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Are You Confident About Your Vehicle’s Repairs?

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Many car owners dread making an appointment with auto repair shops because they feel unprepared to carry on a discussion with the service adviser about the need and cost of repairs. That lack of preparation creates unease over whether to even go to the shop for fear of being ripped off. was created to make car owners overcome that initial fear by being preeducated and confident about what symptoms and related fixes are typical for their specific vehicle type and compare the visible and audible symptoms their vehicle shows with images, videos and descriptions in articles. A typical example is a squealing noise while driving.

How Does Preeducation Make Me Confident?

By preeducating yourself before a meeting with the shop, you’ll ensure that you have the proper details to share with a service adviser. For example, if your car starts emitting oil-like odors, you can browse through AutoTechIQ and find articles that cover oil-related issues, such as “Why does my car smells like burning oil?” Then, by reading the article’s content and comparing the images and videos with your vehicle’s symptoms, you’ll rule out potential problems and their fixes.

Note that AutoTechIQ’s articles feature images, videos and sound representations of typical issues that point to specific symptoms. There, you’ll also find information about certain vehicles’ years, makes and models that commonly portray these symptoms and the usual faulty parts involved.

Get the knowledge you need and share it with your go-to auto shop; this will make a discussion about the service’s budget more transparent and precise.

What Is the Best Approach When Engaging the Service Adviser?

  • Often, shops focus on fixing the symptom and send you back on the road.

  • That approach implies less money spent on an individual visit but adds up over time.

  • Tell the service adviser about the symptom and ask for a digital vehicle health inspection, which will give you the entire vehicle’s state of health.

The best approach when dealing with a service adviser during car service is to ask for a digital vehicle health inspection. This type of inspection aims to make you aware of your car’s current condition and future risks; it creates a state of health for your car.

This approach focuses on saving you money in the long run by showing your vehicle’s “possible upcoming issues” and how impactful they can be for your wallet and your safety.

Why Repairs Based on the State of Health Save You Money

  • Once the state of health information is in your hands, showing in red, yellow and green and substantiated with images and videos and notes what your vehicle’s health is, you can engage the service adviser in what needs to be done now (red), can be deferred (yellow) and is in mint condition (green).

  • Certified AutoTechIQ shops follow a process guaranteeing a comprehensive report, which lets you budget the current and upcoming repairs. If the shop is certified the digital vehicle health inspection is called a Digital Auto Checkup.


More specifically, the state of health record shows, in color-based categories, what type of risk your vehicle has. The colors identify as:

  • Red: Needs urgent assessment

  • Yellow: Can be deferred

  • Green: Mint condition at the time of inspection


This is also substantiated with images, videos and notes to clarify the condition as much as possible.

When taking your car to a certified AutoTechIQ shop, you’ll have education-focused service. The state of health they offer will be a comprehensive report where you’ll budget the current and upcoming repairs confidently. Note that for AutoTechIQ-certified shops, the term you can use for this inspection is Digital Auto Checkup.

Why Is It Important to Ask for a Digital Auto Checkup?

Many auto repair shops listen to your concern and immediately provide a solution. When you go to any doctor for a symptom checkup, does the doctor immediately diagnose you? Typically they don’t do that unless you are in the emergency room.

Instead, they’ll check your vital signs, test your blood and conduct other testing procedures. The same goes for your vehicle during car service. First, you establish baseline health before addressing the main symptom. The vehicle’s bill of health is called Digital Auto Checkup or Digital Vehicle Health Inspection.

What Do You Get From AutoTechIQ as a Car Owner?

The majority of car owners dread the appointment at an auto repair shop. To counter that, the shops in AutoTechIQ’s network put your education and professional service as top priority. Additionally, the shops you’ll find in AutoTechIQ’s business directories follow these criteria:

  • The business has at least 100 Google reviews with an average score higher than 4.5 out of 5.

  • A digital vehicle health inspection is consistently relied upon to examine the health of your vehicle and covers at least 35 topics.

  • The documentation of mint and problem conditions uses images and videos to give you complete transparency.


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