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Alexanders Grace Secures Angel Funding for New Automated Influencer Marketing Platform

Alexanders Grace
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First-of-its-kind platform brings transparency, hyper-targeting, and attribution to marketing

and e-commerce, connecting social influencers, brands, and agencies;

AG empowers celebrity through micro influencers to grow and monetize social presence


 Alexanders Grace, a first-of-its kind automated influencer marketing platform, today announced that it has received funding from angel investor and Baltimore business icon, Steven DeCastro.

For businesses that want to leverage social influencers for marketing to target audiences, Alexanders Grace is a free solution that matches brands with influencers using pre-determined filters, organizational campaign goals, and assigns a publicly accessible Influencer Trust Score (ITS) that reflects an individual’s effectiveness and value.

“AG provides brands with choice and control while compensating users for their engagement,” said Alexanders Grace CEO and Co-founder, Brad Bergersen. “For influencer marketing agencies, our platform offers a new channel for increasing their respective clients’ visibility and for creating new streams of recurring revenue.”

Influencer engagement is a widely popular marketing practice, yet many brands struggle with attribution and measuring campaign ROI. Alexanders Grace not only solves transparency issues with its proprietary technology, but also incentivizes average citizens to monetize their social presence.

According to industry data, engagement rate, such as the total number of likes, comments, and shares, is the best indicator of campaign effectiveness. Higher engagement rates lead to more awareness, conversions, and quantifiable ROI.

“In a world where Facebook generates four million likes every minute, and in which more than 100 million photos are uploaded to Instagram daily, both influencers and brands need to build a following of targeted, engaged consumers to be relevant. The alternative is obscurity and no brand recognition.

“Alexanders Grace helps you stand out on social media, providing a pipeline for consistent growth,” added Bergersen. “In addition, Alexanders Grace lets brands and users search influencers for free, which is something nobody else is offering.”

AG serves as a pipeline for organic engagement with brands’ products and services.

Influencers with the highest engagement rates are not famous people, but rather micro and nano influencers: ordinary people with under 10,000 followers for whom net engagement rates are between three to six times higher than that of a celebrity. AG aggregates myriad nano and micro influencers to create the perfect profile.

“Imagine a smaller influencer with 10,000 followers who runs a coffee lovers review site that sells specialty products such as French presses, custom branded beans, organic filters, and other related items,” said Alexanders Grace Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Scott Mitchell. “While this person may not have a global presence comparable to actors, professional athletes, or high-profile media personalities, she does, however, have dedicated fans who comprise a highly-targeted audience that trusts and acts on her recommendations.

“By leveraging big data and automation, AG has revolutionized the process of how influencers, brands, and customers interact.”

Influencers on AG are compensated for supporting campaigns with posts from their respective social media accounts that funnel traffic to a brand’s web store. Important to note is that Alexanders Grace covers all costs from post to store checkout, in addition to managing communications, logistics and shipping.

AG will also pay users for participating in surveys.

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Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, Alexanders Grace is an automated influencer marketing and engagement platform that connects brands with the people who can reach their respective target audiences. Visit to launch your influencer journey!


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