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Start Your Summer off Right with ReadyWise

ReadyWise, Inc.

ReadyWise is kicking off the summer season as the weather gets better with their Memorial Weekend Sale to prepare people to take on the outdoors! The rapidly growing food brand offers ready-to-eat meals and snacking solutions serving the preparedness, outdoors, and everyday end markets. ReadyWise makes it easy to get out there and enjoy your favorite summer activities like hiking, camping, swimming, and more with their delicious freeze-dried and dehydrated meals with an extended shelf-life of up to 15 years. Get ready for summer camping with ReadyWise's Outdoors Category, which makes it one step easier to experience the adventure of your dreams. They have something for everyone with various breakfasts, entrées, desserts, and snack selections. "By the end of a long hike, I'm exhausted," says Chris Carter, Triple Crown Through Hiker. "The thought of a warm meal pushes me through the final miles. Having a rewarding meal like ReadyWise dinners that are nutrient-dense and high-calorie has been key to keeping me fueled during the long haul." These pouches are perfect for summer with lightweight and easy-to-prepare products that are super convenient, just add water and eat in pouch. No messy dishes to clean. People love the variety of recipes ReadyWise offers, like Spicy Asian Style Noodles, Classic Mac and Cheese, Wild Rice Risotto, Pasta Alfredo, and more. They also have their amazing trail treats with a freeze-dried Cookie Dough Snack and a Mango Sticky Rice. They make sure to cater to dietary needs by offering vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free meals and snacks. Their Simple Kitchen Everyday Snacks line is the perfect addition to their Outdoor Meals complimenting a nice consistency change with freeze-dried fruit, seasoned vegetables, and sweet treat snacks. ReadyWise has created a camper's dream with their 2-Day Adventure Bag with breakfasts, entrees, and snacks conveniently packed in a 5L drybag for only $54.99. Once you have enjoyed your meals, you can reuse the dry bag as a great waterproof keepsake for future camping trips. As camping season picks up, make sure you reserve in advance if you have specific sites in mind, especially around holiday weekends. If you are a spontaneous planner, there are great resources to find local camping spots or find vacant sites off the beaten path. If you're a Utah local, check out one of ReadyWise's top spots, the Dugway Geode Beds. This unique attraction offers great local area activities like rockhounding, where the public is free to find and keep geodes filled with beautiful crystals. Read this blog to discover how the fascinating geodes came to be and where to find them! When you reach a new campsite, explore your area's local, national park activities to find fun discoveries you didn't even know were there. Before heading off on your adventure, make a camping checklist to ensure enough gear, food, and water. With ReadyWise Outdoor meals, you won't have to stress about expiration dates with delicious meals you can bring and eat anywhere! Check out ReadyWise on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook for fun summer giveaways, announcements, and more! To learn more about ReadyWise products or subscribe to emails click here. Contact Details ReadyWise Tim Lawlor +1 801-383-1356

May 27, 2022 05:35 PM Mountain Daylight Time

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Why Influencer Marketing is Taking Over Online Advertising


TCM has launched NinjaInfluence, an all-in-one Influencer Marketing AI SaaS platform that provides an affordable yet powerful use of influencer marketing that enables eCommerce businesses to deal with increased ad costs and reduced marketing budgets due to unstable market sentiment. On Tuesday, May 24th, The Snap Company announced it will miss its projections due to decreased ad spending. The announcement triggered a spiral effect for most ad-driven super techs, such as Google and Facebook. This came as no surprise given the current environment, along with rising ad prices and macro headwinds likely to extend to every region of digital advertising. An article published by CNBC earlier this week states, “Social media companies were already having a rough year from the cutback in digital ad spending caused by rising inflation, supply chain challenges, and the war in Ukraine. Forecasts for the second quarter called for meager growth at best, and stock prices were getting hammered.” Following Snap’s disclosure, JMP Securities analysts shared, “Macro headwinds likely extend to all digital advertising.” They added that brand budgets, and especially digital ones, “are more at risk of being reduced as companies tighten ad budgets,” while direct response ads, or those that encourage viewers to take immediate action, are “more connected to consumer spend, particularly eCommerce.” Read the full CNBC article here. The eCommerce space is seeking alternative means to cut down advertising spending amid rising costs of social media ads in an environment that's highly volatile. Even now while ad costs rise, eCommerce has seen a massive uptick since the start of the pandemic, expected to total $5.55 trillion in 2022 and to grow by almost $11 trillion between 2021 and 2025. This increase can also be attributed to the effect of influenceres/online creators. An authentic and engaging presence online is critical to being disruptive in a saturated marketed experience. People want to be wowed, connect to something, and belong to a community. Enter influencers, a person valued by the audience much more than the classic pop-up ad. With such dedicated followings, you can shorten the sales cycle by standing apart from your competition. A strong brand doesn’t only optimize performance marketing in the short term but also makes it a source of sustainable growth. Stronger brands draw more organic acquisitions, retain more customers, and command higher sales. As the digital space becomes more crowded, brand identity and brand awareness will only become more crucial. When time is a critical commodity,one needs to be fast, agile, and ahead of its competitors. One needs to focus on brand equity and improve upon one's brand loyalty while maintaining one's ad spend. While inflationary pressure affects purchasing decisions, brands must strengthen their community reach and customer relationships. After spending over eight years operating within the eCommerce space both as an eCommerce seller and as a leading aggregator, we have experienced community creation, aptly named influencer marketing, first hand. But how do you go about finding the right influencers? Even if you do find the right influencers, how would you manage them, monetize, measure performance, and still be able to attend one's eCommerce business? Welcome to the solution of NinjaInfluence, TCM’s disruptive influencer marketing platform. With our dynamic and elastic AI search engine, we have curated a database of over 140 million influencers for you to filter and pinpoint the perfect brand representative. Each will be the champion brand ambassador and increase sales. Within the platform, you can conduct research, outreach, and campaign management along with tracking your real-time sales and social metrics. Even making payments to your influencers are just a click away using NinjaInfluence. You do not have to take the journey alone. Our team of Influencer Managers is here to oversee the entire process, from discovering and identifying the right influencer, to outreach and sending customized messages all the way to managing your entire marketing influencers funnel, your own dedicated Influencers Manager. With the assistance of the Influencer Manager, negotiate everything from partnership terms to campaign management as they set up eCommerce coupons, tracking links for sales, and social engagement. On June 1st at 9:00 am ET, the Ninjainfluence team will be conducting a live webinar. We invite you to join our live demonstration and roundtable discussion as we tackle the alternative means of online advertising and how to best engage with Influencers for the maximum outcome. To save your seat, click to register and write "Save my seat for the upcoming webinar." About NinjaInfluence NinjaInfluence is an influencer marketing software that supports users in easily managing their strategies and communicating with influencers/creators. Following up on its predecessor, NinjaOutreach, it provides access to over 140 million influencers across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter. In addition to its established search engine, NinjaInfluence offers a multitude of features such as eCommerce integration, full analytics dashboards, smart search manager, internal payment platform, related profile recommendation engine and a consolidated CRM-like workspace. Scalable and effective through its use of powerful big data technology, NinjaInfluence searches through millions of creators to intelligently identify qualified influencer leads, and enable the launch of influencer campaigns with traceable ROI. For more information, a free trial, or to subscribe to NinjaInfluence, visit Contact Details Gabi Bar +1 845-709-8324 Company Website

May 27, 2022 09:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Don’t Get Scammed: Avoiding Fraud After a Natural Disaster


With hurricane season and wildfire season on the horizon in many parts of the country, damage and loss to homes in affected areas are unavoidable. The National Insurance Crime Bureau is warning those living in areas that could suffer from a natural disaster to not only be prepared for the disaster but to be aware of the potential for fraudulent contractors and vendors taking advantage of victims in its aftermath. According to the NICB, up to 10 percent of disaster claims paid can be attributable to fraud. In 2021, insurers paid $92 billion in catastrophe claims, up to $9.2 billion attributable to fraud. Oftentimes, these deceitful actors will target neighborhoods affected by disasters and make an unsolicited stop at your home. They’ll take your money, often overcharging, and do shoddy or no work at all, promising that your insurance company will pay for it all. Insurance fraud related to natural disasters can add millions of dollars paid out by insurers, which results in higher premiums for policyholders. In some cases, individual homeowners are on the hook for up to tens-of-thousands of dollars they may not be able to recover. On Tuesday, May 24th, NICB President & CEO David Glawe conducted a nationwide media tour with TV stations across the country to discuss how to avoid home repair fraud after a natural disaster and many other consumer friendly topics. During the media tour interviews David Glawe discussed: · The steps homeowners can and should take prior to a natural disaster and how preparation can help reduce chances of becoming a victim of fraud · The kind of fraud that takes place following disasters while victims are trying to put their homes and lives back together · The best practices for disaster victims when hiring contractors or vendors and tips for avoiding dishonest contractors · What the federal response will be following a natural disaster and what it entails for both recovery and helping to alleviate fraud problems · The most common methods fraudulent contractors try to scam disaster victims · The resources available to help homeowners and other disaster victims avoid potential fraudulent actors or report fraud when they encounter it Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

May 26, 2022 04:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Dukkantek creates a digital ecosystem for SMB retail sector as it rapidly expands across MENA


In less than six months since securing a $5.2m funding round, store management platform DukkanTek has expanded from UAE where it is headquartered into Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. This takes their presence to 7 countries as they seek opportunities in North Africa. Dukkantek was founded in January 2021 by Ali Al Sayegh, Sanad Yaghi and Shadi Joulani. It has already attracted more than 5,000+ customers for its suite of services empowering traditional merchants with end-to-end digital technology that improves all business processes. Dukkantek believes that traditional merchants and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) remain the backbone of the global economy, and their transactions should be digitized to keep pace with market developments. And to this end they platform provides: Cloud POS: The Cloud POS is a Point-of-Sales system that can be accessed online, from anywhere. It allows businesses to keep track of transactions & sales, calculate VAT, generate reports and calculate profit margin. Inventory Management: The Cloud IM is an online software that helps businesses track, manage & organize the inventory. It allows users to keep track of stock, measure stock value, manage fast-moving products and generate reports for analysis. Payment Options: The platform offers a variety of payment options including cash, card payments or credit payments. Reports can be generated to track payments. E-Commerce: The e-commerce functionality allows stores to sell their goods online or through an app. One of its features includes live inventory, as it’s linked to the IM & POS software. Another feature is that stores can choose what items to put online and their corresponding prices. Moreover, it sends push notifications to customers. Companion App: The companion app is a mobile application that helps manage the store online. Its features include: Automated Inventory Reconciliation, live store data, linked to IM & POS, ability to track daily sales on the dashboard, ability to review all transactions, and track cash movements and payment methods. Dukkantek co-founder Sanad Yaghi commented: “For too long SMB store owners have been left on the margins of the tech shift. We are serving the unmet need observed in these businesses with the adoption and usage of comprehensive online shopping technologies. It’s a severely underserved market and we are trying to get to as many people as possible. Our growth is testament to our efforts in empowering traditional merchants to thrive in a digital world with premium end-to-end technology.” The UAE has one of the most vibrant and attractive startup ecosystems in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Dukkantek provides a one stop shop for local community retail stores, supermarkets, small grocers, service shops and dark stores who are seeking to use the latest technology to serve their customers. The coronavirus pandemic hastened digital adoption in the MENA region, leading to an increase in online shopping, in particular. The region's e-commerce market is expected to reach $49 billion in 2025, up almost 55 per cent from 2021, a report by EZDubai, an e-commerce zone in Dubai, and Euromonitor International showed earlier this year. The UAE’s e-commerce market alone is forecast to grow 60 per cent to more than $8bn by 2025 from 2021. Community retailers in the UAE without a digital presence, who were unable to accept online payments during the pandemic, were severely affected due to the drop in customer footfall. About Dukkantek Founded in January 2021, Dukkantek is the UAE’s first and only revolutionary store management platform that enables traditional merchants to compete equally in an evolving digital world, and further empower their retail capacity. Redefining the conventional way of managing tasks and sales, the innovative platform aims to strengthen local community stores and power digital transformations with end-to-end technology that enhances and streamlines all business processes, enabling them to compete with dark stores and delivery players. Dukkantek is the technology partner for all local community stores in the region. For more information please visit Contact Details Dukkantek Bilal Mahmood +44 7714 007257 Company Website

May 26, 2022 07:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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What Happens After Closing: Everything Homeowners Need to Know About Maintaining Their Homes


The last two years have seen a record-high surge in people seeking their first homes, with first-time homebuyers making up more than a third (34%) of all home buyers in the last 12 months, according to the National Association of Realtors. However, house hunting, down payments and closing costs are just the beginning of the journey. Recently, David Steckel, Home Expert at Thumbtack, participated in a nationwide satellite media tour to discuss taking a proactive approach to home maintenance. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: According to a recent survey from Thumbtack, the app used by millions of homeowners, 68% of homeowners report feeling overwhelmed, confused or stressed about maintaining their homes (and this increases to 80% for millennial homeowners). To most, maintaining a home can feel like having a second job, yet one-third of homeowners are unsure where to begin when it comes to maintaining it. This is why Thumbtack is launching a new home care experience to build a long-term partnership with homeowners in the continuous care of their largest asset. The new home care experience not only gives homeowners peace of mind, but also step-by-step, personalized guidance to maintain their most valuable asset – their home. Through Thumbtack, homeowners can create a free seasonal maintenance guide that’s personalized to their home and location, with the ability to book a pro in seconds through their on-demand booking feature. And through their new membership offering, homeowners can get 1:1 support from home specialists, discounts on on-demand bookings, and much more – all for just $49/year. According to Thumbtack, the average cost of home maintenance increased by 8.2% — amounting to an annual maintenance budget of roughly $5,000. Yet, 79% of homeowners are under budgeting for essential home maintenance. And this investment pays off, new data from Thumbtack and OJO shows that a well maintained home sells for 10% more, increasing a home’s value by ~$44,000 nationally. For more information, homeowners can download the Thumbtack app (available on iOS and Android) or go to About David Steckel David Steckel is a Home Expert at Thumbtack, with 15 years of experience as a general contractor in the home building industry. At Thumbtack, he provides homeowners with the guidance they need to better plan, budget, and complete home repair, maintenance and improvement projects. As a licensed general contractor, David has experience in custom home building as well as residential and commercial building maintenance. Prior to his role at Thumbtack, David founded Setter, a subscription-based home maintenance and repair service which was acquired by Thumbtack. About Thumbtack Thumbtack is a technology leader building the modern home management platform. Through the Thumbtack app, homeowners can effortlessly manage their homes — confidently knowing what to do, when to do it, and who to hire. Bringing the $500 billion home services industry online, Thumbtack empowers millions of homeowners to fix, maintain, and improve their most valuable asset. The company is backed by Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global Management, Javelin Venture Partners, Baillie Gifford, and CapitalG, among others. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

May 25, 2022 01:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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The ForeverLawn Black and Green Grass Machine Returns at Charlotte Motor Speedway


ForeverLawn, Inc. ® will continue their sponsorship of Jeffrey Earnhardt and the “Black and Green Grass Machine” at the Alsco Uniforms 300 in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, Saturday, May 28, 2022. This race is part of ForeverLawn’s multi-race deal with Earnhardt and the Sam Hunt Racing team and will be streamed live from Charlotte Motor Speedway at 1:00 p.m. ET on FS1. “Last year our race at Charlotte was filled with memorable moments, one being when Jeffrey hit the wall and as a result flew the Harvest Church back panel banner on national TV,” says Dale Karmie, Co-Founder of ForeverLawn. “This year with SHR, we are hoping to get noticed for a different reason: running at the front. We also want to honor and pay tribute to all the men and women who gave their lives to serve and protect this great nation. God Bless America.” Earnhardt will pilot the No. 26 ForeverLawn Toyota GR Supra with a revamped version of the 2022 Black and Green Grass Machine paint scheme, as seen in the SRS Distribution 250 at Texas Motor Speedway. Continuing their ongoing sponsorship participation alongside ForeverLawn are the Accredited Petroleum Association, LifeGR, STR, and Precision Products. Viewers can follow Earnhardt and the ForeverLawn car by watching on FS1 or on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using #blackandgreengrassmachine. About ForeverLawn ForeverLawn ® improves spaces and communities through innovative synthetic grass solutions. Beginning in 2004 as the daring entrepreneurial venture of two brothers, ForeverLawn has consistently led the synthetic turf industry through groundbreaking approaches to products and practice. As the premium choice for synthetic surfacing, each product is engineered to solve unique consumer needs and desires while maintaining superior standards and natural aesthetics. Today the company services over eighty localized markets through their dealer network, with an impressive regional, national, and international project portfolio. Want to be a part of something bigger? Learn how you can be a person of impact through business ownership opportunities with ForeverLawn. For more information, contact Contact Details ForeverLawn, Inc. Julia Kontur +1 330-499-8873 Company Website

May 25, 2022 12:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Ripken Baseball Expands Programming in Pigeon Forge

Ripken Baseball

Ripken Baseball, the leader in youth sports events, announced they are gaining access to four additional fields in the City of Pigeon Forge. As one of the most sought-after youth sports complexes in the country, Ripken Experience™ Pigeon Forge will be able to host teams from around the country on 10 total fields, including access to the newly renovated fields at Pigeon Forge’s Wear Farm City Park. The park’s four fields will be completely upgraded and reimagined prior to the start of the 2023 season. Similar to the original six fields at Ripken Experience™ Pigeon Forge which opened in 2016, each field at Wear Farm City Park will become a youth replica of famous Major League Baseball parks of the past and present. Residents of Pigeon Forge will benefit from the renovations as Wear Farm City Park will continue to host tournaments throughout the year on state-of-the-art artificial turf that closely replicates real grass. “Every year, our teams and their families take home countless fond memories of the Pigeon Forge area when they participate in The Ripken Experience™,” said Cal Ripken, Jr., who co-founded Ripken Baseball with his brother Bill Ripken. “The views are unbelievable and the feeling you have when you experience our complex is special. The demand to play here is through the roof. This is an exciting opportunity to expand and welcome even more baseball families to Pigeon Forge.” Wear Farm City Park’s four fields will be transformed into youth replicas of the following big league stadiums: St. Louis’ Busch Stadium, Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Stadium, Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium, and Cincinnati’s Riverfront Stadium. The $3 million renovation project will begin this summer. “Pigeon Forge’s partnership with Ripken Baseball is a successful one, as demonstrated by the annual increase in demand for the ball fields and the direct impact on our city’s tourism industry due to the many families who visit,” said Pigeon Forge City Manager Earlene Teaster. “The upgrades to Wear Farm City Park are a win-win for The Ripken Experience™ and our Pigeon Forge residents as these fields bring vast improvements for everyone to enjoy.” Pigeon Forge residents and local youth teams will enjoy the renovations immediately following completion. The Ripken Experience™ Pigeon Forge’s access to Wear Farm City Park applies primarily to daytime hours during the summer season, allowing the four baseball fields to remain available for Pigeon Forge residents during evenings, weekends, and most Fridays. The addition of artificial turf provides longer days during the winter months (November through early March), earlier year-round start times, and quicker turnaround during the event of rain. Wear Farm City Park is open daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. The park, which also has soccer and youth football facilities, will continue to host youth baseball leagues. The Ripken Experience™ Pigeon Forge hosts more than 1,000 teams annually from over 30 states, traveling from as far away as California, Alaska, and overseas. Players’ families, many of whom are first-time visitors to Pigeon Forge, have a significant impact on the Pigeon Forge economy. A 2018 economic impact study attributed $33.8 million in visitor spending to The Ripken Experience™ Pigeon Forge during the facility’s nine-month season that year. The appeal of Pigeon Forge as a family vacation destination was a major reason the city built the $22.5 million complex and contracted with Ripken Baseball to operate it. During seven seasons of operations, the facility has solidified Pigeon Forge as a major sports tourism destination. In addition, research indicates that 99 percent of those who visit the facility reside outside of Sevier County. Tournament participants, coaches, and their families contribute to the local economy through overnight lodging stays ticket purchases to area attractions, restaurant dining, and other purchases. Pigeon Forge is located in Sevier County just six miles from the entrance to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Since opening its doors in March 2016, more than 5,000 youth baseball teams and 250 high school softball teams have taken to the six fields at The Ripken Experience Pigeon Forge. In total, more than 75,000 players and coaches have traveled to play ball on fields that offer unobstructed views of the Great Smoky Mountains, with an additional 1,000 teams expected to travel to the complex for competition in 2022. The Ripken Experience™ Pigeon Forge is located on a ridge above Pigeon Forge. Each field borrows its design inspiration from current and former ballparks highlighting the professional player progression from the Minor to Major Leagues, including Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore. The others are Calfee Park in Pulaski, Va., the oldest park in the Appalachian League; Fluor Field in Greenville, S.C., known as “Little Fenway”; Engel Stadium in Chattanooga, Tenn., a filming location for the “42” movie about Jackie Robinson; BB&T Ballpark in Winston-Salem, N.C.; and Isotopes Park in Albuquerque, N.M. The Ripken Experience™ Pigeon Forge hosts tournaments nine months out of the year and offers year-round branded events in its 14,000-square-foot clubhouse. Tournaments are free to spectators, and parking is free at the complex. Visitor information about Pigeon Forge is available online at and toll-free at 800-251-9100. To learn more about Ripken Baseball and for The Ripken Experience™ Pigeon Forge, visit Cal Ripken, Jr. headshot and The Ripken Experience Pigeon Forge facility images are available here. Photo credit: The Ripken Experience Pigeon Forge About Ripken Baseball Ripken Baseball brings teammates, coaches, and families together through its Big-League Experiences, while teaching the values of the game, and how to play it the right way – the Ripken Way. Recently expanding the best experience in youth sports to satellite locations through Ripken Select Tournaments, Ripken Baseball continues to innovate the game through tournaments, camps, clinics, and spring training at their state-of-the-art baseball and softball facilities – The Ripken Experience™ Aberdeen (Maryland), The Ripken Experience™ Myrtle Beach (South Carolina), and The Ripken Experience™ Pigeon Forge (Tennessee). # # # Contact Details Eric Nemeth +1 602-502-2793 Company Website

May 25, 2022 09:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Spiceology Launches Two New Spice Blends With Chef Kwame Onwuachi, Bringing His Culinary Roots to Life


Spiceology, the fastest growing spice company in America, today announced its partnership and new product line with Kwame Onwuachi, James Beard award-winning chef and acclaimed author. This launch follows the release of Chef Kwame’s newest book, “ My America: Recipes From a Young Black Chef.” The two new spice blends capture key flavors represented throughout the cookbook and are inspired by the ingredients Onwuachi grew up with and still cooks with to this day. “I don’t remember a time where there wasn’t ‘house spice’ around,” said Chef Kwame Onwuachi, describing his mother’s secret spice blend that seasoned all of the food he grew up eating. “Trying to remember the moment when I was first introduced to house spice is like asking me the first time you had salt - it was just always there. I’m grateful Spiceology was able to help me bring these spice blends to life so that everyone can experience the flavors that sparked my passion for food.” The new blends created by Spiceology and Chef Kwame bring a modern twist to some of Onwuachi’s earliest memories: Kwame’s Mom’s House Spice ($14.95): This all-purpose blend embodies the flavors of Kwame’s mother’s secret recipe. The pairing possibilities are endless with flavor profiles of garlic, onion, black pepper, cayenne, and worcestershire. Intended to be eaten on and in “anything in your house,” Kwame’s Mom’s House Spice pairs with steak, chicken, Cajun food, curries, veggies, and more. Toasted Curry Powder ($14.95): This balance of spices that Onwuachi says “tastes like a symphony” is a combination of Jamaican and Trinadadian curry powders with notes of fenugreek, mustard seed, allspice, turmeric, and coriander. This blend goes beyond traditional curry dishes and can be used on popcorn, pickled veggies, rice dishes, potato salad, and jollof rice. “We’re firm believers in flavor innovation and storytelling with our collaborations and products,” said Chef Tony Reed, Senior Director of Innovation and Partnerships. “Being able to work with Chef Kwame helps us continue to push the needle, bringing his unique flavors to homes and dishes everywhere. These blends offer a complex yet approachable explosion of flavor and a way to experiment with new cuisines.” The blends are available for purchase on and are available in 9 oz jars. Chef Kwame’s book can be found wherever books are sold. ABOUT SPICEOLOGY Founded in 2013, Spiceology is the fastest-growing spice company in America and is on a mission to bring the magic back to spices, the world’s first currency. The chef-owned and operated, one-stop spice shop develops innovative blends and offers over 400 ingredients that are ground fresh in small-batches and shipped fresh to consumers and chefs. Spiceology’s “experiment with flavor” ethos is not only embraced through excellent ingredients and unique combinations, but also through responsible business practices designed to create a better world with diversity, equity and inclusion at the heart of the workforce. Spiceology products can be found on, in specialty retailers and grocers, in restaurants around the US, and as far away as Australia and Dubai. Visit for more information or to place an order, or follow Spiceology on Facebook and Instagram. For recipe inspiration, visit here. ABOUT CHEF KWAME Kwame Onwuachi is a James Beard Award-winning chef and author of the critically acclaimed memoir “Notes from a Young Black Chef,” which is being adapted into a feature film by A24. Kwame’s resume is incomparable as he has been named one of Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs, Esquire Magazine’s 2019 Chef of the Year, and is a 30 Under 30 honoree by both Zagat and Forbes. He was featured on the TIME 100 Next 2019 List and has been named the most important Chef in America by the San Francisco Chronicle. Kwame currently serves as Food & Wine’s executive producer. In this recently-appointed role, Kwame collaborated on big brand moments and events including the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, where he hosted cooking demonstrations and events. He also serves in the new role of Food & Wine’s pro ambassador to the hospitality industry and creator of “The Family Reunion: Presented by Kwame Onwuachi,” an annual multi-day event that takes place in Middleburg, Virginia and celebrates diversity in the hospitality community. In September 2021, Onwuachi hosted the esteemed James Beard Awards in Chicago. Kwame recently released his first-ever cookbook “My America: Recipes from a Young Black Chef,” which is a follow up to his critically acclaimed memoir “Notes from a Young Black Chef.” Contact Details Spiceology Cassidy Levine +1 908-770-7880 Company Website

May 24, 2022 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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VAPORESSO BigSleeps x TwoJsKicks Street Artists Vaping Collaboration


VAPORESSO has teamed up with two American urban icons, BigSleeps x TwoJsKicks, as part of a stylish new look for the vape kit brand. BigSleeps, the founder of BigSleeps Ink/Letters To Live By, is a legendary lettering tattoo artist based in LA, USA. BigSleeps has artistically developed his Chicano style lettering design and artwork. Creating something unique and out of the ordinary, just like the ethos of the VAPORESSO brand. He is regarded as the leading artist of Chicano lettering style and highly regarded in the Chicano community. Jaysse Lopez, or TwoJskicks, is the founder of the biggest USA sneaker re-sell store ‘Urban Necessities’ and is a social media star, with 905k followers on INSTAGRAM and 310k YouTube subscribers. TwoJskicks, is regarded as the king of sneakers by ‘sneakerheads’ and front of mind in the face of the ever-changing trends. VAPORESSO has teamed up with BigSleeps and TwoJskicks to launch a unique and first-of-its-kind design for the best-selling XROS Nano vape kit. The NEW product design will launch at The Vaper Expo UK, Birmingham NEC on the 27th – 29th May 2022. Come and see the designs at the show… To celebrate the innovative design collaboration, VAPORESSO has revealed a stunning new logo. The new logo features the letter “V” at the forefront to symbolize the passion characterising the vaping community. Encircled behind by the letter “O,” symbolizing a vapor ring opening up. The ‘O’ represents the joy, love and hope VAPORESSO brings. ’V’ and ‘O’ are the defining symbols for VAPORESSO. The VAPORESSO logo redesign represents a new direction of brand personality along with the collaboration with BigSleeps and TwoJskicks. MOVE BEYOND THE ORDINARY with VAPORESSO as it focusses on innovation according to user’s needs and strives to create reliable products of the best quality style. VAPORESSO is exhibiting at The Vaper Expo UK, Birmingham NEC on the 27th – 29th May 2022 on stand D56. For further information on VAPORESSO Contact: Grace Dewhurst – Phone – 07850 448 408 Email - Nia Thomas – Phone – 07723 019 767 Email - Background information of VAPORESSO VAPORESSO was created in 2015 and is dedicated to establishing a smoke-free world while raising the quality of life for our users. Based on our continuous innovation, strict quality control, and substantial commitment, VAPORESSO creates products that can fit all levels and styles of vapers. VAPORESSO strives to be able to help as many people as possible. The chairman and CEO Simon Lai was a smoker for 11 years, before turned to vaping. “When we started VAPORESSO, we had a big dream to make switching to vaping as easy as possible for everyone.” - CEO Simon Lai. SMOORE is the parent company of VAPORESSO, which is the largest global vaping device provider. SMOORE is the first to be publicly listed in the industry, with a valuation of over 25 billion USD, which set a significant milestone in history. Find more information in Built by vapers, for vapers Contact Details VAPORESSO Grace Dewhurst +44 7850 448408 Nia Thomas +44 7723 019767

May 24, 2022 04:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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