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Athletech News, New Multimedia Platform Focused on the Fitness & Wellness Industry, Launches with 50,000 Subscribers

Athletech News

October 25, 2023, New York—Today marks the official launch of Athletech News, a new media venture by Edward Hertzman. Athletech News is a multimedia platform, seeking to fill a need for business news and reporting in the fitness and wellness space valued at $30.8 billion in the U.S. and some $87 billion globally. “We took Athletech News from idea to execution over the course of couple of years thoroughly analyzing the market and its opportunities,” Athetech News founder and CEO Edward Hertzman said. “I saw an industry experiencing unprecedented transformation and growth but having no single resource to bring together the entire community. Athletech is a single venue industry leaders can now visit to pick up the day’s key headlines, hear thought leaders discuss consumer trends, read analysts' recaps of market movements and deal flow, and learn best-in-class practices from their peers. I drew from my experience founding Sourcing Journal, which created a community that had previously been experiencing a similar industry void.” The new venture showcases Hertzman’s ability to build a media company, regardless of industry. Having successfully built and his previous platform, Sourcing Journal, he sold it to Penske Media Corporation in 2017. Hertzman stayed on with the company for the next six years to run Sourcing Journal; during his tenure he was promoted to EVP of Fairchild. Athletech News is quickly becoming the media of record for this growing industry. More than 50,000 Fitness and Wellness executives have already subscribed to the new platform, drawn to the executive interviews with industry luminaries and the daily feed of breaking industry news. Soon after its launch, Athletech News signed on leading industry partners, including companies such as ISSA, Xpotential Fitness, XPLOR, Life Fitness, Body20, Sweathouz, Trainerize, SportsArt and Bloomreach. The platform targets the top decision makers in all business-facing aspects of the space—owners and operators of fitness clubs/studios, fitness and wellness and recovery executives, technology and equipment companies, analysts, venture capitalists, private equity, and more. Athletech's event series: Athletech also recently released a comprehensive video series called DISRUPT, featuring on-camera interviews with more than 30 of the industry’s top executives, from companies such as Technogym, CrossFit, Tonal, Pvolve, FitOn, Xpotential, Centr, Hyperice, Freemotion, Madabolic, Restore, Life Time, TRX and Zumba. Edward Hertzman commented: “It's time the fitness and wellness industry had a serious seat at the table. From boardrooms to Capitol Hill to mainstream media, there is more to our business than diet hacks, before-and-after infomercials and body-building stereotypes. We are committed to building a platform for the fitness and wellness industry, to share news and opinions, even if those opinions are somewhat raw), to network, celebrate wins, and most importantly, do all of it in a collaborative, pre-competitive environment.” # # # About Athletech News Athletech News provides comprehensive media coverage of the most impactful news and trends shaping the fitness and wellness sector. Our newsletter and website cover emerging fitness technology, brick and mortar gyms, wellness trends, new fitness formats and the industry’s economic outlook. We aim to spark ideas and shape agendas for fitness executives in this constantly evolving and fast moving sector. We set out each day to inform these leaders with proprietary content and analysis that will help them make more informed business decisions. Please visit Athletech News at About Edward Hertzman, Athletech Founder & CEO Edward Hertzman is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio spanning media, fitness, wellness, and sourcing. As a subject matter expert, he's become a prominent voice in these industries and an early-stage investor in promising startups, contributing significantly to their growth. His latest venture, Athletech News, addresses the need for community, representation, and transparency in the fitness and wellness sector. Prior to this, Hertzman founded Sourcing Journal in 2009, now the world's largest trade publication for sourcing and supply chain in apparel and textiles. He sold the company to Penske Media Group in 2017 and served as President, later becoming EVP of all Fairchild Media Titles. Contact Details Meir Kahtan +1 917-864-0800 Company Website

October 25, 2023 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Lawyers Predict Ripple Win and XRP Rally – Shiba Inu and Everlodge Set for Explosive Fourth Quarter

Total Media

The price of XRP has been predicted to rally as lawyers forecast a victory for Ripple in the SEC case. Also, as the crypto market enters bull territory, Shiba Inu and Everlodge are two altcoins predicted to record great gains. In this article, we will take a look at the predictions for these three trending cryptocurrencies. Join the Everlodge presale and win a luxury holiday to the Maldives Lawyers Predict Ripple Win and XRP Lawsuit The almost three-year-long Ripple lawsuit is expected to reach a conclusion soon. With the SEC recently dropping all charges against the Ripple executives, lawyers expect the verdict to go Ripple’s way. As a result, the XRP coin has been projected to embark on a major rally. Lawyer Bill Morgan gives the SEC a 3% chance of winning its appeal against Ripple and XRP. However, Jeremy Hogan is less bullish, predicting that the SEC still stands a 14% chance of winning an appeal. Regardless, Ripple and XRP still remain the overwhelming favorites to win this case. There is more positive news for the altcoin, as there are rumors that France’s CBDC efforts might involve XRP. Because of this, crypto analysts have predicted that the price of XRP could increase significantly after a Ripple victory. From $0.5338, many crypto analysts predict that the XRP price could reach its all-time high at $3. Experts Predict 600% Price Increase for Shiba Inu When the Shiba Inu layer 2 network, Shibarium, launched in August, many investors expected a price spike. The Shiba Inu coin, SHIB, would decline from $0.00001100 to $0.000006710 in October. However, SHIB is now showing signs of recovery. Joining the crypto market rally, the price of Shiba Inu has increased above the $0.000007200 resistance. However, crypto analysts predict that SHIB could see more gains in the coming days. According to Finder’s panel of analysts, the Shiba Inu price could increase by 600%. However, unlike previous bull markets where the SHIB price grew in weeks, these gains are expected to happen over two years. This will see the price of Shiba inu reach a high of $0.00004930 by 2025. Everlodge Set To Democratize the Real Estate Industry Real estate is one of the biggest industries in the world, with a valuation of over $280 trillion. However, the high cost of properties has prevented investors from joining this profitable industry. However, Everlodge is launching to democratize this industry by building a blockchain property marketplace. Everlodge would allow every investor to participate in real estate investment with as little as $100. To achieve this, Everlodge will list properties on its marketplace. The title deeds and ownership documents of these listed properties will be digitized and minted as an NFT. The platform will then use fractionalization to divide the NFTs into smaller portions. These NFT fractions will act as shares in the properties and allow investors to buy as low as $100. In addition, the ecosystem also includes a Launchpad. Property developers can use the platform's Launchpad to raise funds for their upcoming real estate projects. This hybrid property co-ownership model of Everlodge provides nearly everyone the opportunity to finally own a piece of real estate. As a result, crypto analysts are hyper-bullish about the platform’s utility token, ELDG. Now trading at $0.023, ELDG has been projected to reach a value of $0.50 before the year’s end. Find out more about the Everlodge (ELDG) Presale: Website: Telegram: Contact Details Everlodge Media Team

October 24, 2023 04:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time

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Southern University’s World-Famous “Human Jukebox” Marching Band Partners with SIGMA to Elevate Video Production Quality


Southern University’s esteemed Human Jukebox Marching Band has entered into an exciting and exclusive partnership with SIGMA Corporation of America, a leading camera and lens manufacturer for both photography and cinema applications, to enhance the quality of their video production when chronicling and producing their prestigious performances. This is the third academic year that SIGMA has sponsored the Human Jukebox. A world-famous marching band with a rich history of performances at prestigious events such as the Super Bowl, Mardi Gras, and college and professional football games’ halftimes, the Human Jukebox is known for its captivating shows and choreography, which includes the talented Dancing Dolls ensemble. The band's reputation plays a vital role in attracting students to Southern University and cultivating valuable partnerships, and sharply capturing their performances is of utmost importance. In 2014, Eric Johnson, the Human Jukebox’s Marketing and Brand Manager, along with Jabari Morgan (marketing) and Media Director Garrett Edgerson, embarked on a journey to develop a strong brand identity and elevate the band's presence in the world of collegiate marching bands. Their success in building an impressive online presence on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and beyond has garnered attention from notable artists such as Lizzo, Adele, 50 Cent, DJ Khaled, and Janet Jackson. The Human Jukebox's ability to capture their performances and share them with the world relies heavily on consistent high-quality video production. In 2020, the band turned to SIGMA, drawn to SIGMA's reputation for providing premium yet affordable lenses. SIGMA's dedication to customer service and a shared passion for creative excellence led to the establishment of a productive partnership. "An appreciation for art is cultivated during a person’s formative school years and is something SIGMA has always been passionately supportive of," says Mark Amir-Hamzeh, president of SIGMA America. "Having the opportunity to help bring the Human Jukebox’s work to life for the past three years with crisply captured video, and to contribute to the long-term growth of this HBCU, has been an honor.” Southern University’s Media Director Garrett Edgerson, a photographer and filmmaker, heads a team of four students and three alumni responsible for creating captivating content for the Human Jukebox. To ensure top-notch video quality, Edgerson and his team have embraced SIGMA lenses as their go-to choice for capturing the band's performances. "Like many HBCUs, Southern University's marching band plays a crucial role in attracting students from all over the world," said Eric Johnson, the Human Jukebox's Marketing and Brand Manager. “SIGMA lenses have taken our production level to a whole new height with compact form factor, lighter weight, and excellent build, making it easier for the team to capture stunning footage during performances and events. Hollywood-quality video has advanced our reputation, leading to additional sponsorships and partnerships that help support students' education and band expenses.” To learn more about how the Southern University Marching Band Media team utilizes SIGMA gear for their work, please visit this behind-the-scenes piece. About SIGMA Corporation of America SIGMA Corporation of America, founded in 1984, is the US subsidiary of SIGMA Corporation, a family-owned manufacturer of lenses, cameras and photo accessories. With U.S. headquarters in Ronkonkoma, NY, SIGMA Corporation of America expanded with a showroom and office in Burbank, CA in 2018 to support the Hollywood filmmaking industry. Craftsmanship. Precision. Dedication. Since 1961, SIGMA has been devoted to the pursuit of advancing photographic technology. Unique to the industry, the family-owned business produces its high-quality, award-winning still photo and cinema camera lenses, DSLR and mirrorless cameras, flashes, filters and accessories from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Aizu, Japan. In 2012, the company introduced SIGMA Global Vision with three distinct lens lines: Art, Contemporary and Sports. Designed for industry camera mount systems including Canon, Leica, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony and SIGMA, each lens is handcrafted and tested in Japan to ensure a high-performance, premium product that is purpose-built to last. In 2016, the SIGMA Cine lens lineup was launched, further cementing SIGMA as an innovator in imaging engineering. Embodying the core optical DNA that has defined the SIGMA benchmark of excellence, SIGMA Cine lenses meet the needs of advanced 6k and 8k cinema production. Forming the landmark L-Mount alliance alongside Leica and Panasonic in 2018, SIGMA continues its storied tradition of imaging excellence through groundbreaking innovations such as the native L-mount SIGMA fp and fp L full-frame mirrorless digital cameras, announced in July 2019 and March 2021 respectively. These products, along with over 35 award-winning SIGMA Global Vision lenses available in native L-Mount format, demonstrate SIGMA's continued commitment to the creative community through expanded product offerings. With the fp, fp L and these lenses, even more users can now leverage SIGMA's renowned optical formula to achieve their creative vision with ease. For information about SIGMA America, please visit and SIGMA Blog for helpful information about our products. Follow SIGMA America on social media! SIGMA Photo: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram SIGMA Cine: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Contact Details SIGMA +1 631-201-7381 Company Website

October 24, 2023 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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India's MAJOR Gaming Growth!

QYOU Media Inc

ValueTheMarkets News Commentary - The Indian gaming market is projected to rapidly grow in size, nearly tripling from $2.6bn to $8.6bn between 2022 and 2027 according to projections from Statista. Perhaps this is no surprise, considering the country's huge population of young consumers and rapid adoption of tech. This article will discuss the issue with reference to Alphabet Inc ( NASDAQ: GOOGL ), Tencent Holdings Ltd ( OTC: TCEHY ), Microsoft ( NASDAQ: MSFT ) and QYOU Media ( TSXV: QYOU ) ( OTCQB: QYOUF ). As this article has already shown, gaming is set for a massive uplift in India. A major part of this opportunity is the mobile gaming market, with the vast majority of gamers in the country using their smartphone to play. Indeed, 94% of gamers use their phones in India according to KPMG, compared to less than 10% using PC or consoles respectively. That's why we're looking at QYOU Media, Tencent, Microsoft and Alphabet from a largely mobile perspective. QYOU Media ( TSXV: QYOU ) ( OTCQB: QYOUF ) is an entertainment company with a focus on bringing creator-led content to the Indian market. While the business already owns a slew of successful TV channels across traditional and app-based platforms, it took the jump into the mobile gaming space at the start of this year. In January, the business acquired Maxamtech, a specialist in free-to-play mobile games and owner of the Gaming360 platform. Now, the business is moving into the real-money gaming space, taking advantage of its huge popularity in India. The business will launch a new version of its casual mobile gaming app, QGAMESMELA, which comes with 'freemium' capabilities. Players will be able to win cash prizes and awards via both free and real-money gaming engagements. With India's real-money gaming market expected to reach 60bn rupees by 2025, this looks like it could be an astute move from this rapidly evolving business. Alphabet Inc ( NASDAQ: GOOGL ) has a major opportunity in India due to the strong growth of app users in the country. Indeed, according to 42Matters, India is the top country in the world in terms of number of apps installed and used per month. The company has enjoyed huge growth in India, with its mobile play store seeing a 200% increase in active monthly users and an 80% jump in consumer spending in 2021 compared to 2019. While a large amount of app downloads are by gamers, with titles like Ludo King exceeding 500 million downloads, the company said in 2022 that it had also seen "stupendous growth" across categories like education, payments, health and entertainment. With 2022 representing the first year of declines in Google App Store revenues, the company could decide that focusing on a major potential market like India is a route to strong future growth. Tencent Holdings Ltd ( OTC: TCEHY ) is an absolute titan when it comes to mobile gaming. In India, the company owned PUBG Mobile, which WAS the top mobile gaming IP back in 2021. The company also owns Finnish videogame developer Supercell, makers of the Clash of Clans titles. This further demonstrates the Chinese multinational's tight grasp on the nation's mobile gaming space at the time. So, what's changed? September 2020 saw the Indian government banning titles like PUBG Mobile and other Chinese-owned apps, citing data privacy issues. Replacement versions of some titles have resurfaced, but the ban has damaged Tencent in the country. But Tencent is wading back into India, having launched new mobile title Undawn in the country back in June 2023. With no bans in place yet, despite noise from some interest groups, this could be the start of a new concerted push into the territory. Tech giant Microsoft ( NASDAQ: MSFT ) is another outfit which is pushing into the Indian mobile gaming market. This is largely due to the company's acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which bolsters its PC and console gaming offering but also crucially offers major new inroads into the mobile gaming space. As one of the biggest markets in the world for mobile gaming, India is sure to be a target for the company. The company will already have a strong presence in the nation. Research published by Statista in 2021 indicated that Activision Blizzard's growing share of the Indian gaming market would represent more than 14% of the total in 2022. Indeed, immensely popular mobile titles like Candy Crush are already under the company's wing and offer it significant opportunity. Additionally, the clear challenges already in place for Chinese competition mean that further growth is a realistic possibility. While its clear that India presents a huge opportunity for gaming companies, this article has outlined the radically different states some of the main competitors find themselves in. Tencent is dogged by uncertainty as it attempts to bounce back from mass bans, while Microsoft has suddenly become a key player. Alphabet's platform is seeing major growth and new kid on the block QYOU Media is astutely swooping in to corner the real-money gaming opportunity. IMPORTANT NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER PAID ADVERTISEMENT This communication is a paid advertisement. ValueTheMarkets is a trading name of Digitonic Ltd, and its owners, directors, officers, employees, affiliates, agents and assigns (collectively the "Publisher") is often paid by one or more of the profiled companies or a third party to disseminate these types of communications. In this case, the Publisher has been compensated by QYOU Media Inc. to conduct investor awareness advertising and marketing and has paid the Publisher the equivalent of one hundred and twenty five thousand US dollars to produce and disseminate this and other similar articles and certain related banner advertisements. This compensation should be viewed as a major conflict with the Publisher's ability to provide unbiased information or opinion. CHANGES IN SHARE TRADING AND PRICE Readers should beware that third parties, profiled companies, and/or their affiliates may liquidate shares of the profiled companies at any time, including at or near the time you receive this communication, which has the potential to adversely affect share prices. Frequently companies profiled in our articles experience a large increase in share trading volume and share price during the course of investor awareness marketing, which often ends as soon as the investor awareness marketing ceases. The investor awareness marketing may be as brief as one day, after which a large decrease in share trading volume and share price may likely occur. NO OFFER TO SELL OR BUY SECURITIES This communication is not, and should not be construed to be, an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any security. INFORMATION Neither this communication nor the Publisher purport to provide a complete analysis of any company or its financial position. This communication is based on information generally available to the public and on an interview conducted with the company's CEO, and does not contain any material, non-public information. The information on which it is based is believed to be reliable. Nevertheless, the Publisher does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information. Further, the information in this communication is not updated after publication and may become inaccurate or outdated. No reliance should be placed on the price or statistics information and no responsibility or liability is accepted for any error or inaccuracy. Any statements made should not be taken as an endorsement of analyst views. NO FINANCIAL ADVICE The Publisher is not, and does not purport to be, a broker-dealer or registered investment adviser or a financial adviser. The Publisher has no access to non-public information about publicly traded companies. The information provided is general and impersonal, and is not tailored to any particular individual's financial situation or investment objective(s) and this communication is not, and should not be construed to be, personalized investment advice directed to or appropriate for any particular investor or a personal recommendation to deal or invest in any particular company or product. Any investment should be made only after consulting a professional investment advisor and only after reviewing the financial statements and other pertinent corporate information about the company. Further, readers are advised to read and carefully consider the Risk Factors identified and discussed in the advertised company's SEC, SEDAR and/or other government filings. Investing in securities, particularly microcap securities, is speculative and carries a high degree of risk. Past performance does not guarantee future results. FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENTS This communication contains forward-looking statements, including statements regarding expected continual growth of the featured companies and/or industry. Statements in this communication that look forward in time, which include everything other than historical information, are based on assumptions and estimates by our content providers and involve risks and uncertainties that may affect the profiled company's actual results of operations. These statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other important factors that could cause the actual results and performance to differ materially from any future results or performance expressed or implied in the forward-looking statements. These risks, uncertainties and other factors include, among others: the success of the profiled company's operations; the size and growth of the market for the company's products and services; the company's ability to fund its capital requirements in the near term and long term; pricing pressures; changes in business strategy, practices or customer relationships; general worldwide economic and business conditions; currency exchange and interest rate fluctuations; government, statutory, regulatory or administrative initiatives affecting the company's business. INDEMNIFICATION/RELEASE OF LIABILITY By reading this communication, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this disclaimer in full, and agree and accept that the Publisher provides no warranty in respect of the communication or the profiled company and accepts no liability whatsoever. You acknowledge and accept this disclaimer and that, to the greatest extent permitted under applicable law, you release and hold harmless the Publisher from any and all liability, damages, injury and adverse consequences arising from your use of this communication. You further agree that you are solely responsible for any financial outcome related to or arising from your investment decisions. TERMS OF USE AND DISCLAIMER By reading this communication you agree that you have reviewed and fully agree to the Terms of Use found here and acknowledge that you have reviewed the Disclaimer found here If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, please contact to discontinue receiving future communications. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY All trademarks used in this communication are the property of their respective trademark holders. Other than, the Publisher is not affiliated, connected, or associated with, and the communication is not sponsored, approved, or originated by, the trademark holders unless otherwise stated. No claim is made by the Publisher to any rights in any third-party trademarks other than AUTHORS: VALUETHEMARKETS and Digitonic Ltd and our affiliates are not responsible for the content or accuracy of this article. The information included in this article is based solely on information provided by the company or companies mentioned above. This article does not provide any financial advice and is not a recommendation to deal in any securities or product. News and research are not recommendations to deal, and investments may fall in value so that you could lose some or all of your investment. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.ValueTheMarkets do not hold any position in the stock(s) and/or financial instrument(s) mentioned in the above piece. ValueTheMarkets have been paid to produce this piece by the company or companies mentioned above. Digitonic Ltd, the owner of, has been paid for the production of this piece by the company or companies mentioned above. Contact Details ValueTheMarkets +44 141 530 4080 Company Website

October 24, 2023 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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National Survey Reveals Women of All Ages Cite Mental Health as Their Number One Health Concern


LevLane Advertising, an award-winning full-service agency headquartered in Philadelphia, has released the results of its 2023 Women’s Health Concerns Survey of 400 women, ages 18+, which explores how women are approaching various aspects of their health and wellness. The survey, which was conducted by a market research provider on behalf of LevLane, paints a concerning picture, as women report deprioritizing sexual/reproductive health and almost every other aspect of their well-being, while mental health concerns take priority. This is true even in the younger age groups where sexual health is traditionally considered as a primary concern (ages 18-34). Across all ages 18+, just 6% of all women reported sexual health as their number one priority. The majority of women (53%) reported mental health as one of their top three health concerns, with 26% saying that it was their number one concern. Stress management (45%), sleep health (33%) and heart health (32%) were among the other top concerns, while reproductive/sexual health (19%), diabetes (18%), pregnancy/post-partum (11%) and menopause/perimenopause (11%) were ranked lowest overall. Women 55+ were the only age group to report something other than mental health as their top concern. That cohort reported both heart health and stress management as tied for their number one priority. “Coming out of COVID, we expected to see a bump in mental health as a concern, but we were all taken aback by just how many women across all age groups cited it as their top concern,” said Liz Weir, chief marketing officer at LevLane. “Even in younger age groups, where we would expect to see more of an emphasis on sexual and reproductive health or pregnancy and post-partum, we found that women are putting those things on the back burner to prioritize mental health.” The study is the first in a series planned by the agency. The forthcoming surveys will continue to focus on specific aspects of women’s health with the goal of better understanding the broader women’s healthcare landscape. “In their efforts to address mental health concerns, an unintended consequence could be neglecting other very critical aspects of their well-being,” said Karla Loken, DO, OBGYN, FACOOG and chief medical officer for FEMSelect. “We need to address women’s health comprehensively; neglecting one area will ultimately lead to consequences in another. Women are juggling a lot of things, and this research is signaling that women need more support, including education and awareness on promoting a balanced approach to physical, mental and emotional health.” The study also found that many women are opting out of support, with half (50%) of the respondents saying they are not seeking support for their top concern/priority and have no intention of doing so. Additional Survey Findings: - 10% of Women 18-24 reported sexual and reproductive health as a top priority - 35% of women 35-44 said mental health was their top priority - Women 18-24 were the age group most concerned with cancer as a top 3 priority - Women 35-44 were the only age group to include obesity as a top 3 priority or concern - Women in the 18-34 bracket tend to start their health journeys with online search or through friends and family - Women 34+ tend to start their health journeys with their primary care physicians (PCPs) For complete survey results, please contact Lauren Stralo below. About LevLane LevLane Advertising is a full-service independent advertising agency headquartered in Philadelphia and has been building brands people love for nearly 40 years. The award-winning agency integrates traditional creative expertise with cutting-edge digital capabilities in its menu of services, including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), programmatic media, strategy, creative and branding, media and analytics, social media, content marketing, and public relations. For more information about LevLane and its capabilities, connect with us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. Contact Details LevLane Advertising Lauren Stralo +1 484-747-0172 Company Website

October 24, 2023 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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NBA League Pass Promo Code: 3 Months Free with FanDuel

Acroud Media

The 2023/24 NBA season tips off on Tuesday night, and FanDuel is helping basketball fans enjoy the action with a special promotion! All new users who register an account with FanDuel for the first time will receive an exclusive NBA League Pass promo code that gives them access to League Pass for three months for FREE. Below, we will explain how you can claim this fantastic promotion in the opening week of the new NBA season. The action begins on Tuesday night as the Denver Nuggets face the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Golden State Warriors host the Phoenix Suns. Learn more about the best NBA betting apps in the US at CLAIM FANDUEL/NBA LEAGUE PASS PROMO CODE 21+ and present in select states. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. Hope is here. How to claim FanDuel Promo Code for NBA League Pass 1. Click the following link provided to be taken to the FanDuel sign-up page. 2. Enter your personal details when prompted. No FanDuel promo code is required to be eligible for this promotion — use the link to qualify. 3. Wager a first deposit worth at least $5 on any sports market. 4. Once completed, you will receive an immediate $200 bonus from FanDuel. 5. Within 72 hours of placing your $5 qualifying bet, you will receive an exclusive NBA League Pass promo code for 3 months FREE. NBA League Pass NBA League Pass gives NBA fans the opportunity to watch every single game of the season, either live or on-demand, all on one platform. The annual price for an NBA League Pass premium package is $139.99, while monthly costs can range between $14.99 to $19.99. However, for the cost of just a $5 wager with FanDuel — which also returns a $200 bonus — NBA fans can enjoy three months of action for free. This is, without a doubt, the best value-for-money users will get for NBA League Pass at the start of the 2023/24 season. States FanDuel Is Legal In FanDuel is legal in: Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming. FanDuel Promo Code Terms and Conditions Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. Hope is here. or call (800)-327-5050 for 24/7 support (MA). Call 1-877-8HOPE-NY or Text HOPENY (467369) (NY). 21+ and present in select states. FanDuel is offering online sports wagering in Kansas under an agreement with Kansas Star Casino, LLC. First online real money wager only. $10 deposit req. Bonus issued as non-withdrawable bonus bets that expire 7 days after receipt. Limit 1 pass per customer. Restrictions apply. See full terms at Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER or visit (CO, IA, KY, MI, NJ, OH, PA, IL, TN, VA), 1-800-NEXT-STEP or text NEXTSTEP to 53342 (AZ), 1-888-789-7777 or visit (CT), 1-800-9-WITH-IT (IN), 1-800-522-4700 or visit (KS), 1-877-770-STOP (LA), visit (MD), 1-800-522-4700 (WY), or visit (WV). Contact Details Acroud Media

October 24, 2023 03:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Analyst Price Prediction: BNB and Dogecoin To Recover, New Project To Surge 280%

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Binance celebrated its 25th quarterly burn where it burnt 2.14 million BNB tokens. Investors are sceptical that this could affect BNB’s price. Dogecoin's price is still on the decline as the DOGE community hopes for Elon Musk’s X platform to adopt the meme coin. Meanwhile, a new crypto project, Everlodge, has caught the attention of analysts in the past few weeks. Summary: The BNB price is showing signals of a potential rally on the weekly chart. Development on the Dogecoin network dropped significantly. Analysts have forecasted a price surge of 280% for Everlodge. Everlodge (ELDG) Forays Into the Vacation Rental Market According to research, the global tourism sector has become a booming market since the Covid-19 pandemic. Statistical data shows that the number of hotels and resorts worldwide is over 700,000. However, only a few people have enough money to invest in such properties. Fortunately, Everlodge is here to level the playing field for every investor. Everlodge is an upcoming Web3 platform designed to solve challenges in real estate. People will be able to buy and sell real estate properties cheaply by using the fractionalization of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). NFT fractionalization entails dividing a full NFT representing a real estate property into fractions that people can buy with as little as $100. These NFTs have real value and can be used as collateral for loans. In the meantime, Everlodge is in the fifth presale stage. Its ELDG token is up for grabs at just $0.02. Those who buy the Everlodge token will enjoy passive income, discounts, governance rights, and a chance to win a free vacation to the Maldives. Analysts have forecasted that ELDG's value will go up by 280% by December. What is Next for BNB (BNB) Price After Token Burns? Binance Coin (BNB) is making waves in the cryptocurrency sector as it burns 2.14 million BNB tokens. This burn strategy is part of the platform's strategy to reduce the supply of BNB and increase its price. Following the burn, the price of BNB rose by 3%, to touch $213. In addition, the token has managed to maintain a 3.3% gain on the weekly chart. Looking at the price chart, the BNB coin is currently bouncing between $205.23 and $222.43. Firstly, there is an initial support level of $195.97, which acts like a safety net. Additionally, there is a stronger support at $178.77. Also, network activity on the BNB Chain has been on the rise. The network recently released the Greenfield mainnet. The aim of this storage network is to transform Web3 data usage and ownership. Crypto analysts remain bullish on the BNB coin and predict a price pump to $230 in the coming weeks. What is Happening To Dogecoin (DOGE)? Dogecoin (DOGE), the famous meme coin has been stuck in a tight trading range in the past few months. Dogecoin's price has struggled to go above $0.06 for the last two months. This lack of progress comes at a time of uncertainty in the wider cryptocurrency market. Additionally, Dogecoin's daily transaction volume has dropped, showing a lack of user interest in the coin. The price of Dogecoin has fallen from $0.06011 on October 16th to $0.058986 on October 18th. Also, development on the Dogecoin network has plunged in the past months. Nevertheless, crypto analysts are still bullish on the price of Dogecoin given its latest listing on BitTrade. They have forecasted Dogecoin's price to rise to $0.0723 when market condition improves. Find out more about the Everlodge (ELDG) Presale: Website: Telegram: Contact Details Everlodge Media Team

October 23, 2023 04:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time

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Cutting Through the AEP Clutter


Millions of older Americans rely on Medicare as a crucial support for their health care. Yet, choosing a health plan that fits their needs can be overwhelming, particularly since nearly 90% of adults struggle with understanding health-related information. This can make the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) – which runs from October 15 th to December 7 th – feel like an obstacle course Medicare beneficiaries must navigate every year. A video accompaying this release can be found here: Recently, Terri Swanson, President of Medicare for Aetna, a CVS Health company, participated in a nationwide satellite media tour to discuss the annual enrollment period and tips for consumers on how to choose a plan. When selecting a plan, the first thing people should consider is their own health needs, which can help cut through the clutter of information and make a decision that’s right for you. Medicare decisions can be confusing, so it’s important to seek out trusted sources of information and ask yourself some basic questions before choosing a plan. The three main questions people should ask themselves are: Will this plan fit my budget? This includes the monthly premium, as well as out-of-pocket costs like deductibles, copays and coinsurance for doctors’ visits, hospital stays and other health services. Are my favorite doctors, hospitals and pharmacies in the plan’s network? Are my prescription drugs covered and what are they going to cost? With these three pieces of critical information, consumers can begin the process of narrowing down their plan options and finding the one that’s right for their budget and specific health needs. In addition to the basics, like coverage for doctors and prescription medications, most Medicare Advantage plans offer a variety of additional benefits that can create further value. Examples include dental, vision, hearing, fitness membership, over-the-counter products, transportation to and from doctors’ visits and even healthy foods. To begin the process of selecting a plan, people should go to Once there, they can enter their zip code and see all the Medicare plans available in their area. To learn more about Aetna plans and find some resources to help you understand your Medicare options, visit About Terri Swanson As President of Medicare for Aetna, a CVS Health company, Terri oversees the sales, operations and business strategy for Aetna’s robust portfolio of Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare prescription drug plans and Medicare Supplement plans. Terri is proud to lead a team that advocates for the older adult population, helping nearly 11 million Aetna Medicare members nationwide achieve their best health. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

October 23, 2023 02:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Hibbett, Inc.

Hibbett, Inc. (NASDAQ:HIBB) today announced the launch of its Connected Partnership, connecting Hibbett and Nike’s loyalty programs. The newly integrated Hibbett Rewards X NIKE Membership will provide Hibbett shoppers with a host of new benefits and elevated retail experiences when they purchase Nike and Jordan products at a Hibbett store or online at Hibbett. Hibbett Rewards X NIKE Member Benefits · Welcome Offer · Access to Member-Only Products · Curated Toe-2-Head™ Nike and Jordan outfit bundles · Engaging Community Experiences · Personalized Content · Increased Convenience Members can link their accounts and first-time subscribers can register for a new account and link at Hibbett Rewards. To learn more about connected membership, check out these FAQs. “We are excited about the launch of our Connected Partnership with Nike,” said Jared Briskin, EVP, Merchandising and Supply Chain, Hibbett. “Integrating Hibbett Rewards X NIKE Membership will transform the ways in which we engage and delight our members across all omnichannel touchpoints. It will further solidify our leading differentiated retail experience in underserved communities.” “The future of our marketplace is a connected one,” said Jason Kirrer, VP, Nike North America Marketplace Partners. “We are excited to team up with Hibbett to launch our next connected partnership, providing consumers with exclusive experiences, personalized content and early access to Nike and Jordan member products.” In celebration of the launch of the Hibbett Rewards X NIKE Membership, customers will start to see a new look to the Hibbett Rewards page online, in the app and email marketing and will notice in-store signage surrounding the program. Customers will also enjoy four new Small-Town Sneakerhead episodes featuring sneakerheads from Georgia, Texas and Nevada in the coming weeks. About Hibbett, Inc. Hibbett, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, is a leading athletic-inspired fashion retailer with 1148 Hibbett and City Gear specialty stores, located in 36 states nationwide. Hibbett has a rich history of convenient locations, personalized customer service and access to coveted footwear, apparel and equipment from top brands like Nike, Jordan, and adidas. Consumers can browse styles, find new releases, shop looks and make purchases online or in their nearest store by visiting Follow us @hibbettsports and @citygear on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Contact Details Wendy Yellin Company Website

October 23, 2023 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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