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Breaking the Stigma Around Obesity and Weight Loss Medication


There is a long history of stigma surrounding obesity and weight loss medications. When diet and exercise don’t lead to effective weight loss, sometimes it’s our biology that’s holding us back. Recently, Dr. Rekha Kumar, Head of Medical Affairs at Found, conducted a satellite media tour to talk about personalized weight loss and its benefits. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: Science shows that our biology can dictate up to 70% of weight gain, loss, and maintenance — yet the weight loss industry still reduces a person’s success to diet, exercise, and willpower. A variety of biological factors like genetics, hormones, metabolic rate and others contribute to our body’s “setpoint weight,” which is a certain weight that your body favors that is usually at the higher end of the scale. Your body wants to stay at this weight and fights hard to keep you there, and will even lower your metabolism or amp up your hunger signals to get back to your set point weight. Blaming obesity on a lack of willpower can take a psychological toll, causing people to feel shame, guilt, frustration or judgment, and fail to address biology as the core issue. Why Prescription Medication for Weight Loss? Obesity is a complicated disease that affects 40% of the US population, and it takes a personalized approach to each individual’s biology to treat it. Prescription medication can help people lose weight by fighting against their biology. Some medications work by suppressing appetite, and others work by curbing cravings. Weight loss medications have different mechanisms, and a doctor will have to evaluate if you're a good candidate for any of them. Not every medication is right for every person, and it’s common that if one doesn't work, a clinician might recommend trying a different medication. Historically, clinical care pathways for obesity management have only been available for patients at premiere academic medical centers, and typically have long wait lists. The Found’s program addresses a clear gap in access to weight care: Today, more than 40% of Americans have obesity, and yet only 1% of physicians specialize in obesity medicine. The medications Found offers are supported by clinical evidence to be highly effective and safe for helping aid with weight loss. Found has seen that members receiving medication plus behavior change support on the Found program have lost at least 13% more weight, and in some cases up to 229% more weight, than people receiving the same medication in clinical studies. Found is the largest online weight care clinic in the country, helping more than 160,000 Americans with their weight loss journey to-date. Found offers 13 different medications that can be combined to create more than 60 different possible treatment paths, available through their Prescription Program, each uniquely paired to address a person's biological and medical history. Found’s wide toolkit of medications fundamentally helps to serve a broader audience than others in the space. The Practice of Responsible Prescribing Found-affiliated providers are trained in the Found treatment protocol, which looks at various factors to determine the medication that will be safest and most effective for a member’s individual needs.Found-affiliated practitioners prescribe both FDA-approved branded anti-obesity medications as well as off-label generic combinations when determined safe by the treating clinician. The medications prescribed are the same medications that are offered in premiere academic medical centers.Treatment through the Found platform expands access to obesity treatment by bypassing long waitlists for appointments and copays for visits at in-person clinics. Found-affiliated medical providers are expected to always provide treatment and care that is in the best interest of their patients. For more information on Found’s weight care program, please visit Bio for Dr. Rekha Kumar, M.D., M.S. Dr. Rekha Kumar is recognized as an international leader in the field of Obesity Medicine. She is Head of Medical Affairs at weight care platform Found, as well as a practicing endocrinologist at an academic medical center in New York City. She also served as the former medical director of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. Dr. Kumar has lectured internationally on the topic of the medical assessment and treatment of obesity. She has published several papers and textbook chapters in her field and serves as an Associate Editor of the journal Obesity. She is frequently quoted in the media on topics ranging from the diabetes epidemic in the United States to discussing fad diets, exercise trends, and the complications of Covid-19 in patients with obesity. Dr. Kumar’s areas of expertise include the clinical assessment of patients with obesity and metabolic syndrome, the effect of obesity on reproductive health and fertility, and thyroid disease. Dr. Kumar completed her undergraduate studies at Duke University then received her master’s degree in Physiology from Georgetown University. She continued on to receive her M.D. from New York Medical College and completed her residency training in Internal Medicine at the New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill-Cornell Medical College. Dr. Kumar obtained her clinical fellowship in the combined Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism program at the Weill-Cornell Medical College/New York Presbyterian Hospital and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Dr. Kumar has traveled abroad to India, China, and Tanzania to understand the scope of metabolic disease globally. She serves on the board of advisors of the Duke Global Health Institute. Dr. Kumar is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes, & Metabolism, and Obesity Medicine. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

November 22, 2022 07:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Realtors® Reveal Latest Market Insights and Trends Heading into 2023


A video accompanying this announcement is available at: Buying or selling a home is among the greatest financial decisions an individual or family will ever make. Today’s U.S. housing market is challenging because of high interest rates and low inventory. As housing values remain relatively stable through all of this, there is still an appetite for homeownership in America. With this competitive and ever-changing marketplace, sellers and buyers should use a Realtor ® to help find the right home and negotiate terms of sale. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors ®: Eighty-eight percent of buyers used an agent to help purchase a home. Sellers also turned to professionals to price their home competitively, help market the home to potential buyers, sell within a specific timeframe, and fix up the home for sale. Ninety percent of sellers used an agent to sell their home. A real estate agent provides essential guidance as consumers navigate the legal, financial and community aspects of a purchase, including everything from determining property value to negotiating the price. To learn more about Realtors® and to find a real estate agent visit Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

November 21, 2022 06:32 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Synchrony “Lifetime of Healthcare Costs” Study Indicates People Underestimate Cost of Care Significantly


Click to view video featuring Jean Chatzky: Are You Saving Enough for Future Healthcare Expenses? New research from Synchrony’s “Lifetime of Healthcare Costs” Study reveals the average individual insured Americans cost of out-of-pocket healthcare costs from age 18 to the average life expectancy of age 79. Many of us save for significant costs, such as a home mortgage, a new car, or college tuitions. But when it comes to our own health – which should be the most important thing to take care of – we don’t take under consideration how much we pay annually outside of what is covered by insurance. Jean Chatzky conducted a nationwide media tour in partnership with Synchrony to provide real world advice and steps to help bridge the clear gap between people’s perceptions and the reality of the costs of healthcare today. During radio and TV interviews across the country, Jean Chatzky discussed: What the recent survey said about the cost of healthcare Surprising results from the survey Why it is so important for Americans to understand these out-of-pocket healthcare costs Valuable resources people can use to help manage these costs For more information visit: Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

November 21, 2022 02:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Ron DeSantis Leading in 2024 Polls Following Significant Efforts by Ready for Ron

Ready for Ron

Ready for Ron, the only credible independent group working to Draft Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to run for President, celebrated nearly six months of work that contributed to Governor DeSantis’s growing lead in several polls in key states – and will continue it’s successful DRAFT efforts. The advertising efforts, phone calls, petition, and grassroots campaign are helping generate significant lead s in Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida, and Georgia. Ready for Ron launched an advertising and grassroots mobilization effort in late May to help convince Ron DeSantis he has the support to win the Presidency in 2024. The PAC also filed a formal request (and later a lawsuit against) the Federal Election Commission to protect its right to share its supporter list with the candidate if he runs. Ready for Ron’s research by Impact Social which analyzes the online and social media discussion concerning Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump among swing voters shows Trump has lost most of the support among swing voters, and DeSantis is embraced by independents. The research (from more than 40,000 swing voters – likely the world’s largest focus group) also supports other polling that shows voters are favorably responding to the Ready for Ron call for him to run for President. In an op-ed entitled, “Even if Trump Could Win in 2024, Why Bother” conservative donor and free speech activist Shaun McCutcheon wrote, “Once you lose swing voters, it’s extremely difficult to get them back. Doing so isn’t impossible, especially for a man of such unique political prowess, but is it worth the time, money, and effort?” “If Election 2022 proved anything, it’s that DeSantis is the complete package: He is a true leader, seeing out the day-to-day roles and responsibilities that political leadership demands in good times and bad. DeSantis sticks to his principles — real, patriotic, American principles that don’t turn with the tide — but not at the expense of public service. DeSantis is not just a politician with savvy instincts; he is a public servant through and through,” wrote Ready for Ron Chief Political Strategist Ed Rollins in a November 10th op-ed in “DeSantis is not about ego or media hype; he is about results. That’s why Americans are ready for Ron to win the White House next.” Bob Carey, the leader of Veterans Ready for Ron, who led the effort to get petition signatures on Election Day stated, “Governor DeSantis knows how to rebuild and restore our military because he’s been part of it. He knows how to take care of our veterans because he is one. This veteran, and many more to follow, is proud to be part of these recruitment efforts. He is appealing to a broad cross-section of the electorate.” The leader of Students Ready for Ron, Dylan Dean said, “My generation is Ready for Ron to continue defending freedom and liberty - just as he has done in Florida – but on the national stage. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor DeSantis refused to kowtow to the radical Left, keeping the Sunshine State open for business and rejecting the impulse to impose onerous mask and vaccine mandates on citizens of the state. It revealed true bravery and respect for liberty, and that's why so many students like me are supporting him now.” “There is zero doubt that the efforts we are undertaking at Ready for Ron are making a difference, stated Gabriel Llanes, Ready for Ron Executive Director. “People have taken note of that leadership. Competence and professionalism shine through. And they will keep shining through in the years to come. Leading up to 2024, the only viable path for Republicans to win back the White House begins and ends with DeSantis – and we will continue to make this case to voters.” “We will continue fighting for everyone’s rights. We will continue fighting back against those at the FEC seeking to deny your freedoms. And we will continue fighting to draft Ron DeSantis, beat Joe Biden in 2024, and save America,” stated Dan Backer, legal counsel to Ready for Ron who filed the lawsuit against the FEC. “The polling proves our efforts are working, Americans are ready for Ron, and nothing will stand in their way — especially not the FEC.” Ready for Ron continues its TV and online advertising efforts to engage Americans to sign the petition at to Draft Ron DeSantis to run in 2024. ### For more information or to schedule an interview with a ‘Ready for Ron’ spokesperson, please contact Dan Rene at 202-329-8357 or Contact Details Dan Rene +1 202-329-8357 Company Website

November 21, 2022 01:57 PM Eastern Standard Time

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CardSnacks Helps Businesses Create Eye-Popping Holiday E-Cards with Introduction of Dynamic Envelopes


With the holidays here, CardSnacks, the leading platform for individuals and businesses to send personalized e-greetings and gift cards, has rolled out a new feature to its CardSnacks for Business service allowing companies to further customize their electronic holiday greeting cards with Dynamic Envelopes. CardSnacks for Business users have long been able to customize the envelopes for their e-cards with their logos and brand standards. Now, they can add a range of different holiday animations to make their envelopes come to life and show off their creativity. “More and more companies have asked us for different ways to add value and personalization to e-cards, since they have become a preferred option versus a physical holiday card,” said Mark Wachen, Founder and CEO of CardSnacks. “Adding Dynamic Envelopes allows our community to create a truly breakthrough greeting card experience in a way no one else does.” Companies have consistently shifted to e-cards during the holidays, particularly because of the ease of adding gift cards and the ability to personalize the greetings to specific recipients. Customization has been a key driver of CardSnacks for Business’ growth. For instance, holiday cards for employees or clients can be easily designed with personalized messages and can include one of more than 400 gift cards that can be curated to match the recipients’ passions and interests. CardSnacks also offers the ability for business leaders to add a personalized video or voice message, and choose a soundtrack from a collection of many holiday favorites. CardSnacks for Business e-cards are also easier to send, with a simple mail merge interface, detailed analytics on engagement, and the ability to send the cards through e-mail or text. The cards can be scheduled in advance or sent immediately – great for executives who want to show their appreciation but don’t have the time to plan weeks into the future. “There was a time when some people thought sending an e-card or giving a gift card was the easy way out for the holidays,” Wachen said. “Nothing is further from the truth. With the ability to personalize CardSnacks, business leaders can have confidence that their clients, customers, partners, and team all know that there was real thought and care put into their greeting, from the words to the gift, to, now, even the envelope.” A free trial of CardSnacks for Business is available at About CardSnacks CardSnacks is the leading platform for individuals and businesses to send personalized e-greetings, invitations, and gift cards. It is based in New York, with employees in California, London, and Israel. CardSnacks is available in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and on the web. For more information, please visit us at Contact Details CardSnacks Media Company Website

November 21, 2022 11:16 AM Eastern Standard Time

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As Iger Returns, Disney Must Focus on Vulnerabilities in China

National Legal & Policy Center

As The Walt Disney Company announced on Sunday the return of former executive chairman Robert Iger as interim CEO for two years, following the disastrous leadership of Robert Chapek – which drove share value down by 40% this year – a shareholder activist is calling upon the iconic Hollywood executive to scrutinize the company’s business in communist China. National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC), which earlier this year called Disney to account for its “complicity in China genocide” at its annual meeting, again will seek disclosure and transparency over its business activities in the far eastern nation with a shareholder proposal it has introduced for the company’s next meeting in March 2023. “We have our doubts about Bob Iger’s return and his willingness to reexamine the company’s relationship with the communist Chinese,” said Paul Chesser, director of NLPC’s Corporate Integrity Project. “After all, under his leadership he launched both the Shanghai and Hong Kong theme parks, and then gave majority control of Shanghai to a consortium of Chinese state-controlled companies. Now Shanghai Disney is locked down under the communists’ ‘Zero COVID’ policy and Hong Kong no longer operates with any semblance of freedom.” “Shareholders must get a better understanding of the further risks to stock value with the company’s entanglements with brutal dictators.” The text of NLPC’s proposal for a “Communist China Audit” report for Disney’s 2023 annual meeting follows: RESOLVED: Shareholders request that, beginning in 2023, The Walt Disney Company report annually to shareholders on the nature and extent to which corporate operations depend on, and are vulnerable to, Communist China, which is a serial human rights violator, a geopolitical threat, and an adversary to the United States. The report should exclude confidential business information but provide shareholders with a sense of the Company’s reliance on activities conducted within, and under control of, the Communist Chinese government. Supporting Statement: American companies doing business in Communist China is a controversial public policy issue. See, e.g., “Doing business in China is difficult. A clash over human rights is making it harder,” April 2, 2021, The Walt Disney Company does business in – and relies on raw materials, finished products, broadcasts, entertainment venues, theme parks, labor and/or services from – entities in China. China is an established serial violator of human and political rights. China is also a hostile adversary of the U.S. for many reasons, including: — China intends to displace the U.S. as the lone global superpower by 2049; — The U.S. has committed to defend Taiwan, which China has militaristically asserted is part of its country and may attempt to seize by force; — U.S.-China relations are tense over a number of issues including China’s military expansion; egregious human rights violations; actions related to the COVID pandemic; intellectual property theft; relentless espionage; elimination of freedom in Hong Kong; and environmental pollution. China has also indicated that it would use its industrial capabilities for strategic purposes against adversaries. Many Chinese companies – which are ultimately under the control of the Communist government – are vulnerable to the U.S. Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act, do not adhere to basic auditing standards, and are therefore untrustworthy. China – and by extension the companies it controls – is also identified in the U.S. State Department’s 2022 Trafficking in Persons Report as a state sponsor of human trafficking. It is now subject to the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, which imposes strict verification of parts and products imported from China, that they are not generated from slave labor. Disney’s extensive ties to China breed reputational risk for the company also. For example, while the company funds groups that promote the interests of homosexual and transgender individuals, the Communist government persistently and vigorously cracks down on those forms of identity within its borders. A July 2022 joint statement from the leaders of the British and American domestic intelligence agencies warned that the Communist Chinese Party is the greatest threat to the international order. “We consistently see that it’s the Chinese government that poses the biggest long-term threat to our economic and national security, and by ‘our,’ I mean both of our nations, along with our allies in Europe and elsewhere,” said FBI Director Christopher Wray. Given the controversial, if not dangerous, nature of doing business in and with China, shareholders have the right to know the extent to which The Walt Disney Company’s business operations depend on Communist China. Founded in 1991, NLPC promotes ethics in public life and government accountability through research, investigation, education, and legal action. ### For more information or to schedule an interview with Paul Chesser, contact Dan Rene at 202-329-8357 or Please visit Founded in 1991, NLPC promotes ethics in public life and government accountability through research, investigation, education, and legal action. Contact Details Dan Rene +1 202-329-8357 Company Website

November 21, 2022 09:26 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Nas Daily Joins Leading Creator Economy Agency Narrative as Advising Partner

Narrative Group

Narrative Group (“Narrative”), an industry-leading creator economy agency, today announced that Nuseir Yassin (“Nas Daily”) is joining as an advising partner. Yassin will serve as a key member of Narrative’s leadership team, bringing deep content creation expertise and a focus on guiding and mentoring fellow content creators. This addition follows a record-breaking year for the agency, which grew its client base by +150% in the US and expanded its services to Europe, adding clients from France, Germany, and the UK. Yasin will work closely with Narrative’s founder and CEO Regev Gur to support the growth of the company and its global network of social media influencers and content creators. "Nuseir is a pioneer and a visionary. We are thrilled to welcome him to Narrative,” said Gur. “His skills, experience, and reach are a tremendous asset to our firm. With him on board, we are delivering an added layer of creativity and expanding our clients’ access to a growing number of leading content creators.” In 2016, Nuseir Yassin decided to leave a rewarding high-tech job and travel around the world, during which he launched Nas Daily, a vlog on Facebook where he documented his adventures. By conveying messages of love and understanding in his daily videos, he quickly became an influencer with more than 3.8 million Instagram followers and 10 million YouTube subscribers. "I have known Regev for some time, and have been extremely impressed with the work and explosive growth at Narrative,” said Yassin. “I am proud to join the firm as a partner and an advisor. Narrative is among the quickest to spot new industry trends and we share the passion for quality content. I look forward to joining Regev and the team to support the company’s growth and provide great service to our clients.” The creator economy is estimated to be worth more than $100 billion and is in constant growth. In just five years, the market grew from 1.7 billion dollars annually in 2016 to 9.7 billion dollars in 2020. Narrative is a leading influencer marketing company based in New York City, New York. Founded by Regev Gur in 2018, the company manages mega marketing campaigns for global technology firms. With a focus on strategic influencer programs, Narrative serves clients across 40 countries around the world including big tech companies like Google and Meta (formerly Facebook). To learn more about Narrative, visit Contact Details For media inquiries contact

November 18, 2022 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Lexion Surveys Hundreds of Legal Professionals: Hiring Freezes and Layoffs to be Offset by Adopting New Technology


Lexion, an AI-powered contract management system, today announced the results of a survey of 450 legal professionals on the current state of legal technology. Respondents include General Counsel, in-house counsel, legal operations and contract managers across a variety of industries, and the results were published in the report: ‘ The State of Legal Technology: Improving Efficiency with Existing Staff and New Technology as Hiring Slows.’ Respondents were asked to provide insight into what legal teams are doing in anticipation of an economic slowdown. “This year’s State of Legal Technology carries a sense of urgency given this moment we find ourselves in,” said David Wang, chief innovation officer at Wilson Sonsini. “We know 65 percent of legal professionals are worried about impacts of the uncertain economy and 69 percent anticipate cutting spending through reduced outside counsel consultation, hiring freezes, and layoffs. These worries are well-founded, but we know economic challenges do not decrease risk. In fact, they tend to surface risks previously covered by the rising tides and create new tempests and conflicts. It’s time to leverage technology to increase the legal team’s efficiency, better measure risks and outcomes, and deliver greater value to our clients and stakeholders.” Key findings include: Companies plan to slow down hiring (or freeze hiring altogether), while reducing outside counsel spend and conducting layoffs. Yet respondents remain optimistic that innovations in technology can increase efficiencies as companies struggle to do more with less. Of the challenges in-house counsel identified as significant barriers to doing their jobs well, ‘too much time spent on low value tasks’ rose to the top. Over one third of respondents specifically identified time wasted on finding, tracking and versioning documents, despite the fact version control solutions have been around for decades. “In-house lawyers are bullish on using technology to alleviate increasing workloads,” said Gaurav Oberoi, cofounder and CEO, Lexion. “Yet finding the right technology platform – one that doesn't take months of implementation and training – has remained elusive, and legal teams have been cautious as a result. The slowing economy is pushing legal teams to find and adopt high ROI systems that fill the headcount gap, while requiring minimal change management." Lexion offers an end-to-end contract management solution for in-house legal teams that helps them capture key metrics and accelerate deals while using AI and automation to help them scale. Unlike other contract management systems, stakeholders can work with Lexion entirely via email, eliminating the need for complex configuration and training. About Lexion We built Lexion at Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s artificial intelligence research institute (AI2) and are backed by the same investors that funded OpenAI (Khosla Ventures), helped launch Amazon (Madrona Venture Group), and have advised Google (Wilson Sonsini). With a top notch and experienced team from Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Amazon, we built a company that CB Insights ranked the #1 most promising AI legal tech startup in the world two years in a row (2020, 2021). Lexion is a Top 40 Intelligent Application based on votes from Goldman Sachs, Madrona, Khosla Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, and many of the top AI investors in the world. Most importantly, fantastic brands trust Lexion to manage their contracts: Outreach, OfferUp, Blue Nile, Apptio, Brooks, and many more. Visit for more. Contact Details Forrest Carman +1 206-859-3118 Company Website

November 17, 2022 09:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

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Thirty-one Contract Managers Graduate from North Carolina Procurement Academy Certification Program

National Contract Management Association

CONTACT INFORMATION: Dominick Belfiore, Director of Operations and Special Projects Phone: (571) 382-1121 Email: Jody Cleven, Ph.D. Deputy State Purchasing Officer/Chief Learning Officer Phone: (984) 236-0251 Email: Thirty-one contract managers graduated from the North Carolina Contract Manager (NCCM) certification program in 2022. The program is run by the North Carolina Department of Administration’s (NCDOA) Division of Purchase & Contract as part of the North Carolina Procurement Academy. Officially launched in 2019 in response to a legislative mandate, the NCCM program provides state employees key training and best practices on contract administration and negotiation strategies. More than 200 contract managers have participated in the program. “North Carolina procurement and contract managers play a critical role in bringing efficient and effective government to the people of North Carolina,” said North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper. “Earning professional certification reinforces the public trust and their dedication to public service improves lives across the state." The six-course certification program is based on the National Contract Management Association (NCMA) Contract Management Body of Knowledge® (CMBOK®) and the Contract Management Standard™ (CMS™), which are nationally recognized programs used by contract managers across federal and state government agencies, universities, and other organizations nationwide. NCMA Chief Executive Officer Kraig Conrad delivered the graduation address at the NCCM graduation ceremony held in Raleigh, NC, in June 2022. NCDOA State Purchasing Officer David O’Neal said, “Our NCCM program seeks to develop critical thinking public procurement professionals, while introducing a common language that helps to ensure effective communication across all levels of procurement and contracting.” Graduates of the North Carolina Purchasing Academy program are required to recertify their credential every five years. Earlier this year, the academy also launched the North Carolina Purchaser Certification Program that focuses on the entire procurement process. Already, plans are underway for another certification level, the North Carolina Purchasing Officer, with an anticipated release in 2023. For more information about the North Carolina Procurement Academy certification program, visit The North Carolina Procurement Academy (NCPA) promotes professional competency and growth for individuals performing procurement and contract management roles with the state. Operating within the Department of Administration's Division of Purchase & Contract, the academy provides rigorous and relevant certification pathways based on national standards of competence in public procurement, as well as a variety of professional development opportunities to help procurement personnel improve their practice. To learn more, please visit The National Contract Management Association (NCMA), which was founded in 1959 and is the world’s leading association in the field of contract management. The organization, which has over 18,000 members, is dedicated to the professional growth and educational advancement of procurement and acquisition personnel worldwide. NCMA strives to serve and inform the profession and industry it represents and to offer opportunities for the open exchange of ideas in neutral forums. To learn more, please visit ### The National Contract Management Association (NCMA), which was founded in 1959 and is the world’s leading association in the field of contract management. The organization, which has over 18,000 members, is dedicated to the professional growth and educational advancement of procurement and acquisition personnel worldwide. NCMA strives to serve and inform the profession and industry it represents and to offer opportunities for the open exchange of ideas in neutral forums. To find out more, please visit Contact Details Dominick Belfiore +1 571-207-5151 Company Website

November 17, 2022 11:45 AM Eastern Standard Time

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