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Jardiance Weight Loss: Newly Launch Over the Counter Alternative Pills To Jardiance Weight Loss Medication

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Healthcare professionals frequently recommend the medication Jardiance to individuals with diabetes. Medical practitioners and specialists contend that it additionally assists individuals encountering challenges with weight management issues. Click Here to Buy Legal Jardiance Formula OTC such as PhenGold. It is widely acknowledged that maintaining physical fitness and good health is of paramount significance. The escalating expenses of healthcare and hospitalization have rendered them increasingly unaffordable on a global scale. Therefore, individuals strive to mitigate any health-related expenses that are within their means to circumvent. This report provides an analysis of the top five dietary supplements that are known to aid individuals in maintaining physical fitness. These dietary products purportedly offer assistance in shedding surplus weight and maintaining physical well-being. What are the best 5 Over The Counter Alternatives to Jardiance Weight Loss Medication? This article aims to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the five most effective dietary supplements available in the market for facilitating weight management. These supplements are capable of aiding individuals in the natural and efficient management of their body weight. These dietary supplements are formulated with naturally sourced and organically derived constituents, purportedly yielding beneficial outcomes. Presented below are the quintessential quintet of weight management supplements, which are presently leading the market. PhenGold - Top Choice for Jardiance Alternative OTC PhenQ - Strongest OTC Jardiance Weight Loss Alternative Capsiplex BURN - Best Choice for Men to Jardiance Alternative Trimtone - Best Choice for Women to Jardiance Alternative PrimeShred - Best Fat Burner for Men to Jardiance Alternative 1. PhenGold - Top Choice for Jardiance Alternative OTC PhenGold can be effective for those who have trouble controlling their weight. It is a fantastic health supplement that can support people in their efforts to lose weight. People can keep up a good exercise and diet routine with the aid of its special formula. Click Here to Buy PhenGold From The Official Website Ingredients To assist people in controlling their weight, PhenGold uses an entirely natural formula. Various herbs, plants, and spices are included in the recipe. It also has beneficial nutrients that support maintaining the body's health and nourishment. The main components are listed below: Green Tea and Coffee L-Tyrosine L-Theanine Cayenne Rhodiola rosea B-Complex vitamins Caffeine DMAE Working Managing one's weight can be done with the aid of the specialized health supplement PhenGold. People can stay fit and healthy thanks to it. Here are some advantages: It aids in increasing the body's basal metabolic rate, facilitating faster fat burning. Its components aid in reducing cravings for food. People may feel more energised as a result. Negative Effects The professionals behind PhenGold are aware of how vital human health is. Their research indicates that PhenGold has no known or discernible side effects. However, people should speak with a reputable and experienced doctor before taking any supplements. Such a doctor's recommendations may be helpful. People in the following categories ought to exercise extra caution: Women who are expecting or nursing Individuals who suffer from long-term illnesses People who are allergic to any of the ingredients Children under the age of 18 Dosage People should exercise caution and only consume supplements in the recommended dosage. Three pills taken 20 minutes prior to breakfast each day is the recommended dosage for PhenGold. Regarding doses of supplements, people should heed medical advice. Purchase and Price Beyond the official website, people won't be able to find PhenGold anywhere else online. This supplement is also not available in any physical stores. This stringent procedure guarantees high-quality goods. The 90 capsules in each bottle of PhenGold are good for one month. These are the costs: One bottle costs USD 59.99. Three bottles cost US$119.999. Five bottles cost US$179.99. Money back Policy The components of PhenGold have undergone extensive testing by qualified scientists, as was previously mentioned. There is strong evidence that PhenGold can fulfill its promises. Online, it's simple to find a number of positive product reviews. But users need not worry if they are dissatisfied with the product. All official purchases are covered by a 100% money-back guarantee policy for 100 days. 2. PhenQ - Strongest OTC Jardiance Weight Loss Alternative PhenQ is a dietary supplement that purports to aid individuals in achieving weight loss through natural means. According to its manufacturers, this product purportedly enhances the body's ability to metabolize food. The methodology entails a dual modality strategy that enhances metabolic activity while concurrently quelling appetite. PhenQ constitutes a distinct dietary supplement that may yield favorable outcomes and assist individuals in achieving a leaner physique. Consistent PhenQ usage yields favorable outcomes in the long term. (ACT NOW & SAVE) Click Here to GET PhenQ From The Official Website Ingredients PhenQ is a highly efficacious dietary supplement that facilitates weight loss among individuals. It employs a unique formulation consisting solely of natural ingredients. PhenQ is absent of any synthetic ingredients or preserving agents that could impede its efficacy. It comprises constituents derived from diverse efficacious botanical herbs, plants, and spices. Presented below are the primary constituents comprising PhenQ: Alpha Lacys Reset. Capsimax Nopal cactus Chromium picolinate L-carnitine fumarate Caffeinated substances. Working The diverse constituents of PhenQ facilitate the regulation of the body's metabolism. The organic composition aids individuals in regulating their weight and eliminating resilient adipose tissue. It confers various benefits upon the body, including the following: It has the potential to enhance the efficiency of metabolic processes. As a result, it enhances the rate of nutrient absorption within the body. It can provide the body with a surge of vitality, which enables individuals to engage in more rigorous physical exercise. Hence, it can facilitate individuals to enhance their physical activity regimen. This product has the potential to enhance the body's metabolic processes across multiple pathways. It has the potential to facilitate the selective reduction of adipose tissue accumulation in the body over an extended period. It has the potential to enhance individuals' dietary habits and mitigate their inclination towards food temptations. The constituents of this product aid in promoting satiety post-consumption, thereby diminishing appetite. Furthermore, it has the potential to enhance individuals' emotional state. Read: Mounjaro Weight Loss Side Effects There exists no discernible nor observable adverse repercussions or aftermaths of regular usage of PhenQ. Nonetheless, individuals desiring to utilize this supplement ought to seek guidance from a medical practitioner. Given the potential impact of a supplement on diverse biological mechanisms, it is advisable to solicit professional guidance. Individuals belonging to the subsequent categories should exercise particular caution: Individuals who exhibit hypersensitivity to the constituents Individuals who suffer from persistent health ailments Women who are in a state of pregnancy or lactation Individuals below the age of 18 years Dosage PhenQ is a remarkable dietary supplement that has the potential to enhance the quality of life of the individuals who consume it. Nonetheless, the impact is contingent upon the regular dosage consumed by individuals. As per the guidelines provided on the official website, it is recommended to consume two pills on a daily basis. It is recommended that the initial dose be taken prior to breakfast, followed by a subsequent dose ahead of lunch. Notwithstanding, it is imperative that individuals adhere to medical guidance in case a physician suggests an alternative measure. Purchase and Price Prospective buyers of PhenQ are advised to seek its availability via online channels. It is solely accessible through the website designated by the product manufacturer. It is not available in any brick-and-mortar retail outlets. The implementation of such measures serves to safeguard customers from the negative effects of counterfeit products. Each bottle consists of 60 pills and is designed to provide a month's supply. Please find below the stipulated rates: A singular unit of the product is priced at USD 69.99. Three bottles are available for purchase at a cost of USD 139.99. The cost of five bottles is two hundred nine dollars and ninety-nine cents. Refund Policy PhenQ exclusively incorporates premium and highly efficacious components in its all-natural formulation. Research findings demonstrate the beneficial effects of these constituents on human beings. In addition to empirical investigations, the perspectives of end-users furnish ample evidence that PhenQ is efficacious. Nevertheless, in the event that consumers perceive the product to be ineffective, they can rest assured. All authorized purchases from the official website are supported by a refund policy that guarantees a 100% return of the purchase price. Customers are granted a period of 60 days from the date of purchase to submit their queries to the designated support channel at 3. Capsiplex BURN - Best Choice for Men to Jardiance Alternative Capsiplex Burn is a dietary supplement designed to enhance metabolism and facilitate the preservation of muscle mass for the purpose of reducing body weight. Per the manufacturer's recommendations, the consumption of three capsules daily can assist in the sculpting of a lean physique, the reduction of adipose tissue, and the maintenance of skeletal muscle mass. The substances incorporated in the formula function to subdue the sensation of hunger and satiation, resulting in a reduction in caloric consumption and a boost in weight reduction. Click Here to Buy Capsiplex BURN From The Official Website The dietary capsules function by promoting weight reduction through both thermogenesis and non-thermogenic mechanisms. As per the information provided on the authorized website, utilization of Capsiplex Burn empowers the individuals to effortlessly attain their weight reduction objectives by replenishing their body for physical exertion. Furthermore, the capsules serve to regulate mood, ameliorate stress, and enhance motivation in the pursuit of weight loss. Working Capsiplex Burn has been formulated with the objective of facilitating consumers to effortlessly undergo the cutting phase. Reducing one's weight requires an unwavering commitment to managing one's food intake, with or without the aid of physical exertion. During the process of shedding pounds through a non-exertion method, individuals may encounter fatigue, appetite fluctuations, and changes in emotional stability. Conversely, employing burn to reduce weight amplifies the efficacy of the cutting process by curbing hunger pangs and carbohydrate cravings, leading to superior outcomes in fat incineration. Consumers who utilize Capsiplex Burn are able to acquire amino acids that act as precursors for pivotal neurotransmitters, which assist in heightening energy levels, mitigating stress, and augmenting cognitive acuity. Consequently, the aforementioned formula counteracts weariness and fosters impetus towards engaging in physical exertion. Additionally, the nutritional supplement incorporates exclusive supplements that enhance the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, as it has been patented. Certain constituents elicit the stimulation of thyroid hormone synthesis, which promotes metabolic processes. Capsiplex capsules demonstrate inhibitory effects on glucose absorption and exert regulatory influence on the catabolism of fatty acids. Ingredients Innoslim Capsimax Caffeine Vitamin B Potassium Iodide Chromium Picolinate L-Arginine HCL L-Tyrosine Piperine Dosage Pricing Customers have the ability to place an order for Capsiplex Burn at a reduced rate through the official website in the following manner: Take advantage of our introductory offer and obtain a single bottle at the affordable price of $64.99, inclusive of complimentary shipping. Our most frequently purchased package offers a special deal of three bottles for the price of two, at the cost of $129.99 and also includes complimentary shipping. The most significant cost-saving offer entails the purchase of three bottles, with an additional benefit of two complimentary bottles, totaling to $194.99 with the added convenience of free shipping. Please follow the link provided below to avail a discounted price on Capsiplex Burn. Complimentary shipping is extended to all packages, with a delivery timeframe of up to five working days in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Notwithstanding, consignments sent overseas require a maximum of 14 working days for delivery. Furthermore, the producer offers a pledge to customers of a safe and protected payment process. Refund Policy In the event of consumer dissatisfaction, a complete reimbursement may be sought within the first 60 days subsequent to the purchase, provided that the bottles are returned unused. The Capsiplex Burn formula is supported by a 60-day refund policy. Pricing Patrons can procure Capsiplex Burn from the official website at reduced rates that are enumerated below: Purchase a single bottle at the price of $64.99 with no additional shipping charges. The most popular package, comprising two bottles, is currently available for a price of $129.99 with the added benefit of receiving one additional bottle at no cost to you. Moreover, this offer includes free shipping. The most significant cost-effective package deal: Purchase three bottles and receive an additional two at no charge for a total price of $194.99, including complimentary shipping. All consignments are dispatched without any shipping charges, and shipments are typically delivered within five business days across the United States and United Kingdom. Nevertheless, the delivery of international consignments may require a maximum of 14 business days. Moreover, the manufacturer provides an assurance to its customers regarding a secure transaction at the checkout. Refund Policy Purchasers dissatisfied with the outcomes may request a complete reimbursement within a period of 60 days subsequent to acquisition while also returning the unused containers. The formula is comprehensively supported by a money-back guarantee that extends up to a period of 60 days. 4. TrimTone - Best Choice for Women to Jardiance Alternative Trimtone is a dietary supplement composed entirely of natural ingredients, devised to serve as a fat-burning agent targeted toward the female demographic. Click Here to Order Trimtone for the Best Price Available! Why only for women? The manufacturers are cognizant of the fact that there is a discrepancy in weight loss patterns between males and females. Furthermore, empirical studies have indicated that women exhibit more robust food cravings. According to Trimtone, it has the ability to assist with this matter. Trimtone fat burner purports to curtail cravings and diminish appetite, thereby enabling one to attain their desired weight objectives. The product has been formulated while considering women leading a hectic lifestyle, as there arises no compulsion to adhere to a strict timetable. Simply ingest a singular pill on a daily basis. Working Appetite Suppressant As previously indicated, research studies have established that females exhibit a greater susceptibility toward food cravings when compared to their male counterparts. This exacerbates further while adhering to a low-calorie regimen. Hence, Trimtone incorporates glucomannan in its formulation, which facilitates appetite suppression and prevents inter-meal snacking. Reduced food cravings entail a decrease in snacking, leading to the effective elimination of body fat and effortless attainment of your desired body weight. Related Read: Best Weight Loss Pills In Ireland Triggers Thermogenesis Thermogenesis takes place when the body's internal temperature experiences an elevation. The organism endeavors to restore its normal temperature by metabolizing calories and converting adipose tissues into utilizable energy. When the process of thermogenesis is initiated, it elevates the body's metabolic rate, consequently leading to a higher caloric burn. Caffeine and green coffee are the constituents that facilitate the attainment of the aforementioned objective. They have been demonstrated to promote weight loss. Energy Boost Enhanced levels of energy enable one to perform more strenuously during physical activity. Trimtone has the potential to enhance your vigor and stamina through a unique combination of specially chosen constituents. Trimtone contains a significant concentration of caffeine. This will enable you to remain attentive and lively throughout the day. Ingredients Caffeine Green Coffee and Tea Glucomannan Grains of Paradise Dosage Trimtone represents a conveniently consumable addition to the category of dietary supplements, seeking as it does to facilitate optimal intake of only one capsule per diurnal cycle. To achieve optimal weight loss outcomes, it is recommended to consume one capsule prior to breakfast in the morning. Negative Effects This particular dietary supplement is considered to be among the most exceptional options available in the market. The product comprises natural constituents that have undergone scientific verification for their efficacy in facilitating fat burning and loss of fat. Purchase and Price Trimtone belongs to the higher price bracket of weight loss supplements. However, the greater quantity of items purchased yields an enhanced value proposition. Upon opting for certain bundled packages, additional boxes will be made available to you only at the official website. This proposition appears to be quite advantageous, as in the event the fat burner proves efficacious for the user, it is likely to be used over an extended period of time. Availing a bundled offer inclusive of a complimentary box shall suffice your requirement for several months. Each container comprises a total of 30 tablets. Please find below the available purchase alternatives: The cost of a one-month quantity would amount to $49.95. Avail a two-month supply of our product, and receive a complimentary box at no extra cost for a total price of $99.90. A 3-month stock inclusive of 2 complementary boxes is being offered at the price of $149.85. Refund Policy When a purchase is made through the official website, there is an assurance of a 100% guarantee on each order. This entails that in the event of product dissatisfaction, you reserve the option of returning the same after a 100-day duration, which is significantly greater than the return policy period of other fat-burning supplements, and receive a full refund of your purchase price. 5. PrimeShred - Best Fat Burner for Men to Jardiance Alternative A supplement called PrimeShred aids in weight loss and helps users develop lean, muscular bodies. It also contains a number of other ingredients. They get in shape, and their muscles are highlighted by doing this. Click Here to Get PrimeShred From Its Official website Ingredients PrimeShred is a vegan product. There are several potent natural ingredients in it, including: DMAE L-Theanine L-tyrosine. Vitamins B caffeine. Rhodiola Rosea Cayenne pepper. Bioperine. Working The flab that conceals people's muscular bodies can be lost with PrimeShred. It enhances the body's metabolism, causing the body to burn fat and produce energy. This additional energy can be used by individuals to exert more effort in the gym. Side Effects According to the manufacturer, there are no side effects that are known or reported. Before ingesting any health supplements, people should speak with a physician. Be cautious around the people listed below: Women who are expecting or nursing. Individuals who are allergic to any of the ingredients. Individuals with ongoing medical conditions. Children who are under 18 years old. Dosage Three pills per day are advised. On supplement dosage and other matters, a doctor can provide better guidance. Purchase and Price PrimeShred is only available from the official website. Any stock that has been listed elsewhere is not real and might be fake. Each tub contains 90 capsules and is good for one month. The costs are:. US$49.19.99 for a single tub. Three tubs cost US$99.99. 149.99 for five tubs. Refund Policy PrimeShred is a reputable product that can deliver positive outcomes. It appears to function well based on several satisfied reviews on the official website. Customers who are not happy with the product are entitled to a full refund. Every official purchase comes with a money-back guarantee. Within 100 days of the purchase, email Jardiance Weight Loss - Conclusion Jardiance is not suitable for everyone. If you are considering using a weight loss pill then these five Jardiance weight loss alternatives are available over the counter without prescription. 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May 11, 2023 02:35 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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A video accompanying this announcement is available at: Mother’s Day spending has increased by more than $65 per person over the past five years. If this trend continues, consumers are expected to shell out more than $245 for their moms in 2023. This means a potential record for total spending that will likely top more than 31.7 billion dollars. More than 80% of U.S. adults are expected to celebrate Mother’s Day this year. The National Retail Federation finds jewelry remains a timeless gift selection and continues to capture an increasing market share. A few of the other top categories include greeting cards, chocolate, flowers, and special outings like concerts or sporting events. Lifestyle Expert, Bethany Braun-Silva has cultivated a collection of some of her favorite handpicked gifts for Mother’s Day. THE GIFT OF LANGUAGE One of Bethany’s favorite gift ideas is for the moms who love to travel, or all the empty-nesters looking for a new hobby, and even the retirees trying to keep their brains active. “I love the Rosetta Stone app, mom will learn phrases that she can use in real-life conversations. And lessons are only 10 minutes long so she can fit them in around her busy schedule.” Now through Mother’s Day, shoppers can save $120 on a Lifetime Unlimited subscription, which gives moms everywhere access to 25 languages for life. For more, go to Social media handles: Facebook: Instagram: @rosettastone Twitter: @rosettastone THE GIFT OF ANTI-AGING Skincare is so important, especially when it comes to aging. Braun-Silva admits, “There’s no way to stop the clock, however, there are ways to help reduce the visible signs of aging. Who doesn’t want that gift?” When it comes to anti-aging skincare, she recently heard about a new brand discovered by physician scientists studying regenerative medicine. Their revolutionary discovery harnesses the power of platelet-derived extract in a medical grade skincare called ( plated )™ Skin Science. ( plated )™ contains powerful antioxidant enzymes and ingredients derived from growth factors that help renew the skin’s appearance and protect from the environmental stressors that cause the visible signs of aging. ( plated )™ is a luxurious daily serum that improves skin tone and texture for the appearance of younger-looking skin. Consumers can order ( plated )™ and learn more about the power of platelet derived extract at Direct Link: Social media handles: Instagram: @platedskinscience Hashtags: #platedskinscience #rionaesthetics THE GIFT OF INDULGENCE “Your mom deserves to be pampered every day, but especially on Mother’s Day,” says Braun-Silva. “Lindt LINDOR Truffles and Mini Pralines are the perfect way to show your mom how much you appreciate her.” Premium Lindt LINDOR Truffles and Mini Pralines are the ultimate chocolate indulgence. Available in classic Milk Chocolate and Assorted flavors, Lindt LINDOR Truffles feature a distinctively smooth-melting filling and delicate chocolate shell. Lindt Mini Pralines are crafted from an assortment of luxurious dark and milk chocolates filled with delicious hazelnut, praline, caramel, raspberry and nougat. Packaged in a beautiful gift box, Lindt Mini Pralines are the perfect pairing alongside Lindt LINDOR Truffles to show mom how much she means to you. Shoppers can find Lindt Chocolate at retailers nationwide and online at For more information, visit Facebook: @lindtchocolateusa Instagram: @lindt_usa Hashtags: #LindtUSA #LindtLove #LindtLindor Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

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Regular Skin Checks Are the Key to Melanoma Detection


May is Melanoma Awareness Month, so it’s time to talk about melanoma, one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer. Melanoma claims the lives of more than 7,000 Americans each year – almost one every hour – and most cases are caused by sun exposure. Recently, Board Certified Dermatologists, Dr. Julie Karen and Dr. Amy Spizuoco, teamed with DermTech to discuss the disease, the importance of regular skin checks, and technology that can help enhance detection. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: It’s important to know the warning signs of skin cancer, and that sun safety and skin checks should be routine. The ABCDEs of melanoma (asymmetry, border, color, diameter and evolving) are often the characteristics of skin damage that doctors look for when identifying possible melanomas. In order to catch melanoma early, it’s recommended people schedule regular skin exams with their dermatologists. When melanoma is detected early, the five-year survival rate is >99%, but it drops to 27% once it spreads distantly. The traditional pathway for melanoma detection often involves doctors relying on the appearance of a mole and skin biopsies to determine its likelihood of being malignant. Skin biopsies have only a 5% melanoma diagnosis rate, meaning many skin biopsies are unnecessary. Fortunately, technology is changing the way suspicious moles are evaluated. The DermTech Melanoma Test uses a non-invasive Smart Sticker™ to lift skin cells from the surface of a patient’s skin to be tested for select genomic markers associated with the disease. A negative test result means there is a greater than 99% probability that the mole is not melanoma. For more information, visit About Dr. Julie Karen Dr. Julie Karen is a board-certified dermatologist who specializes in Mohs micrographic surgery, laser surgery, skin cancer, cosmetic dermatology and the treatment of leg veins. Dr. Karen graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and played varsity soccer. She received her medical degree from the Weill Medical College of Cornell University where she was elected to Alpha Omega Alpha, the national medical honors society, and graduated first in her class. Dr. Karen received the Clarence C. Coryell Prize for highest achievement in medicine, the John Metcalf Polk Prize for top scholastic performance, and the Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award given to the top female graduate. She completed her residency training at The Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology at New York University Medical Center where she served as Chief Resident and received the Morris Leider Award for Excellence in Dermatology. Dr. Karen completed a Procedural Dermatology Fellowship at NYU and Memorial Sloan-Kettering. Dr. Karen is certified by the American Board of Dermatology. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, the American College of Phlebology, the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery and the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery. She is affiliated with New York University Langone Medical Center, where she is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology and teaches surgery to the dermatology residents. About Dr. Amy Spizuoco Dr. Amy Spizuoco is a board-certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist. She did her undergraduate training at SUNY Binghamton, majoring in Italian and Biology. She then went to medical school at the NY College of Osteopathic Medicine.After medical school, she completed her dermatology residency at LECOM/Alta Dermatology in Arizona. During that time, she studied skin cancer surgery, pediatric dermatology at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and attended Dermatology Grand Rounds at Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. After residency, Dr. Spizuoco went back to NY to complete a dermatopathology fellowship at the Ackerman Academy of Dermatopathology.Dr. Spizuoco has been practicing medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology, as well as dermatopathology in Manhattan for 8 years. She is the President of the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology and is an Associate Clinical Instructor in the Department of Dermatology at The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. She is also on the editorial board of Practical Dermatology and Dermatology Times. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

May 10, 2023 09:37 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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What indie beauty brand do Sharon Stone, Katie Couric, Naomi Watts and Gwyneth Paltrow all love?


Sharon Stone says it’s like “caviar for the skin.” Naomi Watts posted an Instagram “shelfie” featuring her favorite, Gwyneth Paltrow chose it for her Goop gift guide and Katie Couric continues to rave about it on her social media. So, what’s the buzz all about? Linda Thompson founded her beauty brand, Biography in 2020. The line is made up of high-quality, carefully blended “active” oils for face; and now NEW oil-infused formulas for the body, all designed to protect the skin and leave it clarified, rejuvenated, hydrated and renewed. Thanks to celebrity makeup artists who constantly request Biography for their clients, in just two short years, the brand has developed a cult-like following, and has been picked up by top retailers including Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. Here’s why. Actives are ingredients that actively work toward an intended purpose or specific skincare concern. These ingredients have been proven scientifically to change the structure of the skin at a cellular level. They work to repair, rejuvenate, hydrate, protect and nourish cells. Biography uses these potent “active” ingredients at carefully blended concentrations to address specific concerns. “For people with sensitive, oily, or acne-prone skin, we recommend Long June calm face oil. It contains lightweight, soothing chamomile and apricot seed oil, so it absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling moisturized and soothed,” explains Thompson. One of the star ingredients in Biography’s Petty Grudges repair blend is rosehip seed oil, vitamin C phenols, and trans-retinoic acid that help repair UV damage, lighten dark spots, and soften fine lines. Biography’s Golden Ray glow face oil contains a few different actives, one of which is French marine algae. “At the concentration in Golden Ray, that algae is clinically proven to stimulate collagen production, which improves elasticity and softens wrinkles,” Thompson says. “Carrot seed oil — another active that’s packed with vitamins A, C, and E — works in tandem to help repair sun damage and scars, boost collagen, and moisturize your skin. It’s a really powerful, but gentle, product great for people with aging or damaged skin,” Thompson says. Thompson recommends applying face oil on damp skin so it locks in hydration for a longer-lasting, dewy look. Regardless of post-cleansing products, face oils should be the final step in a skincare routine. This is because oils create an occlusive layer on the skin, which not only seals in moisture but creates a smooth canvas under sunscreen and makeup. In addition to the newness of the mini size oils, created due to popular demand, the brand has just launched an oil-infused Hand and Body Wash and a Hand and Body Cream. The wash is a gel-like cleanser that gently purifies skin, while finely-ground Quartz and Pumice work to exfoliate leaving skin softened and buffed. Other actives include Butterfly Bush and White Peony. The Hand and Body Cream is instantly absorbed and offers up to 12 hours of hydration with skin-softening effects thanks to ingredients like Babassu seed oil, Butterfly Bush, Camellia seed oil, and a Watermelon/Quinoa blend. Both the Wash and Cream are available in two unique scents. First Edition is reminiscent of a private library in an old-world cathedral, with scents of leather-bound folios, pencil shavings, musty floorboards with a whiff of freshly picked early blooms. O pen Garden suggests a bursting, humid greenhouse with fresh, yet tender blossoms. Think if Monet’s ‘Water Lilies’ were a clean fragrance. The full Biography line is now available at Contact Details Biography Dianne Vavra - Spotlight Beauty PR +1 917-331-4869 Company Website

May 10, 2023 09:07 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Colon Cancer Creeping Into Younger Adults - New R&D Uncovers Early Signs


Spots of blood after bowel movements, stomach aches, and protracted episodes of diarrhea may be symptoms of early-onset colorectal cancer, which is increasingly diagnosed in young adults who are ineligible for colonoscopies. The most concerning early indicator of colon cancer is rectal bleeding, which is taboo to talk about outside of the bathroom. According to Dr. Matthew Kalady in a recent NBC News article, head of the division of colon and rectal surgery at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, "It can be difficult or embarrassing to talk about." However, he added, "the reality is that everyone deals with something like this," and it's crucial to know what's typical and what isn't. 5,075 people with early-onset colorectal cancer were included in the new study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, which was published Thursday in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. The intention was to identify symptoms that could serve as warning signs for colorectal cancer, a condition that has been on the rise in younger individuals in recent years but whose alarmingly high rate of late-stage diagnosis warrants concern. The percentage of colorectal cancer diagnoses involving individuals under the age of 55 quadrupled from 1995 to 2019, from 11% to 20%, according to the American Cancer Society. Up to two years before a colon cancer diagnosis, the current study identified four different signals: Abdominal pain. Rectal bleeding. Ongoing diarrhea. Anemia due to iron deficiency. At least one of the symptoms, which could have started up to two years prior to a diagnosis, was experienced by participants. However, a colonoscopy is only advised at or after the age of 45. This implies that patients may have symptoms for a long time before seeking medical attention or receiving a colon cancer diagnosis, which is treatable if discovered early. The study's lead author, Dr. Cassandra Fritz, an assistant professor of medicine in the division of gastrointestinal at the Washington University School of Medicine, said, "As patients, we kind of brush these things away." At least one of such symptoms was present in nearly half of the study subjects three months before their diagnoses. Additional symptoms increased the likelihood of a cancer diagnosis. The study, according to fellow author Yin Cao, an associate professor of surgery in the department of public health sciences at Washington University School of Medicine, indicates an "alarming problem" for young adults and the medical professionals who treat them. “Young folks need to be aware of these indicators”, Cao stated in an interview, and “this is the message we are making loud and clear.” Committed to Saving Lives by Improving At-Home Cancer Detection A non-invasive, quick, easy, and accurate colorectal detection test is available from Mainz Biomed (NASDAQ:MYNZ). Stool tests are more accurate than blood tests and may be performed in the comfort of your own home, making them a more practical choice. In addition to early colon cancer detection, on May 10th Mainz Biomed announced a partnership with Microba Life Sciences for the Development of PancAlert. The combination of DNA and microbiome biomarkers has the potential to improve the technical profile of a novel pancreatic cancer screening test. A collaborative research initiative is underway to identify disease-specific microbiome biomarkers. With ColoAlert already out in the market, PancAlert looks to be another monumental tool helping savr lives from pancreatic cancer. The company's core product, ColoAlert, is an at-home colorectal cancer (CRC) screening kit with high sensitivity and specificity. Patients are given a basic kit that includes directions, a stool collector, and mailing instructions so they can mail the kit back to their local lab for testing and results. This non-invasive test can identify malignancies earlier than fecal occult blood tests (FOBT) by analyzing tumor DNA. ColoAlert, a stool test that uses PCR technology, finds more cases of colorectal cancer than traditional stool tests and enables early detection. Through a network of top independent laboratories, corporate health initiatives, and direct sales, this screening test is CE marked and is commercially available in a number of European countries. To receive commercial approval in the US, ColoAlert will be examined in the FDA-registered trial "ReconAAsense." Once licensed in the United States, the Company's commercial objective is to build scalable distribution across the nation through a cooperative partner program with local and national laboratory service providers. For the processing of the ColoAlert PCR test kit, Mainz Biomed (NASDAQ:MYNZ) has expanded its network of lab partners to include Eurofins GeLaMed. A division of the global laboratory corporation Eurofins Scientific, which does 450 million tests annually and employs over 61,000 people in 61 nations, is Eurofins GeLaMed. Germany is home to four of its locations. Eurofins GeLaMed offers cutting-edge diagnostics in human genetics, medical microbiology, laboratory medicine, and molecular diagnostics across eleven medical specialties. The more than 500 staff of GeLaMed process more than 15,000 orders daily and offer more than 2,000 analytical procedures from their portfolios in laboratory medicine and microbiology, all under the supervision of medical specialists. Marcus Cholewa, Director of Clinical Diagnostics for Eurofins Business Line in DACH, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership between Mainz Biomed and Eurofins GeLaMed because Eurofins consistently offers the highest levels of quality, customer service, and the most thorough testing methodologies. Additionally, he said that Eurofins has a track record of offering innovative and high-quality diagnostic testing solutions, and that by collaborating, they could be able to detect colorectal cancer (CRC) and give patients individualized information to help them manage their health. In order to raise awareness of the importance of early screening for CRC identification and prevention, Mainz Biomed (NASDAQ:MYNZ) will support physician and patient education programs during March Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and Eurofins GeLaMed will provide ColoAlert at its testing locations. Additionally, Mainz Biomed has expanded its network of lab partners across Europe and a few overseas markets by including the Instituto de Microecologia in Madrid. For more than 60 years, the Instituto de Microecologia has been a leader in the study of the microbiota and food sensitivity, emphasizing the importance of intestinal health through microbiological investigation, microbiota profile diagnosis, and specialized health indicators. The company's ongoing expansion in Europe may be seen in Mainz Biomed's entry into the market and commercialization in Spain and Portugal. Visit this link to learn more about Mainz Biomed (NASDAQ:MYNZ) and its initiatives. Disclaimer 1) The author of the Article, or members of the author’s immediate household or family, do not own any securities of the companies set forth in this Article. The author determined which companies would be included in this article based on research and understanding of the sector. 2) The Article was issued on behalf of and sponsored by, Mainz Biomed NV. Market Jar Media Inc. has or expects to receive from Mainz Biomed NV’s Digital Marketing Agency of Record (Native Ads Inc.) seventy three thousand three hundred forty USD for 17 days (13 business days). 3) Statements and opinions expressed are the opinions of the author and not Market Jar Media Inc., its directors or officers. The author is wholly responsible for the validity of the statements. The author was not paid by Market Jar Media Inc. for this Article. Market Jar Media Inc. was not paid by the author to publish or syndicate this Article. Market Jar has not independently verified or otherwise investigated all such information. None of Market Jar or any of their respective affiliates, guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any such information. The information provided above is for informational purposes only and is not a recommendation to buy or sell any security. Market Jar Media Inc. requires contributing authors to disclose any shareholdings in, or economic relationships with, companies that they write about. Market Jar Media Inc. relies upon the authors to accurately provide this information and Market Jar Media Inc. has no means of verifying its accuracy. 4) The Article does not constitute investment advice. All investments carry risk and each reader is encouraged to consult with his or her individual financial professional. Any action a reader takes as a result of the information presented here is his or her own responsibility. By opening this page, each reader accepts and agrees to Market Jar Media Inc.'s terms of use and full legal disclaimer as set forth here. This Article is not a solicitation for investment. Market Jar Media Inc. does not render general or specific investment advice and the information on should not be considered a recommendation to buy or sell any security. Market Jar Media Inc. does not endorse or recommend the business, products, services or securities of any company mentioned on 5) Market Jar Media Inc. and its respective directors, officers and employees hold no shares for any company mentioned in the Article. 6) This document contains forward-looking information and forward-looking statements, within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities legislation, (collectively, “forward-looking statements”), which reflect management's expectations regarding Mainz Biomed NV’s future growth, future business plans and opportunities, expected activities, and other statements about future events, results or performance. Wherever possible, words such as “predicts”, “projects”, “targets”, “plans”, “expects”, “does not expect”, “budget”, “scheduled”, “estimates”, “forecasts”, “anticipate” or “does not anticipate”, “believe”, “intend” and similar expressions or statements that certain actions, events or results “may”, “could”, “would”, “might” or “will” be taken, occur or be achieved, or the negative or grammatical variation thereof or other variations thereof, or comparable terminology have been used to identify forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements include, among other things, statements relating to: (a) revenue generating potential with respect to Mainz Biomed NV’s industry; (b) market opportunity; (c) Mainz Biomed NV’s business plans and strategies; (d) services that Mainz Biomed NV intends to offer; (e) Mainz Biomed NV’s milestone projections and targets; (f) Mainz Biomed NV’s expectations regarding receipt of approval for regulatory applications; (g) Mainz Biomed NV’s intentions to expand into other jurisdictions including the timeline expectations relating to those expansion plans; and (h) Mainz Biomed NV’s expectations with regarding its ability to deliver shareholder value. Forward-looking statements are not a guarantee of future performance and are based upon a number of estimates and assumptions of management in light of management’s experience and perception of trends, current conditions and expected developments, as well as other factors that management believes to be relevant and reasonable in the circumstances, as of the date of this document including, without limitation, assumptions about: (a) the ability to raise any necessary additional capital on reasonable terms to execute Mainz Biomed NV’s business plan; (b) that general business and economic conditions will not change in a material adverse manner; (c) Mainz Biomed NV’s ability to procure equipment and operating supplies in sufficient quantities and on a timely basis; (d) Mainz Biomed NV’s ability to enter into contractual arrangements with additional Pharmacies; (e) the accuracy of budgeted costs and expenditures; (f) Mainz Biomed NV’s ability to attract and retain skilled personnel; (g) political and regulatory stability; (h) the receipt of governmental, regulatory and third-party approvals, licenses and permits on favorable terms; (i) changes in applicable legislation; (j) stability in financial and capital markets; and (k) expectations regarding the level of disruption to as a result of CV-19. Such forward-looking information involves a variety of known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual plans, intentions, activities, results, performance or achievements of Mainz Biomed NV to be materially different from any future plans, intentions, activities, results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Such risks include, without limitation: (a) Mainz Biomed NV’s operations could be adversely affected by possible future government legislation, policies and controls or by changes in applicable laws and regulations; (b) public health crises such as CV-19 may adversely impact Mainz Biomed NV’s business; (c) the volatility of global capital markets; (d) political instability and changes to the regulations governing Mainz Biomed NV’s business operations (e) Mainz Biomed NV may be unable to implement its growth strategy; and (f) increased competition. Except as required by law, Mainz Biomed NV undertakes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future event or otherwise, after the date on which the statements are made or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events. Neither does Mainz Biomed NV nor any of its representatives make any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, sufficiency or completeness of the information in this document. Neither Mainz Biomed NV nor any of its representatives shall have any liability whatsoever, under contract, tort, trust or otherwise, to you or any person resulting from the use of the information in this document by you or any of your representatives or for omissions from the information in this document. 7) Any graphs, tables or other information demonstrating the historical performance or current or historical attributes of Mainz Biomed NV or any other entity contained in this document are intended only to illustrate historical performance or current or historical attributes of Mainz Biomed NV or such entities and are not necessarily indicative of future performance of Mainz Biomed NV or such entities. Contact Details James Young +1 800-340-9767 Company Website

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Using its AI-enabled predictive health platform to improve the security of the beef and dairy supply chain through early disease prediction, MyAnIML™ released today new geolocation technology to identify and find sick cattle 2-3 days in advance of symptoms to protect the health of the herd. MyAnIML’s patent-pending technology employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict a broad range of total health indicators using the industry’s first facial - specifically a cow’s muzzle - recognition library dataset, designed and built by MyAnIML. Its newly released Bluetooth-enabled ear tag helps producers quickly find the individual animal in the herd in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. “We know from advances in human biometrics and deep-learning technology that the face can be a reliable predictor of disease. Using the same concept, we can now “fingerprint” an individual cow’s muzzle to monitor its health and predict a variety of issues days in advance,” said Shekhar Gupta, MyAnIML’s founder and CEO, who discovered and commercialized the first-of-its-kind technology solution in animal agriculture. “By addressing symptoms early, we can better ensure the health and well-being of the entire herd for a more reliable and efficient food supply chain.” Together, the hardware and software stack offer the global beef and dairy industries a more precise method of herd health management when profit margins continue to be razor thin and the cost of meat, dairy and other food products remain high. Based on a comprehensive analysis of cattle lost to diseases, cost of medical treatment and low productivity impacts, MyAnIML estimates the U.S. cattle industry loses approximately $200 billion annually. For example, Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) costs the U.S. feedlot industry up to $900 million annually in treatment costs, and total industry losses are much higher when productivity losses are factored in, according to the American Society of Animal Science. BRD is just one of many diseases and health metrics MyAnIML identifies days before other health technologies, allowing producers to isolate the animal and start earlier treatment. Predictive Analytics Reduces Antibiotics Use and Creates More Resilient Supply Chains Earlier treatment means cattle producers can use antibiotics more efficiently, reducing costs and inhibiting the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, a rising concern amongst health professionals. More than 70% of all medically important antibiotics sold in the U.S. are used in livestock production. The cattle industry takes up the bulk of that demand, using antibiotics to treat sick animals and as a preventative measure. A typical 5000-head feedlot spends $250,000 annually on antibiotics just to preemptively treat calves for BRD, Gupta said. “Antibiotics have been a powerful tool to keep U.S. herds healthy, but by identifying infected animals days earlier in the disease cycle, producers can reduce the risk to the herd by an individual animal. It’s a win-win for producers and consumer health,” Gupta said. AI and Bluetooth Technology Identifies A Sick Cow In Large-Scale Operations MyAnIML ’s Bluetooth ear tag was developed specifically to help large-scale commercial feedlots, stockyards and dairies implement predictive health technology into day-to-day operations. Unlike other ear tag technology in the market, like RFID tags, MyAnIML’s tag helps pen riders quickly find a specific animal using their mobile device, saving hours of labor and more rapidly removing sick animals from the herd. “In a large-scale, or even small-scale system, being able to accurately predict a sick cow is a huge benefit. But finding that animal has been like finding a needle in a haystack,” said Nathan Leiker, a northwestern Kansas cow-calf and feedlot operator using the MyAnIML technology since early 2022. “MyAnIML’s Bluetooth ear tags connect the dots between disease prediction and animal identification. Now I just check my phone and it takes me directly to the cow I want.” How it works: Strategically mounted cameras take multiple images of cows’ muzzles daily, monitoring for changes. Images are analyzed against MyAnIML’s library of health indicators. When a sick animal is detected, an alert with its ID is sent to the rancher. MyAnIML’s geolocation app’s directional arrows and audio signal leads ranchers directly to that animal. Commercially available in the U.S. since 2022 with multiple large installations and pilot projects underway in 2023, MyAnIML has attracted international interest and plans rapid scale-up in the coming years. Ranchers or dairy producers interested in implementing the technology can visit for more information. About MyAnIML MyAnIML, an AI startup for animal agriculture, invented and commercialized the first-of-its-kind platform for early disease prediction in cattle using facial recognition technology focused on a cow’s muzzle. The initial discovery is the product of intense curiosity and a sense of purpose by the founder, a computer scientist, and his wife, a physician. Founded in 2021, MyAnIML’s mission is to help ensure the health and well-being of cattle while ensuring an affordable and safe food supply. Partnering with veterinarians, land grant universities and ranchers, the company’s experience developing and scaling data platforms for other industries is now being applied to animal agriculture. For more information Contact Details AgTech PR for MyAnIML Jennifer Goldston +1 816-260-0040 Company Website

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Columbus, Ohio-area School Wins Grand Prize in National Creativity Competition presented by Jersey Mike’s Subs – Earns Visit from the Harlem Globetrotters on Tuesday, May 23

Campus Multimedia

Glacier Ridge Elementary School in Dublin, OH, has been named the national grand prize winner of the Court of Creativity contest presented by Jersey Mike’s Subs. As the grand prize winner, the school will receive a visit from the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters on Tuesday, May 23, plus a $1,000 prize that was awarded when they became a finalist. Judges from the Harlem Globetrotters and Jersey Mike’s Subs were impressed by the students’ ability to blend science, music, and basketball in a creative and original way. The school’s participation included multiple grade levels as their 5th graders performed and analyzed 10 different science experiments, and 3rd graders created a basketball movement music routine. "Congratulations to Glacier Ridge Elementary for winning the Court of Creativity challenge," said Rich Hope, Chief Marketing Officer of Jersey Mike’s Franchise Systems, Inc. "We were impressed by the creativity and energy from all the submissions we received, and we're thrilled to name Glacier Ridge Elementary as the grand prize winner." Known as the “Court of Creativity presented by Jersey Mike’s Subs,” the six-week contest was open to public, private, and vocational schools with grades Kindergarten through 5th across the United States. It was part of Jersey Mike’s and the Harlem Globetrotters’ ongoing efforts to promote healthy lifestyles, teamwork, and creativity among young people. The contest encouraged students to showcase their creativity related to the Harlem Globetrotters or the sport of basketball. “On behalf of the staff and students of Glacier Ridge Elementary School, we are extremely honored and grateful to be the recipient of the Court of Creativity contest sponsored by Jersey Mike’s and the Harlem Globetrotters,” said Pete Kurty, Principal at Glacier Ridge Elementary School. “We are excited to celebrate as a whole school as the Globetrotters perform and then we are treated to a delicious Jersey Mike’s lunch. We would be remiss if we didn’t also celebrate the creativity of the teachers of the winning lesson submissions. Incorporating creativity into instruction is what great educators do every day. However, without the creativity, innovation, and collaboration of the 5th-grade teaching team and the music and physical education teacher, this experience would not be possible. Thank you to Jersey Mike’s and the Harlem Globetrotters for encouraging and promoting creativity and quality instruction in order to provide an amazing educational experience for students.” ABOUT JERSEY MIKE’S SUBS Jersey Mike’s Subs, with more than 2,500 locations nationwide, serves authentic fresh sliced/fresh grilled subs on in-store freshly baked bread — the same recipe it started with in 1956. Passion for giving in Jersey Mike’s local communities is reflected in its mission statement “Giving…making a difference in someone’s life.” For more information, please visit or follow us on Facebook (, Instagram (, and Twitter ( The World-Famous Harlem Globetrotters – THE originators of basketball style, captured by dynamic athletes with unmatched skills and influencers of today’s game. The team has showcased their iconic brand of basketball in over 124 countries and territories across six continents since 1926. Winners of 2 Cynopsis Sports Media Awards and Emmy® nominated for their hit NBC weekly series, “Harlem Globetrotters: Play it Forward,” they continue to break barriers and stand as leaders across diversity, equity, and inclusion. Proud inductees into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, their mission continues to advance the game of basketball and deliver exciting and interactive entertainment to the world. If you have ever seen a jump shot, slam dunk or a half-court hook shot, you have witnessed the creative moves made famous by the Globetrotters. The Harlem Globetrotters International, Inc. is a subsidiary of Herschend Enterprises, the largest family-owned themed entertainment company in the U.S. For the full schedules and more information about the Harlem Globetrotters, visit the Globetrotters' official website: and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Contact Details Eric Nemeth Company Website

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Emergent Health Subsidiary PharmaZu Retains BF Borgers to Audit its Financial Statement as required by the Engagement Letter with Boustead Securities

Emergent Health Corp.

Emergent Health Corp. (OTC: EMGE), a curator, developer, and marketer of products in the Regenerative Health Space announced that it has engaged BF Borgers CPA PC, a full-service audit, tax, accounting, and advisory firm, as its Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (“PCAOB”) qualified auditor to audit the Company’s financial statement for the two-year period ending December 31 st, 2022 according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (“GAAP”). GAAP is the accounting standard adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and is the default accounting standard used by companies based in the United States. Just last week on Thursday May 4 th, 2023, Emergent executed an Engagement Letter with Boustead Securities LLC. to act as exclusive financial advisor with respect to a planned corporate financing transaction including the private placement of securities (“pre-IPO Financing”) and a planned $10 million initial public offering of Emergent subsidiary PharmaZu common stock (“IPO”) that will apply for listing on NASDAQ with NO DILUTION to the Emergent Shareholders. PharmaZu is a pure play, e-commerce products and service provider focused on the Pet Community, Pet Pharmacy and Pet Wellness using Influencers and their content, including pet pharmacy, vet telehealth and pet wellness businesses. Upon the effectiveness of the IPO and listing on NASDAQ, PharmaZu plans to acquire a 48-state authorized compounding pharmacy located in West Palm Beach, FL, doing approximately $10M a year in revenue, which will serve as the backbone and fulfilment center for PharmaZu, creating a national platform throughout the United States. The raise of capital will be used for expanding PharmaZu’s business, product offerings, as well as for acquisitions. Subsequently, Emergent plans to distribute the shares of PharmaZu as a dividend to its shareholders, pro rata at NO COST to the Emergent Shareholders. Jim Morrison, former L'Oréal President and Emergents full time CEO stated, “As we first announced last week, the PharmaZu IPO is not only an enormous opportunity for the founders and leadership of PharmaZu, it is also a seminal event for the shareholders of Emergent Health. We are very serious about the PharmaZu IPO and have selected a "best-in-class" audit firm in B F Borgers as our 'PCAOB' audit firm. They are consummate professionals, and we are looking forward to working with the firm.” The execution of the Engagement Letter does not constitute a commitment by Boustead or the Company to consummate any transaction contemplated hereunder and does not ensure the successful placement of securities of any investment vehicle or the success of Boustead with respect to finding any investors or the success with respect to any transaction. No promises, representations or guarantees have been made. ABOUT BOUSTEAD SECURITIES, LLC Boustead Securities, LLC is an investment banking firm that executes and advises on IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, capital raises and restructuring assignments in a wide array of industries, geographies and transactions, for a broad client base. Boustead’s core value proposition is the ability to create opportunity through innovative solutions and tenacious execution. With experienced professionals in the United States, Boustead’s team moves quickly and provides a broad spectrum of sophisticated financial advice and services. Boustead is a majority-owned subsidiary of Boustead & Company Limited, a diversified non-bank financial institution. For more information visit please visit: ABOUT BF BORGERS CPA PC BF Borgers CPA PC is based in Lakewood, Colorado and is registered as a Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) listed firm. At BF Borgers CPA PC we have built our practice by providing exceptional service to our clients through our commitment to our firm’s culture and values based on the three underlying principals Professionalism, Responsiveness and Quality. For More information, please visit BF Borgers CPA PC. ABOUT EMERGENT HEALTH CORPORATION Emergent curates, develops and sells products in the Regenerative Health Space. Its products comprise of ingestibles as well as topicals for the whole family. The company distributes its products online and through Content Based Shopping using Influencers to position products in their produced content throughout the United States and Internationally. Its subsidiaries; PharmaZu, is a pure play, e-commerce products and service provider focused on the Pet Community, Pet Pharmacy and Pet Wellness using Influencers and their content, including the pet pharmacy, vet telehealth and pet wellness businesses; Regen BioWellness, is a distributor of various products in the plant-based and regenerative medical fields. Evolutionary Biologics, is a new kind of biologics company founded for a clear purpose: bring cutting edge regenerative products to the medical community. Emergent does not claim any of its products are approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For more information, please visit Emergent's Website and Social Media on Twitter. Before using any products, you should always consult with your Veterinarian and/or Family Doctor. SAFE HARBOR STATEMENT This press release contains forward-looking statements that can be identified by terminology such as “believes,” “expects,” “potential,” “plans,” “suggests,” “may,” “should,” “could,” “intends,” or similar expressions. Many forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results to be materially different from any future results implied by such statements. These factors include, but are not limited to, our ability to continue to enhance our products and systems to address industry changes, our ability to expand our customer base and retain existing customers, our ability to effectively compete in our market segment, the lack of public information on our company, our ability to raise sufficient capital to fund our business, operations, our ability to continue as a going concern, and a limited public market for our common stock, among other risks. Many factors are difficult to predict accurately and are generally beyond the company's control. Forward-looking statements speak only as to the date they are made, and we do not undertake to update forward-looking statements to reflect circumstances or events that occur after the date the forward-looking statements are made. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: Jim Morrison, CEO Emergent Health Corporation Website i Contact Details Emergent Health Corp. Company Website

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Ripken Baseball® Acquires Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center in Ohio

Ripken Baseball

Ripken Baseball®, the leader in youth sports events and facilities, has acquired Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center in Sandusky, Ohio, located between Cleveland and Toledo. Known for creating lifelong family experiences, Ripken Baseball will operate next to one of the world's most acclaimed amusement parks Cedar Point. Ripken Baseball takes over the operation of Sports Force Parks beginning with the 2023 season, which is underway with over 50 tournaments on its schedule. The acquisition raises Ripken Baseball’s total number of youth sports complexes to six nationwide. The announcement confirms Ripken Baseball has expanded into sports beyond baseball and softball for the first time. Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center includes multi-purpose fields with the capacity of 11 baseball/softball synthetic turf diamonds or eight full-size soccer fields that are convertible to create up to 21 youth soccer fields, in addition to one ADA-accessible field for adaptive sports. The state-of-the-art playing surfaces allow the complex to host baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, and youth football tournaments. “Adding Sports Force Parks to the Ripken Baseball family is significant on many levels,” said Michael Kenney, CEO of Ripken Baseball. “We now have an opportunity to bring a Big League experience to not only baseball and softball, but also soccer, lacrosse, and even football. The proximity of the complex is ideal for families looking for a complete entertainment experience with a world-class amusement park down the road at Cedar Point.” As part of the acquisition of Sports Force Parks, Ripken Baseball also assumes control of youth baseball tournament operator 17 Tournaments, and travel planner Oakwood Lodging Group. Named after the size of home plate, 17 Tournaments brings youth baseball tournaments to Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, and Ohio. Oakwood Lodging Group creates a seamless experience for youth teams traveling outside their home market to book hotels, flights, and other travel needs efficiently. “When my late friend, co-founder, and the vision behind Sports Force Parks, Brian Storm, first dreamed of entering the youth sports business, he endeavored to build parks where sports, family, and fun could bring people together,” said Mark Stalnaker, President of Sports Fields, Inc. “The model was built on the strong foundation that Ripken had already established for baseball but also added a variety of other sports such as soccer, softball, and lacrosse. Brian would be thrilled to see the growth opportunities that the industry leader Ripken Baseball can offer to Sports Force Parks employees as they are the backbone of the brand and have made the companies so successful.” Sports Fields, Inc. designed, built, and managed Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center, and also created Oakwood Lodging, and 17 Tournaments. Sports Fields, Inc. is one of the nation’s premier sports construction companies with a resume that includes designing and constructing The Ripken Experience ® Pigeon Forge, several fields at The Ripken Experience ® Aberdeen and The Ripken Experience ® Myrtle Beach, and over 100 fields for the Cal Ripken, Sr Foundation. In January 2023, Ripken Baseball announced Josh Harris and David Blitzer, via their respective family offices, completed a strategic investment in Ripken Baseball and Cooperstown All Star Village. Blitzer is a part-owner of the Cleveland Guardians, who are committed to supporting community initiatives with Ripken Baseball and Cooperstown All Star Village. “We welcome Ripken Baseball to the Northeast Ohio region,” said Cleveland Guardians VP of Communications and Community Impact Curtis Danburg. “We look forward to partnering with the Ripken Baseball family to create unique Major League level experiences for their athletes visiting their complex in Sandusky and Progressive Field.” About Ripken Baseball Ripken Baseball brings teammates, coaches, and families together through its Big League Experiences while teaching children how to play sports the right way – the Ripken Way. Ripken Baseball continues to innovate the game through tournaments, camps, clinics, and spring training at their state-of-the-art baseball and softball facilities – The Ripken Experience ® Aberdeen (Maryland), The Ripken Experience ® Myrtle Beach (South Carolina), The Ripken Experience ® Pigeon Forge (Tennessee), The Ripken Experience ® Elizabethtown (Kentucky), Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center (Ohio), and Cooperstown All Star Village (New York). Ripken Baseball also brings its youth sports experience to satellite locations through Ripken Select Tournaments. Learn more at Contact Details Eric Nemeth +1 602-502-2793 Company Website

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