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Duality Robotics awarded DARPA project for photorealistic environmental simulation and sensing for autonomous UGVs

Duality Robotics

DARPA’s RACER-Sim program leverages advanced simulation to accelerate development of autonomous off-road vehicles that strive to match soldier driving abilities Duality to provide 20 km x 4 km photoreal and tunable virtual environment to simulate vehicle’s diverse operating conditions Precise digital twin of the vehicle is capable of streaming high fidelity, real time synthetic data from virtual sensors Duality and Neya Systems to close the loop between real and virtual worlds for virtualized validation in complex terrain Duality Robotics has been selected as a provider of advanced environmental simulation technology to help bridge the gap from virtual to real-world environments as part of DARPA’s (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) RACER-Sim program. Over the next four years, the goal of DARPA’s Robotic Autonomy in Complex Environments with Resiliency – Simulation (RACER-Sim) program is to ensure that algorithms can be developed, validated and deployed more efficiently to enable autonomous unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) that meet or exceed soldier driving abilities in diverse terrains and operating conditions. To help meet this goal, Duality Robotics will leverage its expertise in bridging the physical and virtual worlds, as well as its Falcon platform for advanced digital twin simulation. The Duality Robotics team is also tasked with building a 80 km 2 realistic environment wherein autonomous vehicle systems can be designed and validated, ensuring their ability to maneuver off-road landscapes as precisely as humans. To capture the natural variations of a physical environment, no two square meters of this environment will be identical. In addition, the environment can be tuned to increase or decrease vegetation cover, rock sizes and other operating conditions using Pixar’s open-source Universal Scene Description (USD) format — the interoperable 3D data model that forms the backbone of Duality’s platform. The other key building block of Duality’s platform is the Unreal Engine from Epic Games which functions as a 3D operating system for the Falcon simulator as well as an authoring ecosystem with readily available 3D assets and talent. Duality has partnered with Neya Systems, a division of Applied Research Associates, to leverage Neya’s autonomy expertise to validate the developed technologies through testing, data collection, machine modeling, and integration with autonomy stacks. By connecting to the data streams from virtual sensors in Falcon, the autonomy algorithms will make complex driving decisions in real time and pass back machine actuation commands to the digital twin of the UGV. This closed loop simulation will also allow RACER participants to more quickly understand the implications of algorithm and code changes in their autonomy software, run regressions to ensure system stability, and collect synthetic data to train their machine learning (ML) models. “In partnership with DARPA and the other RACER program participants, Duality Robotics and Neya Systems will help accelerate innovation in environmental simulation and autonomy software for mission critical UGV applications,” said Michael Taylor, Chief Product Officer, Duality Robotics. “Duality is building foundational infrastructure for improving automated unmanned vehicles’ safety, reliability and adaptability in and around complex operating environments.” “With these tools and capabilities, Neya can quickly create a range of scenarios, validate new software builds and measure system performance parameters at a fraction of the cost,” said Mike Formica, Division Manager, Neya Systems. About DARPA’s Robotic Autonomy in Complex Environments with Resiliency – Simulation (RACER-Sim) Program The RACER-Sim program is seeking to develop technologies that bridge the gap from simulation to the real world and significantly reduce the cost of off-road autonomy development. While the past decade has seen increased use of simulation in developing field robotics, the military off-road environment is especially challenging and complex. Requirements include re-creating three-dimensional surfaces, compliant soils and vegetation, hundreds of obstacle classes, and unique platform-surface interactions. In addition, modeling the high speed off-road performance of sensors/modalities and their interaction with the environment remains a software and processing challenge. Over a four year timeline, RACER-Sim will develop technologies that are applicable to the off-road environment in the areas of algorithm development, simulation element technologies, and simulator content generation. About Neya Systems Neya Systems, a division of Applied Research Associates, is a leader in advanced off-road autonomy and high-level multi-robot mission planning. Neya provides innovative solutions to customers in the defense, mining, construction, and security industries. Neya’s full-stack autonomy includes capabilities in low-level control, perception, safeguarded teleoperation, full autonomy, and multi-agent mission planning. To learn more, visit About Duality Robotics With over 50 patents across robotics, simulation and visualization, Duality’s multidisciplinary team is building the enterprise Metaverse for solving real world problems. Accurate digital twins of environments and operating systems result in high-fidelity data and predictive behavior modeling that enables Duality’s customers to deploy automated systems robustly and at scale. For more information, visit Contact Details Jenna Beaucage Company Website

January 10, 2022 08:07 AM Eastern Standard Time

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McDade Products, LLC Joins Forces with G Medical Tests and Services to Provide U.S. Retailers with Millions of COVID-19 at-Home PCR Test Kits

G Medical Innovations Holdings

FDA EUA-approved PCR collection kit tests provide 24-hour certified lab results and retail for $9.99 In response to a national shortage of COVID-19 test options, Pittsburgh-based McDade Products, LLC has partnered with G Medical Tests and Services, a division of G Medical Innovations Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ: GMVD), to manufacture several million U.S. FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) approved COVID-19 PCR collection test kits available for retailers for sale by the end of January, 2022. McDade Products is a division of McDade Group, a specialty sales, marketing, and distribution company serving the U.S. retail industry. McDade Products is now accepting orders for the co-branded LiveNow PCR Collection Kit, which will retail for $9.99. The diagnostic PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test detects the presence or absence of SARS-CoV2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Users register with the lab online, collect a nasal swab sample at home, and send the sample to G Medical’s CLIA-certified lab with the pre-paid return pack. On average, tests results are expected to be available online within 24 hours from the time the sample is received. G Medical’s labs are approved by the FDA under the EUA. Currently, G Medical has two CLIA-certified labs; one in Southern California, and the other in North Carolina. In addition, G Medical has launched six testing centers in California, with many more planned. G Medical’s labs are capable of being run 24 hours per day 7 days a week, and can each process up to 24,000 COVID tests per hour to meet the current demand. The first test kit order is for 4 million units. G Medical will be selling these units wholesale for $3.25 each, reflecting gross profit of $7 million. Additionally, G Medical expects to be paid an average of $85.00 per test through each patient’s insurance. According to Grand View Research ( the global PCR and real time PCR molecular diagnostics market was valued at over USD $23.6 Billion in 2020 and expected to expand at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 0.9% between 2021 and 2028. “For decades, we’ve been committed to empowering clinicians and patients to better manage their health outcomes. By partnering with McDade Products, we can make our SARS-CoV2 certified lab testing accessible and convenient for customers and retailers nationwide. With new cases abound, and the world grappling with PCR test shortages there is a tremendous opportunity to provide safety, and relief to the world economy with a significant financial benefit to our shareholders,” said Dr. Yacov Geva, President and CEO of G Medical Innovations. “As a trusted and established next-generation mobile health and e-health company that provides clinical and consumer medical-grade health monitoring solutions, G Medical Innovations enables us to offer our retail customers with an end-to-end solution to address the national shortage of reliable COVID-19 diagnostic tests,” said Michael McDade, CEO of McDade Products, LLC. Visit to place orders for the LiveNow PCR Collection Kits. About McDade Group Founded in 1994, McDade Group is a growing and dynamic sales, marketing, and distribution services company headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. The company has expanded to provide solutions in distribution, category management, full-service merchandising, and consulting across the U.S. retail industry. Many of the world’s leading CPG manufacturers rely on the ability of McDade Group to build strong industry relationships and deliver services, insights, and expertise for hundreds of their products. Visit: or LinkedIn: About G Medical Innovations G Medical Innovations Holdings Ltd. is an early commercial stage healthcare company engaged in the development of next generation mHealth and telemedicine solutions and monitoring service platforms. The Company’s solutions and services can empower consumers, patients and providers to better monitor, manage and improve clinical and personal health outcomes, especially for those who suffer from cardiovascular disease (or CVD), pulmonary disease and diabetes. The Company’s current product lines consist of its Prizma medical device (or Prizma), a clinical grade device that can transform almost any smartphone into a medical monitoring device enabling both healthcare providers and individuals to monitor, manage and share a wide range of vital signs and biometric indicators; its Extended Holter Patch System, a multi-channel patient-worn biosensor that captures electrocardiography (or ECG) data continuously, including its QT Syndrome Prolongation Detection Capabilities Patch. In addition, the Company is developing its Wireless Vital Signs Monitoring System (or VSMS), which is expected to provide full, continuous and real time monitoring of a wide range of vital signs and biometrics. Its monitoring services include provision of Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (or IDTF) monitoring services and private monitoring services. Visit Forward-Looking Statements This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the “safe harbor” provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and other Federal securities laws. Words such as “expects,” “anticipates,” “intends,” “plans,” “believes,” “seeks,” “estimates” and similar expressions or variations of such words are intended to identify forward-looking statements. Because such statements deal with future events and are based on G Medical’s and McDade Products’ current expectations, they are subject to various risks and uncertainties, and actual results, performance or achievements of G Medical and McDade Products could differ materially from those described in or implied by the statements in this press release. For example, G Medical is using forward-looking statements when it discusses delivery of purchase orders, plans to open Covid-19 testing centers in California, timing of the delivery of tests results, anticipated gross profits, financial benefit to shareholders, and addressing the national shortage of reliable COVID-19 diagnostic tests. The forward-looking statements contained or implied in this press release are subject to other risks and uncertainties, including those discussed under the heading “Risk Factors” in G Medical’s prospectus filed pursuant to Rule 424(b)(4), filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) on June 28, 2021, and in any subsequent filings with the SEC. Except as otherwise required by law, the companies undertakes no obligation to publicly release any revisions to these forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date hereof or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events. References and links to websites have been provided as a convenience, and the information contained on such websites is not incorporated by reference into this press release. G Medical and McDade Products are not responsible for the contents of third-party websites. Investor Relations CONTACT: G Medical Innovations Kobi Ben-Efraim, CFO +972 8-958-4777 McDade Products, LLC Jennifer Faines 412-559-2860 Contact Details G-Medical Innovations Kobi Ben-Efraim, CFO +972 8-958-4777 Company Website

January 10, 2022 07:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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VinAI, world’s top 25 AI research-based company, makes first in-person debut of its product suite at CES 2022


HANOI, VIETNAM - Media OutReach - 8 January 2022 - VinAI, the world’s top 25 AI research-based company, makes the first in-person debut of its cutting-edge product suite at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). VinAI showcases multi-object video analysis solution Smart Edge at CES 2022 Hailed as the most prominent tech affair, CES has been a global stage for the industry’s next-gen technologies for 50 years. Gathering thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs, 2022 marks CES’s physical return after its first-ever virtual show in 2021. Strong safety measures such as vaccination requirements, masking, etc., are in place to ensure the well-being of exhibitors and employees. At the three-day event, VinAI displays its product portfolio Smart Mobility, Smart Edge, and Smart Data with in-person product demonstrations. The product line-up highlights the next phase of VinAI ambition, from a globally recognized AI research lab to a product-led tech company committed to delivering purposeful innovation. Smart Mobility – A Suite that Transforms Automotive Safety and Comfort Smart Mobility is the next-generation intelligent in-vehicle solution that combines in-car monitoring (Driver and Occupant Monitoring System) and surrounding sensory systems (360-degree Surround View Monitoring System). The suite is expected to help VinAI arrive at one ultimate mission: Transforming the automotive industry by making driving safer and more comfortable with AI. Until the driverless future comes into a reality, humans will still be in the loop, and technology is here to ensure drivers’ safety and alertness. Backed by VinAI’s world-class facial recognition technology, which ranks sixth in the NIST’s WILD category, the in-cabin Driver and Occupant Monitoring System will alert if the driver is fatigued, drowsy; or engrossed in poor driving habits such as phone usage, smoking, distraction, etc. The system ranks high on compatibility, with the ability to integrate seamlessly with multiple hardware platforms, allowing automotive manufacturers to optimize switching costs. Also on display is be the 360-degree Surround View Monitoring. By rendering a 360-degree view from four single fisheye cameras and leveraging artificial intelligence, VinAI’s Surround View Monitoring offers drivers complete awareness of the vehicle’s surroundings and eliminates blind spots while its AI model automatically recognized pedestrians, bikes, cars and notify the driver of potential dangerous situations. The solution can be seamlessly integrated into different car segments with high technical feasibility, ensuring all drivers enjoy a safe and comfortable road experience. Smart Data – a suite for data-centric AI development During CES 2022, VinAI also unveils Smart Data. Ambitious to speed up the development of data-centric AI products at an order of magnitude, Smart Data is a game-changer in the AI full-lifecycle services provider’s segment. Smart Data is a one-stop-shop solution for optimal data efficiency with a full AI-lifecycle platform and services, from labeling, annotation, model development, validation, deployment to monitoring. With Smart Data, VinAI aspires to accompany businesses of all sizes on their journey to building and operating AI products effectively while optimizing costs. Smart Edge – A product line that Turns Visuals into Actionable Insights With Smart Edge, VinAI uses artificial intelligence to give the brain to the modern-day digital eyes. Smart Edge is a multi-object video analysis solution that leverages deep learning to transform conventional cameras and access control devices into intelligent systems. The solution turns visual into actionable insights, creating values for businesses and communities alike. Using deep learning algorithms, the solution ensures stable and accurate facial recognition, even when people wear the mask. Alongside commercial purposes, this product line looks to protect and improve the public’s health, especially when COVID-19 shows no sign of slowing down. “All of our product lines are “market-ready” and have been well-received by customers and business partners for their cost-effectiveness, seamless integration, and high performance ” said Hung Bui, former Google DeepMind and current CEO of VinAI. “ With a seasoned team of nearly 200 high-profile researchers and engineers, we continuously focus on developing advanced and innovative features to serve a mission of bringing tomorrow’s intelligence to solve today’s problems. We plan to dominate the Vietnamese market, and gradually expand to the international markets in the coming years.” Three years into inception, VinAI has proved its capability to deliver high-quality research publications and commercialize world-class AI products. Its product lines, from Smart Mobility, Smart Data to Smart Edge, validate the company’s commitment to embracing technologies to address daily life problems./. About VinAI Established in 2019, VinAI is one of the world’s top 25 AI research-based companies with a myriad of practical research projects. Bringing together 200 high-profile researchers and engineers and led by Dr. Hung Bui, a former Google DeepMind research scientist, VinAI is en route to delivering purposeful innovation and leading a product-led culture. Headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam, VinAI is expanding globally with our tech hub presence in the United States and Australia. About Vingroup Established in 1993, Vingroup is one of the leading private conglomerates in the region, with a total capitalization of $35 billion USD from three publicly traded companies (as of November 4, 2021). Vingroup currently focuses on three main areas: Technology and Industry, Services and Social Enterprise. Find out more at: Contact Details Vingroup Media Contact Company Website

January 08, 2022 08:30 AM Eastern Standard Time

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META WORLD gets invested up to USD 20 million from SAPA Thale Group to develop Blockchain projects


SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 7 January 2022 - SAPA Thale group, specialized in ventures just announced that it has invested USD 20 million in the Blockchain ecosystem called Meta World (METAD) developed in Switzerland. Billionaire Mai Vu Minh, the Executive Chairman of SAPA Thale group said that with Meta World, SAPA Thale aims for "a large digital economy" that will open up right inside the virtual universe under construction. Trade will be a big part of Meta World, where users can sell both physical and digital products. "Meta World (METAD) will create millions of jobs for developers and creators, and be one of the most advanced digital infrastructures in the world" added billionaire Mai Vu Minh. “This ecosystem will be developed in 6 areas: Smart contracts, financial services, play-to-earn games (GAMES - NFTs), supply chain, health care and cryptocurrencies to serve the ecosystem and partners of METAD worldwide” said Michael Sam, CEO of Meta World.. Smart contracts: Blockchain-based smart contracts are proposed contracts that can be partially or fully executed or enforced without human interaction. One of the main objectives of a smart contract is automated escrow. A key feature of smart contracts is that they do not need a trusted third party (such as a trustee) to act as an intermediary between contracting entities -the blockchain network executes the contract on its own. This may reduce friction between entities when transferring value and could subsequently open the door to a higher level of transaction automation. Financial services: Within financial services, Meta World offers distinct blockchain products and services that conjoin our deep technological expertise with our traditional advisory and financial services experience and domain knowledge. Meta World is enabling and driving change across sectors. It is pro-actively evaluating many of the business ecosystems that can be enabled by blockchain and working with our clients to manage the business transformations made possible by this technology. Securitization, Payments and settlements, Intercompany settlement, Syndicated loans, Digital asset custody. Games Play to Earn (GAMES - NFTs): Blockchain technology, such as cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has been used in video games for monetization. Many live-service games offer in-game customization options, such as character skins or other in-game items, which the players can earn and trade with other players using in-game currency. Supply chain: Blockchain technology can be used to build applications on which multiple parties can transact directly via a peer-to-peer network, without the need for a central authority to verify transactions. Each network participant has access to a shared ledger that immutably and cryptographically records all transactions, and there is no single network owner. Healthcare: B lockchain has a wide range of applications and uses in healthcare. The ledger technology facilitates the secure transfer of patient medical records, manages the medicine supply chain and helps healthcare researchers unlock genetic code. Cryptocurrencies: A cryptocurrency is a tradable digital asset or digital form of money, built on blockchain technology that only exists online. Cryptocurrencies use encryption to authenticate and protect transactions, hence their name. There are currently over a thousand different cryptocurrencies in the world, and many see them as the key to a fairer future economy. SAPA Thale sees the potential of Blockchain use for ensuring supply chain transparency, enabling quick transaction payments, digitalizing art and ensuring data privacy. “Using Blockchain can bring unprecedented security, trust, automation and efficiency to almost any type of transaction” said SAPA Thale’s Chairman. Contact Details MTAWD Company Website

January 07, 2022 08:30 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Investment in Ciaotou Science and Technology Park Gains Momentum Over 100 Enterprises have Shown Interest during SEMICON TAIWAN 2021

Economic Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government

KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 7 January 2022 - The world's second-largest international semiconductor convention, "SEMICON TAIWAN 2021," was held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall. The 3-day exhibition ended today (December 30). Over 600 enterprises participated in the event, which attracted more than 40 thousand visitors. The Economic Development Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government hosted the "Invest Kaohsiung Pavilion," which was the first-ever local government participation. With the recent investment boom in Kaohsiung, the effort has attracted interest from over 100 enterprises. The Ciaotou Science and Technology Park that just underwent the site selection and investment recruitment last week received the most inquiries regarding development progress, stationing conditions, tax concessions, etc. It appears that more large factories will be recruited to invest in the Kaohsiung team. The Kaohsiung City Government's "Invest Kaohsiung Pavilion" held non-stop events during the 3-day exhibition period. It first hosted a "surprise draw" to hand out prizes and attract visitors during the opening day. Then the pavilion successively arranged for Vice President Sunny Li of Kaohsiung's packaging and testing leader ASE, Vice President Elton Tsang of major IC factory NXP Semiconductors, Professor Che-Hsin Lin of the Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering (National Sun Yat-Sen University), and other industry and academic experts to share about the future investments in Kaohsiung's industrial parks as well as the development of Kaohsiung's semiconductor industry. These efforts have attracted large crowds. The Economic Development Bureau pointed out that the walls of the "Invest Kaohsiung Pavilion" showcased the location distributions for Kaohsiung's industries in science parks. It also exhibited the industrial chain clusters on the semiconductor S corridor, marked the indicator manufacturers stationed in each park, and showed the latest development layout for Kaohsiung's semiconductor industry. Many vendors from Taichung were surprised that Kaohsiung has already formed semiconductor industry clusters and is considering early deployment. During the exhibition period, vendors in semiconductor wafer material, equipment and manufacturer, system integration, and other fields have made inquiries. Many well-known enterprises have also shown high interest in investing in Kaohsiung. Tai-Hsiang Liao, Director of the Economic Development Bureau, indicated that foreign enterprises had already been stationed in the Nanzih Export Processing Zone to invest in the semiconductor industry. But at the time, Kaohsiung still focused on processing exports and heavy industry as its main industrial development. After taking office, Mayor Chi-Mai Chen has taken advantage of the Central Government's "Greater South Plan" to deploy semiconductor industry development by actively recruiting investments and accelerating the science park developments in Ciaotou, Renwu, and the Asia New Bay Area. Mr. Tai-Hsiang Liao indicated that the CPC Corp.'s oil refinery will be transformed into Nanzih Industrial Park to become a core semiconductor industry development zone, which will extend southward to Renwu, Linyuan, Xiaogang, and then connect to the Southern Taiwan Science Park to form the "S Corridor of Southern Semiconductor Industry." This allows the semiconductor industry to create a complete supply chain from materials, IC design, wafer manufacturing, packaging, and testing. "Now is the best time to invest in Kaohsiung!" Elton Tsang, Vice President of NXP Semiconductors, indicated that NXP Semiconductors has settled in Kaohsiung since 1967. The Kaohsiung plant has become one of the world's key production bases from packaging and testing to quality inspection and product development. It will include automotive electronics, smart identification, and other industries in the future. We look forward to deepening the cooperation with the Kaohsiung City Government to stimulate the overall industry. Professor Che-Hsin Lin of the Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering at National Sun Yat-Sen University indicated that Kaohsiung's early petrochemical and electronic industries development have flourished and gathered energy for the semiconductor industry. Its smooth water and electricity supply and accelerated land remediation period are why TSMC has chosen to station in Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung's industry is continuing to develop toward high-value and in-depth industries. The city also hopes that the Southern Semiconductor S Corridor will create more job opportunities and accelerate the industrial transformation for Kaohsiung City. The Economic Development Bureau indicated that land is the primary concern for enterprise investment. The Ciaotou Science and Technology Park that just started recruitment last week is located within Ciaotou's new town. The base is located in the agricultural area on the north side of the first campus of Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology. Adjacent to the right side is National Freeway 1. The total area comprises 262 hectares, including 164 hectares for industrial use. It also includes the residential area on the west side of National Highway 1, commercial areas, parks and green spaces, roads, and other public facilities. It is the only science park in Taiwan with tax deductions for vendors and will be a critical base for Taiwan's scientific and technological development throughout the next decade. Enterprises are welcome to invest and deploy as early as possible. Please contact the Kaohsiung investment office hotline 07-3360888 for assistance from dedicated service personnel. Contact Details Olivier Shan

January 07, 2022 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Exchange Listing Client AppTech Payments Corp. approved for NASDAQ listing

Exchange Listing

Exchange Listing LLC announced that its client, AppTech Payments Corp. (“ AppTech Payments Corp. ” or the “Company”) ( Nasdaq: “APCX”) finalized its Nasdaq Capital Markets listing on January 5, 2022. Exchange Listing advised AppTech Payments on all aspects of preparation and execution of the listing. Simultaneous with the NASDAQ listing, AppTech announced the pricing of its underwritten public offering of 3,614,458 units, each unit consisting of one share of common stock (the “Common Stock”) and one warrant (the “Warrants”) to purchase one share of Common Stock, at a public offering price of $4.15 per unit, for aggregate gross proceeds of approximately $15.0 million, prior to deducting underwriting discounts, commissions, and other estimated offering expenses. The offering is expected to close on or about January 7, 2022, subject to satisfaction of customary closing conditions. EF Hutton, a division of Benchmark Investments, LLC, acted as the sole book-running manager for the offering. Based in Carlsbad, CA, the emerging fintech Company operates an embedded, highly secure digital payments and banking platform that powers commerce experiences for clients and their customers. The Company’s patented and proprietary software delivers innovative payments, banking and financial services experiences that can be taken “off-the-shelf” or connected to AppTech’s proprietary RESTful API system. “The Exchange Listing team advised us throughout the listing and financing process as well as to troubleshoot issues related to some of the most critical and sensitive milestones,” explains Luke D’Angelo, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, AppTech Payments Corp. “We would not be trading on the Nasdaq today without their incredible support and guidance throughout this complex experience.” “In tracking the fintech sector, the AppTech Payments financial technology model is extremely cutting edge and scalable,” asserted Peter Goldstein, Exchange Listing CEO. “In a post-COVID world, the Company’s innovative payment technology and broad array of product offerings will satisfy customer expectations and operational requirements,” he added. Exchange Listing provides companies with cost-effective and efficient direct access to one-stop solutions in the strategic planning and implementation of listing on senior exchanges such as the Nasdaq or NYSE. Focusing on company-specific structuring to meet listing requirements, Exchange Listing serves as the primary point of contact with the exchange, investment bankers and lawyers throughout the listing process. With extensive experience in investment banking, securities law, corporate governance and business management, Exchange Listing and its strategic partners facilitate clients' listing and capital markets objectives. About Exchange Listing Exchange Listing provides growth companies with direct access to a one-stop solution in the strategic planning and implementation of listing on a senior exchange such as NASDAQ or NYSE in a cost effective and efficient process. We assist clients in going public whether through an initial public offering, listing from another marketplace, merger or direct offering. We serve as the primary point of contact with the exchange, investment bankers, lawyers and other service providers. Our founders, strategic partners and advisors are entrepreneurs with backgrounds in investment banking, securities law, corporate governance and business management and have served as officers and directors of public and private companies. We pride ourselves in taking a hands-on role with our clients throughout the listing process. For more information, please visit: or contact Contact Details Julie Livingston +1 347-239-0249 Company Website

January 06, 2022 08:02 AM Eastern Standard Time

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TDS Announces TransitionManager’s New Capabilities that Set Modern Benchmarks for IT Responsiveness, Productivity and Efficiency


Transitional Data Services (TDS), a global leader in modernizations, and cloud and data center migrations, today announced TransitionManager 6.0. The new release includes enhancements to further automate complex hybrid cloud planning, decision-making, transformation, and migration. Together they enable customers to rapidly respond to cloud adoption, cyber preparedness, disaster recovery and digital transformation strategies. TransitionManager provides a consolidated dependency visualization of the IT estate that is sustained using automation and serves as the foundational source of truth for hybrid cloud initiatives. Its orchestration and automation platform enables IT organizations to operate their discrete teams and tools, as a custom toolchain by leveraging API integration, thereby managing day-to-day activities faster, driving efficiency and reducing risk. The new release includes: Real-time Dashboards: Customizable and interactive dashboards and reports for applications, devices, databases and logical storage allow users to spend dramatically less time searching for the right information. Self-service Reporting: Self-service reporting that allows users to perform custom queries, reports or extracts without involving the tech team. Rules-engine Enhanced Flexibility: Simplified processes for writing rules that enables teams to rapidly iterate through different scenarios to choose the best path to automate complex and error-prone processes such as creating affinity groups, migration waves and overall schedules. “We are excited to offer our partners and customers these powerful new capabilities and functionality in TransitionManager,” stated Michael Bullock, CEO and Co-founder of TDS. “The combination of an improved user experience, an even more powerful rules engine, and expanded, customizable reporting capabilities will give businesses a better way to accelerate the migration and modernization of their IT estate. And the knowledge and agility of the platform will ensure they can keep their foot on the pedal as they continuously manage their digital transformation going forward.” For more information about the new capabilities and functionality of TransitionManager, visit the TDS website and sign up for a demonstration. About TDS With the power of the TransitionManager platform, TDS ( ) has been successfully orchestrating complex IT transformation programs for enterprises and government entities around the world, having migrated over 1.5 million workloads and more than 400,000 applications while achieving an NPS of 86. Recognized by industry analysts, chosen by Fortune 500 companies and standardized by some of the largest technology services firms, TDS’s TransitionManager software has become the standard for accelerating the orchestration and execution of complex application portfolio management, hybrid cloud and data center migrations and modernizations, and disaster recovery programs. Contact Details TDS, Vice President, Portfolio Management Corre Curtice +1 508-625-3053 404-617-1873

January 06, 2022 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Akeneo Named One of Boston's Best Midsize Companies To Work For


Akeneo, a global leader in Product Experience Management (PXM) solutions, today announced that it has been named one of Boston's top midsize employers in Built In's 2022 Best Places to Work awards. Akeneo was also honored as one of Boston’s 50 Best Paying Companies — a tribute to the company’s industry-leading compensation policies and commitment to equitable pay for all its employees. Built In, a tech platform trusted by 2.5 million professionals and 1,800 companies, ranked Boston's employers using a sophisticated algorithm incorporating data about companies' compensation, benefits and cultural programs. To reflect the benefits candidates want, the rankings also weigh criteria such as remote and flexible work opportunities, programs for DEI, and other people-first cultural offerings. Akeneo was ranked a top employer for the second successive year in recognition of its consistent focus on supporting employees and creating a vibrant workplace culture. Founded in 2013, Akeneo empowers its customers with the keys to unlocking growth opportunities, and takes a similarly innovative approach to shaping employee experience and giving all team members the opportunity to lean in, learn, and make significant contributions to its own aggressive growth. During the turbulence of the past year, Akeneo has invested heavily in employee wellbeing, with employees receiving (and being expected to use) a full 5 weeks of vacation time. Akeneo also offers generous health, vision, and dental benefits, plus a 401(k) retirement benefit with company match, providing peace of mind for employees and their families, both now and into the future. At Akeneo’s North American HQ, a historic Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority building transformed into a dramatic office space, employees can enjoy employee-friendly amenities, including a well-stocked upscale kitchen, and a comfortable lounge area with plush sofas and the latest video games. But Akeneo also recognizes that many employees have health concerns, family caregiving duties, and other factors that make remote work a better fit. The company offers extremely flexible working hours and locations, with employees free to find the right combination of on-site, remote, or hybrid solutions to meet their unique needs. For all employees, Akeneo is dedicated to preventing burnout and eliminating stress, while fostering a strong and unified culture that promotes diversity, loyalty, and teamwork. The company stages regular outings and events to build team spirit and help remote and on-site workers to stay connected. Employees can also take company-paid trips to visit Akeneo's global headquarters, located in a French mansion, and engage with the company’s European team members. "Winning the Best Places to Work award for the second year running is a testament to the values and the team spirit that make Akeneo such a unique place to come to work each morning," said Kristin Naragon, Akeneo’s VP of Marketing and Strategy. "Over the past year, we’ve strived to create a culture that helps our talented and diverse global team to achieve their full potential. But this award really belongs to our employees — because it’s their commitment to supporting one another that makes Akeneo such a wonderful place to work.” “It is my honor to extend congratulations to the 2022 Best Places to Work winners,” said Sheridan Orr, Chief Marketing Officer, Built In. “This year saw a record number of entrants — and the past two years fundamentally changed what tech professionals want from work. These honorees have risen to the challenge, evolving to deliver employee experiences that provide the meaning and purpose today’s tech professionals seek.” About Built In Built In is creating the largest platform for technology professionals globally. Monthly, more than three million of the industry’s most in-demand professionals visit the site from across the world. They rely on our platform to stay ahead of tech trends and news, develop their careers and find opportunities at companies whose values they share. Built In also serves 1,800 innovative companies of all sizes, ranging from startups to the Fortune 100. By putting their stories in front of our uniquely engaged audience, we help them hire otherwise hard-to-reach tech professionals, locally, nationally or remotely. About Built In’s Best Places to Work Built In’s esteemed Best Places to Work Awards, now in its fourth year, honor companies across numerous categories: 100 Best Places to Work, 50 Best Small Places to Work, 100 Best Midsize Places to Work, 50 Companies with the Best Benefits and 50 Best Paying Companies, 100 Best Large Companies to Work For, and 50 Best Remote-First Places to Work. About Akeneo Akeneo is a global leader in Product Experience Management (PXM) solutions that help merchants and brands deliver a compelling customer experience across all sales channels, including eCommerce, mobile, print, and retail points of sale. Akeneo's open-source enterprise PIM, and product data intelligence solutions, dramatically improve product data quality and accuracy while simplifying and accelerating product catalog management. Leading global brands, including Fossil, Staples, Tarkett, and Grundfos, trust Akeneo's solutions to scale and customize their omnichannel and cross-border commerce initiatives. Using Akeneo, brands and retailers can improve customer experience, increase sales, reduce time to market, go global, and boost team productivity. For more information, visit Contact Details Ran Xu +1 213-309-2373 Company Website

January 05, 2022 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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DealMaker’s technology powers over $1 billion in online capital raises


2021 was a record breaking year for DealMaker, the market-leading technology platform behind online capital raising transactions. DealMaker powered a number of landmark transactions, including Carbon Streaming’s $104.9M Private Placement, the largest ever non-brokered online private placement, and the Green Bay Packers’ 2021 Common Stock Offering, the sixth historic offering in the organization’s history that saw over $30M raised within the first 48 hours. Growth in the retail capital markets drove increasing numbers of sophisticated issuers to pursue retail financings, and the DealMaker team is looking forward to another incredible year in 2022 as retail capital raising continues to break new records. Additional highlights from 2021 include: Crossing the $1 billion mark in total capital raised via DealMaker, double the volume of other online capital raising platforms. Servicing over 400 issuers since our inception. In 2021, issuers came from a wide variety of industries, with healthtech, renewable energy, and robotics shining as key verticals. An average investment ticket of over $2,600 on retail capital raises (Reg A/CF), reinforcing the commitment to (and powerful technological superiority toward) powering increased investor conversion. Over 400,000 investor profiles created to date with highest conversion rates coming from Switzerland, Canada, Singapore and the Netherlands. Powering one of the first over-subscribed $5M Reg CF offerings, Trust Stamp. Issuers using DealMaker pushed the boundaries of speed and scale in the capital markets, as our technology allowed them to reach previously unimaginable opportunities. DealMaker powered three issuers raising over $30M in less than 48 hours. Congratulations to Carbon Streaming Corp, Osisko Development Corp, and the Green Bay Packers! DealMaker powered 10 issuers raising over $20M, with some continuing to raise. Congratulations to our issuers setting a new standard for success in retail offerings. As leading issuers continue to select and highlight DealMaker as the premier technology solution to power their capital raises, DealMaker itself is proud to have grown alongside the market, expanding its team, solutions, and corporate initiatives. 2021 company milestones include: Launching DealMaker Shareholder Services, a significant technology for US-registered Transfer Agent services, based in Tampa, Florida. Increasing headcount from 16 to 60+ talented and dedicated full time employees, across 3 continents. Growing our product offerings by over 300% including new technology solutions for shareholder management and communications, advanced analytics and digital marketing integrations, cryptocurrency payments, a patent-pending investor scoring algorithm, and more. Growing network of active partners to over 160 firms. Main stage features at landmark events including Money2020, Equity Crowdfunding Week, the 2021 Angels and Entrepreneurs Retreat, and more. Hosting a multi-part webinar series covering cutting-edge topics in capital markets innovation from Digital Warrant Exercise to Tokenization of Securities, featuring expert guests including US Congressman Warren Davidson. Ready to hit the ground running in 2022, DealMaker shows no signs of halting its breakneck pace of over 600% year over year growth with over $1.5B in its offering pipeline. Issuers and service providers in the capital markets should reach out via to connect with a representative, and follow company updates via DealMaker’s mailing list and LinkedIn page. +++ About DealMaker DealMaker’s mission is to create the most sophisticated capital markets tools on the planet, empowering capital to flow faster. DealMaker offers a suite of primary issuance, shareholder management, and capital raising solutions including investor ranking algorithms and data analytics tools to support all global private placements exemptions. Its innovative technology was designed to enable organizations to own and control exempt market raises to get the money they need, faster. DealMaker puts forward-thinking organizations in control to run streamlined, successful capital raises in one centralized platform. The company’s offices are located in Toronto, Canada and Tampa, Florida. Visit for more information. Contact Details Hot Paper Lantern Kristina Corso +1 908-278-6225 Company Website

January 05, 2022 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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