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REALTORS®’ Guidance on Current Renovation Trends That Boost Home Value


Any homeowner or hopeful homebuyer knows it can be confusing to determine which renovations are worth their time and money and which ones are best left undone. How do you boost the return on investment of a house? How much will it cost? What should you focus on? The complexities and uncertainties surrounding these questions highlight the need to work alongside a local real estate expert. Americans spend $400 billion annually remodeling their homes, but many find the idea of taking on a remodeling project themselves too overwhelming. In fact, 35% of U.S. homeowners would rather move to another home than remodel their current home. How do real estate agents help home buyers/sellers? Community – Know local, county, and state property taxes; decipher public property information. Financial – Coordinate with lenders; research mortgage rates and terms; schedule appraisals and inspections Legal – Manage attorney reviews; navigate all require stated and federal forms; handle closing documents Expert real estate agents save home buyers time and help take stress out of the process. In fact, 91% of home buyers say they would engage their real estate agent again or recommend them to others. To learn more about REALTORS® and to find a real estate agent – For tips and ideas on home renovations - About YourUpdateTV: YourUpdateTV is a social media video portal for organizations to share their content. It includes separate channels for Health and Wellness, Lifestyle, Media and Entertainment, Money and Finance, Social Responsibility, Sports and Technology Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

September 08, 2021 04:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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FantasyStand, A Unique ‘Beat The Threshold-Style’ Fantasy Game, Officially Launches


FantasyStand, a new desktop beat-the-threshold style fantasy game, has officially launched for the 2021 NFL season. Users can immediately create an account and start playing football contests at FantasyStand blends an against-the-house and beat-the-threshold style game with the traditional elements of building a team through a salary cap. At the beginning of each contest Fantasy Stand will let users know what the point threshold is for that week. If the users’ team beats the point threshold set by FantasyStand, they win. “Traditional fantasy sports can be extremely frustrating. A user could form an amazing line-up, outscore thousands of users and still not win. Every week the goalposts are hidden and that was a problem I wanted to solve,” said Joe Brown, founder of FantasyStand. “We feel that our against-the-house and beat-the-threshold model provides a level of transparency in an industry where users are building fantasy teams blindly, not knowing what they need to achieve to win. By giving our users the point threshold ahead of our contests, they can confidently build their strongest team to win and ultimately have a great time doing so.” Fantasy Stand features include: Multiple contests will be offered weekly with buy-ins starting at $5 and going up to $500. Users play against the house, not each other. If you beat the given threshold, you win. (ex. Bet $100, Win $100) Additional prizes may include 10% of the total contest pot for the highest scoring user in that contest. Currently the NFL is the only sport available on the platform. FantasyStand has plans to launch basketball contests for the upcoming 2021-2022 NBA season. FantasyStand is available for desktop and mobile use via the website. An app is in development for launch in 2022 to enhance the mobile experience. Following the launch of the platform, FantasyStand will be raising a Friends and Family round of funding. The round will be used to invest in marketing, technology development and additional state licensing. FantasyStand currently operates in 25 states and will continue to add new states to its roster in 2022. For more information to create a FantasyStand account please visit: ABOUT FANTASYSTAND Founded in 2020 by entrepreneur and founder Joe Brown, FantasyStand is bringing fun and transparency back to fantasy sports. FantasyStand blends an against-the-house and beat-the-threshold style game with the traditional elements of building a team through a salary cap. By blending the best of both worlds, FantasyStand is providing users a new, fun and entertaining fantasy experience. For more information to create a FantasyStand account please visit: Contact Details Hot Paper Lantern Michael Adorno +1 212-931-6143 Company Website

September 08, 2021 10:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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NFL Hall of Famer Cris Carter Joins Trainnr, First Dedicated Online Health & Fitness Marketplace

Trainnr HQ

Trainnr, the first dedicated online health and fitness marketplace that connects personal trainers with clients, is announcing today that NFL Hall of Famer Cris Carter is joining its community of elite content creators to bring NFL-quality fitness training to the Trainnr community. Available on iOS, Android and Web, the Trainnr platform connects personal trainers with clients so they can easily create, customize and distribute training content. Trainnr also offers tailored marketing and business development support and infrastructure, including a library of stock training videos, marketing materials, and social campaigns that trainers can download, edit, and make their own to further enhance and improve their personal training business. Additionally, Trainnr has made it easy for individuals seeking improved fitness or a better, more professional training experience to find a personal trainer or program that works for their interests, goals, and budget. “Cris Carter is one of the most prolific and successful NFL players to play the game, and his knowledge and experience in elite levels of training and physical performance are a perfect fit for the Trainnr Team '' said Jeffry Smith, Founder of Trainnr. “Trainnr is excited to work with Cris to make professional sports training accessible on every television, smart phone, and computer on the planet. It’s clear that Cris values what we value – democratizing world class training techniques so they are available to independent personal trainers and their customers everywhere.” One of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history, Carter scored 130 touchdowns and racked up 1,101 receptions for 13,899 yards (12.6 avg.) in 16 seasons, finishing his career as the NFL’s second all-time leading receiver and with the second-most touchdowns in league history. Carter is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the NFL’s All-Decade Team of the 1990s. “Growing up, my teammates and I only had access to the coaches we met in our youth and high school football teams. I was fortunate my high school Coach, Bill Conley, was a phenomenal teacher and in college at Ohio State, being coached by Legendary coaches Urban Meyer and Jim Tressel gave me a huge advantage over my opponents. I know that there are thousands of talented athletes out there who didn’t have that same opportunity. Elite training should not be available only to exclusive groups of people. Everyone should have access to the best tools and techniques so they can be fit and healthy! I’m excited to work with Trainnr to help every young athlete achieve their dreams, and work with adults to help teach them how to do the same for the young athletes in their charge.” About Cris Carter Aside from being a HOF football player and media personality, Cris Carter is committed to supporting young people. He received the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award in 1999 in recognition of his work with inner-city youth and was selected as a mentor in President Barack Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” Program aiming to have a national impact on changing the trajectory of at-risk minority youth. An Ohio native, Carter attended Ohio State University where he studied communications and was a first-team All-American and two-time All-Big Ten performer. He lives in Boca Raton, Fla., and has two children, son Duron, a former wide receiver in the Canadian Football League now a coach for North Palm Beach Prep, and daughter Monterae who works for the Minnesota Vikings as their foundation programs manager. About Trainnr TRAINNR IS A PLATFORM PRODUCT BY FITWISE INC. Available on iOS, Android and web, Trainnr is the first dedicated online health and fitness marketplace that connects personal trainers with clients by providing the necessary tools and technology to democratize fitness. We strive to make quality personal training accessible to everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and socioeconomic background. Trainnr has made it easy for trainers to manage and grow their entire business in one place. Seamlessly engage with clients to help them set, track and achieve their fitness goals. Trainnr has made it easy for any individual to improve their fitness by easily finding professional training content that works for their interests, goals, and budget. Everyone deserves access to high quality health and wellness content – Trainnr provides that. Contact Details Jeffry Smith Fitwise Inc./Trainnr - Founder/CEO

September 08, 2021 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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ECI Development, Community Build Announce 400-Key Sustainable Tourism Village in El Salvador

ECI Development

ECI Development, a leading provider of responsibly developed properties in Central and South America, and The Community Build, a US-based non-profit that serves communities in El Salvador, today announced plans to develop a sustainable tourism village in El Salvador. The village will provide authentic tourist experiences that celebrate and conserve local heritage and culture and will grace the Pacific coast of El Salvador near the town of El Zonte, nicknamed “Bitcoin Beach,” known for its world-class surf beaches and Bitcoin economic ecosystem. The Community Build’s 40-acre property located near El Zante, and ECI Development’s village design, engineering, marketing, and construction, as well as property and rental management post-completion, will produce a tourism village that serves equally Salvadorians and North Americans. “There is currently a shortage of hotel rooms and homes for sale along the El Salvadorian coast. The residences we will develop will serve the Salvadorian and North American marketplace for both ownership and rentals,” said Michael Cobb, CEO of ECI Development. “Because of the central location along the best surf beaches in El Salvador, and the close proximity to the town of El Zonte, the property is perfect for the development of a sustainable eco-tourism village.” The eco-sustainable village will have 400-450 addresses with multiple price points and models for both rent and ownership, offering luxury condos, affordable condos, and tiny homes ranging from $150,000 to $1 million. El Salvador is the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender with a law that takes effect today, September 7. In light of this world first, ECI Development will offer property discounts when buyers use Bitcoin as opposed to fiat currency or financing. “We expect the tourism village to create sustainable jobs for young people in the city and surrounding area, helping boost the local economy and preventing migration to San Salvador, the capital and the country's most populous city,” said Mike Peterson, the founder and President of Missionsake, of which The Community Build is an initiative. “We also want to become the standard-bearer for Bitcoin transactions in real estate for this country and the world, ushering in a new level of comfort for the broader society to utilize Bitcoin in their daily lives.” About ECI Development ECI Development is a real estate development company that has been responsibly developing properties within communities in Nicaragua, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, and Argentina for more than 20 years. Visit for more information. About The Community Build The Community Build is a non-profit organization born in 2017 designed to help foster the growth and education of the youth in El Zonte, El Salvador. The Community Build is an initiative of Missionsake. Missionsake exists to help develop the spiritual, mental, physical, and relational health of the missionary community in El Salvador and also of the local communities in which they serve. Visit for more information. Contact Details Razor Sharp PR Ray Young +1 512-633-6855 Company Website

September 07, 2021 02:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Revenue Management Solutions

Revenue Management Solutions, in partnership with the University of South Florida’s Center for Marketing and Sales Innovation (CMSI) and CMSI Director and Study Primary Investigator Dr. Rob Hammond, has released preliminary findings from its newest study using remote eye-tracking technology to analyze how consumers navigate online menus. TGI Fridays volunteered to participate in the first phase of the study. Early results could mark big learning for restaurants: Distinct search patterns revealed blind spots when customers review online menus on a desktop. Suggestive selling opportunities within the “buyer’s journey” of online ordering identified, a set of discrete phases uncovered during analysis. The research, which began in May 2021, marks the first remote eye-tracking study of online ordering behavior. New technology developed by iMotions in collaboration with CMSI allowed researchers to use participants’ own webcams to gather eye-tracking data as they ordered from TGI Fridays’ online test menu via their desktops or laptops. Data was analyzed using Emotional Artificial Intelligence tools, and pre- and post-study survey responses assessed participants’ recall of their ordering journey, behavior and total spend. “In the past 18 months, we’ve undergone a seismic shift in the way our customers interact with our menu,” said Sara Bittorf, Chief Experience Officer at TGI Fridays. “The research has already given us tools to improve the guest experience and increase menu profitability. We’re looking forward to exploring further menu engineering insights as the research proceeds.” Blind Spots Revealed According to the eye-tracking data and the research team’s gaze-path analysis, preliminary findings indicate a persistent blind spot on the left side of the menu. Though each respondent had a unique path, respondents started with a site’s main menu categories (appetizers, sandwiches, etc.), reading across from left to right. Respondents’ focus then shifted down toward the center of the screen, like a “T,” and navigated predominantly to the right of the center. Results show that approximately 50% of the time, respondents missed items displayed on the left of the screen altogether. Suggestive Selling The RMS and USF research team also uncovered a distinct buyer’s journey within the online ordering process, revealing untapped opportunities for suggestive selling. They observed four discrete phases with mental tasks and outcomes for each, including: Familiarization: Respondents scanned the entire menu/website. Exploration: Respondents narrowed and evaluated choices. Affirmation: Respondents began adding items to the cart while toggling back to menu options to add or search additional items. Confirmation: Respondents completed checkout. “We found that respondents were more likely to change their mind or add items during the exploration and affirmation phases of the process,” said Ryan Garner, data architect for Revenue Management Solutions. “Yet most suggestive selling happens during checkout. If these results translate across many menus — and we anticipate that they will — it could be a game changer for operators.” Researchers are finalizing the next phase of the ongoing research, which will be open to interested brands. Subsequent phases will investigate how consumers navigate brand menus with different designs across various media, including online, mobile and physical menus. Analysis will also include age and gender demographics, compare cost/spend recall to actual cost and evaluate other ordering behaviors. The research will conclude this winter. RMS first partnered with CMSI in 2019 to conduct in-laboratory eye-tracking research that revolutionized how the industry thinks about the way we read physical restaurant menus. For more than 25 years, RMS has served restaurant industry leaders with data analytics expertise and profitability solutions. This research is true to RMS’ roots — using restaurant industry science and data and translating highly academic insights into practical solutions for restaurants. About Revenue Management Solutions RMS provides numerous data-driven solutions and services to the restaurant industry, all designed to help brands drive sales and profitability while maintaining traffic and enhancing brand value long-term. RMS works with more than 50 major brands in more than 40 countries, with its patented processes of revenue management used in more than 100,000 restaurant locations globally. The company holds five U.S. patents on menu pricing and customer segmentation and supports ongoing academic research efforts. For more information on how RMS helps its clients, visit About TGI Fridays As the world’s first casual bar and grill, TGI Fridays is the birthplace of fun, freedom, and celebration, bringing people together to socialize and experience “That Fridays Feeling TM ”: a sense of celebrating the fun in everyday moments, big and small. For over 50 years, Fridays has been lifting spirits around the world with more than 700 restaurants in 54 countries, serving high-quality, classic American food and iconic drinks backed by authentic and genuine service. Visit for more information and join Fridays Rewards®. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Contact Details Tracy Henderson +1 720-989-3530 Company Website

September 07, 2021 08:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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NextFerm Technologies Obtains US Regulatory Marketing Approval for Astaferm® Astaxanthin Antioxidant, in Oil for Soft-Gels

NextFerm Technologies Ltd.

NextFerm Technologies (TASE:NXFR), a food-tech company developing ProteVin™, a vegan, yeast-based, non-GMO protein alternative and other innovative yeast-based nutrients, today announced receipt of regulatory marketing approval (Self-GRAS) for Astaferm®, its innovative fermented astaxanthin antioxidant in the form of Oil for Soft-Gels, in the US. Astaferm® is already sold in the US and Canada in the form of Gummies and powder by well-established Brands in North America. NextFerm expects initial Purchase orders for the oil during 2021. NextFerm currently prepares to expand the marketing of Astaferm® for additional indications such as immune system support, as well as expanding into additional serving forms, such as water-dispersible powder for food and beverages. Boaz Noy, Chief Executive Officer of NextFerm, said, “ Soft-Gels is the most popular form of consumption of Astaxanthin. This marketing approval allows NextFerm to expand its value proposition in the market, while increasing market awareness and offer fermented Astaxanthin in the form of oil with a competitive price, in addition to Astaxanthin in Gummies. we believe it will contribute to revenues growth in the coming quarters.” About NextFerm Technologies NextFerm Technologies, traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE:NXFR) is a food-tech company engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative, functional and vegan yeast-derived, non-GMO protein alternatives for various applications in the food and food supplement markets and the growing market for animal-derived protein alternatives. NextFerm's flagship product is ProteVin™, a vegan, yeast-derived protein alternative with nutritional value that is similar to animal-derived protein and a neutral flavor, with no aftertastes that are typical of plant-based protein. ProteVin™ is designed for a variety of categories in the alternative protein market, which is estimated at $13 billion, with an annual growth rate of 10%, including milk and dairy substitutes, meat substitutes and additional categories such as infant nutrition, adult nutrition, and sports nutrition. NextFerm is gearing up for commercialization of the product in the US in 2022. Another product currently being sold is Astaferm®, an innovative astaxanthin-based antioxidant derived from yeast that has been sold in the US since the end of 2020 through well-established and leading brands in the food supplement market in the US. In July 2021, the Company received Regulatory Marketing Approval for Astaferm® in Canada. The company has additional products which have been licensed to Lallemand, a global giant focused on yeast. For more information, visit the NextFerm website at: Legal Notice Regarding Forward-Looking Statements This announcement also includes forecasts, projections, assessments, estimates and other information which refer to future events and matters, the realization of which is uncertain and not exclusively under the Company’s control (forward-looking information). The main facts and data used to support this information are facts and data regarding the current position of the Company and its businesses (including the scope of sales and levels of profitability, manpower, commercial engagements and more), facts and data regarding the current global position of the Company’s operating segments (including industry-specific financial developments, environmental regulatory developments, the competitive environment, technological developments, the reinsurance market and more), and macro-economic facts and data (including the economic situation both in Israel and around the world, yields in the capital markets, social and state developments and more), all as known by the Company when publishing this announcement. The forward-looking information included above in this announcement is significantly based upon, in addition to the existing information held by the Company, on the Company’s current assessments and expectations of future developments vis-a-vis each one of the aforementioned parameters, and the interconnectedness of each one of these developments. The Company has no certainty that its forecasts and assessments will indeed eventuate, and the Company’s operating results may be materially different than the results assessed or implicit based on that set forth above, inter alia, as a result of a change in any of the aforementioned factors. Contact Details Nextferm Technologies Ltd. Yossi Ohana - Chief Financial Officer +972 54-771-5893 Investor and Media contact Meirav Gomeh-Bauer +972 54-476-4979 Company Website

September 02, 2021 02:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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The Meningitis Vaccines: What Parents of Adolescents Should Know


A video accompanying this announcement is available at: According to the CDC, COVID-19 disrupted routine well-child visits for many children over the last year. As a result, too many children have fallen behind on receiving recommended vaccines – and that includes adolescents and young adults. If young adults are not receiving these recommended vaccinations, they are now vulnerable to infectious, potentially deadly diseases. So are the campuses and communities they live in. One vaccine that often gets left behind is Meningitis B, which is recommended for adolescents 16-23 years old. There are two types of meningitis vaccines – MenACWY and MenB. Few have received the MenB vaccine, yet it’s responsible for 100% of meningococcal meningitis outbreaks on college campuses since 2011. One issue? A lack of communication from pediatricians and family physicians. A recent study found that 49% of pediatricians and 69% of family physicians did not discuss the MenB vaccine during routine visits for 16-18-year-olds. That’s one reason why research shows that nearly 80% of parents did not know about the MenB vaccine, and why more than 78.2% of 17-year-olds have not received at least one dose of the Meningitis B vaccine. As kids head back to school, it’s important that parents take the time to check what vaccinations their teens and young adults have received and proactively talk to their healthcare provider about what other vaccines they need – including both the MenACWY and MenB meningitis vaccines. For more information visit: About YourUpdateTV: YourUpdateTV is a social media video portal for organizations to share their content. It includes separate channels for Health and Wellness, Lifestyle, Media and Entertainment, Money and Finance, Social Responsibility, Sports and Technology. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

September 02, 2021 01:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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New York Times-Acclaimed Podcast Partners With Native Coffee Roaster on New Coffee Line


“ Unf*cking The Republic (UNFTR),” one of the fastest-growing political podcasts in the United States, is excited to announce a unique partnership with Native Coffee Traders of the Unkechaug Nation, giving UNFTR’s loyal listeners a new way to simultaneously support the show and the Indigenous community. The collaboration with the Poospatuck Reservation-based roaster reflects one of UNFTR’s core missions: raising awareness and promoting economic development in underserved and oft-neglected communities. UNFTR is offering a selection of 100% Fair Trade and Certified Organic coffee roasted and hand-packaged by Native Coffee Traders, owned and operated by members of the Unkechaug Nation on the Poospatuck Reservation in Mastic, New York. They include Unf*ck Your Morning, Unf*ck Your Afternoon and A Decaffeinated Unf*cking. There’s Unf*cking good coffee for anyone. “The goal was to create a funding mechanism that doesn’t require the withholding of important content for premium subscriptions or asking listeners to come out of pocket for something new,” says UNFTR’s host, who simply goes by “Max.” “So we tell our listeners that if they drink coffee, great. Then just buy this coffee. If not, no worries,” he continues. “We’re still going to put out high-quality weekly content for everyone to enjoy, either way.” The UNFTR-Native Coffee Traders partnership comes as the podcast has quickly established itself as required listening for anyone trying to better understand America’s widely discussed but often misunderstood political landscape. In April, it was selected by The New York Times as one of the top podcasts to “help make sense of Post-Trump America”—a list that included such podcast heavyweights as Slate’s “Political Gabfest” and “Pod Save America.” As the paper put it: “If you like your political commentary cynical but not embittered, this relatively new podcast may hit the spot. Beginning in the run-up to the 2020 election, ‘Unf*cking the Republic’ delivers audio essays that are consistently compelling and educational, aiming to challenge conventional wisdom and upend the historical narratives that we’re taught in school.” Indigenous issues are core to the mission of UNFTR, with one of their top episodes—and the one suggested by the NYT —titled “ Culture Cancel: The American Holocaust.” “When Native Coffee Traders accepted the offer to become the official coffee roaster for the Unf*cking coffee brand, both parties made decisions and choices based on what is right, what is best, and what is valued most highly,” explains Harry Wallace, chief of the Unkechaug people and founder of Native Coffee Traders. “Native Coffee Traders as a whole is committed to supplying quality coffee and supporting the efforts of the organic farmers,” he continues. “We purchase organic, fair trade green beans from Native farmers in South and Central America and roast them ourselves on our Native Territories here on Long Island, New York. This allows us to offer Native Coffee at prices competitive to or less than commercial coffees. “Building a partnership with UNFTR continues to grow our small coffee business,” adds Chief Wallace. “It helps to create job opportunities for our people in management, production, marketing, and sales. As a Native American Coffee Roaster, my work serves a purpose.” UNFTR launched in October 2020, and has skyrocketed up the charts in the United States and Canada. It has collaborated with other stalwart political podcasts and like-minded media organizations, such as “The Young Turks,” “The David Pakman Show,” “Best of the Left,” “Canadaland,” and “News Beat.” “For years, Native Coffee Traders has been supplying the surrounding community with these outstanding blends and supporting other Native roasters,” says Chief Wallace. “We're excited to bring our distinct roasted blends to a new audience around the nation through our partnership with UNFTR. “We appreciate UNFTR's commitment to the fair trade and organic process, as well as Indigenous economic development,” he adds. “It's vital to our members that we partner with people who respect our culture and our dedication to the highest environmental and roasting standards.” Purchase these extraordinary coffee selections at, and subscribe to the podcast by searching UNFTR in your podcast app, or going to Contact Details Unf*cking The Republic Company Website

September 02, 2021 10:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Article thumbnail News Release launch HowToBet Podcast in partnership with Rider University, Daryl Fein and Sean Miller

Many people have bet money on a college sports game or professional football game at some point. The NCAA March Madness basketball tournament is another popular event for betting. But most people do not know how to bet the savvy way. They lack knowledge about what traits to look for in certain online bookmakers and which websites or platforms offer the best bonuses for the upcoming NFL season. Fortunately,, starting this week, a user-friendly new sports betting program is launching on platforms across the Internet. The How to Bet video podcast will hit the air on Wednesday, September 1, 2021. The show, which will broadcast weekly on Thursdays following the launch episode, features two of the most well-known multi-media personalities in the Tri-state area: Daryl Fein and Sean Miller. It is sponsored by the How to Bet website, which will run articles by Miller concurrent with the weekly shows: one for each Thursday night, Sunday night, and Monday night contest, and another showcasing the odds for all games for that week. Fein has been the long-time voice of Rider University basketball and has served as the co-host of the Feinline on ESPN Radio for nearly two years. He is excited to work on the show and help build it up from the ground. “I am really excited about the show,” Fein said. “We have a great blend of characters. We are going to have guests, we are going to do giveaways, it is going to be exciting. I am really looking forward to it, and I cannot wait to get started. Miller, sometimes referred to as “The Genius” on the program, has been with NJ Advance Media for nearly a decade, and is a major presence on prominent gambling websites. He also has experience in gambling podcasts and television programs, and brings a wealth of knowledge about the many sports he has covered over the years to the show. The show can be seen and heard in plenty of different places, including Apple, Breaker, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Overcast, PocketCast, Radio Public, Spotify, and Stitcher. All video podcasts will be uploaded to YouTube, as well, on the How to Bet channel. It can also be heard on 107.7 FM The Bronc (Rider University) and streamed on the radio stations' website. The station, run by well-known radio personality and General Manager John Mozes, was recently nominated for a 2021 Marconi Award for Best College Radio Station of the Year. Mozes and his student employees at the station, including Producer/Director Tiffany Hartman and Producer Trey Wright, will play an integral part in the show each week. “We are thrilled to be working with the How To Bet podcasting team on this exciting audio and video project,” Mozes said. “How To Bet will provide the students of 107.7 The Bronc with a truly global engaged-learning experience and one of the most comprehensive real-world media opportunities available at Rider University.” About offers the world’s most comprehensive betting wikipedia that can be accessed via a user-friendly web app. Its mission is to help make online betting safe, fun and as easy as performing a search on the web. There are already more than 500 how-to guides freely available, all written by seasoned betting professionals. More guides are being added on a weekly basis in a continued effort to educate anyone interested in what is now a $199 billion betting industry. For more details, visit: To download high resolution images for press use: - click here Contact Details Cristian Campan +45 50 30 42 66 Company Website

September 02, 2021 10:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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