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Arecor Therapeutics announces collaboration on oral GLP-1 drug for diabetes and obesity treatment

Arecor Therapeutics PLC
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Arecor Therapeutics PLC (AIM:AREC) CEO Sarah Howell joined Proactive's Stephen Gunnion with details of a collaboration with TRX Biosciences to develop an oral GLP-1 product for treating type 2 diabetes and obesity.

GLP-1s are therapeutic peptides known for improving blood sugar levels and promoting weight loss. The market for GLP-1 products is expected to reach $100 billion by 2030. Currently, GLP-1 treatment options are predominantly injectable, which limits patient compliance and adoption. Arecor aims to develop an oral GLP-1 with enhanced bioavailability, making it a once-daily pill. This development could significantly increase access to effective treatments for these conditions.

Howell told Proactive that Arecor is well-positioned for this development due to its successful track record with its Arestat technology platform, which enhances the profiles of existing therapeutics. The collaboration aims to overcome challenges faced by the only available oral GLP-1, such as low bioavailability and the need for dosing on an empty stomach, by leveraging Arecor's technology in conjunction with TRX Biosciences' Lipper core technology.

She said the collaboration complements Arecor's existing diabetes portfolio, which includes two leading insulin products and Gluco, a product for severe hypoglycemia in diabetes patients. The focus is on reducing the daily burden of disease management and improving patient outcomes.

TRX Biosciences was chosen for their complementary technology and expertise in oral peptide delivery. The initial development phase will last up to 18 months, aiming to demonstrate the feasibility of a stable, orally delivered GLP-1 with improved bioavailability.


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