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How Over-The-Counter Medicines Could Impact Your Blood Pressure


Would it surprise you to know that nearly half of all adults in the country have elevated blood pressure, and most don’t even know it? Yet only 30% have spoken with a healthcare professional about the adverse effects some over-the-counter medicines can have on their blood pressure. Recently, Dr. Mitch Elkind, American Heart Association’s Chief Clinical Science Officer, conducted a satellite media tour to share precautionary measures that people with high blood pressure need to take before using over-the-counter medications, especially if they have pre-existing conditions or are on other medications. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: High blood pressure, (also referred to as hypertension) is when your blood pressure, the force of blood flowing through your blood vessels, is consistently too high. The best way to know if you have high blood pressure it is to have your blood pressure checked. How to use a home blood pressure monitor Be still. Discuss how to use your home blood pressure monitor with your health care professional. Don't smoke, drink caffeinated beverages or exercise within 30 minutes before measuring your blood pressure. Empty your bladder and ensure at least five minutes of quiet rest before measurements. Sit correctly. Sit with your back straight and supported (on a dining chair, rather than a sofa). Your feet should be flat on the floor and your legs should not be crossed. Your arm should be supported on a flat surface, such as a table, with the upper arm at heart level. Make sure the bottom of the cuff is placed directly above the bend of the elbow. Check your monitor's instructions for an illustration or have your health care professional show you how. Measure at the same time every day. It’s important to take the readings at the same time each day, such as morning and evening. It is best to take the readings daily, ideally beginning two weeks after a change in treatment and during the week before your next appointment. Take multiple readings and record the results. Each time you measure, take two readings one minute apart and record the results using a printable (PDF) tracker. If your monitor has built-in memory to store your readings, take it with you to your appointments. Some monitors may also allow you to upload your readings to a secure website after you register your profile. Don't take the measurement over clothes. If you get a high blood pressure reading If your blood pressure is higher than 180/120 mm Hg and you are experiencing signs of possible organ damage such as chest pain, shortness of breath, back pain, numbness/weakness, change in vision or difficulty speaking, do not wait to see whether your pressure comes down on its own. Call 911, as this is an emergency. A single high reading is not an immediate cause for alarm. If you get a reading that is slightly or moderately higher than normal, take your blood pressure a second time and write the results of the two measurements down. Consult your health care professional to verify if there’s a health concern or whether there may be any issues with your monitor. If your blood pressure readings suddenly exceed 180/120 mm Hg, wait five minutes and test again. If your readings are still unusually high, contact your health care professional immediately. You could be experiencing a hypertensive crisis. AHA recommendation The American Heart Association recommends home monitoring for all people with high blood pressure to help the health care professional determine whether treatments are working. Home monitoring, or self-measured blood pressure, is not a substitute for regular visits to your physician. If you have been prescribed medication to lower your blood pressure, don't stop taking your medication without consulting your health care professional, even if your blood pressure readings are in the normal range during home monitoring. Understanding Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medications and High Blood Pressure Look for warnings related to high blood pressure medication. Always read the labels on all over-the-counter medications, especially if you have high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. Look for warnings to those with high blood pressure and to those who take blood pressure medications. If you have high blood pressure and certainly if you are on prescription medication, consult your health care professional before taking any over-the-counter medications or supplements. Be careful with supplements or natural (naturopathic) remedies. There are no special pills, vitamins or drinks that can substitute for prescription medications and lifestyle modifications. Talk to your health care professional before taking any over-the-counter drug or supplement that claims to lower your blood pressure. They may not work as advertised and/or may interfere with other medications. In fact, some can even raise your blood pressure. Decongestants may raise your blood pressure. People with high blood pressure should be aware that the use of decongestants may raise blood pressure or interfere with the effectiveness of some prescribed blood pressure medications. Be aware of over-the-counter cold and flu preparations that contain decongestants as well. Discuss any medications you wish to use with your health care professional. Check the sodium content. Some over-the-counter medications are high in sodium, which can also raise blood pressure. Look at the active and inactive ingredients lists for words like “sodium” or “soda.” Note the amount of sodium in the medication. People with high blood pressure should consume less than 1,500 mg of sodium per day from all sources — one dose of some over-the-counter medications can contain more than a whole day’s allowance. Other drugs and substances that can raise your blood pressure include: Alcohol Amphetamines Antidepressants Atypical antipsychotics (for example, clozapine and olanzapine) Caffeine Cocaine Oral contraceptives Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs (for example, ibuprofen and naproxen sodium) Systemic corticosteroids (for example, prednisone and methylprednisolone) Do not stop taking any prescribed medications without discussing with your health care professional. To learn more visit: About Talent Mitchell S. V. Elkind, MD, MS, FAAN, FAHA is a tenured Professor of Neurology and Epidemiology at Columbia University, and the Chief Clinical Science Officer at the American Heart Association as of September 2022. He received his medical degree from Harvard Medical School, and he trained in Internal Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and in Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital, both in Boston, MA. He completed a fellowship in Vascular Neurology and Neuroepidemiology at Columbia University Medical Center. Dr. Elkind holds a Master’s degree in Epidemiology from Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health. Dr. Elkind’s research focuses on stroke prevention, inflammatory and infectious biomarkers in stroke risk prediction, atrial cardiopathy, immune therapy for acute stroke, and vascular causes of cognitive aging. He is the second neurologist to serve as President of the American Heart Association (AHA) in its 100 year history, from 2020-2021. About the American Heart Association The American Heart Association is a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives. We are dedicated to ensuring equitable health in all communities. Through collaboration with numerous organizations and powered by millions of volunteers, we fund innovative research, advocate for the public’s health and share lifesaving resources. The Dallas-based organization has been a leading source of health information for nearly a century. Connect with us on, Facebook, X, or by calling 1-800-AHA-USA1. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

November 09, 2023 10:57 AM Eastern Standard Time

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The Snow Agency Announces TikTok Shop Partnership Ahead of Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2023

Avenue Z

As Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2023 (BFCM) approaches, marketers and eCommerce professionals worldwide are gearing up for one of the biggest shopping events of the year. The Snow Agency, an Avenue Z company, and a leader in digital marketing and eCommerce strategy, is proud to announce its status as an official TikTok Shop Partner. The Snow Agency is now offering brands exclusive access, implementation, and optimization of TikTok's innovative shopping platform for BFCM 2023 and beyond. TikTok Shop, which officially launched in September 2023, is revolutionizing how brands connect with consumers to drive sales. The Snow Agency's novel status solidifies its reputation as a trusted partner to enable and scale brands in the new TikTok Shop ecosystem. TikTok Shop offers an array of selling tools and a vast network of affiliates/influencers, providing a unique opportunity for brands to maximize their revenue and gain dynamic, valuable insights. How Does TikTok Shop Work? TikTok Shop offers brands three dynamic ways to showcase their products to a massive and engaged audience: 1. Live Shopping: Customers can seamlessly shop for products featured by their favorite creators and brands during TikTok LIVE livestreams. TikTok Shop products can be tagged and easily purchased during livestreams. 2. Shoppable Videos: In-feed videos become shopping opportunities as customers can click on product links to make direct purchases via any influencer or brand post. 3. Product Showcase: Brands and creators can set up app-native storefronts, allowing shoppers to purchase products directly within the TikTok app. With over 1 billion active monthly users and an impressive 55% conversion rate for users who make purchases after seeing a brand on TikTok, the platform has become a must-visit destination for e-commerce sellers. Key benefits for sellers include: Higher Conversion Rates: With no redirects to other apps or websites, TikTok Shop offers a seamless shopping experience, resulting in higher conversion rates. Extensive Promotion Tools: Brands can leverage various incentives, discounts, free shipping/subsidiary programs, and participate in exclusive TikTok-sponsored campaigns to promote their businesses. Access to Influencers: TikTok Shop provides access to thousands of creators through its affiliate program, allowing brands to connect and collaborate with niche-specific influencers in a pay-for-performance model. Performance Tracking: Comprehensive dashboards within TikTok Shop enable brands to monitor their performance, track traffic, and gather customer reviews. "As a seasoned marketer and long-time Shopify Plus partner with access to unprecedented e-commerce revenue data from our broad client set, I've witnessed firsthand the incredible revenue-generating potential of TikTok Shop.” said Jon Snow, CEO of The Snow Agency. “With access to thousands of content creators and influencers with both seeding and affiliate options, consumer brands have a tremendous amount of influence power within reach. TikTok Shop is a game-changer for e-commerce sellers.” The Snow Agency, part of the Avenue Z Network, is an award-winning digital social media and influencer agency that offers leading-edge marketing solutions to connect brands and consumers. They build seamless digital experiences that influence consumers to act through targeted Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Google Ads, Email & SMS Marketing, and data-driven content creation. Based in Miami, Florida, the Snow Agency is a proud Shopify Plus, Google, Meta, TikTok, Klaviyo, Attentive and TikTok Shop partner. The Avenue Z Network is a strategic communications & marketing advisory focused on brand performance and business growth. Avenue Z works with mission-driven brands to create an integrated narrative through public relations, search and social branding, influencer marketing and performance media. Avenue Z provides clients with the platform they need to gain exposure and activate messages across all media. The Company is headquartered In Miami, FL with offices in Orlando, New York City and Los Angeles. For more information visit Contact Details Avenue Z Company Website

November 09, 2023 10:24 AM Eastern Standard Time

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AmeriLife Gives Back Foundation Names Honor Flight Network as Inaugural Partner


AmeriLife Group, LLC (“AmeriLife”), a national leader in developing, marketing, and distributing life and health insurance, annuities, and retirement planning solutions, announced today that its philanthropic arm, the AmeriLife Gives Back Foundation, has chosen the Honor Flight Network as its inaugural, national partner. Founded in 2022, the AmeriLife Gives Back Foundation honors the company’s legacy of giving while helping to connect its growing business, philanthropic and volunteer endeavors. The foundation – through donations of time, money and other resources – focuses on causes that enable the senior community in furtherance of AmeriLife’s commitment to helping people live longer, healthier lives. “As a values-driven company, giving back is in AmeriLife’s DNA and has been an important part of who we are for more than 50 years,” said Scott R. Perry, chairman and CEO of AmeriLife. “I’m incredibly excited that we’re joining forces with the Honor Flight Network, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our partnership.” The Honor Flight Network is a national nonprofit that honors America’s military veterans – especially those who served during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War – by bringing them, free of charge, to Washington, D.C. to visit the memorials that commemorate their sacrifice and service. Since 2005, Honor Flight Network has transported more than 300,000 veterans from all 50 states and Puerto Rico to our nation’s capital, and continues to expand its network of more than 125 hubs across the country in an effort to serve even more veterans and their families. In doing so, the Honor Flight Network and its partners deliver gratitude and appreciation for veterans’ contributions to our freedoms, offering them an opportunity to meet other veterans, remember the fallen, and share their stories and experiences. “Honor Flight Network is tremendously grateful for the generous support from AmeriLife,” said Meredith Rosenbeck, CEO of Honor Flight Network. “We are fortunate to call them a valued partner, recognizing and validating our important mission to honor America’s heroes. In joining forces with Honor Flight, AmeriLife is setting the standard of giving with gratitude, and we look forward to a rewarding partnership ahead.” “We’re privileged to be counted among Honor Flight Network’s partners and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship,” added Jim Quinn, Chief Financial Officer for AmeriLife. “Today’s donation opens up exciting opportunities for AmeriLife’s employees and partners to volunteer in support of future Honor Flight Network trips, helping to create memorable experiences for so many of our nation’s heroes.” For more information on the Honor Flight Network and to support its mission directly, donate or volunteer today at To learn more about the AmeriLife Gives Back Foundation, visit us online at ### About Honor Flight Network The Honor Flight Network was formed in 2005 with a mission of honoring our nation’s veterans by bringing them to Washington, DC to visit the memorials and monuments dedicated to their service and sacrifice. The Honor Flight Network is currently comprised of over 130 hubs throughout the country dedicated to carrying out the Honor Flight mission. In addition to World War II veterans, the organization transports those who served in the Korean War, Vietnam War, intermediary operations, and in special cases of terminal illness or injury, veterans from more recent service eras. Since 2005, the Honor Flight Network has taken more than 250,000 veterans to Washington D.C. For more information, visit About AmeriLife AmeriLife’s strength is its mission: to provide insurance and retirement solutions to help people live longer, healthier lives. In doing so, AmeriLife has become recognized as a leader in developing, marketing, and distributing life and health insurance, annuities and retirement planning solutions to enhance the lives of pre-retirees and retirees across the United States. For more than 50 years, AmeriLife has partnered with top insurance carriers to provide value and quality to customers served through a distribution network of over 300,000 insurance agents and advisors and 120 marketing organizations and insurance agency locations nationwide. For more information, visit, and follow AmeriLife on Facebook and LinkedIn. Contact Details AmeriLife Jeff Maldonado +1 321-297-1112 Honor Flight Network Marion Watkins +1 202-302-4937 Company Website

November 09, 2023 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Stanton Chase Atlanta Welcomes Norm Miles as New Managing Partner


Stanton Chase, a global leader in executive search and leadership advisory services, is proud to announce the appointment of Norm Miles as the new Managing Partner of its Atlanta office. Miles brings more than two decades of extensive experience in human capital advisory services, executive leadership development, operations engineering, business development, and diversity, equity, and inclusion advisory. In joining Stanton Chase Atlanta, Miles cited his motivation as being driven by the organization's growth mindset, commitment to reimagining services, a culture of authentic transparency, and alignment with the legacy Managing Partners. Norm's vision for Stanton Chase is centered on advancing the firm's strategy to increase growth as leaders in executive search and human capital advisory. He aims to create new opportunities to diversify the business and energize the entire team. Miles’ short-term and long-term goals include reimagining and growing advisory consulting offerings, establishing a Point of View (POV) on the future of executive search and advisory, and attracting and retaining key resources dedicated to promoting the company's culture of empathy-driven collaboration. His leadership style is described as collaborative and focused, emphasizing the creation of safe environments for all to grow and maintain a spirit of innovation and inclusion. Key principles in his leadership approach include integrity, accountability, empathy, intellectual curiosity, and fun. Miles plans to prioritize holistic initiatives that enable leadership to accelerate organizational culture and embed inclusive leadership as the DNA of every aspect of executive search and development. These initiatives are devised to enhance the integration of solutions to help client partners optimize their human capital investments. In his message to stakeholders, Miles emphasizes his unique multidimensional experiences as a consultant, executive, and strategic developer in human capital. He is a trusted advisor committed to aligning services and solutions with client partners' strategic objectives. Miles’ approach to adaptability and innovation involves pushing for continuous improvement, staying informed about market trends, and creating agile and transformational solutions for clients. He has successfully led innovation efforts in the past by introducing inclusive and immersive solutions in human experiences that drive successful people, spaces, policies, and cultures. His personal values, such as equity, diversity, and inclusion, align seamlessly with Stanton Chase's mission and culture. Miles also values psychologically safe environments, functional fun, and a strong sense of teamwork. Miles sees opportunities for Stanton Chase in responding to client demands for additional services to bolster the entire portfolio of integrated leadership advisory services beyond search, and helping clients maximize their investments in human capital. Daniel Casteel, Managing Partner of Stanton Chase South Central, expressed his enthusiasm for Norm's appointment, stating, "We are honored to have Norm join Stanton Chase as the Managing Partner of our Atlanta office. With Norm's extensive experience in both retained search as well as leadership advisory, he fortifies our team’s ability to provide exceptional candidate and client experiences. He fosters our role as a trusted leadership advisor. His passion for DEI&B and subsequent work in this important field aligns seamlessly with our firm’s unwavering commitment to ESG. A proven leader and trusted advisor in the industry, what we most appreciate about him is his authenticity and collaborative leadership style, which will undoubtedly elevate our client partnerships through the recruitment and development of successful leadership teams." Miles earned a Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA), Health Management and Policy from the University of Michigan, as well as a Master of Business Administration at the University of Denver. He holds numerous certifications and designations, including Certified Inclusive Leader® Facilitator, Certified Race Matters Facilitator, Korn Ferry Leadership Architect, Development Dimensions International (DDI) Master Facilitator, Certified Problem and Change Manager (CPCM), and WorkPlace Big Five 4.0 certifications. He has also authored and presented nationally on topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Norm Miles ’ appointment as the Managing Partner of Stanton Chase Atlanta marks a significant milestone in the firm's commitment to delivering exceptional leadership and advisory services. For media inquiries or further information, please contact: Mandie Nimitz About Stanton Chase Stanton Chase is a global executive search and leadership advisory firm with over 75 offices in 45 countries. We partner with organizations to identify, recruit, and develop outstanding leaders who impact the success of their clients and stakeholders. Contact Details digifora Justin Brackett +1 843-284-6594 Company Website

November 08, 2023 08:03 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Big and Growing Need for Senior Care: Empowering Family Caregivers to Get the Supportand Guidance They Deserve


November marks National Family Caregivers Month, a time to bring attention to the challenges faced by those caring for aging parents. Recently, Tatyana Zlotsky, President of A Place for Mom (APFM), conducted a satellite media tour to share vital insights and tips for family caregivers navigating the world of senior care. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: There is a big and growing need for senior care, as the number of seniors is rapidly increasing and is projected to reach over 80 million by 2040. Today, 41 million Americans are unpaid caregivers for seniors, most often the adult daughter or son of their aging parents. As the senior population grows, family caregivers face serious challenges. A Place for Mom issued its new State of Caregiving Survey, showing that an overwhelming majority or caregivers are physically, mentally, and financially at risk. 82% have had to make sacrifices to provide adequate care. Nearly all (96%) reported being emotionally drained, with more than half feeling this way often or all the time. And 75% who were employed prior to assuming the caregiver role said they have less time to focus on work or have had to quit their jobs altogether to provide care. “These findings reveal some of the hard truths being faced by caregivers as they struggle to care for their aging parents and loved ones,” said Zlotsky. “Navigating the process of finding the most suitable senior care is not easy. There are three important things to consider – care needs, costs, and lifestyle.” First is care needs. Zlotsky shared that as seniors face a variety of physical and mental challenges, they require more and more assistance with their Activities of Daily Living. A Place for Mom finds that nearly all seniors they work with need some daily support, and more than 40% need extra help associated with dementia. The second is costs. “Families need help to better understand senior living costs in their area and options on how to pay,” said Zlotsky. At A Place for Mom, two-thirds of the families they work with have shared that they do not feel prepared when it comes to senior care costs and need help to better understand options and how to pay. “Lastly, families want to find a place where their parents will feel right at home -- a warm environment that helps them experience joy and feel a sense of community,” said Zlotsky. “This is where amenities and activities play an important role in helping mom or dad with the transition.” A Place for Mom has a team of senior living advisors who help caregivers navigate this journey end to end, all at no cost to families. “We start with a simple but very important question: tell us about your mom, dad, aunt, or uncle,” said Zlotsky. The expert advisors then gather critical information ranging from mobility, medication, and bathing assistance to mom’s favorite meals and activities. They then match those needs with preferred options and budget in order to make personalized recommendations for home care or senior living options to best assist the family. For senior living specifically, A Place of Mom also serves as a concierge to help families set up tours, understand feedback, and support the moving process. Special benefits and resources for veterans and their families: There are more than 8 million veteran seniors in the U.S. And at A Place for Mom – the veteran community is critically important. In fact, more than 30% of the families A Place for Mom helps are veteran families. “Veterans and their spouses may qualify for the VA Aid & Attendance benefit to help pay for senior care,” said Zlotsky. However, A Place for Mom’s survey revealed that more than two-thirds of veteran families don’t know how to access this monetary benefit or even understand it. A Place for Mom expert advisors are knowledgeable about VA benefits for senior care and help families understand what benefits are available. Their advisors’ expertise has helped families secure more than $8 million in financial aid annually. To expand their impact and help more veteran seniors and their families, A Place for Mom is joining forces with USAA, the leading veterans organization for financial resources, with over 13M members. Visit to learn more about A Place for Mom’s services and connect with a local expert advisor. About Tatyana Zlotsky Tatyana Zlotsky is the President of A Place for Mom, Inc., the leading online platform connecting families searching for senior care with a team of expert, local advisors providing insight-driven, personalized solutions. In this role, Tatyana leads the sales and marketing teams and is responsible for delivering on the company’s mission to enable caregivers to make the best senior living decisions. Since joining, Tatyana has served in various leadership roles at A Place for Mom and has successfully helped to transform the brand and overall family experience, which helps over 300K families per year. Tatyana joined A Place for Mom from American Express, where she spent nine years driving digital transformation as the VP/GM of Acquisition and Digital Innovation and was responsible for driving revenue growth in the U.S. Small Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

November 07, 2023 10:42 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Holiday Countdown

News Media Group, Inc.

Contact Details News Media Group Karl Wayne +1 334-440-6397 Company Website

November 07, 2023 09:38 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Risk Ledger secures £6.25m to prevent cyber attacks on the supply chains of nation’s largest enterprises

Risk Ledger

Organisations have been laser focussed on protecting their own networks, applications, physical premises and people against cyber security attacks but have neglected their exposure to suppliers. Indeed, over the past 3 years, a staggering 73% of organisations have been affected by a third-party security breach. Helping these businesses toughen their resilience against such attacks, cyber security business Risk Ledger is today announcing it has raised a £6.25 million series A funding round to strengthen supply chains. The funding round was led by UK investor Mercia Ventures, which joins Seedcamp, Firstminute Capital, Episode 1, Village Global as well as Finnish VC Lifeline Ventures as investors. To date, Risk Ledger has raised a total of £9.8 million in venture funding. Recent cyber attacks on The Metropolitan Police and NHS Trusts through their supply chains have the potential to compromise the UK’s national security and private citizen data. A threat alert by the National Cyber Security Centre is also warning of increased state-sponsored attacks against UK critical national infrastructure. Supply chain attacks are on the rise, and can have severe impacts, as the Solarwinds, Log4J, and MOVEit Transfer attacks have shown. According to recent research by KPMG, 73% of the surveyed organisations had experienced at least one significant disruption, caused by a third party, within the last three years, while 85% said that their business considers third party risk management (TPRM) a strategic priority. The cost of global supply chain attacks is expected to reach $46 billion this year (Juniper Research). Organisations are increasingly trusting others with critical business functions and sensitive data, meaning vulnerabilities can appear anywhere in the supply chain, from suppliers to partners. Traditional, point in time cyber security risk assessments make for poor quality data that goes out of date fast, offering little protection. Risk Ledger offers an innovative social network approach to supply chain risk management, allowing organisations to use the platform as both clients and suppliers, able to share with connected organisations a single profile of their controls across 12 security domains, including ESG and financial risk. This reveals relationships in many directions and allows for a unique visualisation of the entire supply chain ecosystem, and the uncovering of critical interdependencies, concentration risks and single points of failure well beyond immediate third party connections. It also results in more accurate and real time data, giving organisations the ability to make better decisions to protect their business from supply chain threats. Haydn Brooks, co-founder and CEO, at Risk Ledger commented: “The unique ability of Risk Ledger to map relationships and interdependencies in the supply chain allows organisations to understand where they sit within their own supplier ecosystem and how different incidents may impact their organisation given those interdependencies.” Risk Ledger has seen rapid adoption over the past two years and today counts over 5,000 organisations with 17,000 users across large public sector and financial services organisations as customers. Client bookings have consistently doubled year on year, or more, since the company launched its platform in 2020. Risk Ledger's growing international client base includes many organisations in sensitive sectors such as critical national infrastructure, financial services and the public sector, which face particular regulatory scrutiny and need to demonstrate how they effectively limit the risks emanating from their suppliers. Speaking about the value Risk Ledger provides, the former Divisional Information Security Officer at the UK Health Security Agency, David Malkin, stated that “Risk Ledger provides us with a more holistic, real time view of our complex supply chain, helping to identify and remediate potential vulnerabilities and issues early.” The new funding will fuel future product development to equip Risk Ledger’s clients with tools to combat supply chain security attacks and allow Risk Ledger to deepen partnerships within key industries. Mercia Ventures invested from its Northern Venture Capital Trust (VCT) funds. Adam Lovell of Mercia Ventures added: “Third-party risk is a major security concern for companies as it’s a factor over which they traditionally have little control. Risk Ledger offers an exciting new approach to third-party risk management. Haydn and Daniel have made remarkable progress in developing the business to date and have a very clear view of the way forward. We are delighted to support their ambitious growth plans.” Risk Ledger’s mission is to build a global network of connected organisations all working together to defend-as-one, detecting, responding, and ultimately preventing cyber attacks in real-time. Risk Ledger aims to enhance security through collaboration and the exchange of information. Haydn Brooks added: “As we push forwards towards our vision, our platform will open up new capabilities within supply chain security. Integrations and future product releases will allow organisations to both understand and react to security incidents in their supply chain, reducing the impact of such incidents and ultimately leading to a more resilient world.” About Risk Ledger Risk Ledger, the winner of the Financial Times’ Tech Champion 2022 Award, is a collaborative platform for supplier due diligence that helps organisations identify, visualise, and mitigate supply chain security risk. The Risk Ledger network connects organisations together to defend-as-one, detecting, responding, and ultimately preventing cyber attacks in real-time. Haydn Brooks and Daniel Saul, the Co-Founders of Risk Ledger, were named on the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe list of business leaders to watch. Contact Details Risk Ledger Chris Luenen Company Website

November 07, 2023 07:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Minuteman Press Franchise Owner Nil Patel Talks Leaving Corporate World, Celebrates Grand Opening in Solon, Ohio

Minuteman Press International Inc

After working in corporate finance, Nil Patel was looking for a career change. He shares, “I previously graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor’s degree in finance. After 8 years in the corporate world, I realized it was not for me. I wanted to be part of a company that helps others and be somewhere I can feel gratitude from the work I do!” Nil found what he was looking for in June of 2023 when he purchased the Minuteman Press franchise in Solon, Ohio. He explains, “I chose Minuteman Press because I wanted to be a part of a small business that has potential to grow and help other business thrive around me. The training and support from Minuteman Press International has been great! My RVP Rich DeRosa in particular has been extremely helpful and professional.” In September of 2023, Nil celebrated his grand opening; Minuteman Press in Solon is located at 33528 Aurora Road, Solon, OH 44139. Nil shares, “The community of Solon is a diverse blue-collar town where people are proud of the work they do! Our grand opening was a huge success. It was put together by the Solon Chamber of Commerce and I received extra help from my girlfriend and parents to really bring it all together. I’m excited to continue to serve and be a contributing member of the Solon community.” A few months into owning the business, Nil is happy with his progress as a business owner. He says, “I explain to clients that Minuteman Press in Solon is a full-service design, print, and marketing center serving the entire business community from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Our client base and business have been steady and we are growing.” Nil adds, “High-demand products that can help other local businesses/organizations grow are business cards, banners, flyers, and promo products – pens, calendars, koozies, flash drives, etc.” When asked about the industry and what he enjoys the most thus far, Nil answers, “Printing remains vital today because physical and digital advertising are both continuing to grow and this trend is going to continue.” He concludes, “Clients are looking for a healthy mix of both and I love that I can grow my business while helping others grow as well.” Minuteman Press in Solon, Ohio is located at 33528 Aurora Road, Solon, OH 44139. For more information, visit their website: Learn more about #1 rated Minuteman Press franchise opportunities and read Minuteman Press franchise reviews at Contact Details Minuteman Press International Chris Biscuiti +1 631-249-1370 Company Website

November 06, 2023 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Global Leaders Agree to Full Phase-Out of Fluorescent Lighting


This week at the Minamata Convention on Mercury Fifth Conference of Parties (COP5), delegates from 147 countries agreed to phase out florescent lighting globally and completely by 2027. Fluorescent lamps contain mercury, a potent neurotoxin. The decision will accelerate global adoption of LEDs by effectively putting an end to the fluorescent lighting industry, with the limited exception of special uses like some transport applications. LEDs are on average 40% more energy efficient than fluorescents. COP5 decisions primarily addressed linear fluorescent lamps (LFLs), the largest contributor to lighting-based mercury pollution in the world, ubiquitously found in offices, stores, and other commercial settings and institutions. LFLs are also a major source of energy-related CO2 emissions. The decisions close the loop on continued efforts to stop the manufacture, export and import of mercury in lighting worldwide. Global markets are going all LED. The benefits of a full transition to LEDs by 2027 are massive. The appliance efficiency expert group CLASP estimates the move will have the following benefits (cumulatively from the phase out dates to 2050): Avoid 2.7 gigatonnes of CO2 emissions Eliminate 158 tonnes of mercury pollution, both from the light bulbs themselves and from avoided mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants Save US$1.13 trillion on electricity bills “The Africa region, in deep collaboration with colleagues around the world, are proud to have made momentous progress to Make Mercury History,” said David Kapindula, Minamata COP3 President and Africa Region expert. “The decision to phase out mercury-based fluorescent lighting will have unprecedented benefits in combatting the triple planetary crisis of climate change, air pollution, and biodiversity loss. Such actions would not have been possible without the spirit of cooperation demonstrated by Parties at this Minamata COP5.” This week’s move complements decisions at Minamata COP4 in March 2022 to phase out compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), lamps commonly found in homes, by 2025. Proposals to phase out fluorescents at COP4 and COP5 were introduced by delegates from Africa. “I was pleased to see a high spirit of collaboration amongst the Parties as related to matters concerning mercury lighting,” said Itsuki Kuroda, co-chair for COP5 proceedings and the Delegate from Japan. “Parties were able to align on phase out dates for all fluorescent categories, representing a positive example of successful diplomacy on the world stage.” Fluorescent lighting contains mercury, a toxic chemical that threatens the health of people and the planet. Most fluorescents are improperly disposed of into general waste streams; broken bulbs pollute land and water, and increase health risks in vulnerable populations like children, pregnant people, and waste workers. “The mercury-free lighting community came together to achieve a significant feat in the fight against mercury added products. Putting a stop to all lighting-related mercury pollution will have wide reaching benefits for our communities, ecosystems, and for the generations to come. We congratulate the governments and are pleased to join them in saying ‘Farewell to Fluorescents,’” said Elena Lymberidi-Settimo, International Co-coordinator of the Zero Mercury Working Group. LED lamps pay for themselves quickly in energy savings. Recent global analysis indicates that payback periods for LED alternatives to LFLs are improving, from an average of 6.3 months in 2022 to 2.4 months in 2023. LED sales and manufacturing rates are increasing year on year while fluorescent manufacture and sales are plummeting. Apart from the specialized blue-chip components, LEDs can be manufactured and assembled anywhere, unlike fluorescents, which are only produced by a few companies in a handful of countries. Advocates claim that the transition to all LED will drive local economic growth, especially in low- and middle- income countries, due to the affordability and availability of the lamps and increased clean energy jobs. ### CLASP improves the energy and environmental performance of the appliances & equipment we use every day, accelerating our transition to a more sustainable world. The Clean Lighting Coalition is a global partnership to capture the health and environmental benefits of eliminating mercury-based lighting. Contact Details Alexia Ross +1 339-222-4311 Company Website

November 03, 2023 01:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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