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VERGE 22: The Leading Climate Tech Event


VERGE 22 is the leading climate tech event accelerating solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time. Join more than 4,000 leaders — from business, government, solution providers and startups — working together to address the climate crisis across six strategic areas: clean energy, sustainable transportation, carbon removal, regenerative food systems, net-zero buildings and the startup ecosystem. Register here: View additional multimedia and more ESG storytelling from GreenBiz on

August 08, 2022 01:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Enbridge Is Working Together for Change


Enbridge and the First Nation Capital Investment Partnership (FNCIP) reached an agreement in February 2022 to advance the proposed Open Access Wabamun Carbon Hub (the Hub) west of Edmonton, Alberta. The Hub is being developed as an innovative combination of carbon transportation and storage solutions to support recently announced carbon capture projects in the region. Four Treaty 6 Nations—Alexander First Nation, Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, Enoch Cree Nation and Paul First Nation—formed the FNCIP to pursue ownership in major infrastructure projects with commercial partners who share Indigenous values. The Hub is the FNCIP’s first partnership. The Lac Ste. Anne Metis Community will also have an opportunity to pursue ownership in future carbon transportation and storage projects associated with the Hub. Once built, it has the potential to sequester nearly 4 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. “This path creates an opportunity to generate wealth, but more importantly it allows sustainable economic sovereignty for our communities. We are creating a healthy future for the next seven generations to thrive. We’re looking forward to working with industry leaders who share our values of environmental stewardship and to collaborate with Enbridge on worldscale carbon transportation and storage infrastructure investments.” Chief George Arcand Jr., Alexander First Nation. Read more View additional multimedia and more ESG storytelling from Enbridge on

August 08, 2022 01:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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The Trajectory Of Growth In E-commerce In Southeast Asia — A Case Of Indonesia

Society Pass Incorporated

Countries in Southeast Asia are experiencing serious growth in e-commerce. E-commerce sales are expected to reach nearly $90 billion this year, up about $16 billion from last year, according to eMarketer. E-commerce in the region is projected to pass the $100 billion mark by 2023, a significant increase from $37.22 billion in 2019. Unlike other geographies that are forecasted to experience moderate growth, Southeast Asia might witness a 20.6% increase, the largest globally. Behind Southeast Asia is Latin America, which would be the only region to hit the 20% threshold this year. Which Countries In Particular? E-commerce sales in four countries are projected to grow faster than in all of Southeast Asia this year, and two of them — the Philippines and Indonesia — are in the region. The Philippines ranks first with a growth rate of 25.9%, while Indonesia comes third at 23%. The other countries are India with 25.5% and Brazil, which is expected to grow by 22.2%. Why Indonesia? Indonesia’s e-commerce adoption is one of the largest in the world. In 2020, up to 90% of internet users between ages 16 and 64 purchased something online. Indonesians are “among the world’s most passionate adopters of digital technology”. According to the consulting firm McKinsey & Co., an average Indonesian spends four hours per day on the internet using a handheld device — twice the time spent by a U.S. resident. With 99.15 million users, the country has the fourth-largest population of Meta Platforms Inc. ’s (NASDAQ: META) Instagram users and the largest in the Southeast Asia region. The country also is among the largest for number of Twitter Inc. (NASDAQ: TWTR) users at 18.45 million. E-commerce In Indonesia Of Indonesia’s 278.3 million people 138 million do their shopping online, according to a report by the Institute of Southern Asian Studies. The e-commerce industry accounts for 72% of the total value of the digital economy. Indonesia’s e-commerce sector is expected to reach almost $63 billion in 2022, according to Statista. By 2025, the market is projected to reach $90 billion. The e-commerce market seemingly runs on two models: e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Tokopedia and Bukalapak and social commerce, which involves buying and selling goods on social media platforms. E-commerce platforms account for 60% of all transactions while 40% of shopping is conducted via social commerce. Society Pass Inc. (NASDAQ: SOPA) is an example of an acquisition-focused e-commerce holding company that could be looking to become the Goliath of e-commerce in Indonesia and overall Southeast Asia. The company operates in six verticals: loyalty, lifestyle, food and beverage, telecom, digital media, and travel. It reports connecting millions of consumers and merchants in the region. SoPa Rolls Out Loyalty App On June 27, SoPa announced the launch of a beta version of its loyalty app that enables customers to earn and redeem points at different retailers while building customer loyalty for merchants. The company reports that the app helps merchants generate more revenue by retaining existing customers, attracting new ones, reducing customer turnover and synching customer data through personalized advertising campaigns. “The Southeast Asian retail sector is at the cusp of a massive transformation powered by the data-driven meta economy. We designed a gorgeous user interface backed by sophisticated backend infrastructure to kickstart a virtuous cycle of revenue generation and loyalty creation, where Society Pass and Society Points generate more revenues for merchants,” SoPa Founder, Chairman and CEO Dennis Nguyen said at the launch of the beta application. SoPa reported plans to modify and integrate the app with select customers and merchants across Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore in the second quarter of the year. The company expects to fully launch the app by the end of the year, when customers will be able to pay for goods and services in-store, in-app or online. As a loyalty and data marketing ecosystem, Society Pass operates multiple e-commerce platforms across its key markets in SEA. Its business model focuses on analysing user data through the expected launch of its Society Pass loyalty platform and circulation of its universal loyalty points, which seamlessly connects consumers and merchants across multiple product and service categories to foster organic loyalty. Since its inception, SoPa has amassed over 1.6 million registered consumers and over 5,500 registered merchants/brands on its platform. It has invested 2+ years building proprietary IT architecture with cutting edge components to effectively scale and support its consumers, merchants, and acquisitions.Society Pass provides merchants with #HOTTAB Biz and #HOTTAB POS – a specialized POS technology solution, a comprehensive system for payment, loyal customer management, user profile analytics, and convenient financial support packages for small and medium-sized enterprises.In addition, SoPa operates, Vietnam’s leading lifestyle e-commerce platform,, a popular grocery delivery company in Philippines,, a leading online restaurant delivery service based in Hanoi, Vietnam, and Gorilla Networks, a Singapore-based, blockchain/web3-enabled mobile virtual network operator.For more information, please check out: This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Society Pass Dennis Nguyen: Founder, Chairman & CEO +1 877-440-9464 Company Website

August 08, 2022 12:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Can You Dig It? Only if You Call 811 Before Starting

Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG)

NEWARK, N.J., August 8, 2022 /3BL Media/ - For National 811 Day, Aug. 11 (8/11), PSE&G reminds customers it is the law to dial 811 before starting an improvement project that involves digging. Hitting a buried electric, gas, water or cable line while digging can disrupt utility service, cost money to repair, and cause severe injury or death. One free call to 811 will ensure customers "know what’s below." “Keeping underground pipelines and other materials safe is extremely important for you and for the environment, yet hundreds of people and contractors continue to dig each year without checking first,” said Chelsey Van Heest, process analyst, Gas Distribution & Field Construction. “Many of the damages that PSE&G responds to on a regular basis are completely avoidable. A call to 811 is the safe, smart thing to do and it is the law.” Every digging project, no matter how small, requires a call to 811 at least three, and no more than 10, business days before work begins. 811 is the designated national dialing code to have underground lines located and marked out before improvement work begins around the home or business. For all projects, even planting a flowerbed, installing a mailbox or fence, or putting in an aboveground pool, it is imperative to call 811 beforehand. When you call 811, you are automatically connected to New Jersey One Call, which collects information about your upcoming digging project. The information is provided to utility companies, who send representatives to mark the locations of underground lines with flags, paint or both. Once lines have been properly marked, you will be notified and the digging can begin. Last year, PSE&G responded to 884 excavating damages (713 gas, 171 electric). PSE&G continues to practice safe physical distancing protocols. Customers should be assured that underground utility markout work is performed entirely outdoors and there is no need for any interaction with the technicians. Prevention is key: Call 811 at least three and no more than 10 business days before each job to have underground pipes, conduits, wires and cables located and marked. Markouts remain valid for 45 business days.   Before work begins by excavators, contractors or customers, confirm that a call to 811 has been made and the markout was completed. By law, all digging projects require a call to 811.   Both property owners and contractors must maintain and respect the marks. Always hand dig within 2 feet of marked lines, or the area known as the Tolerance Zone, to find the existing facility.   Various colors are used when marking lines; to learn what each color represents, visit What to do if you smell gas: Leave the building as quickly as possible and move 350 feet away from the structure. Take all others with you. If you smell gas outside, move well away from where you suspect the gas is leaking.   Call PSE&G immediately at 1-800-880-PSEG (7734) and call 911. (Do NOT call from inside the building. Wait until you are outside and a safe distance to call.) More information about 811 is available at or on the PSE&G website: #Call811 #CallBeforeYouDig PSE&G ( ). View additional multimedia and more ESG storytelling from Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) on

August 08, 2022 12:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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VisionsDao Exits Stealth Mode and Presents a Modular Stack for GameFi That Enables Sustainable Economies


An up-and-coming GameFi infrastructure startup, VisionsDAO has been building for more than a year what could become a foundational primitive for game developers looking to implement sound crypto economic designs and plug-and-play modules that will power a new wave of sustainable on-chain Web3 games to come to market and thrive. VisionsDAO aims to enable engaging gameplay and circular game economies through high-quality crypto-economic modules that accelerate time-to-market while reducing development costs and risks for Web3 game builders and legacy game studios who want to make the leap into blockchain-powered games. VisionsDAO wants to challenge the current “Play-to-Earn” gaming format. “When earning became the main design focus for players, guilds and project teams, games felt more like jobs than sources of joy, and the end result was higher acquisition costs, and lower retention rates.” - said VisionsDAO co-founder Nico Rodriguez. One of the issues faced by many games was related to hyper-inflationary token designs that were not sustainable, requiring a growing number of new players to buy an ever-growing supply of tokens flooding the market. Due to that, token prices tanked, and failure rates at first-wave GameFi companies became a scary topic for gamers, investors and founders alike. In order to solve that, VisionsDAO developed a stack of 5 modules that can be selectively or entirely included by game developers, ultimately adding up to creating a fully on-chain business simulation game. The Visions-SDK allows anybody to instantiate their own simulation game, by configuring the parameters of the modules to function exactly as they want them to. Nico Rodriguez, who also leads the technical development of the project, talked about his desired impact on the entire Web3 Ecosystem: “We’re making the development of on-chain business simulation & economy games so streamlined that we also believe that not only legacy gaming studios and Web3 game builders will benefit from our stack, but also that we will enable the emergence of DAO Social Games as a new community building tool, increasing their size and engagement, while also helping DAOs and Protocols to expand their treasury via novel mechanisms such as crafting items through forging fungible and non-fungible digital assets.” Builders using the VisionsDAO SDK can launch games that operate on-chain, with interoperable capabilities across EVM compatible blockchains, taking advantage of circular economic features and reducing hyperinflation risks. The modules are built with the same mindset that enables rigorous DeFi protocols to succeed. “We’re building innovative GameFi infrastructure and tooling so that devs and artists can do more together. Through our first modular stack, we aim to jumpstart the unfolding of an ever-expanding universe of interoperable ecosystems, not only within gaming but also within other thriving and nascent sectors of Web3. GameFi can be integrated into every segment, from DeFi to ReFi, accelerating the adoption of new decentralized technologies, and also new values.” Added co-founder and ecosystem development lead, Phil Lewandowski. VisionsDAO has raised $2.2m in their seed round from industry giants Animoca Brands, Spartan, trailblazing founders and angels like Trent McConaughy, Bruce Pon and John Lilic, in addition to receiving tremendous support from accelerators and strategic partners such as Alliance DAO and Kilonova Ventures. The founders invite all game builders, hardcore gamers, DAO members, investors and GameFi enthusiasts to get in contact for learning more about the protocol and for future partnership opportunities through their website. About VisionsDAO VisionsDAO is a decentralized and open-sourced infrastructure provider bringing business simulation games on-chain. It merges the resilience of token engineering into gaming to unlock new streams for value creation. VisionsDAO’s circular economic models and gamified dividend pools empower developers to gamify the entire ecosystem. Learn more: Contact Details VisionsDAO VisionsDAO Team Company Website

August 08, 2022 12:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Yoodli Announces $6M Funding for AI Platform to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking


Yoodli, a startup building an artificial intelligence platform to help people communicate more effectively, announced that it has raised $6 million in a seed round co-led by Madrona Venture Group and Cercano Management (formerly Vulcan Capital). Other investors include J4 Ventures, Ascend, Jeff Richards from GGV Capital, Dave Rosenberg (founder of Mulesoft), and renowned communication experts Renn Vara and Maureen Taylor. Yoodli is already being used by thousands of professional speakers, coaches, students, and corporate professionals to get data-driven insights on their speaking presentations. “Effective communication is the single determinant of success in the workplace and more broadly in life,” said Craig Valentine, Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking. “I’ve been working with clients for over 20 years, but Yoodli has completely transformed my coaching business. I’m now able to work with many more clients at once while saving up to 10 hours per week! I ask my clients to record their practice sessions on Yoodli, improve with AI feedback, and then share their speeches with me for asynchronous work. AI will not replace speech coaches but is certainly helping us be more efficient.” Yoodli makes preparing for a speech or interview fun and judgment-free. The platform provides an instant transcript and real-time analysis on your use of filler words, non-inclusive language, pacing, body language, and much more. It also makes it easy to collaborate with friends and coaches on upcoming presentations. Want to test your ability to think on your feet or strike up a conversation with a stranger? Try the one minute ‘Spin a Yarn’ challenge, which throws out fun words to blend into a compelling impromptu speech. The seed round brings Yoodli’s total funding to $7.1 million. The new funds will be used to support Yoodli’s product development, as well as sales and marketing expansion. Patrick Ennis, who has decades of experience as a scientist, engineer, businessman, and venture capitalist at Madrona, ARCH Venture Partners, Intellectual Ventures, and Bell Labs, will be joining the Yoodli Board of Directors. “We are delighted to support Yoodli’s journey,” Ennis said. “The fear of public speaking has affected humanity throughout history and across cultures. At Madrona, we see the massive impact that Yoodli will have by improving communication for everyone.” Yoodli’s founders, Esha Joshi and Varun Puri, are deeply familiar with the fear of public speaking and teamed up to start Yoodli at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence in June 2021. Yoodli’s team includes engineers and product managers from Facebook, Apple, Google, and an advisory board consisting of TEDx coaches, top AI researchers, among others. Yoodli uses natural language processing, computer vision, and speech algorithms to help users get detailed feedback on speeches recorded on the platform. The speeches are private to the user but shareable to friends, coaches, and others if external feedback is desired. Becoming a good public speaker is no small task, and to prove that point Yoodli has analyzed the speeches of famous celebrities, tech execs, and politicians. Even some of the world’s most prominent figures are not perfect when it comes to speech delivery. Elon Musk, for example, might have a limited word count on Twitter, but he used over 70 filler and hedging words (“really,” “basically”, “actually”) in a 5-minute window during a 2014 commencement speech. Check it out at Yoodli allows you to record and playback your speech with filler words removed, and then provides simple, strategic and customized tips to help you refine and improve your public speaking skills. The platform is free and can be accessed at About Yoodli: Yoodli is an AI-enabled communication skills improvement platform that records users as they deliver presentations, and then points out tips such as where they could speak more clearly, cutting back on "ums" and filler words, as well as improving their use of eye contact and gestures. Users can also solicit feedback from colleagues and get connected to an expert coach. The company was founded in 2021 and is based in Seattle, Washington. Contact Details Forrest Carman +1 206-859-3118 Company Website

August 08, 2022 09:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

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The Best Small & Medium Workplaces™ Prove Great Cultures Don’t Depend on Company Size

Great Place to Work

When it comes to exceptional employee experiences, you don’t have to be a global corporation to come out on top.   Organizations on the 2022 Fortune Best Small Workplaces™ and Fortune Best Medium Workplaces™ lists reveal how companies of all sizes can compete for the best talent by focusing on flexibility, well-being and fair compensation.   Overall employee experience scores for workers at the 100 small and 100 medium companies are dizzyingly high. An average of 98% of employees at the best small companies and 97% of employees at the best medium companies say theirs is a “great place to work.”   “It’s not the size of an organization that makes it great, but how the organization treats its people,” says Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work®. “And these small workplaces have proven that the inspiring cultures they’ve created go head-to-head with those of any large corporation. Leaders at these companies put their people first, and in return, achieve stronger business results than the average workplace.”   Great Place to Work determined the Best Small & Medium Workplaces™ lists by analyzing 230,000 employee survey responses and company data that predicts the employee experience. Small companies are those with 10 to 99 employees and medium companies have 100 to 999 employees.   These winning workplaces outshined others in the following ways:   •    Camaraderie in the workplace •    Credible leaders •    Fostering company pride •    Welcoming employees   The value of pride   An important indicator of workplace experience is employee pride—both in work accomplishments and in organizations themselves. According to Great Place to Work research, pride was an important driver of key experiences like well-being and purpose—and indicated whether employees would endorse their employer as great.   When employees at the Best Small Workplaces feel pride, they are:   •    Six times as likely to experience well-being •    Eight times as likely to feel their work has purpose •    Forty-eight times as likely to endorse their company as a great workplace   When employees at the Best Medium Workplaces feel pride, they are:   •    Three times as likely to experience well-being •    Five times as likely to feel their work has purpose •    Four times as likely to endorse their company as a great workplace   Busting Myths for Small and Medium Employers   It’s easy to think of small and medium-sized businesses as being outclassed by larger competitors. Yet, the Best Small & Medium Workplaces prove the doubters wrong.   Great Place to Work data reveals these winning workplaces are just as competitive as their larger cohorts in these areas:   1.    Well-being offerings 2.    Large salaries 3.    Flexibility in the workplace 4.    Competitive development and training opportunities   Visuals available: 02_800px-width-1x   About the Best Small Workplaces™ and Best Medium Workplaces™ Great Place to Work® selected the Best Small Workplaces and Best Medium Workplaces lists in 2022 based on feedback collected from 230,000 employee survey responses and data from Great Place to Work-Certified™ organizations that fit the criteria to be a small or medium-sized business in the U.S. Company rankings are derived from 60 employee experience questions within the Great Place to Work Trust Index™ Survey. Read the full methodology for the Best Small Workplaces list and Best Medium Workplaces list.   To get on this list next year, start here.   About Great Place to Work® Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace culture. Since 1992, it has surveyed more than 100 million employees worldwide and used those deep insights to define what makes a great workplace: trust. Its employee survey platform empowers leaders with the feedback, real-time reporting and insights they need to make data-driven people decisions. Everything it does is driven by its mission to build a better world by helping every organization become a great place to work for all.   Learn more at and on  LinkedIn,  Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

August 08, 2022 11:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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WSP USA to Support NYC Clean Energy Transmission Project


NEW YORK, August 3, 2022 /3BL Media/ — WSP USA, a leading engineering and environmental professional services consultancy, will provide owner’s engineer and environmental compliance services for the U.S. portion of the Champlain Hudson Power Express transmission line project, the largest underground high-voltage transmission project ever developed and constructed in North America. When completed, the transmission line will enable delivery of 10.4 terawatt hours annually of clean renewable electricity to New York City, helping to meet the city and state’s energy transition goals through a key link to hydropower generation in Canada. “WSP is a global leader in the lifecycle of project delivery solutions for transmission infrastructure,” said Michael Case, national business line executive for Energy at WSP USA. “As the energy transition unfolds at a rapid pace around the world, our teams provide the critical expertise needed to move from concept through construction and mobilize talent across our diverse teams to meet client needs. With projects like this, WSP is honored to help pave the way for a more sustainable carbon-neutral environment.” The scope of the project was approved through the New York State Public Service Commission and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority Clean Energy Standard. The U.S. portion of the project is comprised of an approximately 339-mile, 400-kilovolt, high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system, capable of transmitting 1250 megawatts of clean renewable power. The transmission line will be constructed underwater or underground from Lake Champlain, down the Hudson River to the Harlem River and into New York City. The transmission line will link Hydro-Québec’s Hertel station in La Prairie, Canada to a converter station in Astoria, Queens, New York. Construction in New York is expected to begin later this year. The project will also include an HVDC-to-HVAC (high-voltage alternating current) transmission line converter station, and an approximately 3.5-mile, 345 kilovolt HVAC transmission line that will connect to points of interconnection on the existing electric grid in Queens. WSP will provide the project team with a program management office, as well as technical and administrative coordination, environmental and design reviews, and oversight of construction activities to ensure compliance with all environmental permits, specifications and requirements. About WSP USA  WSP USA is the U.S. operating company of WSP, one of the world's leading engineering and professional services firms. Dedicated to serving local communities, we are engineers, planners, technical experts, strategic advisors and construction management professionals. WSP USA designs lasting solutions in the buildings, transportation, energy, water and environment markets. With more than 12,000 employees in 200 offices across the U.S., we partner with our clients to help communities prosper. View additional multimedia and more ESG storytelling from WSP on

August 08, 2022 11:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Stewards of Life Out Here: Creating a Sustainable Planet

Tractor Supply

Creating a Sustainable Planet Tractor Supply believes a sustainable planet begins with a healthy environment, properly managed resources and vibrant communities. Our journey began with a focus on understanding our impact on one of the most pressing issues of our lifetime—climate change. In recognizing climate change as an imperative, we announced aggressive greenhouse gas emission reduction goals that will challenge us well into the future as we pledge to become carbon neutral by 2040. Launching our next phase in this journey means taking a holistic view of sustainability, embedding it throughout the company as we seek ways to reduce our impact to the environment and involving the communities we serve in all decision-making. As an additional step in this journey, in 2021 we adopted an Environmental, Safety & Sustainability Policy that provides clarity and direction towards our path ahead. TCFD Report In 2021, we released our second Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) report which discusses our approach to evaluating and managing climate change risks and opportunities and provides additional details on how we plan to achieve our new net zero emissions goals. Environmental Management Program Under the Environmental Management Program (EMP), Tractor Supply operations are evaluated for applicability to federal, state and local environmental laws every three years. If new or amended regulations are enacted or changes in operations occur, we perform a regulatory gap analysis to assess compliance program needs. The EMP, which is based on the tenets of our Environmental, Safety & Sustainability Policy, is designed to reduce risk of non-compliance with environmental laws and regulation through the systematic review of regulatory requirements. Environmental risk is further reduced by implementing documented program procedures, training, inspections and periodic assessments for compliance. Environmental compliance requirements and identified risks are communicated to leadership at the distribution centers and to the Vice President of Compliance, who reports to the General Counsel of Tractor Supply. Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Goals Achieved In 2018, we set a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2025 on a per square foot basis. This goal was relevant for our stores, distribution centers, and office buildings (Scope 1 and 2 emissions) using 2015 as our baseline year. A year later, in 2019, Tractor set a renewable energy goal to purchase 80,000,000 kWh of renewable energy by 2022. This was achieved by purchasing either Renewable Energy Credits or Green Tariffs, where available. We achieved both goals ahead of schedule with a 35% Scope 1 and 2 emissions reduction achieved in 2021 compared to our 2015 base year. New Net Zero Emissions Goals In 2021 we announced new, more ambitious, 2040 net zero emissions targets and interim 2025 and 2030 targets to demonstrate our commitment to helping address climate change. Achieve Net Zero Emissions across all operations by 2040 In this next phase of our sustainability journey, we will increase efforts to procure renewable energy and continue investments in energy efficiency and cleaner technologies. To avoid future emissions, we will incorporate better design in both stores and distribution centers. We will also enhance our Scope 3 focus with greater transparency and reduction efforts. This includes new vendor engagement that will allow us to replace modeled Scope 3 data with actual supplier energy intensity data while identifying interventions to drive down value chain emissions. This precursory work is foundational for us to design and submit a science-based target for review in 2022. Renewable Energy We prepared a carbon reduction roadmap in 2021 to support our greenhouse gas emission goals that include strategically pursuing multiple opportunities for renewable energy and energy efficient technologies. Our roadmap identifies the quantifiable benefit of emissions reduction by discrete projects across our building portfolio. This plan includes opportunities in daylight harvesting through skylights, improved energy consumption through efficient HVAC systems and the use of renewable energy through the use of photovoltaic solar panels. Tractor Supply has joined the Clean Energy Buyers Alliance (CEBA). We believe the benefits provided by this partnership will strengthen our commitment to renewable energy and the transition to a more sustainable energy future. Additionally in 2021, Tractor Supply became an EPA Green Power Partner to show our continued commitment to using green power. Sustainable Operations and Buildings In 2021 we reviewed daylight harvesting skylights, coupled with dimmable lights and solar arrays, for potential changes to building plans. Daylight harvesting uses outside lighting to reduce the amount of electric lighting required to maintain a specific amount of light in a space. The number of light fixtures does not change, but when the sun is shining the light fixture uses a series of controls to dim, using less electricity. Refrigerators and Coolers Tractor Supply has replaced all legacy beverage coolers throughout stores with new energy-efficient coolers that use a refrigerant with a much lower Global Warming Potential (GWP1). New beverage coolers use R290, a refrigerant grade propane with a GWP of 3.3 versus R134, a HFC refrigerant with a GWP of 1,430. In addition, the entire cabinet structure is foamed-in-place using ecomate, a high density, polyurethane insulation that has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and zero global warming potential (GWP). Tractor Supply has constructed three major facilities that were awarded LEED® Silver Certification. These energy-efficient facilities include our Store Support Center in Brentwood, Tenn. (260,000 square feet), and our distribution centers in Casa Grande, Ariz. (650,000 square feet) and Frankfort, N.Y. (approximately 930,000 square feet). Our distribution center under construction in Navarre, Ohio, is planned as a LEED® Gold certified facility and is expected to begin operation in 2022. U.S. Green Building Council Tractor Supply has constructed three major facilities that were awarded LEED® Silver Certification. These energy-efficient facilities include our Store Support Center in Brentwood, Tenn. (260,000 square feet), and our distribution centers in Casa Grande, Ariz. (650,000 square feet) and Frankfort, N.Y. (approximately 930,000 square feet). Our distribution center under construction in Navarre, Ohio, is planned as a LEED® Gold certified facility and is expected to begin operation in 2022 A Smarter Way to Ship By prioritizing product supply close to Tractor Supply Distribution Centers and stores and maximizing every truckload, we have eliminated over six million shipping miles from the road over the last 24 months. Since 2013, Tractor Supply has been a SmartWay Transport partner. SmartWay Transport is a public-private initiative between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, large and small trucking companies, rail carriers, logistics companies, commercial manufacturers, retailers and other federal and state agencies. Its purpose: to improve fuel efficiency and the environmental performance – reduction of both greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution – of supply chains. During negotiations with carriers, the SmartWay relationship is discussed in depth and is a crucial factor when considering onboarding a carrier. We are proud to say that in reporting year 2021, 100% of Tractor Supply’s carriers were SmartWay carriers, compared to an average of 97% among our peers. Effective in 2022, it is a requirement that new carriers for Tractor Supply become SmartWay certified. As a SmartWay partner, we have a direct link to other organizations and can manage our business by using those carriers. We also integrated the use of intermodal, or rail transportation, when appropriate, which has taken trucks off the road and reduced fuel use. Since 2018, Tractor Supply has been recognized as a SmartWay High Performer, based on the sustainable performance of our shipping and freight operations. Improving transportation efficiency is an ongoing focus for Tractor Supply. While our partnerships and systems have significantly reduced diesel fuel consumption and pollution, we will continue to implement new practices to reduce our environmental impact as we serve customers across the country. View the full 2021 Sustainability Report here. View additional multimedia and more ESG storytelling from Tractor Supply on

August 08, 2022 11:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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