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ARway Corp announces company has built its first platform for Apple Pro Vision Glasses


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ARway Corp Chief Product Officer Shadnam Khan joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share an exciting update at ARway Corp has achieved a significant milestone by completing the first build of the ARway Platform on Apple's Vision Pro hardware and realityOS operating system at the prestigious Apple Park in Cupertino.

During this development phase, developers had the exclusive opportunity to access early prototypes of the headsets, showcasing the platform's compatibility with Apple's cutting-edge technology. This new version of the ARway Platform introduces several enhancements, including multi-map and multi-floor navigation capabilities on the Web Creator Portal.

Creators can now streamline the process of crafting augmented reality experiences, as the platform offers three default floorplans, significantly reducing the time and effort required for development.

Furthermore, ARway Corp has announced substantial upgrades to its platform and technology in version 2.6. These enhancements go beyond the recent features and provide even more advanced capabilities. Some of the notable additions include a comprehensive location directory and an improved onboarding experience.

These enhancements reaffirm ARway's commitment to remaining at the forefront of the augmented reality industry, ensuring that its technology continues to offer cutting-edge solutions to creators and developers. Overall, this development signifies a significant leap forward for ARway Corp, positioning it as a key player in the augmented reality space and highlighting its dedication to providing innovative solutions that enhance the AR experience for users and creators alike.


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