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Ascento rolls out latest autonomous security patrolling robot with new $4.3m funding round to tackle global security guard personnel shortage


Labour shortages have affected large parts of the world and various industries. The security industry is also feeling the crunch, with many countries around the world facing a 52% staff shortage of security guards* which means companies are struggling to fulfill contractual obligations or sign new business. In addressing this pressing issue, robotics startup Ascento, is today announcing a $4.3m funding round and the launch of its latest autonomous outdoor security patrolling robot: Ascento Guard. The pre-seed funding round was led by Wingman Venture and Playfair with participation from marquee investors including Tim Kentley-Klay (Founder of Zoox that exited to Amazon), robotics industry veteran Ryan Gariepy (CTO & Co-Founder of Clearpath Robotics and OTTO Motors), Daniel Kottlarz (Founder of MYBOTSHOP, largest robotics research reseller in Europe) and Tobias Redlin (Founder of IGO3D, largest desktop 3D printer distributor in Europe), including non-dilutive funding from the Swiss Innovation Agency Innosuisse and the European Space Agency incubator ESA BIC. Ascento develops advanced robotic systems that are popularly known for their wheel-leg design. These autonomous robots are designed to navigate any outdoor terrains with agility and stability of their legs. They are already being deployed on large industrial sites and have covered over 3000 km for outdoor security since early this year. Ascento customers include large outdoor warehouses, industrial manufacturing and pharma campus, among others. Today, the startup has launched their latest autonomous outdoor security patrolling robot called Ascento Guard. It is able to detect bad actors or unwanted people on premises, verify perimeter integrity, check that doors and windows are closed, record property lights, identify floods and fires, and control parking lots. They can move at walking speed (4.5km/h) and come with autonomous charging such that the system can be continuously in operation without human intervention. The Ascento Guard can be installed and deployed within a few hours, allowing companies to save from day 1 and adapt fast to their current security needs. The Ascento Guard can be hired by the hour, just like a human guard, and it includes deployment, 24/7 support, service and repairs. The Ascento App analyses video and images with AI, it integrates with existing video management systems, provides end-to-end encrypted two-way communication, and offers powerful reports that security managers actually want to see. Alessandro Morra, co-founder and CEO of Ascento commented: “The new Ascento Guard offers hope and a breath of fresh air for the security industry facing some pressing challenges. By supporting human security personnel with the Ascento Guard, security companies can offer a lean solution through which Ascento does the heavy lifting allowing humans to focus on the unique nuances of the work”. The global security industry is facing mounting challenges. Labour shortages mean a lack of qualified personnel available to do the work which involves long shifts, during anti-social hours or in bad weather. To compound matters, there is high staff turnover in the industry, as much as 47% annually. By providing a robotics-as-a-service solution to security companies, Ascento aims to address these challenges. Alessandro Morra added: “Ascento is targeting the high operating costs the industry is enduring. The traditional approach is to use either people or fixed installed cameras. We know about the labour challenges and the installation of cameras has a huge outlay that can be complex. The Ascento Guard provides the best of both worlds, with the resilience, reliability and repeatability of technical solutions whilst being as flexible as human guards.” Ascento was co-founded by Alessandro Morra (CEO), Miguel de la Iglesia Valls (CTO), Ciro Salzmann and Dominik Mannhart (Software & Hardware) who combined their experience as security guards together with the robotics technology that they developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) as students. The team has grown to >10 people, as new customers sign up every month, with a growing fleet mileage over 70% month over month since the beginning of 2023. The systems in the field have accumulated over 3000 km. Ascento is hiring across Sales and Operations to scale their fleet of Ascento Guards. Pascal Mathis, Founding Partner at Wingman Ventures commented: “We accompanied the founder team for over a year as sparring partners and the dedication, execution speed and how the team is listening to its customers to build the right solution is astonishing. We look forward to making the life of security guards easier and the objects they protect safer.” Chris Smith, Managing Partner at Playfair commented: “Many of the world’s most pressing business challenges cannot be solved by software alone. We see the next decade as providing a huge opportunity for companies building in robotics to solve these challenges. Ascento’s combination of a world class team, best in class technology and a large global market with significant labour and pricing pressures made this a compelling investment opportunity for us.” * Gitnux Market Data, Security Guard Industry 2023: Statistics And Trends About Ascento Ascento provides robotic guards and AI software to patrol large, outdoor, private properties. It includes points of interest checking, edge case detection, all powered by proprietary AI. Premises like manufacturing plants, data centres, energy production, pharma manufacturing, luxury manufacturing and outdoor warehousing use the Ascento solution. For more information please visit: or follow us on LinkedIn, YouTube, X About Wingman Ventures Wingman Ventures is Switzerland’s leading pre-seed fund, backing founder teams building tech companies with the potential to become global market leaders. Wingman has a track record of supporting exceptional founders in creating breakthrough companies and has the passionate conviction that the Swiss startup ecosystem is just starting to write its best success stories. To learn more, please visit About Playfair Capital Playfair Capital is a generalist fund with a contrarian approach to pre-seed technology investing. Based in London, Playfair invests across the UK and Europe with an intentionally high conviction, low volume approach: making 6-8 investments a year and preserving time, capital and resource to help companies post-investment. Playfair has backed 70+ companies across two funds including Thought Machine, Andela, Mapillary, Recycleye and Orca AI. Contact Details Ascento Bilal Mahmood +44 7714 007257 Company Website

September 12, 2023 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Minuteman Press Franchise Owner Mark Barnes Shares Keys to Tripling Sales & Growing Into Million-Dollar Business in Bakersfield, CA

Minuteman Press International Inc.

In the three and a half years since Mark Barnes purchased the Minuteman Press franchise in Bakersfield, CA located at 4500 Easton Drive, he has more than tripled his sales. Mark shares, “Before the acquisition in December of 2019, the prior year’s sales totaled just under $500,000. Our current 12-month sales (as of August of 2023) is just over $1.75 million.” In 2023, Mark became one of the newest members of the Minuteman Press International President’s Club for top performers (based on 2022 yearly sales). Mark shares his keys to growing the business as well as his journey to Minuteman Press in Bakersfield. He also gives his thoughts on the printing industry today, what it’s like owning a business in Bakersfield, the ongoing franchise support he’s received from Minuteman Press, and more. What does it mean to you to be a member of the Minuteman Press President’s Club? Mark Barnes: “Making the President’s Club has always been a goal from the very beginning! We knew it wouldn’t be easy and it would take a lot of hard work and a little time, but we knew with the right team, and the right approach, it was only a matter of time before we got it. 3 years in, and we made it!” What are the 3 biggest keys to your sales growth and success? Mark Barnes: “Our sales growth success has been through a variety of factors. I feel like we have taken an ‘all of the above’ approach. We incrementally increased our ad spend, and tested and adjusted as necessary We took a focused approach on our networking opportunities We added product lines and revenue streams to our offering mix, and we have looked for strategic partnerships that made sense We were already doing wholesale print for what you might consider our competitors, but we are equipped and positioned to do more, better, with our facility and equipment mix, so when we realized there was some untapped potential to expand on that, we actively pursued those opportunities as well. If we don’t get the account directly, due to, perhaps, a relationship, we will look to get them indirectly through wholesaling to our competition that can’t offer what we can.” What are your high-demand products and key growth areas? Mark Barnes: “We have many high-demand products and services. Our high growth areas have been direct mail marketing and compliance mailings, programs for events, signs, branded apparel, and “operational” things like blueprints. Promotional items have also played a large role.” Why do you think printing remains so vital to businesses today? Mark Barnes: “Print remains vital because it drives behavior. Think about your daily life, do you stand in the wine aisle and judge a wine by its label when looking for a decent wine? Imagine if all of those labels were blank and you just had rows of bottles, how would you ‘know’ what to choose? You wouldn’t. If this is you, you are relying on print to drive your behavior. Maybe you casually look at a speed limit sign to adjust your driving speed, those are printed folks, and you have just relied on print to change your behavior in that moment. Print is ubiquitous and has been around all of us our entire lives; for that reason, print has an inherent trust built in because we rely on it day in and day out, and we don’t even realize it. I have had people ask me if print was dying and I asked, ‘Why because the credit card companies want you to go ‘green’ by paying your bills online?’ They certainly do this, but they turn around and send you all of these offers for new credit cards via direct mail, because they know direct mail works to drive revenues and new acquisitions. Need more proof that print is here to stay? Just ask the savvy marketers that rely on us for their campaigns, and even their clients’ campaigns. Spend a day in our office and you will see how high emotions can run when a marketer has waited until the last minute for something, or when blueprints are needed to submit plans by a deadline, and then ask yourself why these people bring us food and snacks as a way of saying thank you. How many businesses have their clients bringing them food? Print is vital – and everyone from marketers to admins that need to make sure they have the things they need for their team – understands this.” How would you best describe your business community in Bakersfield? Mark Barnes: “I would put our business community up against any in the nation. We have a robust and growing business community in both our local Bakersfield area and our county as a whole. In fact, this entire region is that way. The San Joaquin Valley where we are located feeds the world when it comes to many fruits and vegetables and nuts. The scale of the reach of businesses here blows my mind. Maybe more importantly, our business community is active and involved, supports one another, and I am honored to have developed personal relationships with so many of the business owners and leaders here. Many have become friends, and even mentors (whether they realize it or not).” What was your previous background and why did you choose Minuteman Press? Mark Barnes: “I was in the corporate world in the oil and gas industry for nearly 15 years. Prior to acquiring Minuteman Press, I was the Regional Manager for an oil and gas manufacturer and supplier of key products for the industry. I was tasked with leading a turnaround effort in that role where the company was looking to regain market share. I earned the trust of the tenured staff, got some wins early, and then we added a completely new product line that I had background with from a previous career. After getting market share with that product line, we then identified other locations to expand. We opened a new location a few hours away, secured the business we were going after there, and began due diligence on the next location. I was traveling back and forth to our manufacturing facility in Texas and learned a ton about manufacturing processes in general, being lean, and I felt like there was a lot of overlap with Minuteman Press. Minuteman Press is a manufacturer and I felt like there were a lot of similarities – the processes, the tenured staff in place, the reputation and book of business in place, and I felt like Minuteman Press was simply producing ‘a different widget’ and that the transition would be relatively smooth as a result. Of course, we didn’t account for a global pandemic three months after taking over, supply chain issues, employee shortages, and those things. With that said, because of my corporate experience and with the support of Minuteman Press, we were well-equipped to manage through these challenges when they did come up. As you can see, we managed through them relatively successfully. We continue to learn and improve as we go. That’s what it’s all about, continuous improvement.” What has the franchise support from Minuteman Press been like for you? Mark Barnes: “The support from Minuteman Press has been great. Obviously, something like the pandemic presented many challenges for all businesses, but being new in business for myself, the support we received was critical. They rolled out new programs; they provided marketing support and operational support when we needed it; and my favorite part has been the best practice training we continue to get regionally. Every 3-6 months, we have the 54 owners in my region get together and exchange best practices on just about everything from marketing, operations, product/service mix, staffing, accounting, etc. This has been vital as the different owners have their own experiences and insights that we get to learn from. They are also at different locations in the region so we get to see how they have their operation set up and it just goes a long way with exposure to new ideas or confirming what we are already doing. The President’s Club meeting was also important because those owners were top performers and the advice and conversations there, along with the new relationships established, have elevated us even further.” What are the biggest personal and professional rewards of owning your business? Mark Barnes: “The biggest personal reward of owning my own business is simply fulfilling the long-standing desire to own my own business. I’ve always been entrepreneurial and I feel so good every single day that I am in control of my own destiny. I love that I’m able to help provide for staff that can then provide for their families, and that we are able to help our business partners provide for their families (because at the end of the day we are helping businesses grow or become more efficient, and that improves their own lives by extension). Even when things are hard or stressful, that feeling overrides all of that for me, and I feel lucky. Professionally, I’m just proud to have developed great new friendships and mentorships in the business community here. I’ve been able to give back in various ways; I’m on the board of a non-profit, I’m on the board of the Bakersfield Rotary, and these have led to wonderful opportunities to give back but also to learn from such strong and high level leaders; I’m just very fortunate.” What are 1 or 2 key pieces of advice would you give to other owners? Mark Barnes: “My biggest piece of advice for other Minuteman Press owners is to think big. We look at ourselves as commercial printers, marketers and designers. We are not a quick copy model; we are a commercial level organization helping other organizations achieve their business goals by being a trusted and valued partner of theirs. We look to align ourselves with organizations as partners – the Robin to their Batman – supporting them from recruiting employees and marketing their value propositions in the marketplace to supporting their operations internally with critical items used in the day-to-day operation of the enterprise. We don’t need the limelight; we just aim to add value to the full life cycle of a given day in their operation. As our clients succeed, we will succeed… so we have a vested interest in their success and making sure we are acting as a good partner in every way we can.” Minuteman Press in Bakersfield is located at 4500 Easton Drive, Bakersfield, CA 93309. For more information, visit their website: Learn more about #1 rated Minuteman Press franchise opportunities and read Minuteman Press franchise reviews at Contact Details Minuteman Press International Chris Biscuiti +1 631-249-1370 Company Website

September 08, 2023 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Lee Covington to Succeed Frank Nutter as RAA President


The Reinsurance Association of America (RAA), the leading trade association of property and casualty reinsurers, today announced that Lee Covington, current President and CEO of The Surety & Fidelity Association of America (SFAA), has been named President-elect of the RAA, succeeding Frank Nutter, who will retire effective December 31, 2023, after 32 years as President of the Association. Mr. Covington will assume the role of President on January 1, 2024. Mr. Covington has led the SFAA since 2018. Prior to that, he was Senior Vice President, Government Affairs and General Counsel of the Insured Retirement Institute. He has also held positions at Squire Patton Boggs, PWC, Director of the Ohio Department of Insurance, and Deputy Director of the Arkansas Insurance Department. In announcing these developments Justin O’Keefe, Chair of the RAA’s Board of Directors said, “Over the last four decades, Frank has grown the RAA into the leading voice for the reinsurance industry in the United States. Guided by Frank’s leadership, integrity, and vision, the RAA team has addressed some of our industry’s most complex issues at both a federal and state level. On behalf of the RAA Membership, Board of Directors and staff I would like to thank Frank for his unwavering commitment to the RAA and wish him and his family a happy retirement.” Mr. O’Keefe continued, “I am delighted to welcome Lee to the RAA. He is an immensely qualified leader and his deep expertise and extensive career in insurance industry advocacy and regulation will be invaluable to the RAA. The board and I look forward to working with Lee as he continues to advance the RAA’s strategic priorities and advocate on behalf of our members.” The Reinsurance Association of America is the leading trade association of property and casualty reinsurers doing business in the United States. RAA membership is diverse, including reinsurance underwriters and intermediaries licensed in the U.S. and those that conduct business on a cross-border basis. The RAA also has life reinsurance affiliates and insurance-linked securities (ILS) fund managers and market participants that are engaged in the assumption of property/casualty risks. The RAA represents its members before state, federal and international bodies. Contact Details Reinsurance Association of America Barb Carroll +1 202-783-8390 Company Website

September 06, 2023 04:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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New Army campaign inspires young Americans to take the first step to “Be All You Can Be”


A video accompanying this announcement is available at: On August 21, the U.S. Army unveiled “First Steps,” a new campaign that shows young Americans how they can start their journey to service. The campaign is built on the premise that American youth don’t need to have everything figured out from the beginning to make an impact. Taking a chance is the first step to achieving your goals. The campaign is a continuation of the “Be All You Can Be” brand refresh, which launched in March 2023. The new campaign offers an up-close, personal, and unfiltered look at Soldiers embarking on some of the most powerful experiences in their early Army journeys, including arriving at basic training, receiving their first patch, and hitting their first target from a battle tank. Maj. Sam Winkler is a shining example of where your first steps can take you in the U.S. Army. After immigrating to the United States from Nepal, she took her own first step: enlisting in the Army at 17 years old. Now, as a Soldier and a mom, she has used her passion for family to help lead a first grassroots effort transforming the way the U.S. Army supports parents in the force. Her efforts, in collaboration with other Army parents, led to the development of the Army’s Directive 2022-06: Parenthood, Pregnancy, and Postpartum. Twelve policy changes address key issues like family care planning, fertility treatments, paid parental leave, support in returning to work, and more. On August 30, Maj. Winkler conducted a nationwide media tour discussing the campaign and the limitless opportunities in the Army for youth to find their purpose, explore their passions, build connections, and join a community. Topics Maj. Winkler discussed included: The Army’s new “First Steps” campaign Her path to Army service and the many firsts along the way Her work to improve Army life for parents through the Directive on Parenthood, Pregnancy, and Postpartum The limitless possibilities and benefits available to Army Soldiers and their families To learn more, visit: Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

September 04, 2023 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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AI for good: Voxel AI tech is saving industrial workers’ lives as it increases funding to $30m with strategic funding round


Every year over 340m workers suffer a workplace injury: slips and falls, strains and sprains, vehicle collisions and crashes. Voxel, an AI startup using computer vision to transform safety and operations in the workplace, is today announcing a $12m strategic funding round to improve workplace safety and save lives. The strategic funding round was led by global manufacturing industry leader Rite-Hite with participation from existing investors Eclipse Ventures and World Innovation Lab. This takes total funds raised to $30m since 2020. In the US, manufacturing, logistics, and physical operations are the lifeblood of the economy, with over 25 million individuals at the frontlines, contributing to 40% of the nation’s GDP. However, with massive output comes the persistent challenge of workplace injuries and operational inefficiencies. Now, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the field of environment, health and safety (EHS) in industrial operations. Voxel integrates state-of-the-art computer vision technology into existing security cameras to identify hazards, risky behaviors, and operational inefficiencies across a diverse range of workplaces. Once potential risks, such as near-miss vehicle collisions, blocked exits, improper ergonomics,or spills, are identified, a real-time alert is sent to on-site personnel who can take immediate action, and Voxel's analytics help sites identify operational inefficiencies and design policies to prevent future issues. These proactive measures allow businesses to significantly reduce worker’s compensation and general liability costs, while improving their operations. In order to protect workers’ privacy, Voxel’s AI ethics policy means that no facial recognition or identification of individuals is permitted in their systems. Voxel provides its customers with resources for ethically and responsibly implementing AI in the workplace crafted after years of experience developing AI for America’s industrial leaders. Voxel has had a transformative impact for their strategic partners’ operations, reporting up to an 80% reduction in workplace injuries and substantially improving operational efficiency. Fortune 500 firms like Michael’s, Dollar Tree, Clorox, PPG Industries, Office Depot, and many others are already seeing the benefits of Voxel’s platform. Alex Senemar, CEO and co-founder of Voxel commented: “AI is saving lives. We’ve proven that our technology has made great strides toward reducing injuries and saving lives. Our approach is going to create worksites where employers don't have to bargain between meeting safety standards and meeting their productivity goals. The future of work is not just about doing more, but doing it safer in an environment fit for purpose”. Voxel business highlights (since series A funding round, April 2022) The team has grown from 10 people to over 50 employees, who have joined from established industry firms Samsara and Verkada to big tech Google, Apple, and Uber Featured in the Fast Company magazine Most Innovative Companies list Best B2B Tech Tool of 2023 by Products That Count. Voxel’s team is led by CEO Alex Senemar, who previously co-founded Sherbit, an AI-powered remote health monitoring system for hospitals (acquired in 2018) as well as co-founders, CTO Anurag Kanungo, who co-founded Sherbit with Senemar, and led the Machine Learning Systems Team at Uber’s Self Driving Unit; Harishma Dayanidhi, who developed self-driving car technology at Uber and Aurora; and Troy Carlson, former software engineer at Google. About Voxel Voxel uses artificial intelligence to enable security cameras to automatically identify potential workplace hazards, high-risk activities, and operational inefficiencies, allowing on-site personnel to address concerns in real-time. The platform keeps workers safe, while helping companies significantly reduce overhead costs from general liability, worker's compensation, and property claims. ​​Voxel software is transforming operations in warehousing, manufacturing, retail, transportation, construction, and oil & gas. A demo is available upon request. For more information, visit About Rite-Hite Rite-Hite is a world leader in the manufacture, sale, and service of loading dock equipment, industrial doors, safety barriers, HVLS fans, industrial curtain walls, and more - all designed to improve safety, security, productivity, energy savings, and environmental control. Watch Rite-Hite's Always Looking Ahead video to learn more. About Eclipse Ventures With over $2 billion in assets under management, 70 portfolio companies, and a team of investors with deep expertise in technology, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, healthcare, and consumer products, Eclipse is one of the US’ leading venture capital organizations. Its leadership team has the experience necessary to create and scale complex operations – with partners coming from industry giants, such as Flextronics, Tesla, Apple, Samsara, Intel, and GE. Eclipse partners with entrepreneurs boldly transforming the essential industries that define and propel economies. For more information, visit Contact Details Voxel Bilal Mahmood +44 7714 007257 Company Website

August 30, 2023 07:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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World’s Aviation and Logistics Changemakers Converge on Hong Kong to Steer Future Development in 2024

Hong Kong Tourism Board

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 29 August 2023 - Further to the successful completion of the 3rd JCtrans Global Freight Forwarders Expo and International Air Transport Association (IATA) Aviation Day at AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE), the world of logistics and aviation is looking to Hong Kong to spearhead industry exchanges and new growth opportunities. Industry experts are inspired by the city's new infrastructure, and its strategic role as an international logistics and aviation hub as well as being an important gateway of the Greater Bay Area (GBA). On top of the home-grown Asian Logistics, Maritime and Aviation Conference (ALMAC) to be held in November this year, IATA World Cargo Symposium 2024, Aero-Engines Asia-Pacific 2024 and Super Terminal Expo 2024 will all be staged in Hong Kong for the first time. Kenneth Wong, General Manager, MICE & Cruise of the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) said "We are thrilled that Hong Kong has become the destination of choice for multiple aviation and logistic events! The city's status as an aviation hub with a globally connected transportation network, a future-proof Airport City development, top-notch convention venues and a gateway to the GBA makes it a strategic choice in the region to host major industry events. " Hong Kong as an aviation hub Located in the heart of Asia, Hong Kong is within five hours' flight of half of the world's population, with Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) providing globally renowned air transport services. It is frequently ranked among the world's busiest international passenger airports as it hosts some 120 airlines; it is also the busiest cargo airport in the world, with cargo throughput of 4.2 million tonnes in 2022, making it one of very few airports that's a leader in both fields. Airport City as a booster for business events To enhance the connectivity with the GBA and the world, HKIA is transforming itself from a city airport to an Airport City. A robust expansion strategy is in place including the Three-runway System that will increase capacity by 50% to be able to serve 120 million passengers and 10 million tonnes of cargo annually. Plans are in hand to strengthen the multimodal network with GBA cities through state-of-the-art cross-boundary infrastructure, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge to ensure seamless travel via Hong Kong, which helps to facilitate more multi-destination exchange and excursions within the region. As part of the Airport City development, AWE - which is located right next to the international airport, is expanding to house the city's largest indoor arena with over 20,000 seats, thus attracting more large-scale events to stage in town. These enhancements position the city as a super-connector to capture more business opportunities of both the lucrative GBA market and the world, providing growth impetus to Hong Kong's MICE industry. Vivian Cheung, Chief Operating Officer, Airport Authority Hong Kong and Hong Kong Convention Ambassador said, "I am thrilled to bring significant industry events to our city, which reflects the role of Hong Kong as a leading aviation, transportation and logistics hub. As a member of the Hong Kong Convention Ambassador programme, I look forward to welcoming even more business events and delegates from around the world." Simon Li, Chairman of AWE commented, "AWE takes immense pride in facilitating transformative dialogues set to redefine the transportation and logistics sectors. The events will demonstrate the unprecedented synergies that can be achieved in all-in-one Lantau, the heart of Hong Kong's transport network, comprises of new hotels, the city's largest hub for retail, dining and entertainment – 11SKIES, and an award-winning MICE venue." IATA World Cargo Symposium to be hosted in Hong Kong for the first time Having been the world's leading air cargo hub for many years, HKIA will be the host airport for the 2024 edition of the IATA World Cargo Symposium in March. The conference is expected to attract over 1,000 attendees from around the world, with the aim of tackling subjects related to technology and innovation, security and customs, cargo operations, and sustainability. Conrad Clifford, Deputy Director General and Corporate Secretary, IATA said, "Hong Kong has the elements needed to retain its status as an important aviation hub for both passengers and air cargo. This includes having a strong hub airline, Cathay Pacific, as well as having the experience and expertise in handling perishable goods, lithium batteries and other dangerous cargo. I am confident that Hong Kong's traffic will return to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2024, three years earlier than previously expected. This is in line with expectations of a faster recovery in the Asia-Pacific region." Super Terminal Expo 2024 inaugural in Hong Kong to capture world's fastest growing market Debuting at AWE in November 2024, Super Terminal Expo 2024 – the first of its kind – will feature dynamic networking opportunities and educational sessions as well as highlight important insights into trends and technologies shaping the future of cargo and passenger terminals, as well as ports, railways and building construction industries. Michael Duck, Executive Vice President of Commercial Development for Informa Markets added: "The Asia-Pacific region is the largest global logistics and passenger transport market, and Hong Kong sits right at its heart. We are delighted to host the inaugural Super Terminal Expo in this thriving market. Right before the flagship exhibition, we will also host Aero-Engines Asia-Pacific 2024 as part of Aviation Week Network's Aero-Engines series in the city in April 2024. These events present a raft of opportunities that will allow businesses to tap into the growing demand for logistics and passenger transportation services." Future Aviation, Transport, Logistics Conventions and Exhibitions Contact Details Hong Kong Tourism Board Ms Ivy Chung +852 2807 6255 Hong Kong Tourism Board Ms Candice Leung +852 2807 6578

August 29, 2023 04:07 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Better Trucks Surges to 32 Markets Adding Texas and GLS Partnership in the West

Better Trucks

Better Trucks and GLS partnership unlocks nationwide markets to customers of both companies Better Trucks, a technology-driven logistics firm focused on rapid parcel delivery, has expanded its coverage area to 32 markets across 20 states, delivering to 126 million people and 40% of U.S. households. Better Trucks’ expansion includes the launch of its own operations in major metro areas in Texas including Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio. Additional expansion is realized through a partnership with GLS, a premier full-network carrier with operations across the Rocky Mountain region and West Coast. The bilateral partnership opens the combined footprint to customers of each company, unlocking markets from New York City to San Diego. “Shippers want a carrier with national reach that can integrate both technology and physical delivery in two days or less,” said Steven Bergan, GLS U.S. President. “Our partnership with Better Trucks unlocks not just one, but every region our customers have been asking for beyond our coverage in the West. Our clients can now deliver to the midwest, southeast, Texas and up to New York without any change to their process, and our markets are open to Better Trucks customers.” “Technology is a key focus of our partnership with GLS to create a seamless handoff between our operations to expand coverage for our respective customers,” said Andy Whiting, Better Trucks co-founder and CEO. “It is vital to both of us to uphold our high service standards. Customers can still print labels, initiate pickups and track packages as they always have, but now from coast to coast.” Better Trucks’ operational roadmap includes additional expansion plans during the remainder of 2023 and through 2024. ### About Better Trucks Better Trucks is a technology-driven, last-mile delivery carrier built for digital commerce. Founded in 2019, it delivers a better experience for retailers, e-commerce firms, and fulfillment centers to ship parcels faster with better communication and better value. Specializing in next-day and two-day deliveries, Better Trucks sorts and labels packages within its strategically-placed warehouses and delivers them through its extensive driver network. Visit for more information. About GLS US GLS is a full service parcel carrier providing first, middle, and last mile parcel shipping and delivery services across the western US from Denver to the Coast. They drive lower costs and faster time-in-transits through technology, customer engagement, and flexible pick-up options that help shippers lower their total landed cost of delivery. To learn more visit Contact Details John Hall +1 303-223-6965 Company Website

August 28, 2023 08:01 AM Central Daylight Time

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DB Schenker Lance une Série de Vidéos sur la Logistique dans les Amériques Présentant le Port de Montréal comme une Porte d'Entrée Européenne et Asiatique

DB Schenker

En tant que l'un des principaux fournisseurs de services logistiques au monde, DB Schenker a récemment publié une série de vidéos acclamées axées sur les principales passerelles logistiques dans les Amériques. À travers une série de cinq courtes vidéos, l'organisation mondiale met en lumière le Port de Montréal au Québec, au Canada, le plus grand port de l'Est du Canada. Animées par DB Schenker, les séances de questions-réponses mettent en vedette Paul Bird et Guillaume Brossard et Daniel Dagenais du Port de Montréal. Ensemble, ils discutent des défis actuels auxquels les ports du monde entier sont confrontés et des mesures qu'ils prennent pour les combattre dans la région. Et, les stratégies et actions pour lesquelles ils se sont engagés et se sont engagés à rester le port résilient et sans congestion pour lequel il est réputé. Du point de vue international, Susanne Aschi, Silvia Costantini et Chloe Adams discutent de leurs rôles en tant que Consul généraux et de la façon dont ils relient le Port de Montréal à leurs pays d'origine, l'Allemagne, l'Italie et le Royaume-Uni. De plus, Yves Lapere, l'Attaché Économique et Commercial de la Mission des Flandres, a donné une perspective basée en Belgique. Connecté à plus de 140 pays dans le monde, le Port de Montréal est le plus grand port de l'Est du Canada. Le port diversifié gère tous les types de cargaison, le vrac sec, le vrac liquide et les conteneurs étant les secteurs les plus importants. L'installation expansive traite tous les types de biens et travaille dans de nombreuses industries. Le port accueille plus de 2,000 navires par an, 2,500 camions par jour, 60 à 80 trains par semaine et 50,000 croisiéristes et membres de croisières sur 13 lignes de croisière. Toutes les grandes compagnies maritimes mondiales offrent leurs services au Port de Montréal, avec des services avec l'Europe du Nord, la Méditerranée reliant le Moyen-Orient, l'Asie et d'autres marchés mondiaux. Le port est relié à deux chemins de fer de Classe 1 au Canada, le Canadien National et le CPKC, offrant à ses partenaires fiabilité, fluidité et optionnalité. Souvent désigné comme le "moteur économique du Grand Montréal," le port dynamique est une installation diversifiée construite sur un écosystème logistique efficace qui gère environ 6,300 entreprises différentes. Ces chiffres vont augmenter dans un proche avenir. "Il est important pour nous de rester concentrés sur le renforcement des capacités de nos clients. Au cours des quatre prochaines années, nous visons à construire notre futur projet d'expansion, qui est le terminal de Contrecœur, qui se trouve à environ 50 kilomètres (30 milles) en aval d'ici," a déclaré Paul Bird, Vice-Président du Projet Contrecœur et Responsable de la Transformation Numérique pour le Port de Montréal. "Ça comprend l'ajout d'une capacité de 60% pour une capacité globale de 1.5 million d'UT en plus de la capacité actuelle à Montréal. C'est là que nous allons et comment nous [répondons] au marché." Partie essentielle de l'infrastructure de logistique et de transport du Canada, le Port de Montréal est le deuxième plus grand port à conteneurs du pays et l'Europe est son principal marché. "Ça veut dire qu'une grande partie du commerce de marchandises entre le Royaume-Uni et le Canada passe par le Port de Montréal," explique Chloe Adams, Consul générale Britannique à Montréal, qui voit également plus de croissance à venir. "Nous espérons que [le chiffre] augmentera à mesure que le commerce entre nos deux pays augmentera," ajoute Adams. "Il y a eu une augmentation de 17.5% du commerce bilatéral entre le Royaume-Uni et le Canada entre 2021 et 2022, et nous espérons que la trajectoire se poursuivra." Pour voir les vidéos complètes, cliquez sur les liens ci-dessous: À propos de DB Schenker Americas DB Schenker est l'un des plus grands Fournisseurs de Services Logistiques Intégrés des Amériques avec plus de 10,000 employés dans 123 sites fournissant plus de 27 millions de pieds carrés d'opérations de distribution à ses clients. La présence de DB Schenker dans les Amériques comprend l'Argentine, le Brésil, le Canada, le Chili, le Guatemala, le Mexique, le Panama, le Pérou, les États-Unis et le Venezuela. DB Schenker offre des services de transport terrestre et de fret aérien et maritime, ainsi que des solutions logistiques complètes et des services de gestion de la chaîne d'approvisionnement mondiale à partir d'une source unique. Avec des partenaires intégrés à travers les Amériques, DB Schenker offre la meilleure combinaison de connaissances intimes sur les pratiques locales et de capacités mondiales. Contact Details Nicholas Leighton +1 949-478-5880 Company Website

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Ocean Power Technologies announces major milestone in the field of autonomous maritime technology

Ocean Power Technologies Inc

Ocean Power Technologies vice president of sales Matt Burdyny joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share an exciting development within the company. Ocean Power Technologies has achieved a significant milestone by successfully demonstrating the capabilities of its Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel during the 10th Annual Maritime Security West event. During the event, the company showcased the WAM-V's capability to remotely attach itself to a buoy and establish a connection for charging. Burdyny explained to Proactive that the achievement was the outcome of on-water trials conducted earlier in the month. This successful connection and charging capability represent a notable advancement in integrating renewable energy sources within the maritime industry. Burdyny emphasized that this achievement has important implications for the future of autonomous vessels. The successful docking of the WAM-V to the buoy demonstrates the potential for extended-duration autonomous operations, which could open up a range of applications within the maritime sector. Contact Details Proactive Investors +1 604-688-8158

August 22, 2023 01:32 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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