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Yangtze Culture Forum: Gathering for a Sustainable Future with Friendship and Wisdom

Yangtze Culture Forum

NANJING, CHINA - Media OutReach - 21 November 2023 - The Yangtze Culture Forum is scheduled in Nanjing, China on November 24, 2023. The forum will bring together guests from all over the world to discuss and promote the shared values of humanity. The forum's main objective is to explore the challenges and opportunities faced by river cultures, ecosystems, and economies, and to engage in discussions on the sustainable development of major rivers. Additionally, it aims to establish a global network for dialogue and collaboration among major river cities. This will foster exchange and mutual learning in river basin areas, eventually constructing a shared human destiny community. Cityscape of Nanjing city The forum will be jointly hosted by Nanjing, UNESCO, and other partners. Rivers play a vital role in nurturing cities and preserving their cultural heritage and shared memories. Nanjing, the only one of China's four great ancient capitals located along the Yangtze River, has been continuously paying attention to the Yangtze River issue for many years. The uniqueness and innovation of this forum lie in establishing a platform to showcase and share the diverse cultures of the entire Yangtze River basin, with a broader goal to foster mutual learning and exchange among civilizations and cities of great rivers. The forum will focus on the theme "Flowing Rivers, Converging Future". It will discuss issues that are common in river basins globally, including the Mississippi River. The topics will include ecological conservation, economic development, and the preservation and recording of culture. The forum will be a platform for sharing wisdom about civilization and the future and will address the mutual shaping of cities and rivers. Nanjing, an important city in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and St. Louis, located at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, became the first pair of sister cities between China and the United States since diplomatic relations were established in 1979. When they became sister cities, the banner presented by Nanjing read, "The friendship between the people of Nanjing and St. Louis is as enduring as the Yangtze and Mississippi Rivers." These two great rivers have become witnesses to the friendly exchanges between the two cities and countries. In 2019, during a visit to Nanjing, St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson said, "I am the sixth consecutive mayor of St. Louis to visit Nanjing. Our friendship will transcend everything and endure permanently. This is the traditional friendship between the people of the two cities and between the Chinese and American people." Nanjing, a city located along the Yangtze River, is closely linked to the river in the same way as St. Louis is to the Mississippi River. China has been actively developing five national cultural parks, and one of them is the Yangtze River National Cultural Park. Nanjing aims to become a shining example in this park, exhibiting the changes and developments that have taken place along the Yangtze River. Through its endeavors, Nanjing sets an example of the transformations occurring along the Yangtze and reflects China's perspective on development. Contact Details Mr. Wei Zhijie

November 21, 2023 11:20 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Mentor Foster Care Celebrates National Adoption Month this November


MENTOR Foster Care, a provider of foster care services and part of the Sevita family, is celebrating National Adoption Month this November. National Adoption Month serves as a reminder of the bonds that form through adoption and the importance of providing children with loving, forever homes. The month honors the significance of family and the diversity of families and the paths which bring them together. It also raises awareness of the many children in need and encourages prospective families to learn more. Currently, there are over 390,000 children in foster care. Of those, the average age is around eight years old. However, children come from many different age groups and can be anywhere from infants to young adults up to 20 years old. They also come from many different backgrounds, situations, and needs and deserve a loving and caring home. Oftentimes, foster care becomes the pathway to permanent adoption, known as foster care adoption. Foster care adoption differs from the temporary foster care system — it represents a stable, reliable placement for children and teens in care and provides them with long-term support when reunification with parents is not an option. Fostering and adoption make long-term positive impacts when children are placed in a safe, loving home. For kids, benefits include trust building, educational support and growth, increased social and emotional skills, more positive longer-term outcomes, and more. Additional information on the benefits of foster care can be found here. The number of children adopted from foster care in FY 2021 was 54,240, a 6% decrease from the year prior (FY 2020) and over an 18% decrease from FY 2019. Additional foster families are needed as many children await their forever homes. Sevita’s Mentor Foster Care programs help foster parents provide an environment where children can thrive. Interested individuals can find a complete guide to becoming a foster parent and how Sevita can support you through the journey here. This National Adoption Month, Sevita and its Mentor Foster Care programs celebrate all foster families supporting children across the country and hopes to inspire others to join in its effort to support the youth who need it most. And for those who have adopted children, through foster care or elsewhere, Sevita shares seven ways to celebrate this month. ### MENTOR Foster Care is part of the Sevita family and has been a trusted provider of foster care services since 1980, when it first began offering services as Massachusetts MENTOR. Today, Mentor Foster Care supports thousands of youth and families in nine U.S. states. Our unique model of foster care places children in loving homes with foster parents who support their healing and growth. Services are tailored to each child’s needs and may include trauma-focused counseling services, family and community activities, case management, life skill building, and skill development and support for foster parents. With the support of a clinical team, case managers, and other supportive staff, foster parents help youth with a wide range of challenges heal after trauma and set a hopeful path for their lives. Learn more at Sevita is a leading provider of community-based specialized health care, inspired by our core values of respect, integrity, inclusion and growth. We provide people with quality services and individualized supports that lead to growth and independence, despite the physical, intellectual, or behavioral challenges they face. We’ve made this our mission for more than 50 years. Today our team members continue to innovate and enhance care for the 50,000+ individuals we serve. Contact Details Melissa Patricio Company Website

November 21, 2023 01:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Analyst Makes a Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction Pre-Halving Event: Can Tron (TRX) and Everlodge (ELDG) Keep Pace?

Total Media

As the highly anticipated Bitcoin (BTC) halving event draws near, analysts predict where its price might sit before this significant milestone. Amidst this thrilling anticipation, the eyes of the crypto world are not solely fixated on this crypto king; altcoins like Tron (TRX) and Everlodge ( ELDG ) are also in the spotlight. Join the Everlodge presale and win a luxury holiday to the Maldives Bitcoin (BTC): The Race to $50,000 The renowned crypto analyst Captain Faibik recently made a bullish Bitcoin (BTC) price prediction. If Bitcoin maintains stability within the 34-38,000 range for the next two months, the price surge could witness BTC soaring to an impressive $50,000 by late March. This projection provides a potential roadmap for Bitcoin's trajectory after the significant halving event. Regarding Bitcoin price performance, the token value has increased from $35,322 on November 14th to $36,324 on November 16th. Additionally, Bitcoin has experienced a reasonable 60% green days and modest price volatility of around 7.97% over the last 30 days alone. The market awaits if Captain Faibik's Bitcoin price prediction will steer it to new heights in the coming months. Tron (TRX): Exhibiting Bullish Momentum Meanwhile, Tron (TRX) has recently emerged with notable vigor, showcasing substantial growth within its DeFi sector. Notably, Tron announced that its DeFi space TVL has surged impressively, marking a milestone at $19.8B. This surge shows Tron's growing ecosystem and its escalating utilization among users. The Tron price has also reflected this growth, rising from $0.09 on November 9th to $0.10 on November 16th. Moreover, Tron has been trading consistently above its 100 and 200-day EMAs, a good indicator signaling sustained positive market sentiment. As a result, analysts have made a bullish Tron price prediction. They project its price to hit $0.11 by December 2023. The platform's steady expansion and robust DeFi participation position TRX favorably for an upward trajectory before the Bitcoin halving event. Everlodge (ELDG): Presale Advances at Lightning Speed Amidst the hype surrounding Bitcoin and Tron's DeFi growth, Everlodge (ELDG) is also making its mark. This rising presale star has already reached Stage 7 of its presale, providing early buyers with an astonishing 150% return. Traders are displaying a great deal of confidence in Everlodge's growth as millions of ELDG native tokens have been sold already. Essentially, Everlodge aims to revolutionize the $280T real estate market by eliminating all issues plaguing it. For example, if you are a trader with a small capital, high-end properties may not be available in traditional marketplaces. Everlodge will change this by digitizing and minting villas or vacation homes into NFTs and then fractionalizing them. This feature will give you an excellent opportunity to become a fractional owner of a mountain cabin or a beachfront villa for prices as low as $100. Another exciting aspect of Everlodge is that anyone can trade their NFTs on secondary markets - adding to its liquidity. This is vital for all those who desire the flexibility to enter or exit quickly. All these features are driven by ELDG, which is now worth only $0.025. Unlike Bitcoin and Tron, it has a low market cap. Meaning that ELDG needs fewer new funds for its price to grow. Therefore, experts foresee a rise to $0.038 before its presale ends. By joining this presale right now, you will also be eligible for a Maldives holiday giveaway - a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Find out more about the Everlodge (ELDG) Presale Website: Telegram: Contact Details Everlodge Media Team

November 20, 2023 08:15 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Don’t Buy the Dips - Do This Instead

RoundHouse Media

You’ve probably heard the advice “Buy the dip” before. Or as Warren Buffet famously said, “Buy when there’s blood in the streets.” Generally speaking, that’s sound advice. But where it often fails is when the market is moving up fast, as it has over the past few weeks, with everyone chasing after the best crypto to buy and FOMOing in on coins that are exploding. Technical analysis (aka “TA”) and YouTube “experts” all claim to be able to predict the future, but statistics show they’re actually not much better than randomly guessing. Learning to read charts can take years to master – and even then, the problem is that everyone else is reading the same charts, seeing the same patterns, and betting against you. But there’s one simple proven technique that pretty much anyone can master – Dollar-Cost Averaging (aka, “DCA”). This method helps investors beat market uncertainty by making automatic and regular purchases, rather than trying to predict exact tops and bottoms. The strategy behind it is simple: invest the same amount of money in the best crypto to buy over a certain period. This method helps investors to reduce their average cost per token and the impact of volatility on their portfolios. In effect, dollar-cost averaging eliminates the effort investors require to predict the market to buy at reasonable prices. This strategy is also known as the constant dollar plan, and it takes emotion out of the equation – overbuying when price is rising too fast, or not buying when the price is low, due to fear. But it requires strong nerves to stick to the plan. >>BUY $GFOX TOKENS NOW<< How Dollar-Cost Averaging Works in the Crypto Market Dollar-cost averaging is an excellent tool for any crypto investor to save money and build wealth. It can also help investors ignore short-time volatility in the crypto market. An example of dollar-cost averaging is when an investor makes a regular $50 purchase of $ETH regardless of the token's price in the market. This investment will be automatic and for a certain period. You can even set automatic buy orders on exchanges so you don’t forget, or worse, start to second-guess yourself. Dollar-cost averaging is a smart investment strategy for both new and experienced investors looking to become rich in the crypto market. Benefits of Dollar-Cost Averaging: Removes the problems of timing the market Takes emotion out of your investment plans Lowers the average amount you spend on investments Eliminates the concerns of when to invest because it’s automatic Who Is Dollar-Cost Averaging For? Any investor who wants to benefit from its many advantages can use the dollar-cost averaging strategy. This includes the stress of making investment decisions under pressure, lower average cost, and regular automatic investment. DCA can be helpful to new crypto investors without the expertise and experience to predict the best moment to buy their preferred tokens. Also, it can serve as an efficient and reliable tool for experienced investors who don’t have the time to monitor the market. Another smart way to DCA is to make regular investments in a presale, like the Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) token presale, which is now in its early stages and recently hit the 6 figure mark of token investment. Setting aside just $50 or $100 per month to invest, and sticking to the plan regardless of what’s happening in the market, is the key to success. >>BUY $GFOX TOKENS NOW<< Why Should Crypto Investors Use Dollar-Cost Averaging? The main benefit of using dollar-cost averaging is that it reduces the adverse effects of investors’ psychology and market prediction on their crypto portfolios. Emotion is the worst enemy of a serious trader. By employing this strategy, investors avoid the risk of making counter-productive investment decisions out of fear or greed, such as buying more when a token price rises or panic-selling when the price drops. Instead, the dollar-cost averaging strategy forces investors to focus on setting out a certain amount of money daily, weekly, or monthly while ignoring the current price of the targeted tokens. Although it eliminates the need for learning to read complicated charts, it still requires careful research and knowledge of the market to determine the best crypto to buy. But statistically speaking, odds of success will be in your favor – especially if you take advantage of opportunities like the Galaxy Fox presale. >>BUY $GFOX TOKENS NOW<< Learn more about Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) here: Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join The Telegram Group | Follow Galaxy Fox on Twitter You’ve probably heard the advice “Buy the dip” before. Or as Warren Buffet famously said, “Buy when there’s blood in the streets.” Generally speaking, that’s sound advice. But where it often fails is when the market is moving up fast, as it has over the past few weeks, with everyone chasing after the best crypto to buy and FOMOing in on coins that are exploding. Contact Details Team

November 18, 2023 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Making the Holiday Season as Easy as Shutterfly


With the holiday season underway, the pressure to find that perfect gift or holiday card is beginning to intensify. In a recent survey of 2,000 people in the U.S. split evenly by generation (Gen Z through Baby Boomers), it was revealed that more than a third of respondents feel pressure shopping for someone who seemingly has everything. Recently, Jess Lesesky, Vice President of Merchandising at Shutterfly, participated in a nationwide satellite media tour to discuss tips for making the holiday season as easy as Shutterfly with personalized gifts and cards. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: Shutterfly is the go-to destination to discover, design and purchase unique and personalized items and cards at a variety of price points within consumers’ target budgets. The brand offers a massive product assortment of over 600 customizable items as diverse as canvas prints, jewelry, coffee mugs, photobooks and holiday cards. The act of personalization is particularly important during the holiday season, as revealed by more than a third of survey respondents feeling more inclined to customize unique gifts during this time. And with many consumers focusing their spending on experiences like trips and concerts over the last 12 months, gifts that capture those moments and turn them into lasting memories are what consumers are looking to share with their loved ones this year. When it comes to holiday cards, more than half of all survey respondents say they still mail their cards versus sending via digital and social platforms. Two-thirds also prefer to receive physical cards as opposed to digital ones. Even for today’s digital-savvy Millennial and Gen Z consumers, physical cards and personalized gifts reign supreme in conveying the sentiment of the holiday season. Shutterfly is the undisputed leader in holiday cards, and on average, during the holiday season, produce 165 million cards – that’s half the population of the US. Finding the right gift can be hard, but Shutterfly makes it easy for you to create one-of-a-kind personal gifts in minutes that promise to bring smiles to faces all year long. Visit for all of your personalized gifting and card needs. About Jess Lesesky Jessica Lesesky is a dynamic leader serving as the Vice President of Merchandising for Shutterfly and Snapfish. In her current role, she is responsible for developing and implementing growth strategies for merchandising as well as establishing the vision for new concepts that pave the way for future expansion. With an extensive background in e-commerce and marketplaces, Jessica has held leadership positions at companies like eBay, Barnes & Noble and RetailMeNot. Her expertise includes executing successful turn-around initiatives for large enterprises and spearheading business incubators, introducing innovative revenue streams. Prior to Shutterfly, Jessica held the position of Chief Revenue Officer at Spoonflower, where she played a pivotal role in achieving nearly triple-digit growth for the brand's wallpaper category. She was part of the executive team leading Spoonflower’s acquisition by Shutterfly in 2021. An accomplished retail executive, she has a passion for creating products, services and experiences that deliver meaningful value to consumers and are integral to an organization’s success. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

November 17, 2023 02:02 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Bored with Dogs and Frogs? The Market Shifts to Newcomer Galaxy Fox

RoundHouse Media

The memecoin market is saturated with silly dog coin knock-offs and dodgy Pepe joke coins. What was once a thriving and fun-filled space has lately devolved into a wasteland of coins that lack real utility or serious development – or even something just to make you laugh, like OG memecoins of the past Doge and Shiba Inu once inspired. But recently a new memecoin project called Galaxy Fox has captured a lot of attention as a serious contender in the space, thanks to its smart design, gaming applications, tokenomics and fun, meme-inspired ethos. If you’re bored with these dog and frog tokens and looking for a good project with excellent features and real use cases, there aren’t many options. But one of the few good choices is Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), a full utility meme coin project on a mission to transform the crypto space. Although Galaxy Fox is only in its first presale stage, the project is taking the internet by storm, as many industry experts have tipped it as the best new crypto to invest in in 2023. Will Galaxy Fox have the potential to shine some light during this memecoin winter? First, let’s look at some of the competition. >>BUY $GFOX TOKENS NOW<< Dogecoin ($DOGE) Dogecoin ($DOGE) was created in 2013 as a comic alternative to many crypto projects like Ethereum. The project is designed after the Japanese dog Shiba Inu and is based on a meme. Unlike Ethereum, which was designed to be scarce, Dogecoin is abundant, with about 1.44 million $DOGE mined daily and no maximum supply. Dogecoin was generally considered an amusing memecoin by its community, with relatively little value. But all that changed in 2021 as the project introduced real-world use cases. Today, Dogecoin is one of the ten top cryptos to invest in in the world by market cap, with a total value of over $10 billion, with each token costing around 0.07469 in today's market. Dogecoin has been experiencing a notable downturn in recent times. Because of this, many investors have grown tired of the volatility in Dogecoin and are shifting their attention to more stable projects, such as Galaxy Fox. Pepe ($PEPE) Pepe ($PEPE) is a deflationary meme token launched on the Ethereum network by anonymous developers in 2023. The project was named after the famous internet frog Pepe. The asset's market cap rose to one billion USD in less than a month since its launch. The platform's native token, $PEPE, has a maximum supply of 420.7 trillion tokens and is secured by the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. The company burns part of each transaction fee to reduce the total supply of the tokens. The price of Pepe has been downward recently following the report that the project's developers are selling off their holdings. This has not gone down well with the investors who are dumping the token for a more stable project amid the concern that the price of $PEPE could drop even further. Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is a full utility meme coin incorporating a vibrant and innovative P2E game that empowers users to become part of the cosmic community. Users will have the opportunity to earn real rewards. Galaxy Fox's mission is to become a widely adopted token across several Web3 platforms. In addition to gaming, the platform was designed to offer various earning opportunities, such as staking, minting, and selling of NFTs, burn tokenomics, and more. The platform's native token, $GFOX, is the governance and utility token powering the project. Holders are open to several utilities on the platform and will have plenty of opportunities to earn rewards through the project. Many crypto analysts have predicted Galaxy Fox's worth will rise thanks to its many excellent features and applications, as the token looks set to surpass Dogecoin ($DOGE) and Pepe ($PEPE) as the best new crypto to invest in in 2023. Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is backed by real utilities to address real-world issues; the project has what it takes to become a prominent utility token. The team has proven that Galaxy Fox will be a safe investment by completing token audits with Crypto Hub - Web3 Agency, a top financial company in the crypto space. As a result, many investors are rushing to purchase the $GFOX tokens at the presale, as the project is considered safe and has the potential to make up to one hundred times more returns in 2023. Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is the best new crypto to invest in in 2023 and is among the few cryptocurrencies expected to grow significantly in the coming years. $GFOX tokens are currently selling at $0.00066 in the ongoing presale. By the end of the presale stages, many analysts predict a gain of over 10,000% in value. >>BUY $GFOX TOKENS NOW<< Learn more about Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) here: Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join The Telegram Group | Follow Galaxy Fox on Twitter Memecoin market is saturated with silly dog coin knock-offs and dodgy Pepe joke coins. What was once a thriving and fun-filled space has lately devolved into a wasteland of coins that lack real utility or serious development or even something just to make you laugh, like OG memecoins of the past Doge and Shiba Inu once inspired. Contact Details Team

November 17, 2023 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

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UpWest and Aura Health Redefine Comfort and Wellness in Clothing Collaboration Transforming Everyday Style and Self-care Routines


UpWest, a brand renowned for its purpose-driven commitment to comfort and sustainability, is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with Aura Health, the Apple award-winning, all-in-one app for mental wellness. This partnership brings together two influential forces to pioneer a new era in mindful living. UpWest and Aura Health proudly introduce a one-of-a-kind collection to support those facing everyday stress with a combination of physical and digital tools. At the heart of this collaboration is the "Garments that Ground" collection by UpWest, a groundbreaking fusion of fashion and wellness. “It was the desire for practical techniques to manage the stress and anxiety of daily life that led the vision for the UpWest x Aura partnership,” says Jamie Schisler, UpWest’s Chief Comfort Officer. He adds, “Incorporating in the collection access to Aura Health’s industry-leading content supports our brand purpose of providing comfort and continues to enforce our solution-oriented approach to design. This partnership truly was formed with the customer needs at the center.” As a brand dedicated to enhancing the well-being of people and the planet collectively, UpWest consistently explores innovative ways to provide quality apparel for mindful individuals. From ingenious design solutions to the use of sustainable materials, UpWest leads the way in creating meaningful connections between clothing, content, and social causes. The leading platform for mental wellness, Aura Health is a first-of-its-kind platform that allows users to find peace every day with the world’s top coaches, therapists, and storytellers. With over 7 million users already, the all-in-one app for mental wellness and sleep has quickly become a leading mental wellness platform worldwide. The robust wellness and sleep content includes mindfulness meditations, stories, sleep tracks, life coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy, breathwork, hypnosis, ASMR, and sound bath therapies. Aura Health has curated impactful partnerships with NBA stars, Olympic athletes, and celebrities such as Ashley Greene, Greg Louganis, and Michael Beasley, who share their passion for bringing mental health resources to everyone. “Aura Health's mission is to restore the world's mental well-being. We’re incredibly excited to partner with UpWest to expand our mission of helping anyone find peace and well-being. UpWest passionately serves its customers by championing mental health awareness, making strides to amplify these efforts through strategic partnerships such as this powerful collaboration,” says Daniel Lee, co-founder of Aura Health. Designed to alleviate anxiety discreetly, key features across the capsule collection include soft-touch snaps and zipperheads, as well as “functional fidget” keychains sewn into the interior pocket, offering a tangible solution to release tension during stressful moments. Additionally, these innovative garments are embedded with on-garment QR codes, providing direct access to complimentary meditation playlists curated by Aura Health. In addition, visitors to the UpWest x Aura collection page on will be welcomed by a thirty-second guided meditation. This seamless blend of clothing and mindfulness empowers wearers to embark on a journey toward inner peace and well-being right from their wardrobes. The first-of-its-kind collection includes an assortment of men's and women's outerwear, sweatshirts, and sweatpants, with prices ranging from $68 to $198. UpWest and Aura Health invite you to join them in this exciting collaboration that promises to redefine comfort and wellness. This first-ever ”e-calmerce” experience is currently available online and in stores and is poised to make a meaningful impact on lives around the country. To view the collection and take the guided meditation, please visit UpWest is a purpose-driven lifestyle brand founded in 2019 with a singular mission — to provide comfort for people and the planet. Guided by the philosophy of "Comfort for good; progress over perfection," UpWest is committed to creating quality apparel that prioritizes sustainability and mental health awareness. The brand seamlessly blends innovative design with eco-friendly materials, offering a mindful fashion experience that goes beyond clothing. As part of its commitment to progress, UpWest continually strives to use more sustainable fabrics, actively supports charitable causes, and exclusively partners with "Brands We Believe In" for non-apparel items. UpWest represents more than just a brand; it embodies a movement toward a more comfortable and purposeful world. Join UpWest on the journey where comfort meets purpose, progress is perfection, and the well-being of people and the planet is paramount. Contact Details UpWest Madison Baber +1 210-213-2426 Company Website

November 17, 2023 11:11 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Pet Rock NFTs Are Selling for 6 Figures. Could GFOX NFT Characters Be Worth More?

RoundHouse Media

After the devastating NFT market collapse and tons of news headlines, "Are NFTs Dead?" it seems that the overall bullish sentiment has touched on the NFT market, too. The recent sales of EtherRock NFTs and Bitcoin Rock Ordinals, fetching over $100,000 each, have reignited speculation about a potential revival in the NFT sector. This renewed interest in NFTs, particularly in the context of a recovering cryptocurrency market, raises intriguing possibilities for emerging NFT-related projects like Galaxy Fox ($GFOX). Read on and learn what NFTs to buy to be in the right place at the right time. Galaxy Fox NFTs Open A New Era of Utility and Value Galaxy Fox is a new Ethereum-based project combining the best of three major crypto trends - meme coins, NFTs, and play-to-earn gaming. The main part of Galaxy Fox's ecosystem is its Web3 running game that combines skill and strategy. In this game, players navigate through various levels, each presenting unique challenges and obstacles. Success in the game is based on performance, with players aiming to achieve high scores and top leaderboard positions. Whoever ranks in the top 20% gets rewards distributed from the prize pool. This prize pool is raised through in-game asset purchases, and half of it is reinvested to reward the community. Galaxy Fox is set to release 3000 unique and coolest NFTs during its presale, available for minting directly from its website and tradable on platforms like OpenSea. These NFTs, featuring characters from the Galaxy Fox ecosystem, are more than just digital collectables. They play a tangible role within the Galaxy Fox game, enhancing players' in-game experience. The Galaxy Fox marketplace will facilitate the buying and selling of these NFTs, along with temporary in-game attribute boosts. This integration of NFTs into the gaming experience sets Galaxy Fox apart, offering real utility and potentially greater value than many other NFT projects, so if you wonder what NFTs to buy, Galaxy Fox could be your best bet. >>BUY $GFOX TOKENS NOW<< Current State of the NFT Market Recently, the NFT market has seen a surprising comeback with big sales in EtherRock and Bitcoin Rock Ordinals NFTs, each selling for over $100,000. This uptick in interest comes as the wider crypto market also grows, with Bitcoin breaking the $37,000 mark and Ethereum going above $2,100. This has brought a mix of hope and caution among those investing in crypto. EtherRock, a set of 100 identical gray rock NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, made headlines when one of them, EtherRock #95, was sold for 100 ETH, or about $209,000. On the Bitcoin blockchain, a similar NFT from the Bitcoin Rock Ordinals collection sold for 2.99 BTC, which was over $111,000. These NFTs are simple rock images and don’t offer any extra features, but they have become quite valuable to collectors. These sales, occurring in a market that has seen its fair share of volatility, suggest a renewed interest in NFTs. However, it's important to note that despite their high sales prices, these collections offer no special benefits or utilities beyond the NFTs themselves. Summary In a market where simple images of rocks can accrue significant value, the potential for NFTs with actual utility, like those in the Galaxy Fox ecosystem, is considerable. Galaxy Fox has reached its first significant milestone, selling $100K worth of tokens in just a few days, signaling that these NFTs could be the only right answer to your question - What NFTs to buy? The presale clock of this new ERC20 coin is ticking, and with the second round and price increase just around the corner, early birds are actively joining to secure guaranteed gains. Learn more about Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) here: Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join The Telegram Group | Follow Galaxy Fox on Twitter After the devastating NFT market collapse and tons of news headlines, "Are NFTs Dead?" it seems that the overall bullish sentiment has touched on the NFT market, too. The recent sales of EtherRock NFTs and Bitcoin Rock Ordinals, fetching over $100,000 each, have reignited speculation about a potential revival in the NFT sector. Contact Details Team

November 17, 2023 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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RBLZ Emerges As Top ERC-20 Token, Why Are Meme Coin Whales Accumulating?

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Embrace the Rebellion! Ready to release your inner rebel? There’s been a lot of talk about Bitcoin recently, but one cryptocurrency has developed into thе lеadеr of a distinct movеmеnt, establishing itself as one of the best cryptocurrеnciеs. Not your average coin, Rеbеl Satoshi is represented by thе $RBLZ token. Drivеn by thе community, its goals arе to ignitе changе, awakеn thе silеnt majority, and give your portfolio some massive gains. Rеbеl Satoshi is bringing about a fascinating new era, which quеstions traditional wisdom. Rеbеl Satoshi is a living embodiment of thе disobedient and fеarlеss spirits of Guy Fawkеs and Satoshi Nakamoto, two historical individuals who attеmptеd to bring down and chаllеngе established authority. Thе $RBLZ tokеn, which stands for solidarity and rеsistancе to thе status quo, acts as thе mission's bеacon. On a mission to takе on powеrful opponеnts, cеntralizеd organizations and thе privilеgеd fеw who gathеr unfathomable wealth, arе Rеbеl Satoshi and the Rеcusants. By еxposing thе repressive structures that benefit a select fеw еlitеs, this uprising seeks to show thе strеngth of dеcеntralization and solidarity against thosе with disproportionatе wеalth and powеr. Aiming High The bold objеctivе is to rеach a markеt capitalization of $100 million in ordеr to demonstrate thе power of a movement lеd by thе community - together, they want to prove that David can always beat Goliath. Rеbеl Satoshi hopеs to havе a significant impact on being thе best crypto to buy now by uniting and challenging cеntralizеd systеms, rеwriting thе rulеs and promoting unity to bring in an еxciting nеw wave in crypto. Thе Ethеrеum-based (ERC20) tokеn $RBLZ draws attеntion to inеquality and sеrvеs as a rеmindеr to thе thе favourites that thеy hаvе power whеn thеy comе togеthеr for a fun and morally еnriching causе. It's morе than just a tokеn; it's your pass to takе part in missions, gеt rеwards, stakе for morе advantages, and bеcomе a part of a thriving community that еmbracеs rеbеllion. In Rеbеl Satoshi's univеrsе, purposе and playfulnеss comе togеthеr, where laughter and unity arе thе prеfеrrеd weapons in this joyful uprising. Rеbеl Satoshi invites users to go on an adventure whеrе thеy can dеfy expectations and havе fun along thе way through playful еngagеmеnt, intеractivе missions, and meme culturе. Rеbеl Satoshi extends an invitation to you to join the transformation and inspire thе slееping sheep as we step into this fascinating nеw еra. $RBLZ: The Heart of the Rebellion And The Unique NFT Vault The central component of the Rеbеl Satoshi ecosystem is thе Rеbеl Satoshi Token, or $RBLZ. It’s a mеmе coin drivеn by thе community that represents dеcеntralization, solidarity, and rеbеllion. With $RBLZ, centralised systеms will be challenged and thе strеngth of the community will bе cеlеbratеd. Bеing an ownеr of $RBLZ grants you accеss to a widе rangе of community activitiеs, such as onlinе gеt-togеthеrs, intеractivе gamеs, and coopеrativе projеcts. Community mеmbеrs activеly support the expansion and stability of thе еcosystеm by staking $RBLZ, and they also еarn bеnеfits that arе consistent with thеir commitment to dеcеntralization. Your key to a revolutionary crypto еxpеriеncе whеrе dеcеntralization, rеsistancе, and unity arе essential is $RBLZ. Takе part in thе prеsalе, join thе movеmеnt, and become a Rеcusant—a proud member of the Rеbеl Satoshi community—to create changе in thе crypto industry for the better. Now, introducing one of the most popular NFT collеctions, including 9, 999 unique characters from thе Rеbеl Satoshi еcosystеm—Citizеns, Warriors, Rеbеls, Monarchs, and Rеcusants—will bе rеlеasеd by Rеbеl Satoshi. You could find a wеalth of uniquе digital artwork and collеctiblеs with this opportunity. Takе advantagе of a thriving markеt, exchange distinctivе NFTs, and honor Rеbеl Satoshi and Thе Rеcusants' rеbеllious naturе. Evеry popular NFT tеlls a part of the Rebel story and symbolizеs bravery, solidarity, and defiance that propеl the community's rеsistancе to opprеssion. Final Words If you want to get involved, community members actively support thе expansion of the Rеbеl Satoshi ecosystem by еngaging in staking. Thе efficient and transparent staking mechanism makes surе that rеwards arе dispersed automatically and equally. The longer you stake, the more you’ll make! For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram Contact Details Rebel Red

November 16, 2023 02:20 PM Eastern Standard Time

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