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Celebrity Coveted, Award-Winning Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum Brand, Grande Cosmetics, Announces 30% Off Brand-Wide for PRIME DAY July 16th & 17th

Grande Cosmetics

America’s #1 lash and brow enhancing serum brand, Grande Cosmetics, announces 30% off for PRIME DAY July 16 th & 17 th. Delivering 5-star lash and brow results in as little as 4-6 weeks, it’s prime time to get in on Grande Cosmetics’ award-winning beauty essentials with a brand-wide sale of 30% off everything including the award-winning GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum, GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum and more. Grande Cosmetics’ hero products include: GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum is an award-winning lash enhancing serum that promotes the appearance of longer, thicker looking lashes. An iconic breakthrough and #1 selling lash enhancing serum on Amazon, GrandeLASH-MD is formulated with a proprietary lash complex that is ophthalmologist-tested with results in as little as 4-6 weeks. Plus, GrandeLASH-MD is compatible with lash extensions, lash-lifts, and contact lens wearers, making it perfect for anyone to use. Normally $68, PRIME Price: $47.60 GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum is a revolutionary brow enhancing serum that promotes the appearance of naturally fuller and bolder looking brows in just 6-8 weeks. Dermatologist tested and formulated with an exclusive blend of vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids to enhance sparse, thinning, over-plucked or tail-less brows. Normally $73, PRIME Price: $51.10. Committed to using safe and clinically tested formulas, GrandeLASH-MD is a legacy lash serum that delivers clinically proven, real, and undeniable results. Grande Cosmetics is known for setting the standard in lash and brow enhancing serum innovation and has raised the bar for industry safety and performance testing with 11 safety and performance studies. Each scientific formulation was created to bring out one’s natural features (lashes, brows, hair, lips and beyond,) for the very best version of oneself. For additional information, please visit or contact Contact Details Grande Cosmetics PR Company Website

July 11, 2024 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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BestGrowthStocks.Com Issues an Extensive Comprehensive Analysis of Asset Entities Inc.

Asset Entities Inc

NEW YORK, NY / NewsDirect / July 11th, 2024 / Best Growth Stocks, a leading independent equity research and corporate access firm focused on finding and reporting on the best growth stocks utilizing exclusive ai-assisted research recently issued a comprehensive analysis of Asset Entities Inc. a provider of digital marketing and content delivery services across Discord and other social media platforms, and a Ternary Payment Platform company. Asset Entities Inc. (NASDAQ: ASST) has garnered significant investor attention following the strategic acquisition of the assets of TommyBoyTV and a 1-for-5 reverse stock split. Best Growth Stock's full report offers an analysis of Asset Entities Inc. (NASDAQ: ASST) operations, potential catalysts, growth drivers, financials, share structure, chart setup with support and resistance levels, and more. Access this full analysis with no obligation: Access this full analysis with no obligation: About Asset Entities, Inc. Asset Entities Inc. is a technology company providing social media marketing, management, and content delivery across Discord, TikTok, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, and other social media platforms. Asset Entities is believed to be the first publicly traded Company based on the Discord platform, where it hosts some of Discord’s largest social community-based education and entertainment servers. The Company’s AE.360.DDM suite of services is believed to be the first of its kind for the Design, Development, and Management of Discord community servers. Asset Entities’ initial AE.360.DDM customers have included businesses and celebrities. The Company also has its Ternary payment platform that is a Stripe-verified partner and CRM for Discord communities. The Company’s Social Influencer Network (SiN) service offers white-label marketing, content creation, content management, TikTok promotions, and TikTok consulting to clients in all industries and markets. The Company’s SiN influencers can increase the social media reach of client Discord servers and drives traffic to their businesses. Learn more at, and follow the Company on X (formerly Twitter) at @assetentities. About Best Growth Stocks Best Growth Stocks is a leading independent equity research and corporate access firm focused on finding and reporting on the best growth stocks utilizing our exclusive ai-assisted research. BGS is also a financial news provider, focused on giving investors direct access to CEOs of promising, publicly-traded companies, and market experts. Our CEO interviews aim to answer the questions that rest on the minds of current and future shareholders. This is not to be construed as financial advice. Please consult with a licensed financial advisor before making any investment decisions. Media Contact Best Growth Stocks Senior Editor: Steve Macalbry SOURCE: BestGrowthStocks.Com Contact Details Media Source LLC Best Growth Stocks +1 989-274-7778

July 11, 2024 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Peru hosts APEC 2024, building leadership in the Asia-Pacific region


For the third time in its history, Peru will host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum, with the main event happening next November. This opportunity positions the country as a favorable business and trade environment and a key ally in sustainable global economic growth. The Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Export and Tourism (PROMPERÚ) highlights that the country offers a secure and stable investment environment with favorable policies and sustained growth. With a broad network of 22 agreements with 58 trading partners, the economies Peru trades with under preferential conditions represent 82% of the world’s GDP. Additionally, its geographic location on the west coast of South America provides strategic access to markets in Asia, North America, and Europe. Infrastructure and diversification in Peru The new Chancay Multipurpose Port will be crucial in transforming Peru into a regional trade hub, facilitating exchanges with Pacific coast countries, and strengthening connectivity with major Asian economies. Along with the new international airport in the capital, the largest and most modern in South America, Peru will be positioned as a key global commercial center. Peru has a diversified economy with foreign investment opportunities in renewable energy, agribusiness, manufacturing, textiles, tourism, and high technology. The country is also experiencing a boom in innovation and entrepreneurship, with startups and tech companies leading various sectors. Thanks to its cultural diversity and top-notch tourist infrastructure, Peru is fully equipped to host large-scale events. Cities like Lima, Cusco, Arequipa, Trujillo, and Pucallpa are prepared to host more than 160 meetings as part of APEC 2024. Peru offers a range of unique tourist experiences, known for its historical and natural attractions and renowned cuisine. The country is a safe destination ready to welcome tourists from the 21 APEC economies. Asia-Pacific: a prioritized region In 2023, APEC accounted for 67% of Peru’s foreign trade, with exports valued at USD 44,089 million, of which non-mineral energy exports exceeded USD 11,030 million. Additionally, tourists from this region represented more than 50% of arrivals to Peru in 2023, with over 1.2 million visitors, mainly from Chile and the United States. APEC 2024 will be a milestone for Peru in international relations, consolidating its leadership in the Asia-Pacific region as a key trading partner. The country is committed to sustainable and responsible practices, promoting investments that respect the environment and benefit local communities. The achievements made during this edition will be relevant for the continuation of these projects, further strengthening Peru’s position on the global stage. Peru Export and Tourism Promotion Board (PROMPERÚ). We are the government agency in charge of the development and implementation of global strategies to position Peru via the promotion of its image, touristic destinations, added value exports and inversions. Contact Details José Carlos Collazos Company Website

July 10, 2024 05:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Erectile Function Vs Erectile Dysfunction: How MangoRx’s (NASDAQ: MGRX) Product Sets Itself Apart and Caters to a Large Market (Pun Intended)


By Meg Flippin, Benzinga Ever since the pandemic, telemedicine has been taking off, and for good reason. It's easy, convenient and increases access for people around the globe. It can also be game-changing for men dealing with what they may consider embarrassing medical conditions like erectile dysfunction. After all, being seen online by a physician enables them to avoid any in-person awkward conversations. Not to mention it can be a lot cheaper and more accessible. And let's not forget the countless men who may not have a problem getting an erection but who want to enhance their performance and enjoy a prolonged and enhanced experience with their partner. They, too, can benefit from such products but often don’t obtain a prescription because they are embarrassed – such products are no longer only for erectile dysfunction but also for improved erectile function. Despite the benefits, it's only recently that men-focused healthcare companies have begun popping up online. They are changing the landscape, making it easy for men to seek help for conditions that aren’t life-threatening but can be life-altering, like ED or to simply keep it up for longer. Mangoceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: MGRX), which goes by MangoRx, is among them. It is taking the shame out of getting help and getting hard with its telemedicine platform and ED drugs, and is committed to a more accepting and educational approach to men’s health. Patients don’t have to come into an office to get a prescription. Everything is done online and in minutes. Fast delivery means customers are up and performing in no time. No Shame With MangoRx MangoRx is changing the narrative on ED with its fun and humorous brand voice meant to encourage and empower men to get the help they need. MangoRx uses cheeky humor and quite frankly straightforward language to market towards millions of men to, as they put it, simply have better sex. Taking the shame and awkwardness about common problem, the company is focused on developing, marketing and selling a variety of men’s health and wellness products in the area of ED, hair growth, weight loss and hormone replacement therapies. It leverages a telemedicine platform to discreetly treat its growing base of patients–it's a big market opportunity for MangoRx, especially for the treatment of ED. ED is a widespread and global problem that is rapidly growing, even among young adults. By the end of 2025 there are forecast to be about 322 million cases of ED. As a result, the market for ED drugs and treatments is projected to grow from $3 billion today to over $7 billion by 2032, representing a CAGR of 9% during the forecast period. Many cases of this treatable condition go undiagnosed, however, because of embarrassment. MangoRx’s opportunity isn’t only limited to men suffering from ED. The company’s product can also be used as a performance enhancer. With billions of men sexually active around the globe, the performance enhancement market is also a big one for the company. Drugs like Cialis and Viagra are household names, but there are others on the market that claim to offer benefits over the incumbent. MangoRx says it’s in that category. Its ED pill, Mango, is fast-acting, and the company says very effective. Mango hits the bloodstream in as little as ten minutes and lasts for up to four hours. That gives it a leg up over Viagra, which takes up to 60 minutes to work, and Cialis, which takes about 30 minutes. Treatments start at $12.50 a tablet, making it an affordable option compared to some of its rivals which include Hims & Hers (NYSE: HIMS), Maximus Tribe and Nu Image. Whether you are using it to perform or to enhance the experience, there is no pre-gaming or wining and dining with Mango. Ten minutes after taking the pill, you are ready to go for hours to come. Viagra And Cialis With A Twist Mango is created using a formula of the same active ingredients in Cialis (Tadalafil) and Viagra (Sildenafil). But instead of using just either of the two substances that have been proven to increase blood flow to the penis alone, Mango adds Oxytocin, the so-called love hormone that helps stimulate feelings of intimacy and L-Arginine, an amino acid that opens blood vessels and helps increase blood flow, to the mix. All four of the substances are FDA-approved and have been on the market for years. The result: a fast-acting pill that lasts for hours. Spontaneity is in with Mango. Developing a fast-acting ED pill that’s wallet-sized and tastes good is an achievement in itself, but MangoRx makes it easy to obtain the drugs, which is another game changer. Mango requires a prescription, but obtaining it is easy on MangoRx’s telemedicine platform. After completing an online telehealth visit, one of its network of medical providers will review and approve a prescription. MangoRx will ship it in a discreet box to maintain privacy. It's as simple as that, which appeals to its growing customer base. Sales in MangoRx’s first quarter rose 108%. Whether men need help with ED or want to enhance their sexual experiences, MangoRx makes it easy. The telemedicine platform is quick, easy and discreet. The pills are fast-acting, effective and affordable. With all that to offer, MangoRx seems to be on the way up – like its growing base of clients. Featured photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash. Benzinga is a leading financial media and data provider, known for delivering accurate, timely, and actionable financial information to empower investors and traders. This post contains sponsored content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Benzinga +1 877-440-9464 Company Website

July 10, 2024 09:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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The Rising Demand for Whiskey: How Investors Can Capitalize on The Trend


Benzinga is excited to announce its upcoming webinar, "The Rising Demand for Whiskey: How Investors Can Capitalize on The Trend," scheduled for Thursday, July 11th, at 11:00 AM EST. This webinar will introduce you to the world of whiskey investing. Global alcohol consumption is on the rise, with projections hitting new peaks by 2028. Whiskey, in particular, is experiencing significant growth. Join us to hear from the industry experts and learn about how you can invest in whiskey and profit from this growing industry. Details: Title: The Rising Demand for Whiskey: How Investors Can Capitalize on The Trend Date: Thursday, July 11, 2024 Time: 11:00 AM EST Description: “The Rising Demand for Whiskey: How Investors Can Capitalize on The Trend” webinar will introduce you to the world of whiskey investing. Global alcohol consumption is on the rise, with projections hitting new peaks by 2028. Whiskey, in particular, is experiencing significant growth. Join us to hear from the industry experts and learn about how you can invest in whiskey and profit from this growing industry. Speakers: Anthony Zhang - CEO & Co-Founder at Vinovest Vincent Flint-Hill - Sales & Purchasing at The Single Cask This is a free virtual event. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into whiskey investing— Register Here! For further details and registration, please visit the event registration page. Benzinga is a leading financial media and data provider, known for delivering accurate, timely, and actionable financial information to empower investors and traders. Contact Details Benzinga +1 877-440-9464 Company Website

July 10, 2024 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Melbourne Australia Beauty Pavilion Makes Its Glamorous Debut at Cosmoprof North America – Las Vegas 2024

Global Victoria

For the first time ever, Melbourne Australia Beauty will command the spotlight at Cosmoprof Las Vegas, the premier international B2B beauty exhibition in North America. From July 23-25, the vibrant and innovative spirit of Melbourne, Australia’s beauty industry will be on full display at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. The pavilion is organized by Global Victoria, Australia and is hosted and managed by Access Beauty Insiders a leading marketing consulting firm. Global Victoria, Australia is the State Government of Victoria's trade facilitation agency commissioned to empower Victorian businesses to transform global aspirations into reality. “The state of Victoria is a powerhouse in the beauty industry, home to more than a third of Australia’s top beauty brands and contract manufacturers,” says Elizabeth Moffat, Trade Manager Consumer Goods at Global Victoria. “We’re thrilled to bring these innovative, cutting-edge brands to a global stage at Cosmoprof North America.” Global Victoria is proudly presenting the Melbourne Australia Beauty Pavilion, featuring innovative beauty brands from the State of Victoria. Notably, more than one third of all Australian beauty and makeup product exports originate from this region. “As consumers increasingly prioritize organic, clean, natural beauty products, as well as environmental impact, Victorian companies are well-positioned to meet these market demands” says Mildred Ruiz, US Trade Manager for Consumer Goods at Global Victoria Creating a real buzz, the Pavilion will feature a diverse range of brands, from revolutionary professional salon haircare and vegan beauty cases to self-tanning, skincare infused with indigenous Australian botanicals and must have accessories. Melbourne Australia Beauty pavilion will be located in the Skincare, Makeup & Fragrance Hall space #7087 and will showcase the following companies: Australian Glow Specializing in natural, organic self-tanning products, Australian Glow infuses its formulas with a Quad Collagen Complex to nourish the skin while providing a long-lasting, sun-kissed glow. “ Our products are vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly, embodying our commitment to inclusivity and sustainability,” the brand shares. [Click on Get the Glow to find out more] Booby Tape Pioneers of the world’s first breast lift tape, Booby Tape has gained a cult following and is a staple among A-list celebrities. “We’re the number one choice with over 20,000 stockists in 60+ countries,” boasts the brand. Beyond tape, their lineup includes viral personal care cosmetics that have taken social media by storm. [Click on Lift with Booby Tape to discover the brand] Botany Essentials With over two decades in the industry, Botany Essentials offers a range of skin, hair, and personal care products that leverage Australia’s unique indigenous botanicals. “Our new Botany Native Flora range is a testament to the power of Australian plant ingredients,” says the brand. Their DNA Serums blend clinically proven actives for ultimate skin nourishment. [Click on Unveil Botany Essentials to know more] BYS Cosmetics Renowned for its vibrant, hypoallergenic makeup, BYS Cosmetics is a social media darling with a knack for colorful, trend-setting collaborations. “We prove that high-quality, vegan, and cruelty-free cosmetics don’t have to come with a hefty price tag,” says the brand. Their offerings promise to delight and inspire every makeup enthusiast. [Explore BYS Cosmetics ] ETOILE Collective Crafted for beauty enthusiasts and professionals alike, ETOILE Collective’s stylish cosmetic bags and organizers have garnered over 10 million views on TikTok and been featured in Vogue and the TODAY Show. “We celebrate the culture of getting ready, making every routine a moment of joy and style,” they state. [Find out more about Organize with ETOILE ] Muk Haircare Muk Haircare delivers a comprehensive range for salon professionals, including haircare, styling products, and a full suite of electrical tools. Their future-focused education platform is revolutionizing hairdressing, ensuring that salons remain at the cutting edge. “We’re a one-stop-shop for distributors looking for top-tier hair products and education,” the company notes. [Discover Muk Haircare ] Connect with these brands at Cosmoprof North America 2024 The Melbourne Australia Beauty Pavilion will be an unmissable feature at Cosmoprof North America, embodying the innovation and diversity of Victoria’s beauty sector. To connect with these brands and explore the forefront of beauty trends, visit the pavilion and meet the visionaries driving this vibrant industry forward. This press release serves as your invitation to experience the dynamic world of Melbourne Australia Beauty at Cosmoprof North America 2024. Be there to witness the fusion of innovation, culture, and cutting-edge beauty from down under! For more information about Melbourne Australia Beauty, contact Mildred Ruiz Leal at --- About Global Victoria, Australia: Global Victoria empowers Australian beauty businesses to transform global aspirations into reality. As the trade facilitation agency of the State Government of Victoria, they open doors to international markets, providing the expertise and resources necessary for Australian brands to thrive worldwide. [Learn more about by clicking here Global Victoria ] About Access Beauty Insiders: Founded by Daniela Ciocan, an award-winning beauty and exhibition marketing executive and leading voice in the cosmetics industry, Access Beauty Insiders offers strategic marketing services that amplify brand presence and foster market expansion. [Discover Access Beauty Insiders ] Contact Details Mildred Ruiz Leal

July 10, 2024 07:53 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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B-Side Lounge: The Newest Music Venue Opens at Graton Resort & Casino

Graton Resort & Casino

Graton Resort & Casino is celebrating summer with the opening of its latest music venue, B-Side Lounge, on Thursday, July 11. Located within Bistro 101, this exciting new space will feature live entertainment, weekend DJs, Sunday brunch parties, and more. The opening line-up of live performances has something for everyone from country music to dance parties. Thursday, July 11 – NorCal native Tyler Rich kicks it off with crowd pleasing country Friday, July 12 – Official DJ of the Golden State Warriors DJ D-Sharp delivers non-stop beats Saturday, July 13 – Bay Area favorite DJ Shabazz spins the hottest tracks to keep the party jumping Sunday, July 14 – Recent American Idol sensation Kaeyra performs at a special brunch “B-Side Lounge is the new, go-to destination for entertainment,” said Lana Rivera, President of Graton Resort & Casino. "We've handpicked an incredible lineup of local and touring artists who bring their heart and soul to the stage, making every night at B-Side Lounge a special event." B-Side Lounge offers an electrifying atmosphere with a wide range of music, both old and new. The space features a glamorous full bar, premium lounge seating and a lively dance floor. The menu offers a selection of local craft beers on tap and specialty cocktails, as well as nonalcoholic drinks. Explore a variety of upcoming entertainment events at *** About Graton Resort & Casino Graton Resort & Casino, located in Rohnert Park, California, is a premier destination for entertainment, dining and gaming in Northern California. Boasting a luxurious atmosphere and world-class amenities, Graton Resort & Casino offers guests an unparalleled experience with its diverse selection of restaurants, bars, gaming options and live entertainment venues. From thrilling gaming action to upscale dining and relaxing spa treatments, Graton Resort & Casino provides an all-encompassing retreat for visitors seeking excitement and relaxation. Resort access is limited to guests aged 21 or older. For more information, visit ### Contact Details Landis Communications Inc. Brianne Miller +1 650-575-7727 Company Website

July 09, 2024 08:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time

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Notcoin Continues To Freefall! Could 100x Breakout Presale Be The Answer For Bitcoin Whales?

Total Media

The continued fall of Notcoin has recently had the cryptocurrency market talking. It has recently seen its value plummet due to various factors, including market saturation and diminishing investor confidence. Amid this turmoil, Raboo offers a glimmer of hope with its 100x Breakout Presale, drawing the eyes of Bitcoin whales searching for lucrative new ventures. This presale isn't just a potential lifeline for distressed crypto investors; it's poised to catalyze significant shifts within the market. Read on as we discuss how Raboo's strategic move could redefine investment trajectories in the ever-evolving crypto landscape. Notcoin continues to freefall Notcoin has recently experienced significant market fluctuations, with a sharp decline of about 40% over the last month. This reflects the high volatility and speculative nature that often characterizes Play-to-Earn and meme-driven cryptocurrencies like Notcoin​​​​. These market dynamics highlight several issues impacting Notcoin's position in the cryptocurrency sector. The rapid changes in its value can erode investor confidence and make it challenging for long-term stability. If Notcoin fails to innovate or stabilize its market presence, it could face diminishing investor interest over time, which could have long-term detrimental effects on its valuation and utility. The broader impact on the market and investor trust revolves around this high volatility and the speculative nature of assets like Notcoin, which can lead to significant price fluctuations based on investor sentiment and market trends. Bitcoin's recent market performance Bitcoin's recent market downturn can be attributed to a few significant factors. With a 12.4% decline in the last month, one major contributor has been the large-scale selling by the German government, which has offloaded substantial Bitcoin holdings, triggering price volatility. A general slowdown in whale trading activity has also played a role. These whales have reduced their transactions drastically, indicating a cautious approach, which usually leads to decreased market liquidity and lowered prices​​. This downturn has led Bitcoin whales to explore other investment avenues, seeking higher returns with lower price volatility. New and promising projects like Raboo's 100x breakout presale are drawing attention as alternative investment opportunities. Bitcoin's fluctuations influence the broader crypto market, impacting investment strategies and the financial dynamics within the crypto space. Such shifts underscore the interconnected nature of the market, where significant moves by influential entities or changes in a leading cryptocurrency like Bitcoin can ripple across the entire ecosystem​​​. Could 100x breakout presale be the answer for Bitcoin whales? Raboo's 100x breakout presale has captured the attention of major investors, including Bitcoin whales, thanks to its innovative use of AI technology and a robust community-driven approach. The presale highlights features such as AI-enhanced user interactions and a Post-to-Earn model, which incentivises user participation and content creation. Now in its fourth stage, priced at an attractive $0.0048, Raboo has experienced a 60% increase since its initial price offering of $0.003, with over $1.6 million raised, 10,000 registered users, and 2,900 token holders. This impressive growth showcases its appeal as a dynamic player in the evolving meme coin sector. The strategic maneuvers behind Raboo's presale include targeted marketing campaigns that leverage social media platforms and crypto forums to enhance visibility and attract a diverse investor base, distinguishing it from competitors like Notcoin, which has struggled amid market volatility and investor skepticism. Raboo's successful presale strategy contrasts Notcoin's challenges and positions it as a compelling investment opportunity for Bitcoin whales seeking high returns in the memecoin market. Conclusion As Notcoin navigates its market challenges, Raboo's 100x breakout presale emerges as a beacon for investors, especially Bitcoin whales seeking high-growth prospects. This shift could redefine investment strategies within the cryptocurrency sphere, illustrating the impact of innovative presales on broader market dynamics. Investors are advised to keep a close eye on Raboo's ongoing presale, which promises to influence the market's future trajectory and offer substantial returns. This pivotal moment could reshape how investments flow in the volatile crypto landscape. You can participate in the Raboo presale here. Telegram: Twitter: Contact Details Total Media Solutions Company Website

July 04, 2024 01:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Delivra Health CEO Gord Davey discusses Middle East expansion with new Dubai UAE sales territory

Delivra Health Brands Inc.

Delivra Health Brands Inc. (TSX-V:DHB) CEO Gord Davey discusses the company’s recent expansion efforts in the Middle East during an interview with Proactive's Stephen Gunnion. Davey highlighted a successful trip to Dubai, where Delivra has partnered to target the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a new sales territory. This move aligns with the company's strategy to expand its brand presence in the region. Delivra's product, Dream Water, which is already registered as a drug product and widely available in pharmacies across Saudi Arabia, will now be distributed throughout the UAE. Davey acknowledged the challenges faced during the nine-month process of regulatory approvals but credited their local partner’s expertise in navigating these complexities. He emphasized the significant market potential in the UAE, driven by a growing population and widespread sleep issues, which Dream Water aims to address. Looking ahead, Davey mentioned ongoing efforts to expand into additional territories in the Middle East, although he did not specify which countries due to pending regulatory approvals. He assured that the company is committed to global growth and will continue to update shareholders on progress. Contact Details Proactive North America +1 604-688-8158

July 04, 2024 11:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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