven by targeted investment themes, deep sector expertise, and strong partnerships with industry and operating executives. ZMC approaches its investments in collaboration with management teams and has a successful track record of actively adding value to portfolio companies. ZMC is currently investing out of ZMC III, L.P., which closed on $775 million in commitments. For more information, visit Contact Details Eric Nemeth +1 602-502-2793 Company Website

July 29, 2021 09:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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MY.GAMES Q2 Results Build Solid Performance with 18% YoY Revenue Growth for the First Half of 2021


MY.GAMES revenue in the first half of 2021 increased by 18% compared to the previous year and amounted to 22.1 billion rubles ($297m). EBITDA for the first half of the year increased by 42% and amounted to 4.1 billion rubles ($55m). Global gaming brand MY.GAMES (part of Group) today announced its results for Q2 2021 - with revenue increasing by 1% and surpassing Q2 2020 in absolute revenues. This is all despite no new internal game launches and no significant studio acquisitions year-to-date, as well as IDFA related changes and the base effect. MY.GAMES received 74% of their games revenue in Q2 2021 outside Russia and CIS with the key markets being the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. The company currently has more than 20 titles in the pipeline and the investment division - MCVG - also continues to develop the international and domestic business. War Robots, Warface, Hustle Castle, Rush Royale and Grand Hotel Mania were the main revenue contributors in the second quarter of 2021. The mobile segment accounted for 77% of the total revenue of MY.GAMES. The company enjoyed consolidated success in Q2 - with updates to existing games performing well and hit mobile titles Rush Royale, Hustle Castle and War Robots, launching on PC Allods Team has announced the game Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread, a two-dimensional platformer with elements of metroidvania. The game will be available in early access from September this year. Release dates on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, XboxSeries X|S will be announced soon. The mobile game Rush Royale reached the mark of 9 million downloads, although it was released only in December last year, and monthly revenue in June approached 400 million rubles (5.4m USD), which set the project to one of the most successful launches in MY.GAMES history. The Warface franchise reached 117.4 million players worldwide on all platforms during the second quarter of 2021, and still remains among the top three in terms of revenue among MY.GAMES projects. On consoles, Warface has received a cross-play feature that unites more than 24 million PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players on shared servers. The game has also been released on the Epic Games Store, which expands the games’ reach further. As part of MY.GAMES ongoing investment in Cloud development June saw a strategic investment in Playkey as well as release of the MY.GAMES Cloud BETA for Mac OS in the Russian domestic market - the platform currently boasts more than 300 games and over 100k monthly active users (MAU). Vasily Maguryan, CEO at MY.GAMES commented: "In the second quarter of 2021, we managed to demonstrate growth against the background of a significant decline in the overall dynamics of the global games market. This was achieved by MY.GAMES strategic approach to portfolio diversification and our focus on organic product growth. The company's revenue grew by 18% in the first half of 2021, despite the effect of the high base of the previous year. In addition, we continue to successfully increase business efficiency — the second quarter of 2021 was the best in terms of marginality (24%) since the beginning of 2020." Overall Highlights for Q2: MY.GAMES Q2 EBITDA stood at RUB 2.7bn ($36.4m), delivering 13% YoY growth, with a margin of 24%, with the division on track to deliver a small margin improvement in 2021 and double-digit organic growth. The games War Robots, Warface franchise, Hustle Castle, Rush Royale and Grand Hotel Mania were the largest revenue contributors for the quarter. Share of revenue coming from markets outside Russia & CIS stood at 74%, with the US, Germany and the UK having the largest share in international revenue. Average MAU stood at 21.4mn in Q2 with a 4.7% share of paying monthly users, roughly unchanged versus the level seen in Q2 2020, during the peak of lockdowns and therefore player engagement. Highlights for the US Market are: Mobile advertising revenue up 117% y/y w mobile MAU up 2% y/y. PC revenue up 34% y/y w paying users share up 64% y/y. CB new users up 193% y/y w MAU up 173% y/y and revenue up 347% y/y. Grand Hotel Mania regs up 57% y/y w MAU up 291% y/y and revenue up 688% y/y. Left to Survive MAU up 7% y/y and revenue up 21% y/y. ARPPU up 12% y/y. Storyngton Hall sales up 18% q/q. Tacticool new users up 91% y/y w MAU up 64% y/y and revenue up 69% y/y. %PU up 15% y/y. Zero City new users up 26% y/y w MAU up 40% y/y and revenue up 39% y/y. Highlights for the mobile portfolio are: The top-5 revenue generating titles in Q2 remained War Robots, Hustle Castle, Rush Royale, Grand Hotel Mania and Left to Survive. War Robots (2014, Pixonic studio) shooter reached 197mn users in June, with average monthly revenue of ~RUB 800mn ($10.8m) in Q2 and significant positive EBITDA contribution. The RPG, Hustle Castle (2017, Nord Studio), reached 70mn downloads, with RUB 400mn ($5.4m) in monthly revenue in Q2. Other highlights from Nord Studio included Zero City (~19mn downloads, RUB 150mn ($2m) in monthly revenue) and American Dad! Apocalypse Soon, which performed well, with 9mn cumulative downloads as of the end of Q2. The Grand Hotel Mania (2020, Deus Craft) - a time management game reached 12mn installs, with ~RUB 300mn ($4m) in monthly revenue in Q2. Left to Survive (2018, Whalekit) shooter reached 38mn downloads and exceeded RUB 200mn ($2.7m) in monthly revenue in Q2, with >20% YoY growth along with almost 2x EBITDA improvement. Whalekit’s other title, Warface: Global Operations (2020), reached 18mn downloads. The Rush Royale (2020, IT Territory studio) a tower defense game reached 9mn downloads since its launch in December with monthly revenue exceeding RUB 400mn ($5.4m) in June, which makes it one of the most successful launches in MY.GAMES history. Tacticool (2019, Panzerdog) top-down pvp mobile shooter game reached ~20mn downloads and achieved a new monthly revenue record of RUB 150mn+ ($2m) in April with >50% YoY revenue growth. Highlights for the PC and Console portfolio are: The Warface (2013, PC/console/mobile) first-person shooter franchise reached 117.4mn players worldwide across all platforms and remains a top-3 revenue generator for MY.GAMES. Warface cross-play became available on console, connecting over 24mn of its players across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch to the same server. Warface was also added to Epic Games Store, broadening distribution of this key franchise title. Allods Team has announced a new title – Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread, which is 2D action-adventure platformer with metroidvania elements. It's coming to Steam later this year. Launch dates on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S will be announced soon. Lost Ark (PC, licensed from Smilegate) MMORPG released an update on Russia language servers and also announced an update with a 19th new class Demon Hunter on Russian language servers. Tactical action MMO Conqueror's Blade (2019, PC, licensed from Booming Games) reached 3.4mn in users and showed >50% YoY revenue growth in Q2 after another game update rolled out in March. Free-to-play MMO Skyforge (2017, PC, Allods Team) reached 13mn in registered users. In Q2 MY.GAMES continued to port its own mobile titles to PC on MY.GAMES Store as part of internal cross-selling and cross-integration, with Rush Royale, War Robots and Hustle Castle released in Q2. Highlights for Strategic Investments are: As part of its Cloud development efforts, in June MY.GAMES completed consolidation of Playkey, while also releasing the beta of MY.GAMES Cloud on Mac OS, with 300+ games and 100k MAU. MY.GAMES Store launched MY.GAMES Boost - a crowdfunding service based on the internal service, allowing content creators to receive donations for their work. Follow us on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter MY.GAMES is an international gaming brand (part of Group) and a leading online entertainment company. MY.GAMES comprises 11 regional offices in Russia, Europe and the US, over 1,800 staff, and 13 development studios. MY.GAMES creates titles for the PC, consoles, and mobile devices. The company operates over 80 projects, with more than 150 titles in its portfolio including War Robots, Hustle Castle, Left to Survive, Skyforge, and Allods Online. MY.GAMES portfolio includes renowned titles like Warface, ArcheAge, Perfect World, Revelation Online, Conqueror's Blade, Lost Ark, and more. Contact Details Renaissance PR Stefano Petrullo +44 7828 692315 Renaissance PR Emily Britt +44 7530 081191 Renaissance PR Vincent Gallopin +1 323-898-9891

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