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R2 Technologies’ Novel Glacial Rx® System Earns Third FDA Indication and Unique Product Code

R2 Technologies

R2 Technologies Inc. ("R2"), the leader in CryoAesthetic™ medical devices, announces that its revolutionary in-office system, Glacial Rx®, FDA-cleared to remove benign lesions and temporarily reduce pain, swelling and inflammation, is now the first and only dermal cooling system FDA-cleared for general dermabrasion, scar and acne scar revision, and tattoo removal, permanently changing the aesthetics industry. “This additional FDA clearance is a huge win, and not an easy feat. It took innovation, dedication, time, and resources,” says Tim Holt, R2 Chief Executive Officer. “It couldn’t have been possible without our amazing team and strategic partners. The clearance had an exceptional outcome in which we went from being part of one classification, among hundreds of other devices, to being placed in our very own FDA-issued product code. This is further proof that our product is so novel, it warrants a completely new category.” “R2 has been at the forefront of the med-esthetics space since inception with its unmatched technology and continues to lead advancements in the industry. We are excited to see the company break boundaries yet again with its latest indication,” says David Present, MD and Cherine Eldumiati Plumaker, R2’s Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively. In conjunction with the commercial launch, R2 looked within its remarkable team of industry veterans, including the inventors of the Glacial Rx technology, Rox Anderson, MD; Dieter Manstein MD, PhD; and Henry Chan, MD, PhD, to create its newly established Scientific Advisory Board. By continuing to have these highly regarded pioneers as an integral part of the company, R2 stands out amongst the competitive medical aesthetics market as an industry frontrunner. “With the appointment of our new Scientific Advisory Board, R2 is tapping into years of knowledge and expertise to launch new groundbreaking innovations, develop a superior product pipeline, and leverage technical insights to secure new clinical indications and expansion opportunities,” says Holt. Launched in March 2021, Glacial Rx’s presence in the U.S. has grown significantly. R2 is continuing to take orders from aesthetic providers who want to offer this revolutionary treatment in-office. To learn more about R2, treatment offerings and providers, visit and follow the company on LinkedIn. About R2 Technologies Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with a recent expansion in Florida and new Miami-based satellite office, R2 Technologies is a world leader in CryoAesthetic™ medical devices. In 2014, Pansend Life Sciences, LLC and Blossom Innovations, LLC founded R2 Technologies and licensed exclusive intellectual property from Massachusetts General Hospital and Blossom Innovations. In 2019, R2 brought on strategic partner, Huadong Medicine Co., Ltd. In close collaboration with these partners and the brand’s scientific founders and world-famous luminaries in aesthetic medicine, Drs. Rox Anderson, Dieter Manstein, and Henry Chan, R2 focuses on the development, engineering, clinical research, and commercialization of groundbreaking technologies for aesthetic providers and consumers. Its first innovation, Glacial Rx, was named one of the ‘2021 Launches Doctors are Buzzing About’ by RealSelf, the leading, most trusted source to educate on cosmetic procedures. R2 also won the 2nd Annual Aesthetics Tech Summit LaunchPad SBDC, hosted by Octane, a company committed to making resources, capital, and mentorship available to tech startups. Since inception, R2 has raised $76M in financing. Contact Details Linsey Tilbor Rubin +1 732-991-5294 Company Website

September 28, 2021 08:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Atlys Survey Finds New and Emerging Travel Patterns Amongst Americans Showing Increases in Travel Expenses; Non-Vaccinated Travelers on the Rise


Eighteen months after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, countries have reopened borders to travelers. A recent survey conducted by Atlys found new and emerging travel trends, with travel becoming more expensive and uncertain than ever. The survey analyzed data from more than 3,500 travelers who used Atlys to travel abroad to understand these new travel patterns amongst Americans. Travel expenditure increased by a whopping $330 per trip due to COVID-19-related entry requirements, and so has the uncertainty, with 41% of travelers actively involved in travel communities related to their journeys. Additionally, 58% of American travelers were unvaccinated, with the most common destinations being Mexico (37%), Greece (19%), Dominican Republic (12%), Bahamas (11%), and Aruba (13%), and Costa Rica (8%). Major Survey Results Other significant results from the Atlys survey conducted over the summer include: 58% of Americans that traveled abroad this summer were not vaccinated. As countries reopened their borders, non-vaccinated travelers returned to the same travel patterns as before COVID-19. Old travelers are on the rise with a quarter being 50+. Amongst other demographic shifts, 47% of millennials refused to travel because of high costs, while 25% were scared to travel with unvaccinated children. Florida is the hub for unvaccinated travelers: 20% of unvaccinated American travelers live in Florida. The top 4 U.S. states by active COVID-19 cases also led the pack for most outbound travel amongst unvaccinated Americans. Florida accounted for most outbound unvaccinated tourists, followed by Texas, New York, and California. Traveling is inefficient: Each traveler spends more than 5 hours determining entry requirements and filling out paperwork. In addition, 23% of travelers saying they contacted either their airline, hotel,” or travel platform to understand the entry requirements with airlines call waiting times running into hours. The New Normal The current process is highly confusing for travelers. Mohak Nahta, CEO and founder of Atlys, said, “This survey highlights the inefficient processes set in place by governments. While it’s understandable that requirements exist to keep COVID-19 at bay, countries must streamline the process. As countries look to revamp tourism, they underestimate the impact of fast, efficient systems and clear, easy-to-understand processes have.” Countries have introduced a range of requirements to enter, making it more expensive to travel than ever. On average, the extra cost adds up to $330 per traveler and constitutes COVID-19 visas, travel insurance, and COVID-19 tests. In addition, 79% of travelers expressed frustration at the lack of disclosure by hotels & airlines on the added costs of traveling, only to discover them much later when the cancellation was not an option. A COVID-19 visa, also known as a health visa, is a new visa that travelers need to get. While they’re electronic, the approval is not instant. Authorities review each application; they can only be submitted a few days before the trip and are not free. “I wanted to travel to the United Kingdom, but I need to get a test within three days and then once I reach on the second and eighth days, and in between too? I am confused. I just decided not to go," said Sid, a 26-year-old Software Engineer based out of New York City. Many other travelers echo this sentiment, and the survey brings to light the importance of building systems to guide and educate travelers in the post-Covid world. About The Survey Atlys conducted the survey based on data from 3500 Atlys users between May 15, 2021, and September 5, 2021, for U.S. adults ages 18 and older. The Atlys app makes it fast & easy for travelers to get their visas. Contact Details Atlys Media Relations +1 650-550-1417 Company Website

September 28, 2021 08:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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No Dogs Left Behind

No Dogs Left Behind (NDLB), an international non-profit that rescues dogs from the illegal dog meat trade, commends a major accomplishment in the effort to overturn the recent rule imposed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that imposed a blanket ban on the importation of dogs from 113 countries. In a letter sent to the Director of the CDC, 57 bipartisan Members of the U.S. House of Representatives expressed concern about the blanket ban that the CDC imposed on dogs coming from these countries. The Congressional letter to the Director of the CDC specifically addresses dogs rescued from China, stating: The CDC’s ban prevents thousands of dogs from 113 countries from being rescued and adopted into loving and safe homes. China is a country that fails to enforce laws against the consumption of dog meat and does little to halt particularly inhumane means of killing dogs at annual Yulin “dog meat” festivals. This dog abuse is one that has stirred many American humanitarians to work with charities that rescue. According to [the CDC], not a single dog originating from the People’s Republic of China, and imported into the U.S., has been diagnosed with rabies in the past decade. The letter further states that the signing Members of Congress believe that dogs destined for American adoption can be safely imported by requiring confirmation of rabies vaccination by a licensed veterinarian in the country of origin, followed by rabies serology testing. Additionally, Congress believes that: the CDC can and should establish a process that allows adoptions to resume. This process might include a country-by-country risk-based analysis, proof of rabies vaccination, pre-departure rabies serology testing, and development of a secure and fraud-resistant “pet passport." NDLB saves dogs trapped in the illegal dog meat trafficking trade in East Asia. “We provide refuge in our sanctuaries in East Asia to over 500 dogs, each one individually saved from horrific conditions and destined for the most barbaric and torturous form of slaughter,” says Jeffrey Beri, Founder and President of NDLB. Of these 500 dogs, 120 have adopters waiting for them in the United States but are currently stuck in East Asia because of the CDC’s ban. “The CDC ban directly impacts the work we do”, notes Beri. “If we cannot transport our dogs to their adopters in the United States, we cannot continue to save lives. The CDC is charged with following the science, and the science simply does not support a blanket prohibition on importing dogs from all of these countries.” “We have been working with members of Congress, as well as other animal welfare organizations, groups and advocates, to address this ban since it was first announced,” says Jackie Finnegan, VP of NDLB and CEO of USA Operations. “We applaud the Members who signed on to this letter. Today is the culmination of everyone working together to help these innocent animals.” This letter follows both the recently passed House appropriations amendment to provide the CDC with $3 million towards screening dogs for entry into the United States, and the introduction of the Healthy Dog Importation Act. These actions, taken together, show that Congress believes there is a more narrowly tailored solution for the CDC to respond to any legitimate concern about canine rabies than a wholesale ban on the importation of dogs around the world. “There isn’t a more important time than now for all international animal rescues to stick together as we all fight in this mutual cause to help these dogs,” say Beri. “This is but one part in our fight for the enforcement of global animal welfare laws.” About No Dogs Left Behind: No Dogs Left Behind operates boots on ground in East Asia, fighting on the frontlines to rescue dogs from the illegal dog meat trafficking trade. We work hands-on with local activists through emergency response, pulling dogs directly from slaughterhouses, dog meat trucks, wet markets and traffickers. Our mission extends beyond borders, advocating for the creation and enforcement of animal welfare laws and raising awareness for a cruelty-free, sustainable world in which no animal is violated, exploited, tortured or slaughtered for commercial goods or profit. With nearly 500 survivors in our care, No Dogs Left Behind operates sanctuaries in Dayi and Gongyi, China. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and Pinterest. Contact Details Sherry Chen +1 855-665-0888 Company Website

September 27, 2021 09:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Au Bon Pain Caffeinates National Coffee Day with $1 Coffee for Three Days

Au Bon Pain

Au Bon Pain is raising the bar for National Coffee Day with a THREE-day pay-it-forward celebration. From Wednesday, Sept. 29, through Friday, Oct. 1, the bakery-cafe chain is offering freshly brewed drip coffees for just $1 and encouraging guests to pick up two coffees — one for themselves and one (or two or three) to treat someone else. This inclusive promotion is open to any guest from National Coffee Day on Wednesday, Sept. 29, through International Coffee Day on Friday, Oct. 1. Participating restaurants include locations in New York City, Washington, D.C., Miami and Philadelphia. “What’s better than brightening someone’s day?” said Au Bon Pain Chief Marketing Officer Beth Collins. “We extended our National Coffee Day celebration to three days so our guests have more opportunities to enjoy $1 coffee and spread joy to someone else.” Ampex Brands, a Yum! Brands Inc. and 7-Eleven franchisee with more than 400 restaurants and convenience stores, acquired Au Bon Pain from ABP Corporation, a subsidiary of Panera Bread, in June 2021. “Au Bon Pain’s greatest asset is its loyal guests,” said Au Bon Pain President Ericka Garza. “We are reminded of it every day while we’re in our cafes, and this is our way of giving back.” Au Bon Pain (translated “from good bread”) offers gourmet convenience to travelers, students, commuters and friends. Its quality products made from simple ingredients are served in locations including transportation hubs, airports, urban office buildings, universities and hospitals. Read its full menu of fresh and flavorful sandwiches, bread, pastries, salads, soups and coffee or order online at Founded in Boston in 1978, the company was acquired by Dallas-based Ampex Brands in 2021, catapulting the company into the franchisor role and expanding its footprint internationally. Contact Details Center Reach Communication Ashley Clontz Center Reach Communications Tracy Henderson +1 720-989-3530 Company Website

September 27, 2021 07:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Article thumbnail News Release to Launch 1-Hour Delivery for Delta-8 THC Products

D8 Holdings, Inc. the market leader in hemp-derived Delta-8 THC —today announced it is launching 1-hour delivery for consumer orders throughout the United States. will deliver their award winning Delta-8 carts, Delta-8 disposables, and Delta-8 gummies to any customer within 1-hour in a 25-mile radius of any professional NFL team. Outside that radius customers will receive next day packages at the latest. “The largest problem we have is fulfillment and delivery,” said Chris Duffield, CEO of “Anyone shipping consumer goods knows that all the carriers are a current nightmare. We have shipped thousands of packages priority and the majority show up two or three days late, with far too many getting lost or stolen. If a customer places an order after cutoff on Friday, they have to wait an additional three days. Customers want our products, and they want them immediately.” The first six states will integrate into their program are Texas, Georgia, Florida, Minnesota, Ohio, and North Carolina. The company will expand into the rest of the U.S immediately, with full integration expected to take approximately 45 days. “We have more than 50 major fulfillment centers locked in that are centrally managed from our cloud technology. Once an order is placed, our customers will receive an email and text where they can track our drivers all the way to delivery,” said Hugh McPherson, EVP of expects to immediately double online sales with the new integration. “We are extremely excited to launch 1-hour delivery,” said Duffield. “We just became the largest cannabis company in the United States, which makes us a prime acquisition target. I’m very proud of our core team and all the hard work everyone has put in to make D8 the number one brand in the market.” About is based in Colorado and Miami with satellite offices in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The company is an assembly of the top hemp and cannabis minds in the country. With backgrounds in extraction, chemistry, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and legal, the D8 team came together organically around this elusive, but extremely powerful molecule to create a new category of products. More info at Contact Details Chris Duffield +1 424-333-2112 Company Website

September 23, 2021 12:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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BEASY, a Blockchain-as-a-Service technology company, selects Texture Capital’s online marketplace for digital security offering

Texture Capital

Texture Capital Inc., the Institutional Marketplace for Private Capital, today announced that BEASY, a startup formed to make the benefits of blockchain easy to achieve throughout the consumer and enterprise value chains, has selected Texture’s online marketplace for their digital security offering. Texture Capital will support capital raising and secondary market trading of the BEASY digital tokens, enabling BEASY to reach a broader network of investors and enable potential secondary market liquidity opportunities in the future. BEASY—a.k.a. Blockchain Made Easy - is a Blockchain-as-a-Service technology company focused on developing blockchain solutions that enable a broader range of stakeholders, from consumer to the enterprise, to participate in the blockchain economy. Significant growth of blockchain adoption is expected, from digital currencies to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), to supply chain management at the global enterprise-level, with t he global Blockchain Market expected to grow by US$ 15.1 Billion by 2024 at a CAGR of 69.3% in the given forecast period 1. However, many organizations continue to face challenges when implementing blockchain at the technical, strategic, and organizational levels. BEASY makes blockchain easy for customers. Through a user-friendly, comprehensive approach, BEASY develops products and services that aim to offer best-in-class pricing, functionality, compliance and customer support. “The first application of BEASY technology, AthleteChain, provides a turnkey business management platform to enable professional and college athletes to create, issue and manage NFTs”, said Richard Johnson, CEO of Texture Capital. “We believe BEASY is well positioned to benefit from continued growth in NFTs and the blockchain economy overall 1.” “As developers of self-service NFT tools and capabilities for artists and athletes, it makes sense for BEASY to issue equity via Digital Securities”, said Bob Kramich, CEO of BEASY. “We have been impressed by Texture Capital’s expertise, track record, and holistic approach to issuance and secondary trading via blockchain technology which aligns closely with BEASY’s commitment to serve creators and their supporters in modern, flexible ways.” [1] About Texture Capital Texture Capital, the institutional marketplace for private capital, is a technology-driven marketplace for institutions and issuers to more efficiently and directly participate in the private markets, improving liquidity, transparency, and access. We leverage blockchain technology and smart contracts to streamline the current market structure for private placements; supporting the primary issuance and secondary trading of digital securities through a regulated broker- dealer and a registered ATS. Please visit for more information and to stay informed of future updates. About BEASY Blockchain Made Easy, LLC, dba BEASY, was formed to make the benefits of blockchain easy to achieve throughout the consumer and enterprise value chains. Our initial focus is on the multi-billion-dollar annual North American Sports & Entertainment markets, through the commercialization of a scalable blockchain platform designed to meet the demands of small, mid-sized, and large businesses. BEASY leverages advanced, proprietary blockchain technology to deliver business applications that enable our individual and enterprise customers to curate their complex and fluid professional, philanthropic, and business activities. Important: An investment in BEASY is speculative, involves a high degree of risk and that investors must be prepared to bear the economic risk of their investment for an indefinite period of time and be able to withstand a total loss of their investment. BEASY has a limited operating history, which makes it difficult to predict future operating results. Failure to manage our growth may adversely affect their business or operations. BEASY has a history of losses. Failure to achieve profitability or generate positive cash flow from operations in the near future, may impact their ability to raise additional capital, obtain financing or monetize significant assets. BEASY or its technology may be the subject of cyber-attacks, which may result in security breaches and the loss or theft of assets, which could expose BEASY to liability and reputational harm and could seriously curtail the utilization of BEASY’s services or technology and could result in claims against BEASY. BEASY's success will be dependent on its ability to hire, retain or motivate qualified personnel. Blockchain is a new technology and unproven in financial markets. There is no guarantee that tokenization will enable any secondary market liquidity in the future and your investment may remain illiquid. Contact Details Texture Capital CJ Lengua +1 347-524-1100 Company Website

September 23, 2021 10:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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The State of Our Schools: The Nation’s Public School Facilities in Crisis


A video accompanying this announcement is available at: Living through a pandemic has heightened the awareness for many parents around the issues of health and safety in the schools their children attend. As school districts across the U.S. prepare for and begin a new academic year, the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), along with 21 st Century School Fund and the National Council on School Facilities, is releasing a new report that takes a comprehensive look into the current state of our nation’s school facilities funding and draws attention to the disparity across the U.S. in funding efforts. Ending disparities in facilities conditions and quality by income, locale and race, must be prioritized as these gaps will not be closed without an aggressive and an intentional plan to eliminate them. IWBI is working to ensure the health, safety, education suitability, and environmental sustainability and resilience for our students, teachers and staff now and for the future. The 2021 State of Our Schools Report puts a white-hot spotlight on the fact that severe and chronic underinvestment – to the tune of $85 billion a year – is eroding the country’s ability to provide safe, healthy and sustainable schools. Every day, nearly 60 million people—students, teachers and staff—walk through the doors of our country’s nearly 100,000 PK-12 public schools, which represent the second largest sector of U.S. public infrastructure spending after highways. States and local school districts do their best to increase their efforts to maintain and invest in their school facilities when funding is available, but they are falling further and further behind. For more information visit: About The International WELL Building Institute: The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) is a public benefit corporation and the world’s leading organization focused on deploying people first places to advance a global culture of health. IWBI mobilizes its community through the administration of the WELL Building Standard (WELL) and the WELL Health-Safety Rating, management of the WELL AP credential, the pursuit of applicable research, the development of educational resources, and advocacy for policies that promote health and well-being everywhere. More information on WELL can be found here. International WELL Building Institute, IWBI, the WELL Building Standard, WELL v2, WELL Certified, WELL AP, WELL Portfolio, WELL Portfolio Score, The WELL Conference, We Are WELL, the WELL Community Standard, WELL Health-Safety Rating, WELL Health-Safety Rated, WELL Health-Equity, WELL Performance Rating, WELL Performance Rated, WELL Performance, WELL and others, and their related logos are trademarks or certification marks of International WELL Building Institute pbc in the United States and other countries. About YourUpdateTV: YourUpdateTV is a social media video portal for organizations to share their content. It includes separate channels for Health and Wellness, Lifestyle, Media and Entertainment, Money and Finance, Social Responsibility, Sports and Technology. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

September 23, 2021 09:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Aspen Dental

CHICAGO, Ill. — Chapter Aesthetic Studio, a leading aesthetic studio providing evidence-based, non-surgical cosmetic treatments, has officially opened its doors in New Hartford, NY with the acquisition of Alivana Aesthetics, bringing a new look to the office and introducing new services along with a line of pharmaceutical-grade skincare products. This is the second location, of 12 planned in the next year, for the recently launched national brand of state-of-the-art, medical aesthetic clinics. Chapter Aesthetic Studio was launched in 2021 by Aspen Dental Management, Inc. (ADMI) and Rejuv Medical Aesthetic Clinic in an effort to create a new national brand of medical aesthetic clinics, taking an evidence-based approach to create personalized treatment plans that deliver measurable results. As one of ADMI’s health care brands, Chapter Aesthetic Studio has access to specialized real estate, operations, marketing, recruiting and training services. All of this helps Chapter’s providers focus on delivering best-in-class service and personalized care to their guests. “We continue to transform the medical aesthetic industry with this second location in New Hartford,” said Melissa Rogne, Founder & President of the Chapter Aesthetic Studio. “We’re excited to serve the New Hartford community and keep our momentum of expanding nationwide.” To celebrate the relaunch, Chapter Aesthetic Studio will host The Autumn Exclusive event on Thursday, September 30 th from 4-8 p.m., featuring treatment demonstrations and giveaways. The New Hartford Chapter Aesthetic Studio office is also holding its biggest sale of the year in September – guests can save up to 30% from September 9 th through September 30th on all products and services. Located at 4626 Commercial Drive New Hartford, NY 13413, the office is led by owner and managing clinical director Jennifer Baldwin, an American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP)-certified Nurse Practitioner with more than 20 years of experience in patient health and wellness. Baldwin and her team will provide a full range of customized cosmetic treatments, including: Injectables: Injectables are a common way to relax wrinkles and fine lines, or plump areas where skin or lips have lost volume. Chapter’s specialists are skilled in the science of cosmetic injectables — and the art of listening. Chapter offers popular injectable brands including, Botox®, Dysport®, Xeomin®, Juvéderm®, RHA® and Kybella®, as well as thread lift and PRFM treatments. Laser Treatments: Lasers are a safe and clinically proven way to enhance skin health and appearance and treat common concerns. The Chapter team is highly skilled in industry-leading and scientifically advanced laser technologies, giving patients a variety of treatment options to safely and effectively deliver remarkable results. Treatment options include laser hair removal, IPL Photofacial and Morpheus8. Aesthetic Treatments: Patients can look and feel rejuvenated than with Chapter’s medical-grade facials, microneedling treatments and exfloitating peels. Expert professionals will help patients choose from a range of options that suit their individual needs. Chapter offers popular aesthetic treatments including HydraFacial®, SkinPen®, DiamondGlow™, custom exfoliating peels, PRP therapy and dermaplane. Body Treatments: Many guests come to Chapter with a concern about their body they want help with — whether it’s stubborn fat on the body, cellulite, lack of energy and fatigue or hair loss. The Chapter team is trained to understand those concerns on a clinical level and, more importantly, on an empathetic level. Chapter offers popular body treatments including CoolSculpting®, CoolTone®, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, IV therapy and PRP hair restoration. “I couldn’t be more excited about this partnership with ADMI,” said Jennifer Baldwin, Nurse Practitioner and owner of the Chapter Aesthetic Studio New Hartford location. “What this means for our loyal client base is an updated studio look, and elevated resources and technology. What’s not going to change is the warm welcome, friendly faces and top-tier service providers and care practicitioners that our guests know and trust.” Office hours will be Mondays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesdays through Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Fridays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays by appointment only. To make an appointment for a complimentary consultation including dermal imaging, guests can go to and click on Book Online; or call 315-737-6230. More information about the New Hartford, NY office and its services can be found here. About Chapter Aesthetic Studio Founder and President Melissa Rogne established Rejuv Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Fargo, North Dakota in 2005. Fueled by her passion for providing innovative aesthetic services and products, Melissa pioneered the region’s aesthetic industry and grew Rejuv to the largest clinic in the Midwest, proudly ranked as an Allergan Top 100 clinic. Melissa is now continuing her mission of empowering everyone to discover their own personal beauty narrative. Rejuv is beginning a new story as Chapter Aesthetic Studio – and we’ll be coming soon to a location near you. We invite you to join our team as we turn the page and reclaim beauty’s one truth: it radiates from within. About Aspen Dental Management, Inc. (ADMI) Aspen Dental Management, Inc. (ADMI) is one of the largest and most trusted retail healthcare business support organizations in the U.S., supporting 15,000 healthcare professionals and team members at more than 1,000 health and wellness offices across 46 states in three distinct categories: Dental care, urgent care, and medical aesthetics. Working in partnership with independent practice owners and clinicians, the team is united by a single purpose: to prove that healthcare can be better and smarter for everyone. ADMI provides a comprehensive suite of centralized business support services that power the impact of four consumer-facing businesses: Aspen Dental, ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers, WellNow Urgent Care and Chapter Aesthetic Studio. Each brand has access to a deep community of experts, tools and resources to grow their practices, and an unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality consumer healthcare experiences at scale. Contact Details Curley Company Lorianne Walker +1 410-688-1330

September 22, 2021 03:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Self Esteem Brands Expands Digital Agency of Record Partnership with Goodway Group

Goodway Group

Goodway Group, the digital partner advertisers trust to deliver campaign performance and media efficiency, has expanded its Digital Agency of Record partnership with Self Esteem Brands. The growing relationship builds on Goodway Group’s success with Self Esteem Brands’ Anytime Fitness and Waxing the City. Self Esteem Brands is now bringing on Goodway Group - a recognized leader in multi-location and digital marketing - to manage local marketing efforts for franchisee owners of The Bar Method and Basecamp Fitness. Self Esteem Brands chose Goodway Group for its deep expertise in the multi-location space as well as its proven knowledge to successfully strategize and execute on local and national campaigns. Goodway Group’s holistic approach to digital media strategy - which includes multiple channels such as Search, Social, Programmatic Display, Video, Advanced TV, Audio, Broadcast TV - along with previously demonstrated success in the areas of performance and service through innovative methods secured Goodway Group the local marketing business for all four Self Esteem Brands: Anytime Fitness, Waxing the City, Basecamp Fitness and The Bar Method. The partnership is focused on growing brand awareness and driving new customer acquisition in the US. Internationally, Goodway Group will support Self Esteem Brands via its U.K.-based sister company CvE, with a specialty in global consultative services, to drive franchise development efforts to acquire master franchisees and introduce the fitness brands to new regions. “Throughout our relationship, Goodway Group has been an invaluable resource. Using their deep understanding of the complexities of franchise marketing they’ve supported our corporate marketing team and thousands of franchisees from strategic guidance to media execution and optimization,” said April Anslinger, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Self Esteem Brands, LLC. “They continued to be a strong partner to us during the pandemic, offering transparency and trust, and demonstrating their value through deep insights and innovative, forward-thinking marketing guidance. We are happy to enter into this new phase of our partnership, and capitalize on the energy of consumers, who are more fitness-minded than ever before.” In addition to media buying services, Goodway Group is providing data and analytics capabilities. Its custom-built tech stack offers access to award-winning dashboards that demonstrate campaign performance at the franchisee level. Layered in with machine learning and proprietary algorithms, the Realvalue® suite of algorithms optimize campaign performance to create maximum efficiency with more marketing investment going directly to working media. Goodway Group’s award winning tech stack also provides insights that uncover cross-channel analytics that lead to further campaign effectiveness and efficiencies. “We are honored to engage with Self Esteem brands as their Digital Agency of Record for Anytime Fitness and Wax in the City brands and guide their business to new heights,” said Jay Friedman, President at Goodway Group. “Our multi-location experience is a perfect fit for their needs. We have the right team, technology and strategic understanding of both franchisee and brand needs at the corporate level to create digital strategy and execute campaign management that moves customer acquisition and franchisee growth. Two important factors that directly tie to revenue.” Goodway Group’s previous work with Anytime Fitness has been recognized for several awards including The Drum’s Digital Advertising Awards US 2020 for Most Effective Programmatic Media Partnership, as well as a Finalist in the AdExchanger Awards 2020 for Best Programmatic Capabilities by an Agency and New Membership Campaign. Goodway Group worked with Anytime Fitness for their 2021 New Year’s campaign to bring new members to their gyms. From late December through the end of January, Goodway executed a lead generation campaign by boosting the company’s share of voice (SOV) and creating actionable data through paid social and search as well as cross-device display and connected TV. This allowed Goodway to identify potential prospects, optimize retargeting and use forecasting models to modify their ad spend week to week based on current targets within the pipeline. The campaign surpassed its lead generation goal and attracted 127% of its new member goal. Goodway worked with Self Esteem Brands on a number of other campaigns as well, including a boost in digital awareness for the Anytime Fitness brand, which resulted in an 11.7% lift in awareness. About Goodway Group Goodway Group is the digital partner advertisers trust to drive campaign performance and media efficiency. Proud to be completely independently owned and operated, Goodway provides trustworthy expertise that meets its clients' needs – and no one else's. Using predictive intelligence, Goodway helps advertisers get the most value out of every impression across all paid digital media. Through the combination of employing the smartest technology and the most experienced people in the industry, Goodway delivers authentic results. Find Goodway Group online at Goodway Group. Honestly Smart Digital. Contact Details Kite Hill PR for Goodway Group Bridget Callahan +1 631-338-7248 Company Website

September 22, 2021 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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